E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) - Family, Sci-Fi

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A troubled child summons the courage to help a friendly alien escape Earth and return to his home world.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Steven Spielberg
Stars: Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 48 out of 548 found boring (8.75%)

One-line Reviews (177)

The despair felt by the children was unbearable.

" might have filled for me as a nascent movie buff were already occupied by more "grown-up," and therefore more exciting, material.

I find this the worst movie that S.

Thrilling, wonderful, uplifting - and just very, very good .

Boring and predictable .

The movie, in every way, was so wrenchingly and wretchedly cutesy, so us-against-the blue-meanie government, and so predictable, that if it weren't for the fact that I would have caused a big, stinky fight over my being rude, I would have gotten up half-way through the movie and walked.

Even as a kid though I got quickly bored of this on and today I never want to see it again.

Nevertheless I left the theater bored, and a bit of surprised that this film says nothing to our world today.

When Elliot hears strange noises from his garden shed he finds an alien there - left behind when it's craft had to leave early.

's escape is exciting, bright, and sunny.

The most exciting scene was Elliot and E.

Insipid and idiotic, not to mention intelligence insulting, this is one of the worst movies I ever saw.

Furthermore, the quality of this movie is poorly portrayed with the usage of unnecessary and foul language, scenes of intense mild peril which children should not see, and also comparing the supposedly nice and lovable alien to the worlds own perfect Lord and Savior.

But, giving it a re-watch I realized the movie was on a very slow pace for a majority of the movie and there were only smalls scenes or such that brought high entertainment.

I just know kids today will fault ET, wondering where all the CGI is, but if they look past the lack of modern moviology they can find an exciting two hours, and maybe learn something about themselves in the process.

The power of this film is cross generational--and that's both fascinating and endearing.

A film that can clearly, cogently, and cohesively communicate its story in a way that is entertaining tends to be a good film, period.

It's worth watching and gets a strong 8 out of a 10.

I already have a terrible "Useful" record for my 300+ reviews, so I'm more than ready to annoy my readers by saying that ET is Steven Spielberg's worst movie.

Before I begin this review and end it pretty quickly, I've seen some of Spielberg's films after this one including Jurassic Park (sequel included), Jaws, Schnidler's List, and more and they seemed to be quite excellent and enjoyable.

IT's gripping, intelligent story mixed with its incredible symbolism makes it one of the best films ever made.

It's a shame that a movie with such a good beginning and ending had to be tainted with intense scenes that could ruin the entire experience for some children.

The whole movie was boring, annoying, and for the retarded only.

I watched it again recently on DVD and, while it is a very entertaining film, I didn't get that "special" feeling I was expecting.

The first few minutes of the movie are really slow.

And I almost walked out in the most bizarrely manipulative moment of the film, the ending, much because of the John Williams horrible music.

was so exciting, so impressive,etc.

The Extra-Terrestrial is one of the most adored & beloved films of all time which with its emotionally stirring narration, stunning portrait of childhood & exquisite depiction of the beauty of friendship ends up being a truly magical & spellbinding experience that still appeals to viewers of all ages.

Experts say that people's brains store the memory of the adrenaline rush people experienced after just seeing something deplorable.

Grossing almost 400 million in the US alone, this masterpiece of all proportions, is charming, thrilling, funny, and stunningly good.

The emotions of Elliott was quite well drawn out, and the ET was made quite well considering the technology in the early 80s.

Example: The mother walks through a kitchen strewn with empty beer cans and doesn't notice them.

When I saw it for the first and (until now) only time, I was the same demographic as the child star, but the experience was, frankly, boring.

This is still a very sweet and enjoyable film.

The more deservingly heartfelt moments are subtler in re-watching: While the melodramatic ending drags on way too long...

And again, very dull.

All around boredom and yawn sequences are found throughout.

ET is boring and cheesy...

The film was excellent and we enjoyed it very much.

Cut through the hype and you might find this a bit dull, I'm afraid.

The characters are boring and way too cute and politically correct for my tastes.

I watched this the other day, for the first time since the 80's, and was surprised at how trite it was.

In my book, Spielberg made one movie worth watching: "Close Encounters.

Nevertheless, also like NBNW, this is a very entertaining film at its core, with a lot of shameless laughs (Gertie SCREAMS!

