Fifty Shades Freed (2018) - Drama, Romance, Thriller

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Anastasia and Christian get married, but Jack Hyde continues to threaten their relationship.

IMDB: 4.5
Director: James Foley
Stars: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 58 out of 221 found boring (26.24%)

One-line Reviews (131)

A complete waste of time and effort.

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the concept of Dada Cinema, but basically it was a term created for something that had no plot at all, zero, nilch.

What a waste of time and money .

It had all the suspension from the books and none of the funny, breathtaking or dramatic turn of events were left out.

However visually stunning, "Fifty Shades Freed" remains a teenage fantasy with outlandish melodrama and impossible characters.

This mundane movie shows less erotic sex this time around (lots of moaning and groaning though), less nudity (excluding Ms. Johnson's taut nipples that tend to overact slightly more than the actress), and less screen time in its less-than-two hours length (its strongest selling point).

It's a shame also that the characters of Christian and Ana are so bland.

worst movie .

Biggest problem with these films are lack of story.

All they enjoyed doing was each other, and every sex scene seemed pointless.

The most boring part of the movie is the 'SHOCKING' love scenes.

Then, it felt it was a completely waste of time.

Slowest script, without structure, without climax, with nothing...

Better than the rest of them but the plots were still predictable and terrible acting in some scenes.

Waste of Money.

Inside a tub, at Mia's, in red rooms, black rooms, cars or beds, any cliché and "coveted" place will have the shameful DNA of "Freed".

The rest of the cast may be good-looking but were similarly bland, from Brant Daugherty (as Ana's stiff bodyguard Sawyer) to Arielle Kebbel (as the flirty architect Gia Matteo).

I have also read the books and while the sex scenes get boring there is at least some element of emotion and passion in the books which wasn't on the film.

Save your money, I know we did.

Curiously, those elements are what made this movie more entertaining than I expected.

VERDICT: A tedious end to a damp squib of a trilogy which sees Johnson as the only one to be freed completely unscathed.

A boring, dull film .

Surprisingly, Freed plays out very smoothly, making the film enjoyable for what it was/is.

Quite possibly one of the worst movies I've ever sat through.

Unlike other reviews I found this more than the rather boring sex of the other two films.

Then there is the story, even though it is the film with the most plot it still is so thin structurally, heavy in repetition, so badly plodding and without style or atmosphere that the film feels twice as long.

It was much better than Darker and more entertaining than the first.

Rather than bland, uninterested looks, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan finally have some heat into their acting actually seeming to love each other than just tolerate.


This series is not brilliant, but still entertaining.

It is all so formulaic: Christian and Ana look hot and horny, begin to talk dirty, have foreplay with various hand-held instruments, cue music ballad for mood, show Ms. Johnson's breasts, glimpse at Mr. Dornan's dimpled derrière, tastefully-shot short sex romp follows, fade out to next scene.

Just plain boring its as simple as that.

Also, a lot of scenes felt rushed and the daydreams/ flashbacks were repetitive and almost unnecessary.

The sex scenes are boring, nothing sexy or too scandalous about them.

The Greys become the old married couple who are so boring that even their sex doesn't look particularly new anymore.

For a sexed up girl like Ana, who can't get enough of Christian, that just made it completely contrived to create tension.

To sum up my biggest complaints with this franchise were casting Jaimie Dornan who is a mediocre Christian Grey and a bland actor in general and not showing him full frontal.

This is pure escapism with beautiful people, scenery, music and story and I enjoyed it for what it was...

Even the other people in the cinema were feeling irritated and bored; about 20 minutes into the film they started walking in and out of the cinema hall.

was not needed over one hour to point that ) , i became literraly bored waiting the main action to begin, and when is finally start ...

Many negative reviews here pose as a swift rejection of the movie as stupid or boring, which doesn't satisfy me.

Aside from trying to figure out why Hyde hated Grey with a passion, the newlyweds also try to deal with an unexpected guest.

Gone is the novelty of the Red Room and sadism and life seems to be settling into ho-hum.

