Edge of Darkness (2010) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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As homicide detective Thomas Craven investigates the death of his activist daughter, he uncovers not only her secret life, but a corporate cover-up and government collusion that attracts an agent tasked with cleaning up the evidence.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Martin Campbell
Stars: Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 57 out of 275 found boring (20.72%)

One-line Reviews (240)

Jedburgh represents the films Wildcard for an otherwise predictable film.

Danny Huston is pretty sneaky but unpredictable with his role.

This is a drama that is tense enough to be fully entertaining from start to finish.

However, aside from another engaging Gibson performance, the lack of explanation is a severely detrimental factor on the overall nature of the film.

Perhaps most predictable in the culling of content was main character Craven's incestuous relationship with his own daughter - here we get the two of them as ghosts walking hand in hand, the only truly bad part of the film.

I guess this is the Actor Mel telling us that the on screen Mel characters are going to take it slower from now on.

If you have seen the TV series you will be bitterly disappointed by this film, a pointless remake with pointless direction.

The movie started off dark and slow...

The movie isn't perfect and does get a bit long in places, but I enjoyed it.

Despite all this, the film is still great when it is playing itself as the slow burn thriller it actually is.

As it was, this movie was an extremely well made, well acted, taut and intriguing action/thriller/mystery.

I went in expecting something very drab and ordinary.

The picture starts off with an exciting premise.

A Gripping Suspense Thriller of the First Rank .

To be honest, this was perhaps one of the most boring movies I have ever sat through.

The action was predictable and typical of any country's programme that has been "Americanised".

You know he will get his revenge in predictable Gibson fashion, by some sort of visible immediate and violent justice.

The plot is well paced and exciting and the ending is unexpected.

The plot may seem cliche since it's dealing with revenge and going after a bad guy.

This was a good, entertaining murder mystery.

What was my surprise or better said my disappointment when I saw a slow, dark movie with a Gibson very low on energy and very overact.

(See the PAYBACK: STRAIGHT UP DVD extras, in which he matter-of-factly explains his decision to seize control of the film from its director Brian Helgeland, and overhaul it to make it a more standard Mel Gibson vehicle – including the addition of, yes, a torture scene.

It is definitely a movie worth watching (at least once).

However, notwithstanding this pretentious background narrative the actual plot is pretty simple and straight forward: Gibson goes out and hunts down all the bad guys.

And the part about the father grieving over his loss of a loved one was pretty boring and wanted to get into the meat of the story, and although some parts were quite boring some parts of it actually got my attention and was to some degree entertaining.

As it stands, the script isn't just largely incomprehensible, (too many characters crammed into too short a time-space), but also banal with a lot of the lines just falling flat.

"Edge of Darkness" is a thriller with a flawed, complex, unreasonable and dull conspiracy.

Yet, the movie still got better in the last act, where all the hell blew out, and even the most discretionary viewers got their adrenaline rush to kill off the bad guys.

The conspiracy sub-genre seemed more interesting in the past century; but after so many movies about the treacherous powers which control the world, Edge of Darkness feels rancid and a bit predictable.

We just witness a motley series of events, and the events are very dull.

For where this went and the ethics and morals that it could explore, it winds up being excessively black and white, fairly formulaic(with exceptions) and, frankly, predictable in unfortunate ways.

There is a light bore underneath the second's act's surface.

It also suffers under its compressed and dull story, which lacks the sophistication and mystery of more mature cinema, such as State of Play.

He delivers an intense performance as Tom Craven, a man who has lost everything and is driven to the point of fracture.

In conclusion, Edge of Darkness is movie which pretends to maintain the viewer on the edge of the seat without obtaining it.

This film might be a lot of things, but at the very least it is always entertaining.

There are some tense scenes, like when the girl gets hit by the car, and at the end, but I found it to be a slow, uneven movie.

To conclude, this is a great film and definitely worth watching, especially if you are an action buff.

Either is actor Ray Winstone, but he is equally fascinating as the mysterious "Jedburgh.

The director's (Martin Campbell) work seems unusually entertaining (Casino Royale was downright exquisite) and I'm thinking I'll be looking for his name from now on.

A good conspiracy leaves you on the edge of your seat, this does not...

You'll root for this vigilante all the way and was quite entertaining seeing Mel Gibson being such a bad@ss and he was great in his role as the grieving father on the edge to get justice for his murdered daughter.

Almost all of the characters are richly drawn, bizarre and engaging, and the bloodletting never leaves the screen for long.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz .

Nevertheless, the movie is worth watching.

Typical Marxist, progressive Hollywood propaganda.

Of course one cannot compare it against some masterpieces but it is an entertaining movie.

