Euphoria (2019) - Drama

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A look at life for a group of high school students as they grapple with issues of drugs, sex and violence.

IMDB: 8.3
Stars: Zendaya, Maude Apatow
Length: 55 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 44 out of 444 found boring (9.9%)

One-line Reviews (169)

I cannot wait for season 2, hope it's as good as season 1 and I highly recommend it, a definite must see.

You will only waste your time If you wait for a story with good development and outcome.

Having said all that there are some fascinating and bizarre characters that keep things morbidly watchable for 8 episodes.

mix that with a slow beginning, and you've turned off most of your potential viewers.

So addicting and entertaining

And the ambiance is great, all of the different color lighting and camera angles really make this a very entertaining show to watch.

The impressive cast made it even more addictive, by watching Zendaya laughing and cry could be so entertaining and moving, She is on her way to the best actress for next Emmy award!

Honestly boring and over hyped.

uhm, You Will Feel Empty-!?

This is only elevated by the engaging central performance by Zendaya and many other standouts like Nika King, Alexa Demie, and Eric Dane to name a few.

Also the soundtrack is absolutely stunning with wonderful scores from Labyrinth and the acting range from these young actors is INTENSE.

Everyone is beautiful, the cinematography is sometimes stunning, the girls apparently spend twelve hours a day watching youtube make-up tutorials, and everyone is having lots of sex (trivia: something like 20% of teens are having 90% of teen sex; none of the other 80% are in this series).

This show is visually stunning, it's like nothing I've ever seen before

Read a book or something else more productive with your life than watch this trite

Even worse, coming from HBO, network capable of producing controversial, on the edge masterpieces.

Without a doubt the show sensationalizes the high school experience to a ridiculous degree, but I can look past that and enjoy many of the genuinely stunning moments that this show offers.

Just more 12 Step propaganda amidst a bunch of trying way too hard to get over via shock value.

It's a very enjoyable watch and I'd still recommend it!

The soundtrack is fresh & often delightfully unexpected.

Disturbing, intriguing, compelling and yet downright entertaining !!.

It's a very deep show and worth the watch.

The storyline tends to jump all over the place - however this is what keeps it exciting and stimulating, which even adds to the underlying theme of drug addiction.

It's a waste of time.

Even their parents have story arcs that are intense in relation to them.

behold life, love, longing, heartache, joy, struggle and the unbearable lightness of being.

And I have to mention the great thing (probably the only) about the show is the unique way of filming, visually it looks stunning and very different from any other show i've seen.

Propaganda For A Cult .

The story line is pure cliche, characters are stereotyped for easy-going story.

Characters have no depths, and pointless nudity Zendaya sex scence was the ridiculous one I have ever seen.

I would like to sum up the show as visually stunning.

I need a new show to watch and this is entertaining enough !

It's an experience like no other for all age groups, especially if you're a teen, relating yourself to the characters on one or more stuffs so disturbing to you and one you struggle withIts depiction of issues is graphic, brutal and honest in a good wayIts acting performance is mind-blowing, crystal clear and muddy at the same time in a so talented wayIts storyline and characters developments deep and award worthyIts musical score and soundtracks wonderful, whiplashing and smooth as doves to the ears at the same timeIts cinematography and shooting gorgeous and up to the pointThat's not a series to review with hundreds words, making the feel of it dull and useless in the process.

I know it's a little bit too cliched and a bit too overwhelming and virtuoso, but seeing these amazing cinematography, amazing direction, amazing actors and soundtrack and editing, I just can't help myself but fall in love with this show, because it's DIFFERENT from other YA movies and shows, it's special, not because of its controversial materials, not because of its stereotypical story and characters (especially the cliched pool party), but it's the way of storytelling that makes it intriguing for me, and it's also unique enough to stand out from the other YA shows.

It's BRILLIANTLY acted, directed, written and the visuals are absolutely stunning.

The editing and acting are great, but the story is choppy and a little boring.

A complex, compelling & bold drama depicting today's youth generation at their most raw .

But the young actors rain compelling, and I would predict this show will garner more nominations for HBO, particularly Mr. Levinson who handles all of this with confidence and that of a master.

It all felt way too derivative and predictable.

Propaganda .

I can see how people would find it entertaining if they were fortunate not be exposed to this type of life.

The crew behind this decided to go above and beyond to tell a relatable tale of Coming of Age and Addiction.

a horrible boring show i do not recommend you'd watch...

I really liked the beginning of the series but by the third episode it started to feel shallow, repetitive & cliched.

The narration tries to be creative but ends up confusing the average viewer breaking completely the almost nonexisting storytelling.


