Fallen (1998) - Action, Crime, Drama

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Homicide detective John Hobbes witnesses the execution of serial killer Edgar Reese. Soon after the execution the killings start again, and they are very similar to Reese's style.

Director: Gregory Hoblit
Stars: Denzel Washington, John Goodman
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 43 out of 248 found boring (17.33%)

One-line Reviews (175)

The story is excellent and the Azazal chase scene through the streets was intense.

This movie is a rare combination of outstanding acting and compelling writing.

The last third of the film picks up from some of those flaws, and the last fifteen minutes is certainly a fascinating, well done suspense sequence.

I also feel the movie made the demon's abilities to jump bodies too easy and made him basically invincible from the beginning of the movie, making this movie predictable.

Nonetheless worth watching most of the way.

I mean yes it's cliché, setting it in the desolate forest.

Overall this is an enjoyable supernatural thriller that works despite the high concept plot.

It seemed to me like just a waste of my good time, and some fine talents.

It's got a slick look and feel, I'll give it that, but the story is simplistic and plodding.

very good thriller is creepy very well acted and it has a shocking ending and this keeps you on the edge of your seat although this sometimes loosely strung together it is still an engrossing time with very good acting and it is intelligent too ***1/2 out of 5

nothing happened.

All things considered, well worth watching.

All in all worth watching,with an unusual story and a twist to finish.

The ending was predictable too.

Very good thrilling detective.

The movie was pretty much predictable from beginning to end.

It's quite fascinating, hardly ever boring, has a nice cast, and is pretty creepy.

This is an intriguing blend of murder mystery and supernatural chiller.

I can't say it was the best I've ever seen in the horror/thriller genre, but it's an enjoyable way to spend an evening.

This thrilling film written by Nicholas Kazan packs intrigue , action , chills , suspense , twists and turns .

Very good Denzel Washington as an obstinate cop who becomes involved about cruel ominous copycat murders but slow to realize an explanation beyond the normal .

I bought this DVD many years ago and today I have to admit that the story is not a clever horror thriller because it's soon predictable and it is too long.

7/10 well worth watching.

Great story, boring characters .

It is a 2 hour waste of time because of the ending, had Hobbs actually stopped the demon this movie would be one I would recommend people to watch.

Thrilling musical score fitting to action by Tan Dumb who the next year would win Academy Award for ¨Crouching tiger , hidden dragon¨.

I really enjoyed it and was hooked from minute one.

I like to be challenged in this way by a movie (many people I know don't), and I enjoyed it more on a second viewing.

A witless movie that is dull, predictable and instantly forgettable.

Compelling "original" story with an ultimately unsatisfying ending .

Although slow at times, this film is a wonderful thriller full of drab colors and eerie moments.

Great Concept, but slow pace .

The blurred demon-cam shots were both cliche and just a pain.

Predictable it wasn't, although the observant will probably be able to guess at some possible conclusions to the story.

What seems in the beginning to be a lull in the movie, actually gives you so many details you need in solving and understanding the "bigger picture," that if you allow yourself not to pay attention to those scenes, you will not be able to follow the movie later.

Over feature-length it becomes quite tiresome and even embarrassing (some of the "soul-searching" dialogue is truly atrocious).

I saw it 2001 & where I really enjoyed it I must have been preoccupied because I didn't remember much more than the basics.

it is a shame as a bit more care with the story line and a better script it would have been a 10, I enjoyed it hence 6 my wife did not like it as it was confusing.

A fascinating and chilling film....

This decision also weakens the dialog - you expect pearls to pop out of the mouths of these great actors - then suddenly, we hear the same-old same-old cliché we could expect from many weaker stories.

The twists and turns are enjoyable and Washington makes an excellent leading man even though the material doesn't give him a great deal to deal with below the surface.

Sleep inducing insomnia cure that makes itself out to be a scary and innovative cop thriller.

Large parts of the plot that would be better left in to explain things seem to have been cut out, and events get laughably confusing and stupid.

Worth watching, at least once!

Stick to your fast paced action movies, and don't bother writing your limited opinions about other movies genres.

As a thriller it is superb, and as a detective story intriguing.

Chilling yet intriguing .

Embeth Davidtz (ARMY OF DARKNESS) plays the female lead who is unsurprisingly underused, but for once she plays a well-drawn out, realistic female character in a horror film.

This was a supporting part completely played on the automatic pilot, and therefore very boring.

I think it's an intriging exciting film that sucks you right in and almost makes you scared of the people around you.

At times, the pace of the film is a little too slow.

It had a very slow pace, and I am not a fan of slow-paced, boring films.

Even the film's tenaciously slow pace is forgiven because of its wickedness at the end.

too slow .

It's not perfect, and could have done with a little bit extra here and there, but it's certainly worth your time if you're a fan of slow-burning thrillers.

The story is very intriguing and well paced and there are a number of interesting recurring motifs strewn throughout the movie.

My husband and I have watched this several times and enjoyed it more each time.

Warning, if you bore easily stay away, if you love a mind bending thriller; you won't find many better.

