Escape from Alcatraz (1979) - Biography, Crime, Drama

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Alcatraz is the most secure prison of its time. It is believed that no one can ever escape from it, until three daring men make a possible successful attempt at escaping from one of the most infamous prisons in the world.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Don Siegel
Stars: Clint Eastwood, Patrick McGoohan
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 22 out of 154 found boring (14.28%)

One-line Reviews (133)

McGoohan is the most fascinating character, less a corrupt bureaucrat than a man sitting on an impeccable record of his like a throne.

It is absorbing and director Siegel keeps the story moving.

Visiting that place was the most intensely compelling three hours I could imagine, and I now look at The Rock differently.

The lack of character development kind of lowers the stakes of the actual escape, but Eastwood manages to make it compelling nonetheless.

OK, good Clint, but slow .

The tension is built up even more over the course of the third act as the men get closer and closer to freedom, before gripping us in the closing scenes and final act.

All the characters were, great and the movie is extremely engrossing, plus the film is highly suspenseful throughout!.

Any attempt to give the rest of the characters something compelling to do fails.

The inmates we are introduced to, in this gripping prison drama where the security was airtight and prisoners confined to spend time there had no chance, there will always be a Frank Morris, who had experience fleeing other facilities.

As a result the script makes the film real and suspenseful without ever letting never letting the facts, overwhelm the people.

This movie is gripping from the beginning to the end.

Jon Monsarrat review: aging, skip it, sort of boring .

However, I think the pace is a little slow and the tension is not strong.

It slowly lulls you inside the walls of the infamous prison.

Dialogue - unimaginatively bland.

There were several moments that actually had me on the edge of my seat.

Based on a true story.. suspenseful 7 of 10

It was suspencful, exciting and incredibly well acted.

It's also involving and entertaining as a film.

The film's main set-pieces, the feud between Eastwood's Frank Morris character and the massive, obsessed "Wolf", Doc's extreme reaction to losing his painting privileges and of course the tense escape itself, all make for gripping viewing.

I think it had a great ending, and in some places, it has a very interesting and exciting storyline.

Slow-moving prison film with Eastwood as Frank Morris, a convict transferred to the hellish Alcatraz from an Atlanta prison.

I'd watch this again in a minute and would solidly recommend it as a pretty well-made exciting movie.

Quite atmospheric throughout, with a wonderfully suspenseful climactic breakout, the film ends on a memorably ambiguous note.

Once we get over this travesty, the film is enjoyable in its own terms.

About it being a true story I don't know, but I enjoyed it a lot, with its dosage of mystery and even a few comedy.

It's fascinating and makes this movie even more interesting once you've seen the place.

Unfortunately, action movies have come a long way in 20 years, and the film is about half a boring drama, and half a slow-paced escape.

The low-key approach allows Siegel pay attention to the detail and therefore make the escape intriguing rather than a pure run-on-the-mill action fare.

It is extremely suspenseful...

While those who can only stand the fast pace editing and highly stylistic films of today might find it utterly dull, others will find a fascinating true story brought to life in fine form.


Don Siegeldoes an awesome job here, with good camera work, creating tension, and keeping the film at a very engrossing pace!.

The story occasionally crops up on The History Channel and it's an interesting story more than an exciting one and to his credit director Don Siegel does preserve some integrity by making the story interesting rather than exciting and does leave the ending very ambiguous since no one found out the eventual fate of Morris or the Anglins .

Thibeau and Ward are engaging as is comedic actor Larry Hankin in one of his rare straight parts as hard luck inmate Charley Butts.

It is good, and it is guaranteed to be enjoyable.

not action packed,but worth watching to the end .

Well it is entertaining and has only average PC stuff of the era nothing intolerable--still why is that so necessary?

The film is incredibly intense from start to finish and especially once the men start working on their escape.

Stereotype characters, such as Doc and Litmus, make the film more entertaining...