Also, I think that this film is rated six out of five stars because it's absolutely amazing, entertaining and enjoyable.

Even setting aside the alien story, the situations are so contrived that they insult the viewer's intelligence.

This film was entertaining, well-written, well-performed and it is an overall amazing production.

Or the chase scene with the police wouldn't feel as intense without his music.

T can move even the most intense and cynical of people and make them remember how truly beautiful life can be.

For someone who likes childish stories and doesn't mind their predictable nature, this may be an entertaining film.

The film has moments of childlike innocence and hope, funny and exciting moments and a sequence that's so tear-dropping even Conan the Barbarian with blow his nose during the end credits.

The other pathetic cliché is all of the kids being wise and good, the adults stupid and evil.

This is probably because nobody will ever be able to recreate the intense emotional journey that Spielberg has portrayed.

is almost exactly the same age as me & looking at it now, Drew Barrymore might look a bit young (obviously by Charlies Angels 1 & 2 she's gorgeous), but the film is scarily entertaining.

Spectacular sound/visual effects and the rousing score of John Williams lead us through this masterpiece.

Few movies are compelling enough to appeal to young and old alike and E.

His character was the most unexpected to me as I expected him to go spreading rumors about everything and bail out on Elliot.

Honestly, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone of any age because there are so many better children's films out there that are more enjoyable for the whole family.

I mean, Spielberg is a good filmmaker, so why would he spend time and money making such a typical, formulaic kids movie?

Although I have just watched the movie a few times at home on video, I thought that it was kind of slow to start off.

Consumatley made, imperiously acted by the child-performers and wonderfully tactile in its tonal shifts from coming of age to chase thriller to comedy, E.

It is far too long before ET comes on to screen to keep the interest of its target audience, and the adults are just that little bit one-note.

This movie is a classic of cinema history and is as enjoyable to watch the first time as it is the hundredth time.

I saw it originally around the time of its 5th anniversary and, as a seven year old found it rather dull.

The English Patient was an example of a boring movie that had a lot of artistic merit E.

A case of the bland leading the bland?

But so often these days we see films made on the "Transformers" model of film making which sacrifices the clear communication of a compelling narrative in exchange for large scale CGI effects, explosions, etc."E.T." has none of that.

A remarkable adventure that acts as both a touching family drama and an exciting sci-fi flick, and one that needs to be seen by all.

It's a funny, exciting and quite emotional movie.

If you like good movies that should be worth watching before you die, see this one because it's cheerful, touching, and teaches us a great moral.

T The Extra Terrestrial is a film that, by most accounts, is a very entertaining piece of childhood nostalgia.

is one of those rare gems that was able to bring an enjoyable story that spans the generation gaps.

However, it's so unrealistic and for that reason I can only say it's simply entertaining.

Richard Attenborough's stuffy Oscar-winning biography of the Mahatma was a three-hour bore that never gave face to the human atrocities of the great British rule over India and chose long, long talk over putting visuals to action.

Not completely had: John Williams's score, one of his very best, is still stunning (the only part of the film that doesn't show its age, in fact); Spielberg moves from scene to scene with great assurance, hiding from a trusting audience the fact that he's telling a story that makes little sense; and I must admit that the two key children, Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore, have both charm and talent.

Notably, the bicycle chase scene near the end of the film is as thrilling as any scene in cinematic history.

It ranges from the foreboding to the thrilling.

For alien fans and people who want to forget their lives for a couple of hours and have a film fun, I highly recommend it!

They were scary or at least suspenseful films.

While Spielberg already seemed to achieve the complete greatness in regards of the sci-fi genre, his newest installment seems to deliver twice the charm and delight, with a smaller scale, but bigger and compelling spirit, enough to make the average and passionate audience fell in love with its concept and execution, relaying on tone, family-friendly themes, and the now exploited traits such as the use of children to handle an entire adventure-like plot, E.

I foud it incredibly boring, the special effects were laughable and ET itself was about the worst glove puppet I had ever seen, a hand in a sock would have been more realistic.

And playing as both an exciting sci-fi adventure and a remarkable portrait of childhood, this touching tale of a homesick alien remains a piece of movie magic for young and old.

Boring and way too cute & sugary.

What a thrilling joy E.

The story seems predictable.

The rating is so high because it is fairly entertaining.

