Escape Room (2019) - Action, Adventure, Horror

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Six strangers find themselves in a maze of deadly mystery rooms and must use their wits to survive.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Adam Robitel
Stars: Taylor Russell, Logan Miller
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 73 out of 587 found boring (12.43%)

One-line Reviews (342)

Weak, predictable story, implausible character writes with unlikely personality switches, last scene so obviously leaving it open for a sequel it was just desperate.

Perhaps one of the rooms (the ice room) dragged a little too long and the ending, while I appreciated its endeavour, didn't quite deliver the knock-out blow I would have liked to nudge this up to a 9/10.

I enjoyed it and would by it on DVD.

But it was entertaining to see several strangers trying to figure out the clues and survive.

It serves no plot purpose other than trying to give a little bit of suspense to a character I don't care about, because the only thing I know about him is that he is a business person, and that he had hypothermia while sinking in a boat, and at that same boat his friend, who I also have no reason to care about, died.

Plot and room design was entertaining, and ending was a hit or a miss depending on you


It's not great, but if you go in not expecting much, it's pretty enjoyable.

And I honestly don't get all the 4/10 , don't waste your money kind of reviews.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Another in the series of pointless movies, with no story, no acting...

You could walk into any theater anywhere and plunk your money down and watch something fun and entertaining.

Still a good film I enjoyed it throroughly

Even though a small surprise provides an alternative outcome (but to be honest it's also fairly predictable), the end isn't really convincing and satisfying.

An enjoyable time.

It's a thrilling, fun, easy watch and for what it is, it's pretty good.

Highly original and highly entertaining .

You want an actually thrilling/engaging movie?

My issue with it is that the whole movie is pretty predictable, and is the case with most movies, almost all exciting scenes are seen in the trailer, lessening the impact in the theater.

If anything, due to wise cracking jokes or general cheesy dialogue it makes the situation more predictable instead of delivering any real surprises, unlike the creativity that is seen in the Escape Room itself.

The main female character (playing a shy orphaned genius) carries it superbly well and indeed the back stories of each character and well thought out problems they have to face is intriguing.

Not bad, rather enjoyable.

All the rooms had different atmosphere that unpredictable and very tense, i love it.

I'm glad we're back to the purely entertaining movies, without the so called depth and thoughtfulness.

an unexpected pleasure.

A fun little thriller, though formulaic.

Presidents have looked the other way as "Sony Pictures"--the official propaganda arm of a Japanese "government" still sore at losing a World War Two which IT started through its infamous Sneak Attack against Pearl Harbor--has terrorized America with literally hundreds of demeaning, frightful films such as ESCAPE ROOM.

Fairly Entertaining Cube-Saw Mashup.

It was very entertaining and had me guessing till the very end.

I would have enjoyed it more without the last ten minutes.

exciting .

It was for the most part enjoyable, especially for a PG-13 horror/thriller movie.

Not to spoil anything, but a specific scene involving an upside down room leads to an incredibly tense moment that literally had me on the edge of my seat.

Some plots are unexpected to my liking.

The direction did have suspense and thrills that was entertaining.

suspenseful with a fun cast .

Escape Room 2019 6.2 Act 1 - 6.9 Act 2 - 6.5 Act 3 - 5.3Pros Cool and engaging puzzles Solid effects Passable characters Felt like you were a part of the group trying to solve the puzzles Get the urgency to solve puzzlesCons Lame ending Bad dialogue Unnecessary sequel set up

Intense and exciting .

The whole concept of the movie is reminiscent of the Jigsaw movies which has been done before but after seeing it in theaters it is so worth the watch.

Everything is so sanitised and boring.

While the premise doesn't exactly scream originality, Escape Room is a perfectly enjoyable little thriller.

Pointless, time consuming, piece of crap .

However, the first minute of this film keeps you on the edge of your seat, where you stay unti the end.

Mind blowing and clever in my opinion .

The acting is bad, the plot is bad and at the end they rob the feeling of justice from you leaving you feeling extremely empty and dissatisfied.

The Escape Room scenes was extremely impressive and intense.

I must admit that Escape Room was a far more exciting watch.

Each of the rooms had extraordinary detail, planned out to feel like the intense game of survival, filled with snares, baits, and clues to spur the threats on.

Some good sequnces, predictable twists and cring acting but overall entertaining.

They could have added twists and turns; rather, it was very predictable.

Horribly boring.

A thriller without a twist, a predictable thriller....

unpredictable movie .

