Dracula (2020) - Drama, Horror

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In 1897 Transylvania, the blood-drinking Count draws his plans against Victorian London.

IMDB: 7.3
Stars: Claes Bang, Dolly Wells
Length: 270 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 165 out of 1000 found boring (16.5%)

One-line Reviews (425)

Such a waste of time.

Horror nothing good, any TV series that starts with Drama genre speaks for itself, a lot of irrelevant Drama 40%, I skipped through all the useless crap, very drawn out slow going, its along play time, it should be the normal 0:43 TV episode, 3 episodes is no good for a TV series the minimum is 10

Show is something new and unexpected It woud suck if it was just a F.


While I agree with reviewers that the third episode wasn't as strong as the first two, I still enjoyed it.

This could have waited and been drawn out further.

Started out well, engrossing in fact and gradually descended into farce, so disappointed in what could have been a great 3 part series...

Brilliant acting great story and suspense in the first two episodes the third was however very confusing and the story was all over the place.

Settings and costumes were impeccable coupled with conversations that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Full review below - Episode one has solid acting and puts an exciting spin on a classic tale, with the premise of a gay romance and descent into depravity promised from the start.

We both laughed out loud and my wife left to go do something else, while I subjected myself to the unbearable torture of watching this little gem of reeking refuse to the end.

The first episode was very dark and intense, then second one was ok, then the third one made a 180 degree turn to something that totally lost gravity, a free fall.

The last episode honestly had me bored.

The inability to die would eventually become an unbearable curse for anyone.

The series is both amusing and a bit exciting in a light way just like old vampire movies.

Dracula and Van Helsing are certainly good value as characters but the plot is so weak and repetitive...

I really enjoyed it.

If this had just been a one episode show I might have been satisfied but the plot just becomes more and more absurd as the show goes on and not in a good way but in a confusing, boring kind of way.

Episode 1: fantastic Episode 2: slamming on the brakes after the first but still very entertaining.

So all good and fascinating.

But after squandering the entire second episode - a full third of the running time - on an unnecessary, ill-conceived and desperately dull excursus on board the Demeter, Gatiss and Moffatt left themselves no time to develop the story properly in the third instalment, meaning that all that episode's characters appeared and disappeared without establishing a shred of credibility, or worse, sympathy.

Tedious, lacking substance and poor laughable dialogue .

90 minutes of boredom to make one slight point.

The PC tropes/propaganda thing is shamelessly shoved into the story.

From the 1st episode I was a bit skeptic about where the show was heading, but boy couldn't have been more satisfied with that first episode, the production values, the make up, the castle, the acting and the story were really riveting and last but not least, was THRILLING.

Entertaining .

Suspenseful, funny, gory, charming, and overall a fun watch.

Admittedly the third episode was my least favourite, however I still enjoyed it and don't believe it deserves the bad reviews.

And instead, the writers introduce this RIDICULOUS clichéd Romeo-and-Juliet type plotline with vapid, uninteresting, self-centred and frankly underdeveloped new characters.

I was surprised when I read all the bad reviews for this show, I thoroughly enjoyed it, the graphics and storyline were great.

Not a shred of development, bland personalities.

I enjoyed it a lot.

The first two episodes were very entertaining with great cinematography, storytelling and thrills.

He seemed weak and most boring character in the episode....

Episode 1 was brilliant and original, but Episode 2 was long-drawn out and tedious and by 10 minutes in episode 3 I'd lost interest entirely.

Let's hope there won't be season 2 of this series because it's a waste of time for the actors and viewers (and our netflix subscription).

@garcwrites:The beginning of the show is intriguing, finding Mr. Harker in the state that he is in, having written the story the pilot is depicting, shrouds the episode and the show in mystery.

The other characters are played by okay actors and do a good enough job overall i enjoyed it and hope for more

Blood is lives and a waste of time.

The acting was fine but it was too predictable and there was just something off that I can't quite put my finger on.

I had low expectations and really enjoyed it.

There is bit of twist/explanation 30 minutes before the end, but it still leaves only confusion.

(edit one number)Moffat's work seems to ossicilate between quite enjoyable to horrificly bad...

Long have I waited for a Dracula story to pull me in and hold me with intense writing and delishish eye catching cinematography!

