Dreamcatcher (2003) - Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

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Friends on a camping trip discover that the town they're vacationing in is being plagued in an unusual fashion by parasitic aliens from outer space.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Lawrence Kasdan
Stars: Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane
Length: 134 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 154 out of 678 found boring (22.71%)

One-line Reviews (452)

It's thrilling!

It even gives us a sometimes entertaining story and conflict in which the characters are engaged.

However, they're lost in the lack of story exposition, characters without motivation, and overall length of the film.

It sets up the four main characters at a very languid rate, which would be fine if that had anything in it that would've been useful later, since it drags on and provides nothing all that interesting.

It is far scarier, far more unpredictable, better photographed, with an intriguing story that never lets up and never stops surprising you.

This was the worst movie I've ever seen.

And as for the Lenoid Brezhnev eyebrows of Morgan Freeman, well, probably the most entertaining aspect to the film.

All in all, dull and meandering film and adaptation.

Clichés were flying by in King's empty little ugly head, and he caught them all, one by one, various movie clichés, turning this movie into a conglomeration of horror/sci-fi nonsense we've all seen a million times before.

I found this film quite enjoyable.

All in all an utter waste of time !

A mentally slow man sends messages to his friends.

After the extremely boring and disappointing "Hearts In Atlantis," it was refreshing to see the movie stick rather faithfully with the book.

Dont waste your time or money.

I have read Dreamcatcher and thought it was a very entertaining book.

The lack in plot or logic might have been forgivable if the movie had been either a non-stop action hackfest a la "Starship Troopers" or a truly scary one like "Signs", but "Dreamcatcher" is basically very slowly paced and largely lacking in both suspense and action.

The marks for great trash is that it stays engaging because it keeps things moving and changing, you have cheesy lines from laughable "heroes" with equally laughable conclusions and even a few entertaining fights and deaths, although i think 10-20 minutes less, would have served the movie well.

Looking around, most of the theater was on the edge of their seats, which I've not done since 'Signs'.

I think the main problem is that the novel is too long to fit into a 2-hr movie.

Rousing musical score by the successful composer James Newton Howard .

anyone who read the book must have left the theater horribly disappointed, even for a Stephen King translation which we have come to expect to be somewhat awful.

Worst movie ever .

Entirely besides this, the twisted, fascinating concept expressed in the end of the book of Jonesy HIMSELF being Mr. Gray (sort of a cohabitation- Jonesy allows the sort of "abduction" of the "Jekyll" part of his mind by a sort of "Hyde" personality- Mr. Gray- because he is psychologically conflicted) NEVER occurs in the movie.

Overall the film is witty, visually stunning, and satisfying.

No plot, just one big 136 minute plot hole.

One of worst movies ever!

It drained all the suspense and excitement (I felt, having read the book and had so far had my visions enhanced rather nicely by the film) and really brought down the standard of an otherwise very entertaining King adaptation.

Pure, unadulterated garbage is the only way to describe this haphazard waste of time.

A Refreshing and Fascinating good time.

"This plot contains every already-used King plot point, mixed with several cliches, to make a complete waste of 2 hours of your life.

in the beginning exciting and suspenseful...

I did and boy, I enjoyed it!

This alone is an excellent basis for a film but the script turns from this intriguing premise into another "kill the aliens" movie.

Don't waste your time .

Please save your money and don't even give this movie 2 hours of your life.

But if you have watched it and enjoyed it at all, read the book!

It's clunky, awkwardly staged, and as disjointed as some pour soul who's taken a tumble down Solomon's staircase.

We can all try to act intellectual, but hunters sitting in a cabin having philosophical conversations about how one of them pictures his memories as files in a storehouse is, well, boring and weird.

Dreamcather Catchs Boredom From Audience .

Worst Movie Ever !!!!!.

You'll only waste 2 hours of your life that could be better spent on other things -- like scrubbing your tub or mowing the lawn.

If you've read the book and enjoyed it, you'll like the movie--until the end at least.

If you're able to separate preconceived notions of the genre of the movie and have a sense of humor, I think you'll find it very enjoyable.

The books ending was a brilliant climax to a very entertaining novel - the films ending was just so stupid I stayed in the cinema for a whole minute shaking my head wondering exactly how the people responsible for touching Stephen King's wonderful climax could actually live with themselves.

Simply put, too many things from the novel were cut out (And some changed) for the story to remain gripping, appealing and thrilling.

But I was exited for it and interested in it, because title, cast and previews made me looking forward to a suspenseful story and mysterious thrilling.

When the animals begin to flee the woods, the area is placed under quarantine and a stranger arrives with a strange illness, what should be an enjoyable trip turns into a horrific fight for survival amidst an alien invasion.

Boring boring boring.

Generally speaking, this is the worst movie ever!

Two hours, forty five minutes, and three drinks later I walked out of the theater in astonishment.

