Escape from New York (1981) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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In 1997, when the U.S. president crashes into Manhattan, now a giant maximum security prison, a convicted bank robber is sent in to rescue him.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: John Carpenter
Stars: Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 27 out of 314 found boring (8.59%)

One-line Reviews (187)

Don't waste your time on this one.

With the countdown-to-death on his watch, you are always on the edge of your seat.

Violent but entertaining John Carpenter film told in 1997 with Russell playing cunning criminal Snake Plissken.

I wanted to love the movie as much as I did Snake, but instead I found it to be kind of a slow chase movie populated with people less interesting than the protagonist, and he himself has virtually no character development or background information.

Almost the entire movie takes place at night, which does get a little tiresome on the eyes after awhile.

Besides old special effects, this movie has a real dark feel to it and a lot of action that makes it worth the watch.

So after a slow build Whispering Snake takes a glider and lands on one of the World Trade Center towers (costly prison), once in he must avoid roaming gangs of guys whose look is best described as homeless-punk-pirate, and random acts of violence perpetrated by guys with funny John Carpenter-film names: The Brain (whose girlfriend is more cleavage than woman!

It's not the best movie ever made, but an enjoyable and fun experience nonetheless.

The scenes go from the streets to some deserted buildings to a strange, sort of pointless gladiator match, and then the finale which I found to be anticlimactic.

Pay attention to those 15 minutes if you happen to watch the film again) and then it's your usual, boring string of events movie.

A real roller coaster ride that's totally engrossing and so much fun.

It has a weak script that starts slow, picks up speeds in the middle, and then loses complete control down the stretch.

The look of this movie is AMAZING thanks to the great DEAN CUNDY who worked with Carpenter alot & here cundy gives the film a dark,menacing shadow filled gloomy look & when you get light it's often some glowing Neon light & it really shines & stands out it's really stunning!!.

As said, the idea is truly super and there are genuinely some entertaining scenes.

Definitely worth watching, so if you haven't already what are you waiting for?


The whole suspenseful atmosphere of the film gets ruined once the nighttime is gone.

i was sitting on the edge of my seat because it was so exciting and the ending is a classic in my eyes.

low budget but exciting .

Great concept, good special effects for the time, eerie music, Kurt Russell in the action lead (you would think a good thing), some entertaining supporting cast, all good stuff, so wha' happened?

It is very creative, cool, and engaging.

Action packed classic .

Oh, well, the story is still very interesting, so if you can overlook things it's still an enjoyable 99 minutes.

An instant underground classic, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK was a stylish and exciting futuristic action drama centered on a prisoner named Snake Plisken (Kurt Russell) who has been assigned to rescue the kidnapped President of the United States on a very tight timetable.

The entire film gives one a sense of future-shock that seems to get more intense with every viewing.

Snake Plissken (possibly the worst movie name ever) a former war hero turned criminal is sent into to retrieve the president and an important video tape.

John Carpenter could once be counted among the most exciting, invigorating names in Hollywood.

The film sets a fast pace and keeps your brain from engaging long enough to think about the simple plot and the one dimensional characters.

Definitely worth watching if you like sci-fi movies!

All of the right ingredients to make a successful and exciting film are there.

The action scenes, which would be the only selling point, are mostly bland and lack any kind of excitement or impact.

"Grungy" and 'entertaining" are two words that perhaps might best describe this John Carpenter-directed box-office success from 1981.

Pure enjoyable entertainment & Awesome fun,a late night sci-fi Adventure Thriller with the BRILLIANT Kurt Russell in his most iconic role ever as the tough Snake Plisskin & he's amazing in this simply amazing!!!

"Escape from New York" is rated R for violence and gore, profanity, smoking, nudity, and frightening and intense sequences.

"Escape from NY" is more a dark, deeply-imagined style film that grinds along like a horror film rather than gliding along on adrenaline.

Exciting and spectacular rescue into a Manhattan become in top-security prison .

The premise is one of the most original and exciting ideas ever, even if it is a little unrealistic and almost comic book-like.

This is an on the edge of your seat thriller with cool effects, awesome actors, and terrific and catchy lines that you'll find yourself repeating after the movie is done.

The movie feels empty even for it's setting and I think that is to do with Carpenter's imagination outweighing his budget.

Very entertaining B-movie with sturdy performance from Russell, great atmosphere by director John Carpenter and great matte photography by pre-Terminator director James Cameron.

The plot and the background of the story are not bad, a lot of potential here, but the development and the "action" is just slow and dry.

"Escape" seems to float on this engaging premise, buoyed by cool offhand satirical remarks about what war and duplicitous leadership can do to one's principles—"I don't give a fuc& about your war or your president" sums it up quite nicely—plus memorable production design, dank lighting, and wide shots of the New York skyline (once again, Carpenter + Panavision = magic) to evoke mundane, realistic anomie.

as well as a hard to believe story even when it first came out.. this is however an entertaining movie filled with lots of action and adventure....

