El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) - Action, Drama

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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie follows fugitive Jesse Pinkman as he runs from his captors, the law and his past.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Vince Gilligan
Stars: Aaron Paul, Jonathan Banks
Length: 122 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 263 out of 1000 found boring (26.3%)

One-line Reviews (545)

Absolutely gutted as I was looking forward to this movie and in truth, it's up there with the 2 worst movies I've ever watched.

Nothing happened in the movie, so I was not drawn into the movie.

A gripping start to the film soon tailed off, and the rest of the film had a start/stop feel about it.

The movie doesn't really leave you with a sense of closure, it feels like merely an drawn out extension of the show with some glaring plot issues that seem to fester over the course of the movie.

The film is exactly like BrBa; slow, tension building with superb cinematography.

It was contrived and unnecessary.

I kept watching and waiting to be drawn in, to become totally immersed like I was when watching the series.

Better Call Saul has had a few moments telling the back story, but mostly it's long-winded and hugely boring.

It certainly does depict the empty feeling of certain parts of America and the production is top class.

The flashback scenes can be a little confusing because it's hard to remember every single little thing that happened to Jesse when he was captured.

The movie ruins that moment but it was still entertaining to watch.

This film has only tainted a great series , BORING is an understatement

Yes, it's intense and violent.

A lot of the scenes are drawn out and boring, and they really stretched out the content to fill the running time.

However, I really enjoyed it and I really think that it is necessary to be made so again Thank you Vince Gilligan.

Pretty Pointless .

This is got to be seemed slow paced to someone(though to me it didn't).. i was equally hooked to the last scene...

Too often Hollywood has done follow ups, reboots, and remakes that are empty and lifeless, and just come across as them playing on audience nostalgia to make a quick buck.

An intense yet slow burning two-hour ride that will make you want to revisit "Breaking Bad" all over again and make you realize what a great series it was.

Don't waste your time.


Boring, disappointing .

It was basically uneventful and predictable.

Those moments kept the mood captivating and intriguing, specially since people who love the show are emotionally attached to Jesse as a character, so we all root for him.

I love breaking bad but this film sucked no story line at all and so boring please dont bother

It's a slow burn, Camino is in no rush to get to its conclusion.

The movie is very tense, slow at times, but always enjoyable and does a good job in adding to the BB catalogue (as does the brilliant Better Call Saul).

A feature-length sequel to the "Breaking Bad" TV series, "El Camino" is an otherwise-pointless exercise in fan servicing.

Well after being very excited, I now feel bored, and deflated.

I found it much more predictable and lackluster.

This is classic BB, atmospheric, suspenseful and smart.

garbage waste of time.

El camino is pointless.

And I'm glad I did as I really enjoyed it.

The ending is weak and boring.

Slow - pointless - boring - not at all satisfying.

Pointless, it brings nothing to a decent franchise.

I watched all of breaking bad and mostly enjoyed it, it was obvious what happened to Jessie I don't see why this film was ever needed.

Todd's flashbacks were too much, and even a bit boring at some point.

It took way too long for it come out, as the years pass, Breaking Bad's status as one of the greatest TV Shows of all time hardens, people expected too much from this.


I so desperately wanted to like this but it feels very indulgent and pointless.

Apart from that, a pure waste of time.

Story felt a bit dry for a bit but always left me gripping on my seat after wards.

But did anyone else find that Lojack scene contrived?

But there were too many parts that were just too slow for dramatic effect and it didn't work.

The movie was even more enjoyable for me because I watched it just after having been underwhelmed by season 5 of Better Call Saul.

I enjoyed it, it was well thought out, and it gave a realistic conclusion to the story.

It was a tad slow and drawn out; could have been a half hour shorter.


Waste of time .

Boring, unnecessary, not relevant.

I was furious when yesterday's newspapers were reporting that it was a boring sleepy movie.

El Camino is an entertaining, very well made epilogue.

Very worth watching .

BCS became a problem when the pacing is too slow.

This just did little entertaining, too far from the series.

It just dragged on and on.


El Camino kept me on the edge of my couch wondering what would happen next to Jesse and his surviving friends and family, just like in the good old days when he and Mr. White were usually just one step away from being caught or murdered.

And treating it as an episode of BB, I enjoyed it that way.

The movie isn't perfect, but it's really solid, good mix of nostalgia for fans, enrichment on Jessie's story in the past, and new compelling adventures for Jessie.

Aaron Paul is intense as ever.

Nothing much happens, bunch of slow paced flashbacks etc. It's like a very slow episode of Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul stretched out in to a 2-hour 'movie'.