It's simply a case of overcompensation, trying 'too hard' to escape those elemnts that you excel in It's akin to Morgan Freeman's performance in that you expect that usual astute, complex performance and instead he sheels you with bland, cliche military bravado with an occasional "Bucko" thrown in to remind you he's tried and true american.

Don't waste your time .

Dull adaptation of a lesser Stephen King work .

To be fair, most of the acting is quite good, and I hate to say this, because I think he's great, but I just got the feeling that Morgan Freeman was going to start yawning any second.

The cast is solid, the aliens intriguing.

The first half of the movie I found absorbing and generally faithful to the book.

I've read the book twice and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Besides the cast and aliens it was overlong and boring (first half good, second half boredom city).

So predictable and hellish acting.

Worst movie ever .

Coming of age tale?

Anyway, Dreamcatcher is a slow sci-fi thriller with a seriously flawed plot and not much else to make up for that.

Did the Writer Get Bored with the Script.

The 'Jonesy/Mr Grey' character was ludicrously unbelievable and the whole battle between the real Jonesy and Mr Grey which forms an integral part of the novel was glossed over and portrayed in a way that made it really difficult to follow.

The suspense is riveting and the monster is incredible to see when it finally appears.

When I left the theater I was in a total stupor, knowing only one thing: it has GOT to be the worst movie of the year, I can assure that even being still in May.

trust me, a stranger, this movie will make history as the worst movie ever, Stephen King must be very unhappy right now...

A choppy plot and a feeling of endlessness come together to bring any audience a waste of time and brain cells.

After a stupid and predictable character decision (Do you need toothpicks that badly?

the worst movies now boom at the box office thanks to clever marketing.

K,things go absolutely beserk,for what starts out as a slow burning,highly atmospheric chiller -The scenery is so lush,with its gorgeous snow scenes,i swear the temperature dropped 5 below in the cinema- An hour in and the whole thing goes in a million directions.

The movie is slow here and there, and the story remains to be expanded.

It's a brave attempt to capture the spirit of a pretty wild book in the first place and thanks to the actors portraying the friends, James Newton Howard's mysterious score and John Seale's at times breathtaking cinematography it works, making this foray into science fiction/horror the perfect example of a 'terrible film that really isn't'.

If you're a sci-fi fan and you can drop your expectations, you'll enjoy this entertaining movie!

Probably the worst movie I have ever seen .

While not up to the standard of Frank Darabont's adaptation of The Mist or Kubrick's version of The Shining, Dreamcatcher can still be considered an enjoyable and thoughtful horror/sci-fi.

Many films go on too long and are dragged out.

He is one giant cliche in this movie, the hard-nosed military man who, along with the aliens, is a bad guy.

Stephen King movies can be crapshoot and it can be hard to deal with his predictable story line idiosyncrasy's.

Overall while Dreamcatcher is not in anyway offensive, and is a perfectly tolerable, it is boring and incoherent.

Incredibly bad dialogue, predictable, improbable plot line and Morgan Freeman's bad haircut and eyebrows are just a few of the reasons to miss this one.

Here we are given a story that is engaging and interesting, only for it to be transformed into a kind of large budget monster movie towards the end.

It is one of the worst movie monsters I have ever seen.

It was confusing and just seemed utterly pointless.

It's entertaining and for my money, that's all that counts.

Nice special effects, some aliens, and some strange crazy powers add up to an enjoyable story with a predictable ending.

It was despite the crazy antics, entertaining.

The movie is imaginative, humorous, gory, and entertaining to the very end thanks to a regular dose of plot twists and high originality.

Way to confusing plot and non neccesary and pointless footage.

derivative, enjoyable mess .

This is like 4 cliche movies thrown into a blender.

His fans, worried that he might never write again were sedated by 'Dreamcatcher', a novel that merely incorporated every element that made King's earlier novels work and mashed them into a cliche of a book.

This film is suspenseful, endearing, and contains some action scenes.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

I also had the feeling that I was watching one movie and then someone suddenly changed the movie Finally, I had the feeling this movie was far too long.

Overall, huge disappointment, but entertaining I guess.

Yes, This movie was the worst movie I've ever seen.

Based on the novel by Stephen King, this overlong tale rolls about 3 or 4 films in 136 minutes and just turns out to be dull and incoherent.

It nearly misses the fundamental plot point - four guys are primed in childhood to save the world as adults - because so much screen time is given to the exciting visual elements of the plot, like the relationships between the soldiers, and not enough to the relationship between the four guys and Dudditz.

Don't waste your money on this terrible waste of time!!!

Several people left the theater about 10 minutes before the end of the film...

Morgan Freeman and Damian Lewis are always worth watching.

But each of these was a compelling, stunning masterpiece (that might be an overstatement for TGM.

too boring to say anything about it...

Dreamcatcher was fun for the first hour or so and all the performances are good, but it is ponderous and disappointing the rest of the way.

I enjoyed it.

This movie is surely an entertaining, gripping, frighteningly, delightful sci-fi horror experience.

This movie was so disjointed.