Only another somewhat predictable shocking scene after a while...

When Mel discovers a Geiger counter in his daughter's apartment and finds a lock of her hair is radioactive, then you might as well get up out of your seat and leave the theater as everything that follows is utterly predictable.

To be quite honest, I thought Edge of Darkness was fairly dull.

He is versatile and intense and can do anything and everything from comedy to action to drama and is the quintessential Hollywood star.


The conspiracy theory is so full of hocus pocus that will leave you wondering why a simple whistle-blower story, can be told in such an uninteresting manner, with neither a human emotional angle to reel you in, nor with any intelligence to multi-layer it.

And, to my surprise, I enjoyed it immensely.

Suspenseful and quite jarring at times.

The story isn't interesting to watch, in fact after a while it turns a little boring and the plot have some flaws.

The story has been around far too long and it gets retold each year.

now don't get me wrong, its still a superb film, but some of the parts are kind of boring and lacking emotion due to the camera work.

The leader of the mysterious "peoples" group, some of whose members have been killed in action, is reduced to a baffling minor role, and the establishment cover up is functional rather than compelling.

it was complete torturecomplete waste of the hours of my life....

Watching paint dry will give you more satisfaction.

In fact vengeance type films are even more riveting because we all have a case of unrequited vengeance inside of us.

But I do recommend it because it is thrilling and does not go for cheap thrills even once, and all the performances are great.

Gibson's intense performance is reason above anything else to see this flawed thriller .

Every piece of action totally predictable and all the subtlety of the TV series buried in an orgy of medium calibre weapons and liberal showers of pasta sauce.

Better yet, save your money and see Book of Eli.

This becomes the film's first mystery (while solved, it becomes confusing).

While the TV series dragged and feels very dated to the modern viewer, this film certainly did not.

The rest, and this is the real crime, is just boring, perplexing, insulting and dumb.

About as thrilling and absorbing as steamed dumplings; a flavourless, odourless colourless turkey.

" Ray Winstone plays a very ambiguous, interestingly-ambivalent shadowy character, perhaps the most intriguing figure in the film.

It has a quite predictable story, with expected twist and turns.

Save your money and just rewatch that one.

Unlike the BBC series by Troy Kennedy Martin this version is very much a straight forward conspiracy thriller devoid of an of the idiosyncratic , mind blowing and bizarre concepts that made the original so much more than just a mere thriller .

The plot happened before therefore the movie is predictable.

It stays together and entertaining from beginning to end.

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN had a disjointed script whilst THE DEPARTED is inferior to the tightly plotted INFERNAL AFFAIRS .

The premise sounds formulaic and it is at times.

The story itself was intriguing and interesting and Mel Gibson gives a wonderful performance.

Campbell exhibits a Cronenberg-esque flair for hitting his audience with images of stark violence that feel completely necessary, and this helps keep us on edge during what is otherwise a fairly formulaic movie.

He's bloody once again, and little else is of suspenseful satisfaction either, right down to an slick Danny Huston playing Bennett, the head of a big corporation that deals in nuclear material and for whom Emma once worked.

If you didn't think it couldn't get any better, think again as the third act and final acts of this film will have you on the edge of your seat like no other.

Most of the film is entirely predictable and clichéd.

Compared to the usual repetitive dreck you see nowadays, this is actually pretty original, because it was based on a very deep, gritty, 1985 BBC TV miniseries, which starred Bob Peck, Joanne Whalley (now Whalley-Kilmer), and Joe Don Baker.

It is noticeable that Monahan has included references to Gibson's other films such as WE WERE SOLDIERS and PASSION OF THE Christ but is post modernist self reference a good substitute for mind blowing original narrative ?

Suspenseful, dramatic, and the film also deals well with love and loss.

I guess that if you can look over several of the plot holes the film becomes very enjoyable.

There's the director of one of the best Bond films, GoldenEye (I'll take it over the non-Bond-esquire but still enjoyable Casino Royale).

Most of the characters (and plot) which made this compelling viewing on the small screen have been dispensed with completely, leaving a hollow sham.

However if you would like to waste two hours of your life then I suggest you watch the 2010 version.

Either someone has edited out an important plot detail or someone has failed to edit out a needless and confusing action sequence .

There's some heart-warming stuff between Mel and his child, some snappy dialogue between him and Ray Winstone, and I think I even laughed once.

Inner Demons and Dull Scissors .

Mel Gibson is here at his best, giving us some poignant, gripping sequences.

In fact, during the more thrilling rest he could make a sad feeling, avoiding being another crazy bang bang entertainment.

The action scenes, functionless & contrived though they are, are the only redeeming features.