This movie is enjoyable to watch to spend some time.

While the premise doesn't exactly scream originality, Escape Room is a perfectly enjoyable little thriller.

I was into this thriller - despite some of the predictable stuff - and then it lost me in the last few minutes.

The opening scene with a character being crushed from a room with walls closing in does set the momentum of the suspenseful direction.

However, as the film becomes formulaic, it loses this edge and has to rely on the settings and passable special effects to keep momentum.

An extreme version of the popular group event, which although lacking originality and has a weak ending, is entertaining to watch throughout.

The movie starts out with a very exciting and tense scene and then goes into a flashback that brings us up to this point.

It was suspenseful and kept you guessing the whole time.

With this movie, we actually feel a connection with the characters, have an extremely interesting plot, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie.

It's engaging pace and suspenseful energy will offset most of the film's limitations.

While the start was really nice and it really got me hooked with those nice effects and a stunning Zoey, I really was into it up until the point i realized it will really and up badly.

Look.. this was a decent suspenseful movie.

It was brilliant and so exciting.

I have to say it was an enjoyable watching experience and not actually THAT bad.

Confusing plot .

One because it came out in early January which a lot of unwatchable movies come out in, and it seemed like a knockoff of the 'Saw' films.

It didn't, just made the movie (which is supposed to be a thriller) more predictable.

I thought Panic Room was more than a reasonably entertaining bit of escapism for my brain.

What a borefest .

Intense movie with Saw and Final Destination influences .

Boring and corny .

Save your money and watch any of those for free.

The writing, directing, and acting are all incredibly lazy and bland.

The suspense is good but what it lack is that it is maybe too predictable?

I liked this movie when I first watched it as the situations kept me on the edge of my seat.

Although I love this movie and think Robitel did a wonderful job with his creation, the movie starts out a little slow and then feels very rushed at the end.

Lured to the facility under the promise of receiving a cash prize of ten thousand dollars, these six strangers must endure several intricately designed puzzle rooms in a thrilling game of life or death.

Really good plot, some good twists, hope there's a second one, but keeping the good quality, really entertaining.

It is SO boring.

Dont waste your time watching this unless you´re mother is your fathers cousin or something of the similar circumstance.

Highly suggest this if you like a suspenseful action movie and something different from the norm.

It was fluid, move quickly and perpetually intriguing.

My wife and I were a little skeptical when we first saw this on Prime, but we figured we'd give it a shot, and we were both constantly on the edge of our seats.

There is no story really, and the puzzle solving process has many bugs.

The acting is hit or miss at times and there are a few corny lines, but above all this was an intense film that was also comical at times.

Enjoyable .

The movie was rather intense, more so than I even expected it would be.

So conclusion movie started off as interesting and exciting and fell quickly boring and submit.

Because unlike others it has more exciting levels, beautiful scenes and good ensemble and most important it wasn't that much predictable.

From the beginning to the end entertaining, good screenplay, and amazingly tense

The pointless set elements are too many to count, even and especially outside the maze.

waste of time .

Let's take 'Alita: Battle Angle' for example, despite being a somewhat shallow sci-fi flick this movie gave me an overall entertaining vibe.

Escape Room is a really fun, dumb, entertaining cheap thriller.

In some way, I view it as a metaphor of the world rather than a simple thrilling film.

Cross between Cube and SAw,which both are one of my favorites,so can't give this one more than six)Anyhow,very well done for a regurgitation of better movies,worth watching.

The plus side to this movie is that the escape room challenges were actually creative and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Don't waste your money

Just got confusing.

So I would say worth the watch.

now now now, like the game itself, expect the unexpected.

Well worth the watch.

What you have is a good concept with good acting but a poor plot with the participants stumbling from one pointless uninteresting clue to another.

The story is very predictable which is sad to say the least, the acting is pretty bad as well and I'm not saying this from an elitist viewpoint because the actors aren't A tier, it's very below average.

Such thing takes us in a big confusion zone i.

So out of boredom I started to analyze the performances of the actors.

Some may call this movie a "roller coaster ride," and I would be inclined to agree with that, but in a far different context -- instead of it being a case of a film taking me on exciting twists and turns on a fast paced level, it was my overall enjoyment of the film that took so many sharp turns.

I've watched this movie on Amazon prime video and it turned out to be interesting, horrific and thrilling.

It was smart but very predictable from beginning to end.

