Fargo (1996) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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Jerry Lundegaard's inept crime falls apart due to his and his henchmen's bungling and the persistent police work of the quite pregnant Marge Gunderson.

IMDB: 8.1
Director: Joel Coen
Stars: William H. Macy, Frances McDormand
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 116 out of 847 found boring (13.69%)

One-line Reviews (494)

most of the entire movie was predictable.

This movie is one piece of pretentious s**t.

It all makes for one terrifically entertaining movie.

to dig up the hidden ransom money only to freeze to death trying), engaging characters, scares, poignancy, and the brothers' trademark loopy humor.

a damn enjoyable movie.

Few characters in American film epitomize the banality of evil as thoroughly as Jerry Lundegaard.

Quite boring...

It was slow paced, hard to relate to and seemed like it was set in a parallel world that was 40 years prior.

An interesting and thrilling crime caper that's holds your interest and it all turns out for the best in the end.

As the film progressed, i found the plot to be sort of intriguing more than actually being interesting.

It is fascinating, heartfelt, true to character, place and situation, extremely funny, and sometimes painfully violent.

Fargo, however, takes the boring, safe route and does exactly as expected of it.

The frequent shots of the characters devouring fast food underscores the theme of cheap mass production and the bland consumerist society whilst simultaneously striking a balance between the comfortable, mundane lifestyle of the townsfolk and the bizarre, sinister kidnapping situation.

My girlfriend even fell asleep several times.

People that like this movie so much are blindsided by it's unconventional, pretentious approach and it's sarcastic view.

The comedy is as dark as it comes, but all the same entertaining - you find yourself laughing out loud at stuff you might feel you really shouldn't; it's more of an atmosphere of set-piece humour at times in the film, rather than anything deliberately comic about the script.

Overall a fascinating film with an intelligent script and great performances.

This movie will certainly stand the test of time, as I recently watched it again and enjoyed it thoroughly.

The camera work is usually quite basic but whoever directed the photography had the enjoyable habit of giving us interestingly artistic segways between scenes.

There is no conflict, no story, no characters.

It's a crime drama, and in that respect it's compelling and intriguing, with some unique twists.

Fargo's drama comes from compelling imagery, and not suspension of disbelief.

If you like your crime films slow and bleak then you'll be one of the many who've enjoyed this.

I left the theater think I had probably seen the worst flick of my life.

The story is mundane and replaceable.

Its boring, labored and just not that humorous.

There was little to no message from the movie.

It's fair to say that Fargo is pretty slow moving.

Frances McDormand shines in her lead role as the pregnant cop who has a small-town, matter-of-fact way about her that is both endearing and unpredictable, a performance easily earning her Oscar win.

It is dull dull dull.

Frequently, the Coens make dual note of the typical niceness Midwesterners tend to possess, as well as the moralistic goodness they provide through their often thick and monotone accents.

I thought Frances was an alright actress but her character kind of bored me.

Instead of being set in a big city like Los Angeles, this is set out in the boondocks in Minnesota; instead of snappy gangster patter, the characters speak in a broad midwestern accent peppered with "yah" and "oh, geez".

The Coen brothers has made a timeless and very enjoyable movie.

The extremes in Marge and Norm (extremely nice, genuine) and extremes of Jerry, Carl and Gaer (extremely evil, greedy, calice) do exist in real life and sometimes it's as boring and obvious as in Fargo.

But the film is too real, too mundane and ultimately totally boring.

The first twenty minutes of this movie were very thrilling and promising.

It is the contrast with these qualities that makes Marge such a compelling heroine.

Attempts at humour alternating with gratuitous, nauseating violence -- that pretty much defines the self-indulgent style of the Coen Brothers, the wannabe Leopold and Loeb of their generation.

It's a strange little movie, but interesting and well worth watching for that reason; just like all Coen brother's movies.

It sucks you in from the beginning and there is so much power to the movie, from the opening, that one is on the edge of their seat waiting as the movie gathers momentum.

The storyline was slow, it dragged on to a conclusion that, frankly just wasn't there.

The narrative is slow and boring, the story is just dull.

The second is that it's a struggle to find something to talk about in said film that hasn't already been talked about many times before, resulting in a review or an analysis that seems to become groggy and repetitive.

And it's completely fascinating.

The TV on in the background talking of an empty egg when Jerry Lundegaard's wife is kidnapped represents a home without love.

The dark humor, chilling music, and excellent dialogue make this an incredibly enjoyable film unless, of course, you are the type that tires easily.

are two of the most enjoyable and most visually appealing films I have ever seen.

It's cool, atmospheric, wicked, chilling, amusing, absorbing and all this wrapped up in a sound track as good as anything from the brothers so far (their sound tracks never fail to haunt).

The acting was possibly perfect for a slow town American film (not ever venturing to one, i couldn't be accurate on that one!

The fact that it keeps going and going and the less than stellar police keep up with what's happening is probably part of the most unbelievable, but enjoyable parts.

The Black Comedy in this film is very funny,surprising and unexpected whether it's the films characters their dialog or the situations the characters are involved in and the Comedy is original and bleak and you will never look at the Midwest the same way again.

for writing a such an original and entertaining script like the one from this film.

Stupid faces, miserable acting, poor and laughable dialogues, uninteresting and rather badly written story.

Its a meaningless, pointless movie!!...

If the essence of comedy is unexpected juxtaposition, then this has elements of that, too.

throw in some off-beat humor and steve buscemi and youve got an enjoyable flick.

It is a treat to watch such great work with a screenplay that is so funny and thrilling at the same time.

From second one until the first name on the credits, Fargo gripped me and held me hostage on the edge of my seat.

How enjoyable.

Honestly there were like ten different people killed and I was still bored.

It's a rather meandering movie, and between the many moments of brilliance, there's also a lot of boring stuff, many moments that enables one to visit the john or get another beer without missing anything interesting or crucial.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

Jerry's greed causes him to seek opportunities that he is incapable of handling, commit pointless and easily-detectable frauds, and commission one of the most ill-conceived crimes possible.