This is just slow dragging piece of garbage that trashes the most riveting TV shows legacy.

The movie was completely boring.

Complete waste of time.

I have been reading the comments that other users have put forward and honestly, who cares about how and where Jesse ends up if the story told of how he gets there is stale and boring and less exciting than watching a snail move across the ground in front of me.

This movie was a big waste of time.

Breaking Bad will always be one of my favorite television series, so I can understand people fiending for more, wanting to see the characters in another adrenaline pumping dilemma just one last time.

They chose to soak the drama and the tension into every scene and it was often SLOW and it was deliberately done that way.

2 hours of boring and pointless scenes had me clock checking many times.

It feels like it was just another slow paced episode that fits right after the last episode.

Bad slow netflix with bad climax móvie .

I found it slow, with bad editing.

There's no plot - no start, no end, no quest, no progress - nothing!

Suspenseful, beautifully filmed and at times emotional.

It is enjoyable and the acting is very good...

Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the most meaningless and dull movie experiences for me, ever.

And I feel the outcome of the film was predictable.

Slow slow slow .

For me, it was an OK film and worth watching, and it explains what happens to Jesse - which really isn't that interesting.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Fell asleep twice .

I wanted to like this but the movie feels empty; soulless really.

While fairly entertaining the movie didn't really have much going on.

and that place, atmosphere, coldness and loneliness had caused Walter madness and confusion.

There are constant references to things done in the series and if you aren't familiar, this movie is pointless.

Every actor's performance in this movie shines, and brings to life a compelling story created by the excellent Vince Gilligan.

I wasn't expecting to see too much action (that's not what the point of this movie was about), but I still felt like it dragged a bit.

Nothing Happened.

Slow pace killed all the fun...

While it was enjoyable to spend more time with Jessie it really wasn't needed.

Very Slow, boring, unnecessary.

Too slow, not much of a story at all.

Some scenes were actually quite boring.

Without spoiling anything, the plot is sadly very shallow and predictable, at times dull and stale.

Finally, the main antagonists in the show where really boring and there was not threat about them at all.

The dull setting and color palette made Breaking Bad have such a depressing atmosphere, and in El Camino, it's exactly the same.

It was kind of boring at point.

I am lost for words to describe how boring and tedious this film is.

Simple storyline but yet very entertaining.

Movie was simple, entertaining and seemed like an additional episode to tell us what happened to Jesse.

The director, Vince Gilligan, is a very talented guy and I'm sure he can come up with a riveting series from Alaska.

What a waste of my time .

There's a flashback scene with Walter- which was arguably the most exciting part of the entire movie...

Slower than I thought .

There were a couple of exciting moments where I thought.. 'here we go...

I felt like El Camino followed in that same 'too slow' pacing that BCS has going for it.

Slow .

Vince Gilligan did state that he would not have made this film if the story wasn't there, but he believed in this story, and while it is slow paced, it does bring closure to Jesse and the series as a whole.

but it was just boring...

There is no story to tell.

still saying that it was the ending i wanted for jesse but it was a bit slow ....!!!!!

Nothing happened!!!!!!!

Overpraised and boring .

The screenplay is rather engaging throughout the length of the film.

Complete waste of time, nothing happens from start to finish except a lot of time jumps back to the series.

It is slow.

Completely boring and seems like it was made up as they went along.

I felt like the flashbacks were a bit pointless.

Nothing Happens .

The scenes with Todd have a simple purpose but are more drawn out.

Disappointing, a waste of time.


It was like a 2 hour slow burning episode of BB, not a movie.

Slow moving without a purpose or reason for making it

It also delivers on things we loved in Breaking Bad such as: intense confrontations, nerve-racking situations, badassery, and intelligent plotting.

Makes it pointless that he threw all the money out the window in the last episode of BB like a punk

Terse wrapping up of a compelling story .

Good acting, nostalgia, but quite boring.

Netflix come out with the worst movies ever.

El Camino is a boring money-grab.

) and dragged out) back story with Jesse and Todd, and Todd about 50 lbs heavier than he'd been in Felina, I wrongly assumed that this picked up after Walt had been killed.

Boring script .

I loved Breaking Bad and it was also slow paced.

And okay, fine, the cinematography was also good.. but there was just no plot.

The pace is ridiculously slow and absolutely nothing happens.

Viewers who loved the series and are prepared for a sometimes slow journey should enjoy this movie well enough.

If You've Never Seen One Episode of Breaking Bad, Don't Waste Your Time With This .

All in all it was mediocre and dragged it's feet while only having a 2 hour timeframe as opposed to an entire season to allow for a slow burn.

