Equilibrium (2002) - Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

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In an oppressive future where all forms of feeling are illegal, a man in charge of enforcing the law rises to overthrow the system and state.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Kurt Wimmer
Stars: Christian Bale, Sean Bean
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 145 out of 1024 found boring (14.16%)

One-line Reviews (645)

It is set in a bleak post apocalyptic society ( yawn ) in which emotional feelings are a crime, to be controlled by a sense numbing drug called Prozium.

If you manage to stay awake (and believe me, I tried not to) there was an interesting moment about 90 minutes or so in, when there were some plot twists.

Equilibrium is a balancing act which lands on the side of success, Christian Bale is completely engaging as the films lead (and provides easy viewing for the female of the species, just ask my girlfriend) and the supporting cast fulfil their obligations to contribute with above par performances.

After the first 15 minutes I was bored buit stuck through to the end.

Clearly a "Matrix" clone, "Equilibrium" is nonetheless a watchable and (if you put your brain in neutral) entertaining film.

Some little cinematic homages to Fritz Lang's Metropolis, the 1984-inspired Apple McIntosh computer commercial, Blade Runner, Escape From New York, and Soviet propaganda machinery.

Between these two extremes there appears little room for small, enjoyable films like Equilibrium that try to balance nifty action with interesting ideas while having a bit of fun in the process.

The gunmetal gray, drab atmospheres were well-done, and the music complemented the movie well, save for the schizophrenic "now = time to kick ass" music that was queued up when a fight ensued.

A fascinating discovery into a world without emotions and the cost of such a place.

Pros: Unique and entertaining action, part comic book and part gunfighting Themes of obedience and control well implemented through rules of the universe (drugging everyone, constant speeches) Lighting in dark scenes Cool visual style, building and cleric designCons: Suppression of feeling flat out doesn't work, so many characters feel things when the context would have you think they wouldn't Boring performances, few good scenes from Christian Bale Generic resistance vs.

plotlines and is also enjoyable.

Equilibrium's story isn't well boring but slightly slower paced but while the pace is quite drag, the story and overall plot is quite entertaining.

OK I admit I am a big Christian Bale fan, so that's my bias, but this one is worth watching.

" <*yawn*>Otherwise, the film does well with the subject...

Seeing Equilibrium again recently, I enjoyed it all over again.

Most compelling sequel since "Crocodile Dundee in L.

Action sequences that weren't a rehash of things we've already seen by fighting in the dark and avoiding bullets in a more practical sense ("bullet-time" from the Matrix was about a "mind over the matrix" moment and showed us an action sequence that blew us away because we could digest what was happening in the scene since it went so slow).

But yet somehow they end up to be much more entertaining than some of the critically acclaimed movies out there.

The action scenes along make this film worth watching.

But it's just boring, boring, BORING.

5) This was supposed to be placed in a future where everyone took their doze of Prozac that made them forget all about feelings.

One of the most suspenseful scenes involves the discovery of a puppy in the trunk of the car that Preston is driving through the Nethers.

Absolutely stunning action sequences none-the-less.

Most films these days go over the top an make gun fights last for ages but this film just made them just the right length and made them thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

Me and my wife saw this movie on Netflix and I can say it was "cheesy but good"When it started I said to myself.. oh oh I think this is going to be a 2 hour waste of time.

This thrilling movie contains impressive fights , chills , breathtaking designs , dense philosophy and many other things .

Fascinating, original and terrifically entertaining.

Bale and to me, he was always engaging.

If my patience hadn't been worn out so much by then, I might even have enjoyed it).

)Anyway, it's an entertaining film with a good story about emotions vs.

In the end, what sets this movie apart, at least for me, and makes it worth watching again, is the simple fact, that here, besides the amazing fights, somber mood and imagery, mankind's and humanity's "great enemy" is mankind itself, meaning only too well !

a horrible if pretty movie actually redeemed by its intense action scenes.

this comes before either of the 3 events that are confusing.

To the film's credit, however, the cinematography is completely breathtaking.

I cheered out loud several times during the film because the gun fights, which are so unrealistic it's almost funny, are genuinely well-choreographed and exciting.

How am I, as the viewer, supposed to believe that they are incapable of emotion--and that, amazingly, nobody has ever missed a doze of this "prozium"?

Other than that I strongly recommedn this movie as it is both entertaining and has actually something to say

Filmed for only $20 million, that's roughly a sixth of the budget for THE MATRIX RELOADED, and for my money, this film was just more entertaining.

The plot itself, is gripping.

Boring and predictable.

This film would have made a great short film but strung out to this length was tedious in the extreme.

Some Good Action Sequences but a Bit Predictable .

Typical and Formulaic Film on Emotionless Societies .

Not as easy as it seems, and the result is intense.

Christian Bale as Cleric John Preston gives a performance that is simply terrific offering a fascinating character study.

Much of what makes Equilibrium's story so suspenseful is it's unpredictability; Wimmer is so skillful in his delivery that it isn't until the conclusion we figure out the surprises and it's revealed who truly has the upper hand in this constantly twisting plot (possible spoiler: I will say this, I am quite glad the villains didn't turn out as dumb as they may have initially seemed).

Christian Bale is, as always, fully immersed in his role as the complex Grammaton Cleric John Preston, who is completely dedicated to his job - enforcing the regime of the government upon everyone, and killing anyone who resists.

At the end of the day, it was thought-provoking, and so despite many flaws, it was worth watching.

A Stunning Emily Watson Overwhelms With Artistic Sensuality .

Anyway, yes, this does have its slow parts.


Look, I know it's genius and all that, but it's really quite a lame story (ooh, emotion, I can't emote, wah), and it's far too artsy for it's own damn good, and it's so SLOW!

Needless to say I enjoyed it and the movie has been a cult culture for most martial artist in my country.

Giant TV screen keep running propaganda why this system of government and society exists.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I gave this movie a 6.5, even though I personally enjoyed it quite a bit.

It is not "entertaining", perhaps I might say that it was "boring" or "stupid".

A must see for movie fans of The Matrix like fighting and stunning sci-fi story lines!

Worth watching...

" Yawn.

I think I enjoyed it more the first time I saw it (about a year or more ago), but it's still an enjoyable flick.

Boring, dull action, in which trust has no desire.

There were a couple predictable plot twist and the unconventional final battle with the primary antagonist will either be loved or hated.

The cinematography is very good and the fighting scenes, especially in the more action-heavy second part of the movie, are breathtaking.

The overall plot inspired evocative thoughts, much in the same vein the classics, "A Clockwork Orange," and "1984" once did.

Enjoyed It More The First Time I Saw It .

I kept thinking, well why did he smile there and why did they burn than painting, in fact why did this pointless Grammaton cleric thing get off the ground without someone passionately believing it was the right way to go...

Christian bale is an awesome actor, can't say his performance was awful, but the plot was so dull that even he looked kind of bad.

IF you do want to watch this movie, spare yourself the boredom and just watch the first 10 minutes.

Usually Sci-fi with similar budget constraints are some of the worst movies you could watch.

Otherwise, don't waste your time and money on this lame bore.

Pretentious crap that will appeal to the pseudo-intellectuals with single-digit IQs .

The story is compelling.

The dialogue is frequently insulting, and the acting is stale and predictable.

Still, it's worth watching, above most other action movies out there.

It is unbelievably fast and intense without you losing track of what's going on.

but also incredibly entertaining.

I admit I came to this movie just for Sean Bean, but since he left early in the film (as usual), I stayed because it was pretty fascinating.

The big-picture philosophy is one gi-normous cliché and the intellectual equivalent of me telling you "hey, I don't believe the world is flat, I think it's round".

The task it performs, people go and massively depict ants, but I want to take it only under the influence of propaganda.

