Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) - Adventure, Comedy, Drama

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An oddball journalist and his psychopathic lawyer travel to Las Vegas for a series of psychedelic escapades.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Terry Gilliam
Stars: Johnny Depp, Benicio Del Toro
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 97 out of 641 found boring (15.13%)

One-line Reviews (333)

It bores me.

I'm sorry, just a waste of time!

Frustrating but entertaining and interesting .

Extremely funny and entertaining.

This is by far the worst film I've seen Depp in, and his one-note line-delivery and unfunny performance get boring after just a few minutes.

Waste of time ...

Some may say this is a pointless movie and it might be true.

The same could be said of this movie; a shameless mess of a film, plotless, leisurely paced, full of unintelligible dialog and disorienting images, it nonetheless has become one of my favorites.

Thompson is that he is able to project so dire an image in an amazingly entertaining format.

I read all the comments, and it's like someone who thought the film was confusing as hell, just "didn't get it".

What was left over when all the enthusiasm of an entire generation ran out leaving them empty, confused and lonely.

Well, this is one of the most crazy and pointless movies i have ever experienced.

Wow, look he switch to 8 mm, then black and white, now it's slow mo all in 3 seconds!

good movie but it can be really boring!!!!.

And I'd add something related to a personal experience : the movie in itself could seem a little boring, meaningless, maybe you will (at first, and like I did) be annoyed by the special FX (hallucinations, among other things).

I'll be very short here and address to those who said 'pointless is the point' and 'the art of character acting' without intent to offend that they should try to make effort of thinking deeply and see how stupid it is.

Uppers,downers, screamers, poppers and more, all packed in a suitcase in the back of the car -prepare yourself for a thrilling journey with all the better mind altering drugs you wish you could have.

The dialogue is immense, in The Matrix club: The hippy comes into the restroom and asks Depp, who's spilt LSD on his sleeve: (In slow mo) 'Whutt's thu Trubble?

Unfortunately, unlike the far more enjoyable "Where the Buffalo Roam", we are never given any reason for wanting to see him.

I must say it's very strange, but at the same time it's quite compelling.

People who say this is just a crazy and pointless pro drug movie obviously don't understand it.

Johnny Depp's acting was good considering he was playing an annoying, constantly drugged up meaningless character, but this has to be the worst movie I have seen in my life, and that's saying a lot.

This film is pointless, ugly, silly, and far too pointed and obvious to make much of an impact.

The repetitive constraints of the theme enables Gilliam to do little more than inject some of himself into a rather boring story without getting too silly.

Here goes Worst Movie Ever.

It has kooky and hilarious, comical relief, but at the same time it got stupid and boring.

As for the motorcycle race thing it was awful to look at Johnny Depp saves this film with his hilarious performance delivering some of the funniest dialogs,there is no plot of the film its just 2 guys are drunk going here and there doing crazy stuff,the debate that these guys were looking for American dream is just not believable because only an idiot would smoke tons of smack & go in search of what he is looking for.

There was no plot.

I mean, is Las Vegas only the most inane choice of a location to engage in an intense drug-fest?

I was bored from the very beginning watching Depp stumble around in a way that was more akin to a Jim Carrey film than some supposedly intelligent view of a drug-related '70s trip.

I say 'pointless' because it's like the film is so intoxicated by its own exuberance, it doesn't even need an audience for that.

Some people also say that it has no plot, no point.

I think that you only have to have been outrageously drunk to get a lot of it, and it is visually stunning and wonderfully surreal throughout.

I found the movie to be annoying and repetitive.

More importantly, I thought it was boring -- so boring, in fact, that I couldn't sit through it at one time and had to try it again later.

Through all the insane drug hallucinations, psychotic and savagely brutal themes strewn within the vast outer layer of this story, lies an engrossing view of the North American culture and our own stumbling collapse.

This is a thoroughly entertaining picture.

But it's still engaging because of the well crafted visual style that makes it really worth a watch.

These films saw middle class life as being so easy that it all became just a suicidally dull bore, suburban man suffering for mundane reasons, not knowing what true horror was.

The first time I saw this film, I thought it was funny, confusing and not much else.

Where the book was a non stop, rollercoaster ride (oh, cliche) the movie seemed to creak from one indistinguishable piece of dialogue to the next, flinging in some cool special effects to wake me up.