This is all very straight forward and uneventful.

But this film is slow and dull.

It was enjoyable to be back amongst some of the great characters of Breaking Bad and El Camino does a good job in that regard.

I mostly enjoyed the movie and it's worth the watch for Breaking Bad fans.

Of course it's a bit pointless to watch this before breaking bad.

This film is dull.

Not as expected, movie had no story what so ever or too much time has passed since breaking bad and it couldn't connect that well

Slow, dull, really disappointing .

This movie is as typical, intriguing and breath-taking as Breaking Bad.

Uneventful .

I thought the downside was shoehorning in so many tangential characters, their seeming retrospective value to Jesse felt contrived.

I enjoyed it to a certain extent.

intense and suspenseful.

It's slow with no story to follow.

Not a cash grab not ott fan service , just very enjoyable

6.5/10 for the enjoyable vasectomy of Jesse Pinkman's story.

I love a slow, methodical, developing plot.

It was boring.

Those minutes kind of dragged, and while parts were moving and sweet - again, it dragged.

Commercial and boring .

It was interesting seeing Jesse's story wrapped up, but seems rather pointless and too little too late.

Very slow, too many flashbacks .

While each individual turn may be unpredictable, the direction and the final target is very much.

The story line is dull and boring.

A slow story about a shi!

If the scenes wouldn't be so long and slow and there would be less (or at least shorter) flashbacks, El Camino could have been thrilling.

Its too long for a nonsense movie , hated from the beggining to the end , as all netflix productions is empty , stupid and over rated.

So, this was extremely pointless.

But El Camino was a phenomenal waste of time.

Compared to that mediocrity, this plot is sparkling and gripping.

If you are a Breaking Bad fan it's definitely worth watching and enjoyable without being great.

A story that was as predictable as you could get, certainly not Breaking Bad style.

It was like watching paint dry.

It was so enjoyable to go back to Vince Gilligan's directing style, and enjoy what felt like a long episode of breaking bad.

This is a total waste of time, added nothing, too long, dragged, Boring and just a poor film, this didn't need to be made, just a cash grab..

What drew everyone into the Breaking Bad Universe was Vince Gilligan's ability to take a slow pace, really flesh out his characters with great detail over time and know exactly when to hit those explosive moments that left you in absolute shock.

What a waste of my time.

Simply boring.

3.2 / 5 or 5 / 10 Respect the series, pointless film.

It's also somewhat disjointed and completely unnecessary.

This could of been 122 minutes of high energy, thrilling and exciting viewing.

But this movie was ridiculously boring.


It felt empty .

Vince Gilligan once again knocks it out of the park, with a gripping story, entertaining characters and unexpected twists and turns that are truly satisfying, as is the conclusion to Jesse's story.

Horribly boring .

Pointless .

Enjoyable to watch .

The story, while realistic and logical, is supremely uninteresting and left me confused as to why it was made, let alone why it was made this year.

It's a waste of your time.

Instead of charting Jesse's new path this is a mundane two hours of gratuitous cameos and no character development.

Boring .

It's very slow and adds nothing to the story.

Overall the movie seemed okay but it wasent a big wow for me, it felt empty.. After 6 years since final series I would've expected something more captivating and memorable.

This is worth watching if you are looking for lots of cameos from across the series of BB which don't really add a great deal to the story.

However, if people were missing the characters that much, they should have just slowly weened themselves off of Breaking Bad by binging the show once again, then heading on over to its equally entertaining spin-off show, Better Call Saul.

It served to explain where Jesse was looking for money, and to set up one scene in which Jesse realizes how broken he is, but it was too drawn out and tangential.

Thank god that at 29 minutes in, it began to gain momentum, and while still slow in parts, the tension and the build-up was fantastic.

My only gripe is with the standoff scene which, while pretty kickass, seems contrived and out of place.

Seemed sloppy and predictable.

The whole thing with the two imposter cops was pointless and at the same time the only interesting thing about this movie.

There's a few surprises along the way and I enjoyed it very much.

Silly, pointless movie .

Slow slow slow .

Just like the series, El Camino follows compelling characters, within a compelling (but grounded) world, with the same distinctive style/atmosphere which made the show so iconic.

An absolute waste of time.

Absolute trash and waste of my life getting hyped for months.


There is no story here.

empty movie.

Such a slow paced movie ...

The plot was somewhat weak, and there was a lot of long, drawn out scenes, and by the end of the movie all I thought was, it took a 2 hour movie just to have Jesse do basically one thing: Get money and leave.

If wanted to be bored for two hours I shouldn't have to pay good money for doing it.

