Fast Company (1979) - Drama, Sport

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The famous drag racer Lonnie 'Lucky Man' Johnson is the star of the Fast Company, managed by the corrupt Phil Adamson Lonnie is the mentor of the promising funny car racer Billy 'The Kid' ...

IMDB: 5.5
Director: David Cronenberg
Stars: William Smith, Claudia Jennings
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 5 out of 26 found boring (19.23%)

One-line Reviews (21)

As with his body horror examinations and genuinely weird sexual fetishes ("Crash", another car flick by the director) Cronenberg invests as much of his creative energy to this "anomaly" in his career and the result is one enjoyable movie.

You don't always associated the word normal to his name, but even though its an entertaining piece, it's really nothing much out of the ordinary.

An Incredibly Dull Film by Cronenberg .

David Cronenberg's typically precise, meticulous direction, ably abetted by Mark Irwin's sparkling, slicker-than-fresh-motor-oil cinematography, Fred Mollin's vivacious banjo-plucking and harmonica-wailing country and western score, rough-thrashing rock tunes by Michael Stanley, superlative acting, a firm, moving camaraderie between Smith and his pit crew, such always pleasing exploitation picture ingredients as a little nudity and soft-core sex, wild fisticuffs, gritty, ragged-around-the-edges iconoclastic characters, hard-hitting profane dialogue, and the expectedly thrilling pedal-pushed-to-the-near-breaking-point-medal neck-snappingly fast and dangerous racetrack action (said racetrack action smokes more than the faulty exhaust fumes on a freaky souped-up funny car), offers a tantalizingly vivid and absorbing evocation of the racetrack milieu and its funky subculture (fawning groupies, harshly competitive male rivalry, on the take race officials, grimy, incredibly loyal and courageous pit crews, faceless fascistic corporate sponsor scum) that's so exact and credible that it will overpower the viewer's nostrils with the fetid stench of hot sweat, filthy petrol, stale beer and greasy engines.

If Cronenberg can make cars boring, maybe it's for the best that no one puts up money for his "Red Cars" project, especially seeing how poorly his last few movies have done.

The camera catches the action and you can feel yourself being dragged along at 200 plus miles an hour.

There is very little action, and what action there is mostly elicits yawns; either the sport of drag racing is uncinematic, or Cronenberg fails to make it cinematic (the only big stunts, at the very end, are spoiled by sloppy continuity).

Claudia Jennings is his long-distance girlfriend in a not wholly original, but fascinating look at the traveling race-car circuit and it's casualties.

The main problem with the movie apart from the awful sub-Springsteen "rawk" score, is a dull script.

Possibly it's due to the fact that - not because it's nonhorror - it's simply a boring movie.

Likable -- but utterly predictable as well, with Johnson eventually burning his bridges and forming his own little retinue of racers and girlfriends of racers to take on his replacement, who of course respects Johnson and doesn't like the dirty pool that Saxon and his henchmen are playing to try to discredit him.

Cronenberg aficionados, desperate to tie this flick in with the rest of his filmography, point to his fetishistic detail for car parts, loud engine noises and the overall workings of the machines but for the most part this plays out like a straight B-movie, made even more complete with some fancy display of solid sleaze and a somewhat cheesy (but still enjoyable) original rock soundtrack.

David Cronenberg's excellent, exciting and engrossing racetrack drama .

It's nothing overly showy, but it's a mildly entertaining romp for the undemanding.

The story is nothing worth mentioning, and the long scenes of people fixing cars and the even longer scenes of people getting in and out of cars or the scenes of planes taking off and landing are mind-numbingly dull.

Now I'd love to be able to say that's it's some kind of lost masterpiece and essential viewing for Cronenberg buffs, but to be honest it's just an enjoyable b-grade racing movie, the kind of flick AIP would have released without a blink of an eye.

There's definitely a lot of stunning gals in this picture.

Stupefyingly dull .

But when it wasn't focusing on the racing it becomes the usual the good guys v bad guys theme, where it becomes morally hounded and predictable.

"Fast Company" is an incredibly dull film by David Cronenberg.

Fast Company (1979)** (out of 4) Mildly entertaining drama about drag racer Lonnie Johnson (William Smith) who is battling an evil owner (John Saxon) who is after money instead of winning.