All in all, I suppose if you suspend your disbelief in how any of these characters would actually deal with a vampire, it was mildly entertaining.

All in all it was a waste of time.

The first episode was so intense and promising, whilst the third one was truly, truly bad.

I was calling out the next thing left and right it was so predictable

I already thought the Dracula version with Jonathan Rhys Meyers was absurd, but was 100 times more fascinating and at least more original than this nonsense.


Worth watching .

Thrilling, suspenseful, and great acting that gave the series a promising outlook.

The show was fresh and smart and van Helsing alone is worth the watch.

Horrifyingly bland and incomprehensible .

Horrific plot twist for the 3rd installment that left the whole plot woth enormous flaws that rendered it totally unwatchable.

What a waste of time.

A pointless exercise in woke box-ticking that epitomises the BBC's increasing irrelevance as a public-service broadcaster.

Episode 1 is a fantastic homage to b-movies and 80's body horror and Christopher LeeEpisode 2 is a fun and extremely entertaining, almost Agatha Christie-esque, whodunnit.

The blend of the original Stoker story and various Dracula film tropes made the first two episodes highly enjoyable.

" (Special props to Jonathan Aris's Captain Sokolov, Catherine Schell's stunning Duchess Valeria, and Samuel Blenkin's hilarious Piotr/Marius.

After watching the first episode i was a bit surprised, not by the originality, but from the fact i actually enjoyed it, despite the subtle politically correct feminist references.

Now episode two starts well, but is confusing.


It was worth watching.

Don't waste your time.

However, it is easy to forgive as the overall series was super entertaining and intelligent.

Smart, entertaining and sexy!

Got bored half way through first episode .

Then episode two becomes a bit lighter with a confusing plot.

Third episode wasnt predictable at all (just stupid) started off badly and very very very slowly got worse, as for the ending hmmn.

Just another pointless horror series that uses an original character and rip out everything from him.

Don't waste your time, Dracula is supposed to be passionate, seductive and sexy - this is far from it.

Episode 3 Blew It, but still enjoyable .

A good cast wasted on pretentious drivel, I am so disappointed.

Stunning .

Episode 2 is boring, which basically consists of the much overdone whodunnit plot - which is pointless since we already know whodunnit and episode 3 is just cringy and not worth your time.

This is just terrible and a huge waste of time and money.

Becoming to much of the times made the count boring, robbing him of his essence.

Other than that I enjoyed it.

That same writing/producing team's new take on the much-mutilated Bram Stoker classic dispels any hope that it will prove a return to earlier form within seconds of the first episode's introduction, with notable early highlights of the novel's narrative ditched in favour of cheap, cliche-ridden and totally unscary shocks, annoying characters - most of whom are unforgivably stupid, and serve mainly as 2-dimensional plot devices - and some of the most truly excruciating dialogue heard in any television drama since the last few seasons of "Dr Who" (or indeed the later seasons of "Sherlock").

However, if you take if for what it is - a story based on the Dracula universe - you will likely find that it's entertaining in it's own right.

All in all, a thoroughly disappointing waste of time.

The guy playing Dracula is quite fascinating.

They are of course quite laughable compared to the original text, but in terms of film-watching they're decent enough and quite entertaining.

She explains that she knows his real thing is shame and he's a coward who can't die but he really wants to die, and he's like "oh sick burn, you totally figured me out babe" and then he drinks her cancer blood and they both die or something and are in either a confusing and crappy fantasy world of ruins and fire, or the core of the sun itself.

Don't waste your time.

Episode 2 was so-so; I found myself bored off and on.

Entertaining new take on Dracula .

And then in the second episode it was just boring, promising beginning and then a shift in the middle like the first episode.

It's clear that Gatiss and Moffat wanted to retell the Draculas story as their own piece and in some instances they do it both flawlessly and entertaining, e.

After a bit of a slow start (episode one) it just keeps on getting better and better!

In contrast, Gattis and Moffat have given their lead actors a lot to work with, in a script that is anything but thin, but is rather bursting with innovative ideas, witty dialogue and unexpected twists and turns.

Very snappy dialogue from the nun.

It's just so bland & cliche in comparison to the first two episodes.

Stop twisting old tales - it makes them silly, pointless and boring.