The whole thing is so predictable and moronic I don't think there can be any spoilers to be said.

An excellent and exciting sci-fi outing .

I really enjoyed it, and would have liked to see it in the theatre, none the less a great rent if you liked the first matrix, kill bill, or any other film that blends action with choreography and weaves an interesting tale of reality.

Well, to put it simply, this movie has some of the most stunning visuals i have ever seen.

Despite being derivative, and sometimes silly, it is mostly very watchable and often compelling, thanks largely to Christian Bale's central performance, and the excellent fights (refreshingly short and sharp).

Stunning action with indelible style .

) Movies that take story elements here and there and present them in innovative ways can be really entertaining.

It's an enjoyable , if somewhat light-headed piece of escapism with state-of-art special effects and straightforward screenplay .

Also, the basic premise, whilst hardly original, always proves compelling - that of the autonomous individual fighting the tyranny of government.

It commits one of the worst movie sins you can: being a incredibly stupid movie that thinks it's intellectual.

While Equilibrium is not completely original by any means, it does provide a thoughtful and intriguing perspective.

This isn't some half-baked story told for the sake of action, it's a compelling story told in a modern high-octane fashion.

The film is really great, quick action, combined with a brilliantly stated philosophical question, breathtaking scenes with lots of effects, superb actors!

Silly, predictable, seriously flawed, with moments that are outright laughable, Equilibrium nonetheless transcends all of these and through its compelling performances and fun pseudo-comic book settings delivers a powerful emotional punch that should resonate strongly for anyone who loves stark, stylistic Orwellian drama.

Don't be fooled though, this is FAR better then both Matrix sequels and is a rip roaring standalone film in it's own right which is both interesting and highly entertaining.

If you give this film a chance to stand on it's own, then it is enjoyable, the fight scenes are fantastic and some of it is quite touching.

oops, sorry, Father blaring propaganda from gigantic movie screens and Zeppelins across town, citizens turn themselves into unfeeling automats by injecting themselves several times a day with a drug known as Proza.. ahem, Prozium.

In the dreary Orwellian Republic of Libria, human emotion and any stimulant thereof (art, music, poetry, etc.) have been outlawed.

Unfortunately, Equilibrium resorted to jittery cameras, stunt doubles, overly slow fight sequences, etc., to hide their lack of commitment (and perhaps budget).

Christian Bale put in a stunning performance as all ways.

Very entertaining viewing that deserves to be given a chance.

What I didn't like was the violence, as after a while it actually became boring.

The way the plot is clearly secondary to the action, and where you can expect to be served pulse-raising action that is enjoyable.

It contains awesome adrenaline-pumping actions and at the same time a good illustration of a classic SF thematic, and also , it looks good.

) The plot was suspenseful, the ending very satisfactory.

Also, the final showdown fight is so cliche - if you are fighting a war and have the chance to win for the benefit of all humanity, why would you put down your guns to give the enemy a fair chance in a sword fight?

There's an exhaustingly overtold 1984/Brave New World message at work here, but the writing moves beyond (or below) even being trite.

I will say that the story in the Matrix is more enjoyable than the horrible movie martial arts/wire work/CG choreography they've done, though also not original.

" I mean, take away the dreary music and you have a comedy bit right out of "Austin Powers.

The action sequences, especially by Christian Bale, are exciting and thrilling.

The action sequences in fact are worth watching too especially for the Gun Katas which is very fresh.

Equilibrium is intelligent, thought-provoking, and entertaining.

Non-stop Adrenaline Packed .

This movie is only an hour and thirty five minutes long, but it is a captivating and entertaining one.

After that, my friends were all extremely skeptical After the first action sequence, and they were all on the edge of their seats with their jaws dropped.

I have to say, I was a little pretentious going into this, to say the least, out of my love for the book 1984, and the fact that this movie is pretty much that with an added dash of the Matrix.

Equilibrium has some real enjoyable action sequences.

Don't waste your time.

A stunning surprise.

A waste of their money and my time .

This was basically a more pretentious Ultraviolet.

What a shame - after watching it on PPV, this movie was very enjoyable!

it has ripped off 90 per cent of sci fi action movies ive seen, again the now tiresome bullet time techique is used ( if memory serves), and also seems to have borrowed the story from george lucas's thx 1138 , i have no idea how this film got such a high rating on imdb its absolute s*** ive seen better tv movies, even channel 5 make better programmes then this, christian bale is not used to his full potential probably the script, i quite liked him in american psycho though his recent offerings have been poor.

I found this movie to be BELOW boring.

Over all, its worth watching at least once, and like the stories it seems to be inspired by, it makes you think outside the box.

It's over-the-top, but visually exciting.

A very enjoyable film.

I really, REALLY, like sci-fi movies; but this one was incredibly boring.

sure, plot is predictable...

Well action buffs may like this movie but for meticulous viewers I just say that they will be really bored with the typical dork action sequences.

It's the transformation of Bale's character as an emotionless Gov enforcer into a person who is feeling for the first time that makes the film so enjoyable to watch.

Only two things that saves this movie is Bale's performance of an internally tormented cleric among other robotic and uninteresting characters.

"Equilibrium" is the kind of film so shoddily made and yet so pretentious, it just cries out for a parody, or to be taken apart on any of the countless "Bad Film" sites that are on the net.

the story is awfully predictable and has the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

Boring and Slow .

The use of Gun-Kata has added something new to the cinematic world, and the movie in itself is a masterpiece of well-directed action sequences, and cool and snappy lines, even though they don´t say much in the movie, the symbolism speaks for itself.

It starts off kind of slow as you have to take a couple of minutes to buy into the idea that human beings would really be stupid enough to allow a government to take control of their minds through a drug.

Sean Bean has been type cast as the bloke who dies every film (OK he lasted most of The Fellowship of the Ring but you know what I mean), between shooting people the like, the hero seems to spend TOO much time touching stuff as his emotions kick in (we get the predictable point!

Don't waste your time on this one, go watch They Live by john carpenter instead or even 1984.

I was very disappointed watching the movie and this is one of my lowest rated ever, and it's pretty rare that I feel it was a complete waste of time.

The film overall is not very believable, the pacing needed some work, and the plot was quite predictable.

When these feelings get stirred in you, the films shortcomings are rendered irrelevant, its totally about being immersed in the unfolding story, and eagerly anticipating its next twist and turn.

It can be safely said the story becomes more boring and more predictable as the story goes on, the deterioration beginning with the death of Bean's character, and hitting rock bottom with that of Watson's.

As for Bale's character's kids, they were pointless and were out of place with the plot.

Very stylish fightscenes and the story was intriguing as well.

My friends had however and they told me the movie looked great so one night when we were bored we went to see it, even though i didn't expect it to be any good.

It was quite fascinating and entertaining, though it wasn't very long.

Fascinating style.

- The stupid, annoying, drawn-out and overdone fight scenes from the Matrix sans any reason whatsoever for this superhuman fighting machine apart from his "training.

Another problem I had is that the film does play out in a rather predictable way.

If that's your thing go for it, but for me it was a waste of time.

It is truly stunning and very enjoyable.

A very nice job and a very entertaining film!

Fascinating and Visceral .

Basically a bland, drab Matrix ripoff (mostly stylistically) with atrocious acting and an uninspired, wafer-thin plot.

Recommended only for bored weekday evenings.

Don't waste your time on this one.

There seemed to be this battle of sensetivity and feeling keep it very intense and I think it missed both a little bit.

Probably the most engaging part of the movie is watching them gamely play along and put in serious hard work as the story gets more and more ridiculous.

Worth Watching for the Story .

It has its own cool, crisp style and Christian Bale is, as always, riveting.

Good action sequences - They are short, efficient, yet visually stunning without making you feel like watching some sort of kung fu exhibition show.

