Executive Decision (1996) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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When terrorists seize control of an airliner, an intelligence analyst accompanies a commando unit for a midair boarding operation.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Stuart Baird
Stars: Kurt Russell, Halle Berry
Length: 133 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 162 found boring (9.87%)

One-line Reviews (136)

The climax is straight out of Airplane it's such a disaster movie cliché, and the passengers do fall into the odd stereotype here and there.

There's also a stewardess who cometh the hour cometh the ballsy heroine and of course the bad guy is despite being an Arab with theocratic leanings is played by a well regarded British actor In other words this is a clichéd movie where no clichéd stone is left unturned and yet another cliché raises its ugly head .

His moves aren't what they used to be but in this movie you don't notice that at all ;-) On a serious note, the movie is well worth watching because of the plot.

Overall, Executive Decision is an enjoyable and well-packaged action flick in spite of its occasional shortcomings.

That criticism aside, it's very suspenseful, with surprisingly little action for a Steven Seagal movie.

I'm afraid to say that I didn't full attention to this film at all when it was on, but to be honest I'm really not that bothered, from what I could gather it looked a little dull for a film rated three stars out of five, from director Stuart Baird (U.

Like 'Die Hard' and 'Die Hard 2' (AKA: 'Speed'), there are elements to this film that simply require a tremendous 'suspension of disbelief', but the story flows smoothly and the characters are strong enough that it makes for a very cohesive, enjoyable film.

As an action thriller it keeps you on the edge of the your seat.

Don't waste your time.

This film was completely, predictable from the beginning to end, but was still exciting enough to watch, Halle Berry is so gorgeous you just want to look at her throughout the film, Kurt Russell always does a good job playing the tough guy ,and knocked seagal out of the picture, well out of the plane anyway.

Everything was perfect and very suspenseful.

A thrilling ride.

Halle Berry (several years prior to her Oscar-winning work) did a good job playing essentially what is starting to become a cliche: the "Sandra Bullock heroine" role.

Kurt Russell is always worth watching, and that is pretty much the sole reason for me seeing this film.

More terror-in-the-skies hysteria, with the current state of international panic exploited by producer Joel Silver and groomed into rousing "family entertainment".

It is a bit predictable.

The action, when it hits, is exciting stuff, and the film is only occasionally cheesy which is a surprise - it was the 1990s, after all.

I saw this in 1996 and thought it was extremely entertaining--an action movie with emphasis on suspense over shoot-em-up thrillers and explosions.

Also tedious is the bomb expert of the military team being incapacitated, helping to grind the action to a halt.

You wouldn't forget these 2 hours of adrenaline.

It will keep you on the edge of your seat with it's never ending suspense.

All that said, I really enjoyed it a lot.

Extremely well made, thrilling and exciting .


It is that thrilling.

Even though the plot is fairly predictable, I caught myself anxious on some scenes.

There are moments that are genuinely riveting, and even some surprises (like the plane's depressurizing).

Entertaining actioner more so than the usual genre fare .

The setting was sort of basic but also very suspenseful.

Just a bit different and at the same time the same and that results in a Movie that is exciting Entertainment.

Breathtaking, pulse pounding, nail biting...

It's highly intense, superbly photographed and expertly edited entertainment.

Anyone else who wants to be thrilled and on the edge of their seat should watch this one for sure

Definitely recommended for those who like to sit on the edge of their seat and be entertained.

Extremely boring 'action' film which is 90% close-ups of wires stretching, pulleys rolling, compartment doors sliding....

I watched it on CBS opposite of the 2002 Academy Awards, which I cut to when there was a commercial interruption of the movie, a frequent 4 minute respite from the gripping visceral reaction I had to the movie itself.

This film is very boring.

"), and lots and lots and LOTS of groovy hardware and software to fill out the cliché quotient.

If you like action thrillers then this one is well worth watching.

Either way, I still find it boring and badly executed!

He's utterly enjoyable with his one prop--which crescendos significantly later, in the only funny "bit of business" Platt gets.

Wong, Joe Morton, George Coe, Len Cariou, etc.). Overblown stuff, and morally dubious to boot, but mindlessly entertaining nonetheless.

Director Stuart Baird manages to crank the tension up on several occasions - and certain parts of the movie are very exciting (the climax in particular).

It sounds exiting but it's really very uneventful.

This is one of the greatest action films I have ever seen (even better than Air Force One and Passenger 57) and is full of suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Might be a good film but judging by the dumb idea of this irritating pointless sound it's unwatchable.

A tense, gripping, edge-of-your-seat movie.