The first time I watched this movie I was bored, even being a person who love almost everything kind of drug-related.

Also, let us not forget that this film is modeled on a true story on the accounts of writer Hunter S Thompson himself and a few directing differences aside this film is exactly like the book; whity, informative, watchable hundreds of times, enjoyable and thought provoking.

Pointless, disgusting , fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable.

A friend told me about this movie, and I just watch it yesterday, me and my girlfriend almost got sleep because Its in mayority boring, I feel sorry for the poor acting of jhonny deep and del toro.

The whole thing is just set up to try and capture Hunter's hedonistic life style and I guarantee that after seeing this movie you will wish your life was more exciting and it might even bring you to the point where you think 'Right, that's it, I'm going to go out, get drunk and go to Las Vegas and have a good old Hunt S Thompson-esquire adventure, and I don't care what you say.

I laughed my way through the opening sojourn in Bat Country, zonked out during the adventure in the Evil Circus, then fell asleep for a few minutes.

It opened with that song everyone knows and loves and then "We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the dessert when the drugs began to take hold.

The two intrepid fools set out for Vegas to report on a famous motorbike derby race, bringing along with them bushels of drugs, including coke, weed, shrooms, raw either and a synthesized version of pure human adrenaline that makes an appearance in one terrifying extended sequence.

But the movie is simply boring.

Unfilmable, unwatchable .

Then again, the life of a drug addict is itself rather pointless.

Our heroes are artists, looking down on a whole generation of hippies, as they have associated their sociopolitical ideals with drugs, using them as aids in their quest for an empty idealism, where for Dr. Duke and his lawyer, it?

You can handle your parent screaming at you for watching men slicing Z-s on each others forehead, but no one should be asked to handle your mom saying "Oh, great-grandmother sipped ether every night in her rocking chair, falling asleep with her legs spread and mouth wide open.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas certainly has a unique feel to it, plenty of style over substance and it's quite enjoyable even if it feels a bit pointless.

"We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold...

Thompson saying "We were somewhere near Barstowe, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold" This is the best start to a film, it explains what you can expect from the film, a wild series of events involving lots of drugs.

The movie's subsequent cult success is probably due to the fact that people with drug experiences can identify with certain events of the movie, but definitely, experiencing an acid trip yourself must be much more enjoyable than living it through the eyes of a bald Johnny Depp.

The directing is fast paced with offseting angles a lot of wide angle lenses.

This is like one of those tales told by a college buddy about a night's experience of too much drugs and/or booze - it goes on too long, it is embarrassing and uninteresting, and nobody cares about (or understands) what happened except those who were directly involved.

The movie is simply too hollow and empty for being a great movie, all it describes it madness, pure madness, and the effect and possible feeling of drug abuse.

His crazed sense of humour is fed through the whole piece, stopping it being indulgent or pretentious as it could easily have been.

However, I find the film a disappointment because I find it too long and tedious.

A Stupid Pointless Movie .

I liked the soundtrack and some of the scenes were fairly entertaining, it also had some very funny moments and the acting is excellent especially from Johnny Depp.

Much of the voice-over narration, particularly in the early parts of the film, creates an astonishingly pretentious ambience which only adds to the sense of malaise felt by viewers.

This is one of the most boring pieces of crap I have ever seen in my life.

I went into this film expecting a visually exciting, interesting, funny drama, and I was seriously disappointed.

the movie is worth watching anyway.

There is no plot.

So boring.

Despite its laudatory cast and first-rate production values, "Fear & Loathing" amounts to just another tedious anti-drug message movie, lacking both the characters and the witty ingenuity of Art Linson's "Where the Buffalo Roam" (1980) with "Saturday Night Live's" Bill Murray.

Colossal crashed out bore .

I hope you find the movie just as enjoyable, and if you don't, don't blame me; it's not for everyone.

And while it makes very little sense and gets lost somewhere in the smoldering deserts of Arizona, the always fascinating Johnny Depp makes this a trip worth taking, even for a one-time deal.

Mind blowing .

It was funny, creepy, sometimes pretty gross, and entertaining.

When you can wrench yourself away from homicidal thoughts about Depp's character, and actually look around at the rest of the movie, you find a boring, addled, stupid and pointless film that completely fails to capture whatever the book had going for it (and it was a good book, wasn't it?

