Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) - Comedy

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A high school wise guy is determined to have a day off from school, despite what the Principal thinks of that.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: John Hughes
Stars: Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 49 out of 528 found boring (9.28%)

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Incidentally, Mr. Stein and his trademark monotone can be seen on several other movies and the clear eyes commercials.

Mia looked stunning as the "IT" girl of the 80a who's cool, hip and the girlfriend to our lead.

Take a break from Intense Drama movies and watch this .

Mia Sara is annoyingly bland..they could have gotten a better actress to play Sloane.

One side note- When I give educational presentations I often use the Ben Stein scene (discussing Taft/Hartley-Voodoo Economics) with all the bored students (that kid drooling on his desk is classic) as an opening ice-breaker.

Everyone's had a god-awful, boring teacher like Ben Stein, a friend who was wound up too tightly like Cameron, and a friend who got away with everything like Ferris.

A well-developed story, believable acting, and the unique directing insight of John Hughes make this film worthy of a Golden Globe nomination, and a must see for anyone looking for an entertaining blast to the past.

FERRIS BUELLER is light-hearted, brash, and full of humour, so it's just a pity that I didn't identify with the jerk lead in any way, shape or form, rendering this a near-unwatchable movie for me.

Small Flaws, but Highly Entertaining .

I believe this movie to be very entertaining and for pure enjoyment.

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is a watchable film, supremely entertaining, a good-looking film with its heart in the right place.

highly entertaining film, definitely one of the greatest teen films ever made .

a wonderful, hilarious and entertaining film.

Perhaps one example of the popularity of this movie is the fact that, 15 years later, Ben Stein is still capitalising on his "boring teacher" character.

Absolutely surreal and unrealistic, one of the worst movie was ever made .

It is fascinating that the main character doesn't undergo any change, any coming of age, he's the one who possesses the real truth and breaks the fourth wall to better deliver his message.

)But honestly, at least 60% of the movie is boring.

However, the one criticism with this film is more to do with the third of the partying trio, that being the stunning Mia Sara.

It also contains several things that make this movie an enjoyable watch: A classic Ferrari, a musical number (or two), an over zealous principal, and Matthew Broderick.

What makes this scene boring is that characters do nothing.

It has many fun moments (the parade scene especially) and enough ingenuity to keep boredom at bay.

There's that memorable exciting scene of the parade.

The most entertaining side-story is the Tom & Jerry chase between Ferris and the principal.

Marvelous interaction of characters and even Jennifer Beals (PNJ - pre nose job) is entertaining.

At this moment in time I am in a library at Havant College on a fine Spring day, I am so bored and the only thing I can think of is Carnivals and escape this place, I guess I know how Ferris felt.

The hairdos and clothes don't appear that dated, and it's still enjoyable for all.

I caught it on one of those cable channels a few weeks ago and was surprised how much I still enjoyed it.

But because it's one the the most entertaining movies of the 80's.

Sure setting a scene in museum is boring itself.

She's very bland and instantly forgettable.

the principal is the only enjoyable character in this movie...

It is marred slightly by some of the sentimentality, but the story is engaging and the script is smart and funny.

Very Entertaining Teen Film.

The characters are all one dimensional with a couple of bland ones.

Ted's Evaluation: 3 of 4 -- Worth watching.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off was an incredible funny and Exciting Movie!

Broderick is so believable, mischievous and exciting to watch, against the foil of his sister played by Jennifer Grey pre-Dirty Dancing.

I mean, Hughes wrote the screenplay in less than a week, so clearly had intentions on character focus rather than an absorbing plot.

And then he winks at Jeannie and she gives him one of her hate-filled stares (which she did all through the movie,) and her expressions were just so evocative!

It also seemed a little cliche in the sequence where Ferris is racing to get home before his parents, and stops while running through a yard to introduce himself to 2 girls in bikinis suntanning in their yard.

The exciting.

Broderick sneaks into his character effortlessly, being charming and fascinating from the very beginning and never letting his character be someone you won't like.

Mwah, it isnt a gripping drama or shocking story.

This is my favorite scene because it's quite entertaining and shows just how much Ferris is able to influence those around him.

I have an intense crush on Ferris Bueller.