The issue with this tale lies in the following, Steven kings book had some great details on the characters and their history together that the movie just didnt have time for, on the other hand the book dragged so slowly and was so poorly written that the film had a big edge in visual effects.

A confusing narrative and poor structure took the impact from the meaning of Dreamcatcher.

As you can well-imagine - By the time that we reach this film's somewhat predictable climax, with the future of all mankind at stake (yawn!

By the time this movie's third act comes along, it's so long and drawn out and boring that its silly climax feels less silly than it does absolutely unforgivable.

it's intriguing, brilliantly odd almost.

Hard to understand but highly entertaining .

Audiences that delighted in The Green Mile will find this tiresome very quickly, although fans of Scary Movie will probably love it.

Fortunately the director finally figured out a way to wrap it all, by picking an alien invasion theme from the deus ex machina backpocket, and finished everything with a boring, unintendedly and uncomfortably comical cliché horror plot.

This is a top-notch Sci-Fi Horror movie which is both long and engrossing.

This movie is a little gory, suspenseful, and unpredictable.

The people in the cinema i was in seemed to like it (nobody walked out), so it just goes to show everybody has a different opinion.

If you want a bland cliché film, which is so bad that it's funny, watch Shooter (with Wahlberg), which inexplicably has a 7/10 average rating on IMDb, whereas the rare gem that is Dreamcatcher hardly has a 5.

For a film so long, Dreamcatcher always manages to entertain, and never to bore, even when Morgan Freeman's character, essential to the book but reduced to pointless filler in the movie, is on the screen.

Intriguing .

Please save your money!

In the book, Henry is the main hero, and is on the edge of committing suicide.

It will have you on the edge of your seat 99.99% of the time.

Please don't waste your time on this!!.

It was pointless and did nothing to serve the film in a positive way.

As you meet the 4 main characters in the beginning and see their mysterious powers, you are kept on the edge of your seat in anticipation for an explanation of these gifts...

I only do that in order to get people to waste their time and money on just a god awful movie.

- and he gives them psychic powers - only they don't have the powers for huge, long stretches of the film, which go unexplained - in fact, there are many scenes where characters sit still in one place and give long, boring speeches where they are desperately trying to explain the "plot".

Don't waste your time - Spoilers included .

While not the worst of the Stephen King adaptations, Thinner, Sleepwalkers and Tommyknockers are in my opinion worse Dreamcatcher is a rather dull movie I am afraid to say.

A few moments of "so bad it's good" entertainment, but otherwise a complete waste of time and money, and I do not throw this insult out there lightly.

There are some great childhood flashback scenes of the kind that King writes splendidly and some wonderful taking-place-in-the-mind situations, so it's a real disappointment that the film ends up so pointless and on such a throwaway note.

Mixed up, but still exciting and well done .

Don't waste your time on it.

Entertaining -- ignore the critics .

VERY confusing film if you've never read the book .

It is enjoyable though and it looked and sounded really nice.

It was getting more and more exciting and it was really developing, not just happening.

At one point when the completely absurd alien appears, (I kid you not) half the audiance walked out...

How could this waste of time have ever been made?

They not only failed completely to simplify the film version, but most of the gratuitous changes themselves simply add additional confusion!

I enjoyed it though and I recommend you see it and judge for yourself.

It is entertaining, if we forget the silliness of Morgan Freeman's bushy eyebrows, (I wonder whose idea that was?

Directed by Lawrence Kasden (The Big Chill, Grand Canyon, Mumford) made a entertaining Sci-Fi Epic Thriller with an often strange sense of humour.

this was the worst movie .

Please don't waste your time on this one as I did , I am trying to save you two hours of your life that you can never retrieve.

The previews looked very good, but WOW, I think I fell asleep once and the rest of the time I was just wondering if it would ever end.

Is the screenplay engaging?

The photography (in British Columbia, Canada) is stunning and the special effects are top-notch...

Intriguing setup that becomes a series of graphic deaths until concluding upon idiocy.

This was the second worst movie I've ever seen, second only to the disaster that is Battlefield Earth.

Delirious drek based on another ponderous piece by Stephen King.

Generally something that makes your head hurt but ends in a brilliant and unpredictable climax.

a very intriguing sci fi adventure set in a world where the government has to routinely kill aliens.

I can't put my finger on what was so awful about it, but overall it was just BORING and cliche.

pretentious, overdone (possible spoiler) .

Good plot, fine acting, enjoyable watch, enough said.

It left me feeling really empty, so much so that I cancelled my friend coming over to watch it with me.

Dreamcatcher is entertaining and fulfilling.

Great on the edge of your seat entertainment as long as you do not mind a little blood and gore.

One of the worst movies i've seen and definitely the worst one i have payed for to see.

silly but entertaining .

And those mental games Jonesy would play were only meant to slow Mr Gray down from getting to the reservoir and allow Underhill, Henry, and Duddits to catch up to him.

The movie also stretched on for far too long.