Even if you have to tolerate the nitwits with the dull scissors in TNT's Standards and Practices Department, watching Gibson is worth it.

For people who can handle the slow pace, definitely see Edge Of Darkness.

Mostly, though, dreary moments of talk and more talk are punctuated by occasional moments of shock and awe (where someone dies horribly).

For the most part this is all brilliantly constructed, and I was thrilled by all of the slow buildup that they did.

Boring .

The Mel Gibson in this film looked bored, and had a "been there, done that" vibe.

But seriously, what it became was plenty of shadow play, of punching in the dark, of empty threats of who is in possession of a bigger member.

Mad Mel is most dramatically compelling when he picks on the unprincipled 'ordinary citizen' who betrays the victims here for a few 'pieces of silver'.

The story is very captivating, intriguing and has lots of twisty turny which keep you constantly questioning and assessing the plot for possible outcomes.

It is very engrossing and the ending is really good.

The movie is a provocative action thriller, with car chases, shootings, mayhem and exciting drama of a superior nature.

It's one boring scene after another with no imagination & directed by a high school student.

Intense & Violent .

" Meantime, Gibson remains appropriately grim-faced and humorless throughout this heavyweight but predictable 118-minute police procedural, political conspiracy thriller.

In fact, it was quite boring.

Overall, it was entertaining.

Solid but slow .

As usual, the culprits were an uninspiring plot and understated acting:-Plot-wise, I never really understood exactly what was going on (both literally and figuratively).

The acting from Mel and Ray Winstone was extremely enjoyable to watch.

It's a drama with intense sequences of violence.

If you can ignore all the cardboard cutout bad guys plus Mad Mel's sermonizing, you may find all this somewhat entertaining.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to end.

This is a great movie and I highly recommend it.

This is a truly intense, emotional and engaging story.

Returning back to what I said about politics and tenuous loyalties, this story is about reaching that point where you break from the predictable and act on your own.

A solid entertaining film that delivers in February no less.

For the most part, Story B is rather slow moving and slow to reveal the shallow plot/secrets the entire movie's based on.

Ultimately it's all somewhat pointless, an English TV series about a man who had sex with his own daughter before she was killed and reincarnated as flowers, her spirit having regular conversations with her father.

Mel Gibson is engaging in his first acting role in years, although he definitely looks older now.

Mel Gibson has as much acting ability as your nearest broom, and the rest of the actors are so cliché, it becomes more camp then drama.

He's quite compelling as the angry resolute father.

The writing is excellent; scenes are suspenseful with an underlying coldness that does not pander to stupid people.

It was so predictable.

An extraordinarily fine and original piece with all the elements--fabulous script, wonderful acting (especially Bob Peck's compelling and understated Ronnie Craven) and Joanne Whalley as Emma and wonderful Joe Don Baker as Jedburgh; master score by Eric Clapton...

Also, Mel's still such a gripping leading man that I was totally focused on his performance and didn't think about his personal problems as soon as the film rolled.

Good, solid, entertaining and poignant film.

The film is a series of lulls interrupted occasionally by bursts of violence.

Intelligent, gripping and heartfelt .

The story gets a little slow and very Seagal like.

It's a formula we've seen before, and, if not handled appropriately, can easily venture into the realm of mind-numbing boredom/predictability.

The action has located to the USA, Mel Gibson has gone mad with the death of his daughter and aided by Ray Winstone who stepped in the shoes of Robert De Niro at the last minute as De Niro reportedly walked out of the film on the first day.

Gibson gives a typically solid performance as the grieving, empty father who will stop at nothing to find out why his daughter died and who was the perpetrator(s).

The Bad: The storyline can be a tad slow at times and not be so clear, especially when mentioning people or organizations names.

Edge Of Darkness is an exciting film, first rate, that marks the return after 8 years of one of Hollywood's most difficult stars.

It does have moments where you are on the edge of your seat, and does have moments where it makes a genuine attempt at making you think.

Put aside the the fact that it's over 20 years old, fashions and music change and you should find something much more enjoyable.

In fact, Edge of Darkness is more of a conspiracy film, which is mediocre, but at the same time moderately entertaining.

The heavily abridged narrative plot changes the ambiance of the original from taut and brooding ,to action packed and pacey, some key aspects of the original are devalued as a consequence.

Final analysis: Save your money and watch it on free TV in a few months.

Very entertaining.

This has to be be the worst movie of Mel Gibson's acting career.

If you ever saw the classic SILKWOOD, which was ten times more absorbing than this outing, then you pretty much have the whole story in a nutshell.

Jedburgh, a critical character in the 1980's version, was a pointless addition - his part never being fully developed.

