Falcon Rising (2014) - Action, Adventure, Crime

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Chapman is an ex-marine in Brazil's slums, battling the yakuza outfit who attacked his sister and left her for dead.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Ernie Barbarash
Stars: Michael Jai White, Neal McDonough
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 8 out of 47 found boring (17.02%)

One-line Reviews (40)

But don't get me wrong, because i really like the action and the main story was very entertaining, and Michael Jai White is an excellent tough type actor.

If you can generally survive predictable dialogue and somewhat of a predictable story line and poor acting and highly predictable characters...

i can guarantee one thing that you won't get bored out of this movie because whenever you feel like it's gonna get a little boring; that's where an action/fight scene pops in.

You will probably find "Falcon Rising" to be entertaining the more that you are in an undemanding mood when you sit down to watch it.

"Falcon Rising" is an enjoyable action film with outstanding fight choreography and reasonably complex characters.

While this movie started off slowly, the second half was very entertaining and worth it.

The entire thing is dragged down and there isn't enough action sequences to overcome the stark reality of how mediocre the actual story is.

Surely, the plot/story could have been better, but it's far from boring, and one does get to care for the characters.

Very, very predictable.

OK action movie but there is some confusion .

But the combination of the storyline, the action, the acting, and the cast, then the end result really worked out as an entertaining action movie with that late 1980's feel that action movies had back then.

Otherwise an entertaining movie, recommended.

"So yes, this movie is well worth the watch.

Falcon Rising is an entertaining, thrilling and unsentimental action movie where you will be seeing good old-fashioned fight choreography done brilliantly.

Falcon Rising is the kind of movie that is easy to sell with an action packed trailer.

Straightforward, Entertaining, B-Movie Action Film that Soars on the Charisma of its Leading Man .

And the benefit of a slow start is that it builds.

Its too slow, with unnecessary, pondering plot lines.

The interesting, bright and colorful location makes the film a bit more unique and compelling, with a plot integrated into the seedy underbelly of the area.

This movie was a waste of my time.

You cannot simply vote this high, even if you are a MJW fan, for the most part he does"OK" but its a boring convoluted plot line, that adds nothing to the actual development of the film.

Entertaining .

The story (which is to a large degree very predictable) is kind of padded out, and takes forever to get going (over a third of the movie goes by before White's character really starts to get down to business.

All the action scenes are fun and pretty exciting thanks to some great choreography.

So when I first saw the trailer for this movie I thought it was going to be your typical predictable Hollywood action flick.

An entertaining film, with impressive Martial arts action, Michael Jai White's skills are just dazzling!

The whole premise is very cliché and just not handled that well.

And it turned out that this action flick was actually rather entertaining.

The only parts that are enjoyable are some of the fight sequences.

Very cliché also.

Story was highly predictable.

"Falcon Rising" is an entertaining film with a thrilling physical performance from its star, Michael Jai White.

But After watching Blood and Bone (A very good and engaging action thriller), and more recently Falcon Rises, I must admit that there was not a single time during the movie where I would not wish Michael Jai White would have performed the role.

OK action movie but there is some confusion concerning the place of action.


It's worth watching if you have absolutely nothing else to watch or do.

I sure was in for a surprise; this movie is anything but cliché -- it was a genuine rockbuster of a film that blew me away.

Cookie cutter and boring .

Entertaining And Entirely Worth Watching .

His character is strong and entertaining to watch.