In film, it can only really be done once before the results becoming disjointed.

Good, but very confusing.

Such a cliché!

But instead, we sit through things jumping out and everything and eventually it gets boring and not scary.

While the lead actors give engaging performances, Morgan Freeman is in a dubious choice of role here as a bad colonel guy with ridiculously huge eyebrows.

This Sci-Fi movie contains , thrills , suspense , intrigue , strange events and is pretty entertaining .

Then, sorry for the spoilers, I can't keep them unwritten, then, suddenly, in a confusing, but exciting moment: an alien monster crawls out of the toilet, which is hungry for...

Even in the novel, it was convoluted and difficult to follow.

Then it dragged on and introduced more characters which were unnescessary.

They "let the cat out of the bag" far too early, and the rest of the movie dragged; there was no more suspense!

Just because King leads us to believe that this is a formulaic supernatural 'King' story, and then runs completely counter to that doesn't mean the story is any good; it just means it has a gimmick.

I actually heard a woman scream out loud during the bathroom scene, which is definitely the most suspenseful sequence in the movie.

Trust me and dont' waste your time on this one.

" I really do sympathize with those who have written that this is by far the worst movie that they have ever seen.

Think of every bad movie you've ever seen, I mean combine the laughable Showgirls with the Boredom of Driven and Dreamcatcher Is ten time worse then that!

Instead it turns into a rather boring alien/monster movie that really has nothing new to offer the genre.

Converting him into an alien was pointless and unbelievable.

Events throughout the film happen in rapid sequence and if you haven't read the book, this is very confusing.

amazing, has you on the edge of your seat.

The bathroom scene was suspenseful and well directed, even though the character did something really dumb (Whats more important: Toothpicks or your life?

Worst movie ever....

It was the best part in the book as well; those few scenes are chilling and far more engaging than the tiresome military subplot.

In a word, "The worst movie I've ever seen" .

Don't waste your time, or money, on this.

I'm just tired of hearing the words sloppy and confusing.

I would like to recommend, however, that if you would like to experience a wonderful, entertaining dramatization of the book, listen to the unabridged audiobook read by Jeffry DeMunn.

Ridiculing it is a facile and pointless excercise.

I find him fascinating and colorful and this film is like it's creator in that regard.

A Curious Misfire, Caught in a Web of Cliche Dreams .

probably one of the worst movies ever made .

Do not let anyone tell you that this is a "B" movie, cult classic, invite the guys over to get drunk and laugh at how bad it is; it is simply one of the worst movies ever made.

The story is very mysterious and exciting, at least at the beginning when you don't know what the hell is going to happen.

How can one of the best books I've ever read be turned into one of the WORST movies I have ever seen?

This movie is one of the worst movies ever made.

Instead they made a sloppy, disgusting, uninteresting "horror" movie.

To rephrase an old cliche, "The good parts are not original and the original parts are not good.

I would go as far as to say that this is one of the worst movies of 2003.

A story that is engaging and interesting...

See this movie for one reason and one reason only; to see what a mind boggling bad movie this is.

"Finally, this movie commits the one unforgivable cinematic sin: it says nothing of importance and, what's worse, it is boring.

This is only the 4th movie in my life I have walked out on and I have seen about 5,000 movies.

So the ending didn't make sense or may be a departure from the book, but take way the comparisons and just look at the movie as it is, the special effects are pretty good, the story pretty engaging, the performances the highlight and the director was right to end it with the friends around the table chatting happily.

All in all a good, long film to see on a dreary, stormy night in a cabin somewhere in the woods.

The movie is still reasonably entertaining its just ridiculously over the top.

The campy, contrived ending dooms it.

Don't waste your money.

A curious misfire that is bombing horribly at the box office right now, this does have a few good moments, good ideas and mostly good actors, but is only worth watching for the first thirty minutes before the sheer stupidity and unintentional humor takes over and transforms itself from one of the most anticipated Stephen King adaptions in years, complete with A-List treatment, to a laughable, parody of itself and an insult to other, better adaptions that it so freely rips itself off from.

There is a fair amount of blood on display and it kept me on the edge of my seat.

The cinematography is quite stunning, the special effects done very well.

I was expecting a weird but very interesting film about old childhood friends discovering this intriguing thing in the woods, what I got was something different than that.

Thomas Jane gives a bland and disappointing performance as Henry, I would prefer at least Keanu Reeves for that role.

But as a movie it's entertaining big-budget cult.

I was on the edge of my seat watching this.

The same happened in Kubrick's The Shining, however, although Kubrick dramatically strayed the plot, at least his film was well made and was just mind blowing in quality and acting professionalism...

Those aliens look real and stunning!

This is basically the worst movie I've seen in years.

fast paced,tightly edited best for 2003 in that genre .

" Don't waste your time on this one.

I mean VERY boring.

*Contains Spoilers*The day Dreamcatcher opened in theaters, I ardently dragged my boyfriend out to be among the first to see this movie.

