Dr. T & the Women (2000) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A wealthy gynecologist's ideal life is thrown into turmoil when the women closest to him begin to affect his life in unexpecting ways.

IMDB: 4.6
Director: Robert Altman
Stars: Richard Gere, Helen Hunt
Length: 122 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 101 out of 260 found boring (38.84%)

One-line Reviews (226)

Some of the shots are pretentious and the end scene is designed purely to shock.

1 out of 10, Worst movie of the year!

The film was hard to follow in terms of the dialogue, because of the odd way in which it was filmed with a lot of background mumbling brought to the forefront, which in itself kind of removes the possible enjoyability factor (although I doubt many people would be inclined to enjoy this).

If you're still not clear on how awesomely bad Dr. T and the Women is, Helen Hunt gets briefly but clearly naked in it and it's still unwatchable.

The story is utterly pointless and worthless.

It is simply the worst movie I have ever seen.

They put out the worst movie of all time.

POSSIBLE SPOILERSI don´t know, but I had mixed feelings as I left the theater.


Easily the worst movie Richard Gere has ever made.

I wouldn't recommend this movie except to use a torture.

Bad, awful, incomprehensible, sophomoric, nonsensical, boring, lame.

)But the main criticism to be levelled at this predictable and plodding film is the sheer boredom that descends on the viewer.

Despite all its mysogynistic flavours, its quite an enjoyable movie - and you don't realise how negatively someone (who is the author of this work?

The whole thing revolves around the wedding plans for one of Gere's children and when you finally get there, it's essentially a revisiting of Altman's far superior `A Wedding'--much ho-hum wackiness abounds.

At moments I wanted to leave the theater.

Quite possibly the worst movie ever.

I was bored through a good part of this movie, thought it was an aimless exercise in characterization of a particular class of women in a particular place.

An enjoyable and sharply observed film with a great number of subtle and not so subtle touches which made me smile or laugh out loud much to the confusion of the largely stony faced French audience around me.

There are obnoxious women in the world, but why did so many judge these women's lives as boring?

Predictable and plodding film .

It can be confusing, and it isn't necessary to the plot of the film.

(My wife said it was THE worst movie she has ever seen and she loves Richard Gere.

Hands down, the worst movie I've ever seen.

It has no plot?

Worth watching on cable television or renting maybe.

A total waste of time and money.

They are all neurotic, stressed, depressed, bored, cold ....

An enjoyable screwball, though nothing great .

Worth watching if you don't bring too much baggage.

If this waste of film, talent, and time had been made by any other director, it would be recognized for the pointless excuse for a motion picture that it is.

This movie was just so unbearable despite the star cast, that I couldn't take it anymore and walked out.

It is not stupid, per se, but what is truthful to say about it is that it is contrived.

Dr. T is one of the worst movies that I've seen - and I've seen plenty.

The plot line is gripping and addresses a whole stack of contemporary issues that many people will relate to.

Not everything can be perfect, so it is pointless to exhaust oneself trying to make it so.

A boring entree scene, which is far to long, gives you an idea of how the movie is as a whole (a scene from Mr T's waiting room - filled with eager women wating to get an examination, which is the most unrealistic - every woman who's ever had a gynaecologist examine her, knows that no matter how lovely he is, it is not a thing one wants to do too much).


This was probably THE WORST movie I've ever seen, and I've seen quite a few bad movies.

No plot - zero.

This nutty film was a huge waste of time.

This movie was boring .

In the nearly-empty theatre where I was, I looked around and saw a bunch of equally unimpressed people.

I was left feeling empty and sad at wasting the money to rent the DVD.

Where Altman's movies had a raucous, buzzing excitement that "inadvertently" built the organic edifice of the movies' tones and purposes (the stories)-- this one was merely confused, loud, jabbery, and pointless.

Of course, I had this feeling ahead of time and was dragged to it by my wife, but it was by far in my top 5 worst movies of all time.

)The acting was stunning, especially from Richard Gere, and I had not expected the range of emotions he portrayed in this movie.

But discomfiting as it may be at the moment, it really puts you in the story, and in the final analysis it's a good piece of filmmaking by Altman, because it's the turmoil of the waiting room that becomes the manifestation of Dr. T's inner state of confusion and enables you to relate to him, which in turn gives a vital and necessary perspective to the film.

The few small quirky performances -- Janine Turner, Farrah Fawcett, etc. -- were about all that made it worth watching for me.


Quite possibly one of the worst movies I've ever wasted $7.25 and two hours on.

There are many twists and turns, but they are either predictable or unbelievable.

Take it from me, they were all sleep-inducing.

Don't waste your time .

Easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen .

This was an unbearable film.

Altman's trademark "everyone speaking at once," in this movie is contrived and annoying.

