Elite (2018) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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When three working-class teenagers begin attending an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder.

IMDB: 7.6
Stars: Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Bernardeau
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 23 out of 269 found boring (8.55%)

One-line Reviews (87)

Yeah, it's binge worthy and enjoyable.

I really can't understand the hype like wtf, its just pure cliche.

I've watched three episodes, and while I find some parts very intriguing and well-done, there are other scenes that are just plain awful.


It's realky catchy and entertaining.

Flawless cast, entertaining happenings, unpredictable twists in the storyline.

No one gets out of this life easy, and Elite shows us this in a respectful and engaging way that we all experience as human beings.

I binge watched both seasons when they first came out and it's like a more saucy and intense gossip girl.

When I find that I haven't picked up my phone in hours, I know its entertaining as hell!

Some cliché tropes that are actually used in an original way, and some twist and turns I definitely did not see coming.

Great acting from Marina, Lu, Guzman, Cristian and Samu's bro, catching story, it keeps you on the edge all the time.

I guess is worth the watch .

Elite is fantastic and engrossing.

Hot and gripping drama .

Thrilling, romance, friendships?

Solidly entertaining for what it is.

You could say it's not original, it's cliche.

Season 2 was wild and crazy and fun, I liked the new characters, storylines and direction, Season 3 was very boring, I couldn't wait for it to be over tbh

Really worth watching it.

Be aware don't waste your time.

There's a lot of pointless sex (hetero/bi/gay), a lot of issues that make the story really boring at the end.

Too many ingredients in just one season: rich people boredom, murder, disease, sexual disorientation, adoption, racism, illegal acts, bullying...

Sex, drugs, and murder in racy, compelling Spanish import.

The plot was just propaganda against a group of people.

I couldn't understand that much abt what was happening but the end was like so weird , and i still don't getting why he killed her , like the reason that i think it is , is just weird, but i enjoyed it , wouldn't watch again

Normally such a waste of time contain 9.5 and this has only 7 and half.

Entertaining .

A very engaging drama with brilliant characters and top quality acting talent.

You wait the whole series for the last episode and then nothing happens and they make you wait for the 3rd season.

And I'm really enjoying this serial and still hope the next season will be more entertaining.

The relationships in season 2 as well as the conflict and resolution was very interesting and mind blowing.

Season 1 was nice, season 2 was breathtaking.

great acting by the whole ensemble, loads of twists and gripping twists and cliffhangers.......

When I first heard of Elite I thought it was another teen drama, with a lot of drama, and a very boring script.

The scenes appear to be out of sequence, so the story line becomes even more confusing.

It's entertaining and does keep the viewer engaged despite that.

I love the characters and it's just a really entertaining story and I care about the characters.

This show has some loopholes and confusing storyline, overall not a WOW feeling.

but the show is too slow, sometimes naive.

The acting is superb, the story is compelling and very well written.

The most cliche' ridden series ever.

At first glance this is a murder case and a "Suspenseful" Netflix tab sets the expectations for an epic teen murder mystery which end up at a bunch of weird love stories.

Extremely intense and breathtaking .

Very interesting with very intensive scenes.


This series is really entertaining us.

It's entertaining and suspenseful, it also features gay relationships that in my opinion are presented well.

It is absolutely what I love and every episode is thrilling start to finish.

This movie is full of ups and downs, the plot is definitely unpredictable, from this movie I learned a lot about friendship, open-minded ness, bravery, and honesty.

It's enterntaining and it has a solid plot, the story is gripping and the show is visually appealing (mostly because of the actors lol) Plus honestly the fact that it's in spanish is kinda refreshing.

Great cast, check Thrilling story, check Suspense, double check Plit twist, check High budget, checkIf you are a fan of this genre, this series is a must.

Riverdale makers should sit on the floor and learn from their Spanish counterparts how to create a compelling story.

Lu is unpredictable .

Dramatic, Mysterious, Thrilling .

Fascinating .

If you've watched Broadchurch or Bodyguard, they're far superior in the "whodunit" aspect with a new suspect in each episode and unexpected twists.

The second season starts off in a very confusing manner.


This new Spanish series is excessive, yes, but it is well directed and has such a great technical approach as well as being very, very entertaining.

Though fun to watch, and quite enjoyable, Elite fails in deliver a good and cohesive storytelling.

The series hooked me instantly and is very entertaining.

I laughed I was on the edge of my seat.

It was extremely exciting.

Every episode was a punch of feelings, character development and unexpected twists.

Exhilarating and intense .

The idea is somehow old but the show is good i wont give it too much as I got bored a lot in between and stopped days before re continue from where I left off.

dialogues are predictable...

its super boring.

Too sexual: students (16 years old) who are acting like adults- the best example is a couple being bored so they are looking for 3some.

And in that Elite becomes a compelling watch.

It is a caricature of sterotypes, with silly dialogues and boring plot

Or same couple being bored that they are looking for 3some.

Thrilling, exciting, fresh .

Enjoyable .

But gotta say that I finished the serie in less than a week so, it HAS something or I was probably really bored.

I thought the characters and the situations they found themselves in were so contrived and unbelievable, so it's completely fair to put this series in the category of fantasy.


They need to make this show more worth watching despite of putting all threesome gay unusal things and makes no one wanna puke

Saucy, hot, suspenseful, engaging, and all the good stuff.

It has everything: a gripping plot, complex, interesting characters, beautiful people, good acting, sensuality and tension.

enjoyed it!.

Overall, this series has a high level of predictability and runs the risk of becoming routine and repetitive.

way more intriguing than others!

So many scenes are far too fast (even 10 seconds long) and without any depth in it; there are too many characters that somehow match to each other and to their families, making the consequences of their actions predictable.

A crisply written, fast paced, well acted, amazing series that will have you gasping in shock, cheering for the underdog, and screaming at the TV.

The most disgusting series i have ever seen, there is no story here just lesbians and gays having fun in FIESTAS, there is a fiesta in every single episode and i don't understand it...

I kinda bored when I watching it...