Fight scenes were entertaining except that somehow 20 people can miss from 5 feet away.

Worst movie ever made .

Accompanied by very appropriate techno-musik, the action sequences are fast and Euro-flashy, heavily influenced by Jan De Bont--different from the weird, drawn-out, "suspended/string puppet" thing that apparently passes for martial arts these days.

The philosophy and message of this movie is cookie cutter and in many ways presented in a kindergartner's level psychology that left me wondering why am I watching this predictable and cartoonish film that has nothing new to offer that Demolition Man and Matrix have not already brought to the table.

The fight scene's are fairly good but simply too much over-the-top to find it really entertaining or believable.

Just stunning.

The touch with Taye Diggs in the fight scene at the end of the movie is absolutely sickening despite being, in some way, predictable.

WHat is wonderful, however, is the blend of reality, plus the possibility of a future that will never happen, including stunning visuals that help provoke thoughts of what being human is really about that counts.

Equilibrium is obviously pretentious, the amount of time that is spent focusing on these (literally) emotionless characters and trying to develop a cliched plot is appalling.

In the vain of 1984 and Faranehit 451, Equilibrium gives a compelling story into the human heart and mind.

The special effects are mind blowing.

This is a highly derivative sci-fi un-extravaganza starring a surprising unwatchable performance by Christian Bale.

It was a serviceable adventure movie, rather predictable and mundane.

So watch Equilibrium for a cinematic adrenaline rush or for fresh ideas, but expect the unexpected in terms of style.

Dumb, maybe, but entertaining?

good and entertaining .

If those are things you like, it's definitely worth watching.

This makes it easy for pretentious writers and movie makers to churn out cheap copies of prestigious works by Orwell, Bradury, etc and 'almost' get away with it!

That said, the action is a bit slow-moving and the end is quite stupid.

Everyone enjoyed it, and they were not all 18-25 and males.

*CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS* But film is fairly predictable so even if you haven't seen it, this review probably won't ruin it for you.

That was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Also, the use of gun martial arts, while very entertaining, was ludicrous.

Very exciting action sequences that are choreographed much better then any shoot-em-up on the in the industry today.

They both are definitely worth watching more than once!

The rest is just a lame excuse for utterly boring Martial arts scenes (one of them toward the end is actually a tiny little bit cool.

A fascinating science fiction film written and directed by the gifted Kurt Wimmer.

But it's not really a waste of time, since this movie has a good style, and it's entertaining.

Dull and pretentious .

Though a few scenes are slightly slow, it is altogether a great film.

The cast was surprisingly strong as well, which helped make it more watchable and more entertaining.

Supporting characters are undeveloped and the `past the gloss' effect is a bit slow to get going.

Rotten Tomatoes gives Equilibrium a 26% rating, making it one of the worst movies of 2002.

Unexpected pearl .


Moving passed the lines, the action sequences are amazing, visually stunning and just downright sweet.

Full of action , it's complemented by rousing scenes , breathtaking fights and struggles are spotlights .

It's incredibly thrilling to watch, and maintains the sense of the film as what it is, ultimately: an action film.

This "Matrix"-style scifi action offers a very good action scenes and good idea, mixed with slow-moving plot and not very clear message.

Easy watching, still thrilling .

This is a science fiction action film at it's most exciting and entertaining with gun battles and sword fights galore.

If you suffer from insomnia it would be well worth getting a copy of this film.

I'd recommend it to action freaks, but in general I wouldn't really call this movie worth watching.

Boring .

Below Boring .

you will most likely find this movie entertaining.

The fight scenes are NEVER boring, since most of them are quickly over with, yet simple and exciting at the same time.

Boring .

I suppose as I find myself being dragged kicking and screaming towards 40 years, film makers don't have me in mind as their target audience.

7/10,5 for the originality,and 2 for the stunning visual effects and the elaborate cinematography.

The one thing most noteworthy in the action department is a fight scene near the end, which I consider to be very original and extremely entertaining.

I was bored 20 minutes in and wondered why they kept it so long when most of the plot could have been figured out before it happened.

Worth watching?

1984 plus a few others put together in an action packed masterpiece.

All the characters are awesome, and the story is fantastic and constantly unpredictable, plus Christian Bale is simply amazing in this!.

As I began, the film is utterly devoid of plausibility--- and thus ultimately boring.

This one is worth watching.

And it's a very entertaining homage which reveals a stronger personality than it may seem at first.

I'm not sure which to blame, but basically the characters seem to be very predictable.

Yet after the leader gives a rabble rousing speech, everyone cheers.

well, boring.

That aside, however, the on-camera struggle is one of the most intriguing I've viewed for some time.

Despite having a much lower budget than many movies made today, it manages to be slick, well-filmed, and just darned entertaining.

The foundation that "medication" is root to turning people into compliant robots is a tired and worn plot line even if medications designed to dull emotions possible create "zombies" out of people over stressed and overwhelmed by daily life or unspeakable tragedy.

I loved the idea that people chose to suppress emotions, have propaganda spewed at them incessently, and kill their family members and neighbors when they didn't conform.

Sooner than you realize, Equilibrium sacrifices its themes in favor of bombastic action packed sequences that actually manage to thrill in more than one occasion, but feel empty and unrewarding most of the time.

It is visually compelling, with beautifully executed action sequences.

Overall I found this film to be entertaining and if you adjust your expectations to the right level I think you may even be enthralled.

Because of this the backdrop of a repressed society was convincingly portrayed, presenting an intriguing story, rather than the viewer just simply waiting for the next action scene.

It takes to the end to get to the good stuff though, with what is a rather un-engaging "hand to hand gun battle" climax with the mastermind of the civilization.

`Reloaded' was just so vapid and superficial- clunky dialogue, painstakingly boring fight scenes, distressingly fallacious love sub-plots and over-length were just some of the flaws.

These action scenes were intense and were properly done.

That said, the rest of the movie made me yawn.

The action sequences are crisp, exciting, and virtually without equal.

But Equilibrium is also one of those movies that is undeniably entertaining; a film that holds a slick atmosphere, a film that holds characters developing throughout, a film that displays brilliantly exciting visuals and a film that proudly boasts a fitting soundtrack.

Gripping action sequences, a pulsing plot, and a sense of suspense running right the way through, Equilibrium is a thoroughly entertaining movie, which leaves nothing to be desired.

The visuals are breathtaking.

Totally predictable - from the plot "twists" to the hero's reactions to the ending.

Very entertaining, if a bit over the top .

Music is a "database music" (mean we feel to hear this kind of music in other boring movies).

What's left is an empty, ridiculous mess of eye candy that tries to coax the audience into believing that it is deep.

Sadly, this is the only source of fun to be found in the entire movie, because everything is boring to no end.

The movie had a good idea (only saying IF it wasn't plagerism) but there were so many plot holes and terrible action secnes (which i swear i saw them fast forward at some point to make them look quicker) that made me think, wow, ok now i know what i have for number one on my worst movie list.

By way of insulting the stylistic features to convey emotion and provide thrilling action that shaped the film, the amazingly well-acted characters that were to no end incredibly fascinating, the amazingly clever storyline, you are refusing to take it to the light of some of the world's greatest films and distastefully making the biggest mistake of throwing it away.

Overall, this film was an enjoyable ride for a rainy afternoon and one I will recommend to friends when they need a couple of hours to kill in style.

Movies that predict and portray a emotionless and passionless futures are more dismal and depressing than entertaining or intriguing.

And I found The Matrix- especially the sequel- too boring for words.

It's quite ridiculous but Extremely entertaining.

This movie should win many awards, and is by far one of the only recently produced movies out there worth watching.

