Falling Inn Love (2019) - Comedy, Romance

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When city girl Gabriela spontaneously enters a contest and wins a rustic New Zealand inn, she teams up with bighearted contractor Jake Taylor to fix and flip it.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Roger Kumble
Stars: Christina Milian, Adam Demos
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 56 out of 184 found boring (30.43%)

One-line Reviews (105)

A simple and warm but pretty much predictable story line.

It was completely predictable and didn't have much to offer.

Jake, of course, is a complete cliché.

Absolutely Banal.

Really boring .

So cheesy and bland.

Script is totally predictable from the moment you start streaming it.

I've seen so many, no plot twist could surprise me at this point.

It's a cute story despite being predictable, but honestly who wants unpredictable in a sweet simple romantic story.

I wouldn't normally bother to leave a review which is poor but this movie is truly a waste of time.

Cliche', boring, unfulfilling and like the very first user review states...

Don't waste your time .

Absolute waste of time.

I know rom-coms are following the classic hollywood model, but does it have to be so damn predictable...

This is the absolute worst movie i've seen in many years....

The trailer squeezes in every conceivable romcom cliche to the point that further viewing is entirely unnecessary.

I watched this from pure boredom and got exactly what I expected from this.

Cliche .

Trust me, I have seen bad romcoms before, and this is one of the worst written, most cliché masterpieces of them.

Netflix your romantic movies are awesome, Cristina Milan, is wonderful actress, is an exciting movie, love it all!

It's cliched and predictable.

Contains every overused cringe cliche you could think of.

Worst movie in years.

This movie is the cliche rom com.

It was so bland and so boring.

Don't waste your time .

So what if it was somewhat predictable.

Horrible cringe-worthy dialog, predictable plotting .

Its full of boring cliche's and it was embarrassing how I could predict what was going to happen and what was going to be said the whole way through.

Very enjoyable movie .

I was wondering the whole time if this was adapted from a Wattpad story (or a story from similar sites) , it had everything form cringy cliche parts to hot dudes with sad past to unrealistic events and opportunities that would be found there.

Couldn't like it, it was predictable and too sweetly, sweetly,.......

The ending with Jake being a hero firefighter is a little too cliche.

Enjoyed it with a glass of wine and it left me feeling positive.

Enjoyable, likable rom-com .

Bad acting, bad script, so predictable.

Was it as predictable as all other hallmark movies?

If your looking for a really cliché rom-com, it's this.

It was boring, the acting was awful and the script unoriginal with no surprises at all.

Don't waste your time unless you enjoy Lifetime/Hallmark movies, in which case this is right up your alley.

All predictable from the very beginning, stupid, goofy.

Super cliche, all to predictable and horrible cinematic shooting.

I really liked it, It is predictable, yes, we all know what will happen, yes, and if you like that kind of movie, it is perfect.

Don't even waste your time, cringy, shocking, predictable, bad script and awful actors (apart from the goat).

Such a cliché!!!!.

Probabaly the worst movie ever made.

This film is worse than banal.

There are tons of cliches in this movie, but it is an enjoyable enough movie.

Worst movie I've seen in a very long time the acting was awful and beyond cringe worthy.

This movie is predictable, by the numbers romcom.

Started out all right ended up being a predictable cringe-fest .

But if you're a New Zealand fan, it may be enjoyable enough.

Terribly written and boring movie.

Just okay acting spoiled by a predictable plot and utterly dismal sitcom writing.

Milian and movie are boring and totally predictable.

But I don't know, it was just so light hearted, stupid and delightful that I somehow enjoyed it.

Far fetched story, bad Acting and boring AF.

Any who if you like romantic with every single cliche you could think of with a predictable ending then this is the movie for you.

Bored American girl looks for solace in exotic remote land.

Don't waste your time .

Very slow and boring movie total time waster theres plenty of better stuff on Netflix so I recommend check the reviews first before watching this.

Here's a short list of better movies: -literally every movie (except for some hallmark ones, they are kinda equally cheesy and illogical)Waste your time on anything else, because investing it in this is REALLY frustrating.

There were rooms to expand to make the romance more intriguing and viewers would be more longing for Jake and Gabriela to be together.

It was so predictable with every cliché ever dreamed of thrown in a very lame attempt at holding it together.

It had every cliche rolled into 1h38m.

I think Netflix somehow managed to over cliche a movie more than an hallmark or lifetime movie combined!!

For me it was your typical rom com, fun, yes cheesy but enjoyable!

Boring and predictable .

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The story was simple, entertaining, and satisfying, with a happy ending.


This movie just pulls various painfully boring cliches from them that add nothing to the story and throws them together.

Don't waste your time.

Enjoyable and sweet .

It's cheesy, it's cliche, it's full of love and happiness.

Yes, it's cliche...

Very predictable, right down to her 'falling' and him catching her.

It's incredibly predictable and features every rom-com cliche imaginable and they are all delivered horrendously by a very ropey cast and direction.

Totally predictable, no surprises.

Seriously, this movie is about as deep as a rain puddle, and as predictable as it gets.

This film contains every predictable motif of the romcom genre - it's genuinely as if it's been thrown together through machine intelligence.

The acting was diabolical and the story was so cliche it was painful.

The romance wasn't great at all; cringe, cheesy, cliche and it didn't seem like there was a connection or chemistry between the two leads at all.

This film is so slow and so bad, i tried 3 times to watch it and the first time turned it off within the first 20 seconds.


So boring .

So predictable, so boring, jokes are so corney and not funny at all.

The love story is predictable and hits all of the rom-com tropes, like quirky introduction, surprised-to-see-you again meet up, 2 restless souls becoming one and shameless shirtless moment.

Worst movie ever.


Literally the worst movie I have ever seen .

But if you let go of that, the movie is actually enjoyable.

Mix in a beautiful little town with stunning scenery and a funny goat makes it easy watching for the whole family .

Trite .

Don't waste your time watching.

Is it cheesy, predictable, and good for a night in?

Nearly unwatchable .

Hopefully the leading guy gets more options, cause he was the only thing worth watching during this mess of a movie.

I feel that the character development and storyline was predictable and could've been thought through more.

Christina Milian & Adam Demos performed really well together with a relatable onscreen performance mixed with predictable humour and romantic dialogue.

With that being said, it's really heartwarming and enjoyable.

I went into it with no expectations, and I enjoyed it very much.

Haha I mean the plot was utterly predictable and the acting kind of silly.

)The first 15min are just cliche after cliche, making it intolerable to watch.

TOP 3 worst movies I ever seen.