Every character is interesting, story is amazing, and the cinematography is fantastic (not a surprise since it's an A24 production), worth the watch for sure

I think most reviews totally missed the real intriguing aspect of Euphoria.

Well, it is of course a bit confusing for them.

When I came across Euphoria, I really wasn't sure what to expect, I had a read a synopsis and it sounded intriguing so I gave it go.

The way this is filmed is absolutely stunning!

Euphoria is devoid of anything even remotely funny or entertaining.

The characters are somewhat relatable to me (although I didn't experience their issues and culture until college), and there's some moving and gripping scenes that will have you on edge.

As for the "edgy" for no reason accusations, I can definitively say that each "edgy" storyline correlates with an event in my own life or an someone I know's life: spreading nude pics/videos, hooking up with older strangers through apps, drug dependency, abuse, toxic relationships, ugly parent-child relationships, body image issues, self-hate depression & anxiety, and intense repression, and police investigations.

Because in this weird and confusing time It's deffenetly what people need.

It gives us great visuals, a gripping story filled with so many topics where most tv shows would fail to bring these all so perfectly together.

One of the most intriguing hbo shows in a while .

The ending was also extremely disjointed and strange...

To wrap this up, in short, what makes this show undesirable at least for me is that the actual high points of this show; the truly stunning visuals, cinematography, directing and overall impressive production are completely being wasted on a show with a terrible concept/ premise and lack-lustre screenwriting...

so, so bland .

Euphoria is a frightening and necessary analysis of human behavior through the eye of Gen Z High School students on the edge .

The season also ended in a way that can make a season 2 just as intense as the first one.

engaging, shallow sometimes funny .

Every episode was so enjoyable , so relatable .

The best way I can describe this show is an rollercoaster there are very high ups and usually equally low downs, but over all it is fun and entertaining, and unlike a rollercoaster it can be very touching and sad.

In brief found the story line true to life, gritty & intense.

Intriguing, exciting and real .

It's very entertaining.

The story telling skills used is so foreign but exciting!

The show is truly addictive and intense in a way.

Enjoyable .

It's easy to admit that Euphoria has stunning visuals and tunes - each episode is a feast for those that like to look and listen.

It's very entertaining and easy to get invested in.

Occasionally the series lives up to its promise, with a few stories that are quite interesting and engaging.

Overall though, the characters are uninspiring and boring.

Other than that, it's a total waste of time to watch

Once you get past the shock value, the characters are rather flimsy, the plot lacks coherent direction, and the message is confusing.

Brilliant and visually stunning .

Really the only good thing about this show is the directing, it's bold, intense and just generally some of the best work I've seen.

As I see it,the initial innovative ideas were replaced wtih pointless and unwanted drama.

Really intense.

It was a little too fast paced for me at first because I had to read the subtitles at the same time.

Again, that is fine and a very enjoyable watch!

Just breathtaking.


Most of the episodes are really good and intriguing.

Good, but slow.

However, I enjoyed it and believe it is necessary to be shown on TV, especially in today's society.

I was frequently bored whilst sitting through episodes and I cannot be bothered to finish the last two episodes.

Euphoria is Stunning .

Entertaining .

For every nuanced portrayal of a character there is, there is also an equally boring melodramatic side plot that feels ripped outta ten different movies.

I was starting to feel a bit bored at the beggining, feeling like 'another series about drugs, depression, sexuality and bla bla bla, that won't had nothing new', and Boy.. was I wrong.

Zendaya is a very special young woman that is so enjoyable to watch.

This show is raw and shocking, I agree that the shock is there partly for the pure value of it, but this is one hell of a compelling show.

Pretentious, obnoxious cliche degeneracy.

The acting is mostly great, cinematography is stunning, just like the music.

If it's entertaining and high quality (which it is) then you'll probably enjoy it.

Each breathe life into their characters as they guide the show's compelling story (aided by beautifully crafted visuals) with deliberate, careful nuance.

Fascinating .

Intense, dramatic, funny, thought provoking.

This series had potential as a gritty yet entertaining updating of the depiction of teens' lives.

The editing is really good, however the storyline and characters are a bit bland.

Intense, relatable, and compelling.

The storylines are deep, intense and raw.

The cinematography is breathtaking.

Cliche, weak storyline and a lot of vulgarity .

After that it is a compete waste of time.

100% Worth Watching, Even if You're Unsure at First .

You feel immersed in the story with all the special effects.

cliche, one-dimensional with some paint-by-numbers illusion of depth, and gratuitous shock with no real payoff or substance.

The series is enjoyable and real.

However, for the most part it is quite dull and unengaging.