I found that I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought.

The movie has no plot, no dialogue and is just two fools doing drugs for 2 hours.

Vacant and tedious .

I think that this is a great characterbased movie, in which the point for including all those weird acidhallucinations, dizzy camera movements, confusing speeches andstrange silly adventures are a way to show how sick and rotten isthe world in which the characters are trapped.

The worst movie I've ever seen.

splattered across the screens and I began my slow descent into utter boredom.

Just too boring.

Just like an acid trip, it was entertaining, tiring, miserable and funny as hell.

Watching them lose their minds is fascinating.

The pointlessness of the movie is a metaphor for the pointless pursuit of personal gratification and greed, the true heart of the "American Dream".

In fact, I found it, at times, fascinating.

The directing itself is fast paced with offseting angles a lot of wide angle lenses.

Both Depp and Del Toro, without doubt at least above average actors, seem impaired here by the whole charade of their delusional experiences, which, on the other hand, feel repetitive and vaguely conceived.

I liked some of the special effects and enjoyed seeing some of the cameo apperances but thought the movie was a waste of time.

Some of the reviews on this film are entertaining.

The special effects are really good to (the scene with the dinosaurs in the restaurant is hilarious and looks great) The movie has a great script and is very quotable, the voice-over which is delivered excellently by Johnny Depp is highly entertaining and very well-written.

Its visually stunning and leaves you breathless after every hilarious scene.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is probably not the most comfortable vehicle to sit through, nor does it demonstrate the best of Terry Gilliam's directorial talent, it still benefits from a humorous standpoint and provides a compelling cerebral that some will come to enjoy, while others will likely experience a sense of disgust.

Weird but fairly unique and enjoyable .

Fear and Loathing is a jittery, unpredictable film that shifts between sublimely executed set-plays and bizarre imagery.

Every scene is a masterful set piece full of energy and brutal humour, and the structure is fluid and compelling.

When two hardcore druggies plan to trip and plan on goin on a drug spree, there is no plot!

Overall, an interesting, compelling examination of the realities and myths surrounding the American Dream.

The only thing that really kept the movie entertaining and sometimes amazing was Johnny Depp.

there are many classic moments in the film, that amalgamate into a deliciously confusing romp on 70's drug culture.

People who consider the so-called "druggie lifestyle" a shock to the system and a form of artistic expression will most likely enjoy this (and there are lots of them, hence the major cult surrounding this movie), but I was bored or indifferent most of the time.

So I can truly recommend Fear and loathing in Las Vegas to anyone who is in for an entertaining movie.

This is engaging, and immensely so, for how far out it is.

I actually fell asleep and missed almost an hour of it.

But this is one incoherent mess that also doubles as a fascinating look at an American era, and I found it an intriguing study every step of the way.

Most of the time movies about people partying (Hangover, Superbad, etc) are boring, and predictable to me.

Between the anti-social behavior and trippy production, was a vast wasteland of cliche laden observations on a time period too far gone to care about.

Scenes of hallucinations are actually quite entertaining, especially the "lizard zoo" scene.

It's funny, very funny, and really entertaining if you can accept it with an open mind.

I fail to see how yet another typical film with this dull & tired message has anything fresh to contribute?

Most people says this movie is funny but pointless, some otherssays it's stupid AND pointless.

don't mystify, it's awfully boring .

Paranoid, unpredictable and out of control, Raoul Duke (Johnny Depp) and his lawyer Dr. Gonzo (Benicio Del Toro) venture through a drug bender in Las Vegas.

Also, Johnny Depp (an actor I usually enjoy) plays the main character almost as a bumbling, perplexed moron, rather than as the witty, sharp-tongued dynamo that makes the book so enjoyable.

Period setting (1971) in a truly hellish Las Vegas is very evocative of the mentality of the times - the counterculture is represented here by the protagonist.

so overall no great story, not a lot of sense, but very entertaining and funny, visually stunning and completely outrageous.

Although the movie does portray the drug culture in a surreal and often characterised style, it is entertaining to watch and is perfectly tailored to Thompson's insane interpretations of Las Vegas and the 1970s counterculture and post Anti Vietnam War era.

Fear and Loathing is one of those rare films that manages to be both a wildly entertaining, highly quotable comedy that plays well at parties, and an intelligent, introspective character study to be watched alone with the lights off and the mind open.

