Fantasy Island (2020) - Adventure, Fantasy, Horror

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When the owner and operator of a luxurious island invites a collection of guests to live out their most elaborate fantasies in relative seclusion, chaos quickly descends.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: Jeff Wadlow
Stars: Michael Peña, Maggie Q
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 124 out of 558 found boring (22.22%)

One-line Reviews (309)

The movies has some decent humor and a enjoyable turns that all Movies need.

The only reason we continued to watch it was because we were bored and we had already paid for it.

Enjoyed it.

It was very much entertaining from the first scene, though slightly illogical .

So bad that it was sorta enjoyable.

It always was quite entertaining, even though i dont remember any specific episode.

Wow, such a boring movie.

If you're familiar with the original Fantasy Island, you can guess the oh, so predictable pattern of the movie within the first 20 minutes.

It keeps you pulled in entire time, pretty fast paced and it wraps everything up perfectly.

This movie was Enjoyable.

The premise of the tv show, about the people who descended on the island to have their wishes granted remains the same but the forced nature of the so-called horror is so throwaway and pseudo sensational that it quickly becomes more of a yawner than anything else.

Very entertaining .. if you are not a boomer that is.

Don't waste your time and watch something else.

I'm someone who can get through the worst of the worst movies if there's anything redeemable about them.

An Enjoyable Film...

Poor acting no plot cheap special effects.

But if you grew up with the first series and enjoyed the second one and have a taste for making things a bit more macabre then I think it's enjoyable.

Highly Entertaining .

Basically, this is a movie to rent if you are bored and can't find anything else on the tube.

Defintely one of the worst movies of the last 10 years.

This movie was close enough to the original series to make the connection, but it was unpredictable and exciting, with plenty of twists to keep you on your toes!

There is no story behind it that i understood and i had a better time staring at the wall during this film.

Enjoyable film .

The storyline is not original, which is why they tried to make it so confusing.

Really entertaining .

Yet I was nervous for the outcome, only because a lot of times these types of films can come out as cheesy and a little boring.

Good plot but dragged on .

This movie features a likable cast of characters and an intriguing plot with a twist ending that will stay with you for days!

It was a waste of money to even attempt.

The idea of an advanced genie situated in a rich hotel seems more engaging.

Top 5 worst movies I've ever seen .

If this was the type of tosh that was entertaining in the 70s then blow me.

In conclusion this movie was a huge waste of time with bad acting, and an even worse story.

Plot movements feel forced and contrived without making any real sense.

Awful, don't waste your time .

I enjoyed it.


Worst movie I ever saw (in the theatres).

Was really looking forward to this and turn out to be a waste of money glad I didn't go to cinemas to watch it

In general, every character in "Fantasy Island" is absolutely unbearable; everyone across the board is nothing more than dull.

I enjoyed it and for once I'm glad that I didn't let the negative reviews stop me from seeing this.

But it got the job done for a quick entertaining watch.

The acting is ok but the premise and story are horrendous, it's hard to follow at times, what's with the black seeping out of the extras and who's go to those lengths to get revenge?

Characters were ho hum at best, Roake was joke, The whole the island is alive was ridiculous,.

Fantasy Island is a dull, lifeless mess that will most likely be on DVD in a few weeks.

The worst movie of the year, so far .

Make the film unwatchable!

I haven't seen the original show that the film is based on, but it's safe to say that it must have been a lot more entertaining than this drivel.

you'd just have to be a real film snob to say it's a waste of time.

I'll start with the positives: -my popcorn -Lucy Hale and other decently attractive actors -the first 1/3 of the movieThe remaining 7 stars are missing from my rating because: -the movie went from intriguing to ridiculous to stupid with every passing minute -lots of "wait, what?

The characters are all generic, uninteresting and annoying.

Lucy Hale looks breathtaking.

The first half hour is engaging in an "this doesn't seem so bad" kind of way.

The script was so lazy and boring.

Yawn .

That out if the way, this was a fun movie, we enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Secondly, it was thrilling, and kept you thinking about who was behind jt all, and managed to surprise me completely.

The first 30 mins were okay and then it just got rediculous and dragged.

There's some twists and corny parts of course but overall I have to admit I enjoyed it.

Pretty sure my facial expression from start to finish was that of utter confusion.

6/10 - despite overwhelmingly negative reviews, I was thoroughly entertained by the this off-the-walls BSC thriller even though I could have easily reduced a substantial amount of the runtime (unnecessary and dragged out storylines)

The real waste of time comes from time wasters who watch films they're not interested in, especially the horror genre, then write reviews about how much they hated it, or just want to hate on remakes of anything.