This movie is not without purpose: a common pitfall of action movies is that they are purely entertaining, no redeeming value whatsoever, and you leave the theater feeling nothing.

It had enough unorthodox plot twists and thwarted expectations to keep me going, and I actually found some of the slower scenes much more interesting than the battles.

You can be good fighter using predictable styles.

A mind blowing movie, which will remind you of The Matrix, only this one doesn't involve any machines, instead it involves the joy of feeling.

Otherwise, this is a film worth watching and thinking about.

It is truly stunning for such a budget.

A handful of violent, ultra-stylish action sequences (displaying originality, even in this day and age) add to the impact and help make the underlying dreariness rather enjoyable.

I have seen many action films, few of which I can say were actually worth watching.

But kept on watching as the cast is good, and worst scenario was to just fall asleep.

However, the story which portrays earth like a Hitler's Germany, is quite compelling and the action sequences top rate (you can tell that Jan De Bon had his hand in on this one as producer).

The vehicles were a little unimaginative and the Third Reich sets a bit predictable but the fight/action scenes were exciting and pretty fresh.

To bad mouth the film because it has exciting combat sequences seems to me to be down right ridiculous.

It's just another conveyor belt, 1984 inspired piece of crap with the cliché dose of a paranoia induced society and the classic "hold the man down" dictator.

Futurist and science fiction stories and movies play an important role in the development of our society by being at the same time entertaining and helping us choose the type of world we want for our future life and generations, warning us of the possible effects our present choices may have in our future world.

In an age where all of the good action films usually contain gore and nudity, thus eliminating the younger generation, this film maintains it's integrity and still provides mind blowing action!

It's a performance that breathes life into a dead world, showcasing a breathtaking sense of humanity.

Anger, pride, sadness, frustration, confusion, etc. How everyone doesn't get arrested is one of the films' greatest mysteries.

The Story was entertaining, the Concept was interesting and provocative, the Plot was intriguing, and the Acting was damn good!

I just found this Sci-Fi film MUCH more entertaining than its Matrix counterpart released around the same time.

I highly recommend it -- even if you aren't into action movies (I'm not), give this film a chance.

The story begins with a prologue, with the narrator sounding bored enough to keel over; the world is one without emotion.

Christian Bale is AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, he is incredibly tense, extremely likable, always unpredictable, had a very mysterious character, carried the film,had a lot of character, and you can't take your eyes off him when he's on screen, and amazing performance indeed!

The script is dumb and pretentious : in a totalitarian society where feelings and freedom are punished by law (by cops that makes justice with kung -fu .

Costumes are stunning.

there is an artistic vision behind all this, even if its one that relies heavily on borrowed ideas, and thats what makes equilibrium a reasonably enjoyable film for fans of the genre.

I'll simply tell you this: If you want to spend a couple of hours involved with a solid plot, well-written characters, adrenaline fueled action scenes, and rich visuals, EQUILIBRIUM is the movie for you.

It is an intriguing proposition, might I say!

The concept behind the film - a society where emotion is outlawed - is fascinating.

This was such a pleasant surprise as exciting films like this are becoming scarcer each year and I make sure to cherish the moment when I am fortunate to finally get my paw's on treasures such as "Equilibrium"!

This movie is filled with on cliché after another and it stands out no more than an average Steven Seagal movie.

Amazing story, breathtaking photography and a performance nearly perfection by Adrian Bale.

Aesthetically intriguing, this representation of a futuristic society conjures up memories of Harrison Bergeron and Fahrenheit 451 with just a touch of the Matrix added for good measure.

I wasn't convinced by the idea that in the future we would ever get barbaric to resort to this method to eradicate war, and so many people would be convinced of this idea and become agents who make sure to fulfill it, and what was so predictable are the underground rebels, very cliché and repeated.

Take every dystopian or anti-utopian work of fiction you've ever heard of –including but not limited the following books/films: 1984, Brave New World, Anthem, Fahrenheit 451, The Matrix, etc –and do your best to make them trite, corny, oversimplified, melodramatic, disrespectful and completely trivial...

"Equilibrium" is a bit of a strange blend of martial arts and 1984/Fahrenheit 451 version of a future where the government bans emotion - though there seems to be a weaker premise only in that the heightened concept of emotionless acting seems incoherent in this movie in that by the very definition of entertaining audience the quality bar is set so high that it's almost impossible to produce and direct a movie such that emotions can be eliminated sufficiently in this movie without boring the audience and destroying its box office chances which apparently it literally did.

Despite the predicable plot (except for the ending) and derivative theme, it still succeeded in entertaining me and making me think.

They didn't do much with the plot, save a series of predictable clichés - Sean Bean reading Yeats in secret, Bale smelling a ribbon from his wife's hair, Bale showing mercy for a dog.

This movie is an 11- An entertaining story that reminds you why you are human.

and tripped on it's ho-hum script.

He attempted to give it a good plot and while he succeeded with some good unexpected plot turns here and there, overall there were a few too many hackneyed concepts used.

Intriguing work .

However, since my companion fell asleep within about 10 minutes, I had no-one to snigger with.

Excellent use of bland colors to create this sanitized society without emotion .

Lets face it, the Matrix was so revolutionary that it really created another genre of movie (call it the Matrix Genre to keep it simple) so give the"Matrix Rip Off' cliché a break in the case of this film because it more than holds its own.

bottom line this is an entertaining movie, if your looking for something to change your life, read a book.

Equilibrium is both a Dystopian cliché and a surprisingly different film with the barrier being relative to an actor's/actress's ability to repress emotional expressions.

However, this movie was completely worth watching.

" Each and every character display a thin dreary tone thanks to the wonderful actors playing them.

If you like boring, long, and pointless films that pseudo-intellectual mo-rons think have some sort of metaphysical value(think "matrix reloaded") then see this movie now.

In order to watch it, I pretty much substituted this premise anyhow, and on that basis I quite enjoyed it.

Bale is action packed in this flick.

You made me waste an evening of my life on this Z-Grade Matrix rip-off.

Thoroughly entertaining and thought provoking film!

However, the balance is perfect and I wouldn't say that the action is better than Matrix, but simply a more unique style that makes each action sequence exciting the third, fourth, and even fifth time around.

What could have been yet another Matrix copycat instead utilizes its own unique camera moves, shots, etc. to make adrenaline-pumping and balletic symphonies of destruction (that was me being dramatic).

They are pointless social niceties which would only exist in an emotional society.

Equilibrium's future claim to fame will be the gun-kata sequences, which are, for lack of a better word, breathtaking.

The viewer is entirely immersed in this harrowing 21st century Hades.

ho-hum .

A few characters remain underdeveloped, and it's somewhat predictable.

Preston forgets to take his doze of prozium one day and wakes up as a different man ...

The ending scenes where the main character enters the head office of The Father and destroys large numbers of troups and finally his main protagonist with his combination of gun skills and physical combat is riveting.

While the end of the plot is somewhat predictable, the journey to that end is not predictable at all.

For some reason, I expected a cheap "Matrix"-clone when I sat down to watch the absorbing science fiction tale "Equilibrium" from director Kurt Wimmer.

An amazing depiction of the most pervasive tyranny imaginable but at its' heart it is rotten to the core and easily destroyed (as William Fichtner's character says, take away the propaganda and drugs for one day and human nature will simply take its' course).

There are other terms I could use; innovative, exhilarating, exciting, thrilling, heart-pounding, but I think breathtaking most accurately captures the complete surprise and delight I felt while watching the film (on the big screen, no less).

It's a compelling film, with a solid cast, suspenseful story, and some truly great action.

And are so many characters allowed to actually show so much emotion (especially the always-intense Bale), if they're all supposed to be doped up and "leveled off"?

This was kind of dreary.

If character development bores you, this movie is not for you.

