Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) - Action, Adventure

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Lawman Luke Hobbs (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) and outcast Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) form an unlikely alliance when a cyber-genetically enhanced villain threatens the future of humanity.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: David Leitch
Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham
Length: 137 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 163 out of 1000 found boring (16.3%)

One-line Reviews (568)

It's an entertaining action film, never tries to be anything more.

Moreover, the cameos in the movie were unexpected and good.

As entertaining as the duel in the corridors between The Rock and Statham is even fun, the whole stretch in Moscow sounds unnecessary in terms of narrative - even incoherent, within the film's proposal - which causes some tiredness when the final act finally begins.

Overall a huge waste of time that will add nothing to your life.

Enjoyable only by braindead millenials

I was bored to death and it felt way longer than it was.

Well if just want to waste your money then this movie is for you pal.

Worst movie either has been in .

One of the worst movies i've ever watched .

Overall great movie, definitely enjoyable and seeming hilarious!

Overall, being as entertaining as it is, the movie has its faults.

A pointless addition to the Fast and the Furious franchise.

There was some good chemistry and humour in here but I was a little bored.

Was getting ready to leave the film when I realised i was only half way through.

I understand it is an entertaining movie where you can shut your brain off and simply enjoy.

On top of a crazy exciting movie, the two cameos where hilarious and inserted perfectly.

Worst movie i saw in a cinema teather.

She is just as action packed and not no damsel in distress typeIdris Elba as the main antagonist and rogue MI-6 agent there.

It's funny, to a point, though the script's obsession with discussing genitalia size gets a little tiresome.

like any F&F movies out there, a fun movie that's easy to understand, easy to enjoy in the big screen, and to enjoy again in the comfort of your home while you are having beer and pizza on a weekend, (non alcoholic for children of course)again.. its FUN, its Crazy.. its action packed, and a great welcome to newcomers Idris and Vanessa and some other surprises to the F&F world, if they will make another spin off just like this, then you can count me in.. and I always go with a crowd!

The plot in the movie is intriguing, but very predictable and sometimes even lack-luster at times.

You cannot feel the excitement of a good and exciting story from this film which makes me really upset.

worst movie ever .

Bad acting, boring dialogue, unrealistic cgi and no story line.

Now to the movie, the storyline was good yet predictable, as Dwayne and Jason's comedy was a joy to watch, there were some scenes that were over exaggerated.

Bad acting and overly predictable story.

The story is so predictable a child could do a better job at making the movie and guns that go offline?!

Unlike a few movies with Johnson that are amusing but he walks through, this one was ideal for his very entertaining sense of humor.

No plot, terrible "acting", a complete waiste of time.

I wanted to leave for a smoke several times.

Absolutely amazing film with a detailed background story and plenty of action packed scenes for you to feast on.

While 8 was over the top, at least it was entertaining revisiting the crew again one last time.

Hollywood needs to stop putting our homo propaganda shows and movies and get back to what the ACTUAL majority of Americans want!!

But a building falls on him, it crushes the back of a size-able rig and he's just standing there like nothing happened.

I prefer the main series films, but this is an enjoyable ride.

Packing Hobbs and Shaw with (intentionally) funny buddy cop-style snappy dialogue, the writers continue the F&F theme of "family" by going into their family history, leading to a sweet bonding of the duo,when Hobbs returns home.

By the way, there was enough time to fall asleep, wake up and fall back to sleep during that out-of-place dialogue scene on the airplane.

this is more of an action movie and very entertaining due to the 2 main character is against each other...

Worst and most boring F&F I've ever seen.

Didn't really like Jason's performance in this, he was too grim, his actions were very predictable and a little childish.

A very entertaining ride from beginning to end!

After Fate of the Furious, I was getting bored of this franchise.

A total waste of money.

But you can be stupid and entertaining, and "Hobbs And Shaw" just about lands in that target zone.

It's definitely worth watching in the theater with a large bowl of popcorn.

While it was refreshing to see Ryan Reynolds be Ryan Reynolds in a film (or a franchise) that doesn't take itself too seriously (and contains plenty of self-deprecating humour), Kevin Hart's cameo stuck out like a sore thumb, pointless and unfunny.

Hobbs & Shaw truly is pointless, and the weakest in the F&F franchise.

Got bored and switched to something else most of the times.

The run time is far too long, the entire Samoa sequence could have been removed and the plot wouldn't have suffered one bit.

The action and comedy were good but the love interest side of the film dragged the run time a little too long.

An enjoyable film with appearances by Helen Mirren, Kevin Hart, Ryan Reynolds, and Eddie Marsa.

I love intense action, I love great acting and especially great characters as this one has, I enjoy a well-defined, credible and wonderfully played antagonist and I mostly love over-powered tech or characters.

I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Action packed, funny as hell.

David Leitch who is famous for Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2 did a wonderful job as director and he made this movie a fast paced action entertainer.

I found this to be a genuinely entertaining way to finish off the movie.

Anyway, enjoyed it for what it is.

That said, it's still a very entertaining movie.

Action Packed .

An entertaining night out that's it6/10

And of course they used highly unusual things such as toasters and pans when fighting which just made the film that bit more entertaining to watch.

When one is used to hit Shaw it has a clearly empty clang like a wastebasket.

It continued to challenge itself in each instalment instead of treating it as a repetitive sequel.

Highly enjoyable.

