Evolution (2001) - Comedy, Sci-Fi

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A fire-fighting cadet, two college professors, and a geeky but sexy government scientist work against an alien organism that has been rapidly evolving since its arrival on Earth inside a meteor.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Ivan Reitman
Stars: David Duchovny, Orlando Jones
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 79 out of 414 found boring (19.08%)

One-line Reviews (241)

With Shrek I could laughed the first time, the second time it was less, and the third time it was boring.

incredibly dull and stupid .

the Writing is equally cOmpelling; the stoRy effortleSsly inTerwEaVes multiple storiEs to cReate one amazing movie.

This film is neither thrilling nor funny.


If you don’t plan to have too many expectations with this one, then, without doubt, I would recommend this movie as very funny, yet exciting albeit in an absolutely silly sense.

The whole thing is just so throughly unfunny and dull that it's hard to put into words.

Fun and enjoyable .

Great entertainment and both of us highly recommend it for those who just want a fun escape.

It's enjoyable and watchable.

Fun movie worth watching once .

Tiresome .

A great fun, enjoyable movie that isn't trying to be anything else.

Absolutely a waste of time.

In the end, Evolution is just cliche and predictable.

Evolution has many funny moments, some wonderfully created aliens and a good cast, but Orlando Jones definitely steals most of the laughs, he is hilariously entertaining.

The music by John Powell is dynamic and thrilling.

I would humbly suggest that anyone who found this film funny or entertaining take a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror - if their padded cell has a mirror.


No need to fish for a laugh 50 times using this same overdone, trite topic when the first attempt fails miserably.

David Duchovny made an interesting, if sometimes inconsistent lead, but when heavily backed up by a fun script and great acting support, Evolution is a film worth watching.

Instead of a relatively light-weight, entertaining hilarious comedy, Evolution is more of a dry humor, characteristic of David Duchovny and similar in tone to the wry humor in Lake Placid (1999) where Bill Pullman and Bridget Fonda are confronted with a monstrous allegator menacing the populace of Lake Placid.

Don´t waste your money on a movie ticket .

But I think what pulled it all together for me, was the fact that it had an enjoyable cast (Duchovny and Jones were enjoyable, as was Scott, who was so goofy, it surprisingly actually worked for me), it's more than obvious similarities to "Ghostbusters" (one of my favorite film series from the '80's), and you know, this film was a blast to just turn off reality and sit back to have fun with.

I thought parts of it were cool (like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man), but most of the movie was too drab for me, for some reason.

It is thrilling from start to finish.

This is a film you can put on and veg to - I don't think it has anything which will keep you glued to the screen, but it's semi-decent light hearted fodder if you're bored on a Sunday.

The good people at Head & Shoulders should be embarrassed they allowed the use of their product in this pathetic waste of time.

i saw this movie once and i thought it would be good, it's not all its cracked up to be, i didnt like it much, it was funny at some parts but boring and annoying at most...

It's got comedy which really makes this movie enjoyable.

I'll explain… I watched 'Evolution' in the cinema and enjoyed it.

It was made to give you your money's worth and put forth an enjoyable show.

" Imagine a "Ghostbusters" trio of heroes combating aliens gone AWOL from "Men In Black," "Tremors," "Gremlins," and "Jurassic Park," and you have a fairly accurate idea how wholly derivative and hopelessly predictable this lame creature feature is.

Somehow, the script changed for good and this one turns up as a thoroughly enjoyable comedy with a great dose of science, or at least the likeliness of it thrown in.

On the night HBO debuted Joe Buck Live, an unwatchable hour of something, I started flipping through my "saved" list and found Evolution.

It was a total waste of time and money.

The prefabricated screenplay by Don ("Vampires") Jakoby, David ("The Family Man") Diamond, & David Weissman opens one night when goofy firefighter wannabe, Wayne Green (Sean William Scott of "American Pie"), sets an empty shack ablaze in the desert and practices his rescue routine with a life-sized female dummy.

A waste of time.

Light-hearted, enjoyable entertainment.

Except from some pretty cool special effects, this is one of the most boring and not-funny movies I have seen in years.

and when, OH WHEN, are we gonna see a comedy with a Black character NOT talking about "whoopin' some White ass", dancing, and/or acting like a sex fiend?..Oh, how about this now CLICHE' throw away line by a black actor in a movie...

