Eli (2019) - Horror

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A boy receiving treatment for his auto-immune disorder discovers that the house he's living in isn't as safe as he thought.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Ciarán Foy
Stars: Charlie Shotwell, Kelly Reilly
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 67 out of 402 found boring (16.66%)

One-line Reviews (192)

All in all I enjoyed it though, it was fun and unexpected.

Good effects throughout, Eli dragged by invisible figures, apparently dead figures reaching for him.

Cliché after cliché after cliché.

From the beginning it is painfully obvious that they are trying to warn Eli that he is in danger, but they at some points want him to leave and at others want him to uncover the mystery, later they are completely gone from the movie.

Keeps attention well enough but is both boring and too fast.

But I enjoyed it !

With a 'confusing' twist.

Interesting twist on an unexpected subject .

Entertaining and claustrophobic throughout.

The story may seems like a cliche and until half of the movie is like you've seen it before.

It was all adding up to a good and interesting thriller with some decent enough shocks thrown in - and then came the last quarter of the movie or so, when this simply took on completely unexpected (not to mention silly, ridiculous, and foolish) religious angle that turned it into little more than yet another ho-hum "spawn of Satan" movie.

There was some spooky stuff and the plot twist was unpredictable.

The movie makes a nice promise and is quite mysterious at The behinning, but then just slips into confusion and nonsence.

As the plot progresses it gets very interesting and gripping.

The twist at the ending explains what is really going on and for most people will be unexpected.

Very unpredictable.

Boring, long and terrible story with a twist that will leave you annoyed and frustrated knowing that you've just wasted your precious time .

And it was a bit confusing, cuz it was a lot of details to handle all at once.

The performances are good, the scares are creepy, and the plot twists are unexpected.

Definitely not a must see, but ok for a slow TV night.

If you're bored and it's late, I'd give it a try!

The dawdling mother, who exhibits the wrong sort of emotions and seems contrived in delivery of her shock/dismay To me the womans doubts about the treatment showed strength in clarity and her assertiveness is taken away at the end and replaced with a weak , irritating shell.

Surprise unexpected twist at the end.

It lulls you into that false sense of security with a very promising start.

In general i thought it was quite good but at the start i felt like they were trying too hard with the jump scares but then it got better with all the plot twists and the events of the movie and i enjoyed it

This movie was so predictable it was nauseating.

The twist was worth watching the movie.

It's mind blowing.

I can't say that I was bored while watching it, which is weird and unexpected.

There's a second, unexpected twist at the end.

Complete waste of time.

Interesting plot, good acting, worth watching, although at some point you kind of know were the plot is going.

Worth the watch.

Worth the watch just for something a little different.

An entertaining horror, with an unpredictable twist at the end .

It's a little boring at times and mostly filled with jump scares.

Finally a movie worth watching .


The movie is really boring ,there is no sense of grim or any distress even in tense scenes.

By The end it is neither frightenning or confusing, it becoms totaly stupid.

The worst movie I've watched this year.

The ending makes up for the horrible dragging first half of the movie that felt somewhat cliche.

Thoroughly enjoyable horror.

The story is interesting and the end is unexpected.

Don't waste your time with this one unless you like being cheated out of your precious movie viewing time.

Good atmosphere, kinda boring .

A bit bland, but still enjoyable and, what's more, not predictable .

The most truly embarrassing thing about watching "Eli" is that I actually enjoyed it for about three quarters of its runtime.

I wouldn't waste my time watching this had I known where it was leading.

This is a complete waste of time.

It's worth watching imo

Enjoyable and original film.

Emotionless and boring, Taylor didn't seem to know what went on in this story.

However, as the film went on, I was pleasantly surprised (and scared senseless for a while there) that the plot was far from predictable.

A good solid movie, I enjoyed it, was not prepared for the end and found it entertaining enough to leave a comment.

The second act was slow and boring.

But while it is not great, it is entertaining enough.

Underrated at the time of writing (5.8/10)I like suspenseful, creative movies and this one was a surprisingly positive experience.

This is by far one of the worst movies out there.

Waste of time , bad story .

it started scary but in the end very exciting and an unexpected ending that made the whole movie even better.

Enjoyable film on a dark Friday night.

Good - unexpected storyline .

Very enjoyable and a must watch if you like your horrors 👻

Don't waste your time .

Waste of time.