We're down to two players, but they're in the black-and-white painted room, with drugs in the air to mess with their vision, with a spinning floor, with intense strobe lights, and the footage was super choppy with its editing; it legitimately hurt my eyes to watch, and I'm not even epileptic.


There are no plot twists you couldn't anticipate from an hour ahead.

Worth watching!

It had me on the edge of my seat.

They are fascinating although the clues are basically random.

All character cliche boxes are checked.

very entertaining .

So movie started with a main character showing he's alive and last one alive then movie started Was enjoying the movie until last 15 min went totally predictable then instead of ending the movie with a bit of twist or good ending they lead it all to a sequel which will not be any good because of the storyline.

Unfortunately, the movie goes right back to square one with the final act, which to me felt lazy and cliché.

Here's The Lowedown on "Escape Room" (R - 2019 - Blu)Lang: Eng Genre: Horror/Psycho My Score: 7.1Cast=4 Acting=7 Plot=9 Ending=8 Story=7 Scare=5 Jump=4 F/X=10 Intense=8 Psycho=9Six strangers find themselves in a maze of deadly mystery rooms and must use their wits to survive.

Cliché after cliché, everything seems to be falling apart in terms of their last 10secs until someone mistakenly trips over something, or throws something which uncovers the key to exit.

Bland, dull and boring with characters who you really can't warm to.

Storyline is pretty much predictable without any surprises.

Predictable is the opposite of thrilling.

Escape Room gives an outstanding amount of thrilling experience we'd like to see other than ghosts that are now invading most of Hollywood horror features.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

The initial part of the movie (first 30 minutes or so) was a bit entertaining and also had all the right elements going on for a thriller movie.

Entertaining .

Some people say is waste of time and they wrong.

It was very slow and it didn't have the write amount of horror and action and drama we expected from this movie.

To be honest, I wasn't expected too much for this movie at first, but it turned out to be very entertaining.

Entertaining hybrid of SAW & FINAL DESTINATION .

Constantly proposing new and fascinating ideas amidst a cool action scene, only to be outdone by clumsy dialogue and below average acting.

This movie had my husband and I on the edge of our seats the whole movie!

Worth the entry fee - very exciting .

Very pointless and stupid.

Entertaining and suspensfull.

This movie has exactly one positive element which is though so important that it makes the film bearable on its own: the different rooms are challenging, diversified and intriguing.

Btw, the movie was thrilling enough and suspenseful, fun to watch.

My son and I were actually laughing at the cliche characters and poor writing.

If you want to see this then you see this but I highly recommend you don't because it will just be a waste of time.

The film offers enjoyable ride of course, and the rooms are interesting.

It had its fair share of intense moments and gruesome deaths and kept me entertained throughout each new room.

Finally, I thought that there were many notable scenes in such an action packed movie.

Really enjoyable film some kind similar to saw(I originally prefer saw over this).

6/10 - this captivating storyline did indeed have its flaws, but it was still thrilling and enjoyable

Surprisingly intense .

Creepy , Intense, Gut Churning, and Funny.

Tying all of this together those, was an engaging story that managed to combine all the backstories, gimmicks, and flair into an engaging cinematic piece that delivered on its promise, but remained interesting on many levels.

I'd say it was a cross between Saw and Crystal Maze (the tv series) I'd recommend this movie as it's an enjoyable time filler.

Such a shame they sacrificed an entertaining thrilling film by setting the ending in a way that could lead to a sequel.

Worth watching!

The special effects were well-done, I liked the actors, it was thrilling and fun.

The movie gets going once it enters its first escape room and it's pretty intense as it moves along from room to room .

Finally I saw a good movie I loved it so much it was so exciting movie

Omg I really love this movie.. A lot of twist plots and unexpected things.

" The kind that's both boring and irritating.

Boring,bland,mediocre performances at best .

Same boring horror/suspense formula as pretty much every horror movie, except with no jump scares and very little gore.

A weak "Saw" attempt at escaping the hidden purveyors of cruel fun where, unfortunately, many contestant "accidents" were predictable.

Cliche't, predictive, poorly acted.

The story is fast paced, keeping you interesting throughout.

Better than expected with fun suspenseful thrills that will keep you on the edge.

Everyone sitting in the theater was upset and thought it was a waste of time and money.

Starring the excellent Tyler "Tucker & Dale" Labine and Deborah "True Blood" Ann Woll I was impressed with the competent cast, the stunning visuals, genuine intellect and originality (Despite all the others of the same ilk recently).

