End of Watch (2012) - Action, Crime, Drama

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Shot documentary-style, this film follows the daily grind of two young police officers in LA who are partners and friends, and what happens when they meet criminal forces greater than themselves.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: David Ayer
Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Peña
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 70 out of 376 found boring (18.61%)

One-line Reviews (365)

It is a buddy movie with a cast of engaging and capable actors.

I simply liked the sound of the film a lot; the feel was intense and good throughout.

Ayer's stylistically gonzo filmmaking style is both inventive and gripping altogether (the POV scene is among the best), while the two actors -- Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena, are top-notch.

END OF WATCH (2012)Most police buddy films are predictable and stereotyped.

So you sit and wait for this waste of time going down before you eyes and it seems like it is finally going to happen, it's going to end.

Utilizing hand-held cameras, not only by cops, but also gangsters in the district, creates a well-molded gripping tale of everyday life of a LA police unit.

You felt the intensity through the realism and the emoting and it really made you get on the edge of your seat at times.

Realistic, insightful, funny, moving, unexpected and terrifying .

That's the sign of a damn good film, when even with a conventional plot line and predictable finale, you still walk away feeling emotional.

And the dialogue in this is what really drives the movie since it's effective while also being it being entertaining.

After 20 minutes I had to leave the theater, sick to my stomach.

Worth watching!

The variation of shot does not move around to the point that confuses, annoys or bores instead creates a comfortable, entertaining atmosphere.

There were times you were laughing, times you were on the edge of your seat and times you were crying.

The scripting is great and I was thoroughly immersed for the whole movie.

In a quick nutshell -- This was quite good and very unexpected.

For as entertaining and light-hearted as it is at times, End Of Watch has many dark, brutally violent, and emotionally impacting scenes that are not for the feint of heart.

Director David Ayer who is known for writing Training Day has directed a film that is so intense and powerful that you will never forget that you ever saw it.

There's some genuinely gripping material here with the opening car chase, the home entries, and the shootouts.

The action scenes are intense and i feel like i am in the movie when i watch.

We know things that they don't, and that makes the drama more intense as the danger closes in.

The main story of the film is incredibly compelling.

And the story just about covers all the sexier aspects of policing, with danger at every turn, unexpected for the most parts in what may seem like a low risk, routine patrol call or response.

The police crime-drama "End of Watch" is worth watching for its daring play of using a documentary-style take on the work of two fictional Los Angeles police officers, who would be Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala.

This movie was intense from start to finish.

As the viewer you're gradually lulled in to their lives and almost feel a part of it.

A Great suspenseful film with little issues .

In fact I really don't know what this movie is about, IMO it is just a waste of your hard earned money, unless of course hearing F**K before and after every other word is your kind of entertainment...

Ayer, who started out as a screenwriter, also has an ear for snappy noir dialogue.

The film is more suspenseful than any horror film I've seen lately, and the screenplay is outstanding.

'End of Watch' is a great film, both an intense action drama and a realistic and fascinating insight into daily life of a police officer.

The story told in a simple yet most absorbing way as we see this pair from both angles – professional cops at work and human beings same as the rest of us.

It is a waste of time, a waste of money, just a waste.

I realized very quickly that in just wanting to get to the end of film that I thought was pretty pointless all the way though, that I had underestimated how good it really was.

I think you'll find End of Watch to be a gritty and engrossing film.

Really entertaining.

A bold, gritty and fiercely entertaining cop movie .

The editing is tight and it makes what could've been a slightly boring movie move a lot faster.

I was immediately intrigued by the fast paced opening scene, and impressed by the incredibly realistic banter between Pena and Gyllenhaal.

It was an overall a great film action packed & a lot more ace than what it looked on the poster!

all the while providing great action sequences that'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

Although, as typical of a David Ayers script, the dialog is crisp and believable and captures (what I imagine) realistic cop jargon, the supposed friendship of the two characters feels forced, artificial and contrived.

I waited two hours to find out there's no real plot.

As flawed as it may be, END OF WATCH remains a fairly compelling effort to watch for.

Part of this obligation is fulfilled by having concise insight into the gang life, while the rest is achieved by somewhat suspenseful car chases and thrillingly impressive shootouts.

The ensuing chase and conclusion was linear and predictable, with most of the action already shown in the various trailers.

A stunning picture, superlative in every way...

End of Watch is a spectacular, haunting, and intense journey through the lives of two police officers and their squadron as well as the families of the main characters involved.

This is a dark gritty realistic portrayal of life as an officer with an intense story thrown in to up the adrenaline.