Interesting camera shots include: a long shot of Ferris on the top of the float singing at the parade, a mid shot approximately 24 minutes into the film of Ferris and Cameron's feet right before they gaze upon the Ferrari, mid shots of the dull looks on the children's faces in school at the beginning of the film.

Ferris,in his fun trip around Chicago,takes his girlfriend and best friend along and tries to make it special for Cameron,who leads a very mundane life.

Hughes seems to know this as well, for while Jeanie and Cameron triumph, we get the sad impression that Ferris will head back to school, marry and have a fairly dull life.

Ferris Buellers Day Off is one of the funniest most entertaining films I have ever seen and never at any point while watching was I bored.

This movie isn't your run of the mill teenage comedy stuff like the American Pie series, but actually makes you believe that this genre can also be entertaining without the raunchy humor that typifies such flicks.

The smarta** kids, the monotone teacher, and the naïve parents are all needed to add cohesion to the piece.

In his efforts to drive the plot of the story, Ferris whisks Cameron and Sloane out of their boring, everyday lives onto an adventure to visit major must-sees in Chicago.

Well, this movie started off really well, in a fast and entertaining pace.

Watch how Ferris Bueller did it and how he enjoyed life to the fullest with his friends, far away from those boring teachers...

Although Cameron, much more reserved than Bueller, is a bit skeptical of Bueller's mischief, he slowly warms up to the idea of fun and even does the unexpected.

Entertaining and often very funny teen comedy directed by John Hughes who previously brought us The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles.

all the adults in the film are made to look like idiots, but if you can accept that, this comic-fantasy adventure is one entertaining roller-coaster ride.

The music selected heightens the suspenseful moments well and aids the quick cutting speed found throughout the film.

I found him boring guy who keeps on explaining why is he cool.

The movie was very dull, boring, slow and uneventful for me.

To attempt to assess the acting in this movie is just stupid and pretentious.

The soundtrack is a typical 80's melange, complete with Yello's soon-to-be-cliché "Oh Yeah".

I give this film four stars and highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to get into films of the teen genre.

Still a highly entertaining teen comedy after over twenty years .

Boring and not funny .

All the way through this is a very clever and entertaining film.

I liked the scene that focused on the faces of the students in the classroom as they hear a boring lecture from none other than Ben Stein.

Being in my late Teens, and full of boredom I need to escape, if you are in the same situation watch this film.

A Few Laughs, But Predictable and Over-Rated .

I found it dragged on: 103 minutes seemed like three hours.

What a self-indulgent piece of crap.

They think that they "deserve" to have an hedonistic, exciting and devil-may-care life.

Even though I found the movie amazing and flawless, some of plot has minor hole in it, but gets masked over due to the fast paced theme in the movie.

This film is a light entertaining feature with moments of embarrassment and hilarity.

"Ferris Bueller's day Off" has it's heart in the right place, just it has too many tricks, unlikable actions by the protagonist, and preposterous conflicts that get repetitive.


An era, where USA was in it's heights (pop culture were exported oversees), materialism was the name of the game (Ferrari GTO, stock market, slow food restaurants), the music was dance/pop/new wave (Ziggy Ziggy Sputnik, Yello,…MTV was the channel, which actually aired music videos), John Hughes made the movie in which everyone around the world could adopt.

This is done a bit better in "The Breakfast Club" though, that movie has more compelling characters.

It's that enjoyable!

Also, I hated Broderick as Ferris--he comes across as smug, obnoxious and boring.

Bush as a reference when the boring teacher played by the conservative, Ben Stein "something o-o economics.

I would consider `Ferris Bueller's Day Off' to be one of the classic movies of the 1980s and probably one of the most profoundly entertaining, enjoyable, hilarious and poignant movies of all time.

i suggest seeing this movie because it is very entertaining!

This life is a dream come true- as long as you ignore the final scene, which I suppose the director/writer John Hughes included to help movie-goers prepare for re-entry back into their pathetic and dreary lives.

In my memory, I'd concocted all sorts of exciting and dangerous escapades.

Despite Cameron's constant worrying of being caught, the gang lets loose in 2 extremely entertaining hours.

Ferris Bueller reportedly lives life on the edge, unplanned, spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment.

It's entertaining, it's funny, it's serious in times.

Worst movie ever .

This film is filled with very comical situations and this film is a great entertaining film which is lots of fun to view.

