Drive (2011) - Crime, Drama

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A mysterious Hollywood stuntman and mechanic moonlights as a getaway driver and finds himself in trouble when he helps out his neighbor.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Stars: Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 301 out of 1000 found boring (30.1%)

One-line Reviews (986)

Things between to hot up when Carey's husband is released from jail and things take quite an unpredictable turn for the worst.

I'd say Drive is a character oriented psychological neo-noir slow burn criminal drama with romance as underpin.

We have been conditioned as a society to watch boxes of talking heads broken up with pointless jabber and largely bloodless violence.

And - Drive's ending was a total empty-headed cop-out.

Wife and I went expecting something with a bit of action, we nearly walked out.

He knows when to let intensity build up and when to slow things down when needed which makes it all look real and natural.

This film is slow to start and quite frankly boring.

A troubling, exciting, rather perfect film.

maybe a little too long, or felt too long because a lot of the scenes are filmed in slow motion to intensify tension, so it felt like it dragged a bit.

The second half is full of adrenaline.

It is very quiet and slow at times, but then violent and thrilling at other times.

If you're ready for something different, beautiful, intense, and mesmerizing, this is what you should see.


But this is what makes him interesting, his lack basic human expression leaves him a canvas for which we can paint ourselves on, allowing ourselves to be fully immersed in the film...

Drive shows Nicholas Winding Refn's fascinating style finding true balance, power and soul.

I think they were going for "stylized" but to me it failed, all it was was formula that went nowhere slowly.

My stomach turned inside out from time to time, since the whole movie jumps from extremely boring to extremely disgusting.

The entire pace of the movie kind of walks in that way, disorderly switches from fast to slow to fast to slow again.

The camera work was'nt bad terrible but its slow plodding pace made the movie feel slower than it was.

Rivers of dense-dark-cheap-oiled blood and fake-dumb-boring-performance poses are unacceptable and out of all context.

A very memorable crime drama with a very slow paced film but an amazingly entertaining, it is really due to how well directed and well handled this film is.

Slow and pretentious .

DRIVE is a fascinating character study, one that uses a minimum of words to define a complex character in a manner than seems terrifyingly quiet and mesmerizing.

And I guess 30 minutes in this movies are those where nothing happens, you just have to see the dumb face of Ryan...

I was so happy when the movie ended.. This is one of the worst movie i've seen.

Drive delivers acting beyond words, and cheesy lines, the intensity of the silent moments are breathtaking, the acting is mostly done by body language and eye"contact".

A slick, stylish and totally absorbing opening sequence introduces this movie's unnamed main character who operates as a getaway driver for criminals who carry out night-time heists in L.

Thrilling, touching, sad all at the same time, & it felt good too.

Stunning .

realistic, but thrilling car chases like in Bullitt, Vanishing Point, The French Connection,The Driver, Blues Brothers, What's up doc?

And the movie is dead slow .

So it makes sense he see him in a film like Drive where he gets to play a brooding intense character.

At the beginning, you might find this movie boring.. DON'T.

I see people giving it top marks so I watched this (well as much as I could) with my wife and to say we were bored was an understatement.

The chemistry between Gosling and Mulligan was intense.

This film is entertaining in the same way that Baby Driver is entertaining (Drive came first though), from the premise of the main character who is solely a getaway driver and doesn't use violence to resolve problems to the sudden 180 the story takes after a few mishaps in a heist.

Boring, Boring, ...

The Ultra Violence depicted throughout this move was particularly offensive, unnecessary and shows just how banal and immature REFN is.

It has a twisted ambiance and it is action packed and tense.

This is the thinking mans action film, with an absorbing story, told through the eyes of the perfect anti-hero.

Overall if you are a fan of drawn out and dramatic scenes that are meant to give you a deeper view of the character, and gory, intense murder scenes that jump out of nowhere then I'm sure you will love this film.

Hypnotic, odd, engrossing, puzzling...

The film is slow going and rather hard to watch.

However it still provides an exhilarating thrill ride with help from it's intriguing story and likable characters.

So what makes a person love it because it is such a cool "art-house action flick" in comparison to what makes another hate it because it is so "low-paced", "dull", "pretentious", etc...

Every other scene is shot in slow mo, and for seemingly no reason.

But as I said, the first half of the movie is predictable and boring.

I don't really want to give spoilers because some people seem to have enjoyed this rubbish but look out for the pointless mask, the foolish abandonment of any kind of reward and the "hero's" indestructible headlights.

Character oriented psychological neo-noir slow burn criminal drama with romance as underpin .

It's just poorly acted, poorly scripted, boring rubbish.

Everyone of these characters felt boring and rough, with nothing to make them stand out; Even the love interest who spends a lot of time on screen.


The little screaming reviewers here saying movie is "too slow", "overrated", "silent" or "too violent" can go review cliché usual action or buy a bag of popcorn for summer sessions.

Top 1 worst movie of the Hollywood history.

Like I said sure i can understand some of these quotes except for the part where they say there is no story.

I gotta say that I was utterly bored throughout the whole film.

Adrenaline pumping action.

And while the casual moviegoer might think of it as a slow film, its the raw emotion (or lack of) of Ryan Goslings' character that makes this movie a masterpiece.

The way Drive was shot was quite fascinating and Ryan Gosling with the utmost ease, provided extra magnetism to have you fully committed in following Ryan's character and seeing where and how this all ends.

Because its a complete waste of time.

Visually are simply gorgeous and stunning,some Gore & Violence moments were pretty decent/Realistic not much over the top...

While the build up is fairly intriguing, it doesn't really lead anywhere.

Drive, on the other hand, is just boring.

It was quite possibly one of the worst movie experiences I've ever had and I regret spending the money I did on renting it.

I guess it has just been dubbed to compensate a lack of tension and thrilling driving.

Please tell me why film makers drag out certain details and then totally miss on character development?

"Valhalla" was visually stunning to the point that it was mesmerizing to watch, but its incredibly slow pace and lack of emotion made it fall short of being really good.

A very odd story about a real left-of-centre hero, "Drive" is a surprisingly enjoyable ride.

"Drive" reminded me in many ways of another excellent mobster film entitled "Eastern Promises" - both are made with a noticeable level of maturity, in that neither are afraid of moving at their own pace, and both tell a very intriguing character driven narrative which, by chance, happen to revolve around drivers.

I found this movie entertaining with the occasional slip.

After the initial scene I found the pace very slow.

"What disturbed me the most: *The Drivers character was dull and lifeless.

It takes awhile for "Drive" to get rolling, but that appears to be Refn's style: tantalize the audience with brilliant camera angles, an unpredictable score and churn the suspense to a tar-thick consistency.

The supporting cast also turns in very compelling performances as well.

This was the worst movie I've ever seen in my life.

But intense stories have been successfully told and loved for centuries w/o the need for graphic violence or foulness.

If you're looking for a slow and more or less sophisticated multi-genre journey into darkness and violence, you've come to the right place.

Drive; an unexpected surprise .

Too slow...

The car chase scenes are very engaging and kept me on the edge of my seat.

ryan gosling and bryan cranston are both such great actors, how on earth did they get suckered into making this boring garbage?


Again just another cliché ridden character (vulnerable, victim single mum) not really able to affectively carry the attempted mood of the film because like Gosling she just doesn't have the sort of acting skill this sort of thing would require.

Started out slow .

Is the pacing slow?

A Breathtaking Masterpiece .

The acting is great, Gosling is mysterious and exciting, and the rest of the cast are all excellent.

The second act is slower, with intermittent violence.

It's slow as well.

the movie does slow down abit and then gets crazy just the way i like it.

boring and pointless.

Gosling alone makes this worth watching, and combine that with the excellent music and great direction and you will be very happy with the film you have just watched.

Intense and with great attention to detail .

It's a boring movie, trying to be art where there's no place for it, and mixed with so called ultra-violence (an expression from Clockwork Organge?

People were calling it an incredibly slow art-house movie, which I don't mind at all, I'm quite fond of the odd good art-house movie e.

But I found it completely unwatchable as the gore mounted.

I never found it tense and artsy, just drab, too similar throughout the film, and uninteresting.

Even though there was action it all came across as emotionally flat and dull without much excitement or intensity.

The definite quiet and the slow developing relationship of the opening play of 'Drive' is a purposeful device used to build tension for the inevitable second acts fallout of events, glimpsed at with 'Driver's' first tell of what lies beneath in a chance encounter with a previous associate, showing that he is as equally as brutal and intimidating with a few very measured words as he is when he is about to put a nail in someone's head.

Without giving anything away, Gosling's character is a tough-guy stunt driver who moonlights as a tough-guy heist driver who—by some "unexpected" twist of fate— gets himself mixed up with the wrong guys and has to drive his way out of it.

The story is nice and intriguing.

Although surprisingly, despite the wannabe trendy style of the film all of characters involved are extremely clichéd, predictable and boring.

Drive is intense.

Poignant drama, multi layered characters, simple but clever plotting, excellent (and excellently utilised) synth soundtrack, gorgeous cinematography, crisp nighttime city dreamscapes, exciting and unapologetically cool car sequences, superb acting and truly brutal and gory action are the gift to the audience...

There's a moment past the midway point of the film in which his character looks at Mulligan's Irene with a mixture of self-awareness and confusion as if he was a small child, who knew he upset somebody.

The final half hour or so may be slow, but it is still undeniably thrilling and realistic.

Be prepared for some slow rolling movie rhythm.

The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen .

Really enjoyed the slow pace, and build-up of the quiet character who turns violent.

Nicolas Winding Refn has created a stylised neo-noir thriller that is simply stunning; full of glorified violence and stroking imagery.

The shift of the movie takes you unexpected although the slow pace of the beginning surely makes you suspect something has to go wrong at some point.

Entertaining, Different, Weird and Comical(at least to me) .

However, for people that enjoy art house films, this is definitely worth the watch.

The plot is very dry, and the movie is quite slow despite promising beginnings.

Slow, Anonymous, Nihilistic Sadism.

OK - 2d characters with no development, no dialogue to speak of, full of awkward long drawn out silences with no point attached to them, terrible terrible bad 80s synth music with the same singer...

The pulsating night-time city setting and sociopathic protagonist is a clear inspiration for Jake Gyllenhaal in the latter, whilst The Driver's iconic jacket and car, plus the spell-binding retro synth soundtrack and über-bloody, compelling violence are what makes the 2012 video game what it is.

However Pulp Fictions two biggest USPs were it's dialogues and the fact that you were expecting the unexpected.

But for the most part this is an incredible film, hypnotising and mostly compelling, boasting one of the best soundtracks ever out in a film, with a plot that never fails to interest and full of emotional connection.

