Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018) - Adventure, Family, Fantasy

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The second installment of the "Fantastic Beasts" series featuring the adventures of Magizoologist Newt Scamander.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: David Yates
Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston
Length: 134 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 348 out of 1000 found boring (34.8%)

One-line Reviews (831)

In my humble opinion, what most reviewers identified as "lack of plot in order to set up a franchise" was rather similar to the complexity of Ms Rowling's writings: a story within a story, a plot hidden inside another plot, and it all comes down to one grand finale that paves the way for the next part of the saga.

Amazing effort but it was boring.

Despite this, the movie comparably falls flat resulting in some boring sections of exposition with forced moments of fan service.

This is the first that i ever rated 2 star ,man wht a boring movie, most of the time i've been sleeping

It's great CGI, stunning visuals, and after all it's a magical world full of wonders.

It was an empty shell...

It's a very entertaining movie, so much better than the previous one, Johnny deep is amazing in his role as Grindelwald

Rowling continues her magic by creating such thrilling expectations with her writing.

Long and boring .

If it weren't for the fact that I was seeing this film with a friend, I probably would've walked out of the theater.

Many of these circumstances feel beyond contrived.

How can such a amazing world like Harry Potter be so boring .

From the beginning I could not figure out, what this movie is about and it got more confusing by the minute.

The one action scene in the movie was horrendous; it was far fetched and boring.

This film is a good go-to-the-theater-with-your-friends movie, but if you're actually after a compelling and well explained plot, you will most likely be disappointed.

I dragged myself along to see this one because "I thought I should".

Complete waste of time.

Nagini is a little flat, but has a lot of potential, and we know she eventually ends up turning dark-side, so that will be fascinating to watch unfold.

The story was boring.

This movie bored me at the Theaters.

Boring & Dragging.

As a Harry Potter fan, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I'm sure many other fans will too.

The lovably awkward Newt and his fantastic beasts are the most intriguing things about this franchise.

It has everything you need to see in a movie: jaw-dropping story, wonderful soundtrack, stunning visuals and absolutely brilliant actors!

Those last minutes that I mentioned above are, indeed, captivating and entertaining, delivering a good ending even if it feels better than what it actually is due to the rest of the film.

A lot is crammed into the film, but it can sometimes be difficult to follow.

For they are strenuously linked and are left unexplained, this results in headache, confusion and boredom.


It's so slow that frankly I slept for around 20 minutes in the film.

For the first time in my life i felt bored in a movie and i even thought about leaving

2 hours of boring, confusing non magical bullocks.

There were also some pretty awful scenes but it was all just pointless.

No plot whatsoever .

Stunning effects can't overcome convoluted storyline.


Oh my, what a confusing waste of time .

Its just a complicated, uninteresting mess.

Sure, it was charming to see Hogwarts on the big screen after so many years, and Newt's eccentric interactions with the magical creatures has it amusement factor, but aside from these small elements, The Crimes of Grindelwald is a clumsy, tedious dud of a sequel.

Besides providing background information for many of the characters, there was very little plot structure to this film.

Once again we have the characters from the previous film come back, though there is this confusion over whether our hero is getting married or not, which basically means that the girl he met in New York is somewhat upset.

But honestly, it's a giant, boring mess.

This was a waste of my time and money,

Horrifically boring .

A dull movie without tension, the characters really give you nothing to care about.

Boring .

A waste of two plus hours of my life that I will never get back.

The entire story was boring.

This movie is full of magic and amzing visuals plus a thrilling story for all to enjoy i recommend watching it as its a great addition to jk's universe of the wizarding world.

Slow death of a mediocre series...

But the plot and story is really inconsistent along with multiple pointless subplots.

Its just confusing and not that good.

He goes from menacing to boring pretty quickly.

I fell asleep a few times.

It had a slow whimsical magic to it that felt right at home with the HP saga.

I saw the numerous reviews saying there's no plot.

High action opening scene made me anticipate a reasonable film ahead, unfortunately, the plot quickly dives into GCI confusion and chaos.

More confusion than growing clarity .

Boring and sleepy plot....

Crimes of Grindelwald is a very good written and casted out movie which give the potterheads and the common audiance great expectations and hopes for the upcoming films and entertaining with the same kind of genre .

But after some time, he does go after Grindlewald, and the exciting stuff comes in.

I stuggled to stay awake watching it, with redmans lispy voice it's hard to understand so i put of subtittles.

The Wizarding World as a whole feels pretty empty too.

It's a real shame that after multiple dialogue-heavy scenes, we finally get some action happening, but it's incompetently put together and equally difficult to follow like the story.

As a stand alone movie though it's a little drawn out and boring with not a huge amount really happening over the course of it.

This was such a great and thrilling experience to watch this one in theaters.

The aftermath was a slow pan of devastated faces as we reflect on the loss of loved ones in some form or another...

See many negative reviews on here about there being no plot.

Bottom line, placeholder episode failed to keep hubby and me immersed in 'movie-land'; the 12 year old boy and his aunt next to me were fidgeting too.

Apart from the opening scene, the whole film was just so boring I nearly sleep through it.

Slow seems to be a good word to describe it.

In a series of three movies, the second one is more irritating and confusing than the first and not close to as good as the third.

The most basic comedy writing everThen the only true character development included has no warning or indication beforehand, which makes it quite confusingThey do succeed in making the Newt annoying if that was what they were going with by making him so awkward when speaking and interacting with others (probably why they casted Redmayne)Overall - very weak plot and dialogue results in a non compelling movie which other than its visuals borrowed from HP movies doesn't offer much

One of the most boring films ever.

If you loved the Harry Potter books, don't waste your time.

Tedious, it lacks the charm from the first movie .

The movie overall is enjoyable, even though it can drag on sometimes it still is fun to see more of the wizarding world.

Too Slow .

The film would have suffered much less if 'Grindewald,' whose motivations are clear and fascinating, was central and focused on rather than the bore that is Credence and the confusing Lestrange family.

the special effects, are really the most enjoyable part of this movie.

Some complain it's hard to follow and there is too much going on; I disagree.

Good movie for Harry Potter fun but confusing for others .

A Boring and Effect Reliant Imstallment in J.

The 1st Fantastic beasts film was absolute stunning and I loved it to bits.

Together with unnecessary action sequences, it was a totally boring experience.

Overall, an enjoyable film with many fantastic elements.

There are countless absolutely pointless nostalgia traps, the primary plot of the movie ends nowhere and has no real purpose, the characters have no development whatsoever and basically just begin and end where they need to be, the antagonist has no rules and basically does whatever the script wants him to and apparently this is all once again a quest for one young boy given by one old man who can not do it because of reasons and conspiracy.

This is more like part one of a two or three part series, having this film as the 'informative film' because honestly it's really confusing and doesn't have much excitement to it.

The introduction was very exciting!

Save your money, see it when it's on free-to-air TV, and wait for the next movie in the franchise.

The return of James Newton-Howard was a more than welcome one, with a score that is even more haunting, more whimsical, more ethereal and more rousing, one standout being in the beginning with the phantom carriage.

Unexpected plot twists mixed with familiar settings and characters made it overall a pleasurable experience, though it was more like watching a tv-show than a movie.

Rowling is very dull and uninspired.

In conclusion, go for this movie if you guys miss seeing the stunning visuals from the wizardry world.

This one was confusing in so many ways.

Its just bland and plain as far as movies go.

Complicated, long, dull and boring.

In fact all the characters were so dull!

For a film brimming with effects i found it tedious and boring.

They borrowed the original Harry Potter Hogwarts music, which was mildly enjoyable.

Good movie with no plot .

, confusing and boring rubbish.

Boring and Bland.

It's as if the filmmakers didn't have time to establish backstory in the last installment, so they just crammed it all into one movie with scene-after-scene of boring, cliched dialogue.

The biggest problem is that is so god damn boring, 90% of this movie is either Fan-service, pointless subplots and long monologues that are so prevalent there is literally a point in the film, where they just throw 2 long monologues back to back.

Part of what made the "Harry Potter' series magical was experiencing the story through the Harry, Ron and Hermione's coming of age.

The revelations we get, the effects and the visuals are stunning and really shocking!

Bored .