I actually enjoyed it.

My rating = 9 merit stars - 2 pointless-gore stars = 7 stars.

The movie plays on the old theme of some loser who fails at everything, but it is too nasty to be funny, too slow to be an action movie and too depressing to be entertaining.

Weird yet absorbing .

That said, it's an entertaining film with its unique humour and great characters.

It's not that they aren't accurate, because they are, and this adds to the boredom of the movie - they almost never express emotion, they never get out of their ordinariness, neither when people are brutally murdered nor when one of the officer's former male friends has personal problems.

The story and the plot are not all that crazy (compared to a lot of movies, I mean), but it's the actors and the very simple people they portray that make it so enjoyable.

Amazing performances, boffo laughs, suspense, all in the most mundane setting and all done with a deft understatement that one rarely see in the movies (except of course other Coen Bros films :)I've seen this movie 5 times or more and it I still stopped channel flipping when I ran into it (already half over) so I could watch the last half again.

Wintertime Minnesota and white-out road conditions are presented, and the photography is breathtaking.

Goes nowhere and is as entertaining as Andy Warhol's 'Empire'.

How can anyone enjoy a slow paced, over-the-top acted borefest with an impressive collection of the most annoying personalities available.

He plays a lot of minor roles but they are always entertaining.

solving crimes in real life is boring...

Funny, thrilling, and unique, this is certainly one of the best movies of the 90s.

I really feel it is something unique, not the most upfront, dramatic movie of all time, not a movie with a great profound message, just a lovable slice-of-Minnesotan life and some very entertaining winners and losers going about their business.

The most entertaining movie ever!

Macy and Steve Buscemi in a film together, as I spent a majority of my youth confusing the two actors with the other ( I don't know how, by the way).

They even succeed in making more mundane scenes equally engaging to watch.

Getting past the whole `true story' nonsense, this is easily one of the Coen's most polished films as well as one of their most enjoyable.

There is not a bad thing to say about Fargo – the writing is perfectly spot-on, juxtaposing blackly hilarious lines with extreme violence, Deakins' cinematography is breathtaking, encompassing seemingly endless landscapes of snow-white, and there is not a bad apple amongst the cast.

'Fargo' is consistently perfect throughout its 90 minutes: it's a small, but very intense and fast-paced movie.

While it is generally entertaining , there seems to be a strange mockery going on as the characters keep saying "ya" a lot, which is "yeah" spoken in the northern accent.

"Fargo", in my review, "a wicked and thrilling motion picture, the Coens at their finest".

Very entertaining and intriguing from start to finish with really well written characters, all with hell-of a performances.

The stylistic direction by the Coen brothers are brilliant, their scripting is witty, funny and full of some really good thrills, the snowy settings are worth watching, and you can enjoy both the tension and the moments that make you laugh, a fantastic black comedy thriller.

Well, they never seemed to be that in-depth to me, instead they also seemed to create really enjoyable movies.

Everything just seems DULL.

Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare make two of the most enjoyable bad guys in memory.

It's kinda amazing how the Coen brothers could pull off naive and dense characters that are actually still believable, while also entertaining to watch.

the first 5 or six times i tried ..i got bored and changed the channel...

that proves how incredibly stupid you are and unless you can whip out a film degree I think it's best to just shut the hell up, this is a very entertaining movie that is nearly flawless.

Every other film of theirs have varying degrees of 'great-ness', because I truly love and admire all of their work, but because of its standout performances, intelligent and compelling script, and it's beautiful presentation, 'Fargo' is a four star film, and will always remain on my personal 'favorites' list.

Though worth watching if you liked the freezing scenery of "Fargo".

Macy (in a star-making performance) and nearly everyone else in the cast give funny, credible and memorable performances, but the film itself is wobbly (purposefully, yet often irritatingly so), padded, and at times brutal--but nearly always undermined by a quasi-comedic tone which is both tiresome and tasteless.

Otherwise this is a very dull movie considering this is supposed to be a comedy.

It adds this great humor to the film which really helps you get through all the slower more informative parts of the film.

Character-driven with a suspenseful enough plot, Fargo is a solid movie.

Then of course, there's the excellent cast with a story that's so compelling in its telling that you become quickly absorbed and just don't want it to end!

This is a gem of American cinema, and I hope you enjoy it the same way I have enjoyed it.

And while Alfred Hichcock might have made a masterpiece of this story, Mr. Cohen, in his flat pan "cinema vérité " style makes it one hell of a bore.

Macy arrange a crime with Steve Buscemi was unrealistic and boring.

There are not many movies you can watch over and over and still find them just as, or even more, entertaining than the first time.

The story here could have went into predictable territory, but Ethan Coen who wrote the screenplay opted against that by writing in refreshing dialogue, surprise and a solid storyline that is engaging from beginning to end.

Anyway, what we have here is a compelling film about a simple plan gone horribly wrong.

I found Fargo to be boring, gruesome and tedious.

The roundly great performances do great work with a deserved Oscar winner of a screen play that fills a solid crime storyline with all manner of characters that produce a gripping and funny film that is one of the best and most accessible of the Coen brother films.

Burwell's score is evocative (what a great, bombastic opening!

Fargo is boring.

What's so surprising about this film is that it's funny while it's suspenseful.

BORING piece.

I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the storyline, as many movies concerning crime are often too fast paced and reliant on plot twists.

The scenes, especially the ones with the plain snow are fascinating and resonating for sure and also those are sort of etched in one's mind.

The story is gripping, interesting and almost funny cause of its weird sense of laugh and dramatic.

Her character's slow, pregnant waddle becomes her greatest asset: she is someone so unbelievably good at her job that she has no need to actually look the part and hit all the usual marks.

Incredibly boring and annoying .

They are cut down and out -- an empty egg.

