Elite Squad (2007) - Action, Crime, Drama

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In 1997 Rio de Janeiro, Captain Nascimento has to find a substitute for his position while trying to take down drug dealers and criminals before the Pope visits.

IMDB: 8.1
Director: José Padilha
Stars: Wagner Moura, André Ramiro
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 6 out of 118 found boring (5.08%)

One-line Reviews (59)

The film is shot in a manner similar to other recent Brazilian crime fair, but instead of the bursting intensity of City of God, the directors shoot in drab colours, with a drab lead, expounding a far from subtle, and rather sinister, social message.

This movie is ultra-violent, fast paced and has a plot that is all over the place (apparently, with some people saying that it is hard to follow).

Shocking, thrilling, amazing.

Tropa de Elite (2007) is an intense film that delves deep into who the BOPE (Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais) are and how it change you as a person.

Elite Squad is an impressive and enjoyable film.

I won't go into detail about the story, but it is both believable and compelling.

The film was thoroughly entertaining and interesting with a good story that never thins.

An excellent and intense film .

The film as a whole manages to entwine the two and make a compelling film out of it.

Still, it's exciting,and in some respects, if you can judge by the comments from Brazil, it tells the truth.

'Elite Squad' always seems to be compared to or mentioned in the same breath as 'City of God', but they are at heart very different movies, with 'Elite Squad', despite the merits of the other is the more challenging and gripping feature.

Unelite and Unwatchable .

Immersive, hypnotic and engaging, "Tropa de Elite" guarantees Padilha to be noticed on a more mainstream circuit.

It is well directed, well acted, and well worth watching.

adrenaline-filled .

Excellent and thrilling film based on real events .

Now they have to pass by an intensive training, were just 5% of the soldiers can become a BOPE agent and fight the traficants at the Rio's slum quarters.

Elite Squad is a punch in the stomach, it is semi-fiction but also 100% pure reality, the best portrait of Rio de Janeiro violence and drug problems from an unexpected perspective.

Accompanied by a sometimes distracting voice over, the audience is given proper time to find themselves immersed in the narrative and characters.

The characterisation and the script are crude and cliché-ridden.

Having seen "Cidade de Deus" and thoroughly enjoyed it (though it is a grim tale), I was at first having high hopes for "Tropa de Elite".

Ultra-violent but dramatically compelling .

Not quite what I expected, but still a taut and compelling action drama .

The story is told in a disjointed fashion.

Intense amount of corruption and violence is present here, however brilliantly fleshed out characters lifts the film from being trite after the 1000th gunshot.

The hypocrisy of rich people getting upset on the cops for the necessary body check-ups at the check-points, while they themselves buy and use drugs (thus entertaining the drug business and therefore the guns of the drug-dealers and so the necessary body check-ups) is well depicted here.

Watch Wagner Moura put in a chillingly intense performance as Captain Nascimento, the captain of BOPE whose under a massive amount of pressure.

It combines a discussion about the problem of violence in Rio de Janeiro, the police corruption and the society responsibility and, what is more important, Elite Squad is a terrific thriller: nervous, intriguing and entertaining.

Brilliantly fleshed out characters lifts the film from being trite after the 1000th gunshot.

" ending (probably influenced by the breathtaking finale of "Paradise Now"), the filmmakers demands us to take sides about a very, VERY complex issue they've shown us only ONE angle of.

The training scene was also pretty boring because we already sow that kind of stuff in other 100 Hollywood movies.

E is a thrilling part for the naive civilians like me.

While Tropa de Elite probably isn't quite as deserving of the mountains of praise that has been heaped upon it, it is still a solid thriller with some intense action scenes and a matter of fact attitude towards the events that unfold which manages to dispel any suspicions of sensationalism.

The favelas are a visually stunning real-world setting: overcrowded, decrepit shanty-towns, chiseled into the jagged outcroppings of Rio's coastal mountain range and in stark opposition to the natural beauty of the surrounding forest.

Given the bad script, ugly characters, poor acting, and terrible direction, this is basically unwatchable.

Action packed...

Intense, visceral and compelling Brazilian crime film .

Too Fragmented, Messed-Up & Confusing.

It's breathtaking!

But to me, City of God is simply more shocking and visually stunning.

I recommend you to watch this film because is entertaining and maybe you will learn some things that you didn't know about our societies.

Exciting as well as moving musical score .

Instead of urgency or excitement, it creates confusion and nausea.

Still, the rules of the outfit are clear: if you want to leave, you have to find a replacement.

The photography is stunning and the action is extreme and realistic.

However, he needs to find a replacement and with the pope coming over to pay a visit in just a few days time, pretty darn snappy.

Scenes showing the moving of Nascimento's squad through favelas are exciting and suspenseful and the movie for most of the time makes you feel like you're watching a documentary.

A total waste of money and time.

In my opinion the film presents strong scenes that depict violence in the favelas of Brazil is exciting while at the same time revolting the violence of our country.

Co-written & directed by José Padilha, there isn't much wrong with the singular aspects here for the direction is pretty good, screenplay does put up some interesting characters on screen, and its raw handling of its subject matter does evoke a gritty feel but what the film lacks is a proper presentation for the whole picture has a messed-up structure which makes it very difficult to follow.

The very matter-of-factly way that the director chooses to tells the history is something awfully engaging for those who live or are in touch with the facts portrayed in the screen.

In his mind, all non-elite policemen are corrupt and incompetent, all charity NGOs in the favelas are cover-up fraudulent enterprises, all college students are useless double-faced potheads, and legal procedures are an inefficient waste of time.

Tropa de Elite is a fascinating counterpoint to Fernando Meirelles' City of God.

Every aspect does have a few things that are impressive, but it fails to seamlessly integrate into one engaging motion picture.

Although the film is rated R, I think this rating is actually deceiving, as the film is more intense than most R films--with a lot of violence, torture and an attempted rape near the end that is horrifying.

When the "favela reality" movies seem to be running out of 'ideas' - trying to profit by copying the acclaimed "City of God" over and over -, director José Padilha (of the equally engrossing documentary "Bus 174") brings us "Tropa de Elite" ("Elite Squad"), the most controversial Brazilian film in a long time, having sold millions of pirated DVD copies even before its theatrical release (and still managed to become the biggest Brazilian movie event of 2007).

This film is simple and very enjoyable with plenty of satisfying action and even great satisfying dialogue.

On these terms, "Elite Squad" succeeds because it's a well-told, fast-paced story, told with the simplistic, high-on-adrenaline documentary style of filmmaking.

What stops the film attaining true greatness is the fact the first third of the film takes up too much time showing the often banal apathetic routine role of the police .