It's pure fun, combined with unexpected twists and turns, a bit of wisdom and a genius cast.

Looking for an enjoyable comedy, try this breaking-the-fourth-wall rebellious riot.

In fact, there's an amusing scene that effectively shows how uninspiring the classes are.

This, however, comes to mind as being a thoroughly enjoyable movie for kids, teens, adults, old people, etc, as it has that universal core- school stinks, enough to have one epic cut day, perhaps.

a crisper looking version of one of the more enjoyable teen movies of the 1980's complete with a plethora of interesting extras!

"If you find this movie enjoyable, try Office Space.

Good for a passtime but it can be a bit predictable and sometimes silly.

This movie is consistently funny and entertaining.

Hughes freely admits this as a sort of self-indulgent nostalgia binge; a place of refuge and comfort for the youth of his time.

I highly recommend it to everyone who hasn't seen it.

Charlie Sheen and Ben Stein make brief appearances and add to the overall festive day which sees Ferris breeze through a trip to the city, a visit to a posh restaurant, a museum and an unexpected appearance in a parade to sing Twist and Shout.

I really wanted to like it, after hearing friends talk about it like it were some paradigm of coming of age masterwork.

This film is a keeper,and despite the datedness of the music,clothes and hairstyles,this film is timeless in its theme and as always enjoyable.

He's convinced Ferris is up to something and decides to expose the "cheating" high school-er by engaging in a chase to trap him.

The english teacher (Dell Close) was another favorite, leaving Sloane and her classmates in la-la-land with his bland, dragging voice; 'In....

Yet another boring teen comedy .

This film incorporates great acting along with an entertaining plot that makes for a great comedy, just maybe not one for all ages.

At last, you must ask yourself with confusion, as well as fury, where is that great writer ?

I did get a laugh out of Charlie Sheen as the druggie in the station, but most of it was a bit bland.

Broderick lights up the screen and tackles this role with an effortless charm that is quite engaging and even appears quite comfortable during the moments when Ferris talks directly to the camera.

"This movie is a fun exciting movie to watch that will put you in a good mood.

Realistically, it's probably highly unlikely, if not altogether impossible for Ferris to have done all that he did during his day off in the Windy City, but it wouldn't have been very fun to watch a movie called, "Ferris Bueller's Uneventful Day Off" either.

The one really serious moment when Alan Ruck's Cameron is forced to face upto his past is stunning.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a teen coming of age comedy written and directed by John Hughes.

At first, i was a little bit skeptic, if I would be still fond of it, but after seeing it, i can only say:« Kudos to John and the cast for making this masterpiece, still watchable and enjoyable some 30 years after«.

The acting and shots are definitely strong aspects making the film a highly enjoyable one.

The film itself is funny and entertaining to watch from start to finish, with some scenes that feature a lovely Ferrari 250 GT California, which does get the attention of Ferris, who wants to take the Ferrari out for a spin.

it's the second most overrated movie next to godfather and it's boring and stupid.

My overall opinion of the film is that it is a highly entertaining film and definitely one of the greatest teen films ever made.

What is more exciting than playing hookie and almost getting caught?

Honestly there is no reason to pick out the flaws in this movie, because the movie is just flat out entertaining and funny.

The climax of the film kept me on the edge of my seat, constantly wondering if Ferris would make it through the day without being caught.

It was quite frankly mundane.

Ferris is a kid, an underdog, which we can all relate to; a clever kid, who just finds the system so boring and inept that he fails it for being "a righteous dude".

A thoroughly enjoyable movie,and a must see when you get your day off.

That can be for entertainment value, if you find these kinds of pranks and villains entertaining.

Ferris achieves his goal of having an enjoyable and fulfilling day.

The stereotypical portrayal of high school, the numerous amounts of close calls to get Ferris caught by his parents, and the extreme amount of arguing all add up to "Ferris Bueller's Day Off's" repetitive dynamics that enable any negative adjective to describe this film overall.

Ferris does not seem to cherish a good education, but he is a whole lot smarter than anyone else, especially his drab teachers (one of whom is played hilariously by Ben Stein).

By his talk of college, Ferris is probably making good enough marks, and having to sit through one tedious school day after another is wasting a good mind.

It's still entertaining though.

very entertaining .

The characters are straight out of Central Casting, the script is sophomoric and contrived.