They are portrayed as thrill-seekers, and the movie uses large time lapses in real time to move the story along to the more exciting things that might happen in a cop's daily grind.

Usually cop films are very predictable due to simple plots and poor storytelling.

There is a rah rah sentiment that underscores Taylor and Zavala's heroics all the way leading up to the poorly executed, predictable ending.

Some scenes are fast-paced and filled with action, and some scenes are unbearably slow.

It made my heart race, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me smile, I was on the edge of my seat, I was scared, I mean..every emotion.

With the shaky found footage style, End of Watch comes off as much more realistic as the norm as the close-ups are intense, the action is right on your face, and sometimes the gruesome images find its way in center frame far longer than you desire.

The story line is a bit daft and some of the dialogue goes a bit 'Pulp Fiction' but I enjoyed it.

During the latter portion of the film (the final 20 minutes) credit must be given to Ayer and his ability to build just the right amount of tension within the story, as to allow audiences to become invested in a somewhat predictable ending.

As banal and trite as these dramatic encounters may sound, writer-director David Ayer (Street Kings, Harsh Times) evens out the effect with contemporary (and politically incorrect) narratives.

After watching many films in a row that put me to sleep, this one kept me awake and fully immersed into the story.

really boring.

There's some logic to the action, and it's exciting If there is a weakness to the film it is that Brian and Mike never seem to have an ordinary call.

But for the rest of the film where we're meeting the characters and hearing their back stories it all feels a bit jarring and pointless.

You still have the entertaining banter between the two leads that has been a staple of the genre since its popularity surged in the 80's with movies like Lethal Weapon and Tango and Cash.

Making the whole production feel compelling and fresh.

While the acting is generally quite good, the characters are mostly contrived and clichéd and none of them feels particularly real or relatable, which detracts from the overall feel of the movie.

All in all, it was an intense and quite emotional movie to watch.

It's a highly entertaining, tension filled ride of a movie.

I think I'll start going to youtube and at least streaming the first 20 minutes(slow connection) and watching it before buying in the future despite seeing great reviews from 3 review sites and saying NO to hurriedly buying movies without scanning them first.

One of the worst movies i have ever seen.

that was boring.

The movie even starts off like an episode of COPS with an exciting chase scene.

Hard-hitting and absorbing cop drama with hot-shot up-and-coming LAPD patrolmen (Gyllenhaal and Pena both giving career- high turns with lived-in aplomb) who stumble upon a drug cartel with deadly results.

Her personality linked up quite nicely with Gyllenhaal's, yet the development of her character was about as predictable as a Cinderella re-make.

Gripping realism, edge of seat tension, visceral reactions, a wide range of emotions as well as a lot of authentic humour.

The movie is very involving as well as entertaining and it's pretty action-packed.

While the lead stars shine on their beautiful down-to-earth bromance, there's a grim reality about to affect their lives thus makes this an indeed so compelling film.

Comments, questions, or want a DVD reviewed before you waste your time?

4-the really acting by villains and extras casts -besides few dialog of the lead actors, dialogs are pretty predictable and boring.

I went into this moving expecting a good cop drama, and walked out feeling like my eyes were accosted.

) What follows is 2 hours of engrossing cinema without peer this year.

By an hour into the movie, as bad as the villain was, I was really hoping that they would just end the protagonist so that I could leave the theater.

The story line was insanely predictable.

In fact it's like watching a very exciting version of "Cops" TV show, even some parts are shot in a found footage kinda way.

Not only was there great acting and good casting, but the film was action packed and very exciting throughout.

In lieu of a formulaic action/thriller from the man who penned U-571, The Fast and the Furious, Training Day and S.

This movie is very compelling and has a very sad and shocking ending.

One of the worst movies I've seen this year.

It is in turns realistic, insightful, funny, moving, unexpected and terrifying.

It also focuses on very deep issues of the Mexican cartel and gang wars but at the same time there is a counter balance of comedy which makes the movie very entertaining.

Although still fairly predictable, this was a good film, with a good cast and story, and I really enjoyed it!

I don't know, maybe if I hadn't fallen to sleep during the movie because it was so BORING I would know what the govt was up to.....

Two thumbs down, not worth watching, waste of time and money.

Sounds boring, right?

Although predictable, the story is very engaging and relate-able.

Led by a man known as Big Evil (because his "evil is big"), the cartel sets up a riveting last act that pits the two resourceful cops in an all-out war with the whole gang of fully- automatic-toting baddies.