One of the most boring episodes of Breaking Bad .

One of the more common complaints I've heard from fans of the show is that the movie is too slow and takes too long.


But it's definitely worth watching if you enjoyed breaking bad.

Boring boring boring .

And honestly that made the whole experience rather dull.

predictable .

extremely boring.

It's absolutely pointless.

But take off 4 for the slow scenes, dreadful pacing and bad editing.

Flat, uninteresting movie with predictable plot .

What a boring followup into Jesse's life.

45 mins of fun, 1.25 hours of sheer boredom .

It starts off exactly where Breaking Bad left us, with Jesse speeding down an empty road finally free after months of being enslaved and forced to make meth by a group of white supremacists (that's a heck of a strange sentence that only makes sense with a show as insane as Breaking Bad).

El Camino is clearly inferior to 5 seasons of epicness but it has quality and is enjoyable nonetheless.

Well, from beginning to end this movie was slow, meandering, dull and felt thrown together.

That being said, the whole exercise also felt a bit predictable.

A mediocre movie, on the most boring protagonist of an overrated tv show.

El Camino also feels like its just an overly long episode and has a very slow pace throughout.

Surprisingly boring .

Don't get me wrong - it's a well made movie and a decent watch, but it falls short as something just floating around for someone to watch in their boredom.

So Slow and Plodding You Will Want to Pull Your Hair Out.

with that said my reasoning is the acting wasnt as good or intense and the actors have all aged or gained so much weight and this is supposed to take place during the same time era.

The movie is good enough to stand on its own, but ultimately it is uneventful and unnecessary.

Confusing Nonsense .

Tedious .

This was slow, boring, & pointless IMHO!

It still is a joyride, of a slow paced breaking bad encore that no fan wants to miss!

Basically nothing happened.

The movie was ok but very boring and not something special, just a lot of flashbacks combined in a movie.

Really enjoyed it!

At the end Jesse Pinkman was freein BB, and this movie was just so much predictable, I think it's a good movie for those who are missing the characters

Slow, boring with no story .

So boring.

A thrilling sequel to the series.

It was simple and realistic, it was pretty damn suspenseful and unpredictable too.

It would have followed perfectly from 'Felina' the flashbacks were just nonsensical featuring the very bloated Todd, the whole thing just seemed like a complete waste of time, I'm just gonna forget it happened and remember Breaking Bad for the legend it was!

There are some heart warming moments along with some thrilling ones which mainly act as the key takeaways.

The movie was slow, no real story line and overall extremely boring.

If u really loved breaking bad series then I suggest you to stay away from this slow paced...

On the other hand the movie is extremely slow, boring and closer to Better Call Saul style than Breaking Bad.

One of the most boring movies I have watched recently.

Boring .

Endless shots of the desert, and a really boring scene in a restaurant.

Don't waste your time .

It was so so so predictable, it hurts a little bit...

The pace was also stretched and overly slow.

During the third act, you become completely aware of where the movie is taking you, and that's when the story gets most intense.

This 2 hours felt like 30 mins, it was tense, gritty and desperate, all of the reasons Breaking Bad, was enjoyable, if your were a fan of that show, this is a must see, completed the story, or does it ?

But I felt empty after watching the movie.

The duel was a fitting way to end a franchise located in the desert, and while I enjoyed how Jesse beat Neil, I think it was predictable that he had the second gun in his jacket, since we'd just seen it.

However, the relationship the two had was so incredibly dynamic and intense - much like that of a father and son, that I was left with wanting more of seeing them together.

This story could really have done with being drawn out a bit more, perhaps as a mini series, rather than a one-off movie.

The king of the boring flashback has once again proven his time is up.

He was predictable.

It is also a great personal joy to revisit the scenic vista of the great Southwest, and the cinematography that has come to be associated with the Breaking Bad universe always aims to enchant - or, in some more suspenseful cases, intimidate.

Production was splendid, cinematography was amazing, and the performances throughout the cast and how they fit into the story was very compelling and thought provoking at times.

This is by-the-numbers plot plodding and so disappointing.

I putted 5/10 stars only because this movie remind me how good was the breaking bad series and the slowly motion make me solve my insomnia issues that I have.

Had zero substance, scenes (such as the Walter White scene) that lasted far too long and were virtually pointless.

This movie seemed self indulgent on Vince Gilligan's part as well as Aaron Paul as Paul was a producer.

Slow and boring .

Boring and nothing like the series i use to remember.

I know that this title is ambiguous or confusing for you.

This is a slow paced nightmare of a movie in which a whole lot of nothing happened.

The first thirty minutes of this film are slow - but the final hour and half are really intense.