An enjoyable and slightly camp romp.

Positive aspects - mandatory to write I guess - is the acting of Bang and Wells, despite their uninteresting roles, and the visuals; the settings are nicely done and nice to watch.

Aside from that it was very predictable as far as a certain someone being you know who.

The BBC have taken liberties and over stretched, it's a shame that the count was as boring as counting sheep

This is is an awful series and utterly boring.

The philosophical discussions between Van Helsing and Dracula became pretentious instead of interesting after each episode.

3rd episode was a waste of time.

First two episodes were so goo,d I'm ok to give it a 7.5. The first episode is a classic - really worth watching on a stand alone basis.

The 2nd episode started well but went a bit camp in the acting and by the time we get to the 3rd episode it's a snooze fest.

What a waste of time and money for the industry.

It gets rather tedious complaining about the ridiculous woke nature of all BBC shows.

The first episode is amazing, definitely worth the watch.

What a waste of time

First episode is so gripping.

Entertaining .

Overall whole episode was boring and felt like lacked some depth.

All the episodes are well structured and the narrative is gripping, the surprise factor is the character of Sister Agatha Van Helsing who is a nun with a troubled relationship with God.

I really watched Episode 1 in awe: it's both funny and brutal, and the whole take on the Dracula story is really really exciting, with some sound acting and a line of eye-catching characters unfolding.

It was dark, mysterious, intriguing, creepy, a bit funny here and there, and left you wondering what was going to happen next.

How to waste hours of your life?

Amazing and unexpected twists .

It is all the worst of Moffat when he's being grandiose and self-indulgent.

Diversity cast probably checked all the boxes in terms of representation, but made this show unwatchable.

As the pointedly gender-flipped 'Agatha' Van Helsing, Molly Wells is spirited but hampered by a goofy "Dutch" accent straight out of "Goldmember" (2002), and ultimately undone by a combination of contrived plotting and inconsistent characterisation.

lol:I wanted to like it so much and got so excited when saw trailer but just boring.

It's too comical to take serious, too serious to be a comedy, and takes itself too seriously to be enjoyable.

Still enjoyable for the most part as Claes is a blast.

The second episode is less engaging, but still very entertaining.

I was bored by Episode 2 and totally disengaged by Episode 3.

Though I wouldn't recommend this series to serious bingers, it is still entertaining.

It's annoying, it's boring, it's unwarranted, it's forced.

The first 10 minutes of the first episode was intriguing.

This series is intense & modern concept have brough the vampire to life again.

The third episode felt like it was done by an entirely different crew with a different writer/director etc. It was utterly unwatchable.

Agatha and Dracula's banter was so boring and irky that i wished they kill each other and be done with it.

The only thing I can imagine is that perhaps people rated it based only on the first 20-30 minutes or so, which indeed are a little slow, in which case I would suggest they watch more and come back and re-rate; OR that some people have a problem with the subject matter.

Some parts of it were actually quite good, unfortunately, much of it was nonsensical, stupid, ridiculous, pointless, self-indulgent, and vain.

Boring show Boring show Boring show

I half expected "Dracula " to start singing " I am what I am" whilst chomping on the remains of the novel - That was before the finale of the episode when it seemed like another production crew from BBC3 took over and decided to completely rip up the script and turn it into a lame episode of True Blood and I came to the conclusion that I had wasted 3 hours of my life.

I had a hard time even getting through the first episode, and I'd rather watch paint dry than watch this disaster.

The atmosphere was comprehensive as was the gore it was really quite gripping before it descended into the ridiculous.

You're better off watching paint dry.

Bad acting, no story all a mess .

It was gripping and I found myself really enjoying watching how all the pieces fit together with Jonathan, Dracula and the nuns.

Do t waste your time.

That aside, the dialogue is usually long and drawn out and corny, while the jokes fall flat along with the constant double entendres.

However, the modern-day story in episode three was disjointed and quite frankly poorly written and edited.

And yeah did I mention it's boring as well

Episode two is too boring.

The actors were fantastic, and the story was intriguing.

From acting to plot to cinematography to all the pointless changes from the original story to the ridiculousness of everything else.

It's cheesy, pretentious, disappointing ...

It was boring, predictable and just felt...

Boring and disappointing .