The movie was so terrible and slow that I actually left the theater and had to get a full refund.

Mostly its interesting or intriguing, not so much a "horror" film, no gory deaths, no blood bath just focusing on the puzzles, elaborate rooms and how to escape, kind of a non horror, horror film.

Wasn't Expecting Much, But Really Enjoyed It.

Actually pretty good suspenseful thriller .

no plot, no story, you watch 6 people play the most easy and boring game.

Highly suggest "Escape Room" if you like a suspenseful thriller, horror, action movie.

Overall, it's a very interesting movie and it had me on the edge of my seat for the majority of the film.

Don't waste your time .

There is no bad acting, has a solid opeing, is fast paced and I have to say even though I went in with no high hopes I left the movie pleasantly surprise and wanting more

just because everything was so rushed and the ending ruined the whole movie, why couldnt they have ended the movie after the plottwist, why the hell do they have to make it seem like, they are going to make a sequel, so pointless!

The ending simply felt dragged-out.

Enjoyable horror .

A bit predictable in terms of the plot and character development.

It was able to keep your attention and put you on the edge of your seat without the blood and guts.

Hard to follow along with everyone yelling at the top of their lungs.

Though it could've been gorier, with the deaths being better & more grounded topped with a fast paced treatment.

Worth watching on DVD without a doubt!

Eerie, Clever, and Suspenseful .

It has many scary scenes, I liked it but it is very intense

For me, this was fresh and unpredictable.

Entertaining watch .

If you do the same hopefully you will find it entertaining.

Escape Room fails to unlock much of the potential in its premise, but what's left is still tense and thrilling enough to offer a passing diversion for suspense fans.

This had to have been the most boring, dead end movie I've seen.

The puzzles of the rooms where clever enough to keep my attention while being simple enough to keep me from getting bored, and there are minimal holes in the plot.

It was entertaining.

Walls pushing into you, falling floors, was I imagining them ice fishing with a hole in the ice, I started to fall asleep at this point, because the movie is just GOD AWFUL BORING here!

But overall: Escape plan is an entertaining movie if you like riddles and a good adrenaline rush.

Excellent Camerawork with thrilling and Bone chilling Scenes.

My family and I enjoyed it.

I found it at least mildly entertaining.

What was supposed to be a thriller movie, quickly became a run-of-the-mill predictable story with no twists or turns.

Super intense .

Escape room has a uniquely fun and suspenseful premise, and it manages to act upon that premise in the best way possible.

A positive thing is that the rooms in the movie were designed pretty clever and even thought you know the outcome the scenes were very thrilling.

An highly entertaining thriller that seemed to have more unused potential.

And it all leads to an 'omnipotent puppetmaster' cliche in the movie, which made this frustrating.

Boredom escape me .

but with this film It kind of got old since the rooms were boring.

In summary a very enjoyable watch despite its flaws there are a lot worse actions out there!

And one thing is to be predictable, a lot of movies are in some way or another.

The story is really intense.

Expect the unexpected!!!

really worth watching !

As much as this is a benefit, this also does make the movie's end result feel predictable.

Really enjoyed it.

This is the worst movie ever!!!

Horrible actors; cheesy; stupid confusing story lines.

Watchable and quite enjoyable.

It's a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

However, despite the predictable story and the ridiculous ending, Escape Room has some intense moments that will put you on the edge of your seat if you let it-you just have to suspend a LOT of disbelief.

A very likeable and familiar cast serves their purpose through the twist and turns of a thriller that follows the now formulaic nature of the genre.

Schut (screenplay by) (as Bragi Schut), Maria Melnik (screenplay by) Stars: Deborah Ann Woll, Taylor Russell, Tyler LabineLIKES:New Twist Attention To Detail/Creativity Good Acting Character Development Story Stuck To Gimmick Suspenseful Energy Short Run TimeSUMMARY: These types of films fall victim to stale presentations and lack of originality.

Good movie.. Well it was slightly predictable from the first death the people will be dying in each room.

Generally Entertaining - bad acting didn't help .

Enjoyable enough to watch...

Lacks originality and has a weak ending, but still entertaining to watch.

Truly exciting, spellbinding.

The twists were very predictable and took the enjoyment of any surprise.

The acting was really good, the characters were likeable and even through the premise and storyline are as old as time itself and it was predictable (Cube did it much better), actually I came away having really enjoyed this.

Save your money on this one.

