Eighth Grade (2018) - Comedy, Drama

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An introverted teenage girl tries to survive the last week of her disastrous eighth grade year before leaving to start high school.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Bo Burnham
Stars: Elsie Fisher, Josh Hamilton
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 91 out of 387 found boring (23.51%)

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Also, I think women of all ages could relate to this movie as it's focal point is a young girl who's awkward and introspective in her daily life, but has a more confident and engaging personality via her social media.

Just feels like a hangout movie and that kind of made the movie kinda boring and mediocre.

As a Dad with two daughters I found this movie easy to relate too and very entertaining.

It's refreshing to see a single dad (played by the fascinating Josh Hamilton) working through the trappings that come with a teenage daughter.

But Eighth Grade simply forgets to add anything else besides the cringe - anything that was making the characters in other films interesting or intriguing or at least somewhat original.

With that said, the performances are all solid and save the movie from being a total of waste of time.

Tediousness taken to a whole other level (and not a higher level) .

My advice to all poor souls who are wondering if they should watch this - guys, this is a total waste of time.

The coming of age genre can typically one of two ways.

Dreadful waste of time and I certainly hope it isnt an accurate picture of America and what certainly looks to be a lost generation.

The only enjoyable aspect of this film was Josh Hamilton's performance, and even that was an inaccurate portrayal of real life.

One of the best coming of age films of 2018 .

But what's entertaining to watch is the emotions involved with the girl.

Worst movie ever .

And another thing that's incredible about this film is that it avoids all possible clichés at all possible moments that you would expect something cliché to happen.

(The cool kids were pretty boring too.

While the film touched on a plethora of coming of age themes, none of them were wholly original or ground-breaking.

It was a waste of time for me.

Terribly boring, cringe, useless, and not funny.

A confident first outing from writer/director Bo Burnham and a stunning performance from Elsie Fisher .

In the bonus track of the DVD of "Eighth Grade," the film artists described their film as a coming of age drama of a thirteen-year-old.

Overall, the piece is pacy, nontraditional and entertaining.

With this movie there is a scene with Kayla and a high school boy that she meets and while it doesn't necessarily go into anything outright disturbing, it does get somewhat intense as things in the scene progress into a very uncomfortable level.


It was intense and funny and the dad's speech to his sad daughter was unbelievable and I cried because he captured everything I have said or want to say to my teen son as he goes through this hard time in life.

Director/Writer Turnham does himself, his film and his cast right by focusing on honest directing, realistic writing and a pounding sound track that moves the storyline along with entertaining vengeance.

The most fascinating part is Kayla's online persona is everything she wants to be in life.

Now it seems like a fine art and even when I see people both at my workplace, or in the local shopping mall, most people tend to have their head bent over and engaging in who knows what on their cellular phone.

Worst movie I've ever watched.....

This movie is genius, and I would highly recommend it to everyone who has or is currently going through Middle School.

Enjoyable for everyone.

Engaging, raw and wonderful.

Anyways, even though Kayla's main interest is motivational speechifying via notes posted around her room and in her journal and YouTube advice videos, which are actually thinly-veiled pep talks to herself, that the kid, at least, has some passion for life makes her a compelling character--more so, at least, than some of her peers whom we only ever see as either zombies interchangeably staring at their phones or offering blank expressions as reactions to others, or they're the sex-crazed teenage boys.

Absolute worst movie i have ever seen, not one good part if i could give it a 0 I WOULD.

A stunning coming-of-age .

I didn't have a problem with the pacing of the film, but I could see some viewers complain that the film was slow.

Awful Waste of Time .

The film is really a coming of age film about an eight grader named Kayla Day, as she gets ready to transition to high school.

Nothing happens in this movie and I really do not understand how it can be considered one of the best of the year.

It's again, an overused narrative cliché and I thought Bo was better than this.

While some may have enjoyed it more than others, I'd venture to say it wasn't the crowning achievement of anyone's life, either.

Probably the finest coming of age drama.

