Exit Wounds (2001) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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Orin Boyd, a tough cop in an inner-city precinct discovers a web of dirty cops and corruption.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Stars: Steven Seagal, DMX
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 48 out of 234 found boring (20.51%)

One-line Reviews (147)

Once again we see a Seagal action film with a liberal message and I guess the mystery of the head honcho of the crooked cops is rather predictable.

Exit Wounds does, in fact, have a good amount of twists in it, and twists are a good way to make a boring movie interesting.

Well, I enjoyed it.

It was hard to expect much of this movie, and after the "Vice President" scene, I was wondering just how it got in major theaters (Seagal has had several straight-to video movies in the last couple of years), but after the main plot of the movie started, it was surprisingly entertaining.

I would like to recommend for those who's been longing for clean, exciting action movie.

Action: Too much isn't always a good thing and after a while, I just started getting bored with it.

I think this is one or the worst movie of the year 2001.

Yes, the storyline was predictable, and yes it was quite obvious that the good guys (Steven Seagal & DMX) would succeed in the end, nonetheless, I liked this movie, and the action sequences were quite good.

It is simply supposed to be fun and entertaining not to be deep or intelligent.

There cannot be much said for this film except that it is a violent and surprisingly empty action flick.

One thing I didn't like was all the rap music and the bad guys had impeccable aim unless they aiming at SeagalAll in all, I did not mind it, it was an enjoyable way to pass the time on a lazy day.

There ain´t much brains in it but it´s nicely entertaining.

As a matter of fact I fell asleep about 5 or 10 minutes from the end.

Steven Seagal stars as Orin Boyd a police officer who finds corruption in the police force so he becomes a one man army to expose them and bash a few heads in the process of this bland and overall poorly written clunker.

Exit Wounds has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Steven Seagal's movie return in "Exit Wounds" is very entertaining with a surprisingly engaging story.

Extremely confusing, it was about some dirty cops who stole a large amount of heroin from the evidence vault at the police station and plan to sell it, and BOOM!!

This film had very good action scenes and gunbattles but it was very confusing to know who was shooting at who.


He looks overweight, slow and totally out of shape (so considering his acting talent, there's nothing left).

Oh god, this movie is just so bored with itself.

As you may already know,I have already commented on in my opinion,the worst movie since Escape Fom L.

As aforementioned, the arduous plot development is unforgivable while the exciting final half-hour barely saves this film from being a complete waste of time.

Decent action scenes but very confusing .

With Joel Silver and the director of Romeo Must Die bossing the film it was bound to be action packed with great fight and action sequences and it certainly doesn't disappoint.

This time, however, thanks to some dynamite, truly exciting actions sequences and a much more playful, less serious and stoic performance, Segal has come up with an action film that makes up for the bevy of stinkers he's made.

ho-hum .

If you're browsing in the video store and come across this turkey, don't waste your time.

Exit Wounds is not only Segal's best action film to date, it's also a grand collection of exciting shootouts, breathtaking stunts, and very entertaining if somewhat lacking in character development and originality.

Exit wounds should please seagal fans as well as fans of fast paced action.

The story is a little jumbled, and hard to follow.

High powered Martial Arts fights, intense action and humour make this absolutely awesome .

I was more interested if it was an exciting film with plenty of martial arts stuff.

Stop, and think before you waste your time with this, you could be doing so much more with your life.

The film would get a 3 out of ten, but for the stupid predictable twists that try and make them funny by quoting from the usual suspects, embarasing 2/10.

Highly entertaining from the word go-right to the final scene.

Fun and exciting movie" This plot at first worried me "the corrupt cop" this is not the first time for this plot!

It contains brutal martial arts sequences, gruesome death, formulaic story, and it's biggest problem, just bad acting.

Exit Wounds is an absolutely brilliant film with high powered Martial Art fight scenes, intense action and humour.

The stunts in Exit Wounds -especially the car chases- were for the most part extremely well, done, exciting, hard-core and very realistic.

Big waste of time .

Whatever the case, his latest effort in Exit Wounds is another film in Seagal's library of adrenaline-rushing, macho-type films.

We get an empty shotgun fight.

Both FDB and the Patriot were too slow-moving for their own good.

Bartkowiak keeps things moving well, and while there are some very silly moments during the fight scenes (not the least of which include speed-ups/slow-downs and wirework), all in all it's pretty enjoyable stuff.

Out For Justice and especially Marked for Death were very brutal and Under Siege was both brutal and exciting.

Very enjoyable.

Everyone who wanted realism, think about how truly boring you would think it is.

It's more entertaining than anything else in this movie, trust me.

But, it is engaging, well produced and well directed.