Breaking Bad always had me on the edge of my seat and on my toes, constantly guessing and speculating what crazy s*** was going to happen next.

An entertaining neo-western that never quite justifies its existence .

I write this review after having tolerated this boring as hell movie for 90 minutes.

Slow narration did not help in making the movie interesting rather its started boring.

Another complaint I'm seeing is that this movie is boring.

It was intense, witty and the film actually captured the feel of breaking bad which could have easily been lost and could have felt like a detached film.

This movie was slow, sad and boring.

Boring as it gets, little interest, little humour, terrible plot and I'm absolutely gutted.

A waste of time to write and film and watch this many years later.


Boring .

The characters - somehow mute, shallow and boring.

It was like a movie similar to some of the slower episodes.

Plays as a slow burn addition to the final episode.

Movie is slow paced an entire two hours .. it feels like they have added two new episodes combined in the climax of breaking bad and the title doesn't really goes with the movie

Movie, which had a great potential revealed to a boring 2 hours, which could've be spent better.

Snooze fest .

Its story is so lame and weak, it's nothing close to the brilliance of the show, where every episode would left you wowing of the smart ideas and intense dialogues, which this movie got non of.

I'm only giving it a 2 instead of a zero because Aaron Pauls portrayal of the haunted and intense Jesse was good as always.

Two hours of serious entertaining.

Absolutely nothing happens for the first hour and forty minutes or so.

Instead of exploring characters such as Walt's wife and son, his sister-in-law, Jesse's murdered girlfriend's son, or the poisoned Lydia to name a few it spent an extensive amount of boring and senseless flashback time exploring Jesse's time when held captive and his interactions with an extremely overweight psychotic Todd.

The story was slow and literally had nowhere to go!

Boring .

Netflix slow pace movie .

Breaking Bad is by far a masterpiece of storytelling while El Camino looks like a cheap B movie and says a story everyone could have lived without, with new uninteresting characters, weak story, characters far too changed 5 years later, and overall mediocre and forgettable lines.

Boring & whatever .

Boring .

So slow and several drawn out scenes could have been shortened severely or culled altogether.

The highly anticipated and somewhat unexpected follow up to TV phenomenon Breaking Bad is upon us.

The two hours were a torture of hope that the movie will get better.

Actors and cinematography are fine (excluding Todd, which is a lot fatter than before), but the story is a waste of time.

Go ahead and watch it, smile at the cameos, feel the excitement at the unexpected W+J scene, fall in love with the loyalty shown by Skinny Pete and Badger.

Many people say it's a slow movie and that's one of the things that make it bad.

The answer is by having Jesse on a journey to freedom (which in itself is already emotionally engrossing), and all the while remembering emotionally significant times he had with all of your favorite characters from the show.

El Camino is so derivative, so boring and so overlong without coming to any satisfying conclusion, you are forced to think, "This guy wrote Breaking Bad??

I didn't except them really, though I had hoped to see more of Walter White, It's still a solid film, so it's worth watching, though it's certainly not in the same league as Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul.


Jesse has been in a cage for a year but somehow lost no weight at all, loads and loads of boring flashbacks!

There was no real antagonist, and the film just dragged on for nothing.

Plodding and slow best describes it.

A real enjoyable extension to a perfect series.

The final series with the nazis didn't do it for me, it is too painful to watch at times and felt very contrived.

This film is classic Gilligan, with all the beautiful pastel colors and intense moments that the show had.

Total waste of time..

El Camino provided more character depth, entertaining confrontations, badass moments, and nostalgia for the glory days of Breaking Bad.

People may enjoy it but myself and the wife found it boring and average.

If this film was split in scenes you would have seen throughout the series itself it would have been great, however the pacing is rather slow and some scenes suffer from that.

Boring Bad .

Nice to have a bow on it and all, but literally nothing happens in this film, really disappointed and surprised people's are singing its praises

This is by far one of the slowest movies I've ever seen in my life.

Moments seemed as dragged out as is the tendency of Better Call Saul (especially the first episode).

The ending credits lasted longer than the exciting moments of this movie.


Quite a slow film with little action which was Ok, it felt like a really long episode which was fine and a nice ending in Alaska after discussions about it at the start of the film.

Slow and boring .

I wish it had a more compelling story.

This seemed like a mostly uneventful episode stretched out to slightly over 2 hours.

Don't waste your time.

Absolutely pointless .

I found the movie to be incredibly slow and boring for a good portion of it, particularly the first hour.

Disjointed, disappointing, sloppy .

All the cameos serve no purpose to the story, and the movie is full of useless tracking shots and drawn out scenes that don't need to exist.