With more of a cohesive narrative this could have been something better, more like a Fast 5 and 6 instead its more like Fast 8 but a little more empty, shallow and cliche.

Overall the movie is entertaining even with its corny dialogues.

One last time : DONT WATCH IT , waste of money and waste of time, never gonna watch anything fast and furious related again.

Screenplay is tight, engaging for 120 minutes and never makes you feel bore for a moment.

Fast & Slow.

I love the action it did had but It's ironically going slower than the films it's based on.

Definitely one of the worst movies I have ever seen!

It knows exactly what it wants to be and it manages to be exactly that: An entertaining, law-of-physics-bending action flick.

But Idris Elba chews up the film when ever he's on camera, such a good villain, has a menacing presence, but he's so enjoyable watchable to point where you end up rooting for him instead.

The last scene of this film is exciting, hobbs and shaw fight the villain together.

This movie is only entertaining with their action and it's chemistry.

Also as entertaining as these fight sequences can get, they do often go on too long which makes the film feel bloated.

man are they entertaining.

'The Rock' and 'The Stath' are both as knowingly ostentatious and oddly compelling as they've ever been, saddled with a story that doesn't quite know what to do with them - other than have them measure 'assets', that is.

Tonnes of stuff was pointless and didn't make sense.

Good action with intense comedy .

Now, it's really getting dull.

Too expected, Im a action lover, but this movie is just full of boring fighting and jokes.

So, throughly enjoyable movie when you just want to eat popcorn.

But I had a fun time watching this movie and I truly enjoyed it.

For everyone else, it a snooze fest.

It was a action packed movie and loved the USO story line.

Sacobi white widow's cp and so on 5 most helpful part I think is the egg on the "right to travel" unfinished Tucao really right to the fans of the fast-moving people and the small performance "right tour" Tucao really has a lot of fans on the right to play, and there is also the performance of Xiaoyan Ryan Reynolds.

The action scenes must have been choreographed by a 6 year old and was super predictable.

Watching them go into action and just going along with the ride was enjoyable when it came to some of the scenes.

This spin off is enjoyable ride and alike from previous Fast & Furious franchise.

Statham cannot act and his fight sequences are as tiresome as the Matrix revolutions got, please stop talking too.

High voltage, exciting, & highly recommended.

Still entertaining though, I guess.

The mix of a charismatic cast with absurd and mind-boggling action sequences has become the tonic for some films already, permeated by a mocking and self-indulgent humor, typical of those who do not take themselves at all seriously.


Had hopes seeing the latest good reviews, but it was a boring one atleast for me.


A fast food movie, great in the moment but empty on anything real .

There are many funny moments in the movie that were laughable and enjoyable!

I'm wondering what these guys were thinking agreeing to star in this movie,it is fake, far fetched, boring and totally over the top.

Oh wait, it's Hollywood, they have no script writers, no imagination to speak of, or write about.

The action and story is good and there is some funny moments which is enjoyable buuuut if you looked at all trailers when you watch it you already know what gonna happens 80% of the times

He was just as equally bored as I was.

Entertaining !.

Fell asleep some of them.

Fast and Furious 2019 - Trite Edition .


Action-Packed & Entertaining .

Saying that the relationship between Hobbs and Shaw was entertaining and some genuinely funny moments (Retina scanner moment!!

Anyways, plot wasn't fantastic but it was good, for a longer movie each scene is entertaining.

Far from the simpler times of the series being a Point Break homage about beautiful street racers boosting DVD players, each increasingly Fast & Furious movie amps up the absurd, testosterone-tinged action as it casts aside those boring laws of physics.

I am usually not a big fan of action movies because I find them predictable.

It's full of action and adrenaline, it generate plenty of suspense and to make it even better, it's pretty funny as well.

Very entertaining.

Secondly, this film features some of the craziest, most entertaining action so far this year.

Not the best in the series, but pretty darn entertaining .

Filled with high standard action set pieces Hobbs & Shaw keeps you on the edge of your seat.

What a waste of my time!

If you go there for the "fun" and thrill of s movie And I did see it in 4 DX , it was one of the best totally crazy but funny, vulgar and very thrilling movie with extraordinary impossible racing good guys bad guys car, bike scenes .


Being the worst movie of the Fast and Furious is an understatement.

Formulaic dribble.

It is way too long.

I definitely would recommend this to anyone a fan of the series or not, it's still very entertaining.

Next are the predictable calls from their respective agents, recruiting them to a mission to save the world.

The thing that attracted me in the first place to the Fast and Furious franchise was the concept of family and unity then the adrenaline rush of fights and fast cars, this movie just throws this concept in the trash.

Defiantly enjoyed it.

Idk why there's so much hate on this movie but I thought it was well done and worth the watch!

The stupid bickering between the two main characters was pointless and bad and the cheesy jokes and dialogue were so annoying.

Despite its major flaw, Hobbs and Shaw still is an enjoyable summer experience.

I watched it, and it was entertaining!

Other than that, it is definitely a good enjoyable and funny action and comedy movie.

Save your money and go buy the Transporter and Walking Tall on blu-ray.

It was really funny and very thrilling to watch!

Overall Hobbs and shaw delivers another action packed instalment in the fast and furious franchise.

Exciting, old-school and funny .

Funny and action packed .

The overabundance of CGI just makes these over the top stuns pointless.

I enjoyed it.

But some parts were entertaining enough to get me through to the end.

Jason Stathem and Dwayne Johnson have an awesome chemistry together and it was worth watching them argue all the time.