It is moving, heart-wrenching, funny, optimistic, and exciting, all in one.

Julianne No one, age 12, rates it "six out of five stars because it's absolutely amazing, entertaining and enjoyable.

And besides the whole sentimental thing, this movie is really entertaining, especially for Drew Barrymore, (I just knew her for Charlie's Angels) she is so adorable and funny.

Steven Spielberg chose to ground ET too firmly in the more banal aspects of the early 1980s zeitgeist, which might creep out a latter day viewer from the get go -- at least it did me.

The speed of sound is even slower than light, so Elliot should have been about 20 trillion years old before the aliens even GOT the signal.

It is fun, entertaining, and whimsical for child and adults alike, who will compliment for the film's great special effects and story.

I think this film can be seen by annoy age and appreciated, some scenes may be too intense for little children.

Good suspense, funny, with sympathy to its figures, and with a positive message, at the same time entertaining for adults and kids.

Most people love this but to me, it's trite .

Not as well as I had hoped, actually, it being one of Spelberg's most schmaltzy and saccharine movies ever, with several scenes feeling more than a little contrived.

The only thing that can be said as negative is that parts of the film goes a bit slow.

embarks on an unforgettable adventure to reach home with the most unexpected things.

Realistic childlike senses of humor, wonder, and adventure empower the young main characters to guide us on a supremely entertaining ride.

"A powerful, astonishing, emotionally engaging, intelligent modern masterpiece.

John Williams makes his best soundtrack yet, sad, tender and thrilling.

If you have sensitive children who are afraid of monsters or intense E.

Afterwards, we've been served nothing but polished, empty entertainment, cinematic junk food.

More importantly for a fantasy film, he marriages all the post-production elements seamlessly: Allen Daviau's cinematography in the bike flight sequences provides the viewer with an adrenaline rush that has rarely been matched before or since in cinema, the visual effects (albeit largely due to the touch-ups that occurred for the film's 20th anniversary re-release in 2002), don't show 27 years, and John Williams' towering score ought to be compared to works by any classical composer.

It was enjoyable to see that they shake off the adults.

With the remastered soundtrack, the experience proved to be even more breathtaking, adding more power and magistry to a film I thoroughly enjoyed as a kid.

Some may see the story as corny or overly emotional, but I feel it covers all the major elements for a truly entertaining movie.

The film is about kids doing dull things, so despite the story being technically perfect for the 80s standards, nowadays it's just a boring film with nothing to offer for the newer audiences.

A good family film, with a stunning climax .

The film might be nostalgic, but the actual story can be a bit boring.

It is sensitive, sweet and emotive, while thrilling and cheerful sometimes.

The movie tries to be multi layered and only succeeds in being pretentious.

watches on the TV was contrived.

Every time I would guess this will be next, the plot completely takes an unexpected turn, making the film all the better.

However, some of the content and scenarios in the film are unnecessary and/or confusing.

I remember watching this movie many times in my childhood and I enjoyed it.

Steven Spielberg's splendidly entertaining family movie has been duplicated so many times that it's sometimes easy to forget just how well-done and satisfying it is.

The only thing that brings joy in the boring task of watching this is the performance of the then 6 years old Drew Barrymore.

The film is beautifully filmed, with breathtaking cinematography and beautiful scenery.

is a very entertaining family movie, that is emotionally charged with a magical touch.

It was bright, deep, warm, engaging, and utterly cool.

" Parents and young adults need to come to know that Steven Spielberg's, The Extra Terrestrial classic, has some scenes of mild peril that may be too intense for younger children.

One motif in this film was the repetitive saying "E.

T The whole of the story is great, The Alien It self I just love it, How can you not love him, While you watching this movie you will be laughing, you will be crying and you will be on the edge of seat for the whole movie!

The movie sort of dragged, making me feel bored.

is, alternately, magical, fantastic, suspenseful, and sometimes even a bit terrifying.

Moreover, this movie also consists of overly intense scenes that are too sickening for the average child.

" is too soft and too boring, in my humble opinion.

Even at that age which I assume is the demographic the movie was aimed at I found it extremely boring.

Still, the film mostly still works though its a tad slow by todays standards.

Compared with some films, ET might not be as good as some slightly less dated films, yet when either drunk or stoned, this film is entertaining.

Still mind blowing till date .