His mix of comedy drama and coming of age feelings are very well distributed.

Waste of time.

Some of the scenes, such as the banana scene, were purely derivative and unoriginal, but there was enough new stuff to keep it enjoyable.

At the end of the day, it shows the imperfect, frustrating realities of adolescent social life and development as well as any movie I've ever seen, and will always be one of my top picks as a top-notch coming of age story.

Lost interest after 10 minute/ most uneventful movie .

Emotional coming of age documentary drama about an awkward 13 year old girl (Kayla) dealing with anxiety and the pressures of growing up.

But he strands them all in a dull narrative that has no real conflict for moviegoers to really care.

Don't waste your time, you'll hate yourself afterwards.

Starts a little slow compared to how the trailer painted it.

And finally, anyone saying this is boring has spent a little too long in the Marvel Universe.

Mundane life bumps are Mount Everest climbs, full of horrific, tension-filled drama punctuated with explosive electronic music blasts.

Everything about this movie is on the safe, predictable side.

Realistic, but, like, bland and, like, boring...

Honest Coming Of Age Film .

With the characters as complex and multi-faceted as their speech (meh), the dialogs that make porn talks sound artistic, and the plot as predictable as the flicks of the aforementioned genre, you end up trying to grab onto at least something of interest, failing, and suffocating in the mundane routine.

Although it may "relate" to being a 13 yo (pick any time in the past thousand years), this is a totally dated yawn.

It's definitely worth the watch.

Raw, absorbing and real .

As a person who has seen so many movies and TV series I couldn't count them all, this movie was one of the most boring I've watched.

Boring .

You are immediately immersed into Kayla's world and instantly invested in her introverted nature and self loathing outlook.


But plot-wise, it becomes tedious and boring, similar to as Kayla's daily life (and other pre-teens' daily existences).

The movie does a really good job showing that puberty is confusing and more awkward now more than ever because we somewhat lack true human connection because the majority of kids now are consistently having their eyes focused on the screen of their phones rather than actually having a conversation in person with someone right in front of them.

It was very bland, there was little to no character development, and within the first 30 minutes I want to leave the theater I would have if I could've gotten a refund

As the years pass by, the American Cinema has less and less to offer, makes me wonder if humans over there have become empty shells.

This is a perceptive, insightful and downright compelling drama about the ravages of early puberty and the war zones of junior high school.

This movie was absolutely stunning in all departments.

I watched this movie with my freshman daughter we both enjoyed it.

I felt a rush of different emotions which by itself made the movie worth the watch.

)Also: having run this gantlet (see my first sentence), the refuge of most such girls is a close, intense friendship with one or more OTHER awkward unpopular girls.

It can be so emotionally painful for young teens dealing with all sorts of confusing and random things thanks to the world of internet and obsession with being 'liked' online today.

This is fascinating because that is exactly how our society, and in particular teen society, works: it is blind to why people are how they are, and simply ruthlessly sorts them into categories such as attractive/popular and ugly/unpopular.

I'm always a sucker for a good coming of age film.

Overall, Eighth Grade comes across as a movie catered to film critics instead of a relatable coming of age film for all ages to enjoy.

Nevermind the fact that I still believe that a lot of this technology has taken away what used to be a simple everyday thing of actually talking and engaging with one another in conversations.

Very ordinary film on the boring side.

(The opening monologue is way too long)A few extras looking too much into the camera in a distracting way and overdoing their background work.

I found that even though this movie was only an hour and a half long, it started really dragging at some point because there were so many scenes I had seen a million times and the end was so predictable.

Comedian and YouTube sensation strikes gold in his coming of age first feature .

The film feels uneventful and I often found myself distracted by something else while watching it.

Disjointed and ultimately phony .

Get ready to see a true coming of age story .

Yet this creates an intense anxiety that pervades the film allowing medium and wide shots to feel like coming up for air.

A stunning showcase of suburban anxiety that's as inconsequential in the macro as it is daringly necessary in the micro.