The ending was so confusing and I didn't get the whole thing with the jacket.

It's well-paced, constantly intense and thrilling, and doesn't overstay its welcome - offering the viewer only glimpses of the characters, leaving us wanting more.

It drags basic everyday conversations into drawn out moments of awkward silence and makes Ryan come across as some sort of serial killer.

Worst Movie I have Ever Seen .

The script is dull and boring and creates main characters that are not interesting and don't do anything.

One of the most boring movies ever.

and the second was to go make a fresh bag of popcorn so I can fully enjoy this exciting experience).

And I can go on writing, but I guess i have been bored enough already...

Five-Word Review: Slowly Hypnotic, Fantastically Compelling, Intelligent .

It sports vastly engrossing performances by an charismatic cast, a solidly competent screenplay based on a novel by James Sallis, an artful depiction of violence, and an alluring soundtrack to sit the ambient tone of it's dark revenge plot; and these aspects are safely guided by director Nicolas Winding Refn who clearly carries a unique vision.

But the intriguing relationships, between Driver and Irene, and especially between Shannon and Driver, and even between Shannon and Bernie, were introduced and then abandoned for a trite gangster plot that's been done about a thousand times before, though (minor spoiler alert) the shot of the 2 men's shadows at the end was almost worth sitting through the gruesome endless violence - this movie had more corpses littered about the stage than a Shakespearean tragedy.

The storyline is not very obvious, which makes the action so much more gripping.

Refn plays with silence much like Stanley Kubrick and some scenes even feature a Kubrick-ian feel to it all, it is engrossing and thoroughly enjoyable.

Drive is a very entertaining film mainly because it revolved around only one character and several others.

Even Carey Mulligan, who is a real favourite of ours, was wasted and looked rather uncomfortable in her rather dull character - the single mum at home.

The rest of the cast promotes a precise job, but Ryan Gosling as a driver, leaves at various times an inaccuracy of proposals, are several plans showing the actor with a neutral physiognomy that does not express anything, nor do they evoke any dialogue or collaborate for a Narrative, its inexpressiveness turns into empty moments and that generate a certain annoyance before a break in the action that says nothing.

Highly stylized but enjoyable nonetheless .

The story is easy and predictable, characters are shallow, conversations non existent.. Did I mention, it looks good?

The reason why a lot of people dislike this movie is because of it's trailers, that promised an action packed thrill ride that just isn't the case.

I was irritated how slow motion was used for almost single every slow scene (sheesh, they're already slow enough), and Ryan Gosling just does not play a convincing bad ass.

The only gripe I noticed is some scenes dragged a bit and it can be bothersome for some people.

and MORE Boring.

"Drive" is ultimately much more of a character driven crime drama than action film in the end, and while some may find it too slow and too pretentious, it does adequately entertain with a number of good moments, and the performances help to keep it watchable.

My only criticism is that it is a little slow at times and relies a little too much on tone.

The first one involves Driver in a strip club armed with a hammer and a bullet – Gosling is dynamite in the scene, burning up the screen with his intensity (I think I have used the word 'intensity' more than once- the movie sure is intense).

At this point the film's slow pace quickly changes and while it'd normally take time to enjoy the different circumstances the creators made sure I got disgusted by Drive's gruesome handling of every situation where two enemies meet.

Fascinating, dreamlike, well made film about evil people .

The pacing reminds me of maybe an art-house film, but without an interesting story (with preferably weird moments, even better if they are preferably weird wtf moments) to back up the slower pacing, what am I being rewarded with sitting through all this?

It is simply too simple, too generic and too boring to make any type of effect on me.

This movie is slow and draggy.

Most of all,last scene is stunning.

This is a flawed if fascinating movie with "future cult classic" written all over it.

Ryan Gosling's riveting performance as a mysteriously obscure Hollywood stunt driver is slickly enchanting and even though the character himself is a man with very little to say, his actions speak immensely louder than his words as he magnificently delivers one of the most remarkably rewarding and uncommonly intense vengeance sequences of all time.

I suppose there's always the undertone of "crime is a dirty business, so don't get involved in it," but otherwise Drive's purpose is primarily to tell an entertaining story.

From the beginning monologue to the closing scene, I became obsessed in the fascinating world of the Driver.

Usually I throw a movie on and fall asleep (2 nights before I managed to get 30 minutes into Captain America...

The pace is excruciatingly slow: for an hour pretty much nothing happens.

The long non-dialogue scenes where a waste of time and did nothing to enhance this film other then make you wonder when it was going to end.

Riveting and exciting, excellent cinema .

All in all, a thoroughly uninteresting film, with an overly intensive soundtrack, that clashed with the drab and tediously slow pace of this movie

The opening chase sequence gives us a glimpse of what to expect later on but 'Drive' is more than just adrenaline.

Often, the excruciating build up to an event is more engaging than the action itself, and this is another area in which Drive excels.

Not bad, but overly self-indulgent.

When this was first arriving on our screens it had an amazing action packed trailer and I thought this would be a good film too watch.

I guess the main character's brain also worked in slow mo!

The pacing of the movie is relatively slow and deliberate, thanks to careful editing and direction by Refn.

This movie is mind blowing.

The occasional bursts of violence are intense and explosive, hard and unforgiven, without the cathartic overtones of Tarantino's.

Very, very enjoyable!

Though the film may be slow for some people, it is a neo-noir film not meant for the faint- hearted and is a subtext driven film.

Self-indulgent to the point where I feel I want my money back.

This movie was very boring and incredibly predictable.

This movie is just so slow and empty.

I wasted an hour and 37 minutes on this boring piece of crap, when i could have watched a good movie.

I thought about all those long, slow frames of Gosling with his emotionless expression and I think it worked well for the character.

Many will find this movie evocative and even similar to the 1978 movie "The Driver" with Ryan O'Neal, while also recognizing some elements from "Taxi Driver".

Drive, being an adaptation of James Sallis' novel of the same title, is a powerful, riveting, exceptional piece of art.

The pacing is atrociously slow.

'Drive' is an intense thriller with gorgeous directing that is monumental and triggers the excellence and originality of this gem of a film.

This has all the ingredients of today's average action film, only with fewer words, slower pacing and no explosions.

There are a lot of reason why this movie shouldn't worked but it is so well written, shot and acted that I really enjoyed it.

Nothing happens in this movie.

The slow pace and silence are not there just out of aesthetic reasons.

One of the worst movies of all time, easily.

Holy Crap.. Its a waste of time and money...

I'm proceeding now to cry in fetal position until I fall asleep.

This is a 3D movie, dull, droll, drivel.

From the performances to the cinematography to the much talked about score, which gives Drive an undeniably 80's feel, this film is extremely well executed and engaging.

Even though the main story is quite simple and straightforward and still has plenty of surprises in it and at times the movie is truly doing some unexpected things, that luckily all work out very well for the movie as well.

c There is at times a lack of momentum although in some reviews I read it seems people have no patience at all, the lack of momentum is replaced by atmosphere and feeling which is a refreshing change for most of it but at times can feel a little contrived.

Empty scenes to fill up a flimsy script.

so pretentious!

Its damn boring and every time you expect something different , the movie disappoints to entertain....

Plot is moving slow, its not at all put together.

What I saw was plain boringness, where little happens and annoying acting (un-emotive, plain, BORING)...

A stylish and taut thriller that keeps the audience entertained from start to finish with breathtaking sequences, brutal violence and stunning cinematography, a modern masterpiece that has truly redefined the noir genre.

If anything, it was definitely far more thrilling and engaging that expected, though perhaps it was due to the fact that, even with it's very steady pace, Drive still did very well in cutting forward to relevant scenes, and leaving the rest to the wayside.

Pointless .

People actually walked out of the cinema during this film!

Somehow, someone wrangled up all of the old people who created the worst movies the 80s had to offer, and involved them in making this flick.

Basically 90% of the movie is nothing happening.

This falls into a bloody and intense thriller that just keeps going and going.

This movie made a screeching halt from a fast paced action thrill ride to a long slow quiet Sunday drive thats right This movie is just horrible with its long pause and almost no dialog.

It's a slow paced drama that centres around the longing looks of two people that want to be together.

The car chases are focused and intense, because they feel what a real car chase should feel like, concentrated on the goal of saving your own life, and not on the roller-coaster's thrill of driving fast.

Breathtaking acting .

Its such an amazing and riveting story that is brought from a novel and brought to life.

But while it may sound like a wobbly premise for another The Fast and the Furious movie, Drive is an intense, affecting and prizeworthy thrill ride.

Even though some people complain that the film is "too slow", I'd go ahead and say that there's a haunting calmness about it which I find compelling to watch.

It has a dreamy soundtrack, stylish and moody lighting, a slow beginning, long shots, few dialog.

by using retro music as the film musical background and the camera technique of film noir he has made an exciting retro style and post noir action movie.

If one could imagine an adult, much more serious and a helluva SLOWER version of the Jason Statham action movie, The Transporter, it'd be Drive.

The movie contains a half dozen exceptional set-pieces, but mixed with this is some dialogue "so corny it would make the pope weep" and long boring stretches that make the viewer want to yell "step on it!

To sum it up, this movie had no plot, no character development, no sense, so it tried to be artsy, but only managed to be pretentious.

Boring and slow.

The Music sounded fine but if you actually listen to the lyrics you will realize its repetitive and distracting.

I bought Refn's critically well-received previous effort, Valhalla Rising, on blu-ray expecting something along the lines of The 13th Warrior and instead got an exercise in Viking existentialism so pretentious and excruciatingly tedious I wanted to scratch my eyes out.

For one it went a bit slow, and it seemed like they used slow motion way too much.

As for great driving, that was all to brief and slow really...

the only reason you would enjoy this film is if you are a pretentious enough critic that you can get by via the nice soundtrack.

With an inventive eye, Nicolas Winding Refn proceeds to make a conventional plot line unrecognisable and, more importantly, enjoyable.

The views of the city were stunning, and the shots of Ryan Gosling just driving around L.

It's visually quite a stunning film, and the main character has an underlying innocence that sometimes bursts through his near-autistic social awkwardness.

Drive is a riveting and haunting experience that will clutch its fingers around your spine and not release you until the end credits roll.

The first part of the movie is really boring.

Other intense action scenes containing shocking violence have other strong elements such as love, greed, and failing of connections in them.

The intense personality Refn is seems to be getting back in each and every movie.

Drive is a stunning movie.

Don't waste your time on this film

The direction plods along in a particularly pretentious way and it never really gets exciting.

At times the dialog was so slow and non-existent that I felt like laughing as the whole audience waited in silence for something to happen...