Entertaining, if predictable .

The camera work is mere tomfoolery for the most part of it with its amateur approach to dive into the so called thrilling sequences.

Overall, this is underrated and is worth watching if you like a slow burner.

The basics of the movie are there good plot, good script, but fairly boring.

It is also a waste of money.

Enjoyable and although not an action movie action packed.

FALLEN is a dark supernatural thriller that is definitely worth watching.

With excellent support from such actors as Donald Sutherland, John Goodman, and James Gandolfini, it is an enjoyable experience.

" Worth watching.

There are plenty of twists for the mystery fan to enjoy, and a gripping finale, which, like ARLINGTON ROAD, doesn't succumb to the sappy sentimental ending so beloved of most of these films.

The script by Nicholas Kazan is far too slow & at 2 hours Fallen is just too long.

I like the slower pace; it actually kept me on edge, in an edgy anticipation.

I really enjoyed it for the reasons that you would note if you watched it.

Washington is readily recognizable, predictable and emotionless as usual.

The movie is generally too long and too slow.

good, but too predictable .

is one of the most compelling psychologically freakish scenes I've ever experienced.

A great story with a unexpected twist in the end.

So Azazel eventually finds himself a human host and begins another murder trail, confusing detectives by killing someone and leaving his hosts fingerprints and other evidence, then switching bodies and killing his previous host.

Slow-paced and boring .

The ending was predictable and standard.

Apparently, life in Demonsville is real dull.

It will keep you on the edge of your seat through the whole movie..you will not even won't to take a bathroom break..you will be too scared..so if you do..take someone with you lol..Peace to all

Flawed But Still Exciting .

This bothered me a little bit but, to be honest, the film is engaging to the point where you tend not to notice.

Quite a predictable movie.

For the neutral viewer you'd probably be best to look elsewhere for an entertaining film.

All in all, I have to say this movie is by far a most excellent and entertaining movie all the way around.

But so what, it's quite fun, and definitely entertaining.

This is a waste of time.

The ending has a nice twist, I'll give it that, but is also predictable--these fallen angels are very well near omnipotent.

It lacks originality, and it also feels generally aimless and repetitive, since the whole concept doesn't go any further than a simple revenge story.

This film is possibly one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

What could've been a really excellent supernatural thriller, is really just a mildly entertaining two hours.

Enjoyable and interesting .

The movie has a relatively intriguing premise and not terrible writing, but it is totally ruined by pretentious, obnoxious direction.

scary thrilling film .

Intriguing twists and turns in a suspenseful movie with mixtures of The Exorcist and the excellent Se7en, startling moments combined with bizarre supernatural elements, Fallen can certainly keep us hooked.

Really enjoyable to see Goodman, Gandolphini and of course Washington.

It is unique and enjoyable.

The tale is told with a flashback which is very fast paced and has a very good, altho somewhat predictable ending.

Director Gregory Hobllit has produced a movie that is entertaining as well as good to watch.

At any rate, if I could watch the movie as a blank slate it would still be slow and leave too many loose ends for my liking.

The Violent Bore It Away (Spoilers) .

Detective John Hobbs finds himself battling a formidable supernatural foe when a string of serial killings continue after the murderer dies in the gas chamber in this compelling thriller written by Nicholas Kazan and directed by Gregory Hoblit.

It's a shame that Fallen is not more well known because it is a powerful and suspenseful film that boasts a fine cast and original story.

Another strong point is the direction which creates an interesting and exciting atmosphere also supported by the score.

Nonetheless, this is a "cool" movie: The way Azazelle (the evil spirit Washington is in pursuit of) enters people is brilliantly captured in a riveting chase scene, Hoblit's ingenious use of a Stones song as the way Azazelle reveals his presence, and the resonating voice-over throughout the film (though it fails to deliver as powerful an effect as say, "Goddfellas.

His execution was more bland than that of Gene Hackman's in The Chamber.

Washington plays detective Hobbs in a slow moving murder mystery.

The movie falls hard and fast like a heavy stone in the ocean due to an interminable running time and a snail's pace.

In the particular case of "Fallen" even the basic premise is only remotely engaging - you get the impression that the filmmakers were confident that it would play well in a trailer - where they can afford to be a bit obtuse.

The story line is fast-paced and exciting, with enough twists and turns that even the most seasoned movie-goer will be surprised at what will come next.

Mystery idea makes this film different and very compelling.

The movie becomes all about Washington and his character alone is engaging enough to keep the audience interested.

On the positive side, "Fallen" is well-directed and absorbing, and the filmmakers deserve some credit for keeping us interested in a story as tired and unoriginal as this one (a demon that can possess the body of any person, until it becomes necessary to find a new body).

But once again a movie is ruined because someone along the line decided hey lets have a massive twist right at the end so it totally destroys everything we have been building up too in the last 2 hours of the film and makes it all pointless, yeah people will love that.

Even if the film is ultimately less than the sum of its parts, it's an intriguing hybrid that resides in the same cinematic neighborhood as Seven and The Silence of the Lambs with a cast that also includes Donald Sutherland and James Gandolfini.