Peter Coyote(Keys)is a character that is serious, and keeps me on the edge of my seat!

I really should have watched it when I was younger, but I can say that I really enjoyed it!

He had that in a number of his popular films and I hope he is finally through with that tiresome nonsense.

It was funny, it was sad, it was exciting and simply a treat to the watch!

A heartwarming masterpiece and one of Spielberg's compelling ones .

There is John Williams' powerful and evocative score that seems so utterly in tune with every image.

FINAL VERDICT: Rent a Disney movie instead (1/10)[+] Good special effects for its time [-] Very slow paced.

I think this 20th anniversary is exactly the same movie as 20 years ago but spielberg just used technoligy today to make it more visually stunning.

It's boring and sickeningly sweet.

However, the reason why I only gave this movie a eight out of ten was because it was slightly predictable.

It's a success of special effects, of course, but it's also one of imagination, because the filmmakers had to conceive of this things, and experience our world through its wholly alien perspective to fashion a being so totally compelling.

I hadn't seen the movie in well over a decade, and I was pleasantly surprised that I still enjoyed it as much as I did back in the 80s.

He even enjoyed it when Drew Barrymore had her way with him and turned him into a cross dresser.

If his childlike construction bores in Jurassic Park, then it's perfectly at home here.

That's the intense amount of detail that went into this movie.

It is also thrilling if they are going to be fine or not, Moreover, The last scene of the movie is the most touching.

Many themes are visited in this poignant and riveting masterpiece.

Winner of four Academy Awards (including Visual Effects and John Williams rousing score), "E.

Jaws was boring, Jurassic Park was simply crap, Saving Private Ryan was far too pathetic, and A.

After hearing about this movie for so long (yes, I am almost 19 and just finally decided to view it), I found it very disappointing, it was an okay movie, but I figured it would have been alot better, maybe if I would have watched it with lower expectations I could've enjoyed it more.

The only thing that is worth watching in this film is special effects, and very few of the gags and jokes that are funny to anyone above the age of 7.

It brings back such happy memories for me,and lots of pleasure knowing that my children can watch an exciting,entertaining,decent family movie.

This is simply one very boring movie and I can't see a lot of artistic merit to it either.

I remember feeling, if not putting into words, that the movie with the boy and the inarticulate, Yoda- like puppet was slow and cold.

The overall plot, though, was slow at times and some of the acting, particularly the child actors, were a bit overzealous and sappy.

was boring, crap and pathetic.

Elliott and his older brother are bland, generic kids, and they gang up on their young sister, who is a breath of fresh air and a splash of color around the edges of the increasingly disturbing main story.

The second half is weaker than the first, as it becomes a bit too sentimental as it progresses, but I personally still found it thoroughly engaging the whole time through.

Everything here is pretty much perfectly thought through: The score by John Williams is majestic, the acting is sincere (especially Henry Thomas, Dee Wallace and a very young Drew Barrymore), while the special effects are first-rate and there are enough plot turns to keep things interesting and exciting.

The children were great as usual, but the most important thing was ET itself..I never noticed how lifelike he was..his eyes, his expressions, his fingers, his fire hydrant body..all so charming and entertaining.

It's very real and very entertaining.

becomes deathly ill and is captured by the scientists; and a thrilling chase sequence that will have you cheering along.

It was long and boring.

It's dull, outdated, and totally uninteresting.

What an intriguing concept, to make an alien from another planet befriend children from Earth.

In a predictable fashion of true love never dying, E.

become friends the film is really touching and moving and highly entertaining.

i mean some people give this movie 4 stars for cute but dull moments.

Other films which attempt to do so dive so deep into childhood memories they lose their connection with adults, and degrade to brief interludes of "dumb" comic relief to keep grown ups from falling asleep.

The movie exceeded it's limit and should of finished thirty minutes after, too much slow paced dialog and impatient waiting to see what's going to happen next.

But still, a bit too silly at times, and the length gets tedious a bit towards the end.

It may be even more challenging for a director to turn what would appear to be pretentious and maybe boring ideas into films as exciting as the ones he's made.

It's very entertaining.

She said I enjoyed it so much that she went out and bought me an ET doll, which I carried around until I was 10.

However these do not affect my rating of the movie, as I also am willing to ignore some poor or formulaic writing when the rest of the movie is great.