Endless Love (1981) - Drama, Romance

Hohum Score



A high school student's love for a 15-year-old girl is thwarted by parental disapproval, circumstance and accident.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: Franco Zeffirelli
Stars: Brooke Shields, Martin Hewitt
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 66 found boring (19.69%)

One-line Reviews (26)

Disjointed families, divorce and early 80's drama.

Comes across as a pretentious carnivore, something about him I don't like.

There are things that make this worth watching, even though many of them are inanimate and dangle from ceilings.

This movie is quite possibly the single most passionate, intense, thrilling film I've ever seen.

The movie is a little too intense for me and unrealistic.

endless bore .

Bottom line for me though: Brooke Shields is worth watching.

Then he has a contrived encounter with her father just so the idiot can be run over as he chases David across the street.

A very bland and 'nice' version of it.

Otherwise don't waste your time or money.

Enjoyable soft core porn melodrama...

Unfortunately, the movie deteriorates at an alarming rate due to that arson plot development that comes like a bolt from the blue, without any clue in up-to-then normal boy David's behavior, which makes me feel it is just contrived.

One of the Worst Movies of All Time .

This is the worst movie ever made-bar none!!

The brother, we later learn, brought David home as he brought other classmates home, mostly to impress them with how cool and hip the family is and then dump them when he gets bored (we learn later from an old classmate David meets on the plane that the brother did the same thing to him).

The dad is totally crazy, the mother is honestly one of the more frightening mother roles I've ever seen, the other characters are dull and the only one who deserves the one star I'm giving this movie is James Spader.

The WORST movie ever made.

Boring for others.

The strength of these two things makes it worth watching, at least once....

I found the movie to be a sweet and over-the-top melodramatic flick that's highly entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

I'm tired of overly pretentious thinking about films and adaptations of novels, and how for some reason films "never" lead up to people's supposed expectations of the novels themselves....

Brooke Shields is absolutely stunning in this film (her acting on the other hand...

Also, that sentimental nonsense (showing how much they love each other) took way too long.

I just hope Scott got a lot of money, 'cause seeing his fine novel turned into dung by this pretentious fraud must have been painful.

Five years in a benign, if dreary, institution is lenient!

The movie also recalls the later-in-life trials and tribulations of Leni Riefenstahl, her quest for 3rd Reich-like eugenics in the 1970s-80s among the physically stunning Nuba of Africa.