DragonHeart (1996) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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The last dragon and a disillusioned dragonslaying Knight must cooperate to stop an evil King, who was given partial immortality.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Rob Cohen
Stars: Dennis Quaid, Sean Connery
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 15 out of 157 found boring (9.55%)

One-line Reviews (81)

The action scenes needed better music score to make it a bit more exciting and dramatic and the story itself is a bit cliché in some respects.

It was so unusual and it was so exciting as they brought all of our fantasies together in a rare way on the screen.

Blandly entertaining family friendly medieval dragon story .

Those visual and audio treats make it worth watching.

Next to the breathtaking visual effects and the solid acting performances, there is also the beautiful art-direction, the excellent musical score from Randy Edelman, the dazzling photography and the superb choreography.

That having been said, Dragonheart deserves credit for being a big-budget production with an excellent leading cast and (for their time) absolutely stunning special effects.

The only negative I have to say it the plot is a little confusing at times.

All-in-all - I found this whole phony "One-For-All-And-All-For-Me" mentality that prevailed throughout Dragonheart's hypocritical, little story to be very, very tiresome, indeed.

Though I enjoyed the twist of a dragon and a dragonslayer teaming up to fool some village people, the poor camera, editing, school theater performance acting and a lot of cliches turned this nearly-half-good plot into an unbearable thing to watch.

But eventually Bowen and Draco team up to battle the king, with predictable results.

This falls splendidly in the second category, a rousing bit of sword and sorcery fun from beginning to end.

Very confusing, because in fact sometimes it seemed as though the majority of the characters were mental deficients.

The premise of "The Last Dragon" is very much a sound & compelling idea that could have had audiences invested.

It was definitely a bit to dragged out.

The wisely downplays most of the fantasy elements, grounding everything in a slightly sanitized Medieval reality, with the exception of the CGI dragon, surely a landmark at the time and a compelling creation: not only is he believable within the context, he is cinema's first successful CGI main character, half a decade before Gollum and with less performance-friendly means.

Of course is a little bit a kid's movie, but anyway is very enjoyable.

The result is is a standard yet engaging fantasy flick with above-average special effects and a great musical score.

They are much more enjoyable than most summer blockbusters.

I will suffice it to say that the story, while dark and a bit plodding, is also creatively twisted.

I was astounded at the story, but equally enjoyed it as the story unfolded.

This frickin' pretentious "Old Code" business played hand-in-hand with some absolutely awful attempts at humour, as well as some pretty tedious and painfully predictable battle scenes, thrown in for good measure.

I usually love fantasy but this is tedious and strictly a kiddies film.

I'd rather read the book of this, but it's still a very enjoyable movie-going experience.

Surprisingly enjoyable with a sense of humour added in .

The acting is OK but nothing special, Pete Postlethwaite doesn't get much to do, Dennis Quid is somewhat bland, it's nice to see Brian Thompson in a Hollywood film while Sir John Gielgud has a voice cameo as King Arthur.

But yet the ending is unpredictable and the story goes deeper in the characters than most other fairy-tales do.

this is truly a enjoyable movie.

It gets a bit campy at times, especially when Quaid is at a standstill stuck in the dragon's mouth with his spear, but it is still quite as enjoyable as it was when i first watched it all those years ago

And Rob Cohen's direction is typically bland and soulless.

All in all, it was a good movie, and I enjoyed it.

Entertaining fantasy movie with thrills , emotion and state-of-art special effects bringing the fabulous dragon to life .

The only good thing DRAGONHEART has going for it is that the plot is fairly unusual, setting up intriguing characters who go on different directions to those you might expect.

Entertaining and fun movie with acceptable special effects bringing the dragon to life .

I would recommend that no-one over the age of ten watch this, it just becomes tedious.

The superb DTS sound effects are breathtaking.

The musical score is truly evocative; it's worth getting on soundtrack.

That's what happens in "Dragonheart," an entertaining effort from director Rob Cohen.

Entertaining as it is, in today's day and age, it feels like just another piece of Hollywood fantasy movie-making.