This jumbled narrative really created a pacing problem that slowed down and made parts of the movie boring.

I feel like there's no connection between the scenes of the movie, the plot is boring, can't believe J.

Good film if you are invested in the wizard world but for muggles it's just a visually stunning film that's a bit slow at points.

The movie starts with a spectacular bang but then follows it up with some slow paced dialogue scenes that break up the pace in a bad way.

No real plot...

Very confusing .

Fantastic beasts 2 is hardly a medium movie, with boring story, predictable and for some reason it feels like it was written by a drunk lazy old guy and not from one of the most great authors of 21st.

Credence (Ezra Miller) is stunningly bland, and it's frustrating that a significant chunk of the film is centered around his character as he strives to discover who he really is.

C'mon, you've got a great cast and and all of the special effects that money can buy, this film should be SO much better, but it's a yawn fest.

Entertaining and fast-paced, if a little uneven .

The lack of story, dark setting and sometimes ropey cgi did not make this an exciting or interesting film.

What is worse is that fact that it is as boring as can be.

there is no story to follow.

It was slightly confusing to the friends I went to see it with.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film in the theater with a group of my friends- it is fun, funny, loud, intense and action packed, just what a film needs to generally be enjoyed on a surface level.

Many characters and many references from the original Harry Potter series are also introduced with some unexpected twists and turns which will be revealed along, it was fun to connect all the dots.

Crimes of boredom .

For me it was an entertaining story because of the references from Harry Potter like Nagini the snake, Dumbledore and Hogwarts.

I even found Ezra Miller to almost seem as of he was struggling to even portray this incredibly bland, standard and boring character.

It was just a dragging uninteresting 2h 15min prelude for the next movie that annoyed me to the point of not wanting to see where this goes.

I wish they added more to the plot because it was so so so boring.

Thats all this movie gets, and then after the 3rd effects show piece its just becomes meh .. Soulless and empty movie with nothing at its heart .. Avoid at all costs ..

I was so bored, i had to walk out of screening.

As a result, all of the new characters introduced in this feature hold no significance to the plot, nor are emotionally invested in, thus a waste of time.

A bland muddled bore.

Magical visually, but what's the story about.. way too confusing.

I'll start with the good parts of the movie, the visual effects are stunning and magical, the acting was great for the most part and the wizard duels were also good, it added more interesting magical creatures and it was also great to see Hogwarts again.

From the moment the main plot becomes clear, its story becomes confusing with so many irrelevant subplots and backstories, eventually breaking its pacing and turning it too slow.

Entertaining chaotic mess .

All that said, it is a good movie, I enjoyed it, and I will go to see the third one, which I hope to enjoy without having that commercial sensation.

This was a snoozer, none of the storylines were interesting, too many characters I have no interest in, the few action scenes that occur are short lived, the final "battle" is lame, and this film relies heavily on exposition.

The movie takes two, two really long and boring hours, that will not save even the perfect effects or solid acting.

Interesting but slow and convoluted .

It was however a little confusing and convoluted.

"The Crimes of Grindelwald" loses its magic, is darker and more tedious than its predecessor, a longueur which tries to provide emotion and thrill with wrongly placed provocative twists that the only thing they achieve is to sink progressively this magical world which is lost in a mess of sequels, spin-offs, homages and Hollywood rip-offs.

It was scenes setting up those connections that started to bore me.

Sadly, what we got was a romance love story that really trails off into a borefest.

Eddie Redmayne plays Newt Scamander, a magizoologist par none, and he is rather bland once again.

Things that are talked about such as the Lestrange family tree may also be more intriguing to hardcore Potter fans than to just your avid moviegoer.

There were so many sub plots, introducing new characters merely for the sake of it making the plot convoluted and difficult to follow.

A dreary and disappointing money grab .

Eddie Redmayne, as Newt Scamander, is always entertaining with his quirky remarks and unswayable morals.

It honestly was a struggle to stay awake watching this movie.

Not really sure how I can elaborate more on what other people have said, but yeah, very boring, long winded and confusing.

Furthermore the movie was visually stunning.

I noticed many details that I missed when I saw it the first time, and because I knew what was coming this time, it was just a much more enjoyable experience the second time.

Kudos to the splendid artisans behind the camera: Stuart Craig's production design evokes Paris Art Nouveau and Art Deco elements of the time period, Coleen Atwood's stylish costumes, James Newton Howard's lush musical score and Philippe Rousselot's stunning cinematography.

Boring movie .

Honestly was a waste of time watching it.


The phantom carriage escape and Ministry Library scenes really stand out, while the circus freak show part is suspenseful and intriguing.

Nagini and Nicholas Flame appeared are fascinating as well as the Chinese beast

Rowling's screenplay feels unfocused; there are too many subplots threaded within the central storyline, and it's at times difficult to follow.

Stupid, pointless, boring, and a total waste of time .

She's making an already perfect universe broken and confusing.

These kinda empty scenes keep coming throughout the movie and when we got to the "aha" part of the movie i was a bit disappointed.

The sub plots about three other characters' childhood identities were boring and had to use too much time with miserable and dark-themed narrative.

The film is undoubtedly well filmed, the scenery is stunning and there are some sublime effects, the lastrange boggart in peticular was amazing.

Everything strives to be bombastic, but is pointless.

The plot is non existent, boring, waste of time.

Less than Stellar, Enjoyable Nonetheless .

Dull .

0-5 Stars for plot and characters here 3/5) I gave three of five for the plot and characters,because I still liked Newt Scamander and his crew really much and the character of Dumbelore was also well played by Jude Law and really good enjoyable.

An unbearable character surrounded by boring sidekicks.


So boring it's actually offensive .

If you want to wowed by gorgeous visuals, compelling characters, magnificent settings, and jolting twists, then look no further than Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald!

But this displays the fatal flaw of this film, how it fails on a very basic level, to deliver a crude, boring, uninteresting and convoluted product.

Also on that note, when exactly did Dumbledore decided to stop dressing in bland grey suits and start dressing in flamboyant colorful ropes?

Fell asleep 4 times!!

Boring .

Lack of plot.

Fall asleep 3 times.

This is when everything finally starts to get revealed, with some very good twists and revelations, and it finally becomes entertaining.

Despite great direction by David Yates, great visuals & solid spectacle, and even some great performances among the cast, the plot is so convoluted and all over the place that it's even honestly kind of hard to follow (and I don't usually have that problem with most movies, even bad ones) and the movie, written by J.

The first movie felt like a fan made Harry potter film, which managed to get some of charm from the original univers, with a good but confusing story.

This movie is a waste of time.

Boring .

I mean there are twists that have twists, with exposition dumps tied into them, making for slow and sometimes boring scenes, definitely feeling not earned.

I was extremely bored during the middle part of the film as nothing, literally nothing was happening at all.

J K Rowling has clearly put a lot of effort into working out how this parade of tedious characters are related to each other.

Everything else is boring and uninteresting.

I went to see this with my boyfriend - he hasn't read the books, and when things have to much of a story, he becomes bored.

If I had children I wouldn't show them this film, its grey, boring and jarring, all things unsuitable for young children over great distances of time.

The biggest problems come from the characters being poorly developed and uninteresting.

Yes this is a bit slow, and because of that, you miss it.

A boring movie I couldnt keep up with it has no storyline, i guess.

The movie Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is a long drawn out time waster, which feels like a money grabbing set up for another movie.

The stroboscopic scene changes and over-saturated audio tracks seem to be deliberately designed to distract from the lack of story.

An absolutely disappointing snore-fest.

The visuals are great, but there is no story.

It's like you watch random scenes of some uninteresting characters ( even though we knew them from the first installment) one after another.

This was surprisingly very enjoyable.

After that is was just downright boring and lack luster acting.

More confusion than growing clarity.

The last 30 minutes are mind blowing with breathtaking special effects, how I got through the first 1 hour and 40 minutes I've no idea, there appears to be no plot, there is no building of the main characters continued from the last film.

Zzz ...

Everything else, the costumes, the acting, the sets are all bang on, but it's an empty gesture without a solid script.

It is so hard to follow, I would explain the plot...

Very slow .

The characters are boring, the story is boring, I just find myself not caring.