The film itself is way too long, just over two hours.

I actually enjoyed it .

Surprise is Vanessa Kirby she looks beautiful with stunning performance of dangerous kick ass sister of Shaw.

There are a few laughs to be found as this lazily written story unfolds, mainly from some mainstream references and cameos, however the "my cocks bigger than your cock" banter between Hobbs and Shaw soon wears thin and becomes increasingly tiresome.

Hobbs & Shaw is not a good movie, but it is just entertaining enough to avoid being terrible.

The "Brixton can see your punches coming" sequences were repetitive and lost their charm after a while.

The most enjoyable over-the-top movie of 2019.

Boring .

Adding a female lead that women can relate to makes it more intriguing.

Its is funny, fast paced, and has well crafted sfx.

This is my first review ever and this movie is the worst movie I have ever seen and I'm not being dramatic, the acting is horrible and the dialogue is so bad and the action in this movie is just the same.

I stopped watching those movies four back because they'd become so predictable and boring.

I was going into this movie with an open mind and not a lot of judging, but it's hard to sit back and enjoy a movie that's dull and is longer than it should be.

Action scenes turn to comedy scenes and comedy scene seems to be boring.

Very entertaining.

It is an entertaining romp.

Quite Entertaining Worth A Watch .

Even for this kind of genre movie is unwatchable bad.

Really enjoyable...

Action packed .

Although some of the actions seemed like watching a Telugu movie, they were still enjoyable.


An awesome spin off in the Fast franchise that delivers one wild action packed ride.

The CGI action and explosions get boring at a certain point.

No Story ...

The action sequences are super unrealistic and over the top but are still exceptionally entertaining.

Roman's Entry was wow.. Awesome power pack movie.. Keeps your adrenaline high in the whole movie.

Great movie, action packed from start to finish with some cool cameos too!

Hobbs and Shaw was a fun action flick that is totally worth watching.

Dialogue when they are trying to break up is so boring I zone out.

A lot of cliche and logical mistakes.

What this movie delivers is a fun and entertaining fun - dialog were funny, there are plenty of funny cameos along the way and action sequences were great.

He added additional intensity to a movie that was already intense with explosions, action, fighting, and off the wall cliff hangers.

I don't know what that ending was all about, don't waste your time with this one.

This film is specifically made for Action Junkies and for those who love continuous adrenaline rush.

Hopefully Fast 9 has a more intriguing plot which doesn't make me get bored during certain parts of the movie, which this movie did.


The jokes, as entertaining as they are, go a little too far, the banter in particular bloating the run time at points where we could have moved on to something better.

Unfortunately, obnoxious filmmaking and a bad script make this mostly a noisy onslaught of uninteresting clichés with only moments of inspired fun.

The style has some physics defying action in it, but it is very entertaining and fun to watch.

OVERALL though this film was great and stuck to the fast and furious roots through the cheese, gripping storylines and the fast paced action.

All in all, I really enjoyed it!

If however you are looking for some fast paced action then this is the film for you.

Waste of time .

So, to sum up, if you hate Fast and Furious films and take everything too serious, don't waste your money, because this is just another F&F, just without Vin Diesel in it.

However, the movie is totally enjoyable.

I hesitate to call Hobbs & Shaw boring when it features gigantic explosions and Hobbs literally pulling a helicopter to the ground with his muscular arms ...

Enjoyable all the way through.

This movie was predictable & should be.

Always enjoyable to watch their movies and Hobbs and Shaw did not fail us.

Thought this film may drag on for a bit and it is fairly absurd it's a fun enjoyable time at the movies.

The movie was actual trash, CGI looked cheap even cartoonish, the story fking random, too unrealistic scenes, overall just boring.

Action packed series masala type flim action comedy

Hobbes and Shaw is still a predictable tale with things laid out for you at the start of the movie with dramatic dialogue that is obvious foreshadowing.

most of ANY of the main characters's other movies were entertaining.

quite enjoyable .

Oh, and yes the movie is too long too.

Third act was quite enjoyable and satisfied the needs for speeding vehicles and all of that BS.

Boring and corny .

Waste of time .

So, I'd say it's a great film and entertaining.

Crazy stunts, ridiculously fun action, comedic dialogue, and an enjoyable storyline.

The jokes were hilarious, the action was intense and exhillarating to watch, the stunts were awesome and the story wasn't even bad.

But film was entertaining, way too long and some of the scenes were just too silly.

Mildly entertaining .

Really gone off fast and furious but this was a decent in my eyes, thought it was very funny at times provided something different to the series, which made it more enjoyable.

It was a fun couple of hours and overall I enjoyed it.

Finally, two hours is way too long.

Ever since the ludicrous, immensely entertaining Fast Five, each new Fast & Furious instalment has been an exercise in preposterous escalation - from skydiving cars in Furious 7, to The Rock launching a torpedo with his bare hands in The Fate Of The Furious, and everything in-between.

Not funny , crap action, random hakka for no reason terrible fight scenes ugly female lead , pointless going to Samoa , junk cars and the stunts are so unrealistic , the helicopters and the motor bikes actually make the 'transformers sound' idris elbas character is absolute sci-fi bullshhh, by far the lamest f&f movie


Great action, predictable plot .

A lot of fun, well worth watching .

Suspend your disbelief, prepare your popcorn and coke, and sit back and relax for 2 hours of compelling nonsense.