Good Entertaining .

It holds your interest from start to finish and runs the gamut of emotions from thrilling action to deep emotional turmoil.

The end result is a goofy, confusing film that at times feels more like a drama than a horror film or thriller.

This was Fun and Exciting!

As entertaining as watching paint dry.

What a waste of time.

" This contrived potboiler doesn't baptize audiences in buckets of blood and gore.

Underrated Quite entertaining .

The big difference between the two plot twists is that Serenity's was predictable from the get-go.

What was more confusing was how did she know the visitors she was with was part of it.

Lazy writing, poor characters and an all too predictable concept.

But when something similar to plot began emerge cliche started to pop up and stupid writing ruined the scene....

While there were some plot holes and convenient twists, along with more than a few disbelief suspensions than should have been allowed, this was enjoyable for what it is and I probably wouldn't mind seeing a sequel.

I expected an enjoyable horror movie.

They tried to put so many twists in the movie that it ended up confusing itself to nothing.

Convoluted and boring movie is too long to sit through .

it's exciting thrilling and moreover the story was good...

Waste of time .

Still, Fantasy Island is thoroughly diversified, entertaining and fast-paced.

there's no story, no scarejumps that are worth for, there's nothing.

The plot is incredibly confusing and makes so little sense to the point where the most impressive thing about it is the amount of holes it has.

Quite possibly one of the worst movies I've ever watched.

For a while, I managed to have a reasonable time with the sheer cheesiness of the script, the diabolical acting, and the lame attempts at horror, but at 109 minutes, it's way too long for a trashy piece of B-movie schlock, and tedium soon takes hold.

but this Movie is quite entertaining with the setting of a tropical island, shady forest, more action scenes in the middle of the movie, and of course the beach.

My search to find even a single redeeming quality of the movie came up empty.

"Fantasy Island" is a highly entertaining fantasy film with good twists.

This is more of a thriller with supernatural elements to it and I would have to say it was pretty entertaining, with a little twist at the end.

dont waste your time .

It ends cheesy and cliche.

They will find it too hard to follow or the end will confuse them.

Fantasy Island is a boring movie.

To start things off with positives, the acting is pretty decent , the scenery is beautiful, the film sometimes can be interesting and this movie had potential because the premise sounds really fun and exciting.

This is the worst movie of the year.

Michael Rooker Iliked him as well, Michael Pena play's a worst character in film worst villain I hated his accent way how he speaks was soo Annoyed and he looked bored out his mind.

Least suspenseful suspense movie in history.

#@# The worst movie I have ever seen.

definitely worth watching

The action scenes are predictable and boring.

I did not like the movie because it was boring and full of unnecessary plot twists which were predictable and made the movie even more boring.

This film is more along the lines of Happy Death Day, and while not being as clever as that film, it is still entertaining enough and it does attempt to at least tie up most of the loose ends.

Enjoyable mix of Black Mirror storyline meets X Files .

Such a thought provoking question that was answered in such a thrilling way.

The storyline is boring and all messed up.

Predictable and boring.

I find the cast quite entertaining as I recognize some of them from other movies, so I know they are competent actors.

Wager thin plot, drab acting, and completely uninspired.

waste of time

What I do know, however, is that Blumhouse's vision of it is a conventional and tedious lackluster.

Worst movie seen in years .

Entire film full of overuse of jump scare scene, blood dripping scene, and confusing fantasy scene at the so called do-over room scene!

It was simply bland, empty and uninteresting.

Fantasy Island is too long and it's plot is too complicated .

Piss-poor writing, cliché after cliché - all wrapped up in politically correct "moments" and bro stuff.

A very confusing movie.

At times it felt like it wanted to be an action movie and it carried different tones throughout the movie (which I think dragged and soul have been way shorter) and even during the second act it felt it wanted to be like 'Indiana Jones' and go on a mission to :destroy'the Island' The LACK of exposition really infuriates the audience watching because it makes it hard to follow.

The story is actually quite engaging and entertaining.

I simply wanted an entertaining watch, something fun and a little suspenseful to see with some friends.

It was confusing, and I have so many questions as to how everything that was a twist and turn came out to be.

First half is dull and slow and confusing wherein second half is better and enjoyable.

Being a movie adaptation, you'd expect an improvement on the plot, but this movie ended up having the worst movie plot I've seen in a while.

I hate trashing on a film but this is just so lazy , cliche , boring , uninteresting and stereotyped garbage that does not belong in theatres in 2020..............