It starts slow by getting all the characters ready and showing their nature and ambitions to later explode, it keeps growing faster and faster.

The movie directed by Nicholas Winding Refn is not what one would initially expected, it finds a perfect balance between being fast paced and calm.

Boring and just a bad movie.

Goosling may be a better actor but McQueen driving a muscle car was more exciting.

Drive has some breathtaking action packed sequences.

i have to say this was one of the WORST movies i have ever seen.

So there is one thing left that could have saved the movie from all these huge flaws; a compelling story to divert our attention from the miscast actors, garish visuals and strange normalisation levels when it comes to sudden eruptions of car sounds...

Tedious time consuming overly artsy crap.

You may fall asleep waiting for the characters to interact.

I don't recall ever seeing Carey Mulligan in anything, and after this movie, I still don't, as she is completely dull and forgettable in this movie.

If you like good films, Don't waste your time on this just watch transporter because this is pretty much just a rubbish rip off of that.

I mean fall asleep slow.

Pretentious crap.

It is hard to put into words quite how pretentious, slow and irritating this film is.

After a nice opening, this film quickly turns into some noir love story, that really focuses more on the conflicted driver, than on anything else, making this one boring film.

This is basically a rubbish low budget film shot at a snails pace with limited dialogue and a gash soundtrack to try and make it look and sound 'cool', all it did was bore me to tears, epic, epic fail......

However, plot does lose focus and seem contrived at times.

Just…it's…well…it's intense.

To call this cliché could be a sin.

Waste of time watching this.

Even though the characters don't speak that much, their body language alone, in particular that of the two leads (Mulligan is fantastic opposite Gosling), conveys far more than pages full of unnecessary, trite dialogue could have done.

Yes, there are depressing long scenes with no dialogue, and the movie does start at a slow pace, and Hossein Amini's well-written script wasn't really that much of a big deal, but "Drive" is still one of the most entertaining movies of the previous year.

It is quite possibly one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.

Gosling doesn't portray any kind of emotion for most of the screen time, but is rather looking like he is always bored to death in whatever situation he is in.

Who is criticizing this movie don't understand anything about art and scripts probably, this movie is a old fashion intense drama with crime.

Refn's slow motion, perceptive intuitive rhythm, and atmospheric lighting transforms an ordinary romantic embrace into an absolutely breathtaking experience, and considering the context of the film, one of the greatest climactic self-realizations ever put to screen.

The story is good if a bit drawn out.

The movie was long, tiresome, and dull.

It is unusual that I get so bored by a movie that I turn it off part way through.

Fantastic and engaging despite common plot.

entirely engaging movie nonetheless.

This is a film that surly works for its slow burning crafty style.

Its disturbing that anybody thinks this movie is worth a single second of their time because quite honestly this is the worst movie i may have ever seen.

This is by far the slowest ever movie in existence.

The title could have described a fast paced petrol head 200mph thrill-fest, its not that.

It also makes the movie very unpredictable.

The first half was boring and I can think of better actors than Ryan Gosling for the film.

With "Drive" Refn has found the right blend of pacing, cinematic spectacle, and character study to create a smart, moody, beautiful, and intense film.

Too slow.

This film is rubbish, The screenplay is bad and broken, The storyline is full of holes and is uninteresting.

I liked the exciting car chase in the introduction, I liked Cliff Martinez's stylish, haunting soundtrack; I also liked the visuals and the film's unforgiving, visceral nature.

The few violent scenes are accentuated because they are dispersed throughout a deliberately slow-burning film.

One of the worst movies I have seen in the last 20 years.

A misleading title and uninspiring storyline .

A totally pointless film that could've been edited down to forty minutes or so.

It's a fascinating character study of a man (Driver) who has his own code of rules and is a loner--and what happens when he falls in love.

The music is a form of violence, too, making the incredibly long, SLOW MOTION even, empty scenes, even more unbearable as it's much louder than gunshots.

Meanwhile, the stuntman gets involved in some dealing too boring to remember.

Satisfies, but a bit bland .

"Drive" is very slow moving.

Drive is the first film where I was way out: I predicted a generous 5.4 and was astonished to see 7.9! It does seem that many people have mistaken long dull scenes where nothing happens (eg a car drives along a road in a town with little traffic, we see the windscreen view of it driving along, crossing some traffic lights, then carrying on down the road, then driving along for a bit more, all in silence, then after a while we suddenly cut to the next scene) for art-house creativity.

Nicolas Winding Refn creates an engrossing crime-drama based in Echo Park, Los Angeles that makes you rethink how an action based movie should be made.

After watching the trailer you may be expecting car chasing, bare- knuckle fighting, explosions and a fast paced action film.

In short, it makes an entertaining, if leisurely ride.

It is OK at it's best of times, and downright annoying and tedious at it's worst.

its confusing when I say it like this.

Well done, entertaining and refreshing stuff.

Certain scenes drag out too long not adding to the story of the film.

The movie had no script, no character development and it portrayed Ryan Gosling as a bad ass driver that took jobs driving criminals while they were in the process of committing a crime.


Extremely slow paced movie, ordinary dialogues with sleep inducing long awkward pauses.

Slow, boring (I almost fall asleep twice, I swear).

Ryan Gosling (Half Nelson, The Place Beyond the Pines) gives a riveting performance as Driver.

Very boring.

After reading a few reviews and all the 4 syllable adjectives used to describe this film, I decided to buy it (boring weekend).

The long non-dialogue scenes where a waste of time and did nothing to enhance this film other then make you wonder when it was going to end.

Tense and entertaining, Refn and Gosling mesmerize you from beginning to end.

We soon find out that the main character is either retarded, or is just a sociopath, but not in a good way that would be entertaining to watch(Joker, Alex Delarge etc), but rather a boring version of Norman Bates.

It's amazing how they made a car-chase look like its as exciting as pouring milk.

Absorbing and surprisingly violent .

Gosling is wonderful in keeping his character mysterious, cool, collected, meticulous and intense.

With short and slow understandable dialogs it paces and creates a good story.

Nihilistic and pretentious.

The plot moves at snail's pace.

A Slow Transport .

The last four are my favorites; the two most intense chases are by Petersen and Hackman, the former as the driver pursued and the latter as the most determined pursuer.

Epic as in slow and pretentious.

It try's to be arty,,,,, its just boring/insufferable with a bit of violence.

The colour grading and cinematography are stunning and the soundtrack is outstanding.

Okay, so if all the boring artsy stuff had been the whole movie, then it would have been fine.

This is encapsulated in one of the film's final scenes in which, instead of being confronted with an all-out knife struggle, the audience are presented with a stunning shot of two silhouettes cast by the low hanging sun, licking the concrete in a serene and bewildering brawl.

Electropop dynamic Kavinsky's 'Nightcall' kicks-in with 80's hot-pink titles and from there the movie was fascinating, carving out a niche genre of film making which surprised the hell out of me.

Drive takes a slower pace and has much more of an interest in character than action, which is a good thing to me.

Overall I found this will well worth watching even if the violence was quite shocking.

Ryan Gosling gives a fascinating, multi-layed, performance of a fascinating, multi-layered character (known only as Driver) who is the chivalrous knight one moment, and the gore drenched barbarian the next.

g poking a guy's eye out with a fork), but I think that's a reason why it was so compelling.

Ryan's most engaging movie.

Most importantly, it shows that movies can generate a testosterone-and-adrenaline cocktail without requiring viewers to undergo a frontal lobotomy to appreciate the result.

Which is why I think some people are disappointed and think it is a boring movie.

The soundtrack is wonderful, the score is breathtaking, the editing is superb, the cinematography is scene-stealing, the directing is top-notch, and the cast is just wonderful.

It is violent, action packed and has a quality of depth to it that makes it unique and engaging.

Some directors tend to believe if u film slow,boring scenes with a lot of close-ups of the male lead is art.

But…it was so dammed slow, I could barely keep my head up to wade through 80% of the movie – the slow-paced scenes – to get to any promise of action as the plot indicated would happen.

Slowe, depressed, boring movie.

"Drive" feels tedious at times anyway, so it would be painful to imagine such an interpretation of "Drive" in lesser hands.

Predictive , boring dialogs, stupid story.

He just stares into space and blinks his eyes, I though more than once that he would fall asleep, sincerely, be advised, don't specs too munch of this movie, for me was a waste of time and money, I actually want to do some justice with the rate, I think is too high for some crazy fanatics of unjustified violence and empty dialog.

Refn takes his time in introducing the characters and setting the tone before attacking the audience abruptly with car chases, gunfights, throat-stabbings, and the famous bashing-a-head-till-its-flat-in-the-elevator scene (which was a scene of immense suspense and unexpected passion).

I get the feeling they put it in just to keep people awake from all the slow mo shots of absolutely nothing going on while shitty music blasts.

It's going to be a big trend-setter: get ready to see loads of adolescents start wearing driving gloves, sticking toothpicks between their incisors and taking up a 100% bland attitude.

The non-artistic pointless nudity wasted whatever talent there might have been, serving only to solidify the R rating which is otherwise due to violent gore that lacked surprise.

my wife fell asleep after 30 minutes.

Mind you, when I say "throw" I mean they LITERALLY go from boring slow motion bulls**t to blowing a girls head off with a shotgun and stabbing a guy in the eye with a metal pipe.

The cast was mediocre at best and the story was truly pointless.

*** This review may contain spoilers ***Car chases, mind blowing action, and a touch of romance.

I'm so angry… I was not going to write anything, but I need to get this out of my system… And to warn other people: this movie is not art, it is a complete waste of time.

Gosling picks up his kit and exits the motel room, mission in mind, and then something really unexpected happened...

An enjoyable experience.

In fact, if you can get past the opening bore-fest, you will be pleasantly rewarded… Neo rates it 7.5/

Don't waste your time.

The characters are unpredictable and that's a good thing.

Story is predictable and uninspired.

There are few driving scenes, and even then they are not too long and the action is sharp, believable and engrossing.

A visually stunning noir film, with a soundtrack that refers to the 80s.

But after the slow start "Drive" finally gets to business and shows its true strengths.

If you do find the first 30 or 40 mins slow then bear with it just don't expect the Nitro's or explosions !!

But I didn't think about it too much, the movie was too engrossing.

" Ryan Gosling's riveting performance as a mysteriously obscure Hollywood stunt driver is slickly enchanting and even though the character himself is a man with very little to say, his actions speak immensely louder than his words as he magnificently delivers one of the most remarkably rewarding and uncommonly intense vengeance sequences of all time.

However we do not see a Steve Macqueen, rather a strange character engaging in brute violence, with a plot that is strange and leaves some loose threads.

It was a boring and slow movie.

This was a very slow, dumb, unrealistic movie.