Good guys win over evil, blah, blah, boring!

However, if, like me, you thought Seven was overworked and a complete waste of time, you'll enjoy the funny moments, the great performances (Denzel, Gandalfini, John Goodman), and the way the movie moves itself along.

Potentially predictable...

So if you want to have a few thrilling hours, see this movie.

This film begins with an interesting premise, adds to it superior acting, direction, and cinematography, and tops it all off with an unexpected plot twist at the end that is quite chilling.

Pretty boring.

Worth watching, although going by the case it was never going to be anything else.

Predictable and average at best.

But then, the slow pace starts to build and the story begins to take shape, until the film completely turns around to become a serious religious-related good/evil story.

Though the movie doesn't get much attention (at least not in Europe), it really is worth watching.

It is smart, suspenseful and gripping throughout and keeps you guessing until the end.

A gripping thriller, if a little silly in places, this is one of those films that although 2 hours long could have used another 30 minutes of quality drama in it.

Technically Fallen is fine with that very polished if somewhat bland Hollywood look about it.

what starts out as a marginally interesting concept, turns into a crashing bore after an hour or so...

And because it's just a little too slow, it's easy to lose track of what's happening and why.

This can still be entertaining in a scary movie that is directed well.

Fallen is a creative idea that is executed well and is a very entertaining movie.

Never heard of it when it was in the theaters, but thoroughly enjoyed it.

The execution was near perfect, and this movie managed the outstanding achievement of thrilling and creeping out without expensive special effects or makeup.

i watched this today for the second time and it is still as gripping and unnerving as the first time I watched.

The ending was also predictable.

We do this in scary movies to keep you from getting bored.

Upen renting this film, I thought 'great another crappy thriller', but I was wrong this movie is intense.

Fallen, a sort of "Serpico meets Rosemary's Baby" is an intriguing and scary film with a top-notch cast that, for reasons known only to its studio, came and went in the theaters somewhat quickly.

Washington is typical Washington..all dentures and con..but basically just another black guy that Hollywood decided to make a star ( samuel Jackson is another)..anyway, he cannot carry the movie- a total waste of time..I kept wondering what was happening and what was gonna happen..and guess what ?

A fascinating and chilling film.

I have seen this film before and pretty much enjoyed it.

The Game was a shadowy, blurred miasma of green, yellow and grey, using its pasty-faced complexion and banal action to maximum effect in heightening the tension and claustrophobia.

I really found this movie to be quite long and boring.

Overall, this is a well constructed and entertaining movie that remains fresh with repeat viewings (the true mark of a classic).

Great ideas, brilliantly executed make for a really original, gripping and possibly classic movie.

A waste of time and talent .

Those easily bored stay away.

) Good people are so good they are either boring--Denzel Washington's John Hobbes--or virginal (Embedth Davidtz).

Has a great setup, good performances, as well as some inventive and genuinely spine-chilling moments, but the film rambles on in its own boring logic, suffers from leaden pacing, and has a climax that doesn't pack very much punch.

The plot evolves to an original and exciting finale that leaves the viewer considering many "what if" scenarios.

An intensive search for the killer begins, finally leading to a rather surprising result.

But Denzel shows some nice acting riffs, and the creepiness factor is fairly high, so I found the film intriguing.

Very enjoyable and just as intriguing.

However, the first hour or so is sleep-inducingly slow.

Even if you weren't planning to come back, no-one would realistically do that, they would just die with the car keys still in their pocket, it was a completely pointless gesture done only for dramatic effect.

I go to thrillers because, once in a while, a film comes along like "The Game," "Dark City," "Scream," or Gregory Hoblit's "Primal Fear," and "Fallen," that make you say "wow" when you walk out of the theater.

As you travel through the unique storyline, you will sit on the edge of your seat.

) The result is that the scenes involving Davidtz were - simply put - dull, because they weren't necessary.

The concept of a demon passing from one person to another is fresh, but the execution is bland and dull.

Colorful cinematography in Panavision by Newton Thomas Sigel, including the fidgety camera zooms in fascinating way .

This is a great and thrilling film.

It is boring.

A mystery film that takes some unexpected twists.

Otherwise the plot is very intriguing.

Fallen seems to be a little-known supernatural thriller that is often entertaining and sometimes a little chilling.

20 years later and still a gripping thriller .

Still, Nicholas Kazan's script features enough twists to ensure an above-average show - and, for all its lack of the expected special effects (and for which one is actually grateful), the battle-of-wills between hero and villain (or, if you like, Man and The Devil) is certainly engaging and results in a few undeniably effective moments.

One character states that fallen angle's ultimately seek the "fall of civilization", but Azazel seems more interested in being a pest and serial killing when he's bored.

Goodman only dazzles during the last minutes of the film and Sutherland is plain boring.

This is a grave injustice to an excellent and suspenseful detective film.

The ending is darker than I was expecting but other than that quite predictable.

It's exciting, intriguing, spooky, smart, and fast.

This movie was a very boring thriller.