No storyline and vage.

The whole movie is very slow moving and you could sum up the entire plot in a sentence or two without losing anything.

Additional I thought it a bit drawn out with the almost game-style side quest of "Get more money to pay your passage" that the story strongly hinged on.

Slow, pointless and choppy.

I found it a bit boring and, at times, silly.

It was lenghty and very boring.

The script is very well written and very engaging even when nothing extremely interesting is happening.

But we did gain fascinating insight into Todd's musical tastes.

It dragged in several spots and even got boring at times.


Empty .

Entertaining from start to finish.

It was slow and uninteresting and made me wonder "why did I watch that all the way through?

Worth watching though for Jesse Plemons and the sadly recently deceased Robert Forster alone.

I say unexpected because I honestly thought the idea of making a Breaking Bad movie was a joke.

Very nostalgic flash backs, then turned it off half way through because it was boring.

He brings the same compelling storytelling, outstanding cinematography and top tier production quality to this effort.

This was the HIGHLIGHT of the movie, and i was so caught up in it, my boring phone was more interesting.

Very enjoyable and a much better way to end the series.

This means the movie is filled with boring sections not to mention the terrible plotline.

Well obviously millions will watch this film as it piggy backs on the Breaking Bad band wagon , BB and BCS are amongst the top TV shows ever made imo , but this was just a complete waste of time, the entire plot could have been dealt with in a half hour show and I think I'm being generous to it .

This was boring...

But in all a good movie and worth watching for all Breaking Bad fans out there.

Here the dialogues are boring.

The reason why I gave this movie 8/10 is because the beginning is a bit slow.

They bore you with slow dialogue and long pauses between character's actions, mostly just to tell you things you already know.

Dull waste off time .

Jesse is just looking after a bunch of money, and we get some flashbacks too, overall it's completely useless and a waste of time.

You've got to give a few marks for the scenery in New Mexico and the teaser scenery in Alaska but that's about all there is in this disjointed waste of time.

It doesn't really add or take anything away from the show but for those fans that are passionate about the series, it is worth the watch and a solid film.

'El Camino: A Boringly Bad Movie' .

Long and boring .

Slow and a bit boring .

Widely entertaining, hardly necessary .

The movie had great cinematography and acting, but the story was very slow and boring.

Aaron Paul stays true to the Jesse character insofar as he is in anguish most of the time, etc. to the point of sheer boredom.

I was SO excited for this movie and I finally got to watch it two days after it came out and when I did I was fighting sleep to stay awake and watch it.

But again, this epilogue to Breaking Bad is entirely enjoyable.

A strikingly superficial, careless and predictable film.

I seem to recall being quite bored during some episodes from the show.

My wife who has not seen breaking bad did not understand most of what was going on, and neither of us found it particularly entertaining.

This movie feels like a slow burn double episode of the original series, which gives the satisfying ending the fans always wanted for Jesse.

Honestly it was a very boring movie.

The rest is boring.

The pacing of the film also quite slow!

It was super slow, Jesse had lost his character completely.

find a recap of what happened and watch that , it can literally explain to you what exactly happened in the film, and waste only 5-10 minutes of your time.

In this film there was to much unimportant crack like past of todd and our guy but we wanted to see the future but actually nothing happened.

Exactly like Better Call Saul, boring, slow, nothing happen, no character changes or development, no twists, no drama, no story, no plots.. just boring scenes and lazy dialogue to milk money from the franchise.

It's not bad, but it feels a bit dragged out.

Started off well and felt like it was building to something exciting in that breaking bad way, but then just went nowhere.

All in all, I found this movie genuinely enjoyable even without the stunning action and twists.

There were moments in this film that hit me with unexpected emotion, the biggest being the passing of time and seeing how each performer has aged over the years.

While the movie was well-shot and well-acted, I found myself bored throughout most of the movie.

I was expecting something phenomenal and mind blowing since I am a big fan of breaking bad series, but I found it was a slow continuation of the series, and actually there's no story in the film.

Vince Gilligan has such a habit of stretching things for so long that it becomes boring

Boring Is an Understatement .

To be honest I was never a fan of Pinkman, such a weak and boring character.

It's filled with annoying, unimportant and frankly boring "flashbacks" from Jesse's time as a slave for the nazi's (or whatever they were) and his "fun" weekend with Todd.

Good acting, but so so slow .

Empty dialogues, irrelevant senes, characters and ZERO action.

El Camino is much slower in its story.

And the worst, boring, too boring.

The script is very boring, I expect some more exciting.

Boring and pointless .

Waste of time.