There was too much emphasis on the story telling to make it look real, so the characters come over too slow.

Of all the Cohen Brother's tremendously entertaining movies, this is the best.

Personally I found her to be a touch boring, though I do admit that my expectations we're a bit too high.

Generally i like movies which scenes are laid in a cold, drear land, but although the film had some stunning scenes, it's rather dull and uninteresting, that contains incomprehensible characters without any sympathy.

The movie is riveting as all good movies are.

And please, Frances McDormand's character might just be the biggest cliche in the entire movie.


At 98 minutes, it's anything but a long movie and squeezing a complex, yet understandable and entertaining plot in there is quite achievement.

The Killings are pointless, sure he does it to get rid of witnesses.

Fargo is a fun and entertaining experience, and the Coen brothers do a tremendous job.

I was actually amazed that they made something exciting about that area of the USA since it so boring there.

I think the Coen brothers did a great job of combining comedic and dramatic elements to make this story fun, entertaining and work best for the big screen.

I have seen better, more entertaining movies that are not as highly acclaimed by the critics.

This is probably the worst movie I have ever seen, because:it was boringit had no humourit was extremely dark and bright throughout the movie, no in betweenit was just a storyline with no good statements or phrasesI can't believe anyone would actually vote more than a 3 for this movie it was CRAP!!!

The movie is slow, boring, and it makes no sense whatsoever.

Performance by Francis Mcdormand as Margie is one of the exciting parts of the film.

It's engaging, clever and down right hilarious at times.

That's just the set-up for a series of unexpected (not to mention bizarre) twist and turns that the Coens throw at us.

A haunting score and stunning cinematography add to the tone of the movie.

This start has always been exciting.

Macy is a tad better, but in the end came across just as emotionless and empty.

What I loved about this film is how absurd and unpredictable it gets as the story progresses.

Nearly every scene of his presence is unpredictable and leaves you attention glued to him.

As a consequence, they must have been at ease by making this thrilling movie.

The humor always stays funny, the dialog always stays clever and entertaining, and the plotting always keeps me interested.

Now I appreciate not all films have to be complicated, fast and full of action but this film was simply a yawn from start to finish (especially the finish).

The characters certainly are one of the reasons why this movie is so incredibly enjoyable to watch.

A Unique, Funny and Entertaining Crime Thriller .

But sincerely quite dull and overrated.

All characters, even bad, are lovable and well-developed, the whole movie is exciting with character-driven twists that add sheer excitement, great morals and some nice filming techniques, all while keeping funny accents with humour so dark that it messes with you.

It is always the Coen's strength to make minor characters really entertaining and memorable and this one is another brilliant example for their great talent.

Frances McDormand is also AMAZING here , she deserved her Oscar, had some great dialog, had a great accent, and while her character was nothing out of the ordinary, it was fascinating just the same!.

The cold north holds grim boredom.

Waste of time.

other then that to me nothing happened.

The problem with this realism is however that the film can get quite boring.

Totally waste of time.

This film was okay, but it is often slow and uninteresting, and it never came close to meeting my expectations.

The dark humor is at times brutal, but overall this movie is an entertaining watch.

A list of my favorite actors in a film that is both real and completely boring .

The laughs and shocks in the movie are surprising and also very entertaining.

This film has many layers which I'm sure many other reviews will cover but my overall issue with the film and why I couldn't score it over a 6/10 is that it is simply too slow, too simple and too dull to be a great film and the masterpiece some consider it to be.

The script was predictable, which is very surprising for the Coens.

This movie has everything needed to make a movie interesting and compelling for the audience.

'Slow' and 'boring' are, as we all know, two completely different things.

I've watched Fargo a couple of times and each time it fails to bore.

i must say this is one of the most stupid and boring movie ever made.

Even the simplest shots of a car driving down the road feel all the more impressive as we see the sight of the headlights shine through the falling slow.

The worst movie I've ever seen .

Perhaps some people might find this movie dull: "Fargo" is no film with big talk and 10000 dead per minute...

  As the plot twists around in a very entertaining way, you are brought on a ride you won't forget.

The camera work was stunning and IMO is what really makes this movie great.

The characters are so boring and stupid, I feel sorry for them.

Fargo is one of the more entertaining movies I think I've ever watched.

It's a thrilling tale of greed that makes you want to be a better person .

A totally waste of time.

At the heart of the banal evil of our minor thugs and would-be high rollers (and, for that matter, "normal" people placidly assuming their roles in a "normal" world) is a local leading man of business, a taciturn pillar of the community.

its a movie definitely worth watching for all its traits- writing, directing, characters, dialogue, the cold scenery.

Riotous yet subtle black humour, gorgeous snowy locations, stunning and suspenseful action, breathtaking support performances from William H Macy, Peter Stormare and the brilliant Steve Buscemi, and Frances McDormand's charming pregnant Marge Gunderson combine to make this the coolest movie you're ever likely to see.

snore-if people think this is good there is no hope for mankind .

It is, in short, pointless.

most of his movies, intellect-funny, thrilling-crime, and also creative-comedic script.

What I had recalled as a black comedy about a crime gone badly awry is in fact a tragic and gripping story about violence, with a humane law enforcement officer as the proxy for the audience.

Particular plot elements, individual scenes, certain characters and aspects of people's characters, are so fascinating, so artfully drawn ...

A lot of real life is tedious and s****y, with few characters one can sympathize with, and FARGO does a good job of conveying that.

He convinces me that the real life Jerry Lungard was as boring an idiot as the movie character.

Most of the humor is unexpected, coming at times when you least think it.

'In a dreary small-town region of the United States, where the road is perpetually covered in frost and a sheet of ice affixes itself to your car windscreen, money-troubled father Jerry Lundegaard (William H.

It's power lies in its uniqueness, both in its complex story and its down-to-earth, credible, engaging characters, and of course the concrete, dazzling performances turned it by the entire cast.

