Downton Abbey (2019) - Drama, Romance

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The continuing story of the Crawley family, wealthy owners of a large estate in the English countryside in the early twentieth century.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Michael Engler
Stars: Michelle Dockery, Matthew Goode
Length: 122 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 51 out of 381 found boring (13.38%)

One-line Reviews (167)

Which was so so so exciting and I even got to sit right next to the director - how cool is that?!

This was an implausible story line made worse with hesitant, empty, wooden acting - it often felt like some were reciting - badly - from cue cards.

It was full of breathtaking cinematography, beautiful music, award winning set design, and splendid fashions and costumes.

Is there anyone who thinks this is worth watching.

(yawn again and who cares?

Like visiting a long-beloved friend you've missed for far too long.

(By the way, I thought the picture at my local Picturehouse cinema - Harbour Lights in Southampton - was particularly stunning: I queried it with them, and they said they had changed the (very expensive) projector bulb just that day!

You could think of a thousand fascinating storylines and intreging plots, just like in the series, but they chose a boring path.

It was wonderfully made, very clever, thoroughly enjoyable.

Also the part where the butler gets busted in the gay bar seemed a little contrived.

thoroughly enjoyable.

Enjoyable .

But I felt like I was watching a 1920s themed party rather than being immersed in the period.

The visit of the King and Queen in 1927 made for a high point in the Downton story that played out in an unexpected way to the delight of the audience.

The costumes of course were stunning as usual.

Characters stayed true to their form, it was entertaining and beautifully filmed.

I was so so bored all the time.

Michael Engler directed this tiresome story in a lackluster way.

I wanted to scream of boredom and never ending clichés.

Just a little too contrived and stodgy, with plot-twists that led nowhere, and a lot of unnecessary blurb about traditions, blah, blah, yawn.

Pointless .

Overall, this film is entertaining with beautiful camerawork as a highlight.

Visually, it's stunning.

The proliferation of secondary lines is confusing, and I lost track of all the males who look alike.

Seems rather a waste of money.

The whole thing felt forced and contrived -- even the plot "crises" were negligible and mainly re-hashes of previous plot tropes like a lady's maid who steals from her employer and another hidden love-child daughter of a family member (yawn.

Worth watching!

But I just couldn't really care about what became of these people, not because they were "immoral" but because they were boring.

Except that it was a buildup episode to something more exciting next week, only nothing ever happens.

Even the scene by scene direction was sloppy, with a lot of pointless bustling, dialogue non-sequitirs, poor pacing and a sense that we were watching a bunch of first takes where people were unsure of their lines.

Theeen there's the "Kill-the-king" subplot which was so ridiculously underdeveloped and VERY VERY predictable...

An absolute pleasure to be immersed in the sumptuous surroundings of Downton - the 2 hours flew by.

An Enjoyable Continuation of the Series .

If u loved the tv series this is a must see on the big screen breathtaking brilliant .

I find it very confusing with so many characters in one movie and they all seem rather important one way or another, thus it gets boring.

Thoroughly enjoyable!

No plot, silly story lines.

Too many boring talking scene and not intense!

Six seasons worth watching.

I watched it in entirety but got bored.

This movie has no story, full time waste, it is not worth the money.

Servants seem to have a relatively enjoyable life.

Entire film full of boring conversation!

It was a lovely film, costumes and cinematography worthy, but the storyline was dull, and the acting predictable.

Although I cannot speak for the series, the film was mostly dull and certainly wasn't worth my time.

Overall: Simply uninteresting.

The film began, by introducing a rather intriguing plot with potentially good story development, that being said, in the end it all resulted rather predictable and rushed.

Wow so disappointing Boring!!!!

To me the most entertaining was the plot by the downstairs workers to get rid of the royal entourage, and the King's French chef, and serve a proper meal to the guests.

The Stream: Better if you have some knowledge of the series, but enjoyable nonetheless.

It really is pointless

Very beautifully filmed extremely predictable story with non-developing characters that do exactly what you would expect from them.

How bad and boring can it get.

Entertaining and frivolous .

As a fan of the series I enjoyed it.

Enjoyed it very much .

This was such an amazing and exciting opportunity, an experience that I will never forget.

Pointless Puerile Plot - Just Silly In Every Way .

Weak storyline, Slow boring and big onus of attempting to get granny to fire too many witty one liners.