Complete with early visual work by Jim (James) Cameron, it's an exciting, fun film.

Although Escape From New York has a spot-on and flashy 80's aesthetic and some good moments, it falls fairly flat with paper thin characters (along with some underused characters) and the fact it's just too darn slow and quiet.

Adrienne Barbeau provides ever-present cleavage to distract from the lack of plot.

Completely entertaining with a high-concept too boot.

However, there is plenty of suspenseful action, and Kurt Russell is memorable as the ex-soldier turned bank robber Snake Plisken.

Ernest Borgnine was fun as a cabbie, and there was a singularly unpleasant-looking dude in the background that hissed a lot and looked like some kind of a mostly-human mutant who was very entertaining in a dark, creepy way.

As I said, the set-up is solid and intriguing.

Yet, by the time that Snake gets caught by the Duke of New York, the film gets dull and boring.

It is a Great action packed thriller that most action fans, Kurt Russell fans, or Sci - Fi fans would enjoy.

And Isaac Hayes makes for a dull villain.

The plan is simple and thrilling enough; to fly over the top of the city and land on its highest point, the World Trade centre.

Snake's struggle over the Security wall the first time you see Escape From New York will have you on the edge of your seat.

This movie is a thrilling Sci-Fi classic that is a must see for both Sci-Fi, Carpenter and Kurt Russel fans.

Due to a higher does of adrenaline, and a larger handful of pyrotechnics, and gunfire I think a lot of critics prefer Escape from L.

Dark, Bleak, Yet very entertaining!!!!!.

It's that pretentious and dumb.

This review could go on forever but to make things short, Escape from New York is a film which achieves at everything it goes for and at the same time, remains to be one of the most entertaining and deepest movies of the science fiction genre, constructing as one re-watches the film, a more detailed brain image of its main theme: New York as a prison.

It really gets your adrenaline going, and that is one of the most important factors of movies.

Anyway-I was reading some IMDb reviews of this and there was an imdbuser who said this didn't seem like an action flick, it was boring.

So the acting and script are unbearable.

) Plus, it has an excellent soundtrack & is visually stunning.

Which it is certainly one of the most enjoyable commentaries around.

Dull .....

"Escape from New York" is, simply put, as entertaining as it gets, and an absolute must-see for all fans of cult-cinema, sci-fi and hard-boiled action.

"Escape from New York" has a nice style (looks like "Duke Nukem" was VERY influenced by it), but the movie is terrible - it's boring, it moves nowhere and it looks like a B-movie (in the bad way).

Nonetheless, the tempo is too slow, because there is a 22 HOUR TIME LIMIT, so of course Snake's gonna take his time!

This movie truly brings dark, gloomy, atmospheric settings, a furiously suspenseful soundtrack, decent acting and a simple though fast-paced script together into a work of art.

Carpenter again provides his own music, a simple synthesised score that is quite effective if a little repetitive.

Grim, adrenaline pumping action that you will never regret to see.

Another fascinating ride from Carpenter and Russell .

The elements that the specific synthesizer music creates is very evocative.

Once inside the city, Snake comes into contact with a variety of colorful characters played by name actors: street-smart Cabbie (Ernest Borgnine, hamming it up), a ruthless dictator known as The Duke (Isaac Hayes), and his right-hand man, Brain (the always enjoyable Harry Dean Stanton).

All these aspects come together to conjure up a damn near perfect and highly entertaining film in my opinion.

Kurt plays this role perfectly and really make's this film worth watching.

Unbearable .....

He uses Kurt Russell, someone who can be trusted to the kind of role he has: physically self- aware, stylish, deliberately empty.

This has cool and exciting action, though not the greatest the director has done.

It's partly made up for with its cool atmosphere, but Escape From New York can be a little boring.

The story itself is pretty slight, however the performances, soundtrack, and general early 80's cult ambiance, make it worth watching, and altogether it has dated very well.

Directed by John Carpenter (Assault on Precient 13, The Fog, Halloween) made an entertaining, dark, futuristic Sci-Fi adventure with plenty of action and dark comedy.

i found the movie somewhat compelling,yet also slow at the same time.

)Well-designed and entertaining film has a good cast(Adrienne Barbeau, Ernest Borgnine, and Lee Van Cleef among them).

Even with the lack of "high octane action," this is a dark, rough, and downright cool film that is definitely worth watching.

The movie has a dynamic direction,a unique atmosphere,a very well written screenplay with great dialogues and characters,a fascinating score and a great cast led by Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken.