I thought this was going to be a nice, scary suspense thriller, but even during the sequences that are intended to be thrilling and intense, things just roll along like how they have been during the boring moments.

But that again is one of those small character beats that makes FARGO a film worth watching.

It is a dull, plodding story with contrived situations that aren't even comical.

worthless waste of time, money, and film .

Apart from a few scenes of felony, the majority of the movie was incredibly boring and the acting was dreadful, most of the characters were really annoying and forgettable, the character of Marge Gunderson (Frances McDormand) is perhaps the most annoying character in the film, will you just quit saying "Yah" already...

Fargo rises with Buscemi's and Stormare's fascinating performance and it deserves absolutely nine points.

On the other hand, the film is kind of predictable and you might know what kind of ending it will have just by watching half of the movie.

Worst Movie of All Time.

So the investigator, who is a colorless boring character, just plays it exactly by the book and finds the killers immediately.

No matter how long or brief these characters are on the screen, however, they are all incredibly entertaining and fun to watch.

' Their decision to blend a thrilling tale of deceit and murder with moments of satirical – almost slapstick – comedy creates a unique and interesting contrast that sets the film apart from most thrillers.

When he's not on screen, you're usually somewhat bored.

The mixture of irony, awkward moments, and laughing at inappropriate times really make this film enjoyable to watch and a great film over all.

The story of the film which revolves around a kidnapping case which started to take unexpected turns is without any flaw.

Thus the commentaries such as "lack of plot" or "was it a comedy or a drama -or what?

The Trio network's "Brilliant But Cancelled" series is hosting all sorts of interesting pilots, including some odd but intriguing shows like one with Adam West called "Lookwell" and this dramedy that follows the still-pregnant Marge Gunderson, now played by, off all people, Edie Falco.

i think it is unoriginal, boring and absurd.

Even with it's bloody(and may I say predictable, anti-climatic)denounment.

In one of the most intense sequences ever filmed, Buscemi's character drags a dead cop off the highway as an onlooker drives by to witness the action.

It bored me.

Or that place where the story reached its climax and was gripping and unforgettable.

Without question, the worst movie I've ever seen.

In other movies there will be parts that are slightly dull, but this is riveting from start to finish.

After a four year wait, I finally picked Fargo off the shelf and rented a film that seemed, from many film critic's opinions, and from the Oscars distributed that year by the Film Academy, worth watching.

There is one scene about an hour into the film that is very well paced and suspenseful, and a lot goes on in that scene as well.

This brings in the film's main character, pregnant Police Chief Marge Gunderson (Frances McDormand), who is calm and polite in her investigations and fascinating to watch.

The plot became boring, uninteresting and daft and all suspense went gone!

With its clever plot and its enjoyable script, Fargo does not disappoint.

I found it flat and dull just like the setting.

Joel and Ethan Coen is a couple of brothers that knows more about movie making then most others, they make films that are stunning, as for example MILLER'S CROSSING, THE BIG LEBOWSKI and O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?

If you want to continue reading after that then you will continue reading pointless words that have no relation to the title being reviewed.

No, life goes on for these people regardless, and what is entertaining about that banal sameness?

Seeing Fargo was a total waste of time and money.

Though I usually find those types of people unintentionally hilarious, I'm going to go as far here as to say that Fargo is manipulative to the audience: it uses nostalgia to mask that it's really a dull, hollow shell.

It's quite suspenseful at times, and constantly unpredictable, plus while Frances McDormand deserved her Oscar, William.

Macy is hopelessly fascinating as the least capable man in human history, and Stormare and Buscemi team up as the weirdest kidnappers ever to grace the screen.

You could read a lot more into the movie, but even if you do not, it still remains extremely entertaining.

Amongst others McDormand was fantastic as a pregnant cop who seemed extremely dimwitted (but not so perhaps) and was madly in love with a slobbish, bald and slow husband who was devoted to his wife.

The barren landscape of mid-winter Fargo certainly hides a spectrum of colorful scenarios that amount to a wholly entertaining film.

Sadly the Cohen brothers just wasted what was a promising premise with an uninspiring waste of an hour and a half of movie celluloid.

The unusual plot opens with "This is based on a true story" when in fact it isn't, which will set the tone for a bizarre but highly intriguing viewing, made even more strange as the plot unfolds and the direction and cinematography are established.

It's quirky; it's real; it's charming; and its just plain fun (though bordering on the edge of painful) to watch this freezing fable of stupidity unfold.

One thing I also found myself getting a bit annoyed over the things left unresolved, and the scenes that seemed pointless.

Others go in expecting a riveting thriller and also exit displeased.

And in the case of Fargo, they take the standard story of a kidnapping plot, inhabit it with some extraordinarily memorable characters, and direct it to such an engaging degree it becomes a modern classic.

But when you find yourself in a small room with no windows and start to walk slowly around in circles ("Eyes Wide Shut"), that's when restlessness and boredom start to kick in.

Good movie, entertaining at least, 7.5/10.

If someone is bored...

Some scenes are funny but its just so slow.

One of the greatest films of the 90's was this beautifully quirky and darkly suspenseful thriller from Joel and Ethan Coen.

A superb writing and directing in a movie that is simply fantastic, with a final message really chilling and thrilling.

The plot was OK and the story was fairly interesting, but I thought it moved too slow and that the characters were either boring or too over-the-top.

Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare were both fantastic in this film I thought they bounced of each other perfectly and created for some really entertaining dialogue scenes between the two.

completely boring.....

Followed by a series of unexpected events that will lead to fatal consequences, the team is chased by Marge (Frances McDormand), persistent local police officer.

Despite some fairly violent events occurring, this movie feels very low key and rather slow.

The Oldsmobile represents exactly the kind of rural American, upwardly aspiring, but boringly conventional culture that the movie requires.

But overall, the film was a miserable waste of time.