As a group, we decided that watching the fridge light come on or watching paint dry would be just as entertaining & cost less too.

I did not choose to watch this, i was dragged along, the instincts where right.

Apart from a very dull predictable storyline the 'shoe horned in' sub plots about the IRA and Homosexuality were total hog wash.

I was a fan of the TV show and the movie is like watching a long episode, which I found enjoyable.

I didn't know how Fellowes would do it within the window of 2 hours, but he created a very entertaining and satisfying extension to the Downton Abbey franchise.

It's brain candy, but enjoyable enough on a wet afternoon.

It feels like a collection of (in many occasions unexpected) scenes instead of a heart touching story that gives our favourite noble family the credits they deserve.

It was wonderful to rejoin these characters and the cinematography was visually stunning.

Most enjoyable .

Enjoyable even if you haven't watched the series, though you may struggle with some of the finer parts of the plot.

It stands alone as an entertaining visit to an estate that contains the changes coming in a robustly interesting time between world wars.

"Dowdy-ton" the Movie however did become more tedious as the minute-hand began to crawl in this predictable, pageant-ridden "upstairs-downstairs", big-screen encounter with Royalty.

Not very familiar w/the tv show, but the movie was still enjoyable.

Stunning visuals all over!

On the whole it enjoyable and gives you that proud to be British feeling in a time of uncertainty in the world.

Mind numbingly boring.

The dialogue is so cliché ridden and bland that.

) Even the exchanges between Dowager Lady Violet and Isobel Merton (nee Crawley) seemed more petty and contrived than clever.

Overall the script seemed a little too contrived, & flat.

Instead, it was simply flat and uninteresting .

Me, a Downton fangirl, and my boyfriend, a Downton novice, both enjoyed it immensely.

But also unplanned, and unexpected, continuation of stories that have tied up their loose ends, tend to end in a flop.

Became totally immersed in that era.

Maybe other people enjoy hearing other people chortle whenever there is a very contrived, predictable joke?

Boring overall .

Scenes with Maggie Smith and (somewhat surprisingly) Kevin Doyle (as Mosley) are the bright spots of what is a mundane disappointment.

Unwatchable .

I didn't like it as much as they did, but still found it worth the watch!

The surprises unexpected.

gosh this was boring.

All the characters we came to love and care about have their own story to tell, and they do so in a calm and entertaining way.

I'm well acquainted with the many, many gripping backstories and subplots.

Very enjoyable!

The second half of it gets more interesting and enjoyable, as we see the effect on the manors staff when the kings entourage takes over during their visit.

The saving grace of this film is that it does not pretend to be anything other than what it is - a reproduction of the characters from the TV series, each with their own somewhat bland sub-plot which chugs merrily along towards a happy ending.

It's weird, dry, funny, pointless at times but enjoyable.

The "Downton Abbey" TV show is comfortingly bland.

So enjoyable!

Although I wasn't expecting big twists and turns, I would've expected a more intense screenplay.

Save your money and if you need a Downton Fix, watch the re-runs of the TV series.

A waste of time and money.

The film should be entertaining for any hardcore Downton Abbey fan.

But the story felt underdeveloped and a little mundane compared to other storylines from the TV series.

Of course if you see only the movie probably you'll say this is a boring movie without an intense screenplay!

It's all here, and it's all pretty predictable.

I struggled to stay awake near the end.

The imagery was gripping, the characters enjoyable, i guess i will watch the series eventually :) Maggie Smith was a triumph!

The perfect recipe for an enjoyable movie experience.

8/10 - a worthy extension of the acclaimed series that will be enjoyable for both super fans and newcomers

The secret daughter subplot was way too predictable, they should've made the servant her secret lesbian lover, that would've made it more interesting.

I'll say this: Maggie Smith was full on enjoyable with out the prerequisite of what she means to the show.

Overall, I came away very happy to have seen it and to have reconnected with my favorite TV family but I have to wonder if I'd have actually enjoyed it more as another 2hr TV special.

Watching paint dry is more exiting .

Excellent soundtrack, great repartee, scenery is so perfect, and several entertaining side issues that will not distract you from the heart of the movie.

The most intriguing conceit of the film was the trick played on the royal servants by the household staff of Downton.

Cliche-ridden, stupid, unnecessary, these adjectives don't do justice to the degree to which the script has been dumbed down.