I was so insanely bored by "found footage" of some loser cop's college class project that I would rather have watched a documentary on the history of drinking straws.

For me, End of Watch has across the board fantastic acting and engaging-funny-suspenseful writing.

(the fight at the beginning) As far as the movie goes, Jake, as always, gives another intense performance.

The film's all hand held cameras and snappy cuts, pausing now and then only to capture noir infused, sun drenched shots of California.

David Ayer delivers a realistic plot that draws the viewer into the action of the story, to share the emotion and adrenaline with the main characters.

Only when some Mexican drug lord has had enough of the two young rookies, ruining his business and killing secret storage and torture hideouts, evil rises to unexpected levels, unforeseen by the LAPD.

Jake Gyllenhaal gives a riveting and gritty performance.

So be prepared for a lot of fresh, imaginative, action packed and suspenseful scenes.

The gimmicky shaky-cam style and unrealistic moments aside, this film is simply dull.

Two good cops, a rotten city and a stunning screenplay.

What makes Ayer's film compelling are many factors.

and each other in an entertaining smash that will leave you speechless and humbled.

The point of view cameras do give us an interesting look at the action and some new perspective into how it's all made, which I thought was really cool, but I mean the lack of story line and constant shooting was beyond ridiculous.

In a just over ten years, he's written and/or directed five police corruption movies – from the Academy Award winning Training Day, to 2008′s formulaic cop romp Street Kings.

If I want to see home video I will watch my friend's boring vacation videos.

Overall "End of Watch" had a frustrating lack of exciting twists and turns.

They do ultimately seem necessary though as the film needs action to keep it going, and to create the realistic document of day to day police life it's trying to create, which does get pretty brutal sometimes despite the mostly mundane times in between.

I felt more like I was playing Grand Theft Auto side missions then watching a gripping Hollywood film.

At times it's hard to follow because of the earlier mentioned cinematography, though it's not too distracting or common an issue in this.

A lot of the "action" scenes were just fast-moving, indiscernible images, as though the camera were being flipped and spun around like a football.

The friendly banter back and forth as they await their next call is enjoyable to witness.

Don't waste your time

I really liked this gritty movie, most everything about it was perfect, the acting was exceptional, the story was gripping and authentic.

But what "End of Watch" does succeed in doing is creating a fairly entertaining film about cops that will undoubtedly exceed the undeniably low expectations in the back of every audience members mind, as they buy tickets for a movie that clearly isn't "Training Day".

Surprisingly enjoyable with a mixture of intense drama, humour and confronting moments.

Confusing but entertaining .

End of Watch delves in to a genre with numerous clichéd pitfalls from becoming yet another hand-held movie to a predictable cop story.

It's got a gripping storyline, a bit of romance, and is full of comedy.

there are far better movies of this genre which have more compelling plot, characters and dialogue.

Only negative was sometimes over use of the hand held camera, and slightly predictable story.

As an a viewer, I felt entirely immersed into these guys' lives.

The cop-story is trite--even formulaic, with two young cops finding themselves battling gang violence and drug smuggling in south-central LA.

It is the quickest and easiest way to get a great bell-ringing headache, and waste whatever money it cost you to rent it.

The dialogue is engaging, the characters are funny and interesting, and the plot is very suspenseful.

This is a gripping movie.

They built the story up very nicely and then it just ended totally empty.

If you know Southland this is in the same vein - about a day in the life of Los Angeles cops who go through an ugly world of turf wars and broken homes and all that we soak up - but pointless.

Evil", were amateurish in their acting, and the gang members were beyond stereotypical, but trite.

 This, by itself is a very interesting, compelling premise.

Worth watching.

In spite of appearances, it is a truly intense and engaging cop side view movie like I didn't saw from much time, technically well-done, shot and narrate in a modern key.

gritty and pointless .

Secondly, and the reason why I wrote so much about the movie, is that the film about cops is very long overdue.

Writer-director David Ayers comes up with a tricky visual conceit--presenting much of the action via assorted recording devices--that proves too much of a nuisance; Ayers is too concerned with showing us who is doing the recording and why, and after awhile the narrative gets cluttered up with pointless exposition.

But it also gets intense by involving you in all the action.

If you like intense movies like Crash, Stuck or Drive then this is for you.

End of Watch works by virtue of witty dialog, good rapport between the actors and a highly entertaining premise.

i really enjoyed it and i hope you too.

You learn about the two cops (played by Gyllenhaal and Pena) really quickly - their dedication, friendship, flaws and prejudices - and through the medium of the camera, explained at the beginning, you are dragged front-and-centre along with them on their shifts.