As with any Coen brothers movie it gets interesting as the drama comes in the most unexpected ways the plan goes not as planned as then a crazy game of chase and phone tag develops.

Not only because it is a superbly told story, but because strong non-cliché female lead like this remains one in a hundred good films even today.

This lovely piece of work ends with the infamous "wood chipper scene"I give this 3*out of 10* Watch this if you're bored, and looking for another excuse to make fun of North Dakotans

Their overriding characteristic is their overpowering banality and stupidity, relieved in the end solely by mindless, undirected violence.

In Fargo, however, I was bored and in anticipation of something great.

I'm beginning to wonder if half of the movie goers base their opinions of a movie strictly on the Oscars and the thousands of burnt out, dull critics out there.

A terrible "film-noir" movie with no plot, no action and way too much gore.

Dull .

Fargo is a film that is a crime film that is engaging without any of the normal elements found in the genre: it has no long, dangerous car chases, no grandiose shootouts, and of course, it has no cliched, stale villains or heroes.

Then after that, it's just a bunch of quirky, go-nowhere, slow- moving vignettes, some of which have nothing to do with the story, and even the ones that supposedly do are dominated by the annoyances of the characters (overdone) Midwestern accents and just making boring idle conversation, with the actual plot points coming across as distractions...

When I left the theater, I was depressed for hours.

The Coen Brothers' taste for the quirky qua quirky is much more muted here, but it still adds just the right touch of the other to keep the movie riveting.

Conversations are one dimensional and uninteresting nor funny.

As the film progresses, it becomes more intense and intense.

Terrible acting, slow-moving plot, and absolutely unbelievable fools for characters (no, this does not make for a better movie.

It's the kind of film that can make you cry in unexpected places, like at the end, around the 3rd or 4th time you've seen it.

Fargo is at times funny, very suspenseful, and very entertaining.

From it's beautiful snow covered landscapes to it's cast of amazing actors, Fargo is a thrilling crime drama with a fair amount of humor.

Still pointless.

Macy's character who is quickly learn is up to no good, and does compelling job at hiding his mischievousness from his wife and son.

The writing was bland & the characters wooden.

Yawn .

It has some good turns and unexpected events.

The script was hilarious, the characters very entertaining, and its capture of Minnesota culture right on.

'Fargo' is the perfect blend of suspense, drama and dark comedy, and will have you on the edge of your seat in suspense one moment, and the other moment in hysteria.

Pretentious .

'Fargo' is based on the fascinating true story about a loser car salesman (William H.

Are we supposed to take the movie seriously when it mixes tragedy with absurd and pointless dialog??

its really hard to combine thrilling-crime with comedy.

This whole ideology of kidnapping gives the Coen brothers a great chance to dive deep into their unknowing way of thinking, and is expressed through some wonderful artistic direction to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

I watched it again on tape and enjoyed it as well as in the cinema.

The plot is pretty predictable too.

Peter Stormare is great and intense as Gaear,Carl's partner that's a man of few words.

"Fargo" is the story of a deal gone wrong involving cops, money, and an unexpected triple homicide.

It's fascinating.

However it is a very entertaining if slightly unbelievable story.

The Coens as writers seem to enjoy creating one miserably painful conversation after another, using Larry David-style morbid embarrassment as its ultimate purpose, such as Marge's pointless meeting with an old high-school flame or Lundegaard getting the shaft from his too-nasty-to-be-true father-in-law.

How can such a graphically violent, inane movie with its unhurried pace, sparse dialogue, completely dull, unappealing & one-dimensional characters, and gapingly devoid unresolved plot lines be so completely engaging, rich and complete keeping you on the edge of your seat?

Fargo is hilarious, violent, tense and intriguing.

A dramatic, well-written, and very realistic portrayal of six murders, in the span of just a matter of days, is spellbinding and a very intense piece.

Adaptation, Thrilling, Funny, and Entertaining !

whether she's encouraging her husband's banal hobby or confronting a bad guy, she's a waddling, unswayed symbol of integrity.

The film carries its crime related establishment over into a detective strand, but maintains enough of a focus on both to deliver a riveting and harrowing tale.

Otherwise don't waste your time.

This movie was highly thought of in the worst movie year ever - all the candidates for the Oscar were weak, small films .

The repeated comments I read from non-fans of this film are: "It's BORING!

In short, a intriguing story peppered throughout with trademark humor and noteworthy performances makes for very entertaining watch.

Fargo is the Coen brothers' version of a series of true crimes, mixed together to make one of the most compelling thrillers to hit the big screen in years.

The photography is visually stunning as well.

Don't take that the wrong way, the movie entertained me, but those entertaining parts were few and far between.

This was resounding evidence of the merit in telling a fascinating story exactly as it happened without the traditional Hollywood dramatisation.

The visual palette of the film with color white dominating the screen is stunning, and the snow that covers American Midwest for what seems the eternal winter, is as important character for the film as the rest of them.

maybe the rather pointless meeting of Marge with Mike could have been jettisoned?

), some were dramatic, and other parts thrilling.

The ambiguities-- crucial elements of art-- allow the potential for (so far) 7 years of still-compelling speculation and conversation.

The dominant feeling I got was boredom.

Some scenes seem pointless, others just don't work, and by the end I just didn't really care about this movie anymore.

But somehow he did'nt seems villainous enough to be the bad guy, leaving him looking like neutral/bland character.

It is worth watching.

It's exciting, it's serious and it's a fine example how true stories should be translated on the big screen.

I was left with an empty feeling after seeing this film.

The film's presentation is suspenseful, gripping, and entertaining from start to finish, mainly because of the strategy of the story, in addition to the built in environmental effects it possesses.

Boring, dumb movie.

Therefore I find it fascinating that the female officer whatshername pulled such an extraordinary role in which she shows her wit while being strained by boundaries of her yahs and ohyahs.

However, I do believe these extraneous scenes slow down the pacing a lot, and sidetracks from the main story.

