Failure to Launch (2006) - Comedy, Romance

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A thirty-something is still living with his parents until they hire an interventionist to help him graduate out of the house. That's when the fun begins.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Tom Dey
Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Jessica Parker
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 78 out of 250 found boring (31.2%)

One-line Reviews (179)

This is a TERRIBLE Movie - a contrived mess.

Predictable is the word that sums up this film.

The writers/director clearly looking to cash in on a formulaic comedy that thuds on the screen.

its very boring, too long, very repetitive..NOT WORTH my 9.95 to get into the theater Sarah Jessica parkers scream is the most annoying thing i've ever heard don't SEE...

Taking the camera off Parker and McConaughey enough to shed some light on the supporting actors is a brilliant solution to preventing the movie from becoming too stuffy and slow, as in, say, a Kevin Costner romantic comedy (zzzz).

boring boring boring .

the cast was superb, the script was derivative but totally entertaining and highly amusing, the directing was very much above average...

While definitely funny and cute, it's a very predictable story, exactly what you want in this kind of film.

There's more than just the main plot and that's what makes this film entertaining.

And the ending was way to predictable for words.

It's a light rom-com well worth watching.

The whole "nature against him" theme was a waste of time.

More importantly though, the movie was entertaining.

This film was the most boring thing i have ever seen.

This movie has all the elements you expect from a romantic comedy, love and confusion.

Shallow characters, hamish acting, predictable dialogue, and Hollywood formulaic scripting.

I expected the film to be somewhat trite--i mean, after all--most romantic comedies, in the end, pretty much ARE.

To me, they made the movie entertaining.

There's also a pointless subplot where a friend of Tripps' named Ace (Justin Batha) falls for a friend of Paulas' named Kit (Zooey Deschanel).

It's surprising how enjoyable the movie is despite its light tone.

Okay, so it is contrived.

Another typical predictable romantic comedy .

The main problem with the jokes in the film was the fact that they were so predictable and were over used.

I cannot see what either one saw when they read this script other than being able to do an okay job with a formulaic crap that sometimes is well received by audiences.

" Poorly written, predictable story, bad acting ...

Tou might find it passable entertainment if you're bored .

Dull, stupid and pointless.

The worst Sex in the City episode is better than this contrived piece of "can I get the two hours spent out of my life back?

*snore, snore*....

Very entertaining .

A funny and quirky, but somewhat empty film .

The trailer was boring and I was sure I didn't want to see the movie.

In fact, the movie kept jumping from your touching, albeit formulaic, romantic comedy into 12 year old KID humor--making it both confusing and juvenile.

Storyline was predictable, and sexual chemistry between them was not present.

Trip, unaware of her tactics, falls for Paula and a predictable romance follows.

They were like boring dorky cousins you avoided at your family reunion.

It is mechanical and predictable in a way.

In some ways, I think the relationship between the supporting characters Ace and Kit were more entertaining.

I thought that Failure to Launch, was a predictable chick flick...

Save your money -- it's a dud.

Unfortunately, this movie falls into the same category as every other lame, predictable romantic comedy.

I laugh out loud every time I see his appearances on "Jay Leno," but in this movie he doesn't get much of a chance to let loose (with the exception of that scene I mentioned before), resulting in a much more subdued (and dull) Terry Bradshaw than I expected.

Justin Bartha and Bradley Cooper are good as Tripp's best friends and Zooey Deschanel's take on the cliché "quirky-best-friend", Kit, is as good as it gets.

This is one I would rent when I'm bored.

The acting is uninspired, the jokes are old and stale, there are clichés galore, and it is totally predictable.

) The other thing that makes this light comedy so enjoyable was that it wasn't a chick-flick, like most romantic comedies.

Utterly predictable and really stupid.

Lazy writing, banal storyline, bad acting, boring characters, and general lack of realism and entertainment value make this movie almost impossible to sit through.

It succeeds because its strengths are timeless: confident comic timing and entertaining chemistry between two talented and attractive stars.

A big, heartfelt yawn can best be applied to this film.


Not only are these two unromantic, but their characters are self-absorbed and dull.

This movie was a major disappointment and a major waste of talent and time.

Failure to Launch is a cute little romantic comedy that could have been a little better, but it's entertaining enough to be a fun way to spend the afternoon.

FINAl VERDICT: Very bland.

Other than his physical attributes, his zombie like performance was thedownfall of this film How can a guy who is so competent in his dailylife, be such a bore.

From the very beginning scene to the reconciling of Tripp and Paula at the end, this film was very entertaining and enjoyable, and I highly recommend it!

The very nature of a "romance", whether in novels or motion pictures, is that the plot is predictable to a point.

Not only are these two unromantic, but their characters are self-absorbed and dull.

which is a predictable US romantic comedy, which my girlfriend wanted to see.

But it is a "cute" movie, meaning that it is amusing enough to pass a dull evening, especially if you view it on a DVD at home and have a tub of popcorn to snack on.

that's all there is to this astonishingly formulaic movie.

The movie is enjoyable and definitely good for a relaxing evening with your boyfriend, friend, or family.