The former boasted an in-depth story line, strong characters (females no less), stunning cinematography, and amazing fight sequences, while the other was intentionally comedic and turned out to be a blockbuster.

Messy plot, but compelling action.

Boring .

I played a game called "Spot the Cliche", it was easily the easiest game I had played.

While DMX and other cast members are very engaging, Steven Seagal has definitely seen better days.

It was only for politeness' sake for my roommate that I stayed until the disappointing, predictable end.

EXIT WOUNDS is an enjoyable, fast-paced, and professionally-made Seagal outing.

I was dragged along by my mates to see it as a prelude to a comedy act we were to see later in the evening.

Second, this was filled with nothing but mindless, empty violence, endless, vulgar obscenities [often disguised as juvenile comedy], and a tired old Clint Eastwood rogue cop story.

This was a good movie and I enjoyed it .

His earlier career was good until in 1996 when he starting in The Glimmer Man, something was happening and his career was being a bust and then in 1997 when he made Fire Down Below, that was a good movie but that didn't help him much and then 1998 when he started in The Patriot (This was before the Mel Gibson film) that really ruined his career and then he took a break and now he made his comeback of Exit Wounds and this was a great movie and I loved the DMX music video No Sunshine and this movie was funny, action packed, mystery, and more.

Besides the usual banal fighting scenes and car chases the story of this movie brings nothing new.

It's not real likely that this kind of thing can happen in real life, but it is certainly entertaining nonetheless.

The action movie has been away from the screen for far too long.

He makes it seems as if it is a simply empty, violent and formulaic action film.

you do not know what the movie brings to you, because it is exciting from the moment Seagal get's assigned to a precinct that he does not wanna go.

All in all, this was one of Steven Seagal's best movies, and if you are a fan, I highly recommend it.


I can be just as bored by an action scene as one would get bored during an episode of "Masterpiece Theater.

I personally love watching his films, just because his enormously unrealistic brand of fighting is both so characteristic of him and also because it's just fun to watch, even if a lot of it is so clearly contrived and totally fake.

It came across as stupid, and unbearable.

The hiphopbeats, cool cars, snappy action and nice cast work good.

Exit Wounds is Seagals worst movie.

This movie is really a throw back to Seagal's earlier movies; the simple,entertaining action films without the nonsensical political undertones thrown in.

Steven Seagal's last good movie: Action packed and full of great stunts.

Action Packed, with a surprising amount of plot.

Very predictable movie.

The inevitable fight sequences are even more entertaining, if somewhat less realistic, than those of the past.

all in all entertaining, if you like seagal you'll like this.

Definitely worth watching again when it gets over to the UK.

Though, Steven's so much more enjoyable after a bad day within the public drones, popped into the DVD.

Steven Seagal's supposed "comeback" film is an action thriller with some intense, expertly-crafted action scenes saddled on to a routine, clichéd plot which never rises above the "good guys battle police corruption" idea which has been done so many times previously (indeed, to highlight the cliché, Seagal's character is even referred to as "Serpico" in one scene).

The same kind of people who would pan such sugar-coated masterpieces as INSPECTOR GADGET and TOY STORY usually pine over this waste of time.

Semi-interesting characters, a few plot twists here and there, steady, interesting action, flashy directing, decent performances, plenty of cool explosions, exciting car chases, and numerous excellent violent death scenes.

The plot is predictable, the " blow ups" unrealistic, and Segal looks embalmed.

He does have a twist which I didn't see coming, but he looked bored.

This was a surprisingly enjoyable movie.

' Overall, the movie was fairly enjoyable, quite 'watcheable,' and entertaining.

Overall this film is pretty decent all of the actors do a good job in this film and I liked the twist with DMX's character near the end of the film and I also liked how the film turned out when it was started to get a bit pointless it kicked into action.

)Despite their complete lack of plot, point, or distinguishing characteristics, I have enjoyed all of them.

Put together a cast like that and you are going to have an enjoyable movie.

It's rousing!

I found the movie entertaining and action packed.

The plot manages to be both predictable and unbelievable at the same time.

Jill Hennessey, as the love interest, and Tom Arnold as comic relief, are the only redeeming features of this trite Segal vehicle.

Predictable and was done before with much better results .

It's all sully stuff, but it works, and is very enjoyable...

The plot uses every cliché ever invented: bad cops, drug traffic, good, but not by the book hero, good family man cop, "unexpected" leaders of the bad guys gang etc. etc. I gather you can guess the rest.

Tom Arnold's popularity has always befuddled me, and I felt his character was a waste of time.

There's the obligatory white cop black cop partnership which never actually goes anywhere, the lone maverick cop whose wife left him because of the job & has to go it alone to catch the bad guy's, the predictable plot twists, various fight & action scenes which have little relevance to the story, some awful comedy relief & a fairly routine Hollywood thriller plot about drugs.