The situations that the main characters get stuck in are highly gripping and even a little discomforting.

A somewhat intriguing initial concept that turns into an absolutely absurd story that directly borrows from plot themes of more originals like Cabin In the Woods and Saw.

Ending was predictable and like meh nothing special.

A very bad, & boring Saw attempt...

Engaging .

Its not gory here, its not dramatic here, just boring.

There were close ups of certain characters for the more intense scenes (suggesting importance in the storyline), medium shots for the exposition (to set characters in a location), and a wide variety of other camera angles and movements that made sense for the movie.

Entertaining nonsense .

Other than those two bits that could have been better, it still was an intense movie to watch and would recommend to anybody.

but enjoy the twists and rush of adrenaline, its really mindbending, and deserves a second chance/look.

It's so thrilling you never get board and there is always something that will happen and you won't be expecting it!

It's like the SAW series but dumber and more pointless .

This is a clever movie with some semi-unexpected turns.

A waste of time.

Yawn .

Bland and uninteresting characters, very cliche.

Most intense scene is the two winner fight with the game master and kill him at the end!

There is a lot of thrilling and intense scenes throughout the entire movie!

It's definitely a teen scream idea but blended with a psychological thriller that adults will be immersed in and appreciate.

DISLIKES: Cliché A few stretches Wanting More Backstory for some characters Ruined by TrailersSUMMARY: Sadly, all the planning and details laid out still haven't escaped the cliché and unoriginality that follows these types of films.

This film was very entertaining.

The movie was entertaining and kept my attention.

It was super intense!


This was riveting from start to finish.

It was as exciting as a real "Escape room" visit.

Most of the movie is completely unpredictable and has you on the edge of your seat for most of it.

Escape Room is an unpredictable movie.

This is a suspenseful puzzle film as a group of seemingly unrelated people try to escape the "escape room" (really more like a building) without being killed.. Has some seriously inventive traps (like "Saw" only with a PG-13 rating and a bit more smarts).

The movie is not bad in itself, it's just that everything in it is a cliche.

It's solid, unique & entertaining, but could've been gorier & more fast paced, the film dragged a bit to be honest.

Somewhat Predictable .

"Survival of the fittest.." So scripted dialogues or lines , very weird behaviour of almost entire crew.. Wannabe twisted ending is not happening here, only boring, predictable finale scene which never will be bridged because im guessing the movie wont be financial success.

Lured to the facility under the promise of receiving a cash prize of ten thousand dollars, these six strangers must endure several intricately designed puzzle rooms in a thrilling game of life or death.

But I wouldn't mind sequels from this, that may have been a rip off all survival/torture horrors, but managed to remain entertaining and efficient.

There was quite a lot of successful suspense building, and it left you on the edge of your seat.

Much like recent horror success Happy Death Day, Escape Room makes a nice space for itself by providing a fun and over the top horror yarn that is more thriller than chiller and while hardcore genre fans may be disappointed by the lack of scares or gore in the film, its inventiveness and creativity will keep you entertained throughout, even if you do wish the people we are playing this game with were a little more likeable and unique, making the stakes of the whole dastardly affair that much more engaging.

Very impressive, intriguing and extremely well written!

What really bummed me out was the story, it was intriguing and promising up until the last 10-15 minutes or so, where the plot started getting kinda wobbly and gave me the impression that the writers weren't exactly sure on how to end this.

Don't listen to the snobby critics reviews, this is an amazing and suspenseful movie!

A good movie about clues is so intense man I really like it

At first it was refreshing to see not just one, but TWO survivors in a movie about traps and death, only to have it end in such a cliche.

It definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Cliched and predictable.

The base idea and setting is not the most original, but the story has some unexpected turns in store.

Although this movie has gotten a lot of flack, I personally thought this movie was very enjoyable.

This has you on the edge of your seat as things are revealed along the way until the entire puzzle comes together in the end.

Escape Room is one of the most suspenseful films I've seen.

Was unpredictable, suspenseful, and just very well put together.

Relatively ingenious and entertaining horror thriller about a group of strangers invited mysteriously to test a maze of rooms involving high stakes - their mortality - by outwitting the dangerous games designed in order to survive by banding together.

There is no plot, there is no story, there is no coherence to this movie.

A Surprisingly Entertaining January Horror/Thriller .

Having seen this film, I wish for everyone to ignore what critics say this was actually a solidly entertaining time.