While the performances are very grounded, some of the plot points seemed to me rather contrived.

For what it is, it is good entertainment with accurate and real tactical situation that pump up the adrenaline level, and mild painful humor when the oh-so-serious villains plot an ambush or whatever they do.

The whole fly-on-the-wall doesn't seem really necessary, sometimes it adds some interatcion with the other characters, other times it can be tedious and feel forced as he stops to change the camera battery or whatever.

This is crucial in justifying found-footage technique — a pair of theatrical wisecracks hamming it up for the camera — further put to brilliant use in enhancing intense, sweaty, claustrophobic scenes.

Both supporting families the film follows the experience of the two cops in their eventful day to day lives, as well as their intimate relationship with their families but also the close and entertaining comrade with each other.

Overall a very good film great opening and ending as well as some action packed scene intertwined with some really good acting and writing from the director and main actors.

The movie will, as soon as it start, be a cliché of everything.

The semi-documentary format creates a feeling of authenticity which makes the movie even more intense.

It's hilarious, suspenseful, and truly tormenting.

predictable end of watch despite interesting film making .

 and even was the screenwriter of The Fast and Furious, it's a very exciting movie to look forward toward.

It humanizes the characters beyond their roles and uniform, and this is what makes End of Watch so engaging from start to finish.

The camerawork, intended to add grit and authenticity, only serves to cheapen an already dirt-poor film and makes it more difficult to follow its lazy action sequences.

The movie is fast paced.

There's nothing wrong with filming it like this, it's just it seems a little pointless to me.

If there's no conflict, it's dull.

I honestly didn't expect much but this film was truly thrilling, entertaining, and moving to a degree.

The characters were pretty good & realistic to the daily life in America with gun crimes along with the action scenes which were epic & intense!

I found the whole gang warfare thing to be quite boring and every 'gang' character that I met throughout it all just irritated the hell out of me.

A well thought out and original storyline sets the scene for a very real and powerful film, which dives into the most intimate and intense moments of a Police Officers life.

A little bit of a slow starter, but once it gets going, End of Watch will have you gripping the edge of your seat until the jaw dropping finale.

It is a fast paced film with a lot of action.

This lack of discernible time-line is confusing, because several other events in the movie feel like they could be happening within days, or possibly weeks.

The style in which the film was created makes even the dull moments great fun to watch.

and it comes off like a loving, respectful tribute to the field of police work, this dangerous, thankless job(and to those calling it propaganda...

However, when being used by the cardboard-cut-out antagonists its purpose of being feels somewhat contrived and a tad pointless, as the reasons for its use appear flimsy.

"Black Hawk Down" for cops, the film's a love-letter to the thin blue line, a blood-and-guts glorification of "those who keep the savages at bay", which is to say, it's total propaganda and trades in bogus mythology.

As it is, it's a bunch of people stumbling through cliché after cliché.

I recommend, its worth watching.

"End of Watch", in my review, "an entertaining cop drama, with pain-staking realism".

Action packed with some great writing .

This has emotion it is sad, funny, intense, gripping, raw and powerful with real performances by Gyllenhaal and Pena and a story that has your attention to the very end.

The films final moments after an onslaught of brutal violence are haunting and compelling a reminder of what we've just watched and how powerful it's effect.

Intense Cop Drama with a Best Picture feel .

Pretentious and poorly directed .

Before you know it, the second and third acts draw you deeper into an incredible story of brotherhood that is as touching as its intense narrative on fighting the good fight.

I've watched the movie twice, and it's still thrilling me.

when I found myself wishing someone would use a different swearword to stop the boredom I stopped watching the film.

So except for the ending (which sucked) I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who won't confuse it with reality.

It grants the audience something that breaks away from the run of the mill story and ventures them into the unexpected.

Found footage's finest so far - an intense cop thriller that feels real .

Let's see some new and intriguing film from said director of "End Of Watch".

Bored .

The story is just so real and so intense that makes your hair stand straight.

Raw, intense, realistic.

I dont need to waste my time with a spoiler tag because the plotline could be predicted (and could have been written by) any call of duty playing nine year old boy of below average intelligence.

That was probably done, again, for further involvement and all of that, but as the result the movie became absolutely unwatchable in terms of the storytelling.

Boring, Forgettable, Weak Story, and Characters that you don't care about.

Overall an intense and unforgettable movie - a totally gripping police drama.

Some chaotic scenes become a little bit confusing when the camera is constantly changing from first person shots to third person angles.

