Fair Game (2010) - Biography, Drama, Thriller

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CIA operative Valerie Plame discovers her identity is allegedly leaked by the government as payback for an op-ed article her husband wrote criticizing the Bush administration.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Doug Liman
Stars: Naomi Watts, Sean Penn
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 21 out of 144 found boring (14.58%)

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However, Doug Liman's direction is enough to keep the tension gripping and the film focused on the characters and not just glimpses of the war and scandal themselves.

If you are looking for an entertaining movie, this is not the movie you are looking for.

It is formulaic at best.

it's a very compelling story that once you start watching,you want to keep watching to the end.

worth Watching!!

Both my wife and I fell asleep several times during this snorefest.

So which watching this, and engaging in my dialog with the storytellers (who in this case includes Penn), all of these other narratives leak in.

This is a film that can be re-watched multiple times, and each time is equally gripping and equally devastating.

Boring and presumptous facets of the story are tweaked in lieu of the bigger picture.

Maybe it's a sign of weariness with the games that powerful people play, but it seems there has been an inadequate amount of outrage at the slow reveal that the Bush/Blair reasoning for declaring war on Iraq was just so much spin.

The true story is really fascinating and I wanted to see some raw, devastated movie.

Despite everything though this still managed to be somewhat absorbing and by the end I did find myself invested in their story.

This was similar to kill the messenger where the intense storyline is dumped in pursuit of some sold-out monotonous repetitive and over explored melodramas of family unison with all the emotional jargon.

The film, however, is still worth watching.

Within that realm, it not only is powerful, but is also totally engaging as entertainment.

Therefore, I think it was a complete waste of my time to watch it, and would be a waste for anyone else.

Overall,it is a gripping spy movie wherein the account of the double- dealing of the Bush White House in the run-up to the US invasion of Iraq feels necessary.

or is this all propaganda from the start?

On a final note, I have to say that I find it very refreshing to see a film like this that has a woman in a very intelligent leading role, rather than how Hollywood films usually stereotype females in formulaic romantic comedies.

And the worst thing of all is that the agitated speeches about national security, weapons of mass destruction and military intelligence slow down the rhythm from the film and make it occasionally boring.

This, along with material relating to the failure of the CIA and the film's dogged belief in an honest administration, ensures a thoroughly compelling perspective.

To sell this war, it began a massive propaganda campaign.

The director could have focused on the real plot and the political aspect more rather than the mundane honky-tonk of a troubled relationship and media-havoc wreck on an otherwise happy and functioning family.

And they are compelling stories:• we leave out the deliberate scheme to trick Colin Powell into lying to the UN.

Adequately-made fictitious liberal Propaganda .

Liman's cinematography (pulling a double duty here) is nicely framed without excessive style to it, making it simple, easy to watch, and gripping.

His performance is given a hand by the mind blowing performance by that of Naomi Watts.

When the left wing agenda isn't being plugged so obviously down our throats, there are the makings of a decent enough political thriller here, an intricate and multi layered story that requires all your attention and which director Doug Liman demands all your attention for, even if at times it all does get a bit confusing and the cast mumble at such a low pitch it seems no amount of raising the volume button will change it.

A fine cast delivers a compelling film and it is a film all Americans should see.

With any big screen adaptation comes the caveat that there are always certain dramatic liberties being taken to tell a story for the masses, so if you were to keep an open mind, you're in for quite the thrilling ride in this intelligence game about the battle to restore one's integrity.

Doug Liman's film is always absorbing and, if you don't know the story already, you are kept wondering throughout (the resolution is rather less distressing than that of Dr Kelly's story).

Fair Game is fascinating for all those interested in the mechanism of power and use/abuse of it; and is also a riveting piece of film making.

Just wow brings out a thrilling experience and sheds light on the truths that have been masked.

I'll admit that setting up the scenario and characters is nice, but doing it in a somewhat confusing and overlong way hurt the finished product.

With regards to the above quote, all these years later, we know how empty those words were.

Anyone looking for something captivating, entertaining and brilliant should absolutely check this out because you won't be disappointed and a good indie gem is hard to come by.

If you've got a political axe to grind, I recommend getting a bumper sticker, don't waste your time with this ridiculous movie.

If you were to ignore the movie flashbacks to actual events & of course the propaganda war, then it makes a lot of sense to see how issues of national security are dealt with.

The trouble with the movie that it is just too earnest and dull.

With the focus on their relationship, it makes for a compelling drama about two people fighting to stay together.

Watt's role is emotional and thrilling and disturbing and she does such a great job.

It's riveting stuff.

Getting a behind-the-scenes look at the home life of a CIA agent was pretty fascinating and seeing the impact that lifestyle had on the family was a lot more entertaining than anything else going on.

Absorbing and eye-opening true-life conspiracy drama about CIA op Valerie Plame (strident Watts) whose life is turned upside down when the Bush Administration has outed her in retaliation to her outspoken husband Joseph Wilson(Penn equally good) which becomes a down-the-rabbit hole investigation into what really is the price of being a patriot to your own cause (or for worse your country's?

Along with a gripping storyline, FAIR GAME has a great deal to offer about the very nature of truth vs.

The film is still overall fairly enjoyable, even if politics aren't your forte.

The filmmakers are unsure if they want to present an HBO-style docudrama or actually dramatize the life of two reactive protagonists, and the confusion mars the film.

When you pair a complex political issue with a family drama, and her husband is played by Sean Penn, things can become intense, explosive, and this is effectively portrayed by Penn, a man who is known not to hold much back.

This movie is excellent in every regard, with an eloquent and powerful screenplay, passionate and intense performances, and assured, focused direction.

Dull Game .