The atmosphere of the futuristic '1984'esque society is captured well, and the idea of a population which lacks emotion is certainly intriguing (even if certain 'emotionless' characters seem to emote a bit too much).

very exciting action .

Much of the story is predictable and there are a couple of sappy moments, but for the most part this is suspenseful, exciting stuff.

Even Bulletproof Monk does it better (and it's the worst movie of 2003 IMO).

Bale did an excellent job portraying the full range of emotions that he undergoes, and the actions scenes were very entertaining.

They are entertaining as can be.

, That's Very Engrossing, And Always Surprising!

confusing film.

It is in every minute predictable.

) are simply incredible, both in their utter simplicity and "Gun-Kata" choreography, their quick, yet viscious violence and stunning use of illumination and point of view.

" Sadly despite an impressive beginning and a decent performance by Christian Bale, this film felt extremely disjointed, and made logic leaps when the story ran out of things to recycle.

Well-paced, chillingly disturbing, suspenseful, and action-packed, this is a thinking man's action flick.

Entertaining, though not brilliant .

The story also leaves something to be desired, being hopelessly predictable in the beginning, although it does somewhat redeem itself with a couple of nice twists at the end.

The action is intense, along with the intelligence mixed together it makes a superb sci-fi movie.

' Even more intriguing, there was another book titled 'Farenheit 451' that was also a dystopian novel.

Silly parts of the plot aside, this is surely an entertaining ride.

The action is fresh, original, readable and gets the adrenaline flowing.

The plot is really hard to follow.

They would rather deal with the masses mainly through media propaganda, and use the amazing drug to keep a group close to the leaders under total control.

This movie exploits rich source to produce something pretty shallow and boring.

Instead of giving us clichés, he gives us situations which you might not necessarily expect, short but stunning fight sequences instead of prolonged fights and explosions/stunts which only hampers the story and pace.

Well, all right, the American propaganda under the name Hollywood works better than the Soviet.

" roads seemed more than a little tedious after a while.

Overall, 'Equilibrium' is a smart, entertaining film made with equal parts directing, writing and acting talent.

It's amazing how boring this film is, considering all the hype.

People seem happy because of Prozima,the drug which makes them relaxed with an empty state of mind without questioning.

************* POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***********************The story is intriguing, a take on the Orwelian tale of Big Brother.

In short: it's an entertaining movie that does not contribute much to the futuristic-science-fiction genre.

Well worth watching .

They looked silly and contrived.

Despite a slow beginning that I feared would stay in grey-toned "Nineteen Eighty-Four" territory,the pace of the movie soon speeds up and the result is an exciting and gripping story with some surprises along the way.

Though the cliche dark, dreary future is evident here, Equilibrium is a stylish cerebral approach to a future that believes the state knows how to control man's impulses, policed by a black-clad religious 'cleric' priesthood that could mistaken for the Nazi SS, true believers with no remorse.

Its entertaining to watch.

I found myself rewinding the film to watch the stunning effects over and over again.

Both the technical aspects and the acting is very enjoyable.

predictable .

The story makes it worth watching again.

Too much men in black and scowling and empty battling.

Mind Blowing.

Equilibrium is a fascinating, original and superbly made and acted sci-fi and Bale owns the part.

Yes, it's all very much thanks to the influence of the Matrix but at least it is quite stylish and exciting in it's own right rather than just being a lazy copy.

"One Tough Bastard" writer and director Kurt Wimmer has fashioned a predictable but entertaining futuristic thriller influenced more by "1984," "Fahrenheit 451," and "Gattica" than "The Matrix" trilogy.

I recommend this movie, it's visually stunning and raised a lot of interesting questions.

This film was dull and lack-lustrous.

So I put this DVD in my DVD player, thinking this is probably one of those Matrix ripoffs, but that it will be worth watching for the cast and that it'll be good popcorn fare...

This film is one of the best I have seen recently, the ideas are different and well thought out which makes it stand out from the usual predictable story lines of most films usually the only films where nice innocent person dies are either true stories or incredibly long.

The overall result is entertaining.

Is this worth watching?

Truly entertaining sci-fi classic.

It was thought-provoking and Christian Bale gives a very engaging performance in my view.

To complicate the plot, John is issued a new partner, Brant (played by the always enjoyable Taye Diggs), who begins to suspect John of emotion, and subjects him to various tests to prove his theory.

I've seen some comments here about the movie's "predictable" plot, and "poor" action scenes, and I think that's bull****.

What a waste of $5.75 and 107 minutes of my life that I will never get back.

The movie is set in a utopian society reminiscent of stuff like Brave New World, 1984, and Fahrenheit 451 where human emotion is outlawed and any objects which invoke feeling are too be destroyed, and it follows the predictable tale of one of the Clerics, the people who enforce those laws, as he begins to feel and such.

Hopefully, before the popcorn is gone you'll be rewarded with an exciting bunch of scenes leading to the hooray of the movie.

Decent action could have made this watchable, but the much-lauded 'Gun Kata' is indecently boring the watch.

The movie is excellent in several regards, from the interesting and unique story, mind blowing action choreography and breathtaking cinematography, one can only wonder why this movie didn't get the recognition and applause it deserves.

Just look at it as an entertaining action movie with some intriguing ideas and you'll enjoy it...

The problem with this film is that it tries too hard to illicit feelings in the audience, jumping on every transparent cliché that it can.

I quite enjoyed it.

This isn't a Matrix rip off with bullet time, this film is action packed.

In my opinion, the whole "revelation" that he had feelings was pointless.

What the viewer's supposed to think is so obvious, that the filosophical mind is soon bored.

Equilibrium blends familiar sci-fi concepts with balls out action for an enjoyable watch.

What follows is an intense battle against right vs.

so i rented it the other night, i really enjoyed it.

It's not clever, it's not groundbreaking, it's predictable.

If your deciding whether or not to watch, rent, or buy this movie I'd highly recommend it.

So yes, the film has it's plot holes, the script isn't perfect, and the finale is a touch underwhelming, but Equilibrium manages to tie all this together into an enjoyable film.

Complex and fluid fight sequences, compelling acting, and a frighteningly possible story, the film remains one of the most underrated and overlooked films of 2002.

Equilibrium takes chances with its occasional subtlety, its dreary look, and its reliance on thinking person's themes.

And the story, which whilst not original, is definitely very engaging.

Well worth watching for sci-fi lovers .

Few hollywood cliche characters, unreal situations and dramatic pauses in 1984.

Much better than an action flick with no plot (I find that there are a lot of these) Even though not an original concept (THX1138) I thought it well done.

'Equlibrium' like 'Minority Report' is one one of the current crop of post-Matrix science fiction = action movies that you'll watch once, yawn, and never think about again.

It tells of the aftermath of a third world war where a society called Libria has arisen under the guidance of 'father' (Sean Pertwee), a visionary who maintains a constant barrage of propaganda on the populace from vast screens dotted throughout the capital.

Once again we're in an Orwellian style future of grab greys and mundane apartment-block buildings, where emotion is suppressed and evil henchmen in motorbike helmets go around shooting little dogs.

This is a fascinating Action/Sci-Fi film, that's very engrossing and always surprising, with an amazing performance from Christian Bale!

Bale is so intense he looks like he may implode, even after his transformation.

Rich story, intense action sequences, and a near puppy killing to bring the emotion to a crescendo made this movie my favorite in a long time.

Normally I would say that does not matter, all that matters is if this movie was entertaining or not.

Throw in the inevitable ultimate showdown, which is so preposterously gory it's hysterical, and you end up with an insipid brew that looks really flashy, is entertaining if you are willing to forgive the plot holes and poor screen play, and has nothing new to offer.

I think it's probably because there are some really intense scenes in this.

