East Side Sushi (2014) - Drama

Hohum Score



Single mom Juana can slice and dice anything with great speed and precision. After working at a fruit-vending cart for years, she decides to take a job at a local Japanese restaurant. ...

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Anthony Lucero
Stars: Diana Elizabeth Torres, Yutaka Takeuchi
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 1 out of 33 found boring (3.03%)

One-line Reviews (16)

A cute movie but would not watch again because it's so predictable.

These are the types of movies that's worth watching; real-life conversations and stories people can relate and be inspired to.

This independent family drama takes a creative and colorful, tasteful look at trying to break cultural barriers in the fascinating sushi making field.

Enjoyable especially if you need a little boost to your day.

The movie starts a little slow but is totally worth the watch and I would recommend watching this with your daughter and discussing equal pay, gender discrimination, and diversity once it's over.

Normally this is the kind of movie I wouldn't watch or skip over after a few minutes but this has a compelling and different storyline that is wonderful to watch.

Beautiful, Enjoyable Film with Feminist Undertones .

Really good acting, movie certainly made our day, one of the most enjoyable sleepers we've seen in a long time.

boring ending though

This was a completely enjoyable movie.

There was no real concrete establishment of any character, location or emotion at all- at times it is frustratingly slow.

I really enjoyed it and was engaged the whole time; it went by really fast.

For such a simple plot, there was no balance in the visual treatment, to make it more engaging as a film.

Beautiful sushi and watching it being made was fascinating.

The lead actress is stunning and the child who plays her daughter is delightful.

An enjoyable feel-good fantasy.