The parts that were enjoyable in this movie were its opening act.

Boring plot and stupid acting of the characters in the movie.

Lawrence Kasdan , Mr Empire Strikes Back and Mr Indiana Jones in oneTHen how can a combination of such amazing talent produce a film that stars MORGAN FREEMAN be so utterly dull to the bone.

An enjoyable mish-mash .

It was a movie with long stretches of very boring and uninteresting happenings.

I have heard quite a lot of bad news about this movie, but being a sci-fi fan, I found the movie quite enjoyable.

An Entertaining Alien Movie .

The plot is really hard to follow and a little trimming would have have helped.

I highly recommend it.

If you enjoyed IT then this film is a must.

I just got back from seeing Dreamcatcher and I have to say I enjoyed it.

A real waste of time and money.

The story and key events are so confusing and dubious that you can talk with other viewers about theories and try to answer questions for hours afterwards.

Boring.. Predictable...

this was a very entertaining flick, all you wanna be ropert and ebertreviewers give it a rest...

Damian Lewis plays the riveting role of Jonesy.

Hard to follow.

Boring actors.

Both It and The Longoliers had poor endings, but the ending here is close to unwatchable for too many reasons to list.

Wanna waste your time.

There are the occasionalsegments that are obviously drawn straight out of the book in anattempt to follow it with some degree of faith, or to satisfy the fansof the novel.

But over all, I'd rate it worth watching.. Rent it and enjoy.

It is in many ways regrettable because the book, which is not one of the best by Stephen King, is a lot more interesting and even gripping and thrilling.

Too predictable.

The first few scenes were slow and boring, it showed random parts that were pretty confusing, it was all over the place.

"Dreamcatcher" started off as an intriguing character study of four childhood friends with a mysterious power connecting them.

On the one hand, I loved this movie because it was disjointed and juxtaposed and on the other, it just didn't work in the end.

The biggest waste of time, money, actors and my five bucks!.

What this movie was/is, however, is a complete waste of time and money.

Overlooking that I thought the movie was enjoyable.

The film is also way too long.

Oh, how I enjoyed it for all of the most wrong reasons...

Overall this movie is entertaining but a little predictable.

This is a film that is both horrifying and exciting.

Then the last act completely changes from the novel and becomes silly and confusing with an unsatisfying conclusion.

This leaves the viewer feeling somewhat disjointed from scene to scene as the characters seem to come to self-revelations without satisfactory explanation.

I thought it was absolutely digusting and may have been the worst movie i have seen in a long time.

The horror aspect of it is solid, with a plot that makes sense and some scenes that had me on the edge of my seat, and feeling a little queasy.

If I hadn't been with three other people, I'd have walked out about halfway through.

The plot (if one can call it that) runs on too many levels and is confusing rather than catching.

That said, I have to say that Dreamcatcher is one of the most entertaining films of the year.

-The ESP between the friends was pointless as well as ridiculous-The fact that the retarded kid was an alien was waaaaay too predictable and stupid.

It was an enjoyable piece....

I thought this movie was quite entertaining with an interesting story.

Other than that, the movie was incredibly enjoyable.

Please don't waste your time or money.

I seethingly viewed the Hollywood- added special effects designed to spiff up what was ALREADY a riveting and complex plot and truly likeable characters.

I'm the first guy to get bored at most movies.

With director/writer Kasdan & Goldman, duo who made extremely funny and entertaining film of pretty mediocre King's story.

just about the worst movie i've ever seen in the last 35 years .

Stephen King is the master of horror, in another exciting film about an alien invasion.

Most Likely No Matter, because You are Unlikely to Find Yourself Bored.

Story and characters are boring and drab, so is mostly grey photography, and in some moments this film, like it's criminally overrated writer Stephen King, is like illiterate net-surfer - sleazy, juvenile cesspool of "fattie" hate and filth-obsessed scatology-and-gore fetish.

An insanely idiotic waste of money.

It's really an overall giant waste of time, money and talent.

Anyway, unless you have the read the book, which I had not, this movie definitely turns into something unexpected.

It has it´s flaws, but it´s very entertaining, scary, bloody and funny and deserves much more success at the box office.

Suddenly the army jumps in, the story becomes hard to follow, there is way too much focus on this voodoo psychic stuff between the friends and their mentally retarded buddy, the scary element is lost...

Overall, Dreamcatchers was entertaining, suspenseful, and action packed.

Utterly boring pulp .

The fancy special effects show that at least the resources can not have been a problem, but the way Stephen King's fascinating novel is being turned in to a c-class action movie is disgusting to watch.

I just say one thing "dont waste your time watching this movie".

I can't say it is a great horror movie,but I can say it is worth watching at least once or twice.

This movie has its faults,,,But it is entertaining.

For a film with a promising start, Dreamcatcher is a grave disappointment sparking with entertaining value that can only possibly be found in the unintentional laughter perpetrated by its poor attempts at landing good scares and thrills in the midst of its stomach-churning gore.