But thats just one point, i felt like that the film was trying to give us all the details in 1 film, so it felt rushed, i honestly think they could of made it over 2 / 3 films to explain things properly, all we get is each individual "Fantasy" followed by a really confusing plot twist that twists again to make things even more confusing that comes to a abrupt ending with little to no explanation on what actually is going on.

The most meaningless movie of all time with no story behind.

There were very dull, high and low points in terms of the storyline.

With that mindset, I enjoyed it.

The before-mentioned two pillars are built with the most annoying, cliche characters, as well as a ridiculous narrative that ultimately brings the whole thing down.

One of the boring and lifeless films I have ever watched.

The individual fantasies of the four groups of protagonists are diversified and entertaining.


Seriously don't waste your time please.

Its entertaining from start to finish with a few surprises.

The other half leads to even more cliché and stupider decisions and twists.

The character gallery was for the most part a very flaccid and pointless one, to be bluntly honest.

Contender for the worst movie of 2020 .

I am amazed that any film company would accept the script and waste a lot of money on such a load of trash.

Fantasy IslandPerhaps the worst movie to hit the big screen since that feline turkey Cats last year.

For me, Fantasy Island is a campy film, it's really weak however can be so funny and entertaining to watch with a nice group of friends.

enjoyable .

the movie is a breath of fresh air, scenery is breathtaking.

Don't waste your time.

We're fine and enjoyable, after it took a weird turn and went from bad to worst!

Really enjoyed it, and without reading other reviews or being influenced by anyone, on see it and hoping I hadn't wasted my money, and wow I loved it.

The movie mixes intense action sequences, gloomy fantasy elements and mild horror moments in a balanced way.

The movie constantly breaks its OWN rules and subjects the viewer to far too many confusing back stories.

Featuring a mad doctor with a stapled shut mouth, dead soldiers reliving a dangerous mission, a crazed private eye lurking in the undergrowth (Michael Rooker giving a career worst performance), masked armed drug dealers, a spot of Saw-like torture, and a wild pool party complete with big-breasted models and muscle-bound hunks, it might sound as though boredom wouldn't be an option.

Suspenseful, not gory.

The first half, the most entertaining one (which is not saying much), soon breaks down in episodic nature as we follow each of the guests, their fantasy and confrontations with the island & Mr. Roarke.

The movie is also extremely boring and it had me looking at my phones clock just counting down the minutes till the movie was over.

The acting had more ham than Tesco's, the story was both banal and overly contrived, the script absurd, the plot ridiculous, it was vacuous tripe from start to finish.

These two's humor and delivery set them apart from the rest of the cast and make the move worth watching.

I enjoyed it more than many higher rated, more pumped movies I've seen lately!

But, It Was Enjoyable.

It is an enjoyable film and I will watch it again, though not soon.

The characters are ridiculous and poorly portrayed, Michael Pena is back to give another lame, monotone performance with no soul or wit whatsoever.

Poor direction, a very drab/boring script with a complete change of the storyline about half way through (probably when the director realised it was reaching total turkey trash status) and the cast playing their roles as though they were completely uncertain as to how to go forward with a very lacklustre piece of boring droll.

This is a well made, well casted and entertaining film.

Come on we are on 2020, it is a waist of time really it was a stupid and boring movie.

I took the positive reviews and took 2 people to the movie and we all enjoyed it.

At this rate, cinemas around the world will be empty long before any fears of Covid-19 take further hold.

The problem of this movie was the director, not been able to showcase it's message properly, twists n turns are understandable but creating a confusion n changing antagonist again n again is something else.

So in the middle part, the thread is confusing about whose fantasy is this.

another mindless and stupid horror that makes every decison bad and every good idea into a bad one,i was surprised that actors like pena and rooker appered in this since this film is far below their quality level,this director also made truth or dare another very weak horror but in that one i found some guilty pleasure vibes and some laughs at stupidty of some scenes,but this one is completly uninspairing,boring and lifeless story,it is full of idiotic characters and weak scares followed by some of laziest plot twist i saw in long time,also in end director felt to threaten us with possible sequel which one i hope we will never get,fantasy island is a film that defienetly doesnt feel like fantasy more like nightmare for everyone who watches it

Plenty of twists and turns, an entertaining film.

The pacing in this movie is so slow and the runtime of 1 hour and 49 minutes felt like 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Pointless and just plain stupid...

Despite the poor plot twists, very entertaining to watch!

Top 3 worst movies I've ever seen .

Some parts to me were very cliche.

The worst movie ever made :) it's too boring.


Despite plot holes all over the place, the storyline is quite enjoyable at the first and second act.