The film is excellently paced and extremely entertaining.


This movie has speed bumps in between which slow down the movie, the finish line leaves an impact.

Direction is good, but includes far too many self-indulgent lingering shots, trying to seem arty.

This is overrated movie i have waste 100 minutes and money in this movie.

I enjoyed it - a lot.

Although a little dark and of a similar style to Oscar winning million dollar baby,this film was a little slow and lacked any real tension.

Terribly boring, Appalling film.

Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Totally predictable plot.

Unfortunately, Gosling has little dialogue and speaks mostly in a monotone.

everything is predictable and it seems like everyone is following some kind of money recipie.

After watching this movie, a friend of mine commented that it was kind of boring as the pace was so slow and there were less conversations and less action.

But I was happy to see only a few slow mo shots, as Hollywood movies seem to be teeming with 15 minute scenes of someone blinking.

The Adapted Screenplay is intense & progressive.

So it makes sense he see him in a film like Drive where he gets to play a brooding intense character.

Fascinating .

Yes, it has its slow sequences, but they are still gripping, and often necessary when they follow intense violence or emotion.

They are intertwined and tonally aligned and it makes for a really absorbing experience.

I really cannot understand why such a piece of second rate and boring drivel has got such amazing reviews on here and from some critics.

I enjoyed it immensely, and I hope other viewers will do the same, if they haven't already.

might have been good, but far to slow.

Oh yeah, it's predictable alright.

I was bored out of my mind.

It looks incredible, feels riveting and is immensely engaging.

It's pointless comparing this to an action movie like The Transporter, or even the films of Tarantino.

a vacuous film for vacuous, empty-headed youth .

Stunning Movie .

The result of stretching this obvious idiot tale over an hour and forty minutes with tedious non- acting is painful and occasionally had me looking away from the screen for something interesting happening in the living room.

Brooks delivers an unforgettable performance as the violent & unpredictable villain.

Weak acting, no plot, weak characters, boring movie.

It starts well, promising a lot but towards the middle of the movie it just becomes completely pointless nearing the absurd.

It's 80's-like aura, connected with a strong plot, mesmerizing soundtrack and convincing main character, provide for a pleasant, yet somehow unexpectedly thrilling, amount of adrenaline flow.

From there it changes into a story of vengeance, with scenes of intense violence, that never felt false.

Drive is a smart thriller of our times that, in the huge crowd of rather tedious movies, may be even called a Scorsese for the modern generation.

This is a movie in which we step into a world created by an extremely capable cast and crew, and we watch a story unfold against the backdrop of stunning visuals and a pulsing score.

However there is hardly no dialogue, the characters are so boring, its all a big cliché, the film goes nowhereThe director has no idea how to tell the story, the film just dragged and after one hour i was still thinking is the good bit going to come now.

Just fascinating.

So freaking corny and cliché, and not in a good way.

A timid stunt driver/mechanic overloaded with Antarctic coolness, offering his services in the late hours as a getaway driver, eventually emerging as valiant knight for the neighbor in trouble whose wife was a cool aloof who sneaks into his emotional world of feelings in an extremely slow manner, and ends up in a complicated rip off plan of some local thugs.

"The Worst Movie I ever watched in my life next to Dead Girl" .

When the Violence Erupts it is Brutal and seems even more so because of all the Pauses and Slow Beat Tempo.

The storyline was very weak, and while other films have come good with worse, this isn't one of them, as it has neither the taut direction, the entertaining dialogue or the big personality leads to carry it off.

and a boring, needless, effect at that.

A stunning piece .

as far tone most complain of the switch between action and slow scenes boring or strange.

I don't want to talk a lot about this movie, but it's the slowest movie I ever saw and will see maybe, a space odyssey 2001 is faster, even the last one is awesome on many levels.. i quit the cinema the first time in my life after 30-35 min.....

just because you thought it was going to be some action packed fast and furious type movie doesn't mean u should denote the film for false expectations.

Visually, however, the movie is nicely choreographed, and the music fits the slow progression.

But it was painfully slow for me and easily over rated by a few points.

The violence is not there to bask in the blood or to revel in the victim's downfall, it's an intense burst of emotion boiling into a pure expression of anger.

Uppity waste of your time .

So much that it is a film of few speeches and several moments of silence that say much, mainly by the game realized by the actors, where the interpretation of a subtext is much more important and evocative than any other speech.


It lacks a plot and the story is slow, disjointed and lacks believaility.

Instead it left me feeling dazed, tired ,and bored.

Pretentious crap .

This movie sucks, slow, bad direction, no story.

Boring when you watch it agin.

An absolute snooze fest and a waste of time.

Worst movie of the year .

I mean, it is TOO SLOW, nothing really happens, the dialogues (omg the dialogues!

This has to be one of the worst movies ever!!

Worst movie ever .

Nothing exciting in the movie, dead storyline, boring action.


HALF of the movie is just "Driver" (Gosling) and "Irene" (Mulligan) staring at each other and barely talking, while some irritatingly boring music plays loudly in the background, acting as filler for what should be taken up by actual acting and emotion.

It's a slow, unjustified violent, predictable, plot lacking and idiotically predictable movie.

It's also beautifully shot, with a moody and unnerving color scheme, and boasts a wonderful cast of top character actors (Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston and Carey Mulligan are great; Ron Pearlamn and Albert Brooks play against type and do a wonderful job) playing a group of fascinating and intricate characters.

Frankly I found it excruciatingly slow and boring.

People actually left the theater during the movie.

the most stunning, brilliant film I have seen this year .

I highly recommend it.

The movie is beautifully directed with stunning night time cinematography of Los Angeles.

It's boring.

Slow and stupid - don't waste your time .

What a waste of time!!.

for a movie called drive i was actually expecting some driving yet was left a little disjointed,the sub plot of becoming an up and coming race car driver never goes anywhere.

It's pretty thrilling stuff.

It was an hour and 40 minutes of boring(I can't stress this word enough), monotone, drabble that barely had a plot and made Ryan Gosling look like an idiot.

And where were the car chases - I can only assume that the budget didn't stretch to wrecking too many cars, with way too much time (in comparison) played to a predictable love triangle storyline.

When each slowly mounting scene finally explodes, the rush of adrenaline is so startling that you will either gasp or laugh from shock.

its slow because it needs to be.

It's just too slow at times.

cliché, fake, manufactured movie...

And at the heart was a story of love at first sight, the intense yearning for a family, and the lengths a man will go to protect these things - to commit crimes, kill and even give up the girl.

Nicholas Winding Refn's direction is crisp, unyielding, confrontational, and engaging, particularly for one's first Big Movie.

This was such as shame seeing as the striking and stylish ending scenes were actually pretty good, they just had no real plot behind them, making them seem like cheap thrill rather than anything deeperKeeping it short, this film had potential.

then we get some slow, romantic bridge...

Intense and Very Well Acted, .

The dialogue is incredibly intriguing and makes you care and creates interest in each one of the characters.

Moving on to the actual story, I found that it dragged in places, particularly around the 30-40 minute mark, where I began to wonder "is this going to go anywhere"?


It also really makes all of the action and violent moments of the movie all the more intense to watch.

The main thing is that nobody tries to tie you up into a knot by telling two or three parallel stories, nevertheless the plot is intense and makes you feel truly involved in every situation the characters have to face.

But mostly the film does what it was probably intended to do, to keep you on the edge of your seat at least a little bit like a decent crime thriller, rather than all sorts of raving about the next cinematic masterpiece.

An unexpected enjoyable ride.

I went into it knowing it was a drama, so I was prepared for it to feel a little slow.

A slow movie with a fantastic soundtrack .

I am sure Ryan Gosling is usually a fine actor but here he had two facial expressions: Blank Stare and Slow Annoying Grin.

Drive is a hell of an exciting ride and it is just what movies should be – exhilarating and intoxicating.

Waste of time, below average .

And yet, the overall impression 'Drive' left to me was of one of the most sensible films I have seen recently, with emotion surging up from a very unexpected place.

An intriguing character who we know very little about, save his willingness to live on the edge of control.

Empty, sort of .

The soundtrack is different, but engaging.

This was a complete and total waste of time.

The action is short and intense, with rough violence, which I personally like.

Just dull.

Interesting, but at the same time dull, silent and boring.

The music in this movie is mind blowing and therefore should pick up an Oscar nomination.

An utter waste of time.

Overrated and boring and SLOW!!!!

Ryan Gosling's depiction of the ominously named "Driver" Is stunning and the film would not've worked as well as it did without him.

I actually like the slow pacing and the sudden turn from calm and quiet to fast paced and violent.. usually.

This film had No plot, Very anti climactic action and violence scenes, and the dialogue was awkward and uncomfortable.

Incredibly enjoyable and unique, one of 2011's finest.

The crucial scene to me was the ride in the elevator where he kisses gently and intense and kills brutal and intense.

for what the worst movie even made.

But the pauses are way, way, way too drawn out.

I mean, Drive took the meaning of being mind-numbingly dull to a whole new level of dreariness.

The violence was contrived to make it more shocking than it needed to be, Ron Perlman's character swore uncontrollably for no reason other than make him sound like the Big Gangster even though there are far more effective ways of getting this across, and the whole plot just seemed unlikely.

The first act is slow.

Total bore !!!

Dreadful waste of time .

Speaking of boring and emotionless, the movie is FULL of excessive slow-mo and "artsy" shots of people doing nothing.

Slow, boring and pretentious .

Never wrote a review on IMDb before, but since i have been reading all these negative reviews regarding the so called "slowness" or lack of dialog, i felt it was necessary to share my thoughts about, in my eyes, the masterpiece of last year.

And there is no story for gods sake.

With the stars unaligned for for our complicatedly ambiguous hero, the story is set to go in unexpected directions.

The film's climax, where the Driver cuts off Nino's car on the highway, leading to his death by drowning at the hands of the Driver, was quite exciting.

slow tempo...

With such an impressive cast and a budding director, with such works as the Pusher Trilogy, which was a piece of epic dark edged gripping drama that I won't forget.

Everything feels so slow moving that it makes you anxious.

This is certainly one of the worst movies of 2011.

A highly crafted, unusual but absolutely compelling film.

Very pretentious, some obvious and pathetic attempts at copying the style of other directors into a tasteless mishmash.

Strangely though, it doesn't seem to matter, because 'Drive' manages to be absorbing and highly entertaining anyway.

My two main criticisms are how utterly cliché ridden the spoon fed narrative was and the tedious pauses and smirks which I'm afraid cannot replace acting when done this badly.

Stunning performance by Ryan Gosling this movie lives up to expectations.