Cliche, cliche, CLICHE!!.

With some of the best cameos since Tropical Thunder Hobbs and Shaw delivers with some breathtaking scenes and lots of banter and does a decent job of being a stand alone film thats attached to a popular franchise.

It felt like a confusing blur when I walked out.

Absolute unwatchable nonsense.

The movie delivered what the fans have ordered them to, as the action sequences just incessantly piles up like a gratuitous compilation of the best action scenes of the movie, it just keeps coming in, it never slows down, it just fuels up the adrenaline rush, and even when it was about to simmer down, the action kicks into high gear each time they show up.

And there are so many post scenes which makes it confusing that is this movie finished o or not.

This movie sucks, pointless and stupid.

Overall it was entertaining slightly humorous fun.

This is a good blockbuster action film tha gives what one would expect: Extraordinary fight sequences, an evil, seemingly invincible bad guy, good comedy, and a popular cast, including a couple unexpected, fun cameos.

I really like Statham, Rock & Idris a lot, but this film is bad and pretty boring.

Hobbs and Shaw is every bit the bloated explosion filled action blockbuster you expect it to be, but even though it can seem shallow at times with its repetitive nature, Hobbs and Shaw has plenty of humor and heart in the end to weigh it down.

It had some cool parts but overall is just the same and it's getting kind of boring in the End.

I don't want to be too harsh on the movie because I do understand how entertaining and fun it might be.

Being a fan of stupid elements if they're knowingly tonque and cheek, this film as a very enjoyable to me.

Every movie has the right to be entertaining even if it completely disregards physics and logic...

Full of bad cliche text and whatever comes out of actors mouth - you have heard or seen it already in other movies.

Formulaic Drivel .

He was far more entertaining as professional wrestler.

Really sets the film at a fast pace and adrenaline pumping for the next two hours of the movie.

This movie is exactly what you expect from the " Fast and Furious" series Jam packed with action and a touch of comedy Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham is a excellent pair of heroes The others main characters are just as action packed as Dwayne and Jason I would recommend this movie most definitely no disappointment

In the end it was boring.

An entertaining popcorn movie .

There's also appalling music and dull cgi action scenes, ridiculous location-hopping and a truly awful finale that's completely devoid of any emotion or excitement.

Focusing on the two fun characters Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Shaw (Jason Statham) in an all testosterone action packed movie that defines a big and loud blockbuster summer movie.

If you feel bore of regular Furious films after long period then i must say this New Franchise seems more interesting and definitely has more scope in future.

Like I said early the action scenes seemed a little repetitive.

Hobbs and Shaw stirs up a pretty predictable storyline (bad guy loses, good guys win and go home).

Fast paced and the graphics are excellent.

David Leitch did directed the film well it was a fast paced action film I enjoy it.

They have good chemistry and good banter with each other and it's very entertaining to watch them.

Funny and action packed .

Some may so easily dismiss the film as just pure schlock and have that as a negative, but the film feels so self aware and the film itself is entertaining enough that this doesn't pose itself as a problem for me.

There has to be some leniency on the action, particularly when the film knows its dumb fun, but some realism is required to actually make these situations engaging.

Overrated, very stupid, awful, disappointed, I've waste my time watching this this stupid

The end credit scenes felt pointless and forced, just more jokey scenes.

Hobbs and Shaw knows exactly what kind of movie it is and wisely leans into the curve to create a hugely entertaining summer blockbuster.

Shaw's sister Hattie, a MI6 special ops agent, is along for the thrill ride as the gear-grinding franchise takes off around the globe in a hyperbolic hydraulics ingenious fights and stunning bike car chases with unique and new evolutionary gravity defying ways to a spectacular scene running on the outside of a building with jumps and running jokes between the the two whole their as breathtaking stunts are promised an action-packed extravaganza filled with all out brawls and car chases.

Bloated, but ultimately enjoyable action spinoff .

All that acting talent and you get a dull script and desperate cameos from Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart.

In addition, the movies continue to push the boundaries of reality with the ridiculous aspects, relying on suspension of belief and focus on adrenaline doing everything superhuman to accept these feats.

The same is supported by Mind-blowing Action sequences, Car Blasts, Explosion, Breathtaking Stunts and Spectacular VFX.

A rare, action-filled and entertaining movie!.

A lot of adrenaline pumping action sequence, some smart oneliners and a wafer thin storyline.

Such an empty movie .

The Boring from fast n furious.

This has to be one of the worst movies of the year and definitely of the series.

You have the paper characters, a few jokes, the usual hardware, but otherwise zzzz...

Entertaining and fun to watch .

Repetitive repartee, cartoonish action and flat comedy for the most part.

The dynamic that they have built up in the previous movies is still there and to see these two characters banter back and forth is probably one of the more entertaining parts of the movie.

Hobbs and shaw was incredibly entertaining and one of the funniest films i have seen this year and most certainly held together by the comedic chemistry of the leading actors.

Fast & the furious started as such a good franchise with gripping plot and superb car chases that you could believe and now they are all superhuman super heroes.....

I really wanted to love this movie and the only time I enjoyed any moment in this movie was when Idris was in the scene, except for the end dialog scene which was so unnecessarily long and just dead boring.

The film went for far too long and had no substance.

Please watch it for fun and enjoyable experience .

The worst movie I've watched in the last month .

Predictable and cliches all over.

A glimpse of his cybernetics when he submits to a painful upgrade is intriguing.