Patchy but reasonably enjoyable .

Waste of my money and time!!!!.

A thoroughly enjoyable movie worth the money, overall.

I left the theater feeling my $7.00 was well spent.

So much of the friendly banter seems forced and artificial, and Orlando Jones' cliched one-liners only slow the scenes down.

Moore does not impress at all here, not judging the comedy correctly at all, and failing to add a compelling straight performance either.

The script was illogical, juvenile, and at best, formulaic.

Good, entertaining summer comedy .

The basic plot is also compelling.

Don't waste your time on this one.

David Duchovnoy cannot do comedy to save his life, the film itself is directionless and boring, mundane, I can't even be arsed to finish this rev

Don't waste your money.

All in all, it's not the best film ever made, or even the best of its kind, but it's worth watching on the big screen.

It's sort of funny, sort of scary and sort of clever but many people will consider this film to be a complete waste of time.

The plot is wafer-thin, lurching from cliche to cliche in ways a school child would be embarrassed to draft.

It was visually stunning and quite fast paced.

Overall, it is daft and extremely silly to the core, but it is also very enjoyable and likable.

My Take: Though derivative, its funny and insanely enjoyable.

It is highly enjoyable.

As such the film is very much the Ghostbusters 3 that some other reviewers have called it – it is funny, tongue-in-cheek but still managing to be still exciting and engaging rather than just being too daft for the audience to care about or get involved in.

He's way too boring and one dimensional for this kind of role.

This movie may quite possibly be the worst movie ever.

It is a pointless and boring mess that should be sent through a blender.

What a horrible waste of time.

nothing much happens, the plot is also very lame, the acting horrendous and the situations so boring.

Pretty Silly But Still Enjoyable To Watch, With Really Cool Effects, Fun Story And Hilarious Performances.

I think it needed a bit of rectifying to modify its taste to be something clearer, or more entertaining.

Science fiction movies can be spell-bounding, thrilling or scary.

But that aside i still enjoyed it.

It is very silly and never takes itself seriously but it is also pretty funny, energetic, exciting and enjoyable.

There were some funny moments, but overall it was rather disjointed and didn't quite work for me.

It's boring and cheesy, never particularly funny and never engaging, exciting or interesting.

Daft yet somewhat engaging and fun movie.

I guess this is targeted as a family movie you can take teens to but I think some teens have a high potential of being bored by this.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen and I absolutely flipped over backwards as I read the reviews of this film here saying it was great.

It was funny, exciting, scary at points.

I thought the story to be original and entertaining.

I wouldn't pay to see this, but it is fairly short(only 100 minutes), so it wouldn't be a complete waste of time if you can watch this on cable.

Sometimes entertaining, always stupid .

It just had to be entertaining and funny.

Personally, I thought it was kind of repulsive, disorientated, and very, very dry.

It is a typical fun, pointless summer movie where you're just supposed to sit back, enjoy your popcorn and watch the monsters run around.

Stupid and boring....

Ho-hum .

I was expecting snappy dialogue.

Disjointed, not cohesive, too far fetched.

I have only one complaint:- The typically nasty general (ted levine) who thinks he knows best is a annoying cliche which gets used too many times in moviesit's only rated PG so kids will enjoy it too!

Silly but entertaining .

Thoroughly enjoyable movie .

That is what makes "Evolution," an enjoyable flick.

'Evolution' is still an entertaining flick for me to sit down and just turn off my mind too.

The plot is copied, the effects are bland, the acting mediocre, & the cameo's not funny in Ivan Reitman's hodge-podge disaster Evolution.

Entertaining alien comedy.

Quite possibly the worst movie since Ishtar .

It's perhaps ironic that Ghostbusters, made in 1984, has dated so much better (in a graceful way) and is still sharply funny and hugely entertaining movie.

don't waste your time or money.

This is definitely one of the top 10 worst movies I have ever seen.

The actors were mostly boring and stereotypic, and the script was very silly.

The second thing that boosts the film to above boredom is the monster, or monsters.