DriveAs a getaway driver, it's vitally important to remember to always bring an empty bottle along to urinate in to while you wait.

What happened instead was a muddled and dragging mix of the two, which resulted with long openings, dragged slow-motion scenes, and overly- gory violence.

Refn's film is extremely tense and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Save your money, see "Midnight in Paris" instead.

Some questions rewarded with a short comment, but only after a long silence during which a slow look at the floor then back up again is all the viewer can enjoy.

The principal characters are stunning.

I wonder why so many people liked this, totally bored me.

First off, I would like to acknowledge everyone that responded to this film negatively whether it be the slow pace, useless action, or whatever.

I tried really hard to stay awake.

Compelling viewing, to say the least.

Overall pretty good movie- riveting, haunting, beautiful filmed, too violent!

The direction is pretentious and boring, more suited to a real-time plant growing nature documentary than what is billed as a supposed action film.

Unfortunately the flaws hasn't finished yet, Drive has an anti climax and pretentious finale that leaves you totally unsatisfied.

While, some people might see that, as somewhat boring to see, two people stare blankly at each other in long cuts, both in romanticism and in crime drama.

The movie is really pointless.

The first half of the movie is boring and predictable.

At this point the slow moving pace of the first half of the movie changes and it becomes extremely violent.

I have a little advice for the producer and director; next time you decide to waste a lot of money making a movie, try making one with an actual PLOT and a script with actual dialogue.

The story is a slow moving piece.

I would call it 'let-down' filming: you watch the scene because you assume a bad-guy car is going to come racing out of a sidestreet and launch into a chase so you are a little on edge, but nothing happens so you just think 'eh?

So Slow So Boring .

Employing unusual camera angles and a unique sense of style, director Nicolas Winding Refn takes us on a journey that gets us to feel something for the characters while still receiving an adrenaline rush when the speedometer races into the red zone.

I think the cast carried the film, which itself was dull and unbelievable.

The dialogues are slow and shallow as well.

The thing you have to know about Drive is that it is SLOW.

Everything was so mesmerizing that I couldn't even turn away, because every second was worth watching.

So to summaries "Driver" is very good, Ryan Goslings best.. so far, and people who come to you and say "that movie was boring, Ryan Gosling wasn't racing around everywhere having sex with things and shooting people" are idiots.

The opening scene and the driving scenes are well directed and are very entertaining.

Ultimately, though, it flows surprisingly well despite those departures, the lull of its often slow, casual pace emphasizing a penchant for sharp, sudden skids into violence.

All of the actors were wonderful in their roles and there were some moments absolutely breathtaking.

This film has real depth to it and there is actually a distinct lack of vehicle action (to the disappointment of some who were expecting an intense car film).

I am usually open and can say, "well it was an okay movie", but I believe this is THE WORST movie.

Unfortunately, instead of properly developing the movie, the director chose slow dollies, extreme close-ups of the actors (Gosling mainly) eyes, and an awkward lack of dialog for the main character -- even at times when he was being asked direct questions.

boring crap with a bit of violence.

Tense, Slow Building, and Visually Stunning .

The storytelling is slow and ponderous, many long scenes are dedicated to subtle facial expressions alone and both the score and the visual design have that artsy feeling to them.

The movie has an exciting opening, but then it turns into an empty and dull pseudo-art work with some disgusting violence.

It was boring and lame!

Ryan Gosling continues to develop as one of our better leading actors and while his performance here doesn't break any ground, his portrayal of a part-time stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver is the kind of stoic, intense role that audiences have come to identify as particularly American.

SOOOOOOOO boring with nothing new, nothing to surprise me,everything was SLOW predictable and LAME.

You then get slow meandering movie that goes nowhere.

This is a waste of everyones time, and should be cast into bin along with other such nonsense such as selfie sticks and self balancing scooters!

An example of a self-indulgent shot?

He had no personality, and he mostly came off as bland and emotionless.

Almost every movie out there, are so predictable.

There's some complexity that grips the viewers and makes them exciting about what's coming next.

Hauntingly intriguing .

When it comes to pacing I will have to dismiss those naysayers who said that "Drive" runs at a snail's pace.

Never annoying, always compelling.

Okay so perhaps I have another problem with the film, it's plot, or lack of plot.

its a slow , emotionless and lack of content movie....

OverallDrive isn't for everyone, but those who understand the mastery of Refn behind the camera, the understated acting, and the almost serene sense of violence that Refn injects in the final act, Drive is a cinematic dream ride of an adrenaline rush.

How can a film company be allowed to put out an action fueled trailer for a film like this, which is anything but exciting.

Firstly despite Goslings performance I found the first hour of the film a little slow with long camera shots of driving and long moments of silence becoming a bit tiresome.

The soundtrack is such a unique compilation of songs, it is fascinating to listen to.

Not just because of the intermittent scenes of graphic violence, but because of the use of a widescreen aspect ratio, long shots, a mostly still frame and slow cutting.

Ryan Gosling's wooden performance and his senseless character are just pointless and has not any interesting or deep element.

It was beautifully shot, rich in symbolism, contained fantastic dialogue,a booming soundtrack,it was very entertaining and the pacing was spot on.

But for the thinking man – strong, silent type, tentative lady concern, and seeking fairness, it's worth watching as it introduces slow-mo and Ryan-Clint into the genre.

They were generally exciting.

A Waste of TIme.

It's like the director took tranquilizers and decided that the pace should be slower than death.

Dynamic and entertaining neo-noir plot trumps Gosling and Mulligan wooden parts and performances .

The idea that it was about a stuntman made me think about the tedious encounter I had with Tarantino's Death Proof.

when it released in America some people said it was stunning an immaculate film.

Pretentious crap .

The film is terribly boring, dozens of scenes are still-shots that just linger on your screen and leave you bore to death waiting for the next scene.

He accomplishes this by delivering a unique, questionable, intense and gritty action thriller that will leave audiences on the edge of their seat.

I was bored as weird music played in the background.

Everything gets uninteresting and boring and it is a real pain trying to sit through the entire thing.

Breathtaking action, heat, psychopathic amusement.


What's great about this film is that everybody does what they're inclined to do, for reasons that are compelling to who they are and what they want - in the face of what you might predict looking down upon the maze of their lives.

The excellent cinematography, lighting design, sound design, and art design, all led masterfully by the direction of Nicolas Winding Refn, make this film one of the most multi-sensorily absorbing and satisfying feasts you would get a chance to experience.

so self-indulgent...

My recommendation is don't waste your time, but if you feel the need to watch it here is a quick synopsis: 89 minutes of boredom and waiting for something to happen then a mutual stabbing the end.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

The first part of the movie started rather slow until its brilliant climax where driver killed both men that was trying to assassinate him in the motel.

Packed with some intense scenes and dramatic acting,Drive is a very enjoyable movie that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good drama or crime film.

These moments when he stares into blankness are stunning, just because of the beautiful cinematography and the awesome soundtrack (this is one of the best movie scores of all time, for what it's worth).

Ryan Gossling's understated portrayal of his character was both a bit confusing and brilliant.

" If you're not careful, you'll end up watching the rest of the movie because it's compelling.

It was violent, boring and the long pauses were awkward.

The plot gets very intriguing after that with some good action and twists.

I think another really interesting and compelling factor that I mentioned previously is that Gosling's character is given no back story, he is who he is in this moment and no one can really know where he has come from and how he got there.

It's captivating from the very start and truly entertaining all the way through.

The biggest failing is that it is quite slow, bordering on being boring, particularly the first half.

Seeing people say this movie has no story is like saying the winter isn't cold and im not going to point fingers (jester jives).

Boring to Complete Chaos and Crap .

The vivid visual style, slow, intense pace, amazing performances and strong, gripping story-line all collectively make this film the absolutely superb film that I regard it to be.

Audio is a demonstration of virtuous deftness, varying with exciting rhythm, sweet languid melancholy and complete silence.

Ron Perlman is entertaining as Nino, a loud-mouth and arrogant mob boss.

Millions of camera spots, plain faces, empty images, pseudo-artistic texture, minutes and minutes and minutes and minutes and minutes of long and sad in vain waiting...

While many found the tone of the movie to be slow, languid with minimalistic dialogues, there have been comparisons of its extreme (in your face) violence to Eastern Promises.

The far too frequent slowed down scenes, scenes that didn't fit or enhance the film at all, the lack of substance of a script, and the bland acting of the main characters didn't support the genre for me at all.

as the story unfolds he gets to with his neighbor married women with kid ,whose husband sentenced in prison, the pace sort of gets slower here, they fill you with nice music tracks, Ryan Goseling cool looks and charms.

Without indicating too much of the film, I do highly recommend it.

A very slow paced film, almost noir in the look and feel to it, the tension slowly builds.

Drive was a very fascinating movie.

I'm a great fan of Bryan Cranston but his character was just empty.

It is an absorbing and tremendously unique piece of cinema that is quite the masterpiece.

Save your money and wait for it to come out on TBS.

As a reference to the fable of the scorpion and the frog, the violence simply expresses how Driver is being dragged down.

Definitely a waste of my time.

That was the worst movie i've watched all year and i watched a lot of bad movies.

I was watching the beginning of "Drive" on DVD and I was bored.

After a while though, the camera tricks (especially the dramatic riders, zooms and extended no motion close-ups) tend to annoy you just enough to stay awake for the unnecessarily complicated, but still boring storyline.

Drive is interesting, but it's too slow for its own good.

But that one quibble is easy to overlook in the face of a movie that is so tremendously stylish and entertaining.

It is not action packed nor fast paced, it is slow yet entertaining that let you sink in to the characters and gave you a sense of uncomfortableness if that's even a word.

An unexpected pleasant surprise .

A beautiful, meditative, and intense crime drama.

No plot.

Slow rhythm is really neither like sports car movies nor gangster movies.

From the very beginning of the movie, I felt disappointed : the tone of voice of Ryan Gosling - sort of one of a gangster giving instructions to someone - already bored me to tears, and the music that was played at the same time seemed to me too déjà-vu, and too cliché.

boring too long waste of a movie .

Drive is that kind of movie that you'll either like it a lot or not (cause if you were so - so about it, you should've stopped it when you started getting bored).

Pointless drab, dragging & boring.


Total of all "thrilling" parts is less than 30 seconds, and there is zero new ground covered.

And the slow-mo got more and more comical till it just was WTF seriously again in slow mo?

I left feeling completely empty and mad at myself for watching the whole thing (even though I fast forwarded through most of it and didn't miss one speaking part!

Though I use IMDb all the time, this is the first review I have written; after sitting through nearly 2 hours of mind-numbingly boring pretentious drivel I thought it only fair that I warn others before they fall into the same trap that I did.