A big waste of a lot of talented actors' time and efforts.

A Confusing Movie...

This is quite possibly the worst movie ever made.

The book-reader sees too little of the all-important relationship between the four friends and their "Duddits" visualized; their problems, piece-by-piece, are told at a dizzying pace; Colonel Kurtz's (oh right, that's "Curtis": I guess "Kurtz" was too complicated a name *groan*) brooding madness is laid bare in two seconds; Lieutenant Owen's character development is swept under the carpet, turning one of the novel's heroes in a pointless strawman; etcetera, etcetera.

Fascinating work.

I suspect most people do that (except my mom)- And the movie keeps doing unexpected thing.

I was on the edge of my seat most of the time and that continued all the way to the end.

Save your money and rent a copy of 'The Thing' instead, that one is at least a good one.

This has to be one of the worst movies I have EVER seen.

" While Dreamcatcher had a very colorful and intriguing sci-fi edge to it, at the root it is a flick about the strength of friendship and the things we learn from others.

Trouble is, eventually, it gets boring and too true to the book.

What was painstakingly crafted into a highly entertaining story and turned into so much mush and pulp.

2) If Morgan's been chasing the aliens for 25 YEARS, and the aliens multiply with such STUNNING EASE, then how could they have possibly failed to infect the whole planet by the time this plot started?

Director/co-writer Lawrence Kasdan has written some of the most exciting films of the past 25 years, and screenwriter William Goldman is an old hand at adapting King (having done the masterful Misery and the mawkish Hearts in Atlantis).

I was pretty stoked about this film after catching the preview, but be warned the intriguing trailer is a trap into a while of unoriginal and brutally tasteless cinematography.

I have watched this movie about 4 or 5 times now and i found it to be really enjoyable.

And I guess on some level, you could say that it was an entertaining movie.

And, just to clear up any confusion, I'd highly recommend reading the novel first, THEN renting the movie.

I was surprised to find that Dreamcatcher was actually a really enjoyable movie.

Save your money and rent either THE SHINING (1980) or THE DEAD ZONE (1983), two exceptional SK books that translated well into films.

It is a very fast paced and very tightly edited film.

The movie is entertaining but far too long.

The film is long and drawn out and never really expalins what's going.

To begin with, there's enough stuff through the subplots that shouldn't have been there to make the whole thing feel oddly disjointed.

A good science-fiction horror piece requires a compelling idea blended with solid, edge-of-your-seat scares and thrills to keep your pulse pounding, and this film unfortunately contains neither of these.

For all of its big-budget bravado and horror movie cliche scenes, when this movie is over, it seems as if no particular character or relationship stands out as memorable.

Morgan Freeman acted in the role of Kurtz superbly and Damien Lewis (as Jonesy) made the movie highly entertaining.

Worst movie I've seen in ages.

I enjoyed it though.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Stephen King fan since I was twelve years old and I first read Pet Sematary, but Dreamcatcher seemed to be a repeat of It and Stand By Me thrown together with a lot of crass humor, confusing subplots and coming-of-age boyhood nostalgia all at odd places.

This film has a very interesting and intriguing beginning, recalling an X-Files episode.

Dull and incoherent .

Freeman is usually a compelling actor to watch on screen, especially in films like "Se7en.

I found myself quickly bored and inured to the sight of the gore, which is one of the things that King always does wrong; going for the gross-out.

I had read the book and although it was not one of King's best, it was an entertaining read.

Notice I didn't say adaptations because I never read the book so I don't know how close it is or isn't to the source novel but, based on what is on screen, DREAMCATCHER is an enjoyable, if a bit lengthy sci-fi/horror film.

The creature-design was through and through poor and Im not talking about the quality of 2000s CGI, they were simply boring, uncreative and ugly(not the good kind of ugly, like a facehugger) designed.

Visually, it was stunning.

The first is a slow pan which discloses a giant, big-headed alien standing in the living room of a log cabin.

The humor was entirely dependent on the human gastro-enteric system, and the dialog was excruciating (long drawn out discussion of one of the character's penis using the crudest language that made the actors themselves squirm visibly in embarrassment) and any movie where the bad guy can be summed up as "The Dick-Eating Ass-Monster from Outer Space" will elicit more howls of laughter than screams.

Some people might not find it scary, but it sort of is in a suspenseful thriller way.

At times the extra Money makes for an Entertaining, Overblown Explosion of Excitement, and at other times it just seems Pretentious, Ponderous, and Pandering to Juvenile Fixations, like Bodily Excretions.

With two hours and ten minutes the movie is way too long and with a something this stupid and predictable you can only waste your time.

So beyond moronic, its practically unwatchable.

The first 45 minutes of Dreamcatcher are intriguing.

I got bored along the way.

I enjoyed every minute of it&it throws up some really unexpected scenes.

Scary scenes got so intense I wished the characters would just keep talking like a typical Lawrence Kasdan film.

the plot was terrible and excrutiatingly predictable, the acting was about as stilted as your average circus clown, the dialogue atrocious, and the scares manufactured by music jolts.