Obviously this new delivery from the franchise gets us closer to Harry Potter's atmosphere, but in a boring way.

This film is terrible there is no plot,about 15 minutes of Harry Potter with no reason why they went to Hogwarts and around 4-5 special effects every minute with no explanation on what they are.

Watched it with my kids and all of us where bored.

Apart from the CGI, I found this movie is little engaging.

It had a very weak plot with story too slow at some instances while develops too fast at some points, story was confusing too at times, overall if somebody watches this movie would get that this movie was more about credence searching for his family rather than crimes of Grindelwald.

And many of the scenes are slow paced, so by the time you return to a certain character, you almost forget where they were before.

It's fine to embed the story into a larger context but it also should work on its own as an entertaining experience.

There were no story at all.

The characters were boring.

If you can see past this or such propaganda has been lost upon you, as you've just accepted this movie as a movie, what you have left is a movie which jumps around from here and there to give the illusion of magic - Ironic or not so much?

)For every enjoyable sequence with Newt and his creatures, there's a boring scene trying to shoehorn more information into the viewer's brain.

As a movie in an isolated experience, it was rather enjoyable!

Some audience members might dislike some of the more complex scenes as it can be confusing at times and kids will especially find it hard to keep up with conversations.

Overall enjoyable, beautiful visuals, several funny scenes, cute magical creatures.

The humor was lame and predictable.

The music was breathtaking.

One of worst movies i ever try to watch.

There are too many characters and not all of them are necessary and the others given too short shrift, the inclusion of Nicolas Flamel for instance was pointless with him having literally nothing to do and felt merely there as a thrown in Harry Potter reference.

Boring and confusing .

Where Rowling tries to make it more interesting, there are plot holes and confusion instead.

Fell asleep twice .

Only graphics of wizard word are good but movie are too slow.....

He did a marvelous job with Deathly Hollows Part 2, and did a good job with the first Fantastic Beasts film, that was more focused and actually enjoyable to watch.

It's hard to follow a movie filled with adults that is based on a call to adventure with magic.

My friend is the biggest fan ever and she fell asleep.

I find its plot twists intriguing and engaging and the special effects simply stellar.

-Nagini is a pointless addition and wasn't worth all the controversy over the character's inclusion and expanding upon her history.

The cinema is so expensive nowadays I'd save your money and wait for the Blu Ray release.

All the woman characters were so uninteresting.

a Its just a hyped cgi movie with boring i dunno what i saw theme.

Despite an understandably mixed reaction from book purists, I believe the films are entertaining on their own merits.

We both walked out of the theater and were like, "I'm so disappointed!

On the negative side I did find it quite confusing, especially given that they attempted to explain what was going on part way through.

No plot at all.

Boring and confusing .

Confusing and nothing like the first movie .

I expected more of a movie like this one, but I was bored and disappointed.

Boring, didn't add anything new to the Harry Potter universe, the characters are more uninteresting than in the other movie...

Stunning cinematography?

Plot was boring and characters didn't really interact much in this one there were so many stories between various characters that deserved to be fleshed out and told in detail .

It was obviously trying to build the franchise, but utterly failed to create compelling characters, nor did it even have a satisfactory ending.

I've also heard that Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, the "hero" of the Fantastic Beasts franchise is too bland to hold the center of these films.

I expected more of a movie like this one, but I was unfortunately very bored and disappointed.

It was really a waste of time.

It seemed to jump from one special effect to the next and following the plot was tedious to the point of total boredom.

complete waste of time people.

The graphics, fights and visuals was good but no real story or acting, even Johny Depp acting was a bit shallow and I really wanted to leave before the end due to boring and useless plot like the fight against the blue fire!

And this is probably what made the film seem boring.

Boring .

Guaranteed you fall asleep.

The different setting and new characters overall made it entertaining and I was looking forward to seeing the sequel and where the story goes.

Confusing, convoluted, and at times way too convenient for its own good, the film has nothing to grapple onto emotionally.

The movie takes two, two really long and boring hours, that will not save even the perfect effects or solid acting.

A disjointed mess.

Stunning specials effects.

Unfortunately that's as good as it gets, because everything else is unnecessarily convoluted and a rather dull mess of a thing.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is a slow, poorly-executed mess with uninteresting heroes, mediocre effects, and the intrigue of a bland soap opera.

I don't know if it's sequelitis, but the way certain supporting characters have been sketched did leave me wanting more, especially a key French figure (not the hench person), whose last name again connects this flick to the larger universe, but creates more confusion than anything else.

It was a waste of time.

But Harry Potter is good because the story and adventure for the characters is more engrossing than the sum of its parts.

A boring prelude.

I really liked the first one but this could have been a really good movie, but it was so hard to follow and really confusing throughout the entire movie.

Add that to far too many subplots to follow, and you get a big confusing mess.

Don't waste your time.

Overall, just boring.

Overall a really boring film with not really anything happening and really could be much, much better.

Elegantly portayed and visually stunning .

This whole film could be condensed to one half of a film because it feels like nothing happened after you've watched it and you just want to see something else.

Thrilling .

Bad Editing, No Plot, Just Meh .

A waste of time?

Its so complicated that we are required to watch minutes and minutes and minutes of boring exposition.

With the returning characters, we have Newt and his beasts, which mostly just distracts from the main plot, but is still enjoyable to watch, and the beasts look great.

Watch it - entertaining stuff.

Leta LeStrange's background was horrid and confusing.

The primary thread here is clear and synthetic, but to strengthen it and nourish it she draws upon clumsy narrative saturation that ends up throwing an all-star cast, a few engrossing performances and some gloomy digital effects out.

I found it slightly hypnotic but it does go slow in parts .

Grindewald is a great villain , with Jonny Depp perfoming really well - I found him perhaps more compelling than Voldemort.

Enjoyable film, needs more energy .

"Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald": A Slighly Mis-Paced, But Adequately Entertaining Adventure .

One was Newt Scamander having entertaining adventures with magical creatures.

Some moments take too long to get to the end, feeling a little to dragged out.

Fantastic Beasts 2 is a slow paced, meandering sequel .

The colouration is so incredible bland, other than the blue fake dragon at the end, no other image sticks in my head as memorable or even noteworthy or fun.

Confusing mess jumps around everywhere.

Boring Harry Potter film .

It's dull, boring, and worst of all, it's bland.

View on the film:Toning down the Steam Punk appearance of the first film which allowed it to stand (somewhat) separate from its roots, returning director David Yates & cinematographer Philippe Rousselot replace it with more of a delve into Harry Potter style Fantasy Action set-pieces, which whilst offering moments of magical thrills (Yates makes excellent use of the IMAX format to give the beasts a huge, towering appearance) does end up becoming the cliché brash blue lights in the sky.

In my review 2 years ago of "Fantastic beasts" I wrote, "I really enjoyed the various Harry Potter movies, their stories were more clearly presented, but this movie, while mostly entertaining, is not that special.

This one seems like its budget has been doubled from the previous film, FB: Where To Find Them, there are trips to various countries, each with there own beautiful scenery, architecture and the costumes, clothes are absolutely stunning.

The first film was boring but I enjoyed it more, also I hate the fat American muggle guy, he's so annoying and I hate the American girl that loves the muggle.

The romance between the characters feel forced and uninteresting.

Incredibly boring.

It was a boring waste of time and money.

It created a beautifully stunning pedestal on which the next movie will hopefully be able to shine upon.

The CGI was just boring in the end.

Besides being a pointless 2 hours, where absolutely nothing of note happens until the final 15mins, the whole plot is forced around faux-diversity.

not better than last one, actually its a part1 of next movie so dont waste your time, in trailer you see all actions and thats all.

A below average confusing sequel .

Woefully confusing.

The action was relentless, the mood morose, the characters dreary.

Enjoyable for its run time, just don't expect anything profound.

I wiki some of the Crimes characters just to clear up the confusion.

Intense fighting, good plot, and focusing on what was mentioned in the Harry Potter series with Grindelwald.

Everything in between is bland.

Here, the adventures of magizoologist Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne "The Theory of Everything") is so confusing and time consuming that Redmayne's pouting Wizard (this character gets old fast) feels out of place and lost.

It's not that bad, but it felt really long, slow and not moving forward at all with the main story.