Absolutely absorbing from start to finish, ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ is first-class entertainment.

The slow ride to the island on the boat, shows him looking through a small boat window at the island, noting that the watch tower light is extremely bright, powerful enough to see everything on the Bay.

It's a bit slow and lacks a truly scary opponent.

Instead of action we're just given a gripping story that really packs a punch.

Entertaining Eastwood yarn to the hilt .

It hooks you into the story from the opening sequence which has Eastwood going through the humiliating orientation experience, and from then on the story builds with suspense as he gradually convinces a couple of other prisoners to make an escape from "the rock"--a plan that is fascinating to watch, although largely fictionalized because the actual men who escaped were never found and their true story never told.

Eastwood is Frank Morris, who, with the two Anglin brothers (their names were changed for the film) contrived the most elaborate scheme ever to escape "The Rock.

Stunning account of the most mind-boggling prison break.

Manipulative and dull .

Plus Papillon will have you on the edge of your seat on some parts.

The other really famous Alcatraz movie, "Birdman of Alcatraz," was made in 1962 and has a transcendent performance by Burt Lancaster and if this version was lifted by some magic by Eastwood it would rise above the mundane series of events.

No masterpiece but still worth watching because it´s very exciting in the end and the whole film is entertaining.

The so called "maximum security prison" looks like a joke in 2018 but the tension and excitement was very enjoyable.

Absorbing Prison Escape Drama.

Good acting by Eastwood and very entertaining.

Probably because this is a very entertaining movie.

Alcatraz stands on it's own merits though, as a throughly engrossing picture that any fan of shawshank would probably enjoy.

It's also a masterpiece of visual storytelling, with Siegel displaying a skill for capturing the routine of life in Alcatraz, from the small individual cells to the mundane work cycles, all combining to create an overall sense of hopelessness for those destined to rot away on the Rock.

However it is also very unusual for a prison movie because it is so very low key and slow.

Eastwood's silently intense attitude was a good fit for the role and the drama and atmosphere of the escape scene was done perfectly.

Fisher), who points out that Morris is a potential victim but realizes he has met his match when he approaches him in the showers one morning and gets three unexpected blows in the groin and a bar of soap in the mouth for his harassment...

And make no mistake, this is a slow film.

It starts a bit slow but towards the end it becomes a very entertaining and actually a smart action film.

The pace is deliberately calm, with slow camera movements and a soft score by Jerry Fielding that rarely rises above a whisper.

Escape from Alcatraz is boring and slow.

A solid, round, excellent and predictable film .

This aspect is what makes the film compelling from start to finish.

Well worth watching.

Eastwood is a star and he can turn any one dimensional character into someone compelling, which he manages to do here.

The escape scenes were well thought out and very suspenseful.

He is so slow at delivering every one-liner that you can predict everything he is going to answer back to whoever tries to intimidate him.

I found myself on the edge of my seat as the story was developing.

The federal government never admitted, but I found it fascinating that a year after three convicts allegedly escaped from the island prison in San Francisco Bay the government closed it down.

The first 1 hour of the film was a complete waste of time - I found myself falling asleep and that never happens when I watch a film!

I watched this movie again the other night and I've always enjoyed it.

The scenes he shares with English were pointless.

This splendid flick contains drama , suspense , thrills , action and being pretty entertaining .

Recommended for a gritty look at life on Alcatraz, and the fascinating escape.

I would highly recommend Escape from Alcatraz to all fans of crime and history movies,it educates you about this true story in a very realistic and entertaining way.

Director Don Siegel astutely nails the drab monotony, stark brutality, and utter hopelessness of life behind bars in a compelling, straightforward, and refreshingly unsentimental manner.

sorry, boring.

Subtly Suspenseful Prison Film .

Stereotype characters, such as Doc and Litmus, make the film more entertaining...

Siegel generates suspense galore and you find yourself on the edge of your seat as you watch these resourceful prisoners cobbled together a plan.