The footage point of view can seem confusing and some of the shots look too much like a video game, in fact you might think they have inserted footage from a games console.

Actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena show some amazing chemistry on screen and their performances bring out the best of the film, especially as the two went through an intensive training program including ride-alongs to prepare their roles.

And realistic and yet entertaining dialogue between the two and other characters.

It's not as gritty, intriguing, complex nor exciting as any of his other, better films; just as familiar.

It became a bit repetitive.

The time stretches out and the viewer alternates between sleep-inducing boredom and frankly unbelievable situations (like when the heroes are shot at at virtually point-blank range by three machine guns and escape with barely a scratch).

But engaging drama with two characters you grow attached to as it progresses because of the great chemistry between them.

A riveting, two hour 'ride-along' with the the LAPD.

And with dialog full of mocking jokes, pranks, and personal stories while they drive the streets of South Central LA and intense action shot right from the chest of each officer, both of their officer characters come to life in what is easily one of the most realistic and honest partner stories ever to be put on film.

this is the most boring movies i've ever seen in my entire life, it ruined my day with boredom, now i need to relieve my mind and clear it from this piece of trash.

It becomes a difficult picture to end, but Ayer succeeds by means of a quite unexpected coda.

Maybe they should just one extra time include a line where someone could say "(insert cliché phrase) ladies!

The film succeeds because it takes a pretty honest look at police work in the often dangerous situation of south Los Angeles, and punctuates that with some pretty gripping action.

Trite and formulaic cop story .

When it gets serious it becomes really intense, makes you wish both of them are safe on their dangerous jobs.

Its too cheesy for a serious movie and poor for a entertaining movie What works is the sensible acting by the lead actors.

Intense, graphic and edge of your seat rush, by far the most factual depiction of LA Law Enforcement that I have seen since the Joseph Wambaugh inspired movies of the 1970's.

As expected, I was completely swept in the seemingly typical yet compelling story riddled with not-so-typical camera work - impressively evoking more than just crafty tension.

First of all, there is no storyline here.

This is an even paced, entertaining movie.

It seems such a waste of human life.

It keeps you watching during the slow points and puts you on the edge of your seat when the guns come out, which is exactly what you want from a film in this genre.

This movie has absolutely no plot and takes the found footage premise to new lows.

I actually find the show Southland to be more real and entertaining.

If yes, I can see these positive aspects and can give the film that, but it is all hidden by poor direction, a unstructured plot, and boring screenplay.

Also, without spoiling it, the end is very predictable.

Greatly intriguing portrayal of the LAPD.

Gripping, tragic and utterly unafraid to go to gruesome places, End of Watch is a hugely pleasant surprise for a genre which has become all about the duality of crooked cops and surprise twist reveals that pluck an undercover cop out of thin air at the most opportune moment.

After an exciting opening shootout they get perhaps a bit full of themselves and investigate a house they might shouldn't have investigated.

The entire film, save for the last 15 minutes was a disjointed, hodgepodge mess of non related scenes thrown together like some extended version of the TV show C.

boring .

Now sure, there are many times when the footage on screen could not be from any of the characters or cameras that inhabit the world of the film, but we roll with it because the story is so intriguing, heart-pounding, and non-stop that we can't real waste time thinking who could be filming what we are seeing.

And by formulated I do, indeed, imply formulaic as the screenplay offers many of American cinemas favorite themes and structures.

Don't waste your time on it.

Even though this movie is pretty exciting, you do feel its 2 hour running time.

They are the enemy of almost everyone in the area they work in, and due to their extensive rabble-rousing in the station and on the streets together, are looked down upon by the remainder of the police department.

Ayer uses just enough shaky-cam to ensure the audience believes in their protagonists, played with a great amount of charisma and believable brotherly affection by Jake Gyllenaal and Michael Peña, and to create a real sense of inevitable and unpredictable violence around every street corner.

"End of Watch" offers an intense look at the life of L.

Engaging and entertaining as hell .

The ribbing gets a little tiresome as there's a little too much of it during the film.

One of My Favourite Movies, End of Watch Features Two Fun and Believable Lead Performances, Great Laughs, and Intense Action .

David Ayer has crafted an intense, hard hitting drama that benefits from the two excellent performances by the two leads.

Whilst the film's first hour is thrilling, it becomes increasingly racist and stereotypical as it progresses.

Make no mistake, End of Watch is an intense actioner when it chooses to be.