Forget haters, Dracula is really well worth watching!.

Enjoyable beginnings turn into nothing.

A great second episode, a who-dunnit murder mystery on a boat which is still quite an enjoyable ride.

it is entertaining, keep you wanting to know more, and see how the story develops.. so for me it's a very good show.

all round an awesome and thoroughly enjoyable show.

Boring; predictable; unimaginative; unoriginal.

Within 45 minutes the plot, writing and acting all take a mystifying decent into silly anachronism and awkward attempts at humor, becoming virtually unwatchable.

Quite entertaining...

Episode 2 was unique and the setting was completely unexpected, and very enjoyable to watch and warrants a solid 7.5. Sadly episode 3 is just disappointment.

Worth watching.....

Was looking forward to this, first episode was enjoyable and promised a lot, even though a bit slow, was expecting the next two episodes to spring to life.

Don't waste your time.

a complete waste of time and it totally ruined the entire piece.

Enjoyable .

Yes, boring.

Overall very disappointing - dracula was decent in the first episode then too comedic and the last episode was absolutely rubbish with one of the worst endings in horror history - don't waste your time on this

Oh my god, what a tedious waste of time.

Enjoyed it a lot.

Like Dracula, did I also fall asleep watching this.

Not only is the last episode a butchering of the story AND the characters, it is somehow boring.

Really eerie and sinister moments crash hard into dull jokes.

But there's no story behind it.

A real snore bore, with writers just being pretentious.

This bloodsucker has no plot and off course has a 'feminist' slant with nuns; yeah that's believable.

Of course, it had to offer up a boring trope: what's worse than a blood-sucking undead creature of evil?

The series is short , sweet and intriguing.

There could have been a bit more explaining, especially in the latter half of the episode but the visuals and story were still enjoyable.

The second, while disconcertingly straying from the source material, was interesting, engaging, and well worth watching.

First episode was okay, second pretty boring...

Confusion in head of the director to think the others that he is smart.

Dracula have a lot story in our history and this serial choice the worst story about Dracula When this starting give u a adrenaline but when beforehand it's Chang to the boring and vomitous

Don't waste your time.

It was pretty dull.

How it started was ultimately brilliant, the character building was really interesting in the first episode then they made it a little bore in the 2nd episode...

Pointless characters take centre stage that I had absolutely no interest in, I don't care who Lucy marries or why.

The 3rd episode was a big let down - I did not mind at all the modern times settings, but the story was boring and meah and the ending absolutely awful.

I actually enjoyed this series quite a lot - it was well thought out, suspenseful and entertaining.

It has some flaws, ok, but I truly enjoyed it and would recommend it.

Moffat's boundless self-indulgence continues to ruin promising shows.

I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Worth the watch.. .


So if you go in expecting intense drama, this is not it.

The first episode was mildly entertaining and I liked the location (the Count's castle), but the next 2 episodes were boring and painful to watch.

The addition of Agatha the badass nun (Sister Johanna Constantina) works very well because she is the thinking modern viewer, who knows so much more about vampires and could be easily bored with the same tropes all over again.

It was fine until ep 3 and then it became another liberal box checker, it ticks everything for the politically correct crowd, the first 25 minutes was going down a list one after another, i didn't even bother to finish it please stop doing it, it's so tiresome having to listen to the same bland lines in every show

And this is boring.. .

There are some confusing plot devices.

Waste your time to know Dracula is afraid of death.

Don't waste your time.

It had suspense and was thrilling to watch.

But a sudden change of direction in the second episode made it boring.

Worth watching .

and I sort of enjoyed it!

Waste of your time.

LOOONNNG before Twilight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Interview with the Vampire were even "things" - many of use were kinda heavily immersed in the ole' vampire folkore.

Over the course I enjoyed it.

First two episodes well worth watching .

Don't waste your time!!

The abrupt ending Is actually quite annoying instead of being suspenseful.

Although it started off well and had some good horror moments, I found the campness too much and it became tedious.

I feel quite disappointed to see yet another show moving from a good (or in the case of Sherlock, wonderful) start to something incredibly boring.

But from second episode and forward, the story just takes a lot of silly turns and just ends up being ridiculous and boring.

The introduction to the count and out initial character was engaging and the dynamic of The lawyer accounting his experience to the Nun was particularly enjoyable.