It's exciting!

The cast has fun with the material, and it's actually very entertaining to see Segal actually make light of his own tough guy persona, as when his character is required to take anger management classes - self-mocking humor is always a plus in any movie in showing it is not supposed to be taken seriously.

This was a great film if you like crashes, explosions, ass kicking, and a hailstorm of spent ammo coupled with a bland re-run of every single high voltage cops and crooks caper ever filmed.

While the flim was a little slow at the beginning, it picked up nicely and had a few surprises that kept my interest until the end.

Also, for a Steven Seagal movie this is actually pretty unpredictable, it takes more than three seconds to figure out how it will end.

Its hard whether or not to recommend this movie i would probably say avoid it, because its not worth seeing, but at the same time it was slightly enjoyable.

While there's nothing hugely wrong with Exit Wounds there's nothing that great about it either, basically it's fairly predictable Hollywood stuff saved by some impressive action scenes.

However, this fact still cannot save this predictable action flick.

This movie is action packed as well as some comedy thrown in the mix.

Unbelievable plot twists, the usual by the number action sequences, which tie up the movie in a boring ending.

Put together a cast like that and you are going to have an enjoyable movie.

DMX delivers the most engaging performance in Exit Wounds.

The movie has a groovy rap-and-house-music soundtrack that amplifies the adrenaline ofevery scene it's in, and Bartkowiak stages some neat, kinetic,grunt-inducing action set pieces.

The story was fast paced and exciting, Seagal battles cop corruption with the help of DMX (who didn't do much for me in this movie) in Detroit.

And the fight scenes, save for the opening minutes' first assault, are subtle, yet entertaining, in their execution.

(Seagal also has a small role in one of the most exciting movies ever: Executive Decision.

Fun and exciting movie .

Action films needed a jump start, which the matrix provided, but that doesnt mean steal the slow mo jive and use it with the old cliques.

"The movie opens with what looks like a promising police inside-job attempt to assassinate the US Vice-President, but sadly the plot descends into a boring, drug-related corrupt cop thing, and I soon became bored.

The action is overly predictable, most of the dialogue is strained, and some of the scenes are just plain unbelievable.

entertaining movies don't need good acting.. they need a guy who can't get hurt always is cold and mysterious and kicks a** as nobody else!

Someone needs to tell him to slow down a little.

But if one does not compare the two, one should find both perfectly enjoyable.

against orders (falling back on the old cliche of how dumb police superiors can be), he's shipped off to the worst post in town.

DMX has a definite presence and I'm sorry to see that his acting career went nowhere.

So compelling is his quiet sincerity (even while delivering weak one-liners) that you don't stop to question why he, almost alone out of everyone in the world, is utterly incorruptible.

" John Westermann's novel about police corruption serves as the basis for the entertaining but formulaic Ed ("On Deadly Ground") Horowitz and Rich ("Thirteen Ghosts") D'Ovidio screenplay.

Thrilling stuff, it's just a shame the story is so familiar and overdone.

The movie was very entertaining though and the comic relief was done well.

After a while that gets really tiresome.

) Provide tons of non-stop, "over-the-top" action sequences that are very unrealistic, will bore non-Seagel fans and is the only reason this film is not at the Razzies.

The movie is entertaining, regardless of how "Unbelievable" it is.

I Enjoyed It .

So we have after all is said and done a mundane and instantly forgettable action film which we've all seen before in the past - and seen done much better.

A banal action movie .

I'm sure one of the other reviewers have told you about the story line so this is just about my personal thoughts on this highly entertaining film!

So predictable, so unbelievable .

I thought the cast for One Night Stand was intriguing; Exit Wounds has the unlikely combo of Steven Seagal, Earl "DMX" Simmons, Jill Hennessy, and Tom Arnold.

You may come to the conclusion at this point that I found this movie rather tiresome.

However the set-up and execution of the story is so dull you'll forget about it half an hour after the credits roll.

If you haven't seen this film yet-I'd highly recommend you watching it on DVD as the extras (Deleted scenes,making of,behind the scenes and music video) are also all highly entertaining.

The action sequences, however, are excellent, and worth watching.

Seagal is back in this action packed movie.

And the fight scenes, save for the opening minutes' first assault, are subtle, yet entertaining, in their execution.

Exit wounds does start well with a good fight scene but unfortunately the film lacks pace & too often wonders around going nowhere.

The action scenes were tired and boring and the films plot what there is of it doesn't kick in until an hour and ten minutes has passed.

It's not exactly deep, but there's plenty of the martial arts type scenes that he excels so well in, and it's light hearted enough to be entertaining throughout.