Within the gripping real-life tale, there are small sprinkings of humor (e.

Every character is appropriately acted and drawn out to their full potential, I'm satisfied with everyone's development.

Lastly I think the cinematography is tremendous, expertly directed by Joel Coen, who ensures each shot is clear and precise, much like the writing here, which includes a dark but amusing sense of humour and terrific dialogue, for example there's a diner scene, where Jerry is late to the meeting with his two kidnappers, which takes place at a bar, and Carl tells him " Shep said you'd be hear at 7:30," in which Jerry replies "Shep said 8:30", the exchange that follows is a few lines of dialogue that would make Tarantino proud, the Coen's turn simple conversations into intriguing stories that you simply want to know more about, a rare quality that should be appreciated, as the Coen Brothers understand what great cinema should be.

Fargo was an enjoyable film and probably could be best summed up as a comedy of errors.

There are some parts that are funny and the story overall is just very entertaining.

The film is so damn entertaining.

But, as it turns out, the two guys hired by Lundegaard, played with right-on-the-money deadpan by Peter Stormare and Steve Buscemi, are inept low-life incompetents who are about as professional at engaging in criminal services-for-higher as a Texan would be at ice fishing.

Their movies are stunning and ahead of their time.

I have to say I watched the Coens' Raising Arizona and enjoyed it.

Fargo is brilliant and captivating in its odd sense of normality, capturing a peculiar and equally entertaining depiction of "Minnesota Nice" and the "Sing Song" regional accents.

pointless and offensive .

One final comment: Many people have questioned the scene in whichMarge Gunderson (McDormand) has a drink with an old high-school classmate, saying the scene was pointless and unnecessary.

Frances McDormand is incredible as the police office in charge of the investigation, and creates the perfect character to drive such a curious and intriguing story.

It was dull, dull, dull!

Stormare's performance compliments the whole performance of Buscemi, and to me Stormare is always enjoyable, no matter what the role was.

Making a marginal and intriguing look, putting the viewer almost close to a lunatic.

One of the worst movies ever made .

A very character driven film, it's the best Coen brothers film I have ever seen, and recommend it to every person who enjoys good, intense murder mysteries.

It's very mediocre - but watchable - if a bit mundane.

The characters were wonderful, the filming was often stunning, and the script managed to present the horror of humanity in a surprisingly irreverent light.

This film is funny, suspenseful and at times shocking.

The scenery is as boring as a literal blank piece of paper.

This is a very compelling thriller and I was hooked from the first scene.

Nevertheless, the Coen Brothers always make enjoyable movies, films that while some regard as slow-moving, others can manage to find a depth that is lacking from most movies these days.

Fargo fantastically blends its sharp wit of dry humour and black comedy with its gruesome, thrilling and intriguing narrative, the two seem to go hand-in-hand perfectly with Fargo having scenes that will have you bursting out laughing and others on the edge of your seat.

It sounds too simple to be interesting, but 'Fargo' is really one of most gripping thrillers I've ever seen!

One brilliant, original, eye-catching, hilarious, compelling piece of cinema!!.

- IT's so amazingly boring, the characters suck and don't make any sense.

Well, in one sentence, it seamlessly blends comedy and drama without missing a beat, delivering a film as thought-provoking as it is entertaining, as likable as it is nihilistic, as beautiful as it is gritty.

The story grows increasingly engaging and dark in the amidst of it's satirical tone, and every scene these two are in hits the right notes, whether they make you laugh or have you shocked to the edge of your seat.

This movie is one of the greatest films of the 90s it is very entertaining includes more than just the violence you would expect.

" There were many moments or confusion or vagueness, like all the attacks on one of the criminals.

the music sounds like a funeral dirge..for those of us who live in the north, we can understand how empty and helpless that deep dark cold can make you feel.

I think this movie was trying to emphasize that life is short and unpredictable and we have to make the most of the simple pleasures and people in our lives.

Sadly, despite fine acting, the characters aren't compelling, leaving the plot to plod on to its inevitable conclusion -boredom.

It's actually quite boring and overrated.

This is a movie worth watching with lots of comical scenes (not the ones of violence, of course) and some dramatic ones as well.


As the story goes on and develops, it provides many intense and thrilling scenes and moments, also strong violence which tops itself during a famous and bizarre part of the film's ending.

One of the worst movies I have seen .

This is one of the worst movies out there.

Its characters are actually embodied emptiness, whether its the slimy Jerry, his stunted wife, the emotionally sadistic father-in-law, the nihilistic kidnappers, Marge's empty-headed police partner, Marge's old high school buddy, or the air-headed truckstop hookers.

Every moment a character utters a "You betcha", or "Yah", its repetitiveness does not grow to be tiring ,but merely all the more entertaining in its ironic and often cynically delicious theme of Coen Brothers comedy.

Unlike other urban noir by the likes of the Coen Brothers, Quinten Tarantino, and others, the pace of Fargo is more slow moving.

Fargo is clever, unpredictable, and bold so I definitely recommend it.

The Coen Brother's dialog and direction must be noticed here, as they create many moments of subtle humor which are very entertaining without distracting from the plot.

Not perfect, but still worth the watch

I didn't see this in the theater but saw it the first week it was out for rental, and have enjoyed it ever since.

The film is really good at mixing the very mundane everyday life of Frances McDormand with the extremely twisted lives of the kidnappers which gives the film a real scene of menace.

And yet what makes it so intriguing is the fact that such evil and deceit could occur in such a harmless environment.

Overall though, it was very enjoyable to watch and it is a cult classic.

intense thriller!

This movie was so stunning to me that the day after I viewed it I was re-watching parts of the movie in order to analyze the masterpiece.

One of the most boring ovrated movie I have seen.

)I found the characters slow, unreal and boring.

the plot is boring, the actors performances aren't anything memorable.

"Engaging till the end.

I usually like a lot of different movies, and it takes a lot to get me bored.

