Earthquake Bird (2019) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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An enigmatic translator with a dark past is brought in for questioning after an ex-pat friend, who came between her and her photographer boyfriend, ends up missing and presumed dead.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Wash Westmoreland
Stars: Alicia Vikander, Kiki Sukezane
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 33 out of 108 found boring (30.55%)

One-line Reviews (88)

Slow crime thriller movie...

Slow, enigmatic and a touch Hitchcockian, this is an interesting mystery - is it her or isn't it - with another first class turn by Vikander.

Way too slow .

That aside, I think it was an awesome thriller and it kept me on the edge of the seat.

Intriguing .

There are intriguing shots of Tokyo, night and day.

Earthquake Bird is a very different film, it's not exactly what I was expecting having seen a trailer, but I enjoyed it.

And if the scenario and casting inadequate about forcing you to consider if something is real, its getting boring and overwhelming to watch.

The plot mostly arounds 3 character and its vry slow moving..really u shld have good patience to watch this film

The film has good photography, good acting, but it's very boring and predictable.

If you want a fast paced thriller with dramatic twists and turns, this is not the movie for you.

Yes, it's a slow movie - so be prepared.

Even on fast forward this movie is slow and dreary and dull.


Why is she interested in the boring guy.

The plot is boring and forgettable.

While it is meant to help with the atmospheric setup, it kinda got dull at times.

At times the cinematic views were breathtaking.

The story is a slow, methodical reveal of a mystery.

Seriously though, the acting is bad, the characters are boring and the story is as predictable as it can be.

It is a slowly paced film.

Slow, confusing burn .

The characters are tedious.

Honestly, I fell asleep.

It's so disjointed and about half of the story makes sense, the other half doesn't at all.

If it was reduced to 25 minutes it might be more interesting but it would probably still be slow.

Like a pot of tea, Earthquake Bird started out very slow and with each scene ripple upon ripple intensified to a boiling climax.

I've created my IMDB account simply to add a better review to this movie because I am simply baffled and saddened by all the negative reviews from the critics - rating this movie as a mediocre failing b-movie when it has stellar performances, beautiful shots, nostalgic aesthetic, and an intriguing story.

It's an odd murder mystery/love story, with compelling cinematography, delicately effective lighting and a constant undercurrent of subtle tension.

A slow burn to a full on fire.

Whilst the pace of the film is slow, Alicia Vikander is phenomenal as Lily, holding you at the edge of your seat as her mental state slowly crumbles.

Beautiful, SLOW, and haunting .

However, the pace is very slow, and the story is quite a let down.

Just a very slow and dull story, uninteresting characters, and no real answer to what happened to the missing girl.

So very slow .

The first forty minutes or so were a bit of a challenge, it took a long time to open up, but when it does it becomes a very absorbing watch.

gets somewhat suspenseful....

The culture of Japan was engrossing.

I dont understand why anybody should watch this movie.. it is very slow and consequitevely boring..

Boring and forgettable story.

If you're a fan of long, pregnant pauses where the main character stares soulfully into the middle distance while nothing happens and nothing much is said, you might enjoy this.

The film is dull, dialogues are trite.

Acting was horrible, extremely boring and shallow plot.

)Cinematography was beautiful, colours and atmosphere were awesome, soundtrack was thrilling, acting was superb, especially Alicia Vikander.

It was just interesting enough for me to watch the whole movie but it was so, so very slow.

If you do watch it, I suggest doing so with a big cup of strong, black coffee because without one, you could fall asleep, too.

Just an other pointless Netflix movie.. .

I slowly immersed myself in the atmosphere and really enjoyed it.

Way too slow, boring and no susbstance at all.

It could have a been an interesting study of obsession and deranged eroticism, and on some levels it is, but it's also very slow.

Unfortunately, despite the intriguing setup the movie fails to make use of it.

One Of The Worst Movies .

The actors try hard hence the 3 stars but it's so slow and the direction is like a TV movie.

Boring, meaningless .

Really really slow start and messing script and pace.

The plot setup is okay in itself and what keeps you watching is Alicia Vikander, who delivers a mature and at times intense performance as a girl suffering psychological trauma due to her situation.

Slow and Boring .

It is flat out boring with a thin plot, the characters are one dimensional, and the direction is slow and dull which fails to hit its mark.

Worth Watching .

The entire movie was just stunning and emotional - you could feel the intensity building until it burst.

And yes, as other reviewers points out, the story goes very slow, and they reveal the bare bones much much later, so sometimes it's a little difficult to follow and understand what's happening.

Quite Boring Actually...

I do like slow movies if they like "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...

slow and boring .

Pacing was great and created the perfect suspenseful and ominous tone.

Just slow, a bit predictable and the finish is a bit underwhelming.

This film has depth and conveys a more profound meaning, which gives it a gripping factor that's hard to miss out on.

In this racy, engaging psychological love story, we're presented with many themes that cover a broad spectrum of emotions, a story of a love tringle infused with a unique Asian feel to it perfectly showcased by its lead star, Vikander along with a very solid cast sway back and forth in a slow burn format that works most of the time and it can be argued that's it's essential at times, what sticks out is the visual storytelling as the cinematography plays a role itself and it helps set a somber mood which helps with the story.

Interesting but so slow .

I stumbled across this while surfing through Netflix for something new and intriguing.

This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever watched.

If you're looking for a thriller, or wit, or anything other than a story that echos the muddy, slow beat of the tell-tale heart...

Earthquake Bird is a slow burn thriller.

Every moment, every scene was engaging since the very beginning.

Earthquake Bird is a well done intense psychological thriller.

If you are looking for a snooze fest, this will be the film for you.

Absolutely a slow burn.

I don't understand some of the negative comments here - maybe they are just used to action heroes in car chases, good cop/bad cop, punching and shooting and hence found this too slow.

I found this movie to be way to slow and anticlimactic, which is how I ended up being bored.

The love triangle plot was somehow the most intense I've ever seen.

The narrative's pace is too slow to be suspenseful.

Aside from that, the ending is rewarding and redeems the main character which makes the movie worth watching.

Such a waste of time, this movie is so overrated here, it should be at 3-4 stars tops.

We were watching from Lucy's point of view, everything about her is dull, she's hallucinating most of the time because of her guilt, her need for connection and anxiety.

Far too many pointless scenes.

You will still be trying to figure out all these questions long after you left the theater.

It's a slow burn, half way through the movie I had to stop and take a break.

Boring .