Earth vs. the Spider (2001) - Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A shy, obsessive comic book fan gets injected with an experimental serum of a lab that is studying how to give humans the abilities of spiders. At first he develops minor abilities such as ...

IMDB: 4.3
Director: Scott Ziehl
Stars: Dan Aykroyd, Devon Gummersall
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 15 out of 51 found boring (29.41%)

One-line Reviews (36)

*Unfortunately, after such a slow build-up, the show-down between Det.

Add in a surprising amount of community theater level supporting work and a boring love interest.

As an animal lover, especially beagles, I was happy his dog escaped his wrath, however, even that pacifying concept presented by the writers is trite.

Heinle is OK but nothing happens around her to help her, meanwhile John Cho is just a curio find rather than being any good or funny.

I can't believe four people worked on the screenplay as it's rather disjointed, somewhat slow & predictable.

boring .

There is a definite David Lynch influence as Quentin begins his transformation, but it's all so flawlessly executed that the whole thing is quite enjoyable to watch.

Save your money.

Rather than simply being a long, drawn-out process of discovery, this has the full realization of the powers pretty quickly and easily.

This is a very good and thrilling film.

The movie is also painfully slow.

The slow transformation of Quentin into a spider slightly recalls the dramatic situation of "The Fly".

The final half-hour, when things really start to heat up and the action gets far more intense, are the best parts.

the Spider is way too pretentious for a film of middling scale like this.

But the movie is just too slow for my taste, and the misleading title kind of ruins it for me.

The monster/superhero does make an appearance in the final ten minutes but I was really to bored to care and director Ziehl was still wrapping up boring love triangles instead of focusing on the good stuff.

It's a long, incredibly drawn-out scene with all the clichés about a suspenseful scene played out to it's best potential, and is a really impressive sequence.

Senses become heightened to the point that the ticking of the clock is overwhelming during insomnia.

The writers have done an excellent job of crafting an interesting and compelling story line.

It occurs around the half-hour mark, far too long into the movie for this sort of revelation.

The ensuing chase scene is pretty nice, but the real kicker is the suspenseful walk-through of the building with no lights and just a flashlight.

the Spider is bland & forgettable as most of these made-for-TV films are, having said that it's still well made with decent production values, music & photography.

As it is, the beginning of the film is much to slow, as the main event is far too long coming and then a long, drawn-out realization of what's going on makes this a really long sit-through, especially in comparison to the rapid-fire and spectacular conclusion.

On the other hand, film fascinating enough and places even ridiculous.

I really enjoyed it and theres a funny in-joke at the very end.

the Spider is a very slowly paced movie.

It's typical B-flick build and has the slow reveal of the hideous man/spider monster, which is well worth the wait, in the usual grand Stan Winston fashion (or his assistants perhaps).

The director and writers created a wonderful comic book feel that made this movie all the more enjoyable.

A cross between "Spiderman" and "The Fly", this uninspired and boring time-waster has a weak script, poor sets and a barely adequate cast.

the story moves along nicely, even though it get s a little predictable.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Absolutely one of the worst movies that I've seen.

Sadly, the ending falls flat and comes way to abruptly, and is also cliche, and confusing to boot.

The plot goes just where you expect it to and, without any real character or interest, Kemmer's transformation is totally physical and totally dull.

but then, when he got more and more a spider the film bored and sucked.

It's entertaining enough with decent effects.