This is an honest look at the troubles of early adolescence, and if that sounds interesting then it will be anything but boring.

a really well done coming of age film that a lot of people can relate to.

Eighth Grade gives the perfect illustration of what that is like, and how much more intense it is with the social media generation.

When you hear the name of the movie, you think that it shall be about childhood, teenagers, will refer to a younger age group and will bore you.

One of the most boring movies of 2018 and, definitely, one of the most boring protagonists I've ever seen.

I definitely highly recommend it, to everyone.

It's just very cliche coming of age movie.

I really gave it a chance by watching the whole thing, but for me it was boring and uneventful as hell.

One of the things that annoyed me most is that all the characters are uninteresting and do nothing creative and stay in front of the phone all day.

She was funny, entertaining, and relatable.

No rhythm, no grace, I read it completely monotone.

But in each instance, the character was so inarticulate with the "uhs," "ums," "likes," and "ya' knows" that her presentations were a complete bore.

Depression, anxiety, peer pressure, wanting to fit in, the impact of the Internet, and children engaging in sexual activities are all touched upon in the film.

It's real but boring.

One of the things that annoyed me most is that all the characters are uninteresting and do nothing creative and stay in front of the phone all day.

It's Still Enjoyable If You Go Through Things Like This.

The most fascinating and best done part of the this movie though is the side-characters who she meets along the way.

In this day and age, staying true to yourself as best as you can in the intense world of brutal teenagers is a feat.

The cinematography and score create a juxtaposition between the overblown importance of everything in the eyes of a teenager and the mundane reality of it all when viewed from the outside.

It stands out as a notable and insightful film on the subject and is certainly worth the watch even it doesn't stick every landing.

There is little to no plot, which in other cases/circumstances has been done well, and there are also no payoffs.

Bo Burnham successfully portrays the awkwardness, fear, heartbreak, joy and confusion of being a tween in today's hyperconnected society, with all its beauty and pathos.

Nothing happens except so much bad dialogue jesus christ make it stoppppp.

It's kind a sad comment on our cinema landscape, that a mainstream coming of age teen tale is tagged as "arthouse".

It's a very well done little movie that manages to effectively tap into all the anxieties and confusion of adolescence, and finds hope and promise at the core of it all.

Hard to enjoy a film with no plot or story apart from what it's like to be 90% of young teens .

She captures the at times doubt, confusion, elation, and anger (and at times all of those in the same moment) of Kayla perfectly.

Sadly, it's so slow and boring and manages to miss on all fronts.

The movie is also entertaining and funny; while some of the jokes might not make sense in a few years, you'll definitely laugh (and probably tear up) on more than one occasion.

This is another coming of age movie which focuses on an eighth grade (another girl movie?

In the fast-moving nature of such things, many of the meme referenced in this movie are long-obsolete.

If you want to waste your time watching a ridiculous child looking at instagram, twitter, and make lame YouTube videos, watch this.

She has a crush on the empty headed guy in her class.

Lovely coming of age film .

I could instantly tell when her friend walked out of the car this was going to be hard to watch, and it was, extremely hard.

One of the most boring movies of 2018 and, definitely, one of the most boring protagonists I've ever seen.

Absolutely horrible, pointless movie .

So much of this film paints a portrait of these kids growing-up in a confusing time with an even more confusing climate of the internet and social media floating around them.

Eighth Grade is the truest to the genre I have ever seen a coming of age film be.

There's a sense of earnest intent through the inanity of the teens' conversations, making the dialogue come off as genuine rather than forced or pretentious.

Don't waste your time.

Most Realistic Coming of age drama, I've ever see...

It was awkward and painful and cringey and completely engrossing.

This was probably the best coming of age movie I have seen, and I cannot wait to see what Bo Burnham comes up with next.

Yawn .

It boring to watch and the part that you think wont be boring just end up been cringey.

Slow and forgettable.

Kayla's life is boring; her personality is boring; thus, the evolution of her story is boring.

