Early Man (2018) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Set at the dawn of time, when prehistoric creatures and woolly mammoths roamed the earth, Early Man tells the story of Dug, along with sidekick Hognob as they unite his tribe against a mighty enemy Lord Nooth and his Bronze Age City to save their home.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Nick Park
Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 27 out of 109 found boring (24.77%)

One-line Reviews (69)

But as a cartoon quite funny and entertaining.

3) The traditionally inventive, fresh feel of Aardman projects didn't happen, this project was stale and trite.

The second act is undoubtedly the weakest part of the movie; it was annoyingly fast paced, it came too early in this movie and didn't offer too much to rich the characters nor the setting of the Bronze Age, it also became very slow at its end and was had most of the silly and stupid jokes.

Surprisingly tedious, unfunny, pedestrian and derivative.

Although it's far from Aardman's best, 'Early Man' is still a wonderfully entertaining family film that will appeal to all ages.

Tedious jokes and dull script.

It has great stop motion as usual for Aardman, but the story was cliche and uninteresting.

Overall 'Early Man' is a very well crafted, extremely entertaining family film that will appeal to all ages, which includes an excellent voice cast who are clearly having just as much fun as we are.

If I didn't have my 5 year old son with me, I would have walked out of the cinema, but since I thought that he enjoyed it, I decided to stay.

Humorless and dull .

We actually walked out after about twenty minutes, because I felt like the movie was getting progressively worse as time went on.

It starts out really promising, but by the end is hugely predictable and simply turns into a by the numbers "underdog wins the day" type sports comedy (albeit with Claymation).

I hate to admit I was bored at times.

It's definitely funny more than it's not, and the characters are all likable and entertaining.

Listing all of these subpar movies one after another like this is like eating a bunch of empty calories.

The CGI backgrounds look tacky and dull compared to the claymation, so it doesn't fit.

Overall, it was an enjoyable movie for the whole family.

One is genuinely immersed in this colourful Stone Age world.

Unfortunately, it's also supremely predictable and ultimately forgettable.

This is the third Aardman/Park offering (after the short "A Matter of Loaf and Death" and "The Pirates") which did not work for me at all and, as with the others, I found myself bored after about half an hour.

Early Man has good intentions but is weighed down by dated slapstick humour and an utterly predictable plot.

The films plot too could have benefited from some invention as it runs through its predictable story beats without any surprises.

all footsied out into another bland fusion babble of football yawns and dime-a-dozen bumbling villain et sidekicks.

Whatever - a thoroughly enjoyable and funny 7.5 out of ten

At best, the film is an incredibly beatiful sunset; spectacular for five minutes but like watching paint dry for any longer then that.

My kids (male of 8, female of 6) laughed a lot at the football match itself, but as an adult I felt that everything was dull and predictable.

Although it isn't Aardman at the top of their game, 'Early Man' is still a fantastically entertaining film with excellent stop-motion animation and a satisfyingly energetic cast.

After the movie, before I had mentioned anything about my thoughts on the film, my son's first comment was: "This was a boring poo movie" and I couldn't agree more.

What shocked me the most was how formulaic the story was, since you could predict what EVERY SINGLE PLOT POINT was if you've seen enough animated movies.

However, what does keep the film entertaining enough are the classic British wit and charm one would expect from a film like this.

In summary, immensely enjoyable family fare for something for all ages.

It's a very enjoyable film that doesn't quite meet the same standards as the earlier aardman films.

Predictable ending.

For adults the story is a bit predictable and generic.

Waste of time & money .

Overall, while Early Man does come off as one of Aardman's weaker films, the sharp witted humor, highly creative set-pieces, and likable cast do make the film an enjoyable feature to watch.

Character motivations range between weak and predictable, and whenever the film has a moment of celebration or emotion it's very rarely felt.

Aardman really lost its way with this one -- save your money and time!

4) The entire story line was entirely predictable, there were no surprises at all.

In addition, the film needed a little more friction to add thrills to the story, thereby getting more engaging characters to latch onto.

Predictable, soccer-themed animated farce .

The plot was ridiculously predictable to a point where I could estimate accurately how the story would unfold.

I suppose that's supposed to make us feel like we're in the Stone Age, but it made me sleepy and uninterested.

The characters are cliche, the plot witless, and fit only for those age 7 and under.

But 'Early Man' looked a little boring and simple: cavemen playing football, how interesting can that get?

Characters are uniformly engaging, from the likeable protagonist, hilarious supporting characters to the camp villains.

I did walk into this movie with very low expectations and walked out with a smile.

Early Man continues this trend as whilst the story may seem very predictable it makes up for it with good animation and highly entertaining characters.

Despite being cute, and somewhat funny, most of the characters have difficulty with being relatable, resulting in a slightly dull group.

Secondly, after a promising start, the "plot" turned out to be as predictable and foreseeable as anything which could be imagined and just left me wanting to see the final credits roll (in the hope of seeing some nice cheeky/anarchic ultra-short inputs (largely disappointed; the only one of any note was the two dinosaurs with names paying homage to the original Mater of stop animation!

Not to mention, the way the filmmakers designed both the valley and the bronze monuments are simply breathtaking, as it's hard not to drop your jaw when looking at the gorgeously detailed sets and props.

-1 Pros: Good screenplay for the most part +1 Good animation and music +1 Characters are creative and original +1 Mostly original comedy,laughable good humour +1 Enjoyable for most ages if not all +1 Setting is nice to look at +1 Football looked in history in a new way +1In short, this film is worth watching, and has decent jokes and a storyline even if it's predictable.

It is nonetheless a very worthy effort from them and as a family film, and a film in general, 'Early Man' to me was immensely enjoyable.

I Didn't like the charecters and the sounds were really annoying, i really hope to find any good thing to say but i cant i waste my time on this movie

What it lacks in humor and excitement it makes up for in predictability and banal attempts at sight-gags (emphasis on the gag).

-1 Predictable plot like a lot of sport movies.

The pig was adorable and the end picks up its pace with an entertaining soccer game.

Where the film started to lose me was how the plot itself became one of the most predictable things that I've witnessed in a while.

I found myself getting bored after about 25 minutes and reaching for my phone.

Even with some strong gags and enjoyable moments, it's only average.

A total waste of time and money.

Unfortunately, the exciting climax actually gets diluted by the funny business, reduced to a few quick plays, some over the top slapstick, and a very lackluster finale.

Early man, like other films from Aardman animations (Chicken Run, Wallace and Gromit) is a joyfully entertaining family film that is sure to entertain all family members.

The plot however seems lacking; much of that seems to be very formulaic throughout.

I think the whole cavemen playing football concept is kind of a dull idea for a movie.

Not a great film, but it is worth watching to some extent .

This movie was boring and not worth the time it took to watch it

Worst Movie Ever .

The artistic depiction of these early people makes them unnecessarily unattractive and British animators show once again that they're about the only ones left in the industry who find stop-motion animation entertaining enough for a feature film.