Eastwood nails another role and builds his legend with a role like this but I have seen this movie before and it was predictable.

Worth watching a second time .

Every character in this film is basic but also bland.

A strong, uncompromising movie, gripping even if you know the ending before it starts.

The film's direction and editing is paced perfectly, it moves at a slow pace because breaking out of a prison is no easy task, it requires more thought, it really is a slow process.

Overall,it was an entertaining movie that one must not miss.

I have to say, I found the movie quite intense wen the four men were escaping from Alcatraz prison.

The film captures the dull routine of prison life including the violence and the treatment while also telling a good story that it has the good taste to leave open as it was in real life.

It slowly lulls you inside the walls of the infamous prison.

I know some people may find the film dull, well that's fine.

Fisher), who points out that Morris is a potential victim but realizes he has met his match when he approaches him in the showers one morning and gets three unexpected blows in the groin and a bar of soap in the mouth for his harassment...

While it doesn't offer anything that hasn't been seen in other films of the genre, Siegel maintains a good pace, keeping it exciting and suspenseful throughout.

I really enjoyed it on first viewing and I would watch it again.

Gripping, tense, exciting classic film .

Don't get me wrong, it really is fascinating.

The fascinating real story only reinforces the movie.

Watched this film for the first time recently and really enjoyed it.

It's a little slow and doesn't move in a breakneck pace.

This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat,from the start to the finish.

I Love Prison flicks, so i was very excited when i first put this on the VCR for the most part i wasn't disappointed, it has amazing performances, an engrossing pace,cool characters, and a really suspenseful finale, if only not for that terrible ending!.

I had a hard time believing these characters were actual prisoners and the interactions among them were predictable and cheesy.

Slow, patient, intriguing .

And it's also fascinating to see an indefinite point at the end of the film; it's the attempt that counts, not the total end result.

Slow paced and thoughtful action film .

speaking frankly, it's a slow, laborious process film.

Frank Ronzio was entertaining as Litmus, the sort-of comical inmate.

This is intriguing, because it's easy to find yourself rooting for Eastwood and those who decide to tag along.

It is a mark of how well made Escape From Alcatraz is that this final 30 minute stretch takes place in near-darkness and is almost wordless, yet remains completely gripping.

I know some people may find the film dull, well that's fine.

Probably because this is a very entertaining movie.

Film narrates how to be the preparation and execution of the a thrilling getaway .

Very entertaining .

The lack of action per se perfectly captures the actual mood of the prison, where boredom reigned, and I thought the film balanced this well with an entertaining cast of characters and well-timed action.

It is a top-notch movie with good performances all around, and I'd highly recommend it.

It's a testament to the compelling nature of the story that this film can run an hour and 52 minutes and not feel nearly that long.

It has a distinct realistic feel to it, and it manages to be extremely suspenseful without using over-the-top action or an overblown soundtrack.

Honestly the film is predictable; from the title itself you can already see the ending.

Very entertaining prison escape movie and it is great to see younger Clint Eastwood again.

Overall, a thrilling and edge of the seat experience you will remember for quite a while.

Also,Clint Eastwood provides an gritty and intriguing performance as the ringleader of the prison break.

I watched this movie again the other night and I've always enjoyed it.

ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ my not be a solid action adventure, but it's a solid thriller, and it's gripping entertainment from start to finish.

He is later introduced to some of the other prisoners: English (Paul Benjamin), who works at the library and exchanges a couple of friendly racial insults with him, Litmus (Frank Ronzio) the prisoner who enjoys the company of his mouse (such a cliché now for prison movies) and is always bargaining with Frank for his dessert, Wolf (Bruce M.

Exciting .

Very entertaining .

This is one film that truly holds your attention, with one riveting sequence after another.

I enjoyed it more than THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, which is also a great movie.

Jerry Fielding creates an atmospheric and exciting score musical .

It had some slow parts, but the movie was very suspenseful.