There's also no message.

Well privileged little Ferris Bullers life is anything but mundane.

realistic portrayals of boring classes, easily tricked teachers, faking sick to stay home, and the utter joke that modern education is.

Looking back at high school, I see how pointless and what a joke it was.

This is more forgettable than remarkably entertaining.

He provides some good comedic relief as we watch him involved in his unexpected shenanigans that make his day a living (and funny) hell.

), especially the economics teacher (Ben Stein, in the role that launched his career) whose dull, monotone voice...

If only we could see a movie about a teenager like *him*, instead of this self-indulgent vehicle about a self-indulgent brat.

It's this ability I find so intriguing and sexy.

Watched this with my teenage daughter and she enjoyed it just as I did when I was her age.

In less capable hands than those of Matthew Broderick, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" might have been unbearable.

An unexpected frustration from a screenplay written by Hughes, who usually carefully creates every character.

Every scene these three are in is entertaining, and provide viewers with some of the most quotable lines ever delivered in a comedy, as well as beautiful imagery of downtown Chicago and a nostalgic 80s soundtrack.

The films message; Take a break from the mundane-take a 'Day off'-escape the banality of everyday life and find adventure.

The construction workers up above join in to a rousing rendition of Twist and Shout, and even Tom Bueller dances in his office.

The exciting and humor-filled ending brought the movie to a close and emphasized the importance of family and other lessons brought up throughout the movie.

Much loved, much quoted and preferred, it stands the test of time as a gripping, funny, high school caper.

Sloane Peterson plays the perfect girl for the wild and unpredictable Ferris Bueller.

From the weirdly adult choice of entertainment, to the variety of strange and hardly believable events that unfold, such as the principal's obsession, or Cameron entering a catatonic state at some point, to the parade scene, the film feels like a collection of random events sparsely unfolding between a lot of silence or uninteresting/unfunny dialog.

The storyline is entertaining, enjoyable and gripping enough to keep you hanging on to the end.

The movie is really just a simply entertaining and excellent concept.

Dated But Still Fun And Entertaining .

Reasonalby well shot, cliché dialogue, predictable plot, I can't say I really enjoyed this thing from frame one.

One of the most energetic, fun and entertaining movies I have ever seen.

It's entertaining, and very cool.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a fascinating romp of hilarity with true moments of tenderness to keep every viewer happy.

While the movie's focus is obviously on Ferris' respite from the mundane and celebrating the freedom thereof he's not selfish.

It was recorded in an engaging way with some narratives directed to the viewer made by the main actor himself without making it seem strange.

At least this film inspired the much more enjoyable Parker Lewis Can't Lose series which was so much more funny.

He actually has the most performance-intensive role in this one.

The teachers are portrayed as dull, boring, uninspiring goofs (which is exactly what I thought of some of mine!

Further analyzing their Chicago Art Institute excursion, this scene stands out for its slower pace and more serious mood than the rest of the movie.

While entertaining, it shows the struggle that some teachers, especially principals have to deal with.

Ferris, the character, probably found his day off to be wildly exciting.

School is portrayed at a dull and boring place with dull and boring teachers.

Weird Science was dumb and boring, Breakfast Club was slow, nothing interesting happened, Pretty In Pink completly sucked.

But Hughes' problem is that his change in progression is too swift - the movie goes from being a light-hearted comedy to this pretentious study of teenage angst in which it takes our selfish Cameron hours to realize he must step up to his father...

Then the movie has a lot of pure garbage-scenes involving the principal that tries to get back at Bueller but is forced to endure some incredibly boring and unoriginal slapstick.

I probably figured it was another dreary John Hughes "teen angst" flick.

The conflicts are engaging, the action shots are funny, and one actually gets a chance to care about the characters.

The thrill of escaping your regular boring high-school and venturing off into the busy streets of downtown Chicago compiles together one hilarious film.

It's just another boring teen comedy.

The whole Ferrari-crash-through-window thing was the most pointless movie scene ever.

what is very enjoyable are the humorous parts where Ferris has to hide or escape from certain conditions which would ruin his day of fun; along with various humors of his principal Rooney while chasing Ferris.

Ferris Bueller is a role model to those who's only wish is to live on the edge and take every opportunity that is thrown your way!