The slow pace and lingering camera angles don't help to liven up the scene either when characters are stumbling and meandering through dialogue.

The camera work with awkward close-ups, immediacy of confusing acts caught in slow motion, and montages that represent the sporadic-ness of the middle school girl's mind follows the actions and thoughts of Kayla in such a way that the audience feels like they are reliving middle school with her, and maybe even through her.

We enjoyed it, and while watching it I gave thanks that my 5 were teenagers before the era of smartphones and social media.

Bo Burnham has created one of the greatest coming of age stories of this generation watch this instead of that fake ass disney channel original movie garbage.

Her plotless story is equal parts hilariously relatable (endearing dinner with nerdy boy) and authentically uncomfortably (truth or dare).

Critics are saying main character is boring and one dimensional.

Elsie Fisher perfectly portrays this coming of age girl with the right charm and depth that is needed for the role.

Enjoyable, special, and most importantly: relatable .

And compounding on that, the shot composition of the film was quite bland too and that likely contributed as well because the visual department was lacking.

definitely worth watching for those who looking for comedy-drama.

The script was smart, funny, and compelling.

There was one scene in particular that had me on the edge of my seat like I was watching a Mission Impossible movie.

Honestly I was so bored and frustrated with the film I wish I hadn't bothered.

Painful viewing at times but also compelling, especially considering it was written and directed by 38 year old comedian Bo Burnham.

Bo Burnham is the author behind this comedic and intriguing movie.

Pool parties are a source of unbearable discomfort.

A realistic coming of age story .

A long yawn for adults .

The story, the characters, and the transitional experience for the main character Kayla were bland and mundane to the point that the good intentions of the filmmakers were never realized either in the character's memory or the direct experience itself.

Boring and inane, the strongest emotion it illicited in me was irritation at everything from the awful kids to the lame duck dad.

the painful scenes really dragged out though and made me acutely aware of the torture that can be inflicted by the slow passing of time 7/10

Even though some may find this film slow or uncomfortable, I think those of us who remember this time in our life with any degree of honesty will likely come away from viewing this movie with a nostalgia that will bring memories and emotions back that are so deeply engrained in us that several either forget them entirely or ignore them to the point they no longer affect us.

Kids may find this brilliant but adults will be bored silly

Boy was this movie boring.

In terms of complaints, I don't like the vlog scenes, which I know are supposed to be her thoughts, but other than the one in the beginning and the two at the end, seem unnecessary and slow.

The reason I found this thought provoking is that it deftly illustrates the pressures of being a young female, and beyond that a young female coming of age, and further still: in this day and age of active shooter drills and ever evolving digital age.

To stop me falling asleep.. who are those 75k people who rated this movie 7.4? Eight graders?!?

The conflict, too, happens further in the movie than my liking, but nonetheless it was enjoyable.

Just really boring.

That was a waste of time I stopped watching after the part where she opened Kayla's gift of fricken cards.

Well, this is the coming of age genre for you.

It's a coming of age movie (sort of) about a adolescent girl's last week in eighth grade.

It was dumb and pointless.


I just love good movies with boring stories.

I found myself crying multiple times because it brought up intense emotions.

Raw, honest, gripping and real .

I think one might say the movie is slow, and nothing here happens, and it's kind of right, there isn't really any specific plot point, or issue that needs to be solve, it's just a natural and fluid trip throughout a girl's last year on middle school.

In addition to the offbeat awards ceremony just alluded to, there are a slew of neat, unexpected activities at the school we're introduced to.

I found it to be slow moving and a little discusting.

I also believe that this is another movie that can be connected to the other movie, which is "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", however, that movie contains much more humor, and can be predictable in some events.

Engaging from first minute to the last.

The main character was extremely annoying, the plot was dull and slow paced, and the overall movie was cringey to say the least.

Through the use of language, such as, slangs or taboo words, this allowed the audience to explore the teenage war, in just a couple of hours, which I personally, find very fascinating as it really represented the actual meaning of the movie.