There was a good suspenseful plot and some wonderful scenes around the World.

The acting was boring, flat and emotionless throughout.

But it was enjoyable, heartfelt, flirty, humorous, and a little emotional.

Yawn .

He morphs from a male-chauvinistic playboy with sado-masochistic tendencies into a dull, jealous, and controlling dolt with sado-masochistic tendencies.

If you remember it, the first one centered on an arc for Anastasia to go on, from virginal student to a sexually awakened paramour, but after the tedious second film, here there is no such luck on having that arc again.

It's shockingly stale and unsexy and long and repetitive.

Everything is horribly contrived and silly, with a climax that feels out of place and conflict that lacks tension and is instead unintentionally silly.

no story as such ...

The story jumped from pointless scene to pointless scene with no real plot.



The first of the three that is actually emotionally intense.

Its smut, just like all the films in the franchise but it was stupidly entertaining and I quite liked it.

The dull direction of James Foley seems more interested in the luxurious trappings than actually creating an interesting movie.

Of course all these plot points are strung together by dull conversations and embarrassingly awkward sex scenes that seem forced and just shoved in as an after-thought - almost as if they made the whole film and only realised at the end that it was Fifty Shades and they need some sex somewhere.

It seems like just a series of random pointless scenes strung together, by the weakest example of a plot that I've seen in a film in quite some time, just so they can give the viewer lots of erotic excessive sex scenes (as well as lots of pointless nudity).

but now in this third one she was unbearable.

The whole "bondage, play-room, dominatrix" (whatever you want to call it) was so boring.

The scenery is lush and nice to look at, which helped make the movie more enjoyable.

A total waste of time for anyone.

I have ever seen the worst movie on my life.

The cinematography by John Schwartzman is stunning.


BDSM does not equal RapePersonally, I do not particularly enjoy watching movies that revolve around emotionless, bland characters who have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever.

I understand that they wanted to present the beginning of Mrs.Robbinson into the story, but the whole walking on the trail to the pond part was a little boring and could've been done a little differently.

The acting is cheesy, the scenes are predictable, and the plot is weak.

Atrocious, unwatchable, boring, lame, unsexy....

But his third movie was simply a waste of time, money, energy and talent.

Although there are no plane crashes, labor harassment, suicidal chicks or older "friends"; there are incredibly unbearable plays deriving from such rich issues as responsibility, marriage and motherhood.

The paper-thin story actually centered around dreary side character Eric Hyde and his vindictiveness, than about Christian Grey and his BDSM obsession.

How it jumps from each pointless event to the next without much cohesion, how hysterical its dialogue is, how inept the central chemistry is, how we're meant to root for this couple, toxicity be damned, or how the sex isn't as scary as they would have you think.

The actors are enjoyable, they give weight to their characters and i belive that just like you cant think of Legolas (for example) without thinking Orlando Bloom, you wont be able to read the novels or see the movies and imagine other actors in their places.

And my god is this boring.. I have never yawned this much during a movie.

The film tries to get your attention (again) by boasting about the fortune and the stuff Mr. Grey can buy and really, this was boring in the second movie already.

Other parts of Danny Elfman's score are one-note and repetitive, as well as too derivative of his recent work.

Although I loved Jamie Dornan in The Fall, this movie is completely dull from start to finish.

In my opinion, the first film had the most exciting sex scenes, the second one had the best story and this one has the best mix of elements.

TL;DRThin, boring plot strung together by uninteresting and unnecessary scenesStrangely placed and unsexy sex scenes, with nearly no BDSM (the initial draw)Iffy acting and bad writing compliment each otherAn underwhelming 'climax'--------------------------It wasn't too long ago that the Fifty Shades of Grey was a common subject of conversation (and subject to much ridicule).

No storyline!

I found the plot more engaging, at least this one has some suspense.

The cringey acting compliments the bad script, both proving awkward and dull.

No I will start of as the simplistic reviews I was criticizing, but yes, the plot is boring and half-witted.