Russell created his most memorable character in Snake and makes this film thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

You've got some great character actors here, including Harry Dean Stanton, Ernest Borgnine and Lee Van Cleef, but their characters are all rather bland.

The combination of interesting visuals, a compelling story and Kurt's awesome performance make this a film I can watch over and over.

This movie has an original concept, a good cast, and an entertaining execution.

The thing is while being more enjoyable, (..from L.

In short; this movie is definitely worth watching if you can get past how corny it is.

On an overall scale, Escape from New York is a thoroughly captivating, consistently entertaining & sufficiently satisfying effort from John Carpenter and is another quality addition to his filmography.

It does get a little slow in parts.

Eerie evocative, yet slick and psychedelic, sometimes even suspenseful.

There is rip-off from summary Klaus Kinski's mad character of bad guy - pretentious punk-blond(assistant of The Duke in the movie).

It's also fascinating how little of the music Carpenter uses for the film- the sweet, electronic theme of the film the exception- to just up the thrills by either on-the-set noises (of the ambiance of the dark Manhattan corners and 'bumps' in the night), or little touches of unconventional music.

It's raw, stupid and quite a bit pretentious - but it's very entertaining and intelligent enough for a lazy evening.

" Maybe I come from too much of a modern action-happy perspective, but this film could have benefited from some serious explosions or intense fight scenes--some excitement.

Utterly creepy, funny, bleak and suspenseful with rich characters, memorable dialog and stimulating visuals.

Kurt Russell is cool and it has Tom Atkins who is like the best actor of all time(Night of the Creeps) but this movie is boring.

Completely entertaining with a high-concept too boot.

Partly its because John Carpenter was so excited to have a decent budget to work with that he was damn sure it was all going to get shown on screen, even if it tended to slow the action down to a crawl.

I remember watching this movie originally over 20 years ago, and still find it enjoyable entertainment for the mind.

When Snake gets ready to leave Hauk fits him with a tracker, and puts two capsules into his system.

'Brain' is a boring ass smart guy who doesn't seem all that smart.

It's meant to be an action film, but the first half really relies more on a neat atmosphere and sense of tension than any thrilling adventure, typical Carpenter really.

And i really enjoyed it.

The bore is powerful, especially when the action is nonexistent.

Russell receives solid support from Isaac Hayes, Lee Van Cleef, Donald Pleasance, Adrienne Barbeau (wife of director John Carpenter), and Ernest Borgnine, providing unexpected comic relief as a cab driver.

It's a very enjoyable commentary from two guys who had great memories of this film and who obviously love to work together.

Earnest Borgnine plays Cabbie, a man who drives a cab around New York, he's very fun to watch and makes the bumpy ride a bit more enjoyable.

An exciting night time,grimy futuristic Thriller that gets better every time i watch it & i can't get enough of that dangerous dark & grimy apocalyptic Atmosphere & the sense of lost in a messed up world feel that our characters exist in especially Snake Plisskin!!.

Action packed thriller .

The uncut version was fast paced and somewhat gory.

Could have called it slow paced and tense....

is a waste of time but it still enjoyable to some extent cause Snake is still played by Kurt Russell and I highly doubt how the remake gonna bring the same feeling when the director set to direct is Robert Rodriguez a guy who quite lousy with his movies

It has great acting by Kurt Russell, great directing by a legendary John Carpenter and stunning set design.

And though the action sequences don't seem as spectacular as they no doubt did back in 1981, they still pack a suspenseful charge today, aided by Carpenter's clear vision.

Everything about this night time Adventure is great movie making & the type of exciting movie that you don't get anymore.

An enthralling, if sometimes inadvertently cheesy adventure yarn, an intriguing window into the fears and anxieties of the early Reagan years.

Rating :Better than average,good and enjoyable.

This film is action packed and Snake Plisskin is the true anti-hero you cheer on from beginning to end.

which is mostly dumb and worth watching only for a couple cool sequences with Russell.

The neon green wireframe models do an excellent job of expressing the scale of this widespread, near-empty wasteland from all angles.

In it, instead of an exciting battle sequence between Snake and a giant armed with baseball bats, we've got Snake playing basketball.

The action is edgy, the pace is relentless and the film is so exciting.

So I watched Escape From New York again, and sorry dear fans but this is a really boring movie.

Thrilling, funny, cool, and Kurt Russel with an eye-patch.

The problem I had was the pacing was slow throughout a lot of the movie, especially the first 40 minutes or so.

The movie is gripping and Snake Plissken is one of the few truly interesting action movie characters.

Because the intriguing premise still works, there's great character moments from the cast, the visual style is outstanding and the music from John Carpenter and Alan Howarth is memorable.

The whole thing is only 80+ minutes long, and I got bored.