Truthful but boring movie .

"Overall it is a good and entertaining take on growing up with some elements that are not often done in these kinds of movies.

Eighth Grade is a movie about teenage angst and coming of age, it is a short movie that tells a story that is to the point and concise.

Tame and dull .

it bored me quickly with that generations overuse of the word "like".

Nothing happens in this movie and I really do not understand how it can be considered one of the best of the year.

This movie is slow and terrible, no need to describe it any deeper

Audiences will take note at once of Eighth Grade's forest of mobile screens and many empty "likes", "totallys", and other filler words that have become all too common in the up-and-coming social culture.

The way I see it this film was sad and so much dramatic life of a young teen girl first of all that her mother was passed away second she is lonely 3rd her relationship with her father wasn't good and she's always upset and keeps yelling at him till last scene finally something has been changed 4th she had no friend and above of that she has no confidence in herself so her life was miserable and yet this film been categorized as comedy , If i was living her life I might just hang myself of a tree really what is so funny in that waste of time movie thank GOD I saw it for free and haven't paid a dime otherwise I would waste both my time and money over a ridiculous teen aged movie I am too old to watch this kind of movies but again have been fooled by rating and can't stand it anymore with this false ratings and reviews keeps messing with people again and again so I had a time to kill and I really have killed it but with unaccepted kind of movie its more of a true story yeah a story of like 60% of most girls I guess the Written and Director Bo Burnham which I thing he has a huge connections and hands behind making doing that high rating for his own movie , You can feel it that he doesn't have a time to create something new as the film have nothing creativity no self imagination nothing just a simple random story about a teen girl nothing special and this kind of movie that you'll forget about right away once you're done watching it so as a decent advice just avoid watching this piece of ^&%$ You're welcome

And while the film was enjoyable while it explored this theme, it did it in a very lowest common denominator way which was quite disappointing.

From young Kayla Day's perspective, we see and feel an innocent coming of age for today's tween.

No Plot .

"Eighth Grade" is entertaining and I strongly recommend to check it out if you haven't already!

Everything is those scenes work perfectly, the way it's shot, gives you a real "claustrophobic feel", the slow pace they have, to make you even more uncomfortable.

At one-point Karla comments on the fact that if people got to know her, they would see she's a fun person, and that I think is the sort of wisdom that prevents us, even grownups from engaging with other people.

It was terribly boring.

There are some intense scenes in this movie.

The plot line was incredibly eventless and dull.

Since I am neither of those, I found the film though informative, but mildly boring and hard to watch.

Even if it just gives you a moment of remembering that awkward feeling that loomed over nearly every day when you were in eighth grade then I believe the movie has accomplished what few other "coming of age " stories ever get right.

No plot.

Horrible waste of time.

I gave this movie a shot before I read the reviews and all I can say is the movie was boring and so slow moving.

What bothered me most in the film is the revelation that, at a time when people have the most amazing communication tools humanity has ever conceived, actual communication appears to be breaking down, with deep and meaningful discussion replaced by a standardized set of empty sound bites.

Very boring, sad and pathetic.......

This movie is so extremely boring, dull, stupid and meaningless and the actors are unbelievably untalented that I decided to save as many people as I can from wasting their time.

It's stunning.

Several people around me fell asleep during this and some walked out.

The emotions drawn out by Kayla's character are the same that most of us (Americans especially) felt as inbetweeners, of either gender, and helps us to confront and accept ourselves in the same way that she does.

However, I found it difficult to watch as it is very boring and predictable.

'Eight Grade' graduates coming of age films into the digital age .

Boring .

It's worth watching and highly recommended.

More unusual and compelling stuff: students undergoing a drill, where a teacher is dressed up as a school mass killer and instructed how to react if such a deadly situation arises (a sorry commentary on the state of affairs in this country at the present time!

Writing and directing are great, and stunning acting from Elsie Fisher.

Get ready for a sweet , coming of age tale.