For 75 minutes this film is a slick, enjoyable, silly fantasy that is great fun as it exists in a completely different universe that we all wish we were in.

Ahhh, I can't handle it, I am so bored.

Great blend of snappy dialogue and unbelieveable events with great support from a fine ensemble cast.

Sounds can change entire aspects of a movie making it fearful or joyful and throughout this movie the majority of the sounds are cheerful and show joy for Ferris and Cameron, whereas for Mr. Rooney and Ferris's sister are negative and dull.

The one thing that gives the film more depth than other John Hughes films, and what makes the film so stunning, is the philosophy behind it.

This 1-day long story has fascinating characters, that also includes a good-for-nothing antagonist.

Somewhat to my surprise, it holds up quite well and I had an enjoyable couple of hours with Ferris and the gang.

A good director can make a scene set in boring classroom interesting.

, and where are his enjoyable, innocent, and meaningful comedies ?

Anyway, this is a movie well worth watching - over and over and over...

It's a good movie, but I personally found it predictable to a fault.

The writing is smart and pointed in criticism of the mundane.

Some moments are fast paced and hilarious.

One of the most entertaining movies ever made, especially if you ever went to high-school.

I might even go as far as to say it is predictable.

While I loved this movie as a kid, and I find the surreal aspects of the movie incredibly enjoyable, it hasn't aged very well.

Extremely entertaining .

This very successful 80's comedy stars the very entertaining Matthew Broderick.

To make his nice spring day much more enjoyable he needs his best friend Cameron Frye (Speed's Alan Ruck) and girlfriend Sloane Peterson (Mia Sara) to join him.

If we don't stop and look around a bit, we might miss it" , one could say sometimes it's great for the movie-watchers to take a break from watching all those high intense drama movies and watch some light-hearted movies like this.

For those who are into the kind of humour that "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" has to offer, I think it should be entertaining to some degree.

An incredibly popular high school senior (Broderick) plays hooky, checking out the Chicago attractions with his empty-headed girlfriend (Sara) and idiot best friend (Ruck).

Also the sounds emphasize where you are for example when the dean of students, Mr. Rooney is in the arcade it is a lot of noise and random objects emphasizing chaos and lots of confusion for him making him make mistakes and mistake a girl for Ferris.

In all, it is an extremely entertaining, funny, and enjoyable film (directed towards ages 11-25).

This will always be a great teen coming of age movie, or at least a movie for people under the age of 30 who were recently in high school.

Does it any deeper meaning or just pointless.

I definitely know how it feels: you've had to get up at some silly time in the morning just to attend registration, (*cough* scare small children as you look like a Shaun of the dead extra *cough*); you end up sitting next to some poor child who has an unfortunate bodily odour beast of a problem, and the plan of attempting suicide with a ruler or launching yourself out the window gradually becomes more appealing when your teacher is about as exciting as a pile of mud.

Disappointment and a bore .

Well, the movie actually has some really great humor and plus its a little enjoyable to watch with a great soundtrack.

Empty and soulless, this film says nothing except that ruining your father's car and house is a good thing to do if you are depressed.

+So ridiculous+Only works if Broderick is as good as he is+Fast paced with another laugh just around the corner8.8/10

Ruck is fascinating as Cameron, and when I grew tired of Ferris' antics, I found myself looking forward to watching Ruck's elucidation of his character.

The sheer bombastic feel-good nature of this rather plotless comedy is too good to pass up.

Apart from that, the movie is just a typical John Hughes film, coming of age and such and such.

It's just a bland, bad egg.

") and his lip-syncing to a rock song (which, after Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" and Rodney Dangerfield in "Easy Money," was well on its way to become a modern-day movie cliché).

I've watched this movie countless times and find it greatly entertaining every time, many of the scenes are real classics.

I have a strong dislike for teenage and coming of age films they take themselves too seriously and don't really get what being a teenager is all about.

And as long as it stays that way, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" will remain one of the most entertaining, satirical, and accessible comedies around.

Ferris Bueller is entertaining the whole way through and I think it probably inspires a lot of teens to take their own day off from school.

It's all terrific, inspired fun until the third act when Hughes trudges out his usual collegiate psychobabble aimed squarely at the lesser characters of Ruck and Sara; then the whole thing submerges into the usual deep self-pity that renders his movies unbearable.