The use of these are not like Cloverfield, Battle LA, or Paranormal Activity, the POV shot in this film with their moments parallel the story ( meaning they are fast when in needs to be fast and slow when it calls for it) and also allows the establishment of the setting, which is very hard to do in POV.

'What the film lacks in term of plot development it more than makes up for in entertainment value, with some intense action scenes, genuinely funny moments and a great script.

intense .

The previews made it seem like it was going to be fast paced.

Instead of relying on an orthodox plot-driven piece to illustrate just how challenging it is to police South Central Los Angeles, this crime drama focuses on the work of a couple of young, honest LAPD officers who're routinely thrown into situations that are extremely dangerous, unpredictable and potentially life-threatening.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen .

Attempts to show the daily life of the LAPD and is truly riveting .

More politically, this was crappy propaganda for macho violence, police and civilian.

without anything else going on), some people see your movie as classless or even a confusing pile of dung!

I somewhat forgive the home videos and shaky camera effect because it ended up being an entertaining watch.

Which is just as well, as End of Watch is certainly well worth watching.

It is a lot more exciting than it sounds, mainly due to the found footage style which offers some incredibly nail biting sequences, the most affecting of which involves the cops searching an abandoned drug den only to make an even more shocking discovery.

worst movie I have seen in theaters in a VERY long time .

Frantic, intense, awesome so it deserves a 10.

You just have to make sure you go all the way to the end of "End of Watch" because the conclusion of this film is quite compelling.

But bolstering with strong performances from the two leads and a great supporting cast which includes Cody Horn, America Ferrera, Joel Edgerton and the really likable Anna Kendrick End of watch is an original, action drama with a frantic kinetic energy that lends itself to the films overall compelling effect.

Enjoyable Cop Thriller That Has Some Shaky Areas, and I Don't Mean The Camera It Was Shot On .

I could only recall a generally overused style in terms of creating suspense utilised to its absolute best, along with strongly absorbing characters accompanied by even stronger performances.

The found footage element of the back-story is a complete waste of time - if you want to film a documentary style, just do it, don't create a convoluted premise.

As things come to a boil, the realism of the film really unravels in favor of a more compelling, heart-pounding finale.

If it just fixed it's slow start it would've been an A+!

The dialogue sounds spontaneous and is overwhelmed by expletives that in previous years would have been bleeped, but now with social media absorbing everyone's life the words are simply common language and keep the story real.

The camera shots are mostly hand held, with very fast paced editing, so be prepared for a roller coaster ride for an hour and forty nine minutes.

This works well, and as a viewer I am quickly immersed into the action.

The film for the most part is upbeat, entertaining, well written, well acted, and well filmed.

By allowing the characters to have more of a human setup and the action to take on a more stylistic approach, there is a nice lack of perfunctory criminal/heist plot and an absence of repetitive serious cop banter.

From start to finish, End of Watch is a combination of intense drama, plenty of humour, and some very confronting moments.

I do not give high notes for any film, but this one is frantic, intense, awesome so it deserves a 10.

(As cliché as that sounds, you go see it and tell me I'm wrong.

As well as the heart of the story, there's fast paced car chases, there's shoot outs and there's some gruesome and intense violence at times.

The naturally elaborate chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña feels almost unmatchable, maintaining its genuine and energetic tone despite the occasional drift to mundane dialogue.

Kudos to Ayer for making amateur home movie footage riveting.

No plot, pointless.

They get a message out calling for backup, which seems dreadfully slow in coming.

The film's unwielding use of brutal violence and gore at key moments - including a police officer with a knife stuck in his eye and mutilated bodies found in an abandoned house - mixed with the cheery and fraternal atmosphere between the partners creates a distinctly strange and unpredictable vibe to this brilliant film.

They are really enjoyable to watch for.

It's slow, dark and gritty.

And she looked stunning on stage introducing the film), these subplots, while important for character development, are thrown in a little too randomly throughout and mess with the overall flow of the film.

Fast moving and full of stellar performances, it's the type of dark and unique cop film that breathes life into a tired genre and changes your perspective in unexpected ways.

Its a story of love and intense action combined that is real not superficial.

The picture itself has a supremely riveting storyline, well dramatized and executed.

Now that aside this film will have your heart pounding, your adrenaline pumping and in shock constantly.

If you are tired of wasting your time watching pointless junk that is geared for teenagers , I strongly recommend End Of Watch for you .

Gritty and exciting, if you can get yourself over some obvious problems .

It makes the film more compelling to watch.

Hard-hitting and absorbing cop drama; Gyllenhaal and Pena both giving career-high turns .