It will even resort to crotch hitting site gags and tried and true music sequences that are thrown in out of the blue and have no bearing on anything, to fill in large and I mean LARGE empty spaces.

If nothing else, an entertaining film .

Sure the effects were good ,but who cares when the story and the characters are so dull and uninteresting ?

And yes, it's mostly predictable.

The comedy undoubtedly, in parts, was a tad more off-the-wall than in Ghost Busters but the movie delivers a type of experience that I find extremely entertaining.

Well, if I were to look at the movie from a distance, yes the plot is kind of mundane.

True, some of the creatures look great, but perhaps someone should tell the FX man from Jurassic Park (on set here yet again) that too many dinosaurs can eventually get a little boring?

The movie plot is disjointed.

This is a funny and very enjoyable movie with a distinctly 80's feel from Ivan Reitman.

I am beginning to believe that his monotone "Joe Friday" impersonation represents more than just a small part of his repertoire.

Other than the advertising crap its a movie worth watching just once.

What a waste of money.

Along with the tubby twosome, Reitman adds a bug-eyed black guy (paging Ernie Hudson), a buxom blonde beauty queen, a geeky military guy with coke bottle glasses, anal sex humor, fart jokes, a leading lady with the grace of Gerald Ford, a hardass Army general obsessed with blowing things up, some of the dullest aliens ever to be computer generated, idiotic dialogue, and "X-Files" David Duchovny mooning.

Finally, salvation comes from unsung hero scientists and/or some other unexpected source (or both).

Overall i highly recommend it.

I finally finished Evolution, after falling asleep to it like 5 times.

Not great, but consistently clever and entertaining .

It's mind boggling to me that the writers thought that a alien with diarrhea is funny and then depict it so descriptively and sickeningly (if they spent more of their time on the story?????

Pitched to eighth-grade mindset and cannot be made up for with stunning graphic effects.

It will never have the same magic that Ghostbusters has for me, but Evolution is a film I have bought on DVD, and I still find it very entertaining and amusing....

Overall, it's a fun and enjoyable movie, I'd give it 7.5 out of 10.


Based on R4 DVDDespite being an X-Files fan I cannot bring myself to giving this movie a 'worth watching' rating.

The jokes are predictable, like taken from a joke database and slightly adapted.

The effects are shoddy, the dialogue inane, the characters caricatures of 1980s comedy characters, horrible acting, and a plot so implausible and non funny as to require either the transporting of the entire staff responsible for this drivel back to 1985 so they would only torture an audience accustomed to this level of inanity or the confiscation and destruction of all the copies of this film and the summary execution of the creators of this waste of movie studio money.

Otherwise, the actors were listless (Julianne Moore), or cliché (Orlando Jones).

Silly movie worth watching at a drive-in or rented .

Overall, the movie was enjoyable.

This movie it's so weak and boring .

He was also in the Replacements (that lame football comedy which was also somewhat entertaining), and he's probably been in some other stuff I haven't seen or can't remember.

julianne moore is ofcourse her stunning self.

But most of the action scenes are just predictable and dumb.

I'm surprised there is no message thread for this movie.

The plot was extremely predictable, and lame.

One of the worst movies I've seen .

Then he gets an unexpected visitor - a meteor, carrying alien organisms hits the heart of the Arizona desert.

Sometimes, the performances of the main characters are enough to salvage a film; in the case of "Evolution," the main roles give the movie a type of innocent air that luckily makes it both enjoyable and exciting.

A *total* waste of time, unless your definition of comedy is restricted to slapstick and lavatory humour.

"Evolution," though not the most original movie ever, is still a very entertaining comedy.

At times, 'Evolution' feels awkwardly paced and formulaic in it's script, and the romantic angle between Julianne Moore and David Duchovny's characters does not really work!

what a complete waste of money.

I found this highly entertaining, cleverly witty, with a slick production quality which tends to draw in the audience, who finds its members laughing, sometimes in spite of themselves.

Evolution is a very enjoyable film.

Stupid humor movie but entertaining .

Anyway, I saw worst movies too...

The F/X is great, and if you pay attention to the dialogue, the double entendres and the puns redeem a fairly predictable plot line.