Worth the watch.

Surpassing a long row of actors who've worn the cape through the years.. He completely dominates every corner of the screen and is fully immersed in the spirit of Dracula.

What a waste of time .

The worst thing that Dracula could be is boring....

From there the show was shallow, predictable, had very little character depth or development, and seemed like a collection of tired "hurr hurr young adults are vain and entitled" cliches that absolutely didn't stick.

Full of horror and exciting.

The third episode is where it gets a bit tricky and generated a lot of intense hate, which in my opinion is a bit too harsh.

The disjointed story telling from Jonathan about his escape from the castle was very well carried out without giving away too much information in one go.

Even the introduction of Renfield who was kind of funny felt pointless.

This Dracula crosses from classic cliche story and steep into modern storytelling.

Indeed a bloody waste of time .

Started off well, but by episode 3 it was just an unholy, and boring mess,and I hated it.

And pointless, again.

It started off with such promise - a gleefully scary and funny episode 1 - and plummeted to very bad in episode 3 (and not in a fun campy way, just bad in boring, get this over with way).

A very enjoyable vampire movie and he's sooooo handsome too that I could ask him to drain my blood, anytime!

However, the final few moments were unexpected and somewhat redeemed the third episode.

The first half of the first episode bore some similarities, the second half veers significantly.

Though, at times the third was as imaginative in the direction as the first the story was way too bland and boring.

A enjoyable mini-series ruined by overzealous and ridiculous writing .

Nonsense, boredom, and a big MEH after finishing all 3 episodes.

Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time.

Entertaining adaptation let down by part 3.

Dark comedy more than horror but really enjoyable .

Finally, Nuns with wooden sticks is one of the most cliche and ridiculous things I have seen in years.

It's engaging and keeps you intrigued as they make their swipes at each other.

All things considered, episode 1 and 2 are really worth watching.

Still found the show on a whole enjoyable and I hope to see a conclusion to the story.

then 3rd episode felt like vampire spoof at start with overly stretched lucy thing then to engaging to watch and the ending was awesome with knowing whats the weakness of dracula and sacrifice!

But it's done so cleverly that most people will find it entertaining.

Gatiss and Moffat's earlier collaboration, the successful (if not universally loved) "Sherlock" (2012-18), was notable for the slow metamorphosis from genuinely clever, smartly modernised and self-aware pastiche to outright self-infatuated, ludicrously camp self-parody that paralleled its own commercial success.

When all the jump-scares are completely predictable, the cgi is crap, and the practical effects (blood and gore) looks totally fake, it takes you out of the story.

Too bad it was so poorly done and confusing.

A new and unexpected interpretation, with a real twist!

Underestimating viewers, unbelivably boring blabber from episode to another, painfull example of disaster production of horror classic to naive and utter stupidity.

Her name is an unexpected treat for any Dracula fan.

And again, there's Van Helsing somehow travelling in time and lots of pointless talking about blood.

Story was entertaining and was just scary enough.

Made it worth watching the series

Horrible waste of time .

Really enjoyed it.

But that last episode was so awful, boring, time wasting it ruined the whole thing!

I loved the second episode as well - I do not believe I have ever seen in a movie how Dracula's boat journey to England took place and I am an absolute sucker for the plotline "a group of people are stuck together in a place they cannot escape from and then they start dying one by one" - although this time around you know who the murderer is, it is still entertaining.

What a waste of potential and what a waste of time.

Nevertheless, I highly recommend it.

Here comes Moffat with his predictable tropes and absolutely unnecessary modernizing.

But the best about it is the crazy and original (and unexpected) sense of humor permeating every episode.

If, on the other hand, you are like me, and your friends and family know to never utter his name in your presence for fear of being subjected to an agonizing hour-long tirade on why his writing is lazy, unfunny, forced, insulting and basically all-round soul-sucking, obsessed with simply making things 'new' or 'unexpected' without any real passion or concern for telling a compelling story, then you'd best stay clear - 'Dracula' is Moffat all the way down.

From an ok first episode to a dramatic decline in just about every area, delivering the most tedious 90 minute conclusion ever committed to the story.

it's boring .

I wasn't pulled in to the story enough to watch more than one episode, which was pretty boring, and a waste of time.