Painfully Slow After the first Hour .

"Fair Game" combines strong performances and compelling drama with a very personal look into the abuse of power in government .

it starts off slow,giving the viewer a back story,and letting you get to know the two main characters involved.

Hollywood is an industry driven more on the movies than the celebrity culture it inevitably creates, but even the most ardent avoider of the tittle tattle that gets permeated in the media could not be aware of how closely the eponymous Sean Penn wears his political heart on his sleeve, a rabble rousing crusader for the left whose personal politics give him a real life persona he could never quite create in a film role.

The cut is a sometimes stunning successions of scenes changing abruptly from one place to another: Washington, Amman, Cairo, Baghdad, the Niger, etc., continuously to and fro in a stirring rhythm.


Well, it starts quite slowly as it depicts the heartfelt compassion about which Valerie Plame went about gaining assets in the process of unearthing evidence if Iraq was engaging in the production of nuclear war capability.

As outed CIA-agent Valerie Plame and her diplomat husband Joe Wilson, Naomi Watts and Sean Penn are riveting.

By that time, no one cares any more because they've sat through a movie where nothing happens for 2 hours.

There is a speech Joe Wilson gives to his class at the end of the film that challenges his students to always defend democracy - the legacy of our Founding Fathers - and it is this speech that is the most compelling writing in the film.

What makes this so exciting is knowing that it's based on a true story.

What makes this film absolutely mind blowing is that this stuff actually happened.

Regardless of the politics, this movie is entertaining enough to pass the watch test despite some dodgy hand-held photography.

It is a fascinating weave, action seems to take place where no action could, the drama is intense.

It builds from a relatively mundane context, the slightly too attractive Ms Watts isn't immediately convincing as the dashing super-agent.

The writing is suspenseful, even as it moves from event to event that we already knew about.

His portrayal of Joe Wilson makes the man come across as being nothing more than a self serving, pretentious, ego maniac who recklessly destroyed the lives of those he supposedly loves.

Lots of drama and fact-finding ensues, and the movie is both compelling and infuriating at the same time.

Fair Game had competed in Cannes earlier this year for the Palme d'Or, and has two solid thespians in Sean Penn and Naomi Watts, who had starred opposite each other in two other films before, to thank in keeping the narrative solid and riveting through excellent performances as the husband and wife team who get heavily involved in the analysis and searching for WMD evidence for Langley, and finding themselves at the wrong end of everything just because the powers that be have a hidden agenda and ulterior motive.

Nowak's statement followed a bipartisan senate investigation which, in scathing and unequivocal terms, revealed that high-ranking US administration officials bore major responsibility for various war crimes.

Sounds like a rather dull movie.

Nothing happened.

Fair Game survives a confusing opening hour that shows events around the globe from Kuaka Lumpur, to Amman, Jordan, to Cairo, Egypt and Cleveland, Ohio in its effort to establish that Plame, a hardened CIA spy for 18 years, worked in secret on a mission to combat the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Well Worth Watching .

Truth Is Often More Intriguing than Fiction .

It's also an interesting, exciting movie with good acting.

) The film generally works very well both as an entertaining drama, spy thriller, and an educational lesson.

And on that basis, it is a complete and total waste of time.

Talk about preaching to the choir, only someone who's president of the Michael Moore fan club could buy into this leftist propaganda.

To call her riveting is an understatement.

It would likely be best to not assume that the film is entirely truthful, as with most films, liberties have to be taken to make the film compelling for the audience.

While I found the film mildly entertaining, I was bothered by what I consider a very unconvincing performance by N.

Well acted boredom .

If you think that someone complaining for half of a movie about how "the bad men broke the rules" is exciting viewing then feel free to watch this.

A Gripping Spy Movie That Needs To Be Told .

No tension, nothing happens, no insights into the history it portrays; Fair Game is a flat, boring movie.

"The events in this movie are real, But plot-wise it fails to appeal, Penn and Watts are quite boring, And just Oscar-nom whoring, A doco would have delivered more feel.

A movie that performs a service in an engaging manner, Fair Game brings back a time that is just starting to feel distant, the frantic aftermath of 9/11 when we went to war, first in Afghanistan and then in Iraq.

The movie amounts to propaganda, favoring the characters of Naomi Watts and Sean Penn.

Both Valerie Plaime and Joe Wilson wrote books about what happened, yet this movie is still gripping.

compelling viewing .

Yet there's plenty of fascinating new material here as well that allows the film to function like a companion piece to Paul Greengrass' work, rather than a rehash.

Absorbing and Honest .

Penn is brilliant as the angry, intense Wilson spoiling for a fight.

"Fair Game" is ultimately a very dull and familiar procedural, we the audience watching as a couple of white knights do their best to shine a light on buried misdeeds.

Slow and melodramatic .

Well worth watching.

The whole thing is simply predictable and amateurish--you know which civilians and govt.

Crackling with sharp dialogue, gripping intrigue and heart-pounding suspense, Fair Game is the adventure that's so unbelievable, it can only be real.

Riveting entertainment, very much worth it.

This film deserves to be much better known because it tells an important true story in a compelling style.

It seems like a highly dramatized and exaggerated film, but it's thrilling and entertaining, regardless.

It was a subject I knew very little about but the film managed to address that and still make it entertaining and interesting while actually involving the audience in it's subject matter.

Compelling Domestic Game .

Riveting from start to finish - a must see .

Hollywood became a propaganda machine for Bush: 'Support the troops, don't you love America?

As expected, the movie deals in some very complex jargon and can be difficult to follow.

Watts and Penn do their best but are let down by formulaic script and direction.

I suppose those who supported Bush and the Iraq War will have denounced this as leftist Hollywood propaganda.