Its was just waste of time.

The movie was boring.

Apart from some forgettable "reunite with your family because there's nothing more important" and "the human heart surpasses machines" nonsense, it did its job of being entertaining for a couple of hours.

Action packed and funny .

Very entertaining.

Don't waste your time with this garbage!

PROS: + Fun dynamic between Statham and Johnson + Vanessa Kirby + Non-stop action, with most of the set-pieces being pretty entertaining.

Vanessa Kirby is intriguing and Idris Elba is a great actor.

Very Enjoyable..!!. .

Very entertaining with solid acting and non-stop action.

Compelling nonsense .

there is no story, fun or chemistry.

Entertaining .

From action packed to family friendly in a split second.

If you are expecting realism, this is not for you, but if you want action packed, comedy, & special effects, this is the best of the best!

The movie was very entertaining.

Hobbs and Shaw was, entertaining, it brings us the over the top action, all the talk about family and a pretty good performance by Venessa Kirby.

And very enjoyable.

They've become very much like the Transformers movies, except actually enjoyable.

A way too long samoa tribute that clearly Johnson has wanted to wedge into any movie he could; that felt slapped on the movie that felt off from the rest of the movie.

But the highlight of the movie was the constant one liners between Hobbs and Shaw, by far the most entertaining part of the movie.

Look out for the A-list cameos in this impossible but extremely entertaining movie.

This is a very entertaining action flick.

This is one of the worst movies in 2019.

Action packed and amusing.

Many supporting characters, including Hobbs' family, had interesting lines that made the movie more enjoyable.

Crazy but FUN action blockbuster (with entertaining banter between the titular characters)) .

The movie was very entertaining and I did not feel the runtime almost at all.

Slow & Sedated: Dwayne & Jason get on my nerves.

His cameo was hilarious and unexpected).

Waste of time...

Hobbes and Shaw is an entertaining ride that runs on adrenaline and comedy as the main fuel.

The movie could've easily been shortened by 40 minutes and still would've been a complete waste of time.

stunning action thriller with plenty of laughs .

Just annoying and boring.

Of course, the car scenes while minimal were also as fast paced and exciting as usual.

Very exciting and the action is amazing .

His Transporter movies (mainly the first two) plus a few other 2000's action movies were entertaining and decent.

No story.

Two good actors which aint anyway the first members of fast crew in action packed movie.

Entertaining, fast paced and funny.

Waste of time .

By far the worst movie in the F&F series....

It has no story or script.

So besides no true tension in the film, the movie was very fun and enjoyable.

The plot was simple there was no real plot twists or anything that took you by surprise.

Super unrealistic but super entertaining.

I'm starting to get really bored by so many films now that are remakes, spin offs, reboots and whatever.

The movie is full of corny jokes and just bland scenes.


Don't waste your time on this movie.

action packed yet entertaining .

No script, no acting,no seriously i though it was A parody, painful to watch, please bring back vin diesel and pretty please change the director, damn...

save your money .

Just.. Boring to me.

There is too much technology, so much anti gravity and also action scenes and some exotic locations to satisfy any adrenaline junkies.

Don't waste your time.

Thoroughly enjoyable time .

And some predictable ones.

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham (2 very famous action actors) provide us a movie with funny moments (pick yours), lots of action, a view of Samoa, and very diverse environments to let go of the adrenaline ...

One of the worst movies I have seen

It's just so uninteresting.

The direction makes it worth the rumble, and the film at its core proves to be an enjoyable, although messy, ride with plenty to satisfy.

Action packed and hilarious!.

The bad news is that even with it's two actors and impressive action scenes, it feels a lot slower then it should be.

The film is basically great and stunning.

Over blown, egocentric, cheesy, predictable.

It never drags, the pacing never dips, and the slower/quieter moments are kept afloat by comedy and banter between the characters.

that formula is getting tiresome and also it was not done right in this film.

S.!! Worst movie I've watched this year!

I still enjoyed it though and the banter between Hobbs & Shaw was so corny and cliche it pulled the movie into the parody genre of action movies.

Yes, the scriptwriters attempted the emotional, relational connections to try to give the movie more substance, but in the end, Hobbs & Shaw became boring in places and stale in some of its more and more staged productions.

The movie has quiet surprising action sequels and the way they go OLD SCHOOL was quiet unexpected for me to watch.

My gf fall asleep 20 minutes before the end.

Fun-tastic mindless thrilling entertainment.

Its just boring.

Boring family drama instead of cool action movie .

That being said, it was entertaining.

If you are not fan of the series, it's a waste of time.

Totally enjoyed it.

An uneven film with a simple plot that is drawn out for far too long.

The film has very good special effects and a nice dialog; only the background of the greenscreen was a bit boring and not interesting The film is very entertaining and funny.

Just seen the movie today and I must say, I enjoyed it a lot more than I initially expected!

Overdone, Generic, and Boring.

The problem here is that the movie is cartoonish, predictable, the plot sucks and it's just way too dump.

Yet it eventually descends into a predictable, repetitive, mindless endeavor of special effects and R-rated Disney adventure rides on the big screen.

So funny & entertaining!

Really enjoyed it.

A lot of action packed into this movie as well as a lot of humor and fun.

The antagonism mixed with grudging respect and growing affection is very believable and the script, while not Shakespeare, is very enjoyable, with some funny zingers in it.

She gave up after 20 minutes but I think that it was entertaining, shallow popcorn movie.

