Ferdinand (2017) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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After Ferdinand, a bull with a big heart, is mistaken for a dangerous beast, he is captured and torn from his home. Determined to return to his family, he rallies a misfit team on the ultimate adventure.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Carlos Saldanha
Stars: John Cena, Kate McKinnon
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 13 out of 116 found boring (11.2%)

One-line Reviews (51)

It is pretty far-fetched, from an adults point of view but with that aside, it was a enjoyable movie, with some heart warming moments.

Unfortunately I noticed a substantial drop in the second part in which, although the animation itself is always excellent, the quality of the increasingly numerous gags and jokes is less fun, more childish and above all are more and more predictable, although some succeed to stand out.

In addition to all these referring to the story and sequences, the setting of the protagonist is intriguing.

It may be a bit generic with a predictable plot and some cliché characters.

One can say it is a lite entertaining movie with moral.

"Ferdinand" is actually a pretty funny movie with some pretty funny comedy, good animation, and very memorable characters which lead to a very enjoyable movie.

for the most part (there's a pointless dance sequence and a use of the "Macarena" song that feel out of place).

It was a bit slow in the middle at one spot I thought, but generally entertaining for me as well.

Although the story is fairly generic and the jokes mostly fall flat, 'Ferdinand' is still a entertaining family flick that somewhat stands out from the majority of recent animated films thanks to the important themes explored throughout, and its subtle commentary of the bullfighting sport.

Because of that, the film retains a quieter and slower tone...

But my 9 year old daughter enjoyed it, and I heard her giggling often, sometimes loudly!

When the film Ferdinand came out in the cinemas I didn't see it, but when I went to WHSMITH in May this year to see if it had come out on DVD and it was available I quickly bought the DVD because I love John Cena and Ferdinand was a really enjoyable film to watch and I really loved and enjoyed watching it and will watch it again as many times as I want because it is an excellent film.


I wouldn't say that this was the absolute best animated film there is but it is still very enjoyable non the less!


A film worth watching on multiple levels.

We (both adults) love this movie, with several great messages about being authentic to one's self, diversity, courage, kindness/love/respect, helping others, creating friends, loyalty and team work, etc. It's also really entertaining and funny; Kate Mckinnon and many of the situations and characters are hysterical.

While some things could mean an entertaining movie or TV show, this is usually meant for something that we rarely pay attention to like a landscape, a sunset, or even the flowers in your backyard.

Enjoyable cute and heartwarming.

Every bad joke you could imagine is in this movie; they are very silly, they are clichéd and they are so long that make you bored!

What a terribly bad and boring movie.

Second half was more entertaining, engaging and full of laughter.

There were some genuinely funny and sweet moments to make up for the film's flaws but all in all, the film was bland, cliched, and contrived.

Heartwarming, funny and all in all an enjoyable movie celebrating the value of friendship, being true to oneself and non-Violence.

I usually find animated movies please the entire family but this time my 8 year old was the only one who enjoyed it.

My husband & I enjoyed it, I noticed my 12 year old laughing at parts, & my 3 year old twins sat through the entire movie without growing tired of it.

Ferdinand : most terrible and boring movie ever.

Enjoyable film .

On an overall scale, Ferdinand is an enjoyable & wonderfully animated tale about embracing who you are rather than submitting & conforming to the societal norms, and makes up for a good dose of family-friendly entertainment.

It was predictable and bland with silly characters.

The plot itself is predictable and isn't much different from your average animated film, it's about misfits and a bull who gets taken away after having an accidental rampage in a flower festival and he tries to find his way home.

Absolutely worth watching .

Entertaining it is not.

Place that impactful storyline into animation and you have got an enjoyable hoot to savour.

'Ferdinand' does do essentially the same thing in the same way as most other family fare of the kind, using its simple story as a way to convey its heartfelt and important central message to all members of its wide audience, but luckily it also keeps close to the calibre of all but Pixar for most of its longer than usual run-time while keeping its obvious yet strangely unexplored (to this extent, for this audience) moral in keen focus; its an enjoyable experience throughout, one that isn't marred by its absolute predictability or occasional silliness, and the way it calmly pushes its peaceful overtones is deftly done, managing to hit me in all the right places even though I knew exactly what it was aiming for from the copious marketing and strangely notorious source-novel.

Plain dull .

But the cliche moments never came...

Unusually boring .

Extras on the DVD makes it worth watching over and over.

Sure, it's heart is in the right place, but the "be yourself" message is a bit cliché for a kids film.

What's most fascinating is how sometimes it becomes difficult to predict what happens next.

Or propaganda.

Not Great, But Enjoyable .

But then, it really got slow and stretched out.

This is a very fun movie with a lot of laughs, but between those laughs there are some slow parts.

Enjoyable and heartwarming .

There's a ton of pointless misadventures that don't support the story, and the level of humor and references really obscures the film's attempt at carrying an emotional weight.

enjoyable for the whole family .

This film is basically a cliché annoying kids film!

This movie is quite entertaining for all ages.

Nevertheless, this is enjoyable for the whole family.