Another timeless classic ruined to PC and LGBT propaganda garbage.....

I'll give it 6 out of 10 and call it worth watching.

I found the whole series to be hugely entertaining, and satisfyingly gruesome in all the right places.

A perfect 1st episode stretched to a cliché .

Another boring vampire tale about a monster that enjoys killing mindless and a lot of plot holes.

The rest is full of dumb British horny teenagers that really are so bland make the main characters really weird, and the ending oh god the ending, I don't have any words is just completely disappointing.

I agree with the other reviews that each episode gets worse, the second episode is really drawn out and not particularly exciting.

Kind of dull .

Also, the story is exciting and thrilling.

Very banal jokes and puns are added straight into dead serious scenes, and this had me confused several times if perhaps the series was intended as a parody.

waste of time .

Episode 2is just a bad episode, no logic, boring, no point of watching.

It's annoyingly predictable and not very entertaining.

resulting in a really refreshing and enjoyable take on this classic!

He's supposed to be suave and urbane but I found him boring and lifeless - one of the screen's all-time worst Draculas.

2-3 don't waste your time.

I'm all for twisting classic stories and giving them a new spin but this came across pretty self-indulgent and important.

It was fun enough to watch and in the immortal words of another beast, this show was truly, "Marvelous, Hugely entertaining and there was no COLLUSION frOm Ukraine.. Ahem.. Aka.

Episode 3 just came across as disjointed nonsense with Dracula committing suicide in the end because of some psycho babble about him being afraid he can't die, blah blah.

Predictable .

They quickly tell a really fast paced historical background that is interesting and fun.

Contrived, basic, illogical .

The storyline was intriguing.

The exploration of the castle, the gradual disintegration, our slow introduction to Dracula as he becomes infused with Harker's blood, the luscious sets and attention to visual detail, all good.

The first episode really got my attention, it was classic with good karakter build up, interesting story line and quite unpredictable.

Flawed but enjoyable.

That being said, I must say this series was very entertaining and in the end I loved it.

Bizarre, unsatisfying, confusing, poorly written stuff.

Waste of time, boring, not sceary, not funny (guys directors - your not funny) Don't know what to say...

It's a strange and unnecessary jump from the dark, gothic setting to something more bland.

Claes Bang even looks a little bit like Lee, but in contrast to previous screen "Dracula's" whose filmmakers tried to convey the vampire's hypnotic power over his victims by focusing solely on his dark, blood-red eyes, or even inserting laughably on-the-nose lines like "Look into my eyes," Bang's performance as Dracula is riveting and magnetic.

I found this to be quite entertaining.

But overall I really enjoyed it.

(Gary Oldman's Dracula, by contrast, spoke slower and much more deliberately, giving a feel of a time long past, in a country not of my own country (The U.

E1 The first episode shows so much promise - great production values, creepy and scary, good adaptation of the source material, and compelling characters played by good actors.

I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

Don't waste your time on this one, there's much better vampire material around.

Yup an all around enjoyable mini series.

They obviously have the budget and shouldnt let talent like Claes Bang and Guy Pearce waste their time on such drivel.

But it's all forgivable, because of their bravery to do something different, something deep, something complicated and something truly engaging.

This had great acting and an intriguing plot line, even though we all know the gist of Dracula having been remade 100's of times throughout cinematic history, it added little twists and turns peppered nicely.

The reasons it failed are far too numerous to account however lack of continuity lack of substance in storytelling the attempt of humour this production neither fell into the compelling horror or the superficial comedy there were so many faults that the memory is of an easy forgetful attempt and a large black strike again for the BBC whom are fast becoming a channel I would choose not to have on my tv if that option ever came available thus saving me an extortionate liscence fee that I am obliged to pay regardless wether I view the channel!

It's just so desperately boring.

Episode 2 and 3 where dull and uninteresting.

See it for how it was intended - Ironic, comical and, at times, gripping.

The "as needed" plot devices and purposely confusing narratives brought down what might have been an interesting take on this classic.

little bit boring...

Absolute waste of time.

Another series rendered unwatchable because of poor lighting and discourteous cinematography.

We of course know who did it but it still has a twist and it is entertaining as hell.

E3 is ridiculous, boring, incoherent, and hugely disappointing.