There were endless scenes of people saying boring things as slowly as possible with the minimum of emotion.

Rowling; it felt empty, Dumbledore gave Newt a mission and Newt accepted it just because of how he was in love with Tina, in Paris it's just Newt and Jacob searching for Tina and then they find themselves in the mystery of Credence's backstory.


That's boring.

Again, it keeps books interesting, but makes for a drawn out, boring film.

There are way too many characters with way too many subplots going on all at once, the villain was horribly miscast, everything was confusing and didn't make sense, the story was unfocused and pointless, there was way too much pointless fanservice, everything looked grey, it was BORING, and the whole thing only exists to set up sequels!

Visually stunning but very slow paced till the end.

There's basically no plot, the movie is all over the place.

Except for the confusing beginning, the whole film is a mess, the director shifts the scenes and made the storyline progress too fast when in several minutes the spot changes from Uk to France then suddenly Jacob and Queenie was playing something inside the room together, it is too confusing because I remembered at the end of the first film I saw them broke up and there is no way that Jacob Kowalski could be with Queenie in France since he already lost the memory at the end of the previous film.

The music sucks too in my opinion, whilst the Harry Potter soundtrack was an epic musical master piece, this film's music is as forgettable and bland as the rest.

Worst movie I've ever seen .

Most of the new characters lacked character development and made the movie more confusing.

Dire boring dull , save your money and give it a miss

nah , dont go and waste time and money .

A slow escape and gradual raise to the power involving obtaining of a special object to cast a citywide curse which would kill that many aurars.

)The movie overall has far to much Politics to be enjoyable for many.

Too much on screen and really hard to follow .

It obviously deserves higher rating, I enjoyed it and it was really amazing, Better than the first one.. A lot of connections to the Harry Potter series which you wouldn't realize if you are not a potterhead .. I still expect a lot in the upcoming 3 movies ..

The most boring movie so far.

Confusing plot, bad storytelling, too many characters, underdeveloped characters, useful coincidences, bad chemistry, bad romancesI did not really care about any character except dumbeldore, very slow pace, no action and then all of sudden a burst of action that made no sense and lacked proper pickup.

Bloated, dark, boring, ugly, unimaginative, soulless, unfinished, etc. In short, your typical 21st century Hollowood turkey.

Instead, it's a dull, talky, and complicated slog.

Altogether, the film is incredibly enjoyable and stuff the critics!

Boring and magic-less, slow and uninteresting, confusing and insignificant.

He was so enjoyable and we got more backstory with him.

It's deus ex machina around any corner, the more it is drawn out, the lack of creativity shows.

My wife is a huge HP fan but was disappointed, even told me she fell asleep!

Visuals were, as always, stunning.

This movie was a series of poses in a solemn interpretive dance that you tried hard to follow and later learned was about the plight of the egret.

I was on the edge of my seat practically the whole two hours.

I found it quite boring.

Y'all have got to be seriously talented to somehow make such a magnificently splendid and enticingly alluring crafted universe seem so manifestly tiresome?

As someone who grew up with Harry Potter and loving the entire series, I wanted so, so much to love this movie, but left the theater feeling disappointed by the direction of this film.

Therefore, this movie tries to compensate the lack of novelty with too much of an unresolved, empty plot, failing in it's main intention: entertaining Harry Potter fans while revealing some of the desired background information.

Well worth the watch .

Don't waste your money..................................................

No plot .

Jude Law's Albus Dumbledore is perfectly compelling, due mostly to his character in the books and Law's depiction.

Some enjoyable elements but rather slow .

I know fans will lap it up but what about the rest of us poor cinema goers tricked into watch boring films based on books.

No story told at all, which made me wonder if it was really beloved J.

Complete waste of time.

And it turns out that in this series new roles appear that increasingly make this film more exciting like Nagin.

The plot is so unnecessary convoluted, stretched and boring, they had to put a million references to the HP universe, so that people can be excited.

The performances are adequate, but the story is just, boring.

Very Confusing .

I've been waiting for the whole film to finally start a breathtaking story.

Among other problems of useless scenes that make us feel like the movie is going nowhere for way too long, the ending is simply outrageous.

the characters were empty jars, the visuals stunning, the story missing.

True, his characterization is subtle, maybe too subtle for some, but it was intriguing and interesting for me.

There was no story to this film at all, it was all for the sake of making more money really.

The visuals are spectacular and the story, though boring in some parts, picks up beautifully at the end.

First, what I liked about this movie is that it's very interesting and compelling.

I liked Credence in the first film, but in this one, he seemed like such a useless character with a pointless storyline...

I felt that the effects enhanced it profoundly, very few boring parts, and the amazing soundtrack made it awesome.

Don't waste your time and money on seeing this at the cinema.

The movie can be condensed into 40 mins action packed sequence, doesn't deserve 2 hrs as it doesn't have enough content.

I loved the first movie and the whole saga of harry potter, that's why I'm quite disappointed with this movie, they concentrated on making a franchise not a good movie, the script is a bit bad and many parts of the movie are pretty boring , the movie is quite predictable and some aspects of the movie which I didnt like I will not say it because contains a spoiler, however there is a thing in this movie that was good the action scenes are really entertaining.

And direct consequence of this poor introduction is the fact that Jacob and Queenie were the most boring part of the movie (complete opposite compared to the part 1).

It was thrilling to see the world again with a new perspective.


So boring I fell asleep.

This is a terrible shame, because their backstory is the most interesting (not to mention essential) part of the story, but it's shamefully pushed to the side so we can sigh our way through meaningless couples' quarrels and dull, bleak moments with characters who should be a lot more interesting than they really are.

Needless to say, you must have great memory of the first movie or must have read the books - if not, it's full-on boring.

No plot, lots of nothing.

while it was an exciting as the final Installments of Harry Potter It was fantastic An Epic Second Act That Continues Expanding The Wizard World.

That's propaganda.

A tone of senseless direction is established from the start - Grindlewald escapes in the opening scene, rendering his initial capture completely pointless.

Even the "exciting" parts are boring.

One of the worst movies iv ever seen.

Absolutely Boring .

Both are boring, and the juxtaposition between them is jarring and fuel for confusion.

Visualising the story done way too lacking and boring.

An enjoyable subplot from the first film was the bubbly Queenie character falling for a "Muggle", an ordinary man with no magic abilities.

I felt empty in the end.

The series needs to drop it's attachment to the Fantastic Beasts line, and not just because I think it's the dullest part of this new franchise.

This one, as so many others have mentioned, falls short of the plot mark and really seems to be about franchise marketing more than solid, entertaining, story-telling.

It been a long time since I've watched such a boring movie.

Almost no fantastic beasts, and no story line.

Messy,boring and totally unnecessary piece of cinema that could be a little part of more awesome movie .

Additionally, I found the acting both compelling and personable from all parts.

At the half way mark, I became really bored and couldn't care less about the characters anymore.

Thrilling and enthralling action sequences that you would come to expect from this franchise, but unfortunately let down by a hard to follow and over reaching storyline.

The problem with this movie was it just tried to set things for another sequel and with I felt like there was no story in this movie.

No story, confusing events, just running to one event to another, everything just happen dont know why.

The movie could be boring and making no sense if you are not a Harry Potter fun.

This films is in one word: boring.

I was bored and felt no connection to the characters .

This sequel to the spin-off features too many characters, an overly complicated plot and blurry, choppy action sequences that makes it impossibly difficult to follow.

Sloppy and boring directing, it will be an absolutely shame for them to keep Yates on for the next films.

I do appreciate the little snippets of background information and a few of them are quite exciting and surprising.

Great for Potterheads, but can be confusing for others .

I enjoyed it and thought it was good fun despite it's flaws.

movie has good aspects too like actings, spiecial effects, music and unexpected ending.

But the plot was so confusing that I cannot even write any spoilers.

The story was meh and Nagini was pointless.

No plot?

I genuinely fell asleep during it, I nodded off twice.

Wildly entertaining.

First of all, I need to say the visual is super stunning and beautiful.

I can understand some of the criticisms of the film (eg frustration over the lack of closed story arcs, or wasted efforts to be more inclusive), but others don't make sense to me, such as the complaint that the storyline is confusing, or that it was an "information bomb.