She is truly stunning as Marge Gunderson and perhaps more than anyone provides the comical link between "commercial" America and the true Scandinavian dominated north-mid-west.

Good: Entertaining, thrilling, funny and millions of plot twists Bad: It was kind of hard to understand.

Its not that its so believable, nor the comic interpretation of the Scandinavian roots of Minessota, nor even the brilliant performances by Mcdormand, William H Macy (a career best), Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare interwoven with a biting, dark, often hilarious script,not even a marvellous score, no its the way in which, at the end, you manage to feel the way in which good prevails over evil a quite riveting and fascinating affair - even with a body count of 7 people, it never feels overly violent.

tremendously entertaining .

Fargo is one of the worst movies I have ever seen!!!

Joel and Ethan Coen's masterpiece is funny, sadistic, dark, violent, intense, and true.

The pacing is somewhat good, but too much of the film is boring.

She is speaking to an empty shell--immoral behavior has left him with a soul so shrunken and shriveled that he can't comprehend or appreciate beauty on any level.

Frances McDormand's,-the unexpected justaposition of comedy with serious drama,-the deliberate pace of this movie,-the humor in regional accents that are rarely heard in major films,-the bizarre disconnectedness of the town residents from reality,-the richness of the colors of the pallette with which the Coens worked,-the nearly perfect storytelling of this movie,....

boring ,drab,long,and godawfull......

I have never been to the North so I can't tell you if the "Ooh, yahh"'s are overdone or not, but it was definitely entertaining to listen to.

A refreshingly unconventional crime story driven less by the plot and more by the black-comedy, making the movie as equally intense as it is funny without getting too melodramatic.

Pretty Intense Plot.

It is the cinematic equivalent of Salvador Dali's artwork: unpredictable, magical and completely out-worldly in a very worldly way, if it makes any sense.

I am sorry, it may be a 'work of art' as some have suggested here, but Fargo is the most BORING movie I have ever seen.

The first time I saw Fargo in 1996 I enjoyed it mainly because I was hoping that it would edge out the highly over-rated snorefest The English Patient at the Academy Awards.

Its slow moving...

A waste of time.

On one side, it's a suspenseful thriller.

There is just no story.

Other parts were entertaining though, a number seemingly useless actions, shots of funny things we all do once in a while and of course, the all superior chit-chat type of humor.

Thoroughly enjoyable!

Coming back to the topic, this movie very much like Coen Brother's other "masterpieces"** Burn After Reading & No Country For Old Men, is pointless, boring and extremely overrated.

Yet, even if it's a confusing thriller/black comedy, it succeeds in both.

Ethan and Joel know this, and in simplifying events, allow us to concentrate on the stunning script, the amazing performances and the frozen Minnesotan country.

The score by Carter Burwell is amazing,powerful,epic and intense and matches the film's tone and every scene in the film.

Watching the events of a seemingly small time kidnapping turn into a multiple murder is an enjoyable experience in this film.

Macy's character is one of the most intriguing in recent cinema, and he plays the role perfectly.

The scenery of beautiful snow is also very enjoyable to watch.

You will be cut out -- empty in history.

Like other Coen films, this movie blends seriousness and humor to keep the mood light and keep the film from being a bland downer.

its gripping sort of.


The screenplay is engaging till the end.

Ultimately this movie is like a piece of modern art, artistically savvy but boring and generally unappealing.

I can't testify to the accuracy of the time and place, but the Coens surely give us an intriguing character study.

Brilliant idea - well worth several viewings just to catch the mundane conversations (which surely struck a cord with most of us !

It's a serious crime story shown in a subtle and yet engaging manner, with slight awkward humor in it.

The average grade that I give this film doesn't mean that I am indifferent to it, just that it kind of hits mediocrity, but that only because I average good acting and intriguing potential with my feeling of utter boredom after watching it.

with crime movies like Fargo, the thing that usually makes them great is how intense they are.

Carl seems to irritate Gaear in every possible way from blabbering about the silence of Gaear ("Two can play at that game, smart guy") to an inability to deal with unexpected difficulties ("I'll take care of this").

I appreciate a strong drama which aims to capture the layers of the characters which I'm sure it did but the finish of this film summed up the whole movie, dull and predictable.

I know that Marge Gunderson is supposed to be one of the Coen Brothers' most entertaining creations, but her character somehow seemed so pointless.

The people going in to it thinking that it'll be a comedy will most likely be disturbed by the strong violence and intense feeling that this film uncomfortably radiates.

I love this movie, because it's dark,thrilling and funny at the same time.

I wish more films could be as entertaining as this one.

It is engaging, fascinating, to me just plain irresistable, and peculiar.

Strange, slow and nonsensical .

Sounds kinda dull, right?

I have to agree she did a good job, but the movie had no story there nothing to follow.

It's thrilling, original, very funny and over all a quality film, though not a masterpiece as many wants to label it.

The Coen Brothers, being brought up in Minnesota, critique the Minnesota Nice nature - people with their plain and warm exterior with folksy speaking style, but not so empathetic or well-wishing from within; the characters are as cold and distant as the letters of the film title because the characters are as emotionally isolated as story's vast empty landscape.

It's fascinating to watch them live their miserable criminal lives and utterly failing at it.

Of all the Cohen Brother's tremendously entertaining movies, this is the best.

He is fascinating to watch.

'Fargo' is a gripping, dark film and indeed, in a way, it is a comedy because at times it makes you laugh.

)Fargo is the kind of movie that appeals to people who have seen a lot of movies because everything is surprising and unexpected.

I laughed, I was tense, I sat on the edge of my seat, and I finally ended up rooted to my seat, stunned, as the closing credits rolled.

The landscapes were breathtaking.

And what was up with that old high school chum of Frances McDormand's character, Mike Yanagita, and his contrived story?

The movie is bland and easily forgettable.