Even with its flaws, it creates an incredibly interesting reality populated with compelling characters.

The first half hour or so is pretty fascinating but once Snake hits town things degenerate into a Grade Z actioner, the sort of arbitrary pointless stuff Hollywood excels at.

It's got an intriguing plot, the opening shots showing the city skyline off in the distance are very impressive, and the special effects as a whole surpass the film's relatively small budget.

What starts off as an interesting premise is wasted in a film which goes nowhere and feels extremely disjointed, it's just one poorly-conceived action sequence after another with little to recommend it in terms of special effects, acting ability, even pacing.

It's just too boring.

Fun, entertaining, and stupid.

Yet Another Pointless John Carpenter Klunker .

A generally gripping action film, the film can also be read as a percipient satire of a society irreparably split along lines of class and race.

in short, it seemed as much fun and enjoyable.

In spite of all this it's a damn good exciting flick.

But In Escape From NY, we are treated to gripping gun fights and chase scenes, with a hero you seriously don't wanna mess with.

I was so boring and I found myself not caring about anything that was going on.

Pretty intense when it needs to be and enough conflict and action to keep your interest.

, 1997) as per the story the Art work is fantastic and the details are mind blowing .

Bleak, surprise surprise, looking at the last two films, but this is more action packed, and funny, and in Snake Plisskin, has one of the greatest cult anti-heroes of cinema.

Isaac Hayes is enjoyable as the Duke of New York, and Donald Pleasance does a great job as the President.

Exciting, suspenseful, great story, acting, and music score.

And although I won't spoil it for you, I found the ending perplexing because while it stays true to Snake's character, it rendered the whole concept of the film a little pointless.

So pointless!

Unfortunately, I was bored to death watching Escape from New York, for many reasons.

As strangely out of date as the film is in regards to predicting the future, it works as a storytelling device in creating a film that has suspense, action, drama, and some wonderful characters worth watching.

Also, Carpenter's dull musical score doesn't match up well with what's happening on screen.

That alone makes it worth watching.

The setup for the "future" world is intriguing.

The film is fairly entertaining, but it could have used a shot of adrenaline.

Overall, I think this movie is overrated, but it has some enjoyable moments mainly thanks to a good cast.

However, in the hands of John Carpenter, the film moves at a slow and brooding pace.

"Escape" benefits from being quirky, action packed, and full of great one-liners courtesy of Russell.

Kurt Russel and John Carpenter together created one of the great fictional characters of all time, placed in an engaging and highly entertaining situation.

Now it's not the most deep film I've seen, but it has an intriguing look for the future (even though it takes place in 1997), thrilling scenes, and an excellent cast, not to mention some dark humor.

All in all a very enjoyable movie that should be seen.

Escape From New York is a very exciting film taking place in the future, the world is a different place.

Grungy, Dated But Entertaining .

Instead, it's a rather absurd little sci-fi film that actually manages to be awfully entertaining despite being utterly ridiculous.

If you're in for some hardcore, fast paced no holds barred action you will NEVER regret seeing this movie.

Escape from New York is the perfect kind of a big budget b-movie: atmospheric, thrilling, and Snake Plissken .

The short and intense conversation between Lee Van (Hauk) Cleef and Kurt "Snake Plissken" Russel is exactly as much as the movie needs.

I will however explain just why this movie is so darned enjoyable.

The acting is very good and the action is thrilling, i also love the production quality of this movie to make it look like a realistic post-apocalyptic New York City and the score by Carpenter is soaring as well.

This aside, I still think that it's an enjoyable romp, which has it's tongue placed firmly in it's cheek, if the lines in the script are anything to go by.

"Escape from New York" eventually achieved cult status in the sci-fi "con" world, and if you can forget the opening premise, is entertaining fare for those who love dark comic book anti-heroes like Snake Plissken, more or less a precursor to "Batman.

Carpenter's films often look like they have the budget of a high school musical production, but they usually at least manage to be original and entertaining .

As a whole these elements make the film reasonably enjoyable.

That film grabbed me, and forced me on the edge of my seat.

A highly entertaining sci-fi action thriller, though a bit dated.

Enjoyable .

The dialog is short and snappy; leaving a lot of silences for the audience to contemplate the big dark chaos that is New York.

A rough and enjoyable film built on a great character in Snake and a great performance from Russell .

One of Carpenter's first bigger-budget flicks, EFNY is a highly entertaining action piece graced by the solid tough-guy performance of good ole Kurt.

The second half, though enjoyable, resorts to routine action theatrics, wasting the setting somewhat as it merely becomes a pinball backdrop for the action.

Well worth watching, and a lot of fun.

Regardless of this ESCAPE FROM NY is a very enjoyable action thriller set in the future

and melted down into a thoroughly entertaining meal.