It's pretty well made and written, and the finale is especially tense, plus it was surprisingly unpredictable throughout.

Although the premise may be a little dated and the climactic episode stretches one's credulity, an absorbing thriller which avoids the excesses of so many 1990s body count specials.

All the other actors in the film are solid making this in all a very enjoyable action film.

I think it would've been better off promoted as thriller, because there are definitely many fun and entertaining moments.

What with Steven Seagal and Kurt Russell, I expected this film to be action packed with a lot of blow ups and shooting and mayhem.

The supporting cast is great and a great music score by Jerry Goldsmith plus a good thrilling plot.

Action packed story of a group of commandos that board a 747 mid flight and attempt to overcome the terrorists who've taken control.

Swift direction, exciting, skillful action sequences, endless suspense, and rock solid performances make this wild ride of a movie a definite must for action fans.

Don't get me wrong because this is a perfectly decent & entertaining action film although I would lean towards describing it as more of a thriller as most of it's running time is devoted to the disarming of a bomb & the race against time before the terrorists get a chance to use it on America.

zzzzzzzzz -- oh, sorry!

You're often not sure where you are, but it's still an entertaining ride.

Certainly worth watching - actually it's a doubleheader - action AND comedy.

It's a volatile plan rife with opportunities for suspenseful situations, which we get in spades, sans the occasional flag waving which got annoying in Air Force One.

When aircraft in real life dock to re-fuel in mid-air it is a lengthy, slow and precise procedure that requires hours of training, is carried out in the straight and level, with the pilot of one plane gradually meeting a boom in front of them.

A very-suspenseful action film with a great cast.

This is a thrilling ride and is worth a view.

Marshals, Star Trek:Nemesis) made an entertaining action-thriller that has some suspense and exciting action sequences.

His camera movements were boring, shaking and poorly framed.

The unexpected solution takes the form of a stealth aircraft, modified to link-up with other planes.

Morally dubious, but mindlessly entertaining .

The movie is a bit long and drags in a few spots, but that just makes it all the more suspenseful.

It's extremely exciting through the entire movie.

A Suspenseful Action Flick .

It takes a familiar premise and story and makes it in to a very entertaining movie.

Predictable & Ridiculous Ending Does Not Spoil The Fun .

Especially tedious is the one terrorist who becomes suspicious of possible shenanigans Halle Berry is doing behind his back.

1st watched 10/20/1996 - (Dir-Stuart Baird): Although obvious editing mistakes, the action and intensity keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Leading the crew are engaging John Leguizamo (as Carlos "Rat" Lopez), straw-chewing Oliver Platt (as Dennis Cahill) and wire expert Joe Morton (as Campbell "Cappy" Matheny).

Things finally start to kick into action in the third act, and is fairly entertaining with mostly passable effects.

This film features a decent story, generates great suspense, and exhibits an ability to combine action with levity in a well proportioned delivery, but the suspense it generates is so intense and goes on for so long that you practically become bored with the premise.

Many plot points were stolen from many other movies: I listed, in no particular order: the Airport movie series, Airport, Airplane, Skyjacked, Operation Thunderbolt, The Rock, the Die Hard series, Air Force One, Speed and probably some more that I don't remember and despite all of this, it's still a very intense, suspenseful movie.

Director Stuart Baird has directed a movie that is suspenseful, with a good pace and has really atmosphere, it makes for great entertainment.

Overall this is a very gripping and exciting action film with some great performances and a fantastic ending(which I'm not going to tell you about as it would ruin the experience for you), and a great storyline to match.

A team of American special forces commandos, led by an intelligence analyst rushed to the scene while he's still in his tuxedo (Russell) board a plane (in the most fascinating way) after it has been hijacked by terrorists in order to take out the terrorists and defuse the dangerous gas planted on board.

Meanwhile at the pentagon, an underwritten script leaves little real tension as the cliche military advisors gather in the situation room.

the action and intensity keeps you on the edge of your seat...

It's not exactly boring, but it's painfully predictable.

His character's hasty promotion apparently satisfied the Latino community clamoring for equal screen time, but for me propaganda is still just propaganda.

All of which I commend for their believable and entertaining performances as troopers under the gun and under a lot of pressure.

This turned out a very good action movie, mainly because the makers focused on keeping the action coming and suspenseful (which is where most low-budget actioners flounder).

'Executive Decision' is interesting & engrossing, even though its overlong & even messy at times.

Suspenseful action stuff .

But as soon as the building is secure, they find out that the place is empty.

Executive Decision is one movie full of entertaining and action.