Just cutting from one uninteresting scenario to another...

And it's fascinating.

Together they are able to overcome the predictability of the movie and make it enjoyable for scant moments...

" Humor is an unexpected benefit of this film as well.

Unfortunately, the flip-flopping footage is confusing and the ending is kind of racist.

It is a waste of time, a waste of money, just a waste.

Oops I forgot - exciting, really intelligent contemporary film-making.

Absolutely boring.

Too movie-like to be a documentary, and too slow and predictable to be a movie.

and the aforementioned Denzel Washington thriller to his name) has honed in on everything that made his previous efforts a success while stripping away most of those elements that have now become cliché.

Absolutely Boring .

My main issue with the movie is that it uses the style of found footage to make itself appear special, but when you just look at the plot on its own, it's a very mediocre story, there's really nothing unique about it, it's a typical crime drama and the only thing unusual about it is the way it's filmed, although it is definitely one of the better found footage films out there, I still find it to be a tedious style of film making that gets boring pretty quickly.

Gripping Drama.

We go with them on some lame calls and some more exciting ones that get them commendations and awards.

both of them wise-cracking(about a sixth of that falls flat), picking on each other, very brotherly relationship, and their chemistry and embodiment of these roles are compelling(every performance in this is phenomenal); and his girlfriend, Janet(Kendrick) is adorable, and they are immensely cute together, not because they're flawless as people, but because they're great together, and you come to worry that something bad is going to happen, unlike many entries in the genre, this makes you feel like anything could occur, our heroes aren't safe), as they answer various calls(numerous of which have unexpected outcomes, for all the clichés, this has many surprises...

Half way through the film, it really gives the game away by having a marriage and having the two main couples talk about growing old together, again another tired cliché.

If you compare his performance to Woody Harrelson's as an LA cop in 'Rampart', it becomes depressing to think how formulaic and banal this is.

From his breakthrough screenplay in 2001's TRAINING DAY to his both equally intense directing efforts in 2006's HARSH TIMES and 2008's STREET KINGS, writer-director David Ayer has a seemingly endless fascination with the gritty undertones of LAPD.

Likable, believable characters make this a realistically funny, intense and emotionally gripping cop movie.

They have to walk like 15 feet with the bullets showering them, and nothing happens...

These in-between moments of levity are clearly more entertaining than any gang motivated storyline Ayer attempts to drop in our laps.

I have no idea what Ayer was trying to say with this movie because the sleight-of-hand he pulls at the end leaves me with a completely empty feeling.

If nothing else has worked, their portrayal of manly friendship and brotherhood has, and when the unexpected end rolls by, it probably would have been more emotionally shattering had both of them been killed, so as to heighten the dramatic impact.

I enjoyed it again and saw it as a strange blend between a documentary and an action movie.

Gripping, Believable, Emotional.

In an attempt to establish Taylor and Zavala as likable (and "real") characters, for its first hour "End of Watch" plays out like a mindless episode of "Cops", but with absolutely no storyline, frankly losing its allure within about ten minutes.

As the old cliché goes, they are the best of friends, and if one gets hurt, the other would help their family, blah, blah, blah, it's the usual fodder, and this is why it isn't a ten.

Hence, some of Taylor and Zavala's encounters are quite gripping.

This film is painfully predictable and simple.

I was really looking forward to seeing this at the movies, as the trailer had looked really gripping.

Compelling with a taut climax.

It has everything a movie fan needs: an exciting story, strong acting, snappy dialogue, and great cinematography.

By the end I genuinely liked the main characters and that makes the action scenes all the more intense as you are really rooting for them.

Now i have to write minimum 10 lines as a minimum to write a review which is another waste of time.

Predictable it never gets, and even if one guy is white (Jake Gyllenhaal as Taylor), and his partner Latino (Michael Peña as Zavala), the witty and realistic dialogue between the two ensures that neither is ever really typecast.

There's nothing like a good, entertaining cop film to provide cinematic entertainment.

End of Watch is an ideal film if you don't want to invest too much brainpower into a movie, but still provides an enjoyable experience.

It adds greatly to the movie's believability (despite one part that in my view was very unprobable, but hey, if all movies were 100% real they would just be boring old life, haha.

The rest of the cast are mixed, mostly decent but also prone to cliché as they are not given the time to become more than this.

You'll be on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film.

dull .

Worst movie I've seen in decades .