Despite all the plagiarizing, and dumb out of sequence scenes, I still, enjoyed it.

one of the worst movies ever .

boring .

Therefore it would explain the disjointed aspect of all the "plotlines" and would incorporate the cool storage facility image that was ultimately only in Damian Lewis' brain.

So a certain amount of condensation and confusion in the story in a film adaptation of 2 1/4 hours is to be expected.

Now, for those of you who enjoyed it, I have to say that Beaver was my favorite character.

I can only blame the director, Lawrence Kasdan, for this disjointed mess.

This movie started with some compelling characters and a very interesting mystery that I was interested in learning more about.

It is however far too long.

Powerful storyline and scary in places to, very exciting and suspenseful.

Don't waste you time as I have.

This story, confusing as it is, comes together by the end and holds your attention while doing so.

waste of time, finishes with a fizzle, horrid .

I don't want to sound like an a**hole for being one of the only people who probably enjoyed this film a little bit, but I did find it somewhat enjoyable.

This movie was again pointless and stupid with now real point.

It's thought provoking and visually stunning.

But this has to be one of the worst adaptations, and worst movies with a budget ever made.

*******End SPOILER*********Don't waste your time and hard earned money on this piece of crap.

After seeing those nasty images, I should have left the theater and ask for a refund, full-up.

I found this one funny, suspenseful and nearly as bizarre as the novel.

I've seen many movies, I have tons of DVDs, I'm a cinema fanatic, and I love/like almost every movie I've seen, but this has to be the worst movie I've ever seen!

The plot is very confusing and hard to follow, many things are lame, and some things are just plain weird.

All in all an entertaining couple of hours with fairly decent CGI.

The IMDb typically has user comments like "this is the worst movie ever made!

For example, there seems to be some confusion about Beav and his toothpicks...

Worst movie EVER.

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst movie ever made in the history of cinema.

Don't waste your time.

This was very entertaining and very thrilling.

Which is exactly the kind of cliche King tried to avoid.

The small screen will dull the effect.

Lots of character development, all of which is ringing true and flawlessly engaging the viewer in the story.

The thrilling Stephen King novel shows up on the screen a bit haphazard.

) It's these question who often make the movie worth watching, but in "Dreamcatcher" however, breathtaking answers is given almost at once, leaving the audience constantly updated about what's happening.

The movie is not a total lost, being quite entertaining.

There was a lot of dull moments through out, that I lost interest in what was even happening and how the story was progressing.

instead it introduces a horrible army plot, and the main plot goes beyond psychological, into pure sci-fi cliche drivel.

Like many have said, Dreamcatcher starts out really well, with some interesting characters and intriguing scenes.


It's a classic case of the first thirty minutes of setup being particularly enjoyable...

All of the scenes were so predictable.

I believe the worst movie I've ever seen.

" Well, I don't know about that, since I haven't actually /seen/ every movie ever made, but I can say with authority that "Dreamcatcher" is one of the worst movies I've ever seen in the theater.

This is simply the worst movie I have ever had the misfortune to watch.

This goes double for the unofficial 5th member of the gang, a mentally handicapped boy named Dudditz, dying of cancer when the gang first encounters him as an adult near the film's climax This makes things much more suspenseful when the horror really starts to kick in.

Save the money and time and energy by NOT seeing this movie.

Very little is explained, some scenes are utterly pointless (the helicopter raid on the UFO), and the whole movie feels highly unbelievable until the end where it comes COMPLETELY unbelievable.

Dreamcatcher is way too overcrowded and way too long.

However, despite the film's flaws, Dreamcatcher still manages to be very entertaining, with a superb cast, excellent CGI special effects, and director Lawrence Kasdan providing some memorable sequences and conjuring up plenty of impressive imagery, using his snowy locale to great effect.

Just see this,waste your time,and then see your dream becoming a nightmare.

This movie starts off really intriguing.

It's true some of the story lines seem disjointed, or maybeloose-jointed like a gangly teenager.

The dialogue is mostly clunky, the storytelling and mundane and very by-the-numbers and the acting and directing are bland.

Truly, the actors in this movie are so bland that even in the face of horrific alien monsters, their marble-eyed, blank faces just barely register surprise when we should be seeing alarm and terror.

I love every King novel (except "Insomnia`, which was so unbelievably boring that I still think it was written by someone else) and I hate nearly every movie or TV adaption of his books.

Damian Lewis was fascinating to watch in this.

What a complete waste of time...

And I wont even go into how pointless the whole military part of the film turns out to be.

Just to make the things worst, the movie is overlong and boring.

Dreamcatcher is not the best King adaptation, or the best King book, but it's entertaining and creepy, and that's all we ask for from Mr. King.

An Enjoyable Dark Comedy .

And the first third of the movie was great -- despite King's tendency to focus on some childhood coming of age theme (and the emphasis on flatulence), I had real chills -- the frozen woman in the snow, the unknown monster in the bathroom.