It's a fun movie, when it's moving – hence the title, but get ready for a snail's walk to get to something exciting.

This has got to be one of the worst movies I have seen in years.

i was so bored.

Unbelievably Boring .

You may call it art, I call it a waste of time .

The progress of plot development was unnecessarily slow, and if you are watching anything other than Ryan Gosling's eyes, it is all too easy to see reality warped to force a story plot that could have been well developed in the time given.

Every film I see him in convinces me further that's not the case, but that he's an intense and talented character actor.

One of the worst movies i have ever watched.

The pace of the movie was tediously slow, leaving some of the scenes downright awkward.

Winding Refn's direction is for the most part good, though there are undeniably too many scenes where the camera lingers far too long, usually on the face of Gosling's character, or where characters sit in silence.

Don't waste your money or your time.

Pointless nothing to pointless gore, mad for a totally pointless movieThe only reason I even give this movie 1 star is for the boobs.

Ok aesthetics But plot is so dull and unnecessarily violent that the film is ruined

No plot, pointless and Ryan Gosling made me want to slap him.

Capturing the relatable embarrassment of getting to know someone, Gosling and Carey Mulligan display breathtaking chemistry here, walking the fine line between adoration and apprehension.

The visually suspenseful sequences, collided with the harshly dark tone of the colors, and gripping storyline can partially remind of the good old days of brilliant crime thrillers.

Not good, the only part I enjoyed was the first 5 minutes before the opening credits when I thought the film was gonna be an action packed thriller - boy was I wrong!

The slight problem is that after this it does become quite slow whilst we learn the placid nature of our Driver, and his emotional connection with Irene.

His character is so enigmatic, he comes off as a boring and possibly "challenged.

But honestly, for the first half of the film, I was quite sleepy, when it was filled with far-from-action-like plot orientation, but instead a slow, dark and gloomy orientation.

Don't waste your money .

Slow, slow slow!

Add that to your other noir staples of a beautifully lit up setting, a mesmerising, ethereal soundtrack, and just the right amount of gratuitous violence, and you really have something worth watching.

Empty, soulless and sadistic with a pseudo-artistic touch.

Stylish,Violent,Fast Paced and Entertaining.

As soon as the car chase starts, you'll feel that adrenaline rush and will enjoy the car chase scene.

This was the most stunning, brilliant film I have seen this year.

Nonetheless, in the tradition of some of the great noirs and neo-noirs of the past, 'Drive' manages to be highly entertaining, due to a dynamic plot, that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Each scene has a special something to it, making it distinct and edgy, rather than repetitive.

Painfully slow .

The audio was exemplary, I am pretty sure that audience who watched it loud enjoyed it equally who watched it on low volume.

Fresh, slow, surprising, exciting.

Mopey, mumbled and pointless.

Going back to it being SLOW, I've never seen a movie with less talk.

They are tense, exciting, and meticulously assembled sequences.

The slow moving scenes are there to help build tension and there is tension galore to jump-start your heart almost from beginning to end.

Unexpected as it may seem, it's Ryan Gosling's time to shine in Drive.

Drive is a unique and daring film that has the audience immersed in its world in the first five minutes.

Some will write it off as a boring, pretentious art-house film whilst on the other end of the spectrum there are those who will proclaim its glory to the heavens as the greatest film of all time.

Now I understand the term "self-indulgent" .

The acting was decent but the rhythm of the movie wasn't balanced, in other words you had long pauses with little dialogue and then the following scene was violent and bloody followed with other boring scenes.

The film also fails to build on some intriguing premises introduced in the first act, like the driver's unexplained policy of only allowing his customers (usually criminals) five minutes during getaways.

Prolonged shots and lingering focus on some events of the story are conspicuous in the emphasis placed on them.

Slow .

It mostly still remains a movie with a slow and steady pace to it.

If consequently, then this kind of stunning clothing makes its approach to the styling world that has been actively created by "fashion innovators" who gives a perfect attention to this masterpiece undoubtedly.

I enjoyed it immensely, and I hope other viewers will do the same, if they haven't already.

It's a thrilling chase scene with Ryan Gosling trying to evade the police and is beautifully shot.

Pauses that seem outrageously pointless and become quickly tiresome rule the film.

Performance-Wise: As mentioned, Brooks dominates the show with an unforgettable performance as the violent & unpredictable villain.

Not the masterpiece it has claimed to be, but still an enjoyable watch .

But rest assured, Drive is still fresh and exciting, the perfect movie package.

This movie is also so great because it is so unpredictable.

Good, intense plot and great action.

Images were stunning also combined with the main actor who is very good.

Breathtaking .

Boring .

Through exchanging intense looks with Irene, we also understand his frustration as he knows he can't be with her, this frustration escalates into his very graphic shows of violence.

Everyone really delivered a stunning performance.

As I was saying how "cool" it was, my friend turned to me and said he had started watching the film, but switched off half way through as he found it boring.


There are plot holes you could drive a buss though, too many to list, and the rest is predictable.

this movie is unique in its own way, may be its the silence of the protagonists character, background score or the unnecessary violence scenes; but its highly engaging.

It is bad, it is boring, it has failed to communicate with the audience, it has failed on every level a movie can fail.

please put it in top 1 worst movie of the Hollywood history.

The constant fluctuation in tone is at times perplexing, yet the film is all the more engaging for it.

boring, slow, predictable and no sense at all.

For me, despite a few moments of genuine brilliance, this film was ultimately not very satisfying, even somewhat pretentious.

By the time Albert Brooks waddles into frame for the 2nd or 3rd time I was thoroughly bored.

When it comes down to facing off against the baddies in a vicious bloodbath, the film proceeds with a hypnotic tone supplemented with an ambient music score by Cliff Martinez that results is in a slow pace which is enough to turn off viewers who root for a more solidly moving storyline.

the violence was well shot and the added squelching noises when the guy sent to kill Irene got his head repeatedly stamped on made for an intense scene.

The composition and progress in this movie is sometimes enervating slow in the beginning with lot of silenced pauses that really started to work on my nerves a bit.

However, the movie leaves that stone unturned and renders the scene in which the audience receives an explanation of the job pointless.

Worst Movie Ever.

This movie was boring.

Predictable and overrated .

When the movie eventually gets going it presents an intriguing story, though one that is somewhat simplistic and vaguely reminiscent of past classics like "Bullitt" and "Point Blank".

But only a few times during the movie, it's like the movie knows it's boring and has to throw something at us once in awhile...

The atmosphere created in the opening scene is given up to tell a more than mediocre story, in fear of scaring audiences away with a too artsy approach.

The movie is a bit slow for the first forty five minutes,and there are only two or three action sequences that pleased me.

Exchanges made so compelling, even when dialogue is minimal, by the acting and that perfect synth accompaniment, that the slowish build-up becomes a dramatic triumph in of itself.

My wife fell asleep 20 minutes in and I hung on for the rest, which it turns out was a mistake.

The rest is comprised of dull romance, and needless drama.

Overall, very much worth watching and much better then I expected.

His demeanor is just quiet, cool, and strong, and when he's driving, your adrenaline's pumping along with him and you're like, alright come on!!

The relationship and on-screen chemistry between Gosling and Carey Mulligan is quite stunning.

It's such a compelling and intelligent movie it doesn't need a lot of action.

Pathetic and boring.. .

People like AK have commented on just how brilliant this movie is, but honestly, take it from me, it is a waste of two hours of your life.

Exciting and highly entertaining...

The main character is empty, and we don't give a damn about him because we no nothing who he is, and what he feels, which will gain our sympathy.

bad acting, bad line, slow action, stupid and it goes from totally predictable action to totally out of logic, I honestly don't understand how it can be rated 7 out of 10 here or rotten tomatoes, when you actually go to paid services like red box or amazon instant video, people actually did the opposite, The main character doesn't even talk.

In almost all action movies, after a point of time the action sequences get predictable- more cars and stuff to blow up and endless car chases.

Ryan Gosling embraces a fascinating portrayal of the nameless protagonist elicits a very limited range of dialogue.

The second act, without getting into spoilers, was much more intense than I anticipated.

But when he does its compelling.

It is one of the worst movies ever made.

All in all, there are a few "c'mon" moments when you think thats not how real shady crime deals go down, but this is a very pleasant and surprisingly entertaining movie.

I really enjoyed this unexpected gem.

But instead of appearing preoccupied and intense, he just looks 'blank'; not too unlike a damaged adult Opie.

Don't waste your time on this movie.

It is seat gripping.

It is incredibly intense and has an amazing soundtrack.

This movie is like watching a 1950's movie where the speed of scenes is too slow.

The violence is shocking and unpredictable.

And like the bruised pear these are easily pared away, and what's left is one of the more engrossing crime-action thrillers of the past decade.

Our driving hero is a bland cypher, a mildly likable guy, not a super-cool hero of Steve McQueen proportions.

this movie sucks, slow mafia movie nothing great .

Drive is an excellent film to watch if you want to see an intense crime action film that is shot extremely well with well-utilized production values.

Boring !!!.

Certainly, the manner about which everybody seems to get along with one another during the opening act is incredibly deceptive in one sense, and I think if the film appears overly-violent; shocking or even completely unpredictable, then it is for the reason that Winding Refn does not unfold the second half of his film with characters behaving symptomatically of how they interacted in the first half.

The movie is very slow and has a minimalism plot that drags on very slowly.

It felt like he was going nowhere, and when things did happen, it wasn't very exciting.

Boring, he gets stabbed and that's it just walks away.

This movie is full of slow, broad and breathtaking scenery, sometimes accompanied by an awesome retro soundtrack that sticks to you even though that genre is not your thing.

Most of the movie seems like it should be a boring comedy narrated by George Takei.

boredom taking the upper hand.

The slow pace, the less conversations, is exactly what this movie is all about.

Waiting for the pace to pick up, and for some emotionally gripping performances, i found myself not being able to connect with the characters, with the sound seeming to fill in the exposition for them, giving the acting a lack of breathing space.

Long pauses in dialogue (The Kid does not say much in his movie and he does not have to), are punctuated by either quiet moments of sublime power and beauty or unexpected bloody and wonderfully disturbing explosions of emotions and actions.

Arty way of filming, but slow and disappointing .

One of the worst movies I'v ever seen .

The action in the film was good and to the point rather than long drawn out action scenes that I find boring, there are only so many crashes and explosions I can take and to be honest I've seen it all before.

The best thing about the movie - the chase sequences are boring as well.

At times it feels like the movie goes a long time without dialogue, and music is playing, and there's slow mo, and interesting camera angles, the whole 9 yards.

The finale is also very gripping, and you care about the characters involved.

