Escape at Dannemora (2018) - Biography, Crime, Drama

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A female prison employee, Tilly (Patricia Arquette) in upstate New York becomes romantically involved with a pair of inmates and helps them escape.

Stars: Benicio Del Toro, Patricia Arquette
Length: 440 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 30 out of 142 found boring (21.12%)

One-line Reviews (97)

It's even more intriguing because director Ben Stiller was able to contact the real David Sweat in prison, giving this production a very real air of authenticity.

It is slow, and quiet, in a way, but to the characters involved, it all feels urgent and tense and on the edge.

Don't waste your time.

What part did the drawn out historical references to both the escapees and their prison friends play in telling this story?

An Odd Mix of Excellent and Way Too Long .

Horrid, drab and ugly prison "drama".

Moved at such a slow pace, found it difficult to keep interest.

This whole project is an example of taking an intriguing and thrilling story and doing it right from the start.

Dreadfully dull imo.

It's a thrilling series, with superb performances by all, with special mention for Patricia Arquette, who makes you completely get the double meaning of the title.

A complete and utter waste of time.

Kudos to Ben Stiller for bringing to life this epic escape in a mind blowing fashion.

It's too bad I know the outcome, however it's still enjoyable to watch.

Del Toro especially had me on the edge of my seat.

"Escape at Dannemora" is yet another attempt at the apotheosis of 'white trash' and a complete waste of time.

However, this series of 7 episodes is so unbareably slow that it was near torture to sit through.

Though im sure some of the events arent true but its still entertaining and you get to see the whole thing coming together on each episode.

Slowness doesn't necessarily mean depth.

The acting is top notch but the pace is way too slow.

Very compelling .

I have to admit to putting this aside more than once as it was so slow.

The movie is largely fueled by the performances of Benicio Del Toro as an intense, swaggering convict and Patricia Arquette as the sort of crude, low-class white person you see screaming at Trump rallies, although there are other terrific performances as well.

Ben Stiller did something unexpected, showing that he can be one great director as he catched everything and his vision for the project was perfect, couldn't be any clearer or better with any other person in the director chair.

I agree with most here that say it's boring, and yes, it could have been done in 2x two hour episodes.

The relationship between Matt and Sweat is especially fascinating.

Slow burner .


With such fast paced editing in today's movies - TV gives time to expand both characters and plot.


Starts of slow and just when you're about to quit with watching, it consumes you with its greatness.

suddenly we have to watch absolutely boring minutes of running through unlighted corridors and exhausting digging that nobody cares about.

Slowest moving movie since The English Patient.

Patricia Arquette is wonderful but the episodes are tediously slow.

Very well made and visually stunning limited series.

Another riveting series with brilliant Benedict Cumberbach as "Patrick Melrose.

I really enjoyed this ride even though it was an slow bumpy one.

Looking forward to the next episodes and of course a thrilling series finale!

Yes, the acting is good, the plot is ok (although not that original), but gosh that is one slow TV show.

Bored out of my mind.

compelling viewing .

But the pacing is just super, super slow.

Mesmerizing performances, gripping mystery and intrigue, while knowing how this story ends was amazing to watch unfold, frame by frame!

It's crazy how prison escapes can be so exciting especially for Hollywood.

Lasting over seven episodes of varying lengths, the pacing is so slow that it becomes almost unwatchable at times.

Boring and pretentious.

I don't mind a "slow burn", but this is just tedious.

It's a little bit of a slow burner, so give it some time before giving up altogether.

Good slow burning series .

Stiller directs the slow burn proceedings masterly and it looks absolutely beautiful.

Patricia Arquette plays Tilly Mitchell, adding a sense of thrill to her dull marriage by having an affair with David Sweat (Paul Dano) an inmate at the New York State Prison that Tilly is working at.

The writing for the whole series is something of the best in 2018, truly mind blowing story.

Overlong and disjointed .

The final episodes are out of prison and it's fascinating to see how differently the convicts deal with the lack of prison rules.

Arquette is riveting as Tilly, and Del Toro is like a seductive snake.

Del Toro is always watchable but there are so many scenes of him performing a mundane task or just looking 'pensive' that even when he's on the screen you're screaming for the pace to pick up a little.

Dragged on, the only action was in episode 7.

it is tight, compelling, fascinating, brilliantly acted, beautifully produced and spectacularly filmed!!!

If you love this kind of slow, slow garbage, in which a great cast is wasted, your life must be awfully soft...

Boring .

All in all you'd think a couple of sixth graders at an elite NYC private school had a nifty idea for a long drawn out money maker about two desperados that want to break out of a chilly and dimly lock up which otherwise has a bit of New England country club styled charm to it.

extremely slow pace.

Director Ben Stiller dedicates 5 of his 7 episodes to the set up, and it's a slow burn of character development.

these people are fascinating!

The depiction of Dannemora itself is also thematically well-handled - the town is in decay, paint flaking off walls, streets deserted, shops empty.

Formulaic without any real formulas.

Painfully slow.. .

A story so immersed in the passage of time, filled with little subtleties that can create an unexpected tensity and anxiousness you never saw coming...

It really is a stunning central performance from Patricia Arquette.

After those two (also enjoyable) films, it was fantastic to see him take this role and make a convicted murderer relatable on a human level, it was a joy to watch on screen.

When rumours of the affair cause David to be reassigned, his friend from the neighbouring cell Richard Matt (Benicio Del Toro) sees an opportunity to exploit the woman boredom and desperation to assist him with his plan to break both himself and David out.

Painfully slow.

But I found myself bored quite often during the series and wondering if they could just "hurry it up"!

Gripping and stylish .

Too slow .

Uneven and disjointed.

It gets better and exciting to watch.

It's creepily fascinating to watch, and Patricia Arquette steals the series as the deluded elder female who is not all she seems.

there are no new informations, it is like drinking water form an empty cup.

A fantastic slow burn of a thriller .

Why drag out these scenes when you have some great characters to play with instead?

Too long and drawn out.

Very slow .

After 5 episodes I can only say that plot is perfect, intriguing and keep you on the edge constantly.

Snoozer .

It was crazy and mind boggling.

A lot of nonsense, waste of time worthless watching.

It was gripping stuff.

Some great characterisation but very ponderous.

I just finished the final episode and actually enjoyed it.

The show was consistently intriguing, interesting and captivating.

Stuck with it, but it's juts the same super slow pace.

However, and this was a big issue for me, the whole series is so slow and languidly paced at times.

Patricia Arquette is really good in this, Benicio del Toro is such a great character and Paul Dano is such a fascinating character it's overwhelming of how damn good it is.

I do wonder if seven episodes is too long for the mini-series.

On the other hand this is a slow burning series.

Sometimes, it should be called what it is: plain boring.

Amazing performance by the lead trio (Paul Dano, Benicio Del Toro & Patricia Arquette) and a brilliant direction by Ben Stiller makes this show worth watching.