It is just excruciatingly boring, while you're waiting for punch lines which never come.

The bombardment of the bright, flashing lights of Las Vegas and the bizarre camera angles, as well as surreal sets make for an interesting and entertaining presentation regardless of a lack of coherency and taste.

Because this madness it describes so pointless just doesn't get to me, actually i found myself rather bored at times and especially towards the ending waiting for it just too end, i hated how the movie avoided all possible moral questions.

)somehow disarms & deconstruct themselves as well as the world in a top-thrilling humorous way ; this is a must for anyone who have no idea about what drugs works like ...

Quite rightly, Gilliam doesn't shy away from the dark, empty and depressing aspects of the drug culture of the early Seventies.

Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo seem pretty dull.

However, what people often fail to realise is that underneath all the cliché's and well thought out jokes there is actually a serious message that drugs can and will mess you up.

Boring and pointless .

Certain parts are very entertaining in a comedic sense (e.

I enjoyed it and I think the entire audience I saw it with loved it too.

All in all, I have to say that I don't know what to think about this movie, I enjoyed it quite a bit and I think with repeated viewings I might enjoy it that much more.

Johnny Depp is perfect as usual and turns in a studied performace as Duke (Thomson) and the use of bif names in minor roles just adds to the glorious confusion and "out there" feeling of the movie

This movie is too long and painfully dull.

I myself enjoyed it tremendously, though I have to recognize it's as loaded with screams and shouts as any French film from the seventies.

It says a lot about but in such a way that it's only by going through the experience that you can appreciate it, it's a bizarre, tautological therefore pointless mess.

Depp and Del Toro are doing performances of their careers in a film which has no real plot.

Trite little cut-ins of "60s" footage were daft.

But they do so with smiles on their faces and in a highly entertaining manner

Reason 1: Drug culture is boring (and at times, nauseating).

A great entertaining movie the funny thing a lot of this stuff really happened with Thompson and his attorney.

Terry Gilliam crafts the story as one long acid trip with no story.

The camera is busy, to no effect, and the performances are too hermetically weird to be even slightly enjoyable.

Even the CGI seems predictable (though I admit it is well used).

One fell asleep within 30 minutes, and my other friend and I just sat there quiet, trying to keep our eyes open.

Other than that, nothing really summed up the scenes and one could view this film as a bunch of incidents of one long drug binge depicted sequentially, with no real plot.

An all star list of cameos including Maguire, Barkin, Busey, Ricci, Harmon, Penn (of & Teller), Diaz and Lyle Lovett are all enjoyable and don't detract from the film in the way cameos sometimes can (`oh look it's etc').

A movie about two men on a drug binge is boring!

Why is the storyline so hard to follow?

Visually Spectacular but Equally Intense .

While the movie focuses primarily on this hedonistic duo, the movie is filled with some unexpected cameo appearances: Cameron Diaz, Lyle Lovett, Tobey MacGuire and Christina Ricci, just to name a few.

Overall, I highly recommend it to all film buffs, and I think more than one viewing would even be great to catch everything.

I truly believe that Fear and Loathing is a hugely under-rated film and i highly recommend it to anybody with an open mind.

Yet the only thing I can equate the experience to is the idea of hearing your buddy tell stories and reminisce about days gone by that are funny to him, but lengthy and tedious to those hearing them.

There's no upside here, no angle on it other than the whirl of the experience itself, and it s quite incredible how quickly that gets tedious - it's a long slow haul.

the point of a pointless movie.

I was expecting something totally different, so the first 20 minutes bored me.

Just as you thought it was gonna go in the depth with something, it turned around and walked out of it, something that for me made the movie feel very pointless and empty.

I personally found it fascinating.

Nonetheless, a fascinating read providing a journey to a time and a place and a culture long gone.


I discovered reefer, mescaline and acid more or less at the same time in my 27th year (1969), and must admit that the roller-coaster ride of the "psychedelic experience" was always as frightening and enjoyable for me as it seemed to be for Raoul and Dr. Gonzo.

For those who are stoned watching this crap here goes I've got three words for this movie but first I rather waste my time watching the lord of the rings trilogy then watch this crap.

Though I haven't read the book, I read a biography on Thompson, and he was really a fascinating man, he had some interesting philosophies and no one ever knew what he was about to do next.

