Fido (2006) - Comedy, Drama, Horror

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Space radiation turns dead into Zombies. Zomcon fights zombies and finds ways to pacify and use them. On preteen Timmy's 1950s suburban street, all have a zombie doing menial chores. Timmy's zombie becomes his pet/friend and is named Fido.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Andrew Currie
Stars: Kesun Loder, Billy Connolly
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 103 found boring (15.53%)

One-line Reviews (58)

Though it's enjoyable, there's little of this that becomes centered around horror scenes which is really the only thing wrong here even though it's a pretty big issue.

Brilliant and exciting Canadian horror comedy import is one of the better horror comedies in recent memory!

I rewatched this fine little zombie-comedy gem lately and greatly enjoyed it again.

"Fido" is pretty entertaining even when the pace is slow at times!

Overall: ******* 7.5/10Fido is a fun, enjoyable film with minimal gore, an easily followed story, and a likable cast.

The storyline is slow and boring and the plot doesn't make any sense.

However after the really cool idea, it needs something more compelling.

But its got a new twist----it's boring and slow.

Even though I knew I wanted to see Fido I was honestly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

Boring and plodding .

An Enjoyable Lighthearted Film .

That made it still a film far more worth watching than any Michael Bay crap.

Though that is to say, it's also a great popcorn film, something fun to play during social events, and much more deserving of its attention than some other tongue-in-cheek cult films out there that are all too aware of their camp value to even try to rise above it (not that that's wrong, but sometimes a bit tiresome).

Just saw the World Preem of Fido at the Toronto International Film Festival and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Themes : ******** 8/10Although Fido deals with two of life's most serious issues, it manages to do so in a fun and entertaining way.

A refreshing take on the whole zombie schtick, Fido is a thoroughly entertaining, deliciously dark comedy that should appeal to anyone with a slightly twisted sense of humour.

Boring, unfunny zombie film .

The early 50s atmosphere is stunning, the acting terrific, and the entire production shows a lot of careful planning.

If she wrote a review she would give Fido 1 star and call it the worst movie of all time.

Every moment was entertaining.

It's sinister and a little empty.

It's a comedy/family/zombie film immersed in the 1950 vibe.

Not only that, there's plenty of enjoyable about the manner of treatment brought to ensure this with some rather well-thought-out explanations used to keep that a cohesive part of the story and really grounds this one quite nicely.

The writing is solid on the ideas scale, but the screenplay gets tedious and slow for a big chunk in the middle of the film.

Jan "Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical" Kiesser's cinematography is lush and evocative, as are Don "Rollercoaster" MacDonald's apropos score and the small cavalcade of 50s pop songs that propel "Fido" to its "Lassie, Come Home" resolution.

Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish with great performances, awesome effects, and a fun plot.

This film combines 1950s propaganda, zombies, the humor of "Shaun of the Dead" and a unique story to create a world that is both funny and fascinating.

What it turned out to be was a few zombies with some gray face paint on milling around until we wound down to a totally predictable ending.

Fido is one of those rare gems that manages to find its way into the all of the noise: it is an entertaining, fun-filled family delight, besides having maybe a few things to say about our relationship to the 50s and especially how 50s produced imagery affects our consideration of that era.

but if you watch it alone, it will be a bit boring.

Great cast, cool funny story, wonderfully dark and entertaining.

The writing is excellent, very crisp and entertaining.

The zombies were defeated (they were old style zombies, slow and almost harmless) and domesticated.

Highly enjoyable .

It cruises along with a ultra-light monotone satire.

The movie also opens with an uninteresting and unnecessary introduction (the video the class is watching).

This movie is incredibly well done and entertaining.

There were moments of utter genius, but there were also moments of pure boredom.

We have the head honchos daughter who is a fine shot, we have Zombies doing menial jobs, with a soundtrack from the fifties and the most intense colour cinematography.

Yawn of the Dead .

If you are up for it the experience will be enjoyable!

It also wasn't helped by bland characters - not the mockingly plain characters of stuff like The Truman Show or Pleasantville, but just terribly uninteresting - or some pretty bad acting - especially the kid - and the third act turns incredibly corny.

He is able to convey Fido's confusion, longing, hatred, and loyalty through only his eyes, lumbering body, and grunts.

Waste of time .

I was bored and very disappointed with this.

The last premise is what allows for fascinating questions.

But it's so totally BORING!

What I liked about this movie was it maintained its theme and its mood through out, unlike films that take unexpected turns (for the worst!

If you're expecting another Shaun of the Dead, don't waste your time.

The makers of this film have managed to make a movie with zombies that is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

If you have a short attention span and are used to the typical Hollywood stuff you probably wouldn't like this as it is a bit slower paced.

On a night when everyone else was going ape over Harry Potter and the All-Star game, I was sitting in a near empty movie theater enjoying the perfect flick - stunning mid-century Modern decor and fashions, gorgeous old school Technicolor cinematography, wicked irony, witty dialogue, zombies, gore, cool cars, the works.

I think it works surprisingly well, but this kind of satire seems to divide those that find it funny while others seem to consider it dull garbage.

I really wanted to like Fido but after the initial novelty of this movie wore off, it got pretty boring.

Thoroughly believable and, perhaps even more importantly, enjoyable performances by Dylan Baker, Carrie-Anne Moss and young actor K'Sun Ray, whom I suspect we'll be seeing a lot more of in future features.

Suddenly the viewer is immersed in a world of beautiful classic cars, "Eisenhower era" dress, art deco furniture, and zombie servants.

"Fido" is entertaining and enjoyable comedy and includes lots of laughs.

Here is why: As a standard horror movie for the standard horror crowd, where action and gore and scares are taken into consideration, this movie WILL bore you.