The losing point must be for being hard to follow (sometimes) and the end (I don't know, I just feel so unhappy and unsatisfied).

Flawed, Complex, Unreasonable and Dull Conspiracy .

Some scenes create extreme adrenaline and the rest that follow are just OK.

Watching this movie is a waste of time and money.

It is taut, suspenseful, and a touch unpredictable.

I went into the film knowing almost nothing about it, and would likewise like to keep you viewers in the dark, or on the edge of it (tee hee!

There are some very effective action scenes on hand, but it's more of a thrilling drama in my eyes.

It's hard to root for Craven, as he is so depressed that it will begin to rub off on you, while the villain (a "mysterious" figure with a foreign accent so heavy it is often difficult to make out what he is saying) is so contrived and uninteresting that you really won't care one way or the other when his fate is ultimately decided.

This just may have been the worst movie I've ever seen.

The effort fails miserably, and, like Gibson's seemingly ad-libbed quips (after intensely chewing out a slimy attorney in his car, Craven advises him to fasten his seatbelt) and the lulls of talk between action, transforms "Edge of Darkness" into an ultimately tedious, genre-confused picture delivered without a whiff of discernment for tone or purpose.

The exception for me was the movie "Signs" in which he was quite alright in a movie with a good plot and some genuinely exciting moments – the aliens trying to get into the house comes to mind here.

A really enjoyable, old fashioned thriller with a stunning performance by Gibson .

In this intense political, crime, family drama Mel's actions and purposes have to do with the family as always (protect his son in Ransom, protect his family in The Patriot, seeking revenge for her wife in Braveheart, seeking revenge for her daughter in Edge of Darkness)and he is very good (you can almost feel the pain of loss in his whole body and with every expression on his face), Winstone is exceptional - as always- and the entire movie in very interesting and well worth it.

His character was very reminiscent of Porter in Payback, intense, strong, and smart as a whip.

Some of the movie is a little hard to follow when Thomas does something, and you ask yourself, "why did he do that.

Ridiculous and Boring .

An very riveting, edge of your seat thriller with Mel Gibson at the top of his game.

However, despite that normal bias, I found the film very entertaining with plenty of twists and turns to keep your brain going, not just your base instincts.

6 out of 10 fairly, but only fairly, enjoyable thrillers

According to my analysis, the director Campbell wanted each revelation from daughter's death to her true course of death to be so compelling, that the audiences can't believe what just happened in front of their eyes.

Ray Winstone plays an intriguing role as Jedburgh, deftly showing protagonist and antagonist sides at different times in a mysterious role.

This ended up feeling rushed and a little pointless.

Even though I typically dislike movies that throw in gigantic plot twists, I think tossing a wrench into the clockwork on display in Edge of Darkness would've made the whole thing much more engaging.

Meanwhile, Winstone is steardy support, doing a pretty flawless American accent and an intriguing character to watch.

I found this movie thoroughly enjoyable and in a class all its own .

he chose a worn out genre and a predictable plot.

Its unpredictable in terms of storyline/plot and the movie will keep outguessing you every minute.

(My Comment) This is an intense movie about family and closure, and of course, Detective Thomas Craven has a little different type of closure in mind.

You will find many twists in this action packed Mel Gibson type movie and have enjoyable moments till the end.

This one plays out like most revenge flicks and is nothing we haven't seen before but what a wild, bloody, slow burning ride until the touching end.

The film has some brutally violent scenes and the overall solution to the mystery and the twist that follows is intriguing and well thought out, not slapped on in any way.

"Edge Of Darkness" is a slow-paced, but solid and nonetheless gripping thriller that keeps you guessing until the end.

I would have hoped he might have taught Martin Campbell a thing or two about how to deliver a film that can hold an audience's interest, because Edge of Darkness is just so boring, that you'll find tracing the lines on Mel's face a lot more interesting than to tune in to a bunch of characters that you couldn't care less about.

I haven't even paid attention to who directed it, hopefully it wasn't Gibson himself, but maybe that would explain the resulting dull performance he gave on camera.

Two words: "phony and predictable".

In a fascinating superposition, both are by the same director.

Except the film was actually more of a slow burn thriller, much like last year's fascinating and incredibly well done State of Play, and both based off a BBC mini-series.

Slow start , some weird moments where I wasn't sure if Mel's character was a cop, in shock, or just a regular dad.

The film deals with loss and tragedy, and our yearning for answers when confusion gives way to hopelessness and total darkness.

This was engrossing from start to finish with a great story and strong performances.

It's amazing just how anyone can make a boring film, and this one is testament that it's very possible.

But he is his own guy , and is intense and artistic.