If you're willing to suspend reality and are into something totally zany and unpredictable, then this is the movie to see.

A characterization of our drab existence and methods of coping with the bleakness and monotony.

It is entertaining.

Canted camera angles, out of sync dialogue, dreamlike imagery, senseless plot development, fast-cutting and slow-moing to the max'- the film, like the novel, is outrageously droll and wildly entertaining in its take on jangled reality and western capitalism.

There is an unpredictable wonder about "Fear and Loathing" that makes it so winning.

This week it was released on Video and I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first trip, My wife on the other-hand stated she was "Spiritually disturbed by the contents of the movie" and refused to watch it on tape.

But it sure makes for an entertaining movie.

Visually stunning.

But to me the biggest theme of the film is simply drug really mess with your mind and enjoyable to watch.

And worst off, there is no plot, none that i can discern at least, other than two drug addicts go to Vegas and walk around high.

One of the most entertaining films I've seen this year, one of the best from a top-notch filmmaker.

A film for pretentious stoners .

Some call this "Two druggies getting high with no plot.

or you have those who give it a 1 or 2, calling it a tedious mess.

Good concept, highly repetitive, decent directing, and competent acting.

The images were fascinating, Duke's monologue (as well as his drug-addled antics) was hilarious, and Johnny Depp's performance was great.

Benicio Del Toro rather mumbles his way through the stunning visual which - although understandable for a psychotic drug addled slob - is not the most pertinent screen presence.

Unusual camera angles, a brilliant soundtrack (Jefferson Airplane, Three Dog Night, Dead Kennedys) and truly weird events, each more strange than the last, convey the madness of mass drug intake superbly creating a very funny if confusing film.

What is even more intriguing is Gilliam's use of his camera, cinematography and backgrounds -- the camera essentially takes on the role of a third person, as it is constantly moving, positioned at awkward angles against harsh, dizzying backdrops, wallpapers and carpets.

Benicio Del Toro's excessive mumbling got in the way of an otherwise good, intense performance(Between this movie and the Usual Suspects, he has about two sentences worth of intelligible dialogue).

it was gripping because it was funny, interesting and so different.

Not a deep thinker, this movie is just entertaining.

I was a torture to watch this movie, I barely stayed awake to watch it till the end although it was too obvious by end of first hours that nothing special would happen.

So when I started watching this movie, for the fist half hour I checked my watch every five minutes out of boredom.

" is up to Gilliam's usual high standards, the actors are very good; it's the subject matter that bores.

i thoroughly enjoyed it.

I can't extract a meaning for all of it, no matter how hard I try, and there's only so much of repetitive scenes that seemingly lack meaning I can take before I become bored and drained.

Of those who saw it, they either deemed it non-stop uncontrollable hilarity or just an utter mess of confusion that was a waste of time or money.

like i just experienced possibly the second worst movie ever.

A waste of my money and time.

It has a life of its own, makes political, social, personal statements, and the way Gilliam's wit and imagination synergizes with that of Thompson's makes this a compelling and unique experience.

Since their reaction was supposed to be the entertainment, I was left feeling mighty bored during most of the drug crazed hotel scenes.

A little weird, but incredibly entertaining.

Lots of people says it just a boring movie with 2 people fooling around, and they're right(except from the boring part).

It is very funny and very exciting.

And while I get the idea how it is supposed to be pointless and get you a look into the acid world of being on a trip, it still doesn't do anything for me.

There is no plot in a trip.

The other aspect in addition to Thompson's warped view of the world is his habit of engaging in the lovingly coined term "Gonzo Journalism".

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is an exciting roller-coaster of fun and brilliant directing.

I watched this film with my neighbour, who fell asleep before an hour was gone.

Fear And Loathing is a tiresome movie, with adequate performances from the leads Jonny Depp(donnie brasco) and Benicia Del Torra(the fan).

On my top 10 worst movies ever list .

I am a big fan of the book of Fear and loathing in Las Vegas and the movie was just as enjoyable as the book, for me anyway.

A film worth watching if you are brave to experience another world of cinema.

But when he is "sane", Duke is messed up on either ether, LSD, or artificial adrenaline.

The book itself was a rather meandering, plotless tale -- an account of a frenetic drug-fueled escapade thinly disguised as a journalistic assignment -- expect Gilliam's movie to deliver much of the same.