Worth watching .

Here are my soundbites:Completely Boring !

Additionally, both have been known to make very bad films about the rich and dull.

For me the interest was to see how a movie from this director managed to remain uninteresting for over one hour.

The writing and dialogue are extremely sophomoric; very few times do the people seem real in what they're saying, and often they resort to movie cliche-speak.

When done well, you get the impression of moving through the world with a curious voyeurism, dipping into many lives which are intriguing enough to learn more about.

It's a complete waste of time and I do hope you all avoid watching this thing (not even a movie).

it's one of the worst movies...

Now while, in theory this might be funny - let me paint with my beautiful brush of words what it feels like to watch upwards of 15-20 women, all in Dallas, Texas accents, ALL talking at the same time, all bickering, running in and out of slamming doors, giving orders to the staff, fighting with each other, and NOT ONE VOICE every becoming coherant enough for you to understand and focus on, but instead the entire scene plays like you are sitting in the middle of a baseball game right after a particularly exciting play that you had to be blindfolded during.

A good idea, half-ass executed, yields a mess of a film, both my wife and I said "mostly a waste of our time.

Worst movie of the year!

Perhaps the worst movie I've seen over the past 12 months.

stupid, boring and REALLY bad.

They were very load and confusing.

But an excess of politeness and accommodation is definitely a fault and maybe even a vice and it will get you in a lot of unexpected trouble.

It is pointless and extremely boring.

This movie is just a waste of time.

Save your money.

Probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Here is a movie that went nowhere.

Others argue that the story's pointless and the ending is ridiculously unbelievable.

Horrible, don't waste your time.

Save your money, save your time .

The plot could be someone confusing, if you're trying to follow along.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

the story with the daughters I found a little boring...

Definitely one of the worst movies ever made.

When I first heard about Dr. T and the Women, I thought it sounded very intriguing.

All of his greatest pains and joys are caused by women, and as the film progresses, Altman raises the tempo and allows several plot lines to coexist and coalesce in a nice symphony of love, confusion, and despair.

The opening here sets the atmosphere in the office, but lasts way too long.

The only good news is that the movie theatre where I went to see it was four-fifths empty - at least word of mouth has worked (too bad I had not been warned...

I watched it after breakfast and before lunch, about 11 am, and it was still hard to stay awake.

Altman's opening scene of the dr's office is brilliant, but then he just gets boring.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Helen Hunt, as an independently-minded, intelligent golf pro, provides a refreshing change - both for Dr T and the audience - from the empty-headed shopaholics who people much of the movie.

DON'T waste the money.

I think it is a waste of time.

The pacing is very slow, the acting looks like they just told them to get in the apartment, throw some steaks on the grill and try to pretend you have some kind of chemistry.

While she did not disappoint, the film as a whole was a little on the lacklustre side: dragging on for far too long and seeming a little aimless (maybe it would have been a bit more entertaining if the title character had been MR T).

His Dr. T is so engaging and charming, that it is easy to see why he has the following he does.

What keeps everything together is and the happenings engaging is the rising tension of the increasing stress of Dr. T.

Total Lack of Plot .

Terrible waste of time & money...

There are also many intriguing elements that develop its atmosphere effectively: the chaotic mood in Dr. T's office; the strange quirks of the Farrah Fawcett character; the nicely subtle meet cute between the Richard Gere and Helen Hunt characters; the overwhelming variety of the anomalous females; the unexpected and fun plot twists involving his family's and friends' sexuality; and most of all, the charmingly warm and likable performance by Richard Gere.

The movie had absolutely no plot.

I know many many others have ripped itto pieces, claiming it was garbage, stupid, pointless and terrible.

It is deathly slow and goes nowhere.

I've known women like the ones in this film, and just like the women in this film they are boring and mostly unsexy.

Watching Dr. T deal with all of the craziness around him is very entertaining.

However, it was boring.

The only excitement comes about in a terribly predictable manner.

SPOILER ALERT Believe me when I say I wanted to like this movie, with some of my favorite actors(Helen Hunt, Laura Dern etc..) I was hoping for some meaty performances, but it just upset me with its lack of storyline, lack of interesting characters and constant mind-numbing chatter.

Not Altman's best, but still entertaining .

If you do go to this film, you will leave the theater wondering just what you saw and what meaning it was to have.

This is on my list of one of the worst movies of all time.

It was surprising that such a good cast agreed to do a film this strange and pointless.

Seventy-five-year old veteran director Robert Altman, in tandem with Cookie's Fortune screenwriter Anne Rapp, delivers an uneven, yet frequently enjoyable satire on Dallas society, and in particular those expensively pampered females who have time and money to burn.

And did I mention dull?