The film has great spectacle but it is too long and the plot is too slim.

That's because this movie is so confusing and boring it will put u to sleep.

The film was boring.

It gets to be so boring and run-of-the-mill that you fall asleep, which I did.

The very worst part of this film was the big twist she threw in to make the audience :gasp: except if you know anything about the lore and have watched alot of movies in your life you will just roll your eyes at how unoriginal and cliche it is.

The stunning scenes and you'd be satisfied.

I watched the first Fantastic Beasts and enjoyed it.

The movie was constantly entertaining, intriguing and exciting to watch.

Genuinely boring .

Each scene just bombards you with exposition, and it's very difficult to follow.

No viewer engagement, just over the top CGI and no storyline.

The flashbacks were great, the new beasts were great, some of the character trajectories, while unexpected, were delectable to watch, and of course the effects and cinematography are just as good as they were when Yates took over the Potter franchise eleven years ago.

Nothing happened here , we just find out what's Creedence's name and that is.

The film has some entertaining (and LOUD) sequences, that keep you engaged.

This movie is sooooo boring.

Literally nothing happens in a movie except for the last 10 minutes which is like the most disappointing minutes in the whole movie which up to that point I could've described as slightly enjoyable and then it took and ruined everything with a twist that I, as a huge Potterhead, took as a spit in the face.

Too many repetitive special affects made it booring and ironically lifeless- Fitting ending on that basis.

The film is poorly structured, hard to follow, literally just a massive information dump.

I know the films needs to have conflicts to carry over into the next film but it takes away from the narrative of this entry when there's no story that makes this film worth the watch on its own.

It's just incredibly cliche and stupid.

The result is a confusing and totally boring movie.

Fantastic boring and where to kill the franchise .

Besides being boring, confusing and a mess to look at, it completely betrays the already tenuous rules of the universe.

Sure the movie is overstuffed but still very enjoyable.

Fantastic Beasts, the first one, was good, not great, but it was a good watch and I enjoyed it.

No plot, confusing waste of time...

Slow, boring beginning.

It was exciting.

Now that we have reached the second installment, I find that it is a lot like the original series' weakest link, 'Chamber of Secrets', in that it is slow, expository and mainly serves to set the chess pieces and begin to tease a darker story.

You will get bore within 5 mins if this movie, only good thing here is animation, which is something you will find in every other hollywood movie.

total waste of time.

So boring.

Confusing in a good way.

But, entertaining and a good add to the series.

The camera work is terrible, the color pallet is so overly dark that you can't see anything, which makes the film even more boring.

But still an entertaining film.

Don't waste your time, this was duller than Jude Law's heather grey Dumbledore suit.

But no plot whatsoever !!!

Visually STUNNING and jaw dropping, this is a MUST for all HP fans.

Apart from the reasonably good opening scene, Grindelwald is unthreataning, bland and disappears for large chunks of the narrative.

They, too, were a bit confusing at times but entertaining enough.

Plese don't waste your time.

Boring .

Having said all that aesthetically its visually stunning.

Enter Fantastic Beast 2, the confusion built up more by unable to catch the characters' moves and the plot developments, I confused, I doubt myself: did I skip any plots or dialogues?

The lead characters remain frustratingly boring (with one exception), being rushed from one action scene to the next and talking about romance problems rather than receiving development so we might care about them.

This one did have some boring stretching of action and cgi.

No plot, no flow, no character development, poor acting,....

too much boring sub-story.

No story here, just special effects.


I wanted to see sweet, adorable, sad, loving, caring, funny Newt but all I saw was, confused, cold, boring Newt.

COnfusing and boring .

Boring and forgettable .

I cannot recommend this at all, and given how the first Fantastic Beasts, despite being good, felt a little bit empty after ''Deathly Hallows Part 2'', I don't think this series will be improving in quality anytime soon.

It was a torture sitting through two seemingly interminable hours seeing the actors slow walk through their family history and love interests.

Pointless characters get too much screen time.

No plot, boring and too long.

Messy&Boring .

Also, at the beginning the plot was SO predictable.

No plot just effects!!.

Great cast, stunning visuals and cinematography and totall boring .

Their acting are bland, no one give any remarkable performance.

A lot of scenes in the first 2 acts just felt unnecessary, and boring.

Boring, incomprehensible, confused, confusing....

Confusing and boring .

Although being a fan of Rowling's wizarding world and knowing much about it, I found it very hard to follow what's going.

Crimes of Grindelwald takes us back to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, as a fan of the original series and someone who enjoyed the first Fantastic beast I can say that I had an enjoyable time watching Crimes of Grindelwald.

K Rowling also adds very boring new characters such as Theseus Scammander and Leta Lestrange.

It was predicted and the story was boring, the actors ( though famous ones) were terrible that even if the story was good I couldn't dive in and enjoy it .

Rowling series, this movie is quite entertaining.

) there was no real plot to this at all.

But that is easy, an easy use of Brexit and the craziness that goes along with it, or any other populist leader, including Trump, and his crazy weekly mass meetings where he speaks for hours, ranting and raving, improvising from his cuffs and agitating thousands of supporters with propaganda that has nothing to do with the etiquette of a president of the United States.

Its more than rubbish boring

Even the 3D effects were ho-hum.

Instead, we get a two hour and fifteen minute movie on two different groups of people trying to reach one character before the other group does, which is the most boring thing I've ever witnessed.

The actions scenes seemed entertaining and dramatic.

I mean, all the guy does is get dragged around.

Whole story is very hard to follow and explain.

Fantastic Beasts II is much darker, much more thrilling, and while there was no apparent plot other than locating Grindelwald and introducing the baseline for the later instalments - I enjoyed every second of it.

Completely devoid of all the magic & sense of wonder that made the original series one of the most beloved franchises of all time, Fantastic Beasts was dull, needless & pointless.

Just Plain Dreary .

The viewer is immersed in the drama and turmoil that is the "Wizarding World".

Two hours of boring, filled with special effects sceenes, NO PLOT, undeveloped characters.

A bolt from the blue is that even with the creative backbone almost untouched, this second part happens to be a pyrotechnic and enjoyable misfire, plenty of deficiently unified sub-plots that ultimately saturate the not-so-eye-popping visual spectacle, introducing untidily so many narrative threads that, instead of complexity, utterly erode the core story.

This movie was 2 hours of pure boredom.

However, considering that it happens to be set in 1929 it does make me wonder how old wizards actually live til, and whether they actually age slower than us muggles.

Bad, boring and too long!

'Crimes is Grindewald' is the sequel to the enjoyable 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,' and is the 10th film in the Harry Potter Franchise.

well made but no plot, most boring movie i've seen in the last year...

This movie is well worth the watch.

painfully lit photography wise which brings your spirits down..extremely slow and no crimes to see....

How can a wizard movie be so boring.

They just dragged on for too long, and it made the movie somewhat slow and boring.

Visually though the film is stunning, there's always something interesting to look at, especially as we are exploring the grander world of magic.

Hated Harry Potter and expected this to be boring and gawd it is.

I can quite safely say that calling it the worst film I have seen this year, to distract from the boring and plot-hole riddin plot they try to "wow" you with their fantastic beasts, I can't go into to much more detail, as I want to keep this review spoiler-free.

Boring .

Perhaps, another way this franchise is teetering on the edge of sacrificing craft for the purity of pulp profit.

You'll know them when you start to get bored.

I have heard criticisms such as "it's too dense", "it moves too slow" and there are "too many characters".

I loved the first movie and i had even higher expectations from this one but at the end i just lost 2 hours of my life for a boring movie.

The movie feels considerably crowded and in need of a more compelling story in some sections.

And with Eddie Redmayne's Newt Scamander - a shy and awkward David Attenborough type - at the centre of it all, the pieces were in place for an engrossing - and different - saga to get out teeth into.

What I hated about this movie: The pace: soooooo boring.

The use of Shepard-Risset Glissando in moments of intense emotion or tension enhanced the sense of immersion.

Plotless, Boring movie .

Nothing happens in this movie.

The new installment in the Harry Potter universe, sequel from the first spin-off, has a weak story telling, that turns out a dull and too long movie.