We already witness such kind of script in past, And it's predictable, what going to be happn next, and how it ends.. .

You do have your typical fighting sequences that you are used to from the two leads here, but you also have the extremely wild chase sequences that were at times good, but with other times, it felt boring due to how stupid it got and by going on way longer than it should have.

The humor, the cast, a fast paced action packed direction, and is a great fun addition to the franchise.

It is worth watching .

this movie was really bad, it was immensely boring, the rock didn't even seem like the same character from fast and furious, wheres the beard, wheres his hard attitude?

Eye-popping action with a stunning finale...

Idris Elba as usual is wasted and Jason Statham is a likeable enough presence but the whole thing is really predictable and really doesn't earn it's 2 hour 20 minute running time and I never complain about that in an action movie.

you feel the adrenaline go up throughout the movie, Better than the other fast and furious movies i wish they continue with both actors together rather than the whole original cast

However the film itself is simply boring in comparison to anything in the Fast and Furious franchise.

All you folks who said that Avatar was visually stunning, you ain't seen nuthin!

Super exciting!

Fast-paced action, explosions, manic driving sequences, cyborg-enhanced villain, crude but amusing humor, an entertaining duo...

Waste of time and money .

The end credits tease the future directions for this spin-off series, and the cameos itself point to the exciting probable expanded star cast.

As a spin-off it's a total piece of crap, illogical, senseless, pointless waste of time, full of lazy writing and way too cartoonish.. flame throwers don't blow people away...!

He puts that flair and imagination to good use with a bigger budget, concocting ultra-stylised and eminently entertaining set-pieces that build on the characters' personalities, whether focusing on The Rock's bull-in-a-china-shop approach or The Stath's slick and swift method.

It's enjoyable at times, annoying at times, and overall, a 0.0 WAR.

This film felt disjointed.

This is the worst movie of the year -money machine .

With the introduction of Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker's death and in conclusion the appearance of Jason Statham, since the fourth chapter Fast and furious became just an action movie series, like other billions, surely with a big production that makes the movie at least not poor for what regards effects, but with a predictable plot and stereotypical actions and dialogues.

Though this movie is really entertaining and this cast simply brilliant for whats delivered.

Incomprehensible And predictable .

Not good, but so entertaining.

And yet, the Jason Statham-Dwayne Johnson film is still the most entertaining the franchise has been in years.

Big, dumb and entertaining .

Take the unrealistic and incredibly unpredictable nonstop action of the Fast & Furious movies, sprinkle in even more over the top comedy and cameos than previous movies with your usual blatant romance and nos switch scene out of the blue from the series, and you get Hobbs & Shaw.

This has to be one of the worst movies in the series.

As the film's attention mostly falls on this lead trio, Idris Elba relishes the squeezed time he has on screen, bringing entertaining swagger to an otherwise one-note character.

Cos i'm bored and totally not interested at all the directions they are heading, the words that comes out from their mouth makes me sleepy.. And we did change to John Wick 3.. I enjoyed that 100 times better than this for sure.. I watch this movie alone again later on just to proof my judgement is right.. Indeed after 2 hrs of my time wasted, this movie is really bad to the max.. Lucky thing is i watch for free online.. Didn't pay them a single cent.. I made this review cos i'm angry with such dishonesty in promoting this lousy movie with over 95% of fake reviews.. You have been warned guys..


Great fight scenes and car chases, and the script was very entertaining in the hands of The Rock and Stratham.

it was action packed and full of laughs .

Not a masterpiece, but entertaining AF.

I admit despite all this it is an entertaining movie.

The action is intense, the chase scenes are on point and it has a bit of humour.

The action sequences are over the top insane, exciting, and epic.

This movie gives the franchise a new twist but in a good way , cars are still present but i would have liked to see more of them but the good comedy and plot make this all up , it's a good action packed movie what you would expect from a fast & furious movie .

Every character is cliche and every stunt is epic, but still somehow dull.

Dwayne and Samoa family reunion part was mostly exciting.

Trust me it will be more entertaining.



This movie had real potential but got really corny and drawn out.

As this is the case, the film just uses a repetitive cycle of action and characters talking.

It's pretentious and self-defeating.

I've seen way too many action movies and I'm getting a little bit bored with them to be honest.

I fell asleep just near the end and woke up for the boss battle.

Action packed hilarious in places actually.

DUMB, but entertaining.

If you love watching Mission Impossible or Superhero style action packed light comedy movies, you should definitely watch this.

I got bored with this movie.

PROS:Dwayne Johnson And Jason Statham Are Fanatastic TogetherIdris Elba Is Awesome As The Bad GuyGreat Supporting Cast (Especially Vanessa Kirby)Davis Lietch's Stylish And Energetic DirectingThe Movie Is Stupid And Know ItThe Hilarious Banter Between Hobbs And ShawWell Choreographed And Fast Paced Action SequencesThe Visuals And CinematographyThe Final Third Act Is InsaneTwo Hilarious Cameos (Along With A Funny Mid Credits Scene)The Perfect EndingCONS:It May Be Too LongSome Iffy CGI

Worth the watch, I love fast and Furious and this is the perfect film that fits into the franchise.

Hobbs & Shaw was overall great entertaining movie.

I do like the rock, but he is starting to get seriously boring with his movie choices.

Stupid and boring movie.

Fast and Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw which is actually a spin off of these huge action packed franchise.