If you are looking for a highly entertaining movie, which will make you look at your life, and examine it and make you thankful for what you have, this is perfect.

The film itself begins as a dull, grey tone that conveys the mortality of emotion in the story effectively.

When pretentious critics like a film these days, they turn plagiarism into an asset by raving about how the director paid homage to his predecessors.

The movie may not be a profound portrayal of the intricacies of human nature, thought, and society, as in most dystopic works, but it delivers a very entertaining movie.

The martial art sequences are unusally and exciting to watch - and comes in ahead a many similar movie effects coming out in 2003 - Matrix (Reloaded) and Charlies Angels (Full Throttle).

The build-up is well-done, and this is gripping from start to finish.

The plot twists are predictable, and the ending immensely disappointing.

For a Sci-Fi action film, Equilibrium is quite slow and boring.

Put them together with TONS of intense martial arts and gun violence, then you kind of have the idea.

Very, very slow!

The music in "Equilibrium" by Klaus Badelt is powerful and haunting and adds greatly to the atmosphere created by the stunning visuals.

After the world has been brought to the brink of destruction by a third world war (as we are told in the drawn-out, meant-to-be-chilling exposition) humankind has determined that all conflict results from man's ability to feel.

I felt at times it was rushed and a bit difficult to follow.

All in all, worth renting for an (moderately) entertaining evening.

I and I am sure lots others who have reviewed this highly recommend it.

As it is, it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I rate it 10/10 Rated R: intense violence

Its a shame the critics are so blind and cannot appreciate a good movie, all they ever give good comments for a useless movies about the holocaust.. which a mind boggling dreary and full of hardship...

The fact that the people who designed the DVD case chose to compare it to the Matrix is mind boggling.

There's enough action to break up the slowness of the other parts, and a couple of moments where you can watch it and see little things taken for granted in your own life with fresh eyes, and that's good.

The action sequences are stunning, and the idea of the "gun kata" -- a training system for gunfire devised by the thorough analysis of gun battles -- is a refreshing development that makes the seemingly invincible "clerics" believable.

I must say I am really surprised that Miramax put their might behind this boring Matrix/1984/Farenheit 451 etc etc wannabe/rehash.

honestly, i found the film (except for its few exciting shootout scenes) to be quite boring.

However, as with many films of this genre it tends to tread that fine line between the original and the incredibly generic and mundane.

a guy called 'father' devises a drug that is self administered (like THATS going to happen) and everyone turns into drab automatons striving to weed anger, emotion and creativity out of their lives so that they can live in peace and harmony in a dour metropolis that reminds me - scarily - of Slough in the UK.

It is definitely worth watching and is amazing.

the plot looked stunning...

I feel that the story was better, the acting was better, and the overall feel of the movie was far more gripping than "The Matrix".

You might enjoy this move if you want to settle down with some popcorn for the slow uptake of the move.

And to be fair, although the story line is extremely clichéd and predictable, they did get good enough actors that it feels believable and is enjoyable to watch.

1984 was raided for ideas, mainly the idea of constant surveillance used by a big TV screen spouting propaganda and use the fear of children turning against their parents.

Having seen and being bored to tears by the first and second Matrix films, Equilibrium showed me just how good they could have been.

Even the final fight is original, fast and unexpected, so you Van-Damme fans who love to see those 20 minute final combats filled with pyrotecnics, can go see other movie instead.

I saw this on netflix then saw the rating then i was like oh might be a good movie well i didn't finish it but the beginning was so slow, boring and dramatic they whisper very dramatically it's annoying

Even the action scenes seem insipid and pointless.

The action scenes were well choreographed, quick, intense, and well done.

the twisting plot is more ridiculous than suspenseful.

Sad and dull.

Breathtaking action .

If you like picking out references, there's a game for you when the movie get's boring.

One witnesses in anticipation as, throughout the slow process Preston's emotion free automaton - the pride of the Tetragrammaton - evolves into freedomfighter and ultimately liberator.

this movie is worth watching .

The sets and backgrounds were beautifully bleak, monolithic and stunning.

I think their training fight was much more entertaining, it showed a bit more equal footing.

Entertaining .

However,what is lucky enough for "Equilibrium" is that the stunning visual effects helps a lot to improve the entertainment part,which,actually a large part of reason,kept me watch it until the end.

I picked this film off the shelves of the video store when I was looking for some action packed no name films and was willing to try anything.

Why waste your time with this when there are SO many better films it has copied.

Equilibrium could have been an interesting contribution to the dystopian genre, but lacks the intelligence and depth to be anything more than a mildly entertaining action movie.

Enjoyable sci-fi despite the low budget and the recognisable style .

There is some compelling camerawork.

It is not hard to follow but yet the sense of a collective non emotional community is a scary, mind blowing thought.

The only reason I gave this movie 2 stars instead of one is because the "Gun Kata" was mildly entertaining to watch.

The cinematography captures the fight sequences with extreme delight and all in all the movies is worth watching at least twice.

Having seen Equilibrium, I was dissapointed and thrilled at the same time: the lighting and art direction were marvelous, but the promising (and pretentious) premise in the beginning was not investigated all that well.

It has got a clever, suspenseful and especially thought-provoking storyline, the actors did a terrific job.

DVD has two interesting and entertaining commentary tracks by the filmmakers, DVD also includes a brief featurette.

Equilibrium promises to be just such a movie asking deep questions and giving superficial trite answers that wouldn't satisfy the intellectual curiosity of a three year old.

At his most threatening moments, Dupont manages to act the soft flabby-cheek lawyer mumbling some pretentious overly-wordy threats.

Above Average But Formulaic Futuristic Thriller .

The action sequences are far in between but they are delivered with great directing and is entertaining to watch.

It's a shame that Equilibrium must so readily be compared to The Matrix (I know, I know), it is not unique and it is not original, but it is clever, it is entertaining and more importantly, for the most part, works, suffice to say there is enough going for this film to tip the scales in its favour.

The worst movie I have ever seen in my life .

Beside the 1984 rip-off cliché story, there are the Matrix rip-off fights.

Equilibrium delivers both of those effortlessly; a plot so sci-fi cliché that it feels like a sequel to an Orwell novel adaptation and lines that that have as much style and originality as a the label on a Heinz tomato ketchup bottle.

Too much action and predictable storyline.

So besides all the clichés and utterly predictable story I found this movie to be enjoyable only because of the action.

Still, the movie manages to create a compelling world and tell a story which never fails to engross and entertain.

bored by this way less than perfect film .

Kurt Wimmer does an excellent job here, with stunning camera work,fantastic angles, wonderful slow mo shots, and lots of other great creative shots as well!.

Visually it was enjoyable.

It's a good movie but not amazing, the story was nice, for the action it was unrealistic but enjoyable, the movie is easy to predict and the performance was normal nothing special.

Derivative but enjoyable .

It's relentlessly silly, with predictable twists and head-shaking psychology.

Under Mao, children who reported their parents engaging in "counter'-revolutionary activities" were publicly hailed as national heroes while their parents were generally tortured and executed.

This would have made for a dull movie.

the plot is very well developed and unpredictable.

I found the sequences to be pretty cool and exciting and once again reminiscent of The Matrix.

Yada yada yada, he meets with a secret underground resistance of Feelers, joins them, and decide to kill everyone at his agency including the president, to liberate the people in a wave of pointless unplausible action scenes (unlike the Matrix, there is no explanation for the superhuman feats done here) that don't have anything to them except quick MTV cuts from various angles.

There are some incredibly exciting moments with fantastic choreography, turning the fights into some of the slickest action you will ever see.