As a mild Potter fan and a fan of the first movie I had hoped to watch an entertaining and easy movie with some great visuals.

I give this film 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 18 because of some intense action and themes.

It is fascinating to me that after watching this movie, the only character I have any interest in is the non-witch.

Thrilling and full of surprises.

Boring boring boring.

There was literally no plot at all.

Too many uninteresting characters, who are all these people and why should I care.

Looking past the glaring plot holes and inconsistencies to the original series - It's just a sad reminder of how uninspired and empty everything feels compared to Harry Potter.

Total waste of time.

Being a big fan of the wizarding world, I found the movie to be entertaining simply as movie watching goes.

As a hard core fan I found it more enjoyable the second viewing as there's a lot to take in.

The story is boring.

A very confusing "twist" ending.

Reviewer grumbling of a lack of plot should perhaps view again; there are many interweaving threads it can be hard to keep up but they are compelling and drive the tale forward.

As my personal review, since the first time I watched the Fantastic Beast and where to find them in 2016, I expected the storyline of the sequel can be more interesting comparing to the first one, however, all my feeling when I walked out of the theater is that I didn't find anything improved except for the far more complicated storyline that totally confused me.

I hope the others are more entertaining.

Very confusing story.

Rowling had better read her own books once again and I advise you to do the same - much more entertaining.

Instead, the story of Grindelwald and Dumbledore should have been the film's primary focus because sadly, Newt and his gang of dull duds just aren't strong enough to carry the film on their own.

Confusing unfortunately.

Despite reading all the, what are confirmed to be, pin point reviews to lower my expectations; I found myself falling quickly in a dismal state of boredom and cluelessness to a story that really makes very little sense nor has the ability to give us a fulfilling movie on its own merit.

I've discussed with a lot of friends that didn't like the movie as much as they would have loved to because to them, there was no plot to enjoy.

Useless scenes, convoluted and confusing plots, useless characters...

This movie was really exciting.

Scenes are stunning, story is magical, artfully laid out and I just can't get enough!

Aside from that the movie has about 7 subplots that you're not invested in, they just add confusion to an already messy film.

Disappointed: No Plot and added nothing to the story line.

Like Harry Potter, Beasts managed to find a nice balance between wand-swishing set-pieces, enduring us to a new set of compelling characters, and building a tangible new world for it all to take place in.

If this movie had a point, it took forever doing so, and dragged it's derriere along the way.

There is no story, no plot, no texture, the acting from the actors is miserably low level.

Animated beasts were the most enjoyable characters in the show.

The confusion and complications of storyline .

Terrible plot, boring, cash-machine type of movie.

" AKA I'm tired of identity confusion within the dichotomy.

Watch it in blue-ray, don't waste your money.


The story has no plot, zilch, and Joanne it's freaking boring.

For those that said it was boring, I won't disagree with you as my dad practically slept through the whole thing.

Johnny Depp is serviceable as Grindelwald and Jude Law is quite exceptional as a young Dumbledore, but due to the weak script, just about everybody else looks bored to be there.

While visually stunning, not in anyway interesting.

I don't know how anyone could spoil this movie because literally nothing happened that isn't shown in the previews or in a tagline!

Most of this picture is two hours of continuous uninteresting drear, badly written with actors struggling to convey the poor choices and dialogue delivered by Rowling.

Other than that, it was fun, thrilling, heartbreaking, and well done.

excellent visuals, outstanding cast who delivers wonderful performances and a gripping storyline can't ask for much more.

The acting was universally wooden and everyone looked bored for most of it.

As a result of the abhorrently bland cinematography and colour palette, the costume design, set design, makeup and visual effects all suffer.

They story was difficult to follow.

But this is a lot more action packed than the first film.

A rewatch of the first movie might help, but it wouldn't serve most of the problems, as most of the confusion is attempted to be cleared up by the end, although it simply leaves the viewer uninterested.

Characters in the Franchise Appeared are Fascinating .

A waste of money.

The reviews that trash this movie are not completely accurate, but instead are frustrated people like i was because of the expectation of a big action packed movie.

Slow build up and numerous plot holes.

Those that watched this movie and claimed it had no plot must have expected it all to be blatantly obvious.

The movie was too long and uneventful.

The two adorable creatures who stole the show last time come back in order to edge into the spotlight with their naive behavior and mini-treatments; but it's Europe which hypnotizes with engaging animals.

The image becomes flat, uninteresting, after the last film won the Academy Award (Oscar) for Costume Design, this colouration choice really does an injustice to this achievement, and to the hard work the costume designers must have gone to to trump their previous achievement.

And boring.

Painfully boring and joyless.

Went and saw this in the cinema and it was awful, the plot was honestly all over the place and it was so boring, this dragged out so much, so disappointed and the it seemed as though the characters speaking wasn't lining up with their mouth movement, it seemed as though they were awfully lip syncing

Enjoyable wizard adventure .

By the end it picked up again but there was a long period where it was just too slow and not exciting.

Was on the edge of my seat in the theatre and even my non-potterhead boyfriend was impressed (except for the graphics).

The best of the film is the platypus The film is long and bored..

Good but very slow paced movie.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was a fun, inventive blockbuster with a good sense of humor and many entertaining setpieces.

Disconnected, hard to follow, unimpressive acting all the way around.

We love HP because of the engaging characters, intricate plots, and world building.

Newt Scamander (An admirably dedicated Eddie Redmayne) is asked by Albus Dumbledore (An underused Jude Law) to capture escaped convict Grindelwald (A surprisingly enjoyable Johnny Depp), and only agrees so he can locate his love interest, the Auror Tina (Katherine Waterson).

It has a fair bit of tie-ins with the larger Harry Potter universe, but it has an overall slow pace that will definitely leave your feeling wanting for more and having the dilemma of waiting another few years for the next installment.

All the set pieces are bland and lack escalation or stakes, and the music is so forgettable it feels like a crime for a Potter-related flick.

It is definitely intriguing.

Felt asleep in theatre.. so i guess it was boring.

The first movie was fun and enjoyable.

Yeah, I guess this one, while okay, was a little odd in parts, and somewhat dull, particularly since it really didn't seem to be doing all that much, and the ending was certainly a little off putting as well, since it was clearly setting the scene for the next film, and had no real satisfying conclusion.

Throughly enjoyable escapism .

Boring, who signs off on the kind of bloated nonsense.

No plot.

Falls into the same traps as the first movie, but solidly entertaining nonetheless

Perhaps it's just a bit too slow to unfold for some to grab onto.

The biggest problem is the excruciatingly slow pace...

Rowling, seemed like it was a filler movie trying to get by on Easter eggs and magic to be entertaining enough for people to want to see the next film; unfortunately, this movie's "spell" didn't exactly work on me as well as I'm sure the people behind it were hoping it would.

It was also truly fascinating to see the difference between how Grindelwald gathered his followers, versus Voldemort.

Beautiful but dull .


Boring and a huge disappointment .

Scarce beasts, no crimes, no plot, no coherency, a lot of magic for showing off, a brief love story, some family disputes ...

Everything is confusing.

So long and boring.

A preponderance of characters and a story line that seems intentionally confusing may hinder your viewing pleasure here.

Overall, I had an enjoyable experience in the cinema.

Her portrayal in the last film was totally boring and uninspired.

Reading the Wikipedia page is more entertaining than watching this movie.

fell asleep .

Boring as hell.

There's no story here, it's just lots of effects.


I wanted to like the movie but it left me feeling empty.

Wait to see the movie on your TV, then you can always rewind to better understand all the talk - or fast forward if it gets too boring...

Slowpace boring movie .

The only thing that made this movie worth watching was the magical world it took place in...

Plotless boring loss of time .

The editing was horrible, the shot choices were jarring and confusing, the dialogue was all clunky and expository, the characters don't progress at all, the story is awkward and disjointed.

In fact Newt's ties to Leta are far more engaging.

The sequel to the Fantastic beasts was badly boring with no strong plot and was ruined by many sub-plots .

Possibly the most disjointed, terrible, boring film, it was totally unwatchable.

I think this at least tries to bring your franchise closer to "reality" and maybe even provide a compelling reason for Grindelward's actions - akin to the villains in Black Panther and Infinity War.