Yet again, the result is as tedious as the previous films; adapted by James' husband, Niall Leonard again Freed doesn't have much of a story as such.

Waste of time!

The second (they both mingle) is about Jack Hyde's revenge and here we get from boring to boring and stupid.

Just don't waste your money.

It's lucky this is the last film in the series I have to say because if the films continued to slide in quality at this rate they would become unbearable pretty quickly.

The first two at least entertaining at most....

The whole movie is pointless, shows little or no improvement other than a cliché villain who does the most predictable thing based on the worst justification available.

Fifty Shades Bored to Death .

Don't waste your time with this...

For me it was fascinating!

Triviality is what makes this movie so great and worth watching.

This was absolutely the worst movie I have seen in years (at least until we saw 15:17 to Paris, which was worse).

The sheer boredom spread through the unbearable laziness of the script, the empty looks of the actors, the meaningless cuts, senseless sequnces of the scenes...


I enjoyed it.

Just waste of time.

None of these movies are going to be confused with high cinematic art, but they still can be pretty enjoyable, if you accept them for what they are - sexy romantic fantasy.

Taking about boring boring, wooden performances by all and sundry..Dakota , needs acting lessons, as does Dorian.

To throw off the confusing plot even more, their honeymoon comes to an abrupt stop due to an attempted break-in to Christian's house.


Performances were stale, direction and plot was dull, and the script is terrible with clichés.

Plus it never takes the serious side of what kind of relationship that the author was aiming for when she initially wrote the books by taking a full-on dive into erotic obsession, it basically ends in the same route thus resulting in something that's horrendously tame, filled with mostly poor affairs, not too bad enough to be audience guilty pleasures or indeed good enough to be, well, entertaining.

The story is just predictable and shots which should have been cut still exist.

Total waste of money .

Entirely unrealistic and yet still somehow as straight-forward and uninteresting as you'll ever see in a cinema-released film.

With a lacklustre story, poorly drawn characters, sluggishly slow pace and unsexy, forced sex scenes, it doesn't matter how attractive the leads are or how funny it all is, this is just proof that sometimes fan-fiction should just remain fan-fiction.

The love scenes are about as bland as you could ever imagine.

This one is pretty entertaining in its genre, especially for fans of the books, and that's good enough.

However, I must say, Fifty shades freed was surprisingly entertaining.

It was a bore with loose narrative threads and sex scenes as fillers.

While the film does have a better plot and is more engaging than the previous films in the series it is hampered by many of the same issues that hindered the series.

Real Contender for "worst movie ever" .

Trite, dull and completely devoid of any chemistry.

This must be the least coherent, most half-arsed, pointless movies I have ever seen in this sharade we call life.

Freed felt like such an unnecessary effort which makes me wonder how uneventful the books must be.

In closing though, I'm not going to say this is the worst movie I've ever seen, it doesn't even reach the top 100 mark, but it is a dull and phoned in effort that only exists to cash in on the success of a popular book series and while those books were infamous for how badly they were written, this is simply too unmemorable to become infamous for anything.

The plot is nonsensical and nothing happens till the last twenty minutes.

Jamie Dornan looks uncomfortable throughout, delivers his cringe-worthy lines awkwardly and is just bland as dishwater with no charisma whatsoever.

If it wasn't for her famous parents she would not have been cast, she is plain, boring, monotone voice does my head in, nothing appealing about her at all.

The sex scenes became tedious after a while, because we have seen the couple do every position possible in the previous movies, and the acting wasn't that great.

I was expecting the franchise to end with a bang but every aspect of the storyline was boring and uninteresting.

Metallic colors predominate and a beautiful white is only glimpsed at the beginning, a necessary contrast of repetitive dark nuances.

Perhaps the fault instead lies at the director James Foley and writer Niall Leonard, for having an uninteresting story with blandly drawn characters.

Worst movie ever .

The other thought was how the hell this movie was going to end, seriously, how do you end a movie with no plot?