With this title it could be an exciting story of th space Race or how rocket meets a deadline or something like Apollo 13.

Bradley Cooper, the memorable, villainous boyfriend from "Wedding Crashers" and Justin Bartha play the role of sidekick to Tripp and are actually quite enjoyable as well.

So far, you must be saying, how can this formulaic drivel be entertaining.

The worst movie I've seen in years!.

What I thought was going to be a predictable movie surprised me with characters that were endearing.

Honestly, though, you might find it passable entertainment if you're bored and locked in solitary confinement and the only other thing you can look at is a disturbing polaroid photo one One-Toothed Bill.

Despite some predictable plots and twists that were formulaic of all romantic comedies, the sweet ending that made me smile from the inside.

The several sequences involving Matthew's character with the animals are the most enjoyable of the film and are the reason why I gave this movie as high a rating as I did.

The love that develops between the home-loving boy and the sneaky girl commissioned to oust him is as predictable as sunrise; the break up and other complications prior to the reuniting of the couple are handled with reasonable skill.

The disturbingly futile attempts to add originality and humor came in the form of random animals inexplicably biting the protagonist at various points throughout the film and an equally irrelevant sub-plot of Zooey Deschanel's character (SJP's cliché quirky friend) and an annoying mockingbird.

Very amusing, witty, and entertaining.

For the most part it was great entertaining comedy with a small amount of romance mixed in.

it is a fun, entertaining romantic ensemble comedy that will divert and amuse if you only allow it to do so...

Perty Boring YAWN!.

Basically the whole movie was predictable.

Having lived with my parents until my early 20's, I found the premise to be quite intriguing.

The plot is overall very predictable and phoned in.

If you like predictable US romantic comedies, go see this, it's no less pedestrian than any other.

Failure to Launch is a harmless and enjoyable romantic comedy.

The concept is good in itself, but there are too many slow scenes, and the fact that the guy is such an unlikable character too doesn't help.

I am both saddened and disgusted that this is the first movie review that I've ever given, but allow me to just say first that my girlfriend practically dragged me to this one...

He's a powerful actor and has proved that with some intense dramatic roles, an action star, and a real heart throb who knows how to go out there and have a good time and that's what this film is for him and it shows.

The film is predictable and I would consider it to be a rip-off if you went to cinema and paid for the ticket.

however,inevitably the movie follows the formulaic romantic comedy route and does become maudlin at times.


Worst movie I've seen all year .

Although the film was original for plot's sake, it had me yawning most of the time when Zooey wasn't on the screen, and I've just seen too many McConaughey films which make me retch with jealousy over this guy's life and working conditions (he's an outdoorsy type with a passion for boating and drives his own Porsche...

That dolphin was more engaging than most of the humans in this pitiful excuse for a romantic comedy.

It's a funny movie and the opening scenes are pretty predictable about his date finding out he lives with his parents and running out.

A somewhat entertaining chick flick, with plenty of laughs during the superior first half and far fewer during the inane second half.

Very Funny and Entertaining!!.

Nothing new, but nevertheless pretty entertaining.

I start off bored and then it only gets worse.

The appealing on screen chemistry between Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker, and the great-story line, made Failure to Launch entertaining from start to finish.

I was looking forward to seeing Failure to Launch, it did look pretty funny and original, but it turned into the same predictable romantic comedy that America sees time and time again.

Extremely predictable and exaggerated jokes.

Fun But Predictable .

Boring and predictable!

So at the end, contrived as it was, they seemed to really mean it, so it gave a little bit of honest emotional oomph to it.


Instead of talking about relationships in a compelling fashion we get Trip being bit by a crazed dolphin, squirrel, and lizard in the context that his soul is not in sync with the universe.

The film has some sub-plots which are entertaining and give the film more depth as well as the main characters.

"Failure to Launch" is a perfectly enjoyable movie with a nice story line, lots of humour and sexy actors.

Matthew McConaughy is better than this, and he just looks bored here.

Worst Movie 2006 .

However, Astle and Ember squander whatever chance to make an intelligent comment on this American cultural phenomenon with a contrived romance, stupid animal humor, and an unintended plot twist that cheapens one of its character's integrity.

But it turned out to be somewhat entertaining.

If something is really bad I can enjoy its poor quality or unintended laughter but this is just ho-hum, dull!

The dialogues are overfilled with fluff that's supposed to be funny but is not, and story is predictable from the get-go.

Dull, Dull, Dull .

I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a light laugh, and an entertaining hour and a half.

Kathy bates is good and entertaining in the film, she's still got it.

His parents want McConaughey to move out, so they hire professional "interventionist" Sarah Jessica Parker (as Paula) to date him and convince McConaughey to leave home.

Horribly formulaic and poorly produced .

But if you're just looking for a romantic comedy, definitely skip this slow one and find something, anything, better.

I was stunned at how bad this movie was - so predictable, so lame and another one of these Hollywood studio processed films where it doesn't even seem like reality - like it is this parallel universe that Hollywood creates where people have jobs like boat brokers and parent, grown son interventionist!