I saw this movie in 1997 on TV, very compelling fantasy story, sadly the special effects of the first generation of graphic computer brings an update somewhat out of time, on Dragonlayer didn't have any graphic computer and the movie is most convincing Dragon...

Connery and Thewlis' performances as Draco and Einon are very compelling.

Slow stage-acted jousts & premeditated sluggish swipes abound!!

This film is very well done and thoroughly enjoyable.

I found this movie to be rather disjointed and contrived.

There's some slow spots but the enjoyable relationship between Bowen and Draco make for a fun pairing .

)Great special effects(I've rarely seen a better animated or more touching computer generated creature than Draco,he really seems to have a soul,while most other cgi creatures even nowadays seem lifeless and empty)Good acting , in a lot of fantasy or similar kind of movies the characters seem laughable or unwillingly ridiculous not capable of making you taking them serious(AD&D,legend etc.)the opposite is true in dragon heart.

It's your standard formulaic fantasy plot, essentially.

The battle scenes & fights are good if a little predictable (the good guy always wins & the bad guy gets it) & as a period piece the costumes, sets & props all look the part.

It is entertaining and funny and with decent computer generator special effects bringing the dragon to life .

An entirely enjoyable movie by any standards.

Dragonheart is a great movie for its lightheartedness, action, adventure, comedy, drama, music and fantasy element, while Braveheart is great for its intense drama, gripping plot, great fighting, occasional comedy supplied by the Irishman Stephen and the Scots mooning tradition, and romance.

It's consistently funny, exciting and - in what is the most pleasant surprise of all - actually pretty moving at times.

At any rate, the movie is pure medieval fantasy and theology but entertaining enough for kids and adults.

This movie is well worth watching.

It has beautiful music and an entertaining feel.

This is a well made and very entertaining movie.

Most enjoyable fantasy with a strong plot .

The story begins a bit slowly but once the dragon appears it's a fun and fascinating movie to watch.

Worth watching!

His performance is generic, but enjoyable.

Dragon Fun To Watch In This Mostly-Enjoyable Fantasy .

We're not expected to be interested in anything else, so everything else is uninteresting.

Also unexpected is the animation quality of the dragon.

Still the movie can't get more than 7 out of 10, being so cliche-heavy and not-so-thrilling when it comes to the human characters (though I have to agree with some of the other reviewers, that this movie is decent in the way it avoids splatter-effects and is remarkably un-blood-thirsty).

The dragon was stunning and funny to the extreme to boot as well.

Also, David Thewlis is entertaining as the crazed king.

There seems to be something about his voice and demeanour that I found very compelling.

Professional performances and fantastic creativity bolster this attempt through the (very few) slow spots, and Sean Connery's voice as "Draco" was priceless.

David Thewlis is clearly going for an Alan Rickman vibe in PRINCE OF THIEVES in this one, but he doesn't really come off all that well, and Dennis Quaid's hero is typically dull.

Above all the movie is mainly fun and very entertaining.

Watching it a second time i was pretty bored throughout and kept hoping it would end soon.

Instead is really nice, the FX of the drako ("drago in Italian") is stunning, it looks and moves really good.

However, underneath the spectacle there is a truly compelling story here.

To me the downside is the antagonist casting: The guy is so boring.

There are some pretty violent moments but still above all the movie is entertaining as well as heartwarming and the ending might even bring some tears to your eyes.

Whoa, slow down, man.

:) Dennis Quaid is always enjoyable, a gorgeous man with an infectious smile.

Luckily it starts getting really enjoyable when the Dragon comes into it who becomes an ally of Bowen (Dennis Quaid) who is out to settle a personal vendetta against a Dragon who has turned a student of his into a corrupt ruler in his role as King Einon (David Thewlis in a very convincing role as an arrogant ruler).

Intellectually weak, but entertaining in a Hollywood way .

I'm not a fantasy or dragon lore enthusiast, but I found this movie enjoyable on many levels.

The sets, props & costumes are inaccurate, the dialog is austere, the cast dull & forgettable, the performances are hammed up & their pet CGI Dragon sticks out like a soar thumb.

Damaged by new graphic computer, but still enjoyable!.