Dr. T and the Woman is morally confused, emotionally phony, head-slappingly contrived and has an ending so stupid and bizarre that it would take an entire team of mental health professionals to figure out what the hell Altman was thinking.

Don't waste your money on this film.

Gere's performance is the centerpiece of a quirky, funny, and hugely entertaining film, one of the best of 2000.

Verdict An uneven but broadly enjoyable social satire that showcases decent performances by a quality cast, even if director Altman doesn't give all his characters quite the attention they deserve.

This movie was probably the worst movie I have ever seen.

I noticed people in the theatre looking around, and looking bored.

What a WASTE of talent and time!

A fast-paced, entertaining comedy.

Due the fact that I was bored to hell by the film, I wondered whether it was real or special effects.

And for those of you who have seen it (my apologies):The last scene of this movie is how I felt when I walked out of it.

Her character was empty.

Disconnected, Plodding, Predictably Wacky, and just plain Boring .

The movie started out confusing, meandered through an hour and half of a weak plot and poor dialog, and had one of the most preposterous endings I've ever seen.

"The ensemble cast failed to achieve anything except confusion.

He does the same thing often at the end of scenes, swinging the camera with a wink to pick up a sign, a heavy-handed metaphor or scene-link that is beginning film school pretentious artifice at its worst.

CAUTION -- THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS --While I didn't expect this film to be on my "A-list", I expected it to be very entertaining, light comedy.

The ending is one of those that leaves you really thinking - unexpected and provoking.

But the turmoil in Dr. T's life grows and leads to the chaotic no-wedding when one of his daughters "goes left", but above all else to an unexpected twister, which made me laugh with excitement.

To be stable may seem like a wonderful thing, but it can also get mighty boring.

Could this movie be any duller?

Let's hope that Altman comes up with a more interesting subject and a more entertaining end product next time around.

After 45 minutes of trying to like it, I came to the realization that this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

They are so wrappedup in their boring lives.

Subtle, intriguing, and deep.

An empty film dealing with the problems of really wealthy women who hang around the mall for super models and the equally vapid problems of the aging Richard Gere.

PLEASE, save your money.

There were some engaging cameos amongst the boys who were, much like their women, trying to fill a few empty moments.

Between the unlikelihood of almost every event in the film, such as someone driving into a tornado; and some inappropriate ones as well (the ENTIRE birth of a baby is portrayed) the movie was simply unbearable.

But unlike NASHVILLE and SHORT CUTS which are both around three hours, DR. T's pacing is a bit slower, and it's a hour shorter than those films.

While Pretty Woman was a repulsive story of gold-hearted whores, making a gajillion bucks from Gere-loving women looking for sweet, gold-plated romance, DTATW is an unfunny, unromantic, tedious story of pampered UMC types, circling around Gere, a befuddled and oh-so-handsome gynecologist who has a psychotic wife, two bordering-on-bizarre daughters, and a budding relationship with Helen Hunt, the only woman in Dallas who isn't a neurotic and hopelessly dependent hausfrau or wannabe.

I've changed my mind - this IS the worst movie I've ever seen.

This was by far the worst movie I have ever been too in years.

Instead we are dragged along a melancholy roller coaster ride of vaguely related scenes set to some truly nerve grating background music.

From the opening scene we are hurled into the paranoid, pill popping, cell phone blah blah, froth and frills world of Dallas rich cats whose lives are so empty because they have so much.

What keeps everything together is and the happenings engaging is the rising tension of the increasing stress of Dr. T.

My friends and I were the only ones in the movie theater when we saw this movie, and after seeing the movie, I know why the theater was so empty.

Save your money and time!

It had a potentially great cast, but was boring, absurd, and a complete waste of film and talent.

There was no plot at all, no storyline.

Very Confusing.

All of them were very superficial and empty.

Story line is nil and the dialogues are really uninteresting.

The story basically has Richard Gere as a Dallas OB-GYN who caters exclusively to the city's upper crust women, all of whom are neurotic, obsessed and bored; they regard their status as his patients to be a necessary cog in the wheel of their social status, they count their visits to 'Dr.

The beginning is slow (I almost didn't finish watching it), and the ending is a mess.

This is an unusual movie, kind of in the same vein as "Magnolia" if only because it mixes some intense realism with mythic and manufactured simultaneity and fanciful elements.

Worst movie I've seen in a long time.

What A Complete Waste Of Time!!.

Their motivations are never understood, other than the overdone gender cliché, and therefore you are left only with mocking them.

The reviewers who are suggesting that this is among the worst movies ever made are wrong.


It's just a ho hum role that she could have sleptwalked through.

I absolutely hated the movie, it went nowhere, except the land of Oz.

a waste of time!

Alas, Dr. T and the Women is unable to decide if it is a satire of Texas' idle rich, a farce exploring the disjointed dynamics of desire and romance or a family dramedy.