Her characters and the plot involving her job is a pathetic creation.. The only character i found entertaining was Kit, with her deadpan humour, the only scene that i didn't get at all and found almost painful was the CPR thing.. didn't get it at all.. The only two scenes I loved were the gun shop thing and the dirty little fun haver scene.

While watching the film, I could get into the predictable plot, and enjoy it.

Tripp's parents are played by Kathy Bates and Terry Bradshaw, who are both extremely funny and enjoyable to watch as a couple.

This is a very enjoyable film.

As others have commented, the only attempted source of laughs in the script is the animal humor -- a few pointless, childish "jokes" where Matthew M.

But SJP is her same character over and over - a tired, predictable, and annoying whatever-her-name-is from 'Sex in the City'.

Same scenes, same plot, boring...

Well there is the confusion of the story.

The same predictable romantic comedy wrapped up in a different package that results in an entertaining, funny film that actually manages to uncover the top layer of psychological denial in family relationships and romance.

The situation is predictable but so was Titantic and I enjoyed it too.

I myself am a chick flick fan, I found it predictable: guy meets girl, girl maneuvers so guy fall for girl, guy falls for girl and breaks it off, girl and guy get together in the end...

They were bumbling cartoonish oafs who delivered completely lame dialog and fit predictable stereotypes.

One thing that really causes Failure To Launch to suffer, is the absolutely pointless humor.

The action come thick and fast and the humour is engaging.

worst movie i've ever seen .

clever, funny and very entertaining .

It was a very bland character, and although he certainly is a lot of eye candy, the role may have been better suited to a different actor.

No matter what, it is full of unexpected, laugh out loud, funny moments and you will be entertained!

To my surprise, Terry Bradshaw was actually entertaining.

Bland leads with excellent supporting characters .

the ending,though predictable, is not realistic and is something that would only happen in a movie.

) All in all, I found it enjoyable.

Don't see the movie if you're looking for something that might sweep the next Academy Awards, but do plan on a good laugh and a very enjoyable evening.

The ending itself was okay but predictable.

By the end it was so predictable in its lame attempts to tie the story together it was EXCRUCIATING!

Kit & Ace especially, they were fascinating characters.

[3]The trio of Failures to Launch were entertaining.

As it is, it is very confusing how she is so successful since she utterly fails in every aspect of her job with Tripp.

If you want my advice, don't waste your time with this nonentity.

Terry (Al) and Kathy (Sue) were both very entertaining and great characters!

That said though, it's worth watching just to see a large bird being given CPR by a grown man.

The animal scenes are pointless, and the ending scene of being bound to a chair until he acquiesces to the demand of his so called friends is not very amusing.

I enjoyed it so much, I will rent it when available and see it again.

The jokes along with the storyline was very predictable and anyone who has seen at least one or two romantic comedies could tell you where the film was heading and what was going to happen next.

The strong character development and great esemble cast move this entertaining and funny film along.

The Farrelly Bros can make stupid animal tricks work, but here they're just stupid and pointless.

This was a very enjoyable and funny movie.

Just lay back with your girlfriend and watch a quite entertaining movie.

Tripp is tiresome and annoying babbling his life philosophy.

Pretty much just a slow movie .

Although I like the actors in this movie, I found it to be boring.

It is not funny, clever or entertaining.

Funny, Witty and Very Entertaining.

Please don't waste your money on this predictable tripe.

As I left the theater, this movie gave me with that good feeling that I took a chance and came out ahead.

As for the supporting cast, Kathy Bates as Tripp's mum hams it up and Zooey Deschanel as Paula's house-mate phones in her usual tediously bored performance – this is obviously her selling point, but strangely enough, a bored actor is boring to watch.

I enjoyed it.

I was dragged to this movie by my wife when instead I wanted to see a certain bald headed ex-queen and a masked ex-agent throwing knives around.

Therefore the men will want to leave their parents to join her.

Bottom-line - funny scene here or there, but seriously drowned out and drowned over by the slow-moving pace of the film.

If you want to see a cute, predictable, romantic comedy, you'll probably like this film.

" is my pick for worst movie of the year (obviously).

These things together with the actions of their friends forcing them together and loudly cheering the "inching along" scene I mentioned above, made the ending feel contrived, even for a romantic comedy/fantasy.

His parents want him out and they hire a woman who specializes in getting older men to leave their parents' homes.

one scene about it was enough, but they repeat the same kind of scene 3 times in the movie, making it so predictable it's boring.

I have only walked out (voluntarily) on two films in my entire life (and I'm 63).

"Launch" showcases some useless, awkward and pointless scenes, involving animals that attack McConaughey.

Then there are the obligatory sidekicks with their own empty lives.

Some relief came from Zooey Deschanel, who was the best thing in this film, and Kathy Bates, whose stock "mother" character is always worth watching.

" There is no chemistry between any of the actors, the writing is on middle-school level, and any movie that dares to invoke Katharine Hepburn in one scene and then drags its characters through one contrived and pointless and flatly-acted episode after another is indeed crud.