These characters have to be the worst in a movie so far this year, you're just hoping to see them die because they're complete a**holes but even when it happens is uninteresting because this movie is for babys.

The film goes on with a few intense and sometimes entertaining moments.

This movie is Dramatic, exciting, thrilling thought proving, it certainly will not waste your time agreed, I can appreciate the creative work that has gone into making this moive.

I wasn't expecting much going into the movie, but I really enjoyed it!

Entertaining .

I was actually surprised at how suspenseful and thrilling this movie was.

Escape rooms have become quite popular over the past few years and it's surprising that a movie about this intriguing concept has only been released this year when this trend is already slowly declining.

Just save your money so they can't make this waste-like movies.

The acting is superb, and the production polished and engaging.

they had to screw it all up with a totally predictable, stereotypical and even ripped off ending (not to mention that the whole concept of the movie isn't original itself as we have Cube and Saw)...

Surprisingly put me on the edge of my seat .

It was also intriguing to find out some facts about the characters etc. It was doing so well until it was only two left and they were drugged and hallucinating.

Entertaining .

The characters, plot, and exciting parts (crucial time in the rooms) of this movie are so unique.

Went with a group of 6 and saw it in an otherwise empty theater on a Monday night.

If you can accept the kind of film this is and it's cliche characters spouting often clunky dialogue, it's pretty enjoyable; despite that it's about ten to fifteen minutes too long.

Predictable from moment one.

The movie was so thrilling.

It is really intense, and keeps you on your toes.

That's most definitely more scary/thrilling than this heap of junk.

Intensive plot, and not that many bugs that don't make sense , really a good one!

It needs good character development and an intriguing reasoning that ties them all together.

Save your money.

A forgettable, yet entertaining thriller.

As a result the film became very predictable.

Except for the ending the movie was good and engaging

Pretty decent as a thriller, unclear story details and fast execution, hard to follow, terrible ending.

Some twists and turns, kid friendly, suspenseful movie.

I would have liked more of a jump factor, but it was more of a slow burn.

Someone just appears out of nowhere, Everything just got confusing, and then you question wtf?

Quite gripping...

The characters are good and well rounded, each with their distinct personalities and back stories, but the mystery behind the game is very disappointing, and the ending is poor and goes on for far too long.

Uninteresting characters that you don't care who lives or dies.

Anyway, I enjoyed it for what it is: A popcorn movie you can watch on a rainy weekend when you have nothing better to do.

In the end however, the story makes up with characters to care about and by far an entertaining and intense use of the concept they promised.

A bunch of young made for TV actors due their best with an overwrought script, but ultimately this is a very mundane film.

While Escape Room does offer the promised grab bag of frightful and exciting scenarios, it's plot progressions are strung haphazardly together by a mishmash of stale character backstories and "thriller" cliches.

Escape Room in so uncaring about it's characters, that I found this puzzle thriller dull and uninspired .

Thrilling .

A complete waste of time.

Deserves the worst movie prize; in all senses.

This was never going to be a movie that you remembered a weekmafter seeing it, but I enjoyed it enough to give it a lukewarm recommendation.

It's a pitty that the movie drifted off to be more like a cliché of something it tried to be.

I actually found it quite enjoyable and creative, and had a blast watching.

Poor Tyler Labine getting involved in this muddled mess ..predictable story as the backgrounds unfold for the remaining characters ?

They did a solid job of letting you invest into the characters with their back stories, it was fairly predictable at times and somewhat frustrating but as a whole the intense pace, the rooms were creative, it was enjoyable.

The problem is that the movie is dull and uninspired.

So if you are bored, this movie would give you some brain activity for a while :)) .

The brisk pace of the movie keeps everything going, never stopping, so it stays entertaining.

A ridiculous, yet entertaining thrill ride .

Very exciting and interesting movie, keep you waiting for what will happen in the next room

Thrilling and a mysterious escape room.

Then the storyline took a turn into a predictable mode with repetitive events.

All in all an alright way to waste 90 minutes of your life if you have nothing else to do.

However this movie ultimately falls flat because it gets repetitive and didn't spend enough time to develop other aspects of the movie.

In any case what the film does well is to find a nice sweet spot to be engaging and grounded without getting needlessly complicated with the plotting.

The acting is mediocre and the plot falls apart during the second half, but the room design and the creative puzzles help the film be entertaining enough worth of it's january release.

Save your money (more importantly, your time) and don't bother.

Finally an entertaining film after so many films with almost similar titles.

It's surprisingly entertaining .