Aside from that this does not reflect any high school or any high school students other than possibly the rare occurrence of the prep school, bored, too much time on their hands, daddy-doesn't-love-me-enough of the rich, like Sam Levinson, the son of a famous writer / director.

Constantly moving from one dark and pointless montage to the next ,the cinematography was dreadful.

And just when you think you might have a sliver of empathy for somebody, the director will dump you right back in the real world with a 4 minute long tracking shot that ruins any sense of being immersed in the world of Euphoria.

Granted the first episode was slow and a bit hard to watch, the plot was strange, and I thought it was more about how they can shock the audience with nudity and sex scenes.

Perfect acting, amazing directing, stunning cinematography and an addicting story...

Amazing production, the acting was superb the soundtrack was great and the artistry and fashion was stunning.

The central character - Rue - is the main cause of the problem, coming across as superficial, self-absorbed and pretentious.

Only recently finished watching euphoria, but I cannot stop thinking about it- honestly one of the most gripping, emotive and visually incredible shows I have ever watched.

Starting with the make up, every make up look- even when it wasn't loud, was unique and absolutely stunning.


She always looks confused and like she's reading cue cards every time she says her lines, her emotional scenes feel fake and insanely flat, her facial expressions are limited to a blank look on her face and being confused, her physicality is so wooden and robotic, and she always seems so bored.

Unfortunately, we're so desensitized that it just comes of as boring.

overall, I think it is worth watching, I also think that there are some definite problems with it.

Intense, dazzling, contemplative and unashamedly raw .

First of all.. breathtaking cinematography!

When I watched it I was so bored and mostly on my phone.

Cliches spiced with porn and drugs, pretentious and cheap.

Worth the watch.

Euphoria has a pull that makes it too intriguing to ignore.

Confused but Enjoyable .

Fascinating and addicting .

It seems pointless to the propulsion of the plot.


Overall, I'll watch next season, as it was pretty engaging.

stunning series.

It's a really fun series, and for all it's over-the-top ridiculousness, it also captures a lot of the sadness, confusion, and isolation of being a teenager.

) whilst that shot is stunning, with all the glitter and colour scheme in the background, it can be seen as beautiful rather than how it's actually affecting her.

Pretentious drivel .

The lighting is absolutely stunning.

Though the depictions of modern high school life is very over exaggerated, it was still a very enjoyable Pilot episode.

I think that I didn't really got anything from it, it was just a waste of my time.

It dragged on as the writers obviously ran out of time and ideas.

Like most first seasons of a show, the season starts slow, and ends up getting a little bit of steam by the end.

The rest is basic and boring.

Without giving to much away the show deals with many aspects of addiction, being true to yourself, coming to terms with your identity, coming of age.

I was actually looking forward to this, but the desperate need to shock me (with no effect what so ever, because it's unbelievable over the top) gets a little boring in the end.

the show is entertaining.

The initial awe the first few episodes brought were later replaced with boredom and a bit of anger.

If u only watch the first two episodes, u may get bored of the cliches of drugs and sex.

Quite simply it's DeGrassi Junior High with a bigger budget and a tedious amount of sex and drugs.

and they pull off some intense moments.

Visually stunning and probably the best cinematography ever done.

His story was a bit uninteresting to me in comparison with all the insanity of the other characters, his girlfriend included.

Overall, if you are in for a very likeable cast and stunning visuals/cinematography in a show with dark themes, this show is for you.

Though this series tells a beautiful story and is visually stunning, it over exaggerates all aspects of high school and social interaction, so much so to the point it's hard to believe.

It's a waste of time and if u wish to watch the original...

I have to give props to the DP and Visual Directors for making a show that could have looked dull, really vibrant and impressive.

There are times this is absolutely gripping.

With fascinating characters and stories that feel genuine about characters that are three dimensional, this show finds a comfortable place in your mind for weeks after you have finished it.

The visuals - amazing, 10/10, in fact, Euphoria is the most visually stunning show I've ever seen.

Gripping, funny, beautiful .

The storytelling here is predictable...

Overall, It's safe to say that is a shame how a potencial good series can be so poor when in comes to content, and become a boring and repetitive show, whit an extreme need to show nudity and using of drugs, when the real necessary thing is to develop it's own story.

This is a story that rarely relates to reality, so after watching it you feel like you've eaten empty calories.

The cinematography is breathtaking, the soundtrack is entirely fitting (Labrinth's original tracks are a stand-out), and the entire cast of young actors are amazing.

I loved the show when it was mainly about Rue, but it soon took a turn in another direction when they tried to deepen the other very bland and cliché characters who grew even more generic with this deepening.

Boring and stupid .