Fighting with My Family (2019) - Biography, Comedy, Drama

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A former wrestler and his family make a living performing at small venues around the country while his kids dream of joining World Wrestling Entertainment.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Stephen Merchant
Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Lena Headey
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 23 out of 206 found boring (11.16%)

One-line Reviews (113)

The textbook structure of the script never grows into the culprit, it is entertaining even when Merchant is pulling off a montage sequence of the training our protagonist goes through.

Delivering the goods with plenty of heart, it may be nostalgic to some & inspiring to others but it is by all means a welcome & heartfelt tribute to all the wrestlers who continue to put their bodies on line week after week just for the sake of entertaining us.

Character development, major themes of family, friendship, dedication, and many other subplots actually work well to provide an engaging film that isn't quite the norm for this genre.

Mostly dull and uninteresting with a few funny moments .

Aside from that the acting from everyone was pretty great, especially from Florence Pugh and Jack Lowden, whilst Dwayne Johnson was entertaining in the couple of scenes that he is in.

Fighting with My Family is a very enjoyable movie to watch.

) Hyped as the true story of WWEs Divas Champion Paige's rise to fame, supported with cameos by WWE hall of famers, you'd be within your rights to presume this is another film from the WWE propaganda portfolio.


For people who are known or just a fan of wrestling, this film is extra entertaining.


It's balanced on many levels, telling an entertaining story, with multiple levels than the typical comedy brings to you.

Overall, Fighting with My Family is a pretty exciting and good film.

The movie is entertaining and is a must watch.

Nevertheless, this entertaining biopic isn't a generic, shallow account of the wrestling world that you'll forget once you've seen it.

I can't really say I know the story, but the movie works well to blend the structures with that Hollywood magic to make it entertaining.

Really boring actually!

It's so funny and enjoyable.

The overall design of the movie was bland and a bit boring.

"Fighting with My Family" is an entertaining and funny film if a little slight and though I can't imagine it's going to be anybody's favourite film of all time, it's a lot of fun to watch and I'm sure would be enjoyed by anyone.

He breathes his fanboy moments onto papers that makes each mundane moment cinematic.

Its quite enjoyable.

"Fighting with my family" is an entertaining film to watch.

Who would find this entertaining?

I was completely bored through out the entire movie, not only was I bored I kept having to nudge my husband because he kept falling asleep and starting to snore.

Entertaining & heartwarming.

How can you have Stephen Merchant put in such a pointless neutered performance in?

On an overall scale, Fighting with My Family is a finely crafted, properly narrated & wonderfully performed sports comedy that's amusing, entertaining & moving in sufficient doses.

Very enjoyable movie with a take home message.

It has a great and simple story but yet a deep and true story that will make you cry but will make you laugh as much and this is a movie worth watching.

By the first look the film is cliche, and predictable.

The Rock was barely in this movie and the story was predictable Hollywood redemption story.

In all seriousness, it is very entertaining and informative to watch his real-life impact on Paige.

I watched this film with my husband and we both enjoyed it.

worth watching even if you don't like wrestling

Boring .

The plot of the movie is so predictable and so dull it should have never been green lit.

Beautiful acted by both brother and sister and many of the supporting cast this is a thoroughly enjoyable watch.

Florence Pugh kills it as Paige with her believable and intense performance from the way she cries to the way she slams in the ring!

The direction is fast paced, energetic, and it kept the story moving.

Soraya/Paige's story is somewhat predictable: will she make it to the giant stadium for a title bout at "Wrestlemania"?.

Whilst he demonstrates that he's a competent director I felt that the writing was a little formulaic, especially with the humour which felt a little obvious most of the time.

It's a true story, but it relies on played out tropes and rote cliche and it also reenacts certain key events incorrectly to embellish that cliched core.

This is more gripping and grim than its subject matter might suggest.

Entertaining family film .

It's a slam and worth watching.

Fighting with My Family (2019) 7.3 Act 1 - 7.7 Act 2 - 7.0 Act 3 - 7.2Good Great performances all around Story about family and following dreams Good story Enjoyable overall film Care about and root for characters Strong story between brother and sisterBad Some cliches as expected in a sports film Some corny lines A few overly manufactured moments Wrestling scenes weren't very good

Stephen Merchant shines a new light on an often mocked industry, in a fascinating biopic of one of the WWE's most influential women ever.

Saw this movie on weekend it is really pretty good film it's enjoyable it shows a lot of moments with motivation, and if you know Paige well it's not her real name it's Saraya-Jade Bevis.

Whilst Paige's story is fairly formulaic and simple, the aspect of the plot involving her brother Zak and how he coped with not being picked for the WWE training programme was really well-written.

The awfully boring plucky under dog story where the main hero has to go through austerity to reach their goal and win against superior opponents ?

this movie was boring.