The editing (and many of the shots) are far too long, for no reason, as far as I could tell.

Very cool, but empty and unfulfilling .

In fact, Drive is by no means an outright good film, as the opening 20 minutes is quite simply a bore fest.

This is definitely one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Often slow and understated, it looked good and had some mystery to it because of the main character.

I also found myself being bored at times, even though I am well-accustomed to Refn's slow burn style.

Watching paint dry or darts thrown by middle-age-fat/balding/drunk men is far more interesting.

This is probably one of my favorite movies now and I highly recommend it to those people who love action movies and to those who don't as well.

Indeed, almost a full quarter-of-an-hour of running time elapses before he speaks a word, and even then - and indeed throughout the course of the film - it's only to utter some banal commonplace or half-articulated thought.

The mind numbing nothingness and pointless scenes are occasionally interrupted by EXTREME and over-the-top graphic violence.

Don't waste your time.

Ferociously self-indulgent .

It is simply too simple, too generic and too boring to make any type of effect on me .

It makes you thin about the characters and the plot in a very exciting and interesting way.

Dull, wooden, illogical .

a beautiful empty shell .

Confusing, uneven and boring .


I wouldn't say its predictable or something.

Pretentious and derivative.

So plot wise, the film could be a thorough disaster, and here comes our virtuoso director to rescue the film and without embellishing the content, fully showcasing his theatrical aesthetics to fend off the fatigue of the tedious characterization (a taciturn Ryan Gosling can only be beneficial to his staunchest followers, while a dainty Carey Mulligan has too little to display her faculty), among the cast, if one doesn't harbor a over-hyped expectation, Albert Brooks will be a fierily menacing discovery particularly it is creepily against his usual comedic strain.

With action-packed chase scenes equal to "Bullit" (1968) and "Vanishing Point" (1971) this high-speed adrenaline rush of a film is a must see.

The plot, what there was of it, is so old and tired and so overdone, the whole film was completely predictable.

A boring story line, long and silly logic things.

The movie has no story what so ever and it's basically nothing plus nothing with some parts of unnecessary very graphical violence in between.

Nothing happens a guy just derps about for no real reason then another guy you don't know gets shot because someone stopped him from being raped in prison.

- intelligent adrenaline - For starters, let's talk about the pace of the film.

I have it a 1 because it sucked so bad, even my friend went to see it with his girlfriend and she was like this was a waste of my life for an hour and a half.

And when i got into the mood of the movie i really enjoyed it.

Overrated pretentious flick, that doesn't know what it wants to be...

The characters were poor and under developed, the interaction between cast dull and without chemistry.

I think its a really hate it or love it affair, once you sat through a viewing you will either be feeling you saw the most immersing, beautiful film in years, or you will think of it as tedious & boring.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat with very calculated suspense and action.

I was so bored!

I found it competent, but oddly bland.

But, Driver is just intense and cinematically stunning at it core.

Look rather boring actually.

The film is visually stunning and Ryan Gosling portrays the quiet and deadly driver with perfection.

If you like pretentious dramas/might-as- well-be-romances, you'll probably enjoy this movie.

This was the worst movie I have ever seen, it should have been called stupid .

If you find that "Drive" starts off a bit slow for your taste, stick with it and by the end, you'll have forgotten about any faults you found at first because you'll be on the edge of your seat.

Every plot point is pretty much predictable; and if you don't really understand what is going on, do not worry.

Gosling gets drawn into an ever decreasing circle of violence after trying to help his neighbour Carey Mulligan whom he likes and her ex-con husband -the violence is graphic and intense at times so be warned Mel Gibson Payback springs to mind.

Just compare this with the gripping opening scenes of "Mad Max", "Heat" or "Point Break".

The movie pairs action scenes with slow, new-wave-like songs.

There must be something seriously wrong with our culture if people regard this sort of pastiche of extreme violence as entertaining or interesting or ...


Also the twists and turns with so many characters can be very confusing.

In this day and age where common audience members expect to have emotions and feelings fed to you through tedious dialogue, "Drive" is all the more impressive for not having to directly address that when it clearly shows up on the screen.

Terrible plot, sub-par acting, and could be the SLOWEST movie ever.

I guess the acting is 'ok' but to be honest, it doesn't look really hard to stand still, or move slow and just shut you mouth and look like you have autism.

This movie had good actors(Perlman and Brooks were GREAT), but the storyline was tried and pointless.

Horrible film, boring as hell, I think I just let it play to the end and didn't turn it off just so I could say that I managed to finish a movie as awful as this one and didn't commit suicide!

"Drive" is a fine action/thriller film that is light on the storyline and dialog (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), and heavy on highly-stylized action scenes with intense moments of violence.

Gosling's performance is beautifully empty, the epitome of 'spare' while Mulligan effortlessly illuminates the screen, making it impossible to tear ones eyes off her in much the same way as in 'An Education' (or anything else she's been in).

Overall: this film is really enjoyable, tense scenes and a few good action scenes.

Slow and boring.

Pretty engaging and enjoyable .

Drive - A Stylish, compelling, impeccable and an imaginative art-house thriller .

It is definitely worth watching.

It is a boring dull as ditch water, nothing moves absolutely nothing.

Everything about the style of the film is wannabe hip, such as jarring inappropriate pop music which goes on interminably, endless lingering shots in which nothing happens while the characters stand staring moronically at each others as if they are on strong tranquilizers.


I found it slow.

The cinematography on this film is absolutely breathtaking as well, on normal shots as well as exhilarating car chase scenes.

Overall, this was a poor excuse of an 'action' movie that turned out to be an unwatchable love story.

this a slow-burning crime thriller and is obviously VERY reminiscent of the 80s, mostly through it's synth-pop "theme song".

Boring is boring!

This movie had a promising start but meanders into a dull, boring affair with an ending that flat lines.

This film really had me expecting something action packed, dramatic, and intense.

This is what Driver is, a string of unbelievable, unexpected and harmonic sequences, and It needs basically nothing else than that to shine.

others said that the film was boring and slow.

During that last suspenseful scene, I was freakin' waiting for that blink.

The story was predictable when known about Carrey's husband and his return from Jail.

Story is incredibly slow, I was dying on the chair.

I forgot to mention that the car scenes, which make the core of the protagonist's character, are boring and repetitive.

Definitely worth watching once .

The story drags on for way too long and there is barely anything happening at all.

For the die hard fans of Fast and Furious and all of its thrilling cousins, there probably won't be much to love here.

There's much to like in Drive if you're a fan of adrenaline-enhanced experiences that don't bludgeon you with CGI and other fakery.

Moody, atmospheric, stunning .

Extremely disappointing, an insult to human intelligence, and a complete waste of time.

Great cast, but the 80's slow music added to the slow roll of the entire movie, was just too much on top of the typical story of a lonely guy with a good heart and a number of wrong turns in his life.

Drive, despite a few disjointed creative choices, is a must see.

"Drive" is an action/crime film for those that have grown tired of the same repetitive stuff that keeps getting thrown at us.

The attention to detail is just stunning.........

So, to sum it up, my wife fell asleep after just 30 minutes.

I really wanted to like this movie and wanted to recommend it to others because the story and the actors are so great, but the violence and the vocab make it barely worth watching or sharing.

It's an artful, intelligent, unique, entertaining, gripping movie that deserves the recognition it's getting.

The driving sequences are understated yet very thrilling.

At times the movie seems kind of pretentious, like their trying way to hard to make it artsy.

It is dark, it is slow, and it is extremely violent to hence it's R-rating.

Stylish art-house thriller is very violent, but beautifully crafted and solidly entertaining .

Overall a very well made and absorbing thriller well worth a watch.

(I'll take Paul Reiser's sleazeball in "Aliens" or Robin William's chilling dryness in "Insomnia" way over this.

How it spoke to me was in a perfect blend of the score and the cinematography (one of the major criticisms of Days of Heaven) with the excellent performances that give it all a perfect pitch, even those who hate the movie cannot deny the shots are visually stunning.

We only know a few things about this character: He experiences joy when he's around his neighbor Irene (Carey Mulligan) and her son, he has an intense burning hatred inside of him and he's very good at his job.

Its a crap movie, Boring, nothing appealing or even interesting in it.

Here's a dreary drive through dystopia, showing life really is meaningless.

It's a compelling action thriller with a sound track that is oddly perfect; it radiates an 80's twist.

This movie was tedious and pretentious.

The music and cinematography combine to create an absorbing experience for the viewer.

Blahhhh what a waste of time what an absolute waste of time.

He's bored of this Hollywood stunt-driving life he leads and he wants to become something more than his lowlife way of living has made him out to be.

This film totally seems like a rip-off of many other cool movies, filled with clichés about drug dealers, profanity, fast driving, catch phrases; but these LONG shots and the feel of the movie fails in every way to make them seem entertaining.

I would highly recommend it.

Every most basic cliché is included.

Worst Movie of 2011 .

Whether it's the intense, eye-lid stapling opening sequence that burns itself in your mind, in which the journey through the dark neon-tinged streets under the looming presence of the cityscape is both furiously thrilling - as we sit passenger, both accomplice and overwhelmed audience in this high-speed pursuit whilst the police scanner and sports coverage on the radio duets and becomes a countdown and a challenge - and a smooth and casual ride in the calmed presence of our Driver, Ryan Gosling, as he effortlessly navigates us through this cultural labyrinth, the retro ambiance of the soundtrack and the city which creates a timeless quality which mythologises Los Angeles as some cinematic world, or maybe just the Driver himself, Drive is the antithesis of a forgettable movie.

Drive is an awful and boring movie.

Really boring.

"Drive" seamlessly shifts from first into fourth gear, just a bit slow out of the gate, and never quite kicks into fifth.

'Drive' has some stunning moments.

Just waste of time, no message, no content and the production was terrible.

The first half of DRIVE leads you to wondering where it's all going to go, but in the second half it all slots together nicely and becomes more predictable.

But, as soon as the plot gets going, it gets EXTREMELY boring.

Ryan Gosling brings a magnificent performance in Drive, because he feels intense and absolutely credible, and Carey Mulligan brings such a sincere work that her character ends up being touching.

The audio track was drab and repetitive enough for me to sigh to myself and roll my eyes every time it started playing.

It simply exists to take the audience for a ride; an absorbing tale of a good guy who's bad, some bad guys who are worse, and an unrelenting world that will not rest until all men have paid it their debt.

What a terrible waste, the banal lines coming out of these talented mouths.

Overall - Bad movie, this movie is slow paced, meaningless, lacking in characters and plot, and attempts to cover this up with a ton of music.

Thank god, i saw this on my computer and I've had the ability to fast forward the scenes, it's one of the worst movies I have ever seen, slow, boring, bad acting(if any)etc.