And quite frankly I can't blame them, a movie like this can be tough to swallow but be sure that if you watch it with with a heart empty of prejudice (or a head full of pshycotropic substances) and you shall experience a tumble through a looking glass most twisted and frightening, and by god you'll love every minute of it.

You will literally fall into confusion, dizziness, and mental retardation within 5 minutes of watching this.


This movie is funny witty intelligent and a downright compelling and convincing performance by Johnny Depp of Hunter S Thompson.

This is the most boring movie I ever seen!

Boredom and Indifference in Las Vegas .

I would rate this movie as unwatchable TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!

Then it starts getting more interesting when Del toro is gone out of the picture cause he was so wasted that it got really annoying then boring when he's back then interesting again.

Amazingly boring.

Because drugs cause confusion and paranoia and users lose the ability of reasoning.

Johnny Depp was absolutely stunning as Raoul Duke, the alter-ego of Hunter S.

This is one of the most monotonous, repetitive, boring and pointless films I have ever witnessed.

I don't know what the deal is, but everyone has a really mediocre & cliché opinion of drugs affects on the mind.

) He and his "lawyer" are portrayed as a couple of very tanked boorish boring druggies who somehow avoid being nabbed in a place where the security is only slightly more relaxed than in a nuclear power plant.

I can't risk writing it in a couple of hours or, God forbid, tomorrow lest the insanely intense emotion it has effected upon me should fade away.

Fear and Loathing; excellent, entertaining and insane.

This movie can be somewhat hard to follow if you aren't following it.

My only complaint is how this film is repetitive.

Still, the movie is entertaining, if for not much more than the pleasure of watching Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro act high out of their minds.

but if you have to dig such an empty "lifestyle" (hedonism?

There are a few really enjoyable smaller roles, most notably Tobey Maguire as a freaked-out hitchhiker.

At least with this movie on video,you can hit the pause button for a couple of minutes,and come down for a bit if things get too intense.

Without the context and the knowledge of what's going through Duke's head over the course of these events, this movie must be unbearable.

The story seems compelling because it is just as outrageous as the main character.

What a waste of time.

I personally had to watch this film a second time before I got it and enjoyed it.

On the edge of the desert.

However, although director Terry Gilliam did attempt to incorporate the theme of the American Dream into the plot and narratives (primarily by constantly displaying the American flag all over the camera) it is obvious that the drug dazed Johnny Depp and Psychotic Benicio Del Toro, are far more entertaining for the average popcorn eating bubble head who's p***ed off about paying $14.50 for a ticket.

And, as we all know, the nature of being within the "thingy-ness" of all things is evocative of the nature of the film itself and the writings of Thompson.

After the drug trip, the movie concludes as if it all was a prolonged haze of confusion in a city with empty promises of the American Dream.

The visuals are stunning and truly capture Las Vegas as seen through the eyes of HST.

There is no plot and their is no sense of who these people are- other than stoned.

is - there is no story at all.

The plot was very slow moving, and most of the time, it was just two druggies swatting at non-existent animals.

In fact, I'd summarize FEAR AND LOATHING as this--the teacher assigns you to write an essay on World War II and you write a brilliant yet disjointed memoir about taking acid in Brussels.

For all those of you who decry this movie for being pointless and lacking soul, that was the point!

He gives a stunning performance mimicking Hunter's movements perfectly and stays true to the clothing and style used in the book.

I've got three words for this movie but first I rather waste my time watching the lord of the rings trilogy then watch this crap.

Still, Gilliam's film does contain some (admittedly disjointed) memorable scenes, good performances and well-chosen period music.

Thompson's work, begs for an audience of carefree-spirited decent human beings and asks the bored-with-life-thirty-somethings, to come on a magic carpet ride in search of the American dream in the heart of the U.

They are truly geniune and fascinating people who's shadow looms over this movie.

It is very entertaining and very literate, the way that Raoul Duke phrases things.

However, over a fairly repetitive and anarchic 118 minutes, the movie's charms wear pretty thin.

But I still enjoyed it because Johnny Depp is completely amazing.

Johnny Depp's-noir like narration is funny and the film is filled with entertaining gimmicks and operatic camera work.

But, staying with the positive, it's worth noting that the film's directed by one of the most visually stunning directors ever (Terry Gilliam) and if anyone can get a great performance out of a cast, it's him.