No, it's not Lord of the Rings and No, it's not Gone with the Wind, but it has visually stunning special effects, a great script, great acting, and I would definetly rate this movie somewhere between an 8 and a 9.

It could be that I saw this with a total count of 18 of my friends on the opening day of this movie, but I enjoyed it.

I was annoyed at several moments that revealed a low level of intelligence from the script writers including contrived plot twists with zero logic that kid-gloved what should have been a rather nice chunky and bloody scene.

Overall, I found Evolution to be very intriguing apart from being funny.

the only accomplished actor was moore, but her role was that of the quick, requirred love interest, a role which ran it's predictable course.. blech.

What an exciting & hilarious movie that's technically well made, stylish and has great directing from Ivan 'Ghostbusters' Reitman that's a huge improvement on his previous features - The bland 6 days 7 nights & criminally unfunny 'Father's Day'.

But I cannot deny it is a very fun and entertaining movie.

too bad after all those filler's it was still an empty movie.

I think this really has the making of a sci-fi comedy cult classic, with unforgettable set pieces like a snobbish employer of one of the main characters getting dragged from a golf course into oblivion by a gator-like evolved critter.

The cutesy monster was probably one of the most entertaining parts of the whole movie.

It's an out and out entertaining movie.

What's worse is that so many of the actors try make bland material seem hysterical.

Her pratfalls are pretty lame and predictable.

While I would definitely label it what I call "stupid humor", I enjoyed it for what it was worth...

It has nearly 400 user reviews but no message thread?

I have always enjoyed Evolution - it is a funny, original and exciting film.

A complete waste of time .

There is nothing to offer in this movie; atrocious witting, terrible acting, boring generic music and terrible visuals.

I remember seeing this at the theater and more than a few people just got up and walked out.

cant believe that dreamworks was associated with it, the movie is pretty boring and stupid.

Evolution was made to be entertaining, not great.

(most test audiences found it confusing I guess) Hey, imagine the black dude has gotten pregnant with an alien.

Now let's make one thing clear, this movie is NOT science fiction, maybe that's why I actually enjoyed it.

When we go to the movies we want to escape the mundane trials of life.

I mean, it's unbearable, I got really frustrated when I watched it, believe me, it's really really bad...

Lame performances by the actors, boring photography by the usually excellent michael chapman, formula editing.

If "Evolution" is any indication of the films being offered to David Duchovny, then perhaps he might want to rethink his decision to leave the X-Files less he becomes the next David Caruso.

Reitman's worst movie.

The problem is, this in no way defines or establishes the character nor is it particularly funny, so it feels like a pointless addition, as though the writers realized that she wasn't very interesting and decided to give her a random quirk.

The movie is very forgettable and leaves a pointless impression afterward.

This movie was a waste of my money and my time......

Quite enjoyable - spoiler maybe .

waste of time .

Most of them, however, do not, and the movie manages to become an entertaining, well-acted, summer comedy.

It's worth watching once.

This one just tries to make it on special effects with essentially no story and it fails.

Why such good talent signed up for this dull sophomoric movie?

One of the worst movies of the year....

I would not pay good money to watch it in DTS/SDDS/THX whatever, but definitely enjoyed it at the drive-in, where the cost was very amortised.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I wasn't alone as the packed out cinema were laughing out loud and clapping (which is not usual behaviour in British cinemas so it must be good)!

Funny and Enjoyable .

if this flick was made for 10 year olds, 15 years ago, it would still have been flat, lacking, rushed, unfunny, predictable...

The whole idea about visitors from outer space is appealing and fun with the speedy growth the aliens make also interesting as well as unpredictable: I got the reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey when they mutated into primitive men and were suddenly hostile.

The actors were all great and entertaining.

After all, Ghostbusters was a classic of its time and a thoroughly entertaining film.

I wouldn't run out and buy this film, but it's worth watching if it plays on TV or if one can find it somewhere for a few bucks.

Reitman going back to his roots and making a funny and thrilling sci-fi film.

The characters all have their own kind of jokes, which tend to be repetitive after a few minutes.

He deadpans many of his lines, but his timing is good, and so this works for great comedic effect, instead of being boring.

All In all Evolution is not a great film but the comedy makes it tolerable, and even enjoyable.