Alls I can say is, this film is boring and no where near as good as breaking bad.

Too slow, no plot, no twists.

What a waste of money and talent and our time.

Nothing happens, the writing is poor and doesn't take any risks.

This was complete a waste of time.

Snore .

Pinkman is such a fascinating character because he represents us, the viewer, he is constantly underestimated and dismissed by his "superiors.

) Second, while I was never bored with this movie, I do admit that I did find it somewhat slow and stretched out at points.

But the script was too bad and it took way too long.

Boring and pointless .

Vince, you did one hell of a job with BB, but this gotta be one of the worst movies I've ever wasted 2 hours on.

Worst Movie Ever .

It's impressive the way how Vince Gilligan writes unpredictable situations, because he talks about minimally intelligent characters.

Pure fanservice movie: empty and emotionless .

It is plodding.



At least it's better than Better Call Slow!!!

For me its Breaking bad its a prolonged episode yes but its gripping and engaging, its everything it needed to be.

AAron Paul did a great job, but the story and the storytelling were really boring.

The writing is also very good by vince gilligan once again but I found the ending was rather predictable.

Quite frankly I feel the writers got bored, which is a great shame.

Pretty dull .

Could have been better, but still enjoyed it.

To say it is confusing is the understatement of the year.

Boring .

Its beyond slow.

It was a series that truly left you on the edge of your seat because you kept wondering what was going to happen next.

There just seemd to be no plot, just Jessie on the run from the authorities and a pointless wild west shootout in the end.

Not what i ve expected, todd got real fat and it was disturbing and actually nothing happened.

To be fair, the beginning of El Camino is slow and they could have picked up the pace a little.

Like wow, slow claps for the creators.

I love breaking bad, but this is an absolute snorefest, two hours of my life wasted waiting for something to happen, I think if it went on any longer there would be a far greater amount of negative reviews, I suspect many of the positive ones have either not seen the film, or are just giving it a good review because of the title.

For the first hour, this movie does NOT really feel like Breaking Bad, but in a typical BB fashion, this slow pieced movie slowly gets to its overload of fan-service and typical ending, that serves as the perfect epilogue for the Pinkman story with a few to many flashback sequences.

It was a slow ride, with trailer that wasn't even in the movie.

I was bored and i was not expecting it to be that bad.

We waited for ending and we got one, maybe someone wont like it or it will say its boring, or that there is no real action as series.

Don't waste your time on this crummy sequel .

Waste of time...

I was not bothered by this but for casual viewers, they might be sad to see how tedious some of the scenes in El Camino might be.

Pointless - you WERE like my hero and $hit.

It was sentimental, thrilling and giving us deja vu as much as they can.

Slow moving and uneventful.

The somewhat nostalgic feeling of entertainment that stems from being enmired into the world of Breaking Bad for one more time is what makes this movie worth watching.

Boring .

Nevertheless, it was still as brilliantly made as Breaking Bad was, Vince Gilligan's eye for detail never fails to impress, the performances were perfect as usual and it is still an enjoyable watch.

Love these guys and just hate to say how boring this movie was.

Yeah, I liked it, and it is worth watching, though of course only if you have actually seen the series.

However, it was dragged out way too long over 2 hours when nothing really happened.

Really boring and not like an episode from breaking bad series!

Still waiting to get better but just too much of a slow burn for me.

Pure Boredom Waste of money in my opinion

Why even make an empty movie like this.

The trailer was more entertaining than the actual movie.

Boring Extended episode .

Sorry folks but if you're expecting to see something new and exciting.......

I know, money talks in Hollywood, and some folks really felt like "saying farewell to Jesse Pinkman" for some weird reason, but it's the wait for something really exciting and special that absolutely kills this particular attempt to wrap "Breaking Bad" for good.

It felt like the entire movie was one long slow burn.

Last night I did and it was extremely boring, it didn't make a lot of sense to me, I thought I was going to watch something completely different.

Was he in need of money or just bored?

Its really slow, poor acting, too manny "Fillers" in the movie.

The story was bland.

Confusing and convoluted plot .

Totally Satisfying Execution of a Compelling Story .

Its supposed to be realistic yet still having us on the edge of our seats successfully subverting our expectations at almost every corner.

I kept waiting for something exciting or interesting, nothing.

Pointless bang average dross

El Camino is a ginormous bore.

The film seemed a little bit empty.

But nevertheless, the movie is still as highly engaging, nostalgic & rewatchable as it needs to be, the way only Vince Gilligan knows how to craft.

The film didn't live up to the hype of the acclaimed TV show, yet pretty enjoyable.