Although it didn't made me sit on the edge of my chair most of the times, the scary feeling is there and will keep you questioning enough to keep this movie entertaining.

It is absolutely worth the watch if you are the type of person who doesn't have to analyze every word and step a character makes in a movie!

Don't waste your time because I wasted mine on this crappy movie.

Enjoyable movie with a very interesting ending twist .

the most questionable, generic and boring part of the movie the script starts changing the direction it's heading for.

The film tries for some cheap scares with something popping out which was predictable.

This is yet another horror flick failing to deliver any substance: hollow characters, repetitive conflict, and basic jump scares.

But when things seem to get worse and worse with every day passing, and treatments getting more intense, Eli uncovers secrets that lie deep within the facility, that will turn his own and everyone else's lives upside down with apocalyptic consequences.

The movie is very slow and vague in a bad way for about 3/4 of the film.

Another b-cliche movie from Netflix .

Worst movie of the year .

Some stuff is unbearable regarding kids: A child undergoing treatment, specially with a bone punch, needles n syringes, etc. is a bit upsetting.

Prediactable and boring .

Entertaining .

The story is weak and the scares are really predictable.

" There's some suspenseful, dramatic and eerie moments and Lili Taylor (The Haunting) & Sadie Sink (Stranger Things) are also featured.

Dont waste your time like i did

Perhaps there are other films out there which have the same ending but for me, the finale of which is new, the film was well worth the wait and with quite an unexpected ending.

Its as if someone trim and paste another movie into this movie cause everything doesnt make sense so to me, this show is a complete waste of time.

dull and frustrating at the second act.

Don't waste your time om this one.

SURE an entertaining horror , with unpredictable end.

Too cliché .

Worth watching if you like the genre.

You will be on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Although it wasn't the greatest of this genre of movie, I did find it enjoyable.

However, the ending was unpredictable and could not be foreseen.

In general, «Eli» in my opinion turned out to be moderately fascinating and sometimes inventive horror, capable of both intriguing and surprising.

But in the end everything falls flat with another cliche ending.

An enjoyable watch, and an awesome ending.

Enjoyable watch with a cheesy ending.

,when he revealed his true self.. Skip this, don't waste your time

Really dont bother it's shockingly bad,cliche ridden rubbish.

It meanders to the point that its boring.

soooo LONG and nothing happens.

It's cliché...

"Eli" is a 2019 Netflix horror movie that in its attempt to be mysterious ended up just being downright confusing.

This "The Haunting" formula (with the same actress, Lili Taylor) is watchable, even engaging and well-acted in parts, until the point where it completely falls apart during the unfathomably ludicrous "The Exorcist" parody (when we prepared to hear the boy start shouting in Linda Blair's voice).

It's not a scary film as such, more of an intense thriller.

It was really enjoyable, even for an experienced horror fan like me.

No story (please guys do your homework before trying to act like a writer, please), no acting, no cinema, no horror.

Bored to freaking death!

Solid story that makes perfect sense with unexpected ending.

Otherwise, the acting is pretty good, with a surprisingly good performance by the child actor (until the twist, where he portrays the confusion and anger that the audience is feeling).

It will keep you watching till the end and although slightly cheesy, it's a very unexpected ending.

What a waste of time

For sure one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Boring to watch.

This movie features one of the most cliche plot twists ever.

While the movie may not have much action, cheap scares, and lazy writing , the payoff was entertaining and worth the wait!

Lacked vision but still enjoyable.

Average horror movie, worth the watch if there isn't anything better.

Great acting, very tense and suspenseful throughout, some of the jump scares got me even when I saw them coming.

Bottom Line, worth the watch.

The Videography and production for this film is stunning with amazing camera angles and special Efx the tone of the film is bleak but it was very enjoyable to watch.

Boring, formulaic and predictable.

At the first act, the movie is intriguing.

Now this movie was so SLOW!

Don't waste your time .

And the ending twist is unpredictable.

It starts exciting but turns dull after literally ten minutes.

I think it's a really great movie, it was a little thrilling.

The ending was intense, well-acted, and surprising.

And it's very gripping.

Pointless satanic themes at the end that imply satan should be "stronger" than Christians.

Lazy stupid ending that made no sense, the whole movie was a complete snooze fest and completely stupid and mindless and pointless, the ending was lazily thrown together and made no sense and they whole movie did not fit in with any other scene of the movie, it's like a different movie thrown into one which makes it stupid and makes no sense and makes for an overall lazy movie, not surprised though coming from Netflix, all their movies suck so I didn't expect this one to be any different!