This has a nice cast, good sound track, and great special effects; however, it really dragged.

This is a movie that really tries to drag out all of its plots, and because of that it comes off as this poorly paced mess of a film.

Makes it for a boring villain -Too much CGI and over the top effects.

At least there are plenty of magic and beasts around in this movie to make the dark and, at times, boring story a bit more compelling.

This movie takes two, really long and boring hours, that will not save even the perfect effects or solid acting.

It darker and more complex than the previous movie and has some really unexpected plot twists.

Like what the title says, the visuals in the movie were really well done, stunning to say to the least...

Jk really never thought this one through, as an Harry Potter fan this is just a movie with alot of magic but no plot.

All the characters are played well with probably Depp as the standout (even if he looked bored with his character).

It's so fascinating to learn all about him!

It was very entertaining and the movie had a phenomenal cast, and most importantly, a well rhythm of suspenseful events.

My 7-year old fell asleep and my 9-year old was highly disappointed.

the battle lines are drawn in an eerily uneventful manner.

That's not to say that it didn't look amazing, it's just that the storyline quite boring, and I got a bit fed up with all of the technical jargon, which went straight over my head.

Beautiful action sequences separated by boring exposition .

I'm conclusion-going to the cinema to watch it was a waste of good money.

There was no plot, it was just an endless array of showing off the magic world without any real understanding of what's happening.

Seldom have I been bored to tears by a movie seen at the cinema.

Which means it drags and feels unbelievably boring far too often(I can't believe I am saying this about technically a HP movie!

I just hope they slow their plots down a little and take the time to actually build the relationships they expect us to recognize.

A mostly charmless and dull affair that feels like it's whole point of being is to open the door for a seemingly more exciting chapter, after this effort, this still budding franchise sits in a precarious position with all signs pointing towards it sadly being lifeless in the water, living off nothing more than the goodwill of its beloved kin.

Visually stunning for sure but the forced characters, the pointless yes no yes no love story, the lack of fantastic beast (more or less), the lack of Grindelwald's crimes.

It was that boring I fell asleep worst movie ever boring boring boring

Pros: Plot twist at the 3rd actCinematographySpecial effects was kinda neatJacobJude lawCons: Clunky narrativesubplots1st and 2nd act is slow paced andfast forwards into the 3rd act less appealing charactersVerdict: Fantastic beast: Crimes of Grindelwald is a hot mess of a film.

Falls into the same traps as the first movie, but solidly entertaining nonetheless .

Probably the most boring movie of Harry potter franchise.

Basically, this movie was way too long on CGI, and way too short on plot.

Overall great, little boring about the story .

Don't waste your time to watching this movie in TV also.

Very confusing with unnecessary plot twists.

Whatever storyline is there is rambling and disjointed.

What happened during some slower parts of the film was that I became physically uncomfortable, eventually just waiting for the movie to end.

Lacking the charm of its predecessor, Fantastic Beasts is a dark, dull slog bereft of excitement or emotional attachment .

However there is simply no followable over arching plot, there are multiple story threads running in parallel and they are confusingly pointless, it is very much, let's go here, now here, why?

Because I found Nagini just plain boring, which I have to say that before seeing the movie, I was very looking forward to Nagini's story.

Worth the watch

I really enjoyed it.

This is too confusing even to write a review.

Every scene was too short, when things got exciting they cut away to the next one.

Thrilling to see europe this time, and in the grip of a magical/political thundercloud (we all know where it's heading).

I've read a lot of complaints about the film being confusing, making no sense, and containing no plot when it's actually rather straightforward in its plot.

Eddie plays the character of Newt in a way that makes you want to hug him, and Jude Laws performance was stunning.

The film has 3 or 4 pointless subplots, resulting in the film having very little to do with Grindlewald, you know, the name that's in the title of the movie?

A complete waste of time IMO.

It was still entertaining though.

This movie dragged and the second I started to perk up in my seat because it was starting to get exciting, the credits rolled.

Some of the scenes may anger you, but the performances of Depp and Law is entertaining, the costume and production values is as good as is it was from the first Oscar-winning (Best Costume Design) film, as well as the entire Harry Potter franchise.

This film drains that away and turns it into this empty shell of what it once was.

However, all the other stuff going on is very confusing.

Their main purpose is to get the characters in the same place at the same time, and the plot stumbles forward at a snail's pace.

I know it says that JK Rowling wrote this, but I cannot believe that to be true, given the completely disjointed and unfathomable excuse for a plot.

Quite entertaining sequel .

But this movie is just a dark and confusing slog from start to finish.

I definitely thought the pacing too hectic, and quite a few scenes that should have emotional impact felt a bit empty because we as audiences had no time to sit on it.

I dragged myself along to see this one because "I thought I should".

But the movie was literally bad and boring.

As such, and given that this is not a book adaptation but an original script, I enjoyed it immensely, and though I may be the minority opinion, I feel that "Fantastic Beasts", a franchise that initially (and especially after the first film) seemed like an explicit cash grab, totally devoid of character or even reason of existence other than making its producers, cast and crew richer, has now become an new and exciting JK Rowling work in progress.

A yes, I would recommend this to others or a no, don't waste your time.

The story was confusing, and not very logical.

Bland .

There is world building but it's pointless because the characters are bountiful.

Thoughts while watching this thingDialogue is dull, Dumbledore could use more screentime, forgettable, hp fan service, little continuity from the first, not the worst I've seen, pacing is slow, script feels like a novel, some decent character moments, the film doesn't know what to focus on, the twist is lacking, villain motivations are ?

Best visuals, no plot only boring .

Utterly confusing .

JK Rowling has cranked own another lucrative yawner.

But oh boy was it boring.

The first Fantastic Beast wasn't great, but it had enough writing competence, visual charm and good humor to make an entertaining film.

The whole movie was just filler space for the next installment, much like the Pirates installments became boring and pointless.

These scenes lack the magic of the previous instalments due to the CGI appearance of the castle and it's interior, and the bombardment of elements supposed to induce nostalgia, such as quidditch soaring overhead and pointless references to characters from previous films.

The plot was even more confusing, at one stage I was completely lost as to what the characters were talking about, even though I have read all the Harry Potter books, and seen the movies.

none of the charm of harry potter, just a bunch of special effects and a drab, predictable fantasy world that didn't make me excited one bit.

Flashy flash boring other than that .

Granted, there was an overwhelming large amount of exposition to sit through in order to see this happen, but it was unexpected and deeply affecting to witness.

There were only two mistakes, which were a little confusion for the people.

so first things first we talk about the predecessor to this film, fantastic beasts and where to find them which while flawed still introduced an intriguing new story to the harry potter film universe with likable characters such as newt scamander and his friends as well as two interesting and sympathetic villains in the form of grindewald and credence.

This one just had bland nothingness with some CGI.

The pacing is horrible (how much slower can people walk?

This movie threw me for a loop as i found myself becoming bored and really confused through most of the movie until the end.

It felt rather slow and I agree with people that have talked about too many convoluted subplots.

But the action and end fight was pretty entertaining with good CGI.

There was also less humour this time around, something that could have helped save me from getting bored.

Ok, long slow movie with great effects!!!

What a huge waste of time .

it is more a compilation of breathtaking CGI Scenes that a loosely connected by something you couldn´t even call a plot.

Jude Law definitely could have used more screentime but it was still entertaining to see him in this role.

2) "It had no plot, or character development.

A waste of time if you didn't watch the first one.

I was unfortunately very bored and disappointed.

The individual storylines, while together lacking focus, on their own were engaging enough to keep me interested all throughout the movie.

It's really entertaining like an escape to the real fantasy world of magic.

Total waste of time.

I found about the first 90 minutes long, uneventful and boring.

I never had read Rowling's books, never thought the movie adaptations felt like a book, and were very enjoyable as movies on their own.

It's just that critics see so many films that everything they watch just becomes the bland same old crap.

Great pictures but no plot .

The film is confusing and boring partly because there are so many small stories in it that has to be explained elaborately to us; who is Credence, the relationship betw Grindelwald and Dumbledore, the relationship btw Leta & Credence/Newt/Kuma, why is Jacob & Queenie involved, what is Grindelwalds purpose/story etc. Too much!