Slogged through a very slow episode one.

Got bored with the mind games.

I agree with most reviewers who found this 3-part series deteriorated from episode one onwards however I can't agree that the first episode was as good as suggested, to me it was only fair, the second overblown and the final was unwatchable.

Really boring and I had to skip forward a few times.

This retelling of a classic we all know with forced modern twists managed to be both predictable and simply eye rolling.

Last episode unwatchable.

The rest is just waste of film and time


Boring, arch, incoherent, woke, smug, self-indulgent twaddle with a thin veneer of style .

It is the first time I've seen Dracula portrayed as someone who was bored and saw people as so beneath him that he passed the time by mistreating them.

In fact, in the last years of his life, Bram was so immersed in poverty that he had to live on charity.

It starts quite well visually in the first episode, but then it just turns to too much pointless talking at the convent.

Do yourself a favour, get the book, read it, it's far far superior to this cheaply made, poorly made, overblown and boring mess

The way the story unfolds was surprising and gratifying, I enjoyed it a lot.

Absolutely worth the watch.

Some of the most confusing/ worst writing and pointless far-fetched plots I've ever witnessed.

This is not a spoiler, even if you've read the books I would say that would be pleasantly satisfied at the homage to the original storyline, and also be pinned to your screen till the end because of the unpredictable turn of events.

But it was glib and tried really hard to be "clever", was pretentious and campy with bouts of high melodrama mish-mashed together.

Drawn out for no good purpose.

A different take on the fable of Dracula, but equally exciting.

Diversity cast probably checked all the boxes in terms of representation, but made this show unwatchable.

Excellent and Entertaining, feels like fresh take on Dracula .

The second episode dragged so badly I was bored.

This hasn't stopped him being given control over several iconic British literary properties, all of which he has arguably run into the ground with his hand-wavy, disjointed style of writing series arcs and ignoring large plot holes.

A boring ending episode .

Boring show i did not enjoy watching it ......

It is not good, nothing in here, it is bad, and believe me staring at the empty wall worth more the precious time of my life then watching this.

Don't waste your time!

I want to add that I'm fed up with gender/feminist propaganda, and will start searching for certified "gender-free" products.

1 & 2 are placed in a different time period with intriguing takes from Bram Strokers Dracula I found it entertaining and creepy.

But episode 3 is just a waste of time.

BBC did something similar with 'A Christmas Carol', but where that was monotone, overly chatty and boring, this one has better pacing, not to mention some great horror moments.


Overall entertaining series!

Psycho babble no longer a smart play of foes, but becomes self-aware and self-indulgent.

Very enjoyable retelling.

I have seen lots of movies and series about vampires, but this one was absolutely fantastic and I really enjoyed it, Despite the fact that no one likes the last episode, it was okay Just enjoy the series.

The second episode gets tedious.

Very repetitive stuff.

Some good twist, some great acting, and a unpredictable ending.

It was genuinely interesting and thrilling, acting was top notch.

then unexpected twists and turns slowly take the story to a new surprises and new avenues.

A bit of a slow start, VERY strong finish.

Enjoyable and had some nice lines of dialogue.

With cheap-looking effects, canned music, a meandering unfocused plot, terrible writing and an unmistakable air of smug contempt for the audience, this is nothing more-nor-less than a crude defacement of the Dracula legend; a childish, self-indulgent testimony to the overweening vanity and creative exsanguination of the artistic forces behind it.

Roman Polanski's 'Fearless Vampire killers' is more entertaining.

It is a pity, because acting is good, Dracula personification by Claes Bang is fascinating and photography is very well curated.

I must begin by disclosing that I'm a lover of Bram Stoker's original story, and the first few scenes were stunning and teased at a faithful reimagining of the novel.

However after a fine opening episode I found it overlong & a bit self-indulgent notably the second part, and I'd say Gatiss' reinvention of Dracula's legend is not as successful as he did with Baker Street's most famous resident (who also gets a sly anonymous namecheck).

Very entertaining .

Fascinating .

Taken on it's own merits, this was entertaining enough with even an occasional smattering of Mark Gattis's dark humour thrown in for good measure.

Bearable - but tragically predictable.

I really enjoyed it till the end.

Hours and hours of very slow and boring viewing.