'pointless is the point' would be the same if I recorded garbage truck in the streets at night for ten minutes and someone goes on and asks me 'why'.

Okay, so, it's not really clean, but whatever, it's still worth watching.

) or MORE drugs to raise this to the level of "somewhat entertaining".

Very strange but strangely compelling… Beware of 'Bat Country'… .

Terry Gilliam's picture gets off to a surprisingly dull start, two eccentric money packed friends (each with his own neophilosophical views on life and drugs) driving to Las Vegas, no worries, only psychedelia.

The film seems to pass this over for more entertaining purposes, and while this doesn't significantly diminish the film's quality, it is still noticeable.

Certainly entertaining, and definitely a suitable time waster.

Sure, this film would have been even more boring without the visual gimmickry, but unlike "NBK" it's dull.

The book is loose, disjointed, strange and wacky.

Only Depp's performance was plausible enough to be enjoyable.

The adaption got such fine actors like Depp (before he was lost in his role as Captain You Know Who) and Benicio Del Toro - great cast, great acting, a good story and script, a fast paced movie driven by drugs and well wasted lives.

With great imagination and Depp on top form, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a wonderfully different, enjoyable film that puts the audience on a trip they'll never forget.

But what is essentially so fascinating about "Fear and Loathing" is its blazing style and blatant uniqueness.

No plot, really, just a quick visit into a period of complete insanity thanks to mescaline and other drugs.

The Depp's character is extremely entertaining, and I still to this day find myself quoting "Jesus, God!

After a period of great optimism in American history through the 1960s, all was shattered by the 70s, leaving an empty and uncertain future - it seems for some the only refuge was to leave a painful reality via chemicals and become immoral beasts - only perhaps this route brought nightmares infinitely more disturbing.

But the story contains too much misery and suffering to be entertaining.

Thompson is very "in" because he's a senior citizen who has survived heroin abuse and just-about-everything-else abuse as well as being an ersatz political/societal commentator but his "subject" in life always strikes me as being a bit empty and "pop".

Did they really think that watching actors pretend to be overdosed on drugs is entertaining?


Some people found this movie to be boring because only the first half-hour is funny, and that the rest is just them on weed.

Many didn't like this movie and disparage it both openly and to themselves; proclaiming it trash, redundant and pointless.

Enjoy it, I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever tried drugs, although I'm not condoning drug use.

I read Thompson's entertaining tome long before Gillian brought it to the big-screen and it just doesn't seem as much fun as when I perused its pages in the 1980s.

I personally had to watch this film a second time before I got it and enjoyed it.

its halfbaked only better acted with no plot.

I wish I was reiterating the groundbreaking philosophy presented in this film rather than reflecting on repetitive madness.

The actors mis-emphasize their lines and often speak too quickly, mumbling and/or screaming much of the time, making it even more difficult to follow unless you know the book inside-out.

Yes, there is no plot.

Confusing, disturbing,overwhelming,excellent .

It might be too 'slow' or you'd curse the 'lack of action'.

On the one hand, it's very bland.

This is really an anti-movie, in that it has virtually no plot, no beginning, middle, or end ...

Terry tries to give you the mind of a junkie, the fun, confusion, terror, paranoia and insanity.

And you will probably leave the theater shaking your head wondering what was the point and hoping that maybe someday in the future someone who understands the book makes a film out of it.

This makes the storyline of the movie come across as a hard-to-follow mess.

There was no plot, and the humor which isn't great begins to drag on after no real point is established.

It's just stupid and a waste of time.

All of a sudden, it clicks, the drug induced binges of depp and del toro take effect on my conciousness, I find myself deeply immersed in the out-takes of the duos.. I laugh histerically at the race and drug convention scenes, i cringe at the apartment flood and diner scenes.

Weirdly entertaining .

However, good direction and good acting can't make up for a weak plot drawn out past its abilities to be entertaining, annoying and boring redundancy, and the overall depressing hopelessness ever present in the cinematic mayhem that is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

It's a fun movie and a total mind-trip to watch, but it feels empty without any real narrative behind it.

It is a great way to start off in the mind blowing, bizarre, insane madness literary works of Hunter S.