It is a crime-drama with unexpected twists(and one or two you see coming), and it is engaging and exciting from very early on, and through most of it.

If you feel a patriot and want to leave something to your children this is your kind of movie.

On the downside, even though there's a great cast here (Ray Winstone appears as a slightly gentler version of Mr. French), the story—though capably managed—is, as mentioned earlier, entirely predictable.

Talented as he is behind the camera, he is far more enjoyable on camera.

I liked the acting and the action moments were unpredictable and fun.

If you want to see a beautifully crafted, superbly acted and truly thrilling and suspenseful version of this story, buy the original BBC production on DVD; you won't regret it.

If you've seen the TV series you will be very disappointed by this film, a pointless remake in every way.

Moderately entertaining film .

Edge of Darkness is mostly enjoyable because it works the angle of tried and tested film; it has around 30 years of R&D going for it.

An enjoyable, but muddled and confusing revenge thriller thanks mainly in part to the tricky dialogue and the jump back and forth between Craven, Jedburgh and the enemies at Northmoor.

Tom's crazed interrogations of the people involved with his daughter become extremely heavy-handed and sometimes pointless to the actual narrative.

The conspiracy which the story is based on is boring, Mel Gibson's character has many flaws and I really didn't see the point in Ray Winstone's character and his motives are unclear and his existence in the film is a big mystery.

Sure, remove the improbable ending and slow beginning, and what we are left with is a very mysterious plot that I'm certain probably does happen in reality with big governmental organisations (less extreme of course, I'm looking at you Apple!

So, because of the muted acting and complicated, uninspiring plot, I really can't recommend this movie to anyone.

Intense performances, hints of noir, classic filmaking.

This does have really great action, and it is certainly thrilling.

How about it's boring, implausible, predictable or maybe simply tedious.

A bit of a revenge tale like Death Wish, but the Chinatown aspect of it sets it apart enough to make it enjoyable.

The supporting characters are too predictable by their looks alone.

:) a few things were predictable(like his cop friend who was bribed) but for the most part, was an entertaining drama.

Nevertheless, the tragic finale, the lackluster villains, and the shortage of enough surprises all undercut this suspenseful police thriller.

but this movie will keep people on the edge of their seat and its a nail-biter.

I enjoyed it here as well.

In a nutshell: the acting is decent but story and/or twists are ridiculous and predictable, action is almost nonexistent and the characters are unlikeable and one-dimensional.

But felt a little empty to me.

This is tedious and an offensive waste.

The script was slow moving and so blatant, it didn't allow the viewer to build up any suspense in their own mind.

The first 10 minutes were promising but the more the film went on it dragged and I just didn't care about the characters or how it was going to end.

Meanwhile, the old gentleman who sat on my right started to snore loudly and the young gentleman on my left just woke from his sleep.

The difference is often what makes a thriller thrilling or simply dumb.

One of those exciting and engrossing films, which Hollywood is in scant supply of and none more a perfect vehicle, that herald Gibson's return to the screen.

i enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Now that's living on the edge...

Too long, lots of boring moments, ridiculous "action" scenes, bad directing, some seriously bad acting, and a plot full of holes.

What really hurts the film is the by-the-numbers script, which is mostly predictable—what you do find out along the way are mostly minor details.

The movie overall is predictable with no real twists to the mystery and the action is limited and in parts it's extremely slow paced not to mention the script and dialogue in places is extremely shoddy.

This movie is formula Hollywood at its very banal worst.

But, for experienced movie-goers they are kinda predictable and didn't require much of IQ to comprehend.

I really liked end of the movie after boring and detailed plot .

" Although a little shocked because I didn't think I'd see this veteran actor return to these kind of roles, I have to admit he's fascinating in them.

If there is one word to be used in describing this movie then it is "predictable".

It may be dialogue heavy, but with the likes of Huston and Winstone, it all sounds like riveting stuff.

I enjoyed it till the very end,and would recommend it to everyone who loves thrillers.

If you want predictable & just to go see a movie because you are bored out of your mind then go read a book or watch the grass grow - that would be better than sitting through this It was so predictable.

So, putting Mel, the man, aside and absorbing myself into his screen character made this a decent crime thriller.

In short, this is really worth the watch, especially for fans of the thriller films of the late 80s - early 90s.

As another big screen adaptation of a story that was originally a BBC series, it's easy to make comparisons with the recent Russell Crowe vehicle State of Play, but while there is a fairly gripping and complex story here, it doesn't quite manage the tension and excitement of that film.

Standard fare, but entertaining turn from Mel and Martin.

I enjoyed this movie, not because it is high art, or that it is realistic, but because it is entertaining.