Waste of my time this movie was...

I hoped when Richard Gere and Helen Hunt finally connected it would provide some entertainment but when Helen Hunt left to go on a trip she left the picture with no story, nothing of any interest.

Richard Gere stars as a top-rate Dallas gynecologist surrounded, at work and home, by women: his child-like wife (Farrah Fawcett), his two daughters (Tara Reid and Kate Hudson), his top nurse (Shelley Long), his flighty sister-in-law (Laura Dern), the new golf pro at his country club (Helen Hunt), and a slew of demanding, yet interesting and compelling, patients.

Misogynistic, Insulting, and Empty.

There are also many intriguing elements that develop its atmosphere effectively: the chaotic mood in Dr. T's office; the strange quirks of the Farrah Fawcett character; the nicely subtle meet cute between the Richard Gere and Helen Hunt characters; the overwhelming variety of the anomalous females; the unexpected and fun plot twists involving his family's and friends' sexuality; and most of all, the charmingly warm and likable performance by Richard Gere.

unbearable .

An unexpected treat.

It sucked - and I have a habit of always finishing a movie - in which in this case I had to force myself from bashing my head through the TV to finish watching it - absolutely one of the worst movies I've ever seen and was a complete waste of my time - DON'T BOTHER!

My wife and I expected a formulaic romantic comedy about a single OB/GYN who has women throwing themselves at him all day and finally picks one, Helen Hunt.

Don't waste your time...

The drama part bored me.

The first fifteen minutes or so of this movie is so hectic it is nerve-shattering and guaranteed to increase adrenaline levels, and your first reaction may be to scream `Enough already!

It starts out slow and gets worse as it goes on.

Helen Hunt is also enjoyable as the different and more humane Bree, the only woman in the film who isn't selfish, stuck-up, and doesn't have a Texan accent.

Screenwriter Anne Rappe pays careful attention to detail, in both observations on women and the wealthy, and though there are sometimes one too many plot lines flowing at once, most of them are concluded nicely and with out trite neatness in the end.

What a waste of viewing time and actor talent.

Don't waste $8.00 and 2 hours of your time here.

At my #1 worst movie list .

She's funny and lively and the most enjoyable person on screen, until her character is brutally sacrificed on the altar of Altman's barnacle encrusted sense of humor.

The plotless film touches on all things female from birth to menopause to marriage to lesbianism...

Someone told me about those things because I had already walked out of the theatre.

It is a rambling, pointless, indulgent, inept fiasco that should be avoided.

It's a boring film that takes weird twists and turns, and it leaves you wondering why anyone signed up to make this film.

Slow moving.

Don't waste your time.

With this 'film', populated by flat, uninteresting charcters who move through a slurry of dead-end plots, we find another Altman clock-stopper that'll have you looking for the exit and praying there's enough gas in your car to get far, far away from the theater in a quick manner.

Overall, this movie is a waste of talents and maybe your time, too.

So save your money...

I have been going to movies for over 40 years and I have seen some real stinkers but I have NEVER walked out on a movie.

As lives fall apart or take unexpected turns, characters are presented with genuine existential dilemmas.

Don't waste your time watching this movie, please!

The other good actresses are just wasting their time so just dont waste your on time because this just is not worth watching.

Dr. T and the Women was boring, trite, shallow and full of cliché.

Twice I tried to watch till the end, twice I fell asleep.

This movie is very confusing.

I find this movie a complete waste of time.

Thumbs down for a waste of time.

please save your money and don't waste your time...

It's hard to imagine how a film could be so bad, but a lot of it lies in the writing and the boring direction.

Sad to say but I guess this was the worst movie I have ever seen.

At any rate, nothing happens in the film.

I now see a old lecher with a misogynistic bent and an arrested development, calling attention to his weaknesses in a pretentious and juvenile way.

After two hours of tedious boredom I was surprised to see the credits roll.

But he's immersed in demanding women.

The worst movie I've ever seen.

Gere makes an appropriate centerpiece for this shallow and trite comedy about an OB/GYN and the many women in his life.

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen - it was like a contest in bad acting and the plot twists were tiresome.

Handled with an easygoing charm, Altman delivers another satisfying, thoroughly entertaining, and not quite as complex film.

But, just slightly above average for Altman is still entertaining.

Spend two hours watching paint dry would have been more entertaining than having to watch this film.

Big names, bad acting, NO PLOT!!!.. The only thing that was worth seeing in this movie was the 20 seconds of Farah Fawcett naked.

Mildly entertaining Altman flick .

What a waste of money that would have been!

The ending is just as much frustrating as it is entertaining.

There is no plot.

It was muddled and plodding all the way through.

Boy, what a waste of time, talent and motion picture film.