From the opening scene of the violent car chase filmed through the hood-view camera of the police car, to the vicious fist fights and apprehensions of fleeing criminals, to an intense scene taking place in a house roaring in flames; this film steers away from the typical shaky cam nonsense and treat audiences with an authentic look at cops during their hours on the line of duty, and sweeping crime off the street.

Essentially no plot except for two cops "policing" the streets.

Intense documentary-style film .

-The movie begins kinda slow and you wait to hit the catalyst and when it comes the story continues in a slow manner regarding the main story(bad guys vrs cops).

End of Watch is a fairly raw, intense police film about average, every day cops.

But it is just boring and predictable.

This study of two slightly gonzo, gung-ho, but basically righteous cops is alternately deeply engrossing and affecting, and occasionally frustrating.

I just left the theater less than half an hour ago, and I couldn't tell you the name of a single character in the whole film, that's how uninteresting they were.

The rest of End of Watch is engaging and interestingly gripping.

These moments are easily the most enjoyable and interesting in the film.

Lot's of very good stuff here, we have one of the most accurate and honest depictions of everyday police culture that we shall ever see, the conversations between the various characters are totally believable and naturalistic and if they sometimes stray close to cliché that's only because the stuff men talk about between one another at work tend to be clichéd, they're blue collar working guys rather than philosophers.

In fact I really don't know what this movie is about, IMO it is just a waste of your hard earned money, unless of course hearing F**K before and after every other word is your kind of entertainment...

My primary issue with this movie is that it is maybe 15 minutes worth of movie material, probably more like 10, and 2 hours worth of inane and tedious home video style jabber.

It takes awhile to draw you in but is worth watching.

After much deliberation with dragged out scenes and unnecessary scenes really, it got into it.

Between the two there is a fantastic chemistry, all the more unexpected in that Ayer has reported that at first the two didn't get along.

One of the best, raw and thrilling COP Movies ever !.

'END OF WATCH': Four Stars (Out of Five) Intense and gripping buddy cop/crime drama film written and directed by David Ayer.

The film does a very good job at building up suspense and especially during the finale, which will have you on the edge of your seat.

The so-called "innovative" use of cameras is annoying more so than interesting or engaging as the director literally switches angles EVERY second in some scenes just to create the illusion of excitement.

The plot keeps you on the edge if your seat the whole movie, it's hard to tell what's going to happen next.

While I appreciate a lot of us grew up on these types of games, I also can tell you by experience, it is boring to watch someone else play.

I really loved David Ayers' previous film as director, STREET KINGS, starring Keanu Reeves as a crooked cop who becomes involved with even more corruption in an gripping storyline.

It's hilariously funny during car scenes between Jake and Michael, playing on relatable awkward topics of sex, dating, and other things best friends would joke about, yet incredibly serious, showing just how intense and dangerous police officers' jobs in South Central LA can be.

Was entertaining funny interesting & captivating every second.

The shootout scene, particularly the one in the violent finale where Brian and Mike find themselves stranded in the neighborhood without backup, is riveting.

David Ayer, a veteran of the gritty cop genre with his hand in films like Training Day and Street Kings, navigates his way around the land-mines and delivers a thrilling and original drama that keeps you interested in it's originality, reality and the all around performance of the characters.

It is impossible to walk out of the theater without a new found respect for the officers who put their lives on the line.

Inspired Performances, but a Cliché Plot, .

A lot of the street talk was cliché and stereotypical, as was the banter between the police officers, not Gyllenhaal and Pena, felt like it came from someone who didn't know how people joked around with one another.

's South Central cops, and this is a movie that is most definitely worth watching.

Unlike the stunning LA Confidential, with a historical story line, End of Watch is done in the cinema ver'ite' style - in a realistic real cops on duty in the LA war zone frame.

 The movie has been advertised in the above trailer and others as a gritty, action packed movie about two cops who through the course of duty cross a Mexican drug cartel and now must "watch their 6" (slang for watch your back) from violent retribution.

Boring beyond belief .

Albeit far from perfect, especially in the final fifteen minutes, which drop down several notes in terms of acting (albeit not by the main cast, but mostly be secondary characters) and story coherence, "End of Watch" is an excellent police flick, rife with societal commentary and an intriguing look into the extraordinary normalcy of law enforcement.

gripping visceral docu-film thankfully punctuated by humour .

Shot documentary style, 'End of Watch' is a fascinating and insightful police drama.

End of Watch is truly shocking and gripping till the credits role.

I should probably start off by saying that this is my first review on IMDb but i rely on these to figure out which movies are worth watching as opposed to those that shouldn't be watched.