However, many scenes are cruel, especially the scene that the man kills the police, and many scenes are unpredictable; for example, the scene that kidnapper looks through the window and breaks it out and comes to the house to kidnap.

And while some of the scenes could have been polished up, sped up, or even cut out, the acting is fairly funny and a few characters are good, while others are bland and bad.

In spite of its gore, the screenplay of "Fargo" is incredibly fascinating and very entertaining from beginning to end.

It's thrilling, very well progressing and it's filled with great characters performed by fantastic actors.

I totally agree with the critic James Berardinelli, especially when he says in the conclusion: "The absence of viable characters limits any dramatic impact, making this more of a laid back, lightly entertaining experience than a fully immersive one.

The Coen brothers always come up with hits (for instance, Raising Arizona) but this time, they bring us to the deep north (North Dakota that is) to showcase a very well made movie with suspenseful scenes, interesting acting and many other things, ya know.

Everyone is so corny and old fashioned and dull, and I realized that's what makes them so cool.

Overall this is a film with a dry and boring setting, with awkward and yet dull characters that is really worth seeing.

Fargo is flawlessly constructed with subplots girding the storyline, enriching characterization and sharply calibrating the suspenseful pace.

there are many twists and turns, often unanticipated, always intriguing.

boring.. .

But the story was empty and transparent, the motivation questionable, and the outcome not entirely resolved.

While the acting is above par, the movie is so slow that many viewers may stop caring about them altogether.

Macy creates a compelling character as the desperate salesman Jerry Lundegaard.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was a brilliant 'joke' of a movie.

More enjoyable the second time .

PROS:-Incredible originality in everything-stunning performances by the whole cast-incredible genuine horror and humor-unpredictable-the most shocking and brilliant ending to a film I've seen-gripping plot and charactersCONS:-the dry humor and the graphic violence isn't for everybody

Still, it's enjoyable enough that it's hardly worth complaining about.

Gripping and Great Satire .

Steve Buscemi is very enjoyable as the weaselly, "funny lookin'" Carl who goes form Mr. Smooth to Mr. Insane as the deal goes from bad to worse to completely nuts.

The performances, the story, the scenarios, the characters, are so believable, absurd and unpredictable you'll swear this movie is real life (the movie claims is based on a true story).

Frances McDormand turns in one of the finest acting performances of recent years as the just-too-damn-smart detective, and the whole film is staged superbly - the Coen brothers' creation of a very dark movie in a very white setting is slick to the point of arty, but engaging enough to become too over-indulgently picturesque.

Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare are great as the villains, and the story is extremely engrossing, plus some of the scenes were very shocking.

Joel Coen does a wonderful job here, with fantastic camera work, awesome angles, great POV shots, and keeping the film at an extremely engrossing pace.

Still, the story was intriguing, and though the people didn't seem entirely real to me, they made an amusing spoof.

Also the ambiance in the movie was so evocative of my experience of Minnesota winter.

Fargo is a very good and intense film from the Coens that does a great job of keeping the viewer hooked on the screen.

Very entertaining and intriguing from the very beginning and a agonizing and exhilarating soundtrack.

So I watched it and actually fell asleep.

The film's satire of how trite people can be is clever at points, but becomes tedious with repetition.

They just wrapped up to what the whole movie was building up to into 5 boring seconds.

Marge Gunderson is a great character and maybe one of the greatest and most interesting and fascinating characters in film history because she's so likable and optimistic and loves her job as a cop.

I rented this thinking it'd be some intense thriller with comedy in it, anyway I guess I was expecting something else because the first time I saw it I didn't think it was all that great.

God is unpredictable.

Overall, Fargo is engaging, suspenseful.

We literally get immersed in this nothingness, the same nothingness that everyone has in it'soul and mind in the film, exception would be Marge's marriage.

It is built on a slow tune of strings, a lot of it in medium to lower register, with slow and deep base drum beats in the background and some high pitch percussion.

The plot is confusing and not interesting.

I highly recommend it.

And Steve Buscemi too is straddling that delicate line on the edge of reality.

I did, however, find this film to be very well crafted, engrossing, and overall excellent in all respects.

He plays the part so well he is absolutely dull.

The opening scene with the police cars driving towards the camera coming straight out of the mesmerizing mist is breathtaking and the different use of shots and a diverse approach to tell the tale will always surprise you in a consistent and exciting narrative.

But you won't be focusing on that, you will be focusing on the riveting plot and performances of every actor in the film.

Done well, such characterizations would do away with a need for a compelling plot.

They are geniuses in filmmaking, with entertaining films with good stories and great actors.

The plot was flat and disjointed.

The fascination of being told a true story held my attention through the beginning, and through the building of the quirky characters, and by this time the film had become fascinating in itself.

The plot had so much potential and that is the only reason that it was somewhat entertaining.

Taking a guessable plot and planting it into the imposing vastness of a North Dakota-Minnesota winter and coming up with a perfect cast, impeccable timing, unforgettable score (by Carter Burwell) and a world of everyday eccentricities, Joel and Ethan Coen create a gripping dark comedy that we often fail to see beyond the local news.


But the more thrilling parts of the movie come when these characters are given the power to capture, harm, or kill.

The movie itself is unimaginably boring!

Don't waste your time .

Funny and entertaining stuff, it works so well in this film.

Burwell's theme is slow and simple, like the Fargo itself.

Even though the story itself might be quite simple, it's still an enjoyable and well written one.

The idea of the film is a simple joke: what if you set a grim tail of desperation in the banal setting of Minnesota.

TV can waste my time fine for non-issues.

Like I said, Buscemi saves every scene he's in, but it's often boring in scenes not involving him.

The atmosphere and the depth of shots to show you the wilderness of Minnesota is breathtaking and at times you can almost feel the breeze of the cold Minnesota winter as the movie carries from scene to scene.

I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the storyline, as many movies concerning crime are often too fast paced and reliant on plot twists.

A totally dumb boring slow movie.