Every hostage/hijack cliché in the book is used by first time director Stuart Baird.

The plot is grippingly suspenseful.

Skillfully crafted, and exciting .

Slam-bang thriller is an intense, pulse-pounding thrill ride from beginning to end.

The writing takes a turn to the tedious as a special forces team sneaks onboard the 747, and come across a steady series of setbacks.

In some of the film's tensest moments, there is some humor, making for a very entertaining film beautifully directed by Stuart Baird.

The situation with the terrorists on board, their demands, the bomb, the political consequences, whether to shoot down the plane or not, the special ops team ready to engage, all of it mixed end up in a very thrilling and exciting movie, with the right amount of action, just like it was back in the 90's.

) Better than average on the edge-of-you-seat actioner with Russell spearheading a small group of commandos to dispatch a terrorist siege of an American jet airliner en route to Washington, DC with enough nerve gas to wipe out the eastern seaboard.

An dull 'Die Hard' knock-off...

It's not as if ten years has turned an average film into a very good one, but it has turned a formulaic action film into one with plausible horrors.

I had my doubts about Executive Decision, but this turned out to be a mostly entertaining popcorn movie.

Over all this movie is great and it is worth watching and my rating is 7 out of 10.

Worth watching and re- watching.

When it is nine minutes in, and you see the main character learning how to fly and land an airplane, you know it will come back up later (probably the finale) in the movieDirector Stuart Baird has directed a movie that is a highly professional piece of work, swift and suspenseful, with a good sense of pace and atmosphere it makes for great entertainment.

A fun, tense, and exciting action/thriller with an excellent ensemble cast, headed by Kurt Russell and including Halle Berry, David Suchet, and John Leguizamo.

That aside, Executive Decision is still an enjoyable movie.

This is an action-movie well worth watching.

being boring .

I am curious to know how many Steven Seagal fans walked out of the theater after the first twenty minutes demanding their money back.

It has the exciting moments, the interesting plot and the mixture of characters that the period's action movies all tried to have.

Overall a great action movie, always kept me on the edge of my seat and was very interesting on how they got in.

I think a lot of people are saying that the storyline is somewhat contrived because it deals with Islamic extremism, which by now has been done to death.

There is gore aplenty, though, once the airplane's altitude drops below 15,000 feet, enough to wake up the sleepiest, most bored audience of children.

the ingredients and flavors added to this one line plot are absolutely breathtaking.

Pretty entertaining.

Good watch, suspenseful .

It is slow and ominous, even claustrophobic at times.

This was entertaining, and a sure hit with the Friday Night Is Guy's Night crowd.

Containing a good story and great tension that keeps u on the edge of your seat the film follows an intelligence analyst (Kurt Russell) being assigned to join a military commando team led by action legend (Steven Seagal) in an effort to board a hijacked in flight 747 using a stealth bomber with a boarding sleeve attached to it's roof in an attempt to save the hostages on board and preventing a major terrorist strike with a deadly nerve gas from annihilating the entire eastern seaboard of the United States.

Overall Executive Decision sadly comes across as a little bland and it hurts even more because it could have been something great.

this is a very suspenseful film.

Despite that, this is a reasonably suspenseful "assemble the squad" action flick.

So the movie perforce must rely on suspense in addition to every cliché in the Action Movie Handbook.

It is hard for me to fathom that anybody would even think about comparing this Van-Damme League stupid man's suspense thriller to the superb and absolutely riveting Air Force One!!!

Kurt Russell is amazing as always and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, funny, makes a very effective action hero, brought life and humor to his potentially boring character, and just did an amazing job overall!

It doesn't aim to really blow you away in the likes of Die Hard, or Air Force One (which Executive Decision bore some striking resemblance too besides just being on a plane even though Air Force One was released two years later.

Clever if longish entertaining suspense/action/thriller.

The whole sneaking around fills out the second act, and lends to some dull build-up as the plot points slowly click off.

How the anti-terrorist squad works out their internal squabbles and accomplishes its mission, with the aid of a brave stewardess, played by Halle Berry, makes for an intriguing ride aboard the not-so-friendly skies.

It is slightly over the top, more than a little unrealistic and more than a bit predictable at times too.

And even if you're a Seagal hater (understandable considering his recent poor output) don't let that overshadow the rest of the film which is, in it's final half-hour, so exciting that you'll be so on the edge of your seat that you won't actually be sitting on it.

From the opening storming of a mid-East compound to the very energetic and crash ending, there are few voids of boredom between credit rolls.


This fascinating film deals with one terrorist who has his own ambitions and even when prodded by his superior, he defies everything.