When I say weird, I mean weird in a bad and unwatchable way.

These things are compelling in prose.

Instead, the director decided to waste 2 hours of my time.

Movies about alien creatures are generally fascinating.

worst movie ever, no joke .

The first to or three stories would have made it a successfully mediocre horror movie - the refusal-to-stop made it rather unbearable.

It is so predictable you know the end only a short way into the film.

But "Dreamcatcher" is so disjointed that you get the distinct impression that the book must have explained a lot of what you're seeing.

much of the plot is psychological, and flashbacks are necessary for comprehension, which i think may be one of the reasons why some naive individuals walked out.

Two confessions first: the last Stephen King novel I read was 'Insomnia', at which time I decided he was just repeating himself, and starting to lose it.

curiously entertaining Alien B-movie comedy drama mystery thriller .

You understand about the kids' powers as the movie progresses, and it leaves you on the edge of your seat until the last frame.

I won't spoil the ending here, but overall I thought this was a pretty entertaining film.

I was truly surprised at how many people found it unwatchable because I have seen this movie about 3 or 4 times and reading about it here, would really like to see it again.

The first twenty-five minutes is far too disjointed.

Disjointed Dreamcatcher needed Cliff Notes .

I like it though, it's got a nasty bite, delightfully wonky, unpredictable plot beats, a killer cast and that unmatchable surreal weirdness that only King can deliver.

It was an intriguing idea that we were never prepared for in the movie.

Actually enjoyed it .

Saying it's "the worst movie ever made," doesn't come close...

This makes the reveal a jarring, incongruous experience, which is so badly contrived as to be comical.

I felt none of the sadness I had originally known at the deaths of Beaver and Pete (indeed, the heartbreaking murder of Pete by the alien presence in the book was more riveting than the overdone movie scene in which the alien masquerading as Jonesy tears his head off), and none of the shock at Kurtz's systematic planned execution of hundreds of civilian and miltary personnel.

It's worse than the worst movie I've ever seen, and that's Battlefield Earth!

On this occasion however things go badly, as a snow storm hits, Henry and Pete are in a car crash, military helicopters buzz overhead, and Jonesy and Beaver are attacked by a monster …This is an enjoyable, suspenseful, well-acted, solid adaptation of Stephen King's novel about alien invasion.

My guess is that (very bad) ghost writers wrote this unbearable experience and got paid to remain anonimous.

Overall it was an entertaining movie.

His plotlines are predictable and -even worse- stolen from (now) cliche-movies.

Also, the interactions and dialogue of the nerdy foursome were funny & enjoyable.

A Complete Waste of Time .

And King (who writes jejune garbage) contributes two dozen of his own lazy clichés: A group of adults who were friends as kids (It, Stand by Me) are hemmed in by a big snowstorm (Misery, The Shining) and threatened by a substance that grows along every surface (Creepshow), and a fanged/clawed tentacle (It, The Mist) shows up to bore us all over again.

How in the world can a film with this cast, and with the pedigree of two Oscar nominees and the world's best-selling novelist be so boring?

Maybe if he'd just done one genre and done it badly it may have made the movie unmemorable, but now it's so rank it rates a listing on the all time worst movies list.

But the movie, it's too X-file; all the stuff about alien invasion and killing between humans and alien, it's just so dull and plain.

Seriously every Stephen King movie is so predictable.

Waste of Time (& money of course) .

OK well - I'll have to say i really enjoyed it.

This makes the film hard to follow at times.

The famed "bathroom scene" is indeed fantastic (and highly suspenseful I imagine, if you didn't read the book).


Most Stephen King book-to-movie adaptations are usually unpredictable because King usually writes with no perception as to how he will make his story twist and turn.

It got more and more confusing as it went and it made me wonder if Stephen King was a little "off" when he seriously thought to himself, "Gee, I think I'll write an overly long novel about aliens in a small town that make people burp to death and I'll throw in all the same material from my older novel It to make it seem like a trip down memory lane!

It takes the single-handed mind behind BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID (writer William Goldman) to make another one of King's 800-some paged novels, this time an unintelligent, long-drawn-out, and distorted, not to mention very dreadful adaptation .

It could've been a thought provoking mysterious film, but instead it turned out to be uninteresting and disappointing.

Save your money for something else, maybe Battlefield Earth II or Glitter 2.. Or just go to see the Animatrix and then sneak out and see a different movie.

The bathroom scene was definently intense.

Very well drawn characters, a lot of mistery, intense moments.

After the so-so animatrix 9 minutes, I was on the edge of my seat for the entire length of this film.

Some parts of the film are quite enjoyable.

Don't waste your money, don't go see it, don't rent it, don't even go to a friend's house to see it for free when they rent it, IT ISN'T WORTH THE GAS OR THE TIME YOU WILL WASTE!!

The movie itself is still worth watching, as it has its good sequences.