I had never seen breaking bad until this movie was released, then I decided to watch the series before watching the movie, no regrets, I became a real addict so 2 weeks and 5 seasons later I watched the movie and it was great, answered a lot of questions on what happened to Jesse but also provided and action packed ride.

"El Camino" does enough things right to be enjoyable.

Loved the series but this movie was just boring as hell.

Abit Bland .

The thought provoking ideas & plot twists, the intense & realistic acting, the heartbreaking moments along with a lethal mix of violence & emotions sets it apart from all the other TV shows.

Boring, unnecessary and if it had to be done, it would have been years ago .

If you like the actors then great but if you like to actually watch a good movie I'd recommend going watching paint dry as it would be more entertaining.

Sure, they may have been self-contained, but the story unfolded gradually as a slow burn, allowing us to witness the full measure of man transforming from high school chemistry teacher to drug kingpin, the finale expending six years of nervous energy and gut punch after gut punch.

Whats impressive is how the theme and connection to the breaking bad universe remians to be a gripping and masterful lure.

It's slower paced and character focused, just like the show.

I found it bland and overrated.

The conversation also very bored and not intense!

Boring episode of break bad.

Boring and stretched same as the series.. Atleast series had Bryan Cranston...

Was entertaining .

There are many other reviews that go into all of the reasons why this is OK, but pointless.

Don't waste your time with this.

Sorry Vince but for me this was just lazy & frankly rather pointless!

But I enjoyed it.

It is a fitting end to the story of the show's most intriguing character and reminded us of the masterpiece Vince Gilligan created.

In conclusion, it's a great tribute to the fans of the series and a high quality movie (epilogue), that is worth watching solely for the sporting interest.

That's exactly what happened in this 2 hour follow on movie whereas Breaking Bad was anything other than predictable.

Don't waste your time.

Wow overlong and kinda boring with only sparks of the old breaking bad days, could of had more action in it, great acted though by who was present.

It was UNBELIEVABLY boring.

Had I of just had a roast dinner, this would of been a great Sunday film to fall asleep to.

(Not referring to Aaron's acting but Walter White is the more compelling, intense character.

Watching the movie is entertaining, although it ends up feeling a bit bland.


Boring & slow.

The pacing is like a Breaking Bad episode with long drawn-out flashbacks and the film drags because of it, unlike BB episodes.

The reason why El Camino seems slow to some fans is because BB was like a time bomb ticking,waiting to get exploded till the last scene of the last eoisode of S05 and yeah it did finally, shattering everyone's life connected to the main characters.. This was the nemesis.

Worth watching only if you love BB.

Complete waste of time.

Because Nothing happens.

Shame of movie, please dont waste your time as i did.

snooze fest .

It's a shame it was so boring when clearly seeing everything from the government's side would have been more interesting of a movie.

Boring with no value and nothing to add .


El Camino is slow paced like Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, two flashbacks were a little overlong.

An unexpected classic .

Really slow and quite boring compared to the series it lacked good pace and story telling

Instead, what I got was a slow burn drama.

While it has some nice bits and it's exciting to see some of the beloved characters once more, El Camino still feels like an unnecessarily extended version of a bonus episode.

Nothing happened.

Such a rubbish movie, a complete waste of time.

But everything here is so predictable, I would say casual in the topic.

The main showdown with some randoms in a welding shop was contrived and implausible.

Very boring and methodical wrap up to what was next for Aaron Paul.

It has these extremely intense scenes that are similar to the ones in Breaking Bad.

A Very Mediocre and Way Too Long Episode of Breaking Bad .

In a nutshell- boring, totally lacked Breaking bad feeling, longer than needed to be.

In so doing it's a waste of time for anyone either wanting to extend their enjoyment of the epic series or engage for the first time.

Super boring and disappointing movie!

Totally pointless and heaps of gaps in the storyline.

Too often Hollywood has done follow ups, reboots, and remakes that are empty and lifeless, and just come across as them playing on audience nostalgia to make a quick buck.

No story, without any element of a normal movie.

I Enjoyed It .

No story line, no direction and no substance.

Sleepy boring wrap up .

This film is an epilogue to the TV series and shows the journey of Jesse Pinkman following his escape from the crime scene after killing Todd and where Walt dies killing all of Jack's men using his mind blowing trick of the automatic machine gun hidden in the car trunk.

wow overlong and kinda boring with only sparks of the old breaking bad days .

It is true that it is about as good as an average Breaking Bad episode, but worth watching.

And now that I have seen it, I can wholeheartedly say, EL CAMINO: A BREAKING BAD MOVIE is a thrilling event from start to finish.