The "hero" was bland, and the love interest Lucy, just an amalgam of previous BBC 'it' girls.

secretly I sort of loved the braveness of an unexpected twist.

If you like a thrilling horror sensation, stay away from this drivel, it's a far cry from the days of Hammer Horror when Christopher Lee gave you the shivers.

fascinating .

Very entertaining and witty mini series.

First off this is way way too long, 3 x 90 minute or so episodes, each one worse than the last.

And its just the 1st episode, from that the story turn in new ways but a lot of cliché.

This is one of the most boring, annoying - yes, annoying because of a few of the characters...

Worth the time, Unexpectedly entertaining.

Claes Bang acting makes this mini series worth watching, he's completely psychopathic and evil ways is the only reason this show doesn't fall to the ground.

The first episode was engaging, intriguing, and had me hooked.

Unfortunately those scenes were overcrowded by bland editing, lazily written characters & an annoying attempt to make the show more mainstream.

It's intriguing to watch the plot evolve.

Wanted to like this so much but had to turn off after 30 mins.

Like his rendition of Mycroft Holmes in "Sherlock," Gattis just about steals scenes with his intelligent delivery of quirky dialogue, full of very, very dry English wit.

No, it isn't perfect and I was quite surprised by the change in setting, which to me seems pointless as the end of the story is closing in.

Delightfully unnerving, keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Slow .

The result is a series of character set pieces strung together by a ridiculously contrived plot that makes even the laziest "Sherlock" episodes look well constructed in comparison.

This was a take on Dracula, not Bram Stoker's Dracula, but still so enjoyable!

Unfortunately they have too great an affection for their own cleverness to do anything as dull as adapting the novel.

I found the first episode incredibly slow and the 'animations' to be extremely poor.

It pretends to be philosophic but it's outrageously empty, like those people who use loads of fancy words to cover up the fact they have nothing to say.

Still worth watching though.

Fully committed, Episode 3 runs away into an artsy fartsy trash fire desperately trying to regain bits of many Vampire lore.

They always find some way to destroy it and this series has disappointed me a lot because they have everything in their hands: the cast, the gothic style, all the environment and the feeling of being in a horror movie and they just threw it all away by making a modern cliche.

Well worth the watch !

It's probably the most pretentious version of the story I've ever seen.

Dark, suspenseful and very well produced by all involved.

He had nothing to do with the region Transylvania, but everybody in zero movies like this, without even documenting themselves prior making the movies, they make this confusion.

I wanted to turn it off right then...

Reviews must be fake for this one cause its a boring and unnessessary adaptation.

It is also kind of tiresome to have all this snowflake-millenials-politically correct characters.

All in all definitely worth watching and I wish there was more than the three episodes - i don't think I could get enough of this and I'm 100% going to watch it again.

There are a little bit of plot driven part in this one, mostly lose ends from E1, but this one is just confusing and a bit pointless.

The third episode is unwatchable.

It gets worse every episode and is just a waste of time.

The story was very weird, to say the least, and the whole story felt pointless.

Don't waste your time!!!!.

Very impressive, the sets, the stunning location, superb special effects.

1st episode was somewhat intriguing...

Very entertaining, great performances .

I enjoyed it, as it was very different to anything else i had ever watched about the most famous of the vampires.

But from the end of that second episode on, we're treated to an uneven, disjointed narrative that feels so cheap in places that the aftertaste of the show as a whole suffers catastrophically.

Biggest waste of 4 1/2 hours of my life.

Reminds me of the new 'A Christmas Carol' (utterly awful), a total and complete unwatchable mess.

The third episode is a ridiculous waste of time.

Quite entertaining, It goes Black Mirror in Chapter 3, and we like it .

One star for the weak part three with unbearable lame ending.

Dutch newspapers warned me about this mini series, saying it is boring and over the top.

It spends way to much energy on pointless clubbing scenes, easy dracula escapes and lawyers.

As the majority of the other comments state, episode 1 was captivating, episode 2 a bit slower (and pointless) and episode 3 was so ridiculous I actually had to check a few times to make sure I was watching the same show.

Whenever it got really sinister and dark - a bland joke popped up and ruined in my opinion the whole atmosphere.

I enjoyed it.

Starts to turn confusing and hokey.