Fantasy Island is a very enjoyable watch though there's trouble with both the story and direction.

I PROMISE YOU that this film is creative, thrilling, adventurous, exciting, and it keeps you engaged the entire way.

Don't waste your time please .

It is a unique film and has an engaging storyline.

Trust me, you'll probably experience more scares watching paint dry!

It was very entertaining though and I could watch it again.

Q is given the most "emotionally" resonant story but it sadly goes nowhere and winds up feeling empty.

I will admit, I was starting to get bored until that plot really surfaced.

From terrible characters to an uninteresting plot that continues to stack insipid elements one on top of the other, "Fantasy Island" is a wreck of a film that above all else, will make you groan with every vapid moment that passes.

This movie is a waste of time & money!

Don't waste your money watching this crap, believe me!

Whilst not a cinematic masterpiece it is a great watch for a lazy evening with good acting,great sets and FX and some stunning scenery definately a don't miss movie if you remember the old Fantasy Island and it made you want to puke.

The movie only lacked was poor script, the reason for everything was not properly described in the movie, which makes it super boring in the end.

Lastly, said twist made Michael Rooker's character pretty pointless.

Entertaining .

All that being said, I enjoyed it for what it was.

The story seems to be difficult to follow, because all of these separate story lines are a bit messy.

Quite Entertaining .

So boring, so meaningless.

This movie is absolute trite and bears no resemblance to the original TV show.

Wadlow, together with the "Truth or Dare" writing team, has beaten all odds and succeeded at making another uninspired and dangerously dull horror movie almost entirely devoid of atmosphere or scares.

Transition is awful, there is a lot of mistakes made while editing, storyline is confusing, actors below average!

I enjoyed it enough that I would buy it on DVD.

I really enjoyed it.

While the beginning of the movie is slow (which I liked) in the end the story goes all over the place.

Boring Movie .

With an idea like this, there are so many avenues one can take in order to create something spectacular, intense, scary and mind bending.

At first the theme was interesting but after half an hour everything change and became boring and predictable due to poorly execution.

Entertaining,funny and enjoyable!

While not a genre masterpiece, it's certainly more entertaining and more fun than 80% of the horror movies I've watched in the past year (maybe I'm just not watching the good stuff).

Don't waste your money to watch this stupid movie.

Or else this one is the worst movie of the year🙄The main revenge is the worst one ever I heard in my entire life.

An entertaining plot, a nice acting cast, and I liked the fresh take on a classic franchise.

Don't waste your time on this movie.

It kept me on the edge of my seat.

All of the characters are uninteresting and impossible to like, none of the actors are given good material to work with and there isn't a single scary scene to be found.

I thought it was highly entertaining.

So entertaining not as the rate shows .

The year is just beginning and we already have a serious contender for the worst movie of the year.

Sadly, there were a few moments I found myself yawning.

Unexpected .

Worth the watch.

This definitely was the exciting, action, fantasy, thriller I needed on a night in with a glass of wine and take out!

Thoroughly enjoyable adaption .

Don't waste your time trying to figure out this movie if you've already seen it.

Once it started to drag, in my opinion, every time they would tease an ending and shock you it just became more tiresome to watch.


Stowell's story is easily the most intriguing of the two with a couple of twists and misdirects sprinkled all throughout that make his fantasy stand out amongst the rest.

The first hour or so is tight, suspenseful, kept me interested.

There's no horror and no comedy in this melange of stupid, stupid lines, awfully acted by cardboard performers and thrown on the screen by some bored or angry (at the director) editor.

Waste of money.

I enjoyed it .

The movie is very boring and overreted The story and cast was also very bad Evrything in movie is bad maybe except the soundtrak doesnt desrve more than 4

Would recommend to watch it but as entertaining.

The basic idea of the movie was intriguing and provoked me to go see it.


Pointless remake with such a deeply contrived storyline that it beggars belief they thought audiences would fall for it.

Forgettable Bad Movie, Terrible Acting, Uninteresting Characters .

The ending disappoints, sure, but after seeing the movie I was left with the warm, sweet realization that even a horror reboot of a 70's show that nobody asked for could be exciting and creative.

The film is fun to watch and entertaining.

The Grudge still has a couple of redeeming moments, but Fantasy Island is undoubtedly the worst movie of the year, so far.

That kind of got lost at some point but still enjoyable flick.

I was bored from the beginning waiting for something breath taking to happen, needless to say, it did not happen.

Until then this is one that movie that's a lot of fun, entertaining and worth watching.

I'm not sure why the script had prepared it in this manner, but in an attempt to connect all the guests, the plot get way too complicated and pretentious.

