Drive Thru (2007) - Comedy, Horror

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Horror gets Super Sized when Horny The Clown, the demonic mascot of "Hella-Burger," starts slashing Orange County teenagers with his meat cleaver from Hell.

IMDB: 4.6
Director: Brendan Cowles
Stars: Leighton Meester, Nicholas D'Agosto
Length: 83 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 15 out of 52 found boring (28.84%)

One-line Reviews (42)

In general, "Drive Thru" is passably entertaining.

Acting is wooden and cheesy, the plot is unoriginal crap filled with gaping holes and the ending is confusing and just plain dumb.

These lead into the biggest scene here in the finale at the house which goes into several rather tense confrontations in the basement as well as the kitchen chase with all the different defense tactics providing for a decent and enjoyable series of scenes before showcasing the rather chilling birthday party scene that really ends this on a fine note with the action on display.

The movie even had political subtext that went nowhere.

Mackenzie thinks her biggest problem is dying of boredom in the bucolic wasteland of Orange County, until her classmates start dying of massive blood loss and Horny The Clown begins stalking her with cryptic messages hidden in 70's toys.

Prehaps we have been starved of good low budget horror for a number of years that we almost want to like this, anyway this is average at best & predictable rubbish at worst.

Hands down one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

Good music, plenty blood and gore, hot girls, descent acting by the front actors, a little humor, and a bad@ss clown make for an enjoyable slasher movie.

The storyline is so awful and predictable.

The other big flaw here is a rather confusing sequence that should've been a highlight is instead a confusing, jumbled mess of confusing editing and blurred motion as the attack in the funhouse is so haphazardly cut and edited that it really loses the impact of the great kill and bloodshed it could've displayed.

of boredom!

There are many other funny things in the movie with the constant typical horror theme of "people being punished for their sins" throughout the movie starting right away in one of the most entertaining opening scenes to a horror movie I've ever seen.

With that, we spend a lot of time on undeveloped - and mostly uninteresting - characters, reciting mediocre dialog that methodically tries to piece together who Horny the Clown is and why he is doing what he's doing.

First off, the acting was really bad in this movie, the scares were not there and they were childish, it was really funny and the plot was so predictable.

The character meet their deaths in a widely entertaining variety of ways (mostly involving a clown with an axe).

Undoubtedly the most entertaining soul in this film, even more-so than Horny, is Detective Dwayne Crockers (Larry Joe Campbell), a husky, bumbling detective who is the butt of almost every joke he's involved with.

When he's ordering at a Hella Burger drive-thru at the end, that was incredibly entertaining.

An entertaining and satirical addition to the slasher genre.

Some of the scares were so cliché and very predictable, like you know who was going to die and the "jump out factor" was next to nothing when it came to surprises.

Everything comes together so well - the fast paced action, the subtle political innuendos, and the suspenseful plot twists are all perfectly balanced to create the ideal horror movie experience.

First off, the acting was really bad in this movie, the scares were not there and they were childish, it was really funny and the plot was so predictable.

the story is clichéd and predictable.

This film is pretty bad, but it's entertaining if you can ignore the flaws, just sit back and laugh at the unfortunate teens.

The whole clown-motif is getting tired and pointless.

But despite being a highly entertaining movie, Drive-Thru isn't particularly scary.

It's an old horror movie cliché and it is used quite unabashedly here.

There's also a pretty decent backstory here for this one that culminates in a classic slasher story of a prank-gone-wrong coming back to haunt the next generation and the scene to showcase that is a rather enjoyable sequence that plays to genre convictions quite well, as does the graphic kills and creepy clown mask for the killer.

Drive-Thru is a horror film that feels like a broken-down mess of what was originally shaping out to be a great film, until bad editing decisions and long, drawn-out scenes of phony character interest corrupted the final product.

For a film clearly wanting to adhere to cheesy slasher principles, it's as if the film was trying to make a smarter, more investing crime story but, in turn, effectively turned out more boring and lackluster than even some of the worst slasher films of the 1980's.

I quite enjoyed it and i cant wait for the squeal.

And the concept of a killer clown, though a bit cliché, is still pretty funny.

Some of the scares were so cliché and very predictable, like you know who was going to die and the "jump out factor" was next to nothing when it came to surprises.

Like most efforts in the genre, what really works nicely here for this one is the rather enjoyable stalking and slashing featured throughout here, and there's some really enjoyable ones.

Single out a humorous cameo by Super Size Me's Morgan Spurlock and a moderately enjoyable killer and there's little else to praise about Drive-Thru, a film that could've been at least bumped up to tolerable quality had the editing and pacing been taken into consideration.

Don't waste your time on this one.

The boyfriend is oddly intriguing, although a bit dull.

In conclusion, do urselves a huge favor and don't waste precious time on Drive-Thru...

It was fast paced, cheesy, and full of enough humor to keep me thoroughly entertained.

I also found the killer clown's remarks entertaining, even though none of them really had much to do with the story.

The opening attack in the restaurant kitchen is quite fun for the series of enjoyable tactics that take place in the cramped location, a rather graphic encounter in the main restaurants' waiting room and a rather tense chase along through the abandoned school hallways which comes off a great highlight stalking sequence with plenty of great chasing, hiding and leading into the different rooms trying to escape.

Fast food / Empty Calories .

One could argue, though, that a laughably cliché plot was their goal, that they were somehow trying to recreate the far-fetched plot horror flicks of years past.