Pretty silly, but still enjoyable to watch, with really cool effects, fun story and hilarious performances, i highly recommend it.

Unfortunately, the story was slow, there wasn't much tension (because it was played goofy), and the ending was a real let-down.

The chemistry between Duchovny and Jones is what makes the movie shine, keeping it continuously fresh despite its inherent banality.

I wouldn't consider this classic cinema, but if you have nothing to do one rainy afternoon, go see this funny and enjoyable movie.

Any way to cut it, it's a enjoyable romp that will be worth the $2 to $5 dollars you spent.

But Evolution is still an entertaining film, even if you don't root for these characters like the Ghostbusters.

It's a comedy with a lot of jokes and silliness with some great special effects for the kind of movie this is, silly summer fun that's worth watching for sure.

Try comparing it with Galaxy Quest, another film I found to be amusing and thoroughly absorbing.

***WARNING: terrible waste of time and money for everyone involved, and for you if you watch it.

A pure waste of money.

He just recites his line in the most monotone voice possible with no expression on his face.

Ivan Reitman, director of 80s blockbuster 'Ghostbusters', creates an entertaining but formulaic science-fiction comedy in 'Evolution'.

Entertaining, it most certainly is.

The characters, the situations, the dialogs, the comic: everything is colorless, predictable, unoriginal.

So if I notice that in one scene Duchovny's dripping with shampoo from head to toe and in the next when he's locking lips with Moore he's got a few token drips over the hair but hardly any on his face, it's either a big error or I'm *really* bored.

The special effects do vary but are mostly enjoyable and work well enough within the context of a comedy sci-fi, although some viewers will fine the usual problem with CGI looking much more like it exists on another plane rather than working within the film.

Nothing huge, just an entertaining movie .

This was pretty silly but still enjoyable to watch, with really cool effects, fun story, and hilarious performances!.

Still worth the watch .

Some of the plot seems contrived at best and downright baffling at worst, as though several important scenes had been left on the cutting-room floor (due to resurface, no doubt, on the DVD).

What a waste of talent, time, and MY MONEY!

Very Enjoyable .

Fun and Enjoyable.

I prefer to see "The Ghostbusters " again that waste my time with this lame movie .

It was hilarious, I highly recommend it to anyone who just wants to laugh.

The problem here is that in order to work in a few good bellylaughs, the story sets up for them in a ho-hum fashion that incorporates any type of bathroom humor conceivable.

ugly and uninteresting.

Entertaining .

But I highly recommend it.

Other than that and a few funny moments with Orlando Jones,this is proably one of the worst movies by Ivan Reitman.

But the entire movie itself is very witty and thoroughly enjoyable.

He plays it seriously like a black comedy, but then pulls out something stupid like the golf course dude falling asleep at his fireman exam.

The acting was dull and totally unattached.

Ivan Reitman has created a lesser film that is nevertheless amusing and entertaining while watching it.

In an alternate future where an asteroid crashes into Earth and rapidly starts developing an intensive alien evolution, the result is cute aliens, dumbed-down dinosaurs, and a 101 minute commercial for Head & Shoulders.

A gem to watch when bored and can be watched a thousand time over.

I recommend this to everyone who likes humor, ghost busters, nice acting, funny scenes and great dialog (i almost laughed my head of in few scenes) And very funny complications or similarities to MIB-movies also those Ghostbusters, really entertaining it is says Yoda.

I found that a little odd, because personally I thought it was funny and entertaining, and at times exiting.

There are some genuinely funny bits, but a good parody needs to not just mock its target subject ("The X Files", in this case), but also have a compelling protagonist and theme of its own (such as "Austin Powers").

"Evolution," has been done before, its extremely formulaic.

The effect is a slow and choppy film.

The implications of him trying to get into the pants of barely legal college students dominates the movie, offers no plot point or advancement and leaves you with an awful taste in your mouth.

This is a very boring movie I can't see how it could make anyone laugh unless you are about 7 years old.

The story goes on and on without end, and before long proves entirely tiresome.

The characters are cartoonish and one-dimensional, the dialog runs from stupid to downright pointless and there is no attempt to develop or even justify the many cliches that are dumped in.