Eli really keeps you on the edge and has you guessing what the heck is going on from scene to scene.

Omg don't waste your time.

For me, the ending made the whole movie worth watching.

Well worth the watch .

Disjointed, confusing, and just plain goofy at times.

The build up I enjoyed with a mind blowing ending.

It's well worth watching, even if a LITTLE overboard and confusing at the end!

I'm sure some may have found the film to be slow at times or slightly confusing.

" It's a simple, suspenseful first-rate movie that catches the eye on the screen.

I saw this movie before it got any rewievs and thought then I can only bet it's worth watching.

A waste of time.

Enjoyable film with a satisfying ending twist .

I cannot believe that I fell for this movie, it's so lame and a waste of time, this is why I'm canceling Netflix (along side with the cancelation of The OA and Friends from College)Seriously don't waste your time!

-Most repetitive movie since Double Down.

It was an enjoyable film, albeit with a surprise ending that was totally unexpected.

I'm a fan of suspenseful thriller types of 'ghost movies', not a fan of demonic,gory, violent or bloody movies.

Overall, the movie presents several good ideas that could have made two or three decent films, but when put all together it comes across as a confusing mess.

This movie gave me an unexpected ending, good atmosphere and suspense.

Overall, I liked it, and I'm glad the film took risks by being different instead of following the typical cliché ghost story formula.

I suppose in some ways it deserves credit for not telegraphing that right from the start, but I just felt kind of let down when the story took such a weird and unexpected turn.

Unexpected .

Towards the end it is getting more dramatic with a little - rather unexpected - twist in the story, finally!

It went from being boring to suddenly getting a turn that was hysterically idiotic.

Lacking the scares with its slow direction but has a intense third act.

It starts painfully boring and slow then out of no where its fast and crazy.

Don't waste your time...

I fell asleep.

Still the movie in itself is worth the watch especially for the plottwist in the end.

Great movie with unexpected twist.

You get to a point of total confusion from the twist in the end though.

That's how boring that movie was.

Don't waste your time, watch ANY other movie instead.

Quite unexpected .

However, the movie is a bit slow paced and you'll have sometimes the feeling they tried to make it artificially longer.

It's not great - it's not The Shining, The Changeling, or The Exorcist - but it's a fairly original movie that's worth the watch.

Throughout the film it attempts to keep the viewer on their toes, making it very obvious from the get go that not all is as it seems, but in order to maintain the surprise of the twist ending throws out a number of red herrings and the eventual twist comes so far out of left field that there is no reason to suspect it, so it comes across as disjointed and confusing.

Eli is a horror film that is slow building with a concept about an auto immune disorder which the boy has to stay inside a house that is sanitized and hoping the doctors there can cure him.

You know how some movies like The 6th Sense have that cool twist at the end to make it exciting and shocking?

It was predictable and the end was utterly disappointing.

100% a entertaining movie that I recommend people to watch.

It was so cliché with a veey poor plot twost that never makes sense to anyone who knows a bit about horror movies.

Unpredictable .

I use the skip 10 seconds ahead frequently during the 4th or 5th sequence of the jump scare/dream type sequences which went on far too long.

Nonetheless entertaining for 98 minutes, with a twist ending you'll never see coming and makes you wanting more.

Don't waste your time .

To summarize, "Eli" is entertaining enough to enjoy the ride and has even enough material for a sequel.

The plot is very predictable and the twist of him being a Satan's offspring is an added cliche that was seen a lot of time before and doesnt even add any such shock value to a movie that rather feels quite dragging.

Pointless ghost and ending .

It is kind of boring throughout the movie with its dull plot.

The plot is dull and slow moving with its direction.

Bland .

It kept me hooked but to be frank, the ending was unexpected and I was not much impressed by it.

A Big milshake of the cliché horror movie , worst movie i see this year

Visually "Eli" feels like a big budget flick, there are few memorable frames, great FX (albeit lots of paranormal horror cliche scares and effects) and well done cinematography.

Unexpected .

The "genre" changes were very odd and unexpected to me.

Possibly the worst movie i have ever watched in my entire life

One of the absolute worst movies that I've ever seen !

Entertaining .

One of the most boring films I've ever seen turned this off after 45mins to bite my toe nails.