The stylistic features render the action scenes mind-blowing, but no less helping to drive the core theme of the story - besides, the main character is a cleric, trained in the art of Gun Kata (a thrilling name for a sadly non-existent masterpiece of fighting style) who manages to put a chink in Libria's armour as we see through his perspective by realising he can use this weapon against the system that attempts and fails to betray him as someone who is 'feeling'.

An action packed dystopian scifi thriller that deals with notions of fascism and totalitariasm .

Plug B movie actors into a script rife with every dystopia cliché, Tarentino cum Hong Kong violence and post-Matrix special effects and voilà'!

The people are trained in a martial art with focus on guns - the last fight scene where our hero and "villain" go at it is mental, they are using guns at close range, trying to get shots in at each other, and using the guns like swords hitting the other ones out of the way to try and get a clear shot - very entertaining.

The more times you see this film the better , slowing it down to a blow by blow is fascinating to watch .

Slightly untidy with a few books strewn about was as exciting as it got.

In this sense, Wimmer understands that the audience must be immersed into the reality of the story itself, and the effect is complete.

This black and white bore-fest, particularly the constant shooting scenes look like someone made a spoof of any 10 second clip in the hilariously unrealistic brutality-laden "Team America".

Even with these shortcomings, the film is definitely worth watching and it has its own appeals.

All in all this is one of the most entertaining gripping and beautiful movies I have ever seen…and the action is AWESOME!

Worth watching if only to say "Hey look at that.

The city was drab looking, very good for what it was trying to accomplish.

Before Kurt Wimmer gave us Ultraviolet, he wrote and directed this film, which is just a whole lot more exciting that The Matrix, to which it gets compared.

Ironically or not, I enjoyed it.

A riveting thrill ride in underrated gem .

Worth watching it 3 times a day.

a reasonably enjoyable film for fans of the genre .

It is intense and amazing.

Instead, this movie turned out to be extremely entertaining with innovative action sequences and a powerful message of humanity.

To sum it up, "Equilibrium" was a visual feast, and the plot was actually quite intriguing, even if similar matters have already been addressed in previous films and literature.

enough mind to be entertaining.

Equilibrium is an action packed, "gun kata" movie starring Christian Bale.

A good director (David Fincher) who was so disappointed with the studio control that he walked out on it!

All in all, this is a glossy, purposeful and enjoyable sci-fi flick.

While not being a masterpiece of the genre, "Equilibrium" is entertaining stuff and is definitely worthy of a rental.

Personally, I think they were the boring part of Matrix.

But the thing that surprised me totally was the intense, well choreographed fighting/shooting sequences in the middle of all this quietness and dismality -its just awesome with a concept where they take kata and firefight and put it togethere into a firearms martial art of the future...

An intriguing science fiction movie, `Equilibrium' is an entertaining B movie with the credentials of an A-list blockbuster.

I have to admit, I pretty much enjoyed it as a so-bad-it's-good sort of thing.

The bad (warning: spoilers):Hard to believe society that is numbed by constant propaganda of the dictator telling them that feeling nothing is the way to go.

While this does run the risk of the film being boring or dis-interesting due to lack of character development but it is pulled off in such a way that ever moment is just as gripping as the last.

Christian Bale gives one of his better performances, the way he portrays his character's change of attitude is truly entertaining to watch.

Frankly I think that's too bad, because Equilibrium is a great movie in its own right with an original and engrossing story, as well as some pretty darn cool fight scenes.

The whole pop culture takes already used ideas and very often transforms them into something new and exciting.

Some of the best action sequences (and not just in the realm of fight choreography, but choreography in general) sandwiched between some of the most predictable, cliché and otherwise unsatisfying writing I have ever seen.

The gun fights are both exciting and fun to watch and the characters, all though not particularly believable or well developed, are compelling enough to push the narrative on.

Every moment of this movie felt contrived and over-acted.

Worth watching!

Anyway, good and entertaining.

Director Kurt Wimmer makes good use of religious motives, Orwellian paranoia and "language-distortion", allusions and some unexpected twists to both keep the movie interesting and to make his point.

It's pretentious, unoriginal, shallow and full of plot holes, definatly Mystery Science Theater 3000 material, those guys could have a field day on this one.

The second third is rather empty drawing-out of the drama, and the last third is the overblown/underrealized climax.

In all,"Equilibrium" is just a Hollywood entertaining pop-corn movie,which has a good originality,and has the potential to be a A-class film,but it failed at the screenplay,fortunately,the visual effect is unlike its screenplay which is worth watching.

I found it fascinating as this idea of emotions and society is explored well.

The fight scenes were fantastic throughout, first of all when Preston was trying to suppress the resistance movement and later when he had turned against the system, the scene where he kills to save the puppy is one of the most exciting and meaningful in the film.

No story, no movie.

The world looked empty, the characters showed lots of expressions for (emotionless) creatures and other flaws that are easy to notice by a common viewer .

The style of action is rather unconventional and has the feel of strobe lights to it, but is nonetheless cool and intense.

But apart from that it is an entertaining film and I like the dog, the mongrel, the BO of this film that was made even before that famous BO was elected President of the United States who brought a dog named Bo into the White House along with two young girls.

It started and dragged on for some time before I felt any action was taking place.

In a distant dystopian future, emotion has been outlawed to prevent war, and humankind is dull, grey bunch.

It has the right amount of meaning and plot to give it a reason for existing, and at the same time enough action to make it enjoyable.

The action-choreography is unbelievably great, stunning fights, John Preston, the Grammaton Priest saves the rebels' causes: to break the power of the "Father" in a world, where feeling is against of the law.

Bottom line: An enjoyable flick .

Despite many comparisons people make to the Matrix, this is far more closely derived from 1984 - everything from the grim communistic cityscapes and downtrodden populus to the Big Brother (or 'Father' as he's called here) figure who broadcasts propaganda on giant screens.

It turns out for me Equilibrium is one of the most stunning films to be made.

The storyline is pretty predictable right from the start.

This is one movie I thought they could have successfully used as the beginning of a trilogy, by just slowing it down and taking the time to explore a lot of the intriguing and convincing paranoia of the story, as well as the impact learning to feel has on Bale, and what he's going to do about that.

One can easily assume that Equilibrium is just another action movie, but this hybrid of marital art styles, refined weaponry and stunning fight scenes reached deeper than many movies I've seen of serious topics and non frills entertainment.

Bale's slow conversion from a merciless unfeeling top cleric into the leader of the Resistance movement is credible and muted, right down to the anarchistic smile he shows to close the film.

The plot bores me to tears.

) when being dragged away, and above all a point is made to show that he has ambition...

Even my squeamish wife and 9 year old enjoyed it.

Another half-baked imitation of the 1999 epoch -making effort from the Wachowski brothers ends in one of the most ridiculous and pointless films of the year.

All the double crossing is hard to follow, but entertaining.

At times it was plain and bland then, emotionally dramatic.

Entertaining: Definitely.

Well made, but predictable .

It is thought provoking and highly entertaining.

The fights are quite stunning and very well made.

The story is tight and engaging.

all this features make equilibrium so fascinating to watch.

Predictable and impossible all at the same time.

This film is quite enjoyable because of the ultra stylish direction and enchanting illumination photography.

I felt this film could have been a good psychological futuristic thriller, but it just relies on special effects (which aren't a teeny weeny patch on The Matrix) and a simple, bland plot, which tries to provide a twist at the end, and fails miserably.

Picks up a little bit toward the end, but by then expectations had been so lowered that anything would have seemed exciting.

The disciple is absolutely -amazing- to watch work, the choreography absolutely stunning in fight sequences.

An interesting and enjoyable film, that I couldn't help feeling would have been better off with a bigger budget, Equilibrium is sure not to disappoint those who know what to expect.

This movie was a stunning adaptation of 1984.

) and instead listen to your positive side in order to enjoy it, and if you listen to your positive side you will find that there is a lot of enjoyable moments in this film to appreciate.