Look, if you've ever seen an Underdog Sports Movie Based on a True Story and enjoyed it, you'll most likely enjoy the hell out of this.

Packs few surprises but a thouroghly enjoyable comedy/drama.

Pretty awesome, I enjoyed it because it was based on a true story.

It was very engaging and very funny, with very appealing characters.

The script and direction of Stephen Merchant were both excellent ( the unsung hero of The Office pairing with Ricky Gervais )Ignoring this was based on a real story it was an excellent story of ambition and opportunity where the ultimate prize is the razzmatazz of the American dream - compare that with with the dreary backdrop of an English pebble dashed rendered council estate and you have your rags to riches story .

Instead I get nearly 2 hours of cheese, sorry maybe only a hour because I fell asleep on and off during this.

To conclude, there is really nothing wrong with this film unless you are both attentive and know about the WWE, besides this, you will have an entertaining, heart warming, charming experience with good laughs throughout.

Uninteresting and uninspired story.

It's the same 'underdog' story that we've seen time and time again in pictures of this ilk, so it is all very predictable.

At the end the main actress defeat her rival also very predictable!

Entertaining and informative film about the tough wrestling world.

I give Fighting with My Family an enjoyable 7/10.

It's a nice film to watch about a triumph over adversity, discovering your self-identity and success against the odds, but 70 percent of the narrative was super serious and slow paced - I guess I wasn't expecting that.

I guess i got bored half way into the movie...

I found it kept my interest through the whole film and really enjoyed it.

A coming of age story which everyone can relate to when it comes to chasing a dream and balancing the challenges that come with it.

Funny, entertaining, sometimes heartbreaking.

But the real standout comes from his snappy writing, as all the jokes and emotional moments land.

It added a genuinely intriguing element to the narrative and helped to raise my score for the film.

Because the fights in the film can be seen a bit slower, you can clearly see that the fights are fake.

In regards to the rest of the tale, the semi predictable plot is something else difficult to ignore, though again, the rest of the movie sort of offsets this component so it's only a minor area of improvement.

Based on a true story, Stephen Merchant presents a funny, predictable biopic that will surprise you with the feels.

Dwayne Johnson delivers an enjoyable performance once again.

Enjoyable movie based on a true story

Always good to see The Rock be the rock, as the two scenes with him were enjoyable and funny.

Dave Mastiff and Kip Sabian are two of the most obvious but there's a few more (and a dig a Pete Dunne which is funny, if slightly confusing).

Funny, entertaining and manages to make you care for the cast.

But the film itself was enjoyable & didn't once have a boring un-entertaining part in it.

Enjoyable and heartwarming.

He enjoyed it so much he contacted his "Tooth Fairy" co-star Steven Merchant about writing a screenplay about the Knight family's outrageous shenanigans.

Solid and entertaining .

Funny and moving, as well as fully engrossing.

funny & entertaining all the way!

The comic timing and chemistry between him and the other actors is worth watching.

There's not a bad performance in the movie, from the brooding nature of Jack Lowden's portrayal of Zak through to the always entertaining Nick Frost, as the father just trying to make ends meet.

worth watching even if you don't like wrestling .

I don't usually go out of a movie, but this one was just probably the worst movie I've seen in my life.

Dwayne Johnson delivers an enjoyable performance once again.

Clare's Compelling Reviews gives this movie an admirable 4.5 stars.

I enjoyed this movies, it's funny, entertaining and gives an interesting insight into the world of wrestling.

The movie's pacing is off from the get go.

Yes, I tend to stay awake at the cinema during a movie.

Great humour and entertaining film!

Despite having a some-what predictable plot, thanks to the acting and the interactions between the characters (specially the chemistry between Paige and her brother), the film keeps you interested in its story.

But I have to say the documentary about the Knights is much more entertaining and full off life, as brooding and wonderfully diverse Florence Pugh was in the film, she has nothing of the charisma Saraya Knight has.

It is touching despite being highly predictable.

Disgusting humour, very bad acting and incredibly slow pacing.

If you can think of every sporting cliche going then you wont be disappointed as they are all in this film.


Another problem is the pacing of the end which does show her progression after training, but it felt rushed compared to the slower first half.

The comic timing and chemistry between him and the other actors is worth watching.

Very engaging.

Well worth watching!!

With a great cast (Pugh and Lowden surprisingly being the standouts), a good balance of humour and drama, and an engaging script, Merchant manages to deliver the traditional formula with a real knockout, pushing the cliches against the ropes and winning over the crowd.

endearing & entertaining movie, Florence at her best.. .

Sad boring day at the theater.

She gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Florida for intensive training.

Very entertaining .

Fun coming of age story with a great amount of laughter, drama, and of course wrestling.

Really well directed, funny and engaging.

It's a well done if slightly predictable "underdog" story.

But i enjoyed it so much.