Exit Humanity (2011) - Drama, Horror

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A young man's struggle to survive in the aftermath of a deadly undead outbreak during the American Civil War.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: John Geddes
Stars: Brian Cox, Mark Gibson
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 13 out of 45 found boring (28.88%)

One-line Reviews (44)

It's one of those that's a nice unexpected surprise and those are the ones I love!

Just trying to view the film on as a straightup zombie tale , ignoring the borrowed comic-book flourishes and delusions of Tarantino - it still becomes unwatchable.

The fact that the pace here is so slow is mostly the film's biggest problem, hampered by the constant scenes of his grief or torment over his family, and by the fifth wail of agony as he remembers them the scenes just become torturous to watch because they're dragging the film out far longer than it needs to be, and with the way the zombies are more around the fringes than taking center-stage as there's no big showcase scene with them and that they merely tend to show up only to get dispatched doesn't allow a lot of action.

I highly recommend it.

Unfortunately, Geddes trots out every zombie cliché, hoping that a little 'Ken Burns' gloss can make it seem like an original take.

Edward had to kill his own wife (Sarah Stunt) and son, the later in an emotionally gripping scene as he holds his zombie son (Christian Martyn) in his arms (facing away) as he reluctantly puts a gun to his son's head...

(Even with being on hold with my heath provider that whole time I was still too bored to see it through).

We've long thought and wrote that zombies, by nature, are a boring antagonist.

Whether fast (28 Days Later) or slow (Night of the Living Dead), zombies have little character, can do little more than moan, and are usually only scary when accompanied by a horde of other flesh eating zombies.

This here was a fairly enjoyable zombie effort even though there's some flaws within.

Long stretches of monotone description and explanation fell flat and left us bored and indi-glowing our wristwatch to determine the remaining minutes of the ordeal.

I generally enjoy a slow paced movie but there are some times that Exit Humanity is just a tad too languid.

Only two criticisms;1)the first part showing the protagonist's anguish and journey was overlong and could have done with a bit of trimming and 2)being English I sometimes struggle to understand North American accents,especially when mumbled or whispered, made doubly difficult with this film due to the incessant overbearing incidental music score,However well worth watching.

This concept of a zombie apocalypse in Civil War era is intriguing and could be compelling for an indie.

Slow, boring and arty .

Really, really boring.

But there are 2 major flaws to Exit Humanity:1) It is Slow.

The effects could've been just a tad better, the story did move a little slow though, and I would've liked to seen something more with the film's ending.

As it stands though, there's a lot to really love here with a novel idea, a rousing action-packed finale in the woods, great zombie make-up and a decent amount of time exploring their behavior, and it's certainly gory when it counts so this one works well when it's on.

Beautifully shot and wonderfully made, Exit Humanity is at times slow burning, aided by some great animated sequences and superb performances that deliver a zombie flick that delivers something different, and entertains for its duration.

Pros: Good cinematography, strong acting, excellent infection/outbreak subtext foundation built from the beginning & well progressed throughout the film, wardrobe is great, civil war context is intriguing and quite refreshing for the genre, music is solid & adds well to the emotions of the characters' environment, the narration allows you to feel more connected to the main character and more involved with what he's going through in the filmCon: There are some scenes in the middle of the film that feel somewhat slow and that can be frustrating with a plot subtext that demands a fast paced sense of urgency from the characters For a zombie/infection movie circa Civil War era, this outshines any other by far, though it may not quench the thirst of fans of non-stop zombie action

These tend to get boring.

It's shot well and I enjoyed the animated segments, but there's just not enough action, gore, or compelling dialog to make this a good film.

All in all it is much better than a lot of the zombie movies but it is boring.

This small Canadian horror indie is too slow and too long.

The main character is a former soldier who wanders around some very mundane locales while battling a few zombies here and there.

Well worth the watch!

Well Made and Entertaining.

More bore than gore .

B-Movie boredom....

It's a slow burning, drama, zombie, period piece conventional filmed with some narration.

This is pretty slow and boring.

The film reminded me of a pretentious art-house movie disguised as horror.

Exit Humanity is worth watching.

) My only real complaint and the thing holding the movie back from a higher rating is that it is rather too slow.

Maybe I'm being unfair in my assessment of the movie but if one is completely bored to death for the first 3rd of the movie then it's too much to ask the viewer to finish it.

It includes excessive boring narration.

I only let it go because I had enjoyed it up till then.

But, there are some flaws that keep the film from being a really strong entry in the zombie sub-genre, the pace is rather slow, the film is a tad long, and despite his novel touches and setting, there really isn't anything new story wise here or themes that others haven't touched on before in these films, although, the cause of his zombie plague was a cool twist once revealed.

It's a slow period piece that follows one man's journey of survival through an undead outbreak after the civil war.

I think it was entertaining .

Truly an entertaining film.

It was just boring.

What story there is takes an age to get going, the narration is ludicrously heavy-handed and trite - aiming for profundity and repeatedly missing - and the film far outstays its welcome.