Explorers (1985) - Adventure, Comedy, Family

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A boy obsessed with 50s sci-fi movies about aliens has a recurring dream about a blueprint of some kind, which he draws for his inventor friend. With the help of a third kid, they follow it and build themselves a spaceship. Now what?

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Joe Dante
Stars: Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 10 out of 95 found boring (10.52%)

One-line Reviews (48)

The film is a well judged blend of humour, fantasy, adventure and wish fulfilment, enjoyable by kids and adults alike.

I really enjoyed it at the theater and so did my parents at the time.

An exciting romp into the limitless imagination of childhood.

My Take: Special effects-laden, but mostly dull juvenile affair.

Over all, the film is very entertaining.

and The Goonies gave me, that's one thing i love about 80's movies they use to have new and exciting stories of materials used or nor used before with a unique style, the kids were wonderful in the movie and special effects very good for the time it was made, i love how River Phoenix refers to Poltergeist when he imitates the little girl by saying.."They're Here"...

Well-written, imaginative, exciting, beautiful film that could stand on par with anything Spielberg has done.

Probably still worth watching - that is, if you prepare yourself for a climax that really sucks!

Hawke is disheartened by their incoherence, but realizes that they're so confusing because human life makes no sense to them (e.

It certainly has its sweet charms, I think Ethan Hawke right away had an engaging screen presence (as far as untrained child actors go).

Explorers is a fun and inventive science fiction comedy that just happens to lend good time to being a cool, coming of age tale covering a number of adolescents hobbling along in lives chock-full of social awkwardness; high-school strife and imperfect relationships with parents.

The film starts out sweet and energetic, watching the three outsiders come together and the process of building their unique space-travel machine is exciting, funny and imaginative.

It is a good movie to fall asleep to.

bored, bullied and sexually frustrated, while his intellectual curiosity is lived vicariously through his science nerd best friend Wolfgang, Ethan Hawke's tween-geek character finds himself bored with the predictability of life on our planet and longs for adventure in a vastly larger universe.

Ok, not only does this movie make almost nooooo sense, it is completely pointless.

it is awfully vast and seemingly empty.

Dante directs these scenes very well, the dream sequences have a surreal, engaging beauty, and there is a refreshing lack of over-sentiment in the dialogue exchanged by our heroes.

" says one bored tweener to another on a lazy afternoon while looking at the sky.

While the creature effects were rather mundane, virtually everything else in the film was pretty cool, even if it does look silly today.

everything about this movie shouts quality the effects are superb and even now the basement lab seen with the small ball is visually stunning.

Sadly, it's the budget deficit that prevents EXPLORERS from being a true genre classic, but you can still rely on Dante to deliver an entertaining movie for the most part.

That's the perfect movie to show to your 8 year old son on a boring/raining sunday afternoon.

Young Ethan Hawke has the central role, and he's rather engaging whipping up ideas for cosmic travel--and enjoying every minute of it.

conundrums are fascinating and often what prompts us philosophically and inquisitively.

The cast of tykes, (fresh-faced Hawke, in particular, with lots of lively enthusiasm) are game enough and the "kids leaving their current mundane existence for a great adventure" formula is universal..how most of us as kids fantasized about participating in a journey of some kind, a way of escaping an unhappy or unfulfilling childhood.

And the more it sinks in, I enjoy the message more about why the aliens are how they are; come to think of it, it has more in common with The Twilight Zone than your typical 80s coming of age saga.

Phoenix is enjoyable thanks to his cool geek character – nice to see that American school cliché being turned around.

Overall then this is an enjoyable family sci-fi for about 80 minutes then for the last 20 minutes it is an annoying and stupid mess with a basic message made in a weak way.

During the 2/3, it is original, fresh, imaginative, creative, clever, very enjoyable and timeless.

When meeting the aliens, one learns to not take so much for granted, one has an unexpected adventure and flirtation with a troublesome girl alien, and one learns to believe more in himself and also learns a bit more empathy for his dad after meeting the father of their alien friends.

Sub-Spielberg relic with too many bored pre-teens...

Three friends, who love anything to do with aliens, UFO's and space, watch late night movies like "The War of the Worlds" and fall asleep with the TV on.

Maybe "Explorers" isn't anything special, but it's still pretty fascinating.

This entertaining film displays emotion , sense of irony , ordinary schoolroom antics , parental troubles , puppy love , rip-roaring adventure and results to be pretty funny .

It took the movie on a slightly different tangent, but it was totally entertaining and I thought it fit.

I love how one of the kids had a dream about designing a circuit board, and after creating it realizes it creates a spherical force field that has virtually no speed limit, and is impossible to slow down (blasting through an entire stack of books with ease, leaving a perfect hole).

The movie in question being the young adult Sci-Fi adventure Explorers (1985) directed by the ever entertaining Joe Dante.

Overall, this film is worth watching if you catch it on TV.

I had the pleasure of seeing this movie with my parents when I was ten and I really enjoyed it.

But this part is too long and drawn out and, by this point, really detracts from all the niceties of the earlier half of the film: of Ben having his dream, of the boys exploring that magic little blue ball, and then of taking it all for a test ride afterwards.

The "climax" is too long and rather uncomfortable (and hardly a climax).

Fantastic, imaginative, entertaining--halfway through.

It's such a great build-up to an exciting adventure...

Explorers was a fun movie to watch when I was young, and it's still entertaining to watch as an adult.

Ben (Hawke) is the latter of those three, a kid with a wild imagination and a quirky tendency to fall asleep during these warm summer nights with the windows wide open and the television still blasting out old sci-fi movies such is his nature to read; live and breathe both science fiction and extra terrestrials to the point of exhaustion.

probably, also by a certain amount of dissatisfied boredom with their current surroundings.

Worth watching!

It's fun and entertaining.