LIKES:Continues where the series left off Nostalgic Moments brought back Same Class and Charm Funny and well balanced The Acting The MusicDISLIKES:Slow At First A Few characters limited A Few Story Plots Crammed In That Were UnnecessaryThe VERDICT:Returning to the abbey was a fantastic trip down the road of nostalgia and new, as the latest chapter in the Crawley residence comes in many classy forms.

The costumes are stunning.

Appalling script full of irritating cliches, no real story-line, unnecessary gay scenes, I was bored witless and lost 122 minutes of my life watching this drivel.

Downton Abbey was the best and most enjoyably entertaining two hours I've spent watching a film in ages.

This means it doesn't leave time for any deep or dramatic plot twists, just little somewhat predictable and familiar scenarios for each character to resolve throughout the film.

I'd normally go into more detail, but life is just too short to waste any more time discussing this rubbish, frankly.

It runs a bit superficial and predictable, and fans will long for the series format so we can wallow in all those silly, daily dramas of a bygone world.

On the debit side, most of these plots achieve the unwanted double of being both predictable and unconvincing.

The above covers only a small fraction of the entertaining scenes in the movie and a very small fraction of the characters in the TV series.

Lady Mary is her intriguing self, Carson is hilarious and Maggie Smith is at her best.

It was childish, Childish humor, very predictable and far fetched.

They kept the personalities of all the characters the same, along with the same enjoyable relations.

Uninteresting .

Too long and bored!

Waste of money dont go an see it!

And we unconsciously compare the series with others that roughly have the same downsides, regardless of potential qualities: action is sometimes repetitive since it runs for hours; a few events are far-fetched to maintain attention on the long term; characters are frequently two-dimensional; plot and style trigger easy emotions.

The result seems too contrived and of course predictable One good thing- Tom finally has an optimistic future.

All the characters were there and the story was bitter sweet and entertaining.

If bland confections are your thing this may well be right down your private driveway.

HOWEVER, it is a marvelously fun, happy, and engaging watch.

Thrilling writing, amazing comedy (Especially from Maggie Smith) and such cozy feel

Will bore you to Death .

Boring with no story.

Terrible lines, over-used one-liners, unbelievable scenes, whining rich girls, a romance that wasn't romantic, a ridiculously stupid manufactured situation to which they wrote an equally ridiculously stupid solution, no real plot or point, and an ending that just fell flat.

Boring .

Stuffy Stodgy Royal Aristocratic Fun .

Great characters, and very entertaining.

This movie is pretty boring.

Breathtaking Again .

Entertaining in parts, then.

Our family enjoyed the premiere, and really enjoyed it.

But I was bored enough at home one night to head to the theater to see it.

In true Downton style and fervor, the movie was enjoyable, funny and left you wanting more if only they would have left Barrows disgusting behavior on cutting room floor.

The cinematography, the costumes, the story line all were engaging from beginning to end.

It's back, the great historical time piece that never fails to amuse anyone, it's perfect in every way same as before, the dialogues the intriguing stories overlapping each other and most importantly tying loose ends of all plots and storylines bringing it to a new level for the show.

Enjoyable, entertaining .

However, although there were a few satisfying elements relating to specific characters' development, the story as a whole was dull.

Watching paint dry is a better way to spend your time...

The script here doesn't deserve its dramatic buildup, but, admittedly, it does manage to make even setting up chairs in the rain more compelling than it otherwise would be (which is to say it wouldn't otherwise have been of any interest and barely is regardless).

Otherwise you'll probably find it boring.

And with stunning production design by Donal Woods, Downton Abbey is gorgeous.

Very enjoyable.

The acting was good, but apart from that I found the film slow moving and tedious.

When you are bored with all those speedy action packed blockbusters, this kind of a witty drama can be a really refreshing experience.

With sumptuous costumes by Anna Robbins, borrowing Queen Elizabeth's tiara designs and designing a stunning gown for Lady Mary in a Fortuny pleated style.

Edwardian British cultural elitism and snobbery at it's finest, Predictable and sleep inducing.

The series was an elegant collaboration of a talented writer, great actors, an incredible music score and the most breathtaking backgrounds ever seen on TV.

Every minute was enjoyable.

I enjoyed it thoroughly and am so glad that the creators put in the time and effort to get it right.

Very confusing if you haven't seen The TV series .

Predictable .

Flim is wonderfully satisfying the plot has enough twists to be entertaining.