I'm sure there are those who will call this movie a classic, and I'm sure it is by a certain set of standards, but for a Joe Soap guy like me, it was a waste of my time

What might have made a really killer 35-45 minutes is agonizingly boring at 1 hour and 38 minutes.

This is the most disappointing movie that I've ever watched in my whole life, every scene in this terrible nightmare contains 10 minutes of unnecessary dialog-action pause, I don't buy the lie of an incomprehensible masterpiece for prepared cinema minds, this is a pretentious example of mediocrity and ineptitude in the process of filmmaking.

Don't waste your time!

slow and nothing special .

Not sure who was trying to channel their inner Werner Herzog or John Woo, but "Drive" didn't feel artistic, it was just boring and predictable.

Overall, I enjoyed it and I would recommend it.

The movie is actually extremely boring, but not "arthouse" boring - it's just slow with nothing interesting happening, no plot, no dialogs, just idiotic, tormented and extremely phony long stares from both Gosling and Mulligan most of the time.

I sat through slow boring movies before...

Thank god, i saw this on my computer and I've had the ability to fast forward the scenes, it's one of the worst movies I have ever seen, slow, boring, bad acting(if any)etc.

Drive is successful in drawing its audience into the story with slightly suspenseful chase scene.

If you're looking for fast paced action and snappy dialogue, you probably won't like this film.

I really enjoyed the use of mirrors to show secondary characters, and slow camera panning.

The ingredients were there - good cast, good story, lots of good acting, but it was just tedious overall.

Incredibly slow, pointlessly violent, with slow speaking, boring and completely unappealing and clichéd characters, and a story that is all over the place.

DRIVE never promised to be an action film; so if that's the sort of movie you're in the market for, keep searching because this movie will probably only bore you.

In short words, it is an entertaining ride for those who can swallow Refn's unique style of filmmaking.

No story, no soul.

This movie is the proof that movies are art and every shot has a meaning and the smallest dialogue is thrilling.

But it is for me boring the second time.

Held; up close shots, slow aerial pans and zooms add extra tension to Gosling's already smouldering, unflappable driver.

I mean, was there really any challenge in portraying these drab, lifeless characters treadmilling through a storyline that still has to be written?

A suspenseful romantic thriller a la film Noir .

Before the the starting credits, there's a great, even thrilling, sequence of driving.

Ryan Gosling, that Emote-Less Staring Star Fits quite Well in this Film because there is a Pace that is anything but Adrenaline Inducing or Nitro-Injected.

this movie caters to youth, callow youth, empty-headed youth...

Nevertheless, I consider this film a fascinating and very entertaining experience, and I can definitely recommend it as an intelligent action film, or as a drama with universal subjects of loyalty and redemption.

It is anything but pretentious.

Well, it is simply the action genre (a theme exploring another theme, intriguing right?

This is a paced movie that stays slow and builds at the same time.

a total waste of my time!

"Drive" was a pulse power adrenaline rush thrill ride.

What a Yawn!!!

Ryan Gosling did an excellent job in humanizing the driver, while simultaneously making him ruthless and intriguing.

All I have to say is, did people criticize Kubrick's films for people slow paced and confusing?

at night only served as a distraction from the fact that Drive was nothing but a big, dull bore.

Every time Ryan turns his damn head it becomes slow mo time.

This storyline is crap, it is pretty basic, but because the underlying plot is so basic and it is so drawn out it is like watching an epic c rate movie.

so it's slow and boring.

The second act is one of the most brutal, violent, gory and suspenseful you can see in any action film.

This film has just got some weird background score, slow moving cam and something like a story.

i enjoy the "art-house" style movies, and despite the cool cinematography of this film, this is just a pretentious movie and tries very hard to be considered cool or artsy, although fails to deliver action or even the artsy look the director pretends to give, so in my opinion it's just a "wanna be movie".

Those one-liners are great in Die Hard 4 and other jam-packed action movies where you are watching it just for the explosions, but in a psychological thriller it becomes cliché and over the top.

With dazzling cinematography and an evocative soundtrack 'Drive' was destined to become an instant classic.

Excellent performances, a gripping plot, and several shocking outbursts of extreme violence make Drive a thoroughly absorbing and entertaining ride, with only the very ending—in which I felt Driver uncharacteristically lets his guard down— detracting somewhat from this viewer's overall enjoyment.

I even found the music extremely boring and stupid.

Drive Slow .

So if you expect this film to be an action-packed and filled with breathtaking action scene, you're wrong.

I tried - hard - to follow along but I spent a lot more of my time just trying to stay awake.

Other's say the premise is cliché, I will admit I thought the same...

Its the worst movie Hollywood I have ever seen...

Tense, terse, exciting, brutal, beautiful.

The base of this movie is the retro action flick with the unchanging and determined hero at the center, but Danish director Refn has transformed this blueprint into an exciting, gritty, modern, and somewhat ambient package.

The movie lacks a good plot and the screenplay is simply boring.

I'm serious when I say thumbs down, don't waste your time.

some of his saying were partially true,at some degree the substance of the movie is kind of a letdown since the plot of the story was a little too linear and also the character driver seems pretty much empty in term of personality during the first part of the movie.

It is a thriller more on the lines of History of Violence, slow, brooding and allows for character buildup.

Also it was pointless!

Fast cars, glimmering neon skylines and a dark, fascinating vision of the streets of Los Angeles, far removed from the glamor of Hollywood and the Beverly Hills.

I must say that the outcome is more enjoyable than it sounds at first.

Let me first clarify before the flames begin: I love a slow-burning film.

Driver is soon the unexpected when he is forced to change to the violent side when a heist is gone wrong and Irene's husband is killed.

Gosling is also more compelling here than in 'Only God Forgives' despite playing a character equally as laconic with equally sketchy background details.

Hostel is useless violence, I thought all of the action sequences were entertaining and well-fitting.

Shallow plot, if there is any intended, and dull screenplay which actually matches the whole idiocy.

It was a great action scene in which the film changed its slow pace into fast pace action movie through the rest of the movie.

It was talked up by a friend but I still enjoyed it a lot .

Driver was among the most boring films I have ever seen.

in my opinion is a generic pretentious film, easily forgettable, without a plot, quotes or an icon to be remembered.

locations, and the supporting cast makes it worth watching.

Boring Waste Of Time Don't waste your money .

I rated this movie a 3 for good reason: weak script and a cheesy plot line, while the opening scene holds promise and it appears the audience might be in for anything but a cliché - it turns into one of the oldest formulas in the book "damsel in distress.

Ryan Gostling's 'mute' performance prevented you engaging with his character.

Possibly the worst movie made.

So , the film moved slow, which would not be a problem if I cared about the characters.

From then on, everything devolved in to a mob film and became a tedious mess.

I watch A LOT of movies, and for sake of argument, I know a lot more movies that are a lot more entertaining & make more sense than this one.

And maybe that's what's so compelling about this film.

This was a violent and pointless movie.

All in all, very boring film, and very disappointing.

Here Gosling shines in his one man army role without being over the top, with his intense gaze mesmerizing all on screen and always threatening to go over the edge, which he does with loved ones under threat.

Overall, "Drive" is an adrenaline - not that much action - packed ride with a mind blowing cinematography and an awesome retro feel that will stay with you forever.

It's thrilling.

Refn has definitely made an action film that was stylish and explored more of the characters and story rather than creating adrenaline fueled set pieces that are commonly found in mainstream action flicks.

I guess it added "personality" to a passive, dragging, BORING plot less movie (a skilled driver loses control when his life becomes entangled with a love interest, a professional opportunity and a botched up robbery thanks to working with losers that no one would consider).

Anyways, Drive offers something different, a new cult classic for a generation that is a bit ADD, this gives you something exciting or great to watch each second.

After being bored to death by the chemistry-less "love story" violence suddenly explodes.

The whole sequence was very intense and very enjoyable.

Director Nicolas Winding Refn did a great job as he lulls us into a false sense of security with a gentle start then unleashes shocking violence and ever-increasing tension… right till the end I was unsure whether or not the Driver would survive.

This movie is about an hour and a half, and the first half hour of this film is extremely boring.

I was so bored about 30 minutes in and it really didn't pick up for more than 5 minutes at a time for the remainder of the movie.

This movie is overrated, predictable and gosling characted almost 1 dimensional.

Truly breathtaking if you can stomach it .

But if your one for enjoying a grind/art house and or foreign picture, or simply something a bit outlandish, you may find Drive to be a very enjoyable and rememberable film.

You will be blinking a lot more than the editor has cut, even in the slow scenes that are presumably trying to engage our emotions.

Some might say this movie starts as 'boring'; I say intriguing.

I personally respect the film but thought it was way too over-mannered and way too artsy for my taste--as well as WAY too bloody.

Its a really enjoyable ride,there are several very intense scenes and some parts that are quite hard to watch.

Pretentious movie that tries to act like an art film.

What really bored me at times was the lack of dialog.

Unfortunately, those scenes are separated by achingly long stretches where absolutely nothing happens...

Slow and oozing cool, this movie shows that there doesn't need to be a swear word or explosion every five seconds for a movie to be dark, compelling and entertaining.

Slow rhythm .

Long, boring .

This movie dragged around in front of me horribly.

Whilst this adaptation of a novel by James Sallis contains many familiar components such as car chases, a heist gone wrong, romance and strong violence, the end product is so moody, gripping and beautifully photographed that it's very enjoyable to watch.

Refn, whom is previously known for his gritty Pusher trilogy and his heavily experimental Bronson and Valhalla rising,pushes genre limits in this stunning urban fairytale about a getaway driver who assists his ex-con neighbor pull of a robbery after falling in love with his wife.


A different and unexpected type of thriller.

His likability makes this movie that much more enjoyable.

Is pure drama boring romance.

Instead, it turned in a pointless, slow, boring love story with occasional slapstick violence.

It truly is what makes this film a stunning work of art.

It was very slow, and the story and characters developed very poorly.

worst movie involving car chases ever.

Action scenes are compelling.

It was THAT boring.

The unexpected pop music, garishly pink credits and mood-filled lighting, all conspire to create a truly distinctive flavour.

On the whole, 'Drive' is grotesque, but stunning at times nonetheless.

Director Nicolas Winding-Refn perfectly makes a movie filled with intense bloody sequences, top-notch action, an interesting plot, and well-made character development.

Intense action with human emotional depth .

And this is something fascinating that this film creates, as it is a clearly very cine-literate piece, far more so than me, in that it plays between the fiction of its setting and the actual real emotion of its people.

It was just a boring movie.

I left the cinema completely immersed in the characters world.