I think i have known about magical movie like this, overall good at effect and the story was great but i felt boring in the middle of story.

It would have had the audience sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for what Grindelwald said next.

Confusing Plot & Overuse of CGI .

2 THE SECOND ACT- This was boring.

Confusing, boring, meaningless, the characters are all freaks with a tendency for evil, and at the end you just don't care anymore what is going on and just want this to end

I went in with such high hopes but was mainly bored from start to finish

Until the last 20 minutes, there are only a couple of moments worth watching.

Simply boring and way to complicated plot .

I prefer the first chapter of this movie, more exciting, the story focused on the beasts and magic, match the title of the movie.

Extremely boring.

The special effects were great as was the scenery, however the movie was disjointed and did not flow.

And pointless.

Instead, a lot of characters fumbling in confusion in order to get to the bottom of Credence's identity.

And its just so weirdly structured and boring and I still don't care about Tina.

Overall this is supposed to tie up and be an evocative emotional moment for the majority of the characters in the narrative, but as the characters had little to no initial characterisation, the convolutedness only adds to the boredom, as the audience simply does not care for what is being presented, as well as how it is just exposition bing vomited at the audience, it is flimsy, boring and at the most fundamental bad film making, and entirely undefendable.

It's hard to remember a film from recent memory that literally has so little pay-off, clear reason to exist in the form it does or a film that spends so much time on plodding out a plotline with pure padding and fluff, which makes returning director David Yates event feel like such a skippable offering.

Got to be a reason why you would write another film and for all intensive purposes, make it the same as the potter films.

The film was a mess, I found it hard to follow.

Dazzling special effects, no plot .

Slow burn, no ending, poor characters .

If the first movie I found quite tedious, this second is much worse.

Incredible plot despite being confusing .

This is the worst move of the Harry Potter universe yet with huge plot holes, pointless characters, pacing issues, confusing plot and painful long run time.

Confusing from start to almost finish.

Overwhelming CGI, confusing, no story .

Firstly, i would like to make it clear that i am a huge fan of the harry potter movies which were funny,entertaining, well acted, visually beautiful and both surprisingly emotional and though provoking at times.

This movie's atmosphere, visuals, settings and creatures are stunning.

Cure for insomnia found.

Such a long boring movie.

The worst movie I have seen for years, couldn't figure out what was going on.

Big Boring fantasy...

The script is so unbelievably tone deaf that I was legitimately bored in the theater.

If you are potter fan, you'll probably love it, if you are after some abject fluff, to keep you going on a boring afternoon, this fits the bill.

A talky, complicated, boring, clumsy slog of a sequel...

Confusing .

Which is unnecessary and often uninteresting.

While I marvel at the art of cinematography and the magic of movies, visually stunning.

However, this movie is ruined by a number of unnecessary and confusing subplots (Credence's true backstory and Lestrange family drama).

This chapter is boring, so not focused on the beasts.

Unlike the excellent first film in this series (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), this film had a bland and boring plot, which it was trying to cover up with same old, same old, Hollywood fog and explosions.

It is the slow writing that creates the boredom in a movie that could have been half an hour and a couple of characters shorter to be more impressive.

It was so boring i fell asleep half of fhe movie.

Plus, the lestrange story is very entertaining.

We took our three JK- Potter and Beasts fanatics, all sans the youngest wanted to leave about 2/3 in.

It was incredibly boring!

Simple, a let down, enjoyable.

I see alot of bad reviews on this movie but I cant say its bad, it was quite enjoyable with standout performances from Depp and jude law...

Visually stunning, great casting, and overall a good film...

The movie is great, stunning visuals, great performances, and a more serious tone.

Still decent and entertaining and isn't that what this all is about?

dull, leading to nowhere, the chronology of events is put together badly, the interaction between characters is pointless and unless you're an expert in all the characters (and there are many characters) you will be at a loss of their purpose in the story.

Potterheads will probably don't like the movie much because of too many Harry Potter references and the lack of plot.

I was unimpressed with the first film of the series; it was a distractingly inconsistent film in terms of tone, and any semblance of a focused storyline appeared to be lost underneath the plethora of distracting CGI and bland characters.

If it would have lost the politics and focused upon the magic I'm sure many of us would have been happier as the reason many people would indulge in such a movie, is as a form of escapism from such mundane day to day political BS.

This movie is just a stepping stone for the next movie, and hopefully this tangled mess will get untangled in the next movie, and actually become an enjoyable story that makes me care about the characters.

This was a yawner.

No character development, no story, no plot.

this results in a film that tries to do too much in a short amount of time resulting in an unnecessarily convoluted plot which introduces too many new characters, resulting in very little plot progression for the franchise although the film has many redeeming qualities which include:good acting, surprise performance is johnny Depp who has potential as the main villain,beautiful visuals as usual, a passable musical score which is not memorable as the rest in the franchise, and most of the old characters get some fairly good character development although it still leads to too much subplots to process in one film.

As a Youtuber already pointed out, the wands became with Fantastic Beasts not a tool for casting spells, but just the boring derivative of a gun.

Bland, Confusing, and Convoluted .

Very enjoyable...

Despite a brilliant cliffhanger, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is a long, tedious, and pointless cash grab that further dampens the franchise.

Except that three facts, everything was enjoyable.

I went into this movie excited and left bored and confused.

It's worth the watch .

Tedious and unimpressive .

Entertaining continuation of the magical story.

I dragged my friend with me, who is not a fan (or Muggle, as you can tell), and now I felt really guilty for doing that.

Hope everyone enjoyed it even though it was crazy

Boring with no plot.

There was no storyline to discover.

This movie is so empty.

Second, the overall story is confusing and forced with no reference to the actual title of the film.

More could be said about this film's lack of magic but it was so bland that there no reason to bother.

Wow, I am actually in disbelief in how bad this movie is to the point where I just find it boring.

Even though the third act was good, the rest of the film is filled with filler, unnecessary fan service, that just made it boring.

Boring prequels filled with streched boring plot and a ton of fanservice.

I swear, were it not for his David Bowie-like eyes and stone-faced expression, you would think he was yet another character tacked on to waste the audience's time, like Leta or Queenie and the American fatso.

Boring .

While the style is undeniable, the plot was muddled enough to lull the casual fan to sleep, and canonically distorting enough to infuriate the diehard fan.

It was a bit meandering at times, and somewhat light on action, but what action there was, once again looked stunning.

The story goes slowly and predictably and it is embarrassment to the Harry Potter legacy.

Nagini is a fascinating character to introduce, and Flamel holds significant weight for obvious reasons, but both felt like pieces thrown out as exciting, recognizable characters from Harry Potter who didn't actually do anything here.

If you removed every character and every subplot bar Grindelwald and Credence, we would have still reached the same point, therefore this movie is a terrible, money-grabbing waste of your time.

Boring is something that should never be synonymous with the Harry Potter world.

The film's first 20-25 minutes are admittedly good, with a thrilling and suspenseful opening scene and some good set-up of the narrative.

He is given more screen time than 'Grindewald' himself, who is far more compelling.

Here's all the pointless, stupid or canon-ruining things I can think of:The Crimes of Grindelwald - we see hardly any for 90% of the film.

There was no story to it, there were no characters, it was lacking plot, consistancy and charisma.

I was totally absorbed in the film as it was exciting and so much was happening that it commanded constant attention .

If you want to quickly fall asleep for those who have insomnia.

This movie had no red thread, no meaning, no story, no substance, It was complete lack of action and meaning.

Grindelwald was ugly, hated that, newt was amazing as always, beasts were fun, leta was gorgeous, plot was confusing and really just dumb, nagini was.....

Total waste of time .

I wanted to leave.

Slow burner .

However I enjoyed it more than the first Fantasic Beasts movie.

It all seems rather bland and sometimes random.

Very boring movie with no real plot.

Found this one really hard to follow and even by the end wasn't sure what the story was.

The first 'Fantastic Beasts' film (while fairly dull) did at least show some potential - unfortunately that has been destroyed with this next instalment.

The Crimes of Grindelwald committed the ultimate crime of being boring.

IN BRIEF: Characters suffer from a lack of depth, and the audience suffers from too much Depp in an enjoyable visual fantasy adventure.