Michael Pena is pretty much always enjoyable to me.

The story is ambitious, but ensures you are unlikely to be bored.

A waste of time.

Casting and acting was otherwise good, and nice to see the stunning Maggie Q.

If you're out of things to watch , you're totally bored and it shows up on a streaming service, go for it.

this movie is really good and also engaging...

It's not that the punch is completly predictable, it's just boring and non memorable.

Until the technology exists, don't waste your time on this hot mess.

It's not a bad idea, and the 4 tales here (and the wider story they become part of) are nicely contrived and ravelled together.

The film is fast paced moving with some nice decent thrills.

I'm like shocked by all the negative reviews Fantasy island was such a fun entertaining thriller it the characters were likeable the acting was good the fantasy's were well done unique twists not predictable there was some funny moments.

Soo boring .

A good story and some good twists and turns as stated, made for an enjoyable watch - I gave it an 8.

Don't waste your money.

Lame & a waste of time.

Just listen to how confusing that statement was.

Summation: Twists give it a reprieve, so worth watching.

The island is as beautiful as a paradise that you could find with absolutely breathtaking scenery (I have to include the beautiful models in this film as well).

Entertaining .

Garbage acting, i couldnt get past halfway, waste of time.

This was largely due to the poorly timed and predictable Jumpscares and lack of tension building just brief outbursts of what was supposed to be a tense scene.

The story is so slow and their fantasies are all boring.

Enjoyed it .

(the 'Infernal Robbing System' as I call it) :)Watch/see it if you must but I think you would have a much more fun time watching paint dry or, settling down to view a tortoise race...

One of the worst movie i've ever seen and i watch a lot of movies.

With the release of The Grudge, The Turning and now Fantasy Island, we have three contenders for the worst movie of the year.

I have to admit that this movie exceeded my expectations, because I was expecting a careless and predictable story with cheap jumpscares.

Cheap horror movie scares; it is uninspiring overall.

The locations are absolutely stunning and deserve the title Fantasy Island for sure.

One of the worst movies I have ever watched.

I was desperate for it to finish as I was so freakin' BORED!

But for some reason (Director) this movie was very boring and seemed to never end...

A bit mystery, but overall full of jump scare, and confusing fantasy scene!

It's a classic american high school movie with a 7mil budget - very predictable, with 2 funny lines in total.

Sort of Strange but Entertaining .

I think it's pretty enjoyable.

Not a film to brag about, but still entertaining and undeserving of such a low rating.

Worst movie i have ever seen .

As a whole it was boring and not scary at all.

were pushing their way through this borefest, alright.

the trailer of "Phantasy Island" looks intriguing, watching the movie is a different matter.

This leads to confusion and inconsistencies.

The movie becomes tiresome, complicated and painful to sit through.

Worth watching .

I liked the idea of the storyline it was different but dragged on too long and poor acting by most of them.

It was hard to follow the main plot because there was no main plot.

There are too many things going on at once which makes it sometimes confusing.

No plot, no meaningful ending, no explanation...

Still, in the end, this film did turn out to be somewhat better than I expected, and while I wouldn't necessarily consider it to be one of the best films that I have seen, it was still quite enjoyable.

After watching, actually it is a very entertaining movie with a good idea.

I saw it with my wife and was enjoyable.

Worst movie ever .


what kind of island it is, it grants everyone's silly fantasies, *sigh* but, it's not a problem, I emphasize the storyline in this movie is not well directed, and very slow.

It was enjoyable, I really liked it and actually hope they do a sequel.

It's not the most shocking, mind-bending Oscar worthy movie but it is definitely enjoyable and worth a watch.

Please trust what I say and don't waste your time.

Keeps you guessing and the twists and turns are unexpected all the way through.

This movie sounds like it might be different and interesting.. however it ends up being formulaic like and other horror movie.

The story is just bland.

It was just really basic and like disjointed and wonky.

I really enjoyed it!

My final verdict: Watch this only if you're bored with nothing else to spend your time on.

Therefore, in my opinion, the plot of the film turned out to be smart, the plot is quite dynamic, there are several twists, an unexpected ending.

After the title card of "Fantasy Island" passes, we are introduced to one of the most painfully bland casts of characters ever put to screen.

Fun suspenseful surprisingly entertaining.

The guests learn in this way that they have to solve the mystery of the island if they want to leave it alive again.

thx The film was boring and had dumb stories...

Waste of time.

Do i waste my time with this muvie?

The few positives include the beautiful Fiji locales and the somewhat intriguing first act.