Bad written script and boring joke.

I strongly suggest you spend your time watching paint dry instead.

That's the only downsize with this movie, because anyone who watches this movie knows it's going to be crazy and action packed.

Enjoyed it.

I actually expected on Spin off fast and furious Hobbs and Shaw film and point and their back and forth dialogue was absolutely hilarious, or quarreling between them to be as entertaining as it was.

The comedy is in many forms, though primarily in the banter between the star characters, but also has some surprises in the form of cameos and unexpected side roads that are well timed.

Fit for purpose; lots of guns and action packed.

Despite its issues, however, the picture is undeniably enjoyable.

This was just boredom to the extreme, Way to much futuristic uses near to the point of terminator or even close to x-men.

My family made it a Redbox night and we found it entertaining.

This was unwatchable and not worth the money or time.

Thrilling car chases in London and Brixton in his modified motorcycle.

After watching the movie, I was suprised by how absolutely entertaining it is.

The fighting was really cool and it was amazing and great and thats really all there is to say because it was just mind blowing, there was also a lot of music and there was some great scenery and a lot of cool switch ups and the ending was great and i had no complaints and i loved the story and i am happy and excited to see angel has fallen soon when i can because i cant wait to see what other surprise modern action movies have nowadays.

Really enjoyed it.

This movie is super entertaining!

and I Say This Because There Are Not only Several { Pointed } Observations on The State of " Humanity-In-Our-Time " in The Film, but Also a Righteous Smattering of Unexpected & 'delightfully-Surprising' Little Treats.

Story same as most action movies,virus-agents-goverment etc etc.Am kinda disapointed about this one,lack of story,nothing about cars and races which is truly the brand of F&F.

Shaw is monotone and shuffled to side, as usual.

Waste of money!

Action packed insanity and wow factors .

I just felt like it was overlong and dragged at points.

If a cliche can be used , exploited, flipped over spanked twice and exploited again it is.

+ The high number of action scenes might be tiresome for some people.

The strongest part in this movie is the humour even if it falls platt a couple times i enjoyed it for the most part.

This movie is just so boring and so disappointing!

Your bloated, fairly-engaging, typical Dwayne Johnson flick!

If I was offered a free viewing of this movie I wouldn't even sit the show save your money and rather watch paint dry in your undies in the middle of winter as it would be more entertaining.

Jokes are bland, you don't really feel for the characters as they are caricatures of themselves, the characters don't grow in any meaningful way, the enemy is overpowered to a magical degree, etc.

Hobbs and Shaw, taking the two most entertaining parts of the Fast and Furious franchise, throws them together and gives us this.

It's cheesy over-the-top blockbuster nonsense designed to be as outrageously daft as possible, and might be reasonably fun, if it wasn't for the endless, supposedly comedic banter between its two stars, which results in a bloated runtime of well over two hours -- far too long for a film of this type.

Predictable, formulaic and unbelievable at every stage.

This film breaks the cardinal rule of movie making-it's boring.

It's a fast paced action ride with good humor & these guys doing what they were meant to do.

I can fairly say that Hobbs and Shaw is the worst movie I have ever seen in the cinema.

Cliche galore, buddy cop film you can miss .

Not proper storyline ,boring story line, nice action tho .

Whatever story there was was terrible the dialogue cliche and laughable.

This movie is really dumb but is extremely fun and entertaining.

I actually walked out of the movie about halfway through.

If you can put your logic and reality on hold for 2 hours, it's a fun movie that is refreshingly old school entertaining!

I found the story lazy, no suprices, boring, no street cars....

Waste of money, Waste of time, Waste of resources, damaging climate with all those big explosions.

Somehow boring .

Entertaining and amusing not more not less.

It was so boring I was on my phone almost the whole movie.

The only thing that was truly being logical and emotionally compelling is completely ignored by the end.

The story can be a bit slow to pace through and obvious attempts are made at building up a sequel but other than that the film is very enjoyable.

What a bloody joke and waste of time.

sometimes an over the top strategy backfires and all you get are cliche explosions, car chases and unfunny jokes.

You're unlikely to fall asleep.

Definitely worth watching...

Action packed from beginning to end, great story line.

It's ridiculous, fun, funny and bad ass and has all the things that have become mandatory to Fast & Furious movies, as well as one of the coolest fight scenes you'd expect out of a superhero flick with a touch of the X-Ray slow mo effect in the newer Mortal Kombat games.

dull .

Vanessa Kirby as Shaw's little sister definitely made the movie more fresh and exciting.

Throw in an unsurprisingly boss soundtrack, a couple of unexpected (and awesome) cameos, some downright hilarious moments and a raft of confidently magnetic performances and you have one of the year's most unashamedly fun blockbusters.

Not much of a story - pretty much cliched, but the fun-tastic mindless thrilling entertainment and comedy made up for the lack of a real original story.

most of it was hard to follow.

Rock and Jason both had an amazing chemistry and the humor in this movie was really funny and entertaining just because of these two throwing insults at each other.

Action Packed .

Also the helicopter only fired off one air to ground missile but both pods were empty after the crash.

The film is mildly amusing and exciting while being totally forgettable.

They are dull and limp.

Total waste of time.

The movie is entertaining throughout but the run-time is quite long.

It was just waste of time

Rather than having a distinct and unique flavor, it's bland and fails to stand out.

But even with that in mind, I was looking forward to being entertained by the action - but even the action was mundane.