I can't even begin to imagine what kind of skill it have taken to play these two odd balls in this movie, this movie really shows how talented they REALLY are, if the acting had been awful in this movie, it would have been a completely useless movie, but somehow this does manage to squeeze in a few enjoyable scenes in a movie that pretty much makes no sense.

There's no sense, no non-sense, no humor, if you can find something like "love for self-destruction", I think it's played on the screen in a really banal way.

I've seen a lot of movies in my life about deep thought and drug use and this was just a waste of 2 hours of my life.

This relentlessly pointless and quite boring film makes one wonder what has been going on in the life of Terry Gilliam recently for him to decide to waste his talent, his energy, his time - and other people's money - on making it.

And all those details, worth watching already just to see the face of Johnny Depp when he gets high on some weird human organ...

If you're looking for a funny movie to watch, this movie is worth watching.

the worst movie I have ever seen .

If you watched it thinking this was a pointless romp through a world of hallucination brought on by the excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol, well...

The lack of plot was part of the fun though.

Instead of the careful pace & dosage made by men & women who's metacognition is in perfect check, so that they may better themselves by exploring the countryside, whilst familiarising themselves with how time can slow down to a steady tick, in order to take note of every beautiful detail in a heightened punctilious manner...

Gilliam has embarrassed himself and hurt his reputation with this big, indulgent yawn of a film, and it's really no wonder that the critics uniformly thrashed it.

it is a totally unpredictable crazy movie, something you would expect from a movie where two guys go to las Vegas drunk and high 24/7.

The scenario as such is disjointed, pointless, and lacking any kind of real social comment or value.

Terry gilliam the director, the freaky brain behind monty python, brings this story to life and does it so well you feel as though you were lifted high and dragged down at the end of this fantastic film.

But it's still weirdly engaging and entertaining.

Gonzo pulling the knife on the waitress is the only truly compelling scene leading an interesting idea to conclude on.

At worst, it's a lousy mess with some good performances that elevate it above a complete disaster; a very weak movie worth watching.

The combination of these two actors, both method,as i should point out, is the stand out of this movie to the point where you are so immersed in their mannerisms and behaviours, that you seldom forget to watch out for so many interesting backdrops that Gilliam(Director) intended to show.

I found that I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought.

Some of the scenes in fear and Loathing in Las Vegas are simply just some of the most memorable and entertaining I have seen in a long time, for example the brilliantly set scene in Which Duke attempts to avoid a confrontation of any kind with one of the local police officers or the scene where Duke comes in to the hotel room discovering his attorney(Benicio Del Toro)lying in a bathtub, half clothed simply out of his mind on illegal drugs.. comedy and madness combined to make something too complex for words themselves.

It feels repetitive.

Once we get past the drugs, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) is clearly about the pursuit of the American dream; from liberty, freedom and creative expression in the most hollow and affected place in the universe - where the former spirit and defiance of the 60's generation has given way to apathy and self-loathing - to the blurring of fact and fiction, fantasy and reality; as a continual bombardment of creative excess and satirical abstraction captures that overwhelming sense of confusion, escape and pursuit that gives way to something that is part acid flashback, part Disney fantasia.

i think it's one of the best decisions i ever made, this is a stunning film, very in the spirit of the book (which i only read a year after seeing the film) and relly bringing the feelings of the lost and directionless US in the early 70s, the conformists and the anarchists.

It is clear after just 2-3 minutes into this film that it'll be boring.

Benicio Del Toro's character is just a dickhead who mumbles incoherently for two hours and does whatever his character requires him to at the time; every other character is either unfunny, stupid, or a pointless celebrity cameo.

Boring, pointless and not funny at all .

Technically, the film is breathtaking, the widescreen frame is used very well, each shot is composed with authority.

Might be pointless but still weirdly engaging and entertaining .

It's one of those films that you can have a quiet respect for, and is always enjoyable to see.

A thoroughly enjoyable film?

They walk and talk weird, become aggressive, have a lot of hallucination, sometimes shared with us as the audience, fall asleep and wake up in a mess.

Anyway my neighbour falling asleep or not during a film remains the soundest judgement ever.

After the scene in the bar at the hotel (the first few minutes are quite good), the film dives into a boring slog through weird unlikeable characters, random events and irritating performances.

Anyone who has ever been around real stoned people knows how boring they are to watch and Gilliam has captured that tedium all too accurately.