Despite this, it is an enjoyable film: the fight sequences are artfully acted, almost dance-like at times; and much of the acting is convincing (although I found it difficult to like the hero).

That being said, this is a highly entertaining sci-fi movie.

Don't waste your time on this film, unless having action (with ridiculous and amateurish cinematography, and extremely poorly choreographed fights) is all you require in a film.

With action sequences that are more feasible than the Matrix, more exciting, and less sci-fi.

It's just enjoyable.

Ah, what a pity, Christian Bale and Sean Bean in the same film and it's a complete waste of time and effort.

there are so many twists and turns, you'll be on the edge of your seat with suspense the majority of the time.

It has kickass gunplay (thanks to a new weapon-based martial art created just for the movie called Gun-kata) and swordfights, some stunning visuals, great acting from Christian Bale, Emily Watson, and Sean Bean, and a solid story.

Pretentious twaddle that bored the pants off me.

Matrix inspired, didn't quite make its premise, nicely acted, cheap looking, but entertaining none the less.

So, if you enjoy empty promises for a large payoff in a pseudo-intellectual film, by all means rent Equillibrium and have at it.

Yes it is done this way to create a stoic point of view for the movie watcher; yet it is formulaic and typical of movies in the genera that have already explored this topic.

But it's Christian Bale's brilliant performance--and to a lesser degree, Emily Watson's--that lifts this film to a whole new level; makes it enjoyable when with any other actor in the lead it would simply be mindless violence.

While obviously a little far-fetched (which, again, is a sci-fi prerogative), the sequences were intriguing, and did not infringe on the laws of physics too much.

Bale is very intense in the lead.

The plot here is very predictable, with a script I could write myself.

Hokey with a thinly veiled cliché anti-authoritarian message.

Very interesting and exciting.

Whilst this film was reasonably enjoyable and the fight scenes were pretty dam good, has nobody noticed that the story is a blatant rip-off of George Orwell's classic novel 1984!

Everything is metallic cool and colorless, only the "illegal content", things that are burned and destroyed by some kind of anti-feeling swat police are warm and colorful: books, paintings, vinyl-covers etc. This gives a very intensive contrast.

Although very few people watched this movie, which opened and played in less than 50 screens nationwide, we all now have the opportunity to view and appreciate this most gripping and fascinating movie with some of the most incredible action sequences I've ever seen.

Unexpected gem.

The plot twists are predictable.

But Equilibrium combines tried and true ideas in a fresh, exciting way, and leaves the audience asking for more.

This is simply an enjoyable B-film.

The film has it's own plot line, with excellent acting and extremely intense drama.

"Equilibrium" is far better executed and more exciting, and what surprised me is that the gun-fights were original!!

Somewhere between Fahrenheit 451 and The Matrix with a bit of Judge Dredd tossed in there is an extremely boring movie called Equilibrium.

This is a fascinating Action/Sci-Fi film that's very engrossing, and always surprising, with an amazing performance from Christian Bale!.

Even Christian Bale, Sean Bean, and Emily Watson cannot drag this up from the depths of boredom.

If you like an inventive plot and adrenaline pumping action, go check this one out.

What made the movie more fascinating for me was the use of 'martial arts' and the way in which the use of guns evolved like the samurai arts of old, replacing the sword with a pistol.

I must say: The firearm-fights are quite entertaining because they are so godawful stupid it's almost funny.

Eloquent, voluble sci-fi with stunning fight sequences.

It presents some testosterone-laden shoot-em-up scenes that aren't too bad for the younger male audiences, but they are too few and far between to keep them interested during the slower parts.

Therefore I would concentrate on the difference of viewing things happening around between Preston and Brandt, making up a few dialogues to show how dull a "robocop" can be compare to a real man.

It makes you think, sit on the edge of your seat and have you wanting more all in one.

I didn't expect much, but it turned out to be a really good, entertaining movie.

I'm apt to watch it some bored, cable late-night.

The filming is great, just fast enough to be exciting, not so fast or violent that you miss moves (although you will be tempted upon second viewings to frame-by-frame many of the fights, especially the final showdown).

" The result feels like a copy of a copy of a copy: dull and painfully predictable.

Fascinating Action/Sci-Fi Film!

When I first went to see it I thought it was going to be the sort of movies Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme used to make-pointless and stupid waste of money.

After a long and drawn-out plot that involves John Preston having more improbable gunfights where he dances around and no one ever shoots him, and talking with members of the "Resistance" (because there's always one) about the nature of emotion, which doesn't seem to address the belief that it's the foundation of all human conflict (because it isn't), he's finally caught by Brandt, who angrily declares that he is "feeling".

When i saw the ending credits and read that Kurt Wimmer wrote it i was a bit confused, because i was under the impression that Ray Bradbury wrote that same exact story many years ago (look him up and maybe you'll find out what i mean by that) but although it is a complete rip off, it was a pretty entertaining movie filled with quite a few original fight scenes and some good effects.

It has an unexpected feeling to it.

Most pass off "Equilibrium" as a film deprived of originality and banal in the delivery of its underlying themes.

The finale has just the most manufactured and pointless action sequences I have ever seen in any film.

Simultaneously, the film has an utterly fabulous story, engrossing in its ability to convince you of this terrifying future and exhilarating in the ways it takes you along for the ride beside our protagonist.

)Still, the film is very enjoyable.

Fascists rely on intense emotion in a collective sense to keep control, just as communists do.

And if this is the worst movie that someone has ever seen, then they haven't seen very many pictures.

Where this film succeeds is by engaging that archetype that speaks to all of us, the yearning for freedom from an oppressive existence - the birth of a new, more powerful Self and the freedom it needs in order to breath, and the battle that must be waged to ensure that birth.

It's well made and - most importantly - entertaining.

It's just boring.

It's a stylish and well-acted exercise in trite pontificating.

This contrived pastiche rips elements from 1984, The Giver, Aeon Flux, and Brave New World in the most predictable, unoriginal way imaginable.

ALl in all, Equilibrium is definitely worth a rental or even ownership if you are fan of action movies that has a bit more of a brain behind all the adrenaline.

Unoriginal, pretentious, nonsensical garbage .

Its simple, its exciting, and its entertaining, and for that reason I will gladly give it 10/10

If there is no conflict, there is no story.

fake, and contrived.

Decent, entertaining sci-fi actioner with little underneath .

Extremely entertaining, very streetwise, relatively original, and it has both style and substance.

But the movie itself is quite enjoyable and not that much of a waste.

Fine Science Fiction and A Stunning Emily Watson Performance .

That being said there are one or two excellent fight scenes, notably the end scene where Wing Chun Kung Fu techniques are creatively used with guns to produce an exciting final fight.

That was to me an interesting concept and made for some very exciting scenes.

Worth watching...

The plot of Equilibrium is so incredibly trite and predictable, I can practically spot which novel each aspect of it was taken from.

Bale's emotional range and control, his near-perfect physique and martial art mastery, and the gungfu choreography, are the things worth watching in this movie.

The visuals are stunning.

Overall I found this movie highly enjoyable.

The only saving grace for this film were the special effects which at times were quite breathtaking.

Don't waste your time on this.

The before mentioned slow parts combined with two or three "give me a break" monuments result in the 8/10 instead of something higher.

In fact, I'd say it was the movie's main weakness--that the power and depth of the movie is drowned out in somewhat repetitive combat sequences.

This is an entertaining distopic movie with some very good actors and well filmed.

In the bland, lifeless world that the law-abiding citizens inhabit, everything that the audience takes for granted to make their lives worthwhile is being systematically destroyed.

Excellent camera angles, special effects, and best of all an exciting and powerfully emotional plot; you'll want more.