Yawn .

Loved it fast and furious always bring action packed Evey year

Pace is too slow .

Also really really cliche .

Unwatchable bad .

Slow and natural attraction with small amount of flirting, mmm!

And yes, this is the worst movie of the year...

Waste of time

So much focus was put into managing the levels of testosterone, the chemistry of its leads and the unbelievability of the stunts, that seemingly an engaging plot was bottom of Leitch's agenda.

And the mixture of sprawling settings across the globe and high tech gadgets that give the impression F&F is trying to become an adrenaline filled version of Jame Bond.

Literally one of the worst movies i have ever seen, I dont understand what movie the other people watched and how on earth they can give this POS anything over a 5 star rating is betond me.

Their collaboration is often breathtaking.

There will always be an unexpected amazing plot in every Fast & Furious film.

2- Predictable.

The only time I laughed a little bit was when Kevin Hart was on the plane and that was it, after that I was falling asleep for most of the movie.

Plot predictable.

It's frustrating, but as the film goes on and focuses more on car chases and big scale action set pieces, Leitch and team get a better grip on the action, making for an entertaining summer adventure that benefits highly from four great central performances (Johnson, Statham, Kirby and Elba) as well as strong chemistry, an over the top nature and the theme of family which keeps this spinoff still grounded in the Fast & Furious universe.

Deadly virus- yawn all you need to prevent is quarantine or face masks (see contagion).

The animosity between Hobbs and Shaw is played to 110%, and for me the interplay frankly became a bit tiresome.

It was enjoyable to watch and the on screen chemistry of Hobbs and Shaw make for an enjoyable experience.

As a stand alone entry in the F&F franchise this film is entertaining enough and keeps you invested.

The Rock and Statham are hugely entertaining, especially when trading insults.

{ for Those of You Who Fancy a Nifty Little Serving of Some " Good, Old-Fashioned Brain Fodder  B50; " , on The Side of Your ( Otherwise ) 'traditional High Octane Adrenaline-Drenched Thrill-Rides' } ; the Writers Have Made It a Point to Show You Some " Serious Love❗" .

Boring and Over Done .

There are some cameos that are very entertaining and crowd pleasing.

An Action packed saga with some gravity defying action sequences .

And yet again its little dragged.

The Plot is extremely disjointed - and they really struggle to sew the whole thing together.

Despite those, the movie still strongly grasp with humor and intensive action scenes with a little hint of easter eggs, well who cares it is related to the original series or not when it comes to worth-watching, promisingly satisfied Hobbs and Shaw duo spin-off.

This film did an excellent job at keeping you on the edge of your seat and consistently entertained throughout the whole film.

Well worth the watch and on the big screen if you can.

Snappy dialogue and ridiculously over the top action.

Total waste of money, but hey, it was his money.

It's like a very predictable coming together movie crossed with Iron Man 3.


Overall, this is an enjoyable film that I am glad to have seen.

Every-time they were talking crap about each other, insulting each other or even looking at each other was entertaining asf.

What a great waste of time and money.

The movie was boring.

It's probably >the< blockbuster of this summer, with breathtaking scenes of action and an almost-permanent humor that can be summarily divided into two categories: 1) phallic jokes and other cocks comparisons, between Hobbs and Shaw, perfect for the 11-year-old teen who sleeps in each of us and 2) « I really want to be part of your amazing team ...

Funny, action packed, cars...

Ridiculous and predictable.

Me, I was bored.

My inner 10 year old self was smiling the whole way through this movie, it's like an 80's action movie on steroids it's a great entertaining movie with some excellent action and some very funny scenes.

He can handle delivering big action set pieces and make an exciting movie.

It is extremely charming, entertaining, and self aware.

Worst movie of 2019 .

Don't waste your money on this garbage!

The action is over the top but entertaining and exiting.

An enjoyable film .

An Action Packed Thriller.

.. you know whatI am gonna cut this review short, this a fun action packed movie made for the whole family, its not something that requires you to analyze every details and information or to recap certain events or something like that.. NO!

Boom-crash opera comprised of video game tier CGI action sequences -- tacked together with lulls of perfunctory dialogue?

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

Director David Leitch delivered an action packed, loud, and fun blockbuster film.

The biggest highlights of the film are the breathtaking action sequences and the banter between Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.

Boring plot and forced jokes.

Dwayne and Statham pull off some exciting chemistry between the two.

It's still a cheesy special effects ride that continues to rope money in, but it works quite well to bring the entertaining action spectacle to open August up.

Good but dragged.

Adding Shaw's sister in the mix makes it all the more enjoyable.

Hilarious, action packed and entertaining.


They should stick to racing cars and clever heists, as at least they were shorter and more exciting to watch.

She's a great anchor point for the story and an engaging character overall that seems to balance the macho meatheads of the other two.

Awesome thrilling .

Waste of money.

Honestly bored.

Don't waste your time .

action packed, nonsense comedy, and ridiculously testosterogenic(is that a word?

It's action packed, kinda cheesy, and full of heart.

This is just boring crap...

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham are never in better form, exchanging barbs of insult while at the same time fighting alongside (albeit reluctantly), a perfect model of an entertaining odd couple.

Very, Very Entertaining .

The action scenes were good, especially parts of the last fight scene which does something a bit different that a made it a bit more intriguing, which I'm not going to spoil.

A breathtaking entertainment .

Waste of My damn time .

A LiL Dragged Out .