Final Destination 2 (2003) - Horror, Thriller

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When Kimberly has a violent premonition of a highway pileup she blocks the freeway, keeping a few others meant to die, safe...Or are they? The survivors mysteriously start dying and it's up to Kimberly to stop it before she's next.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: David R. Ellis
Stars: A.J. Cook, Ali Larter
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 49 out of 479 found boring (10.22%)

One-line Reviews (286)

Very unpredictable fun and you aren't a sicko if you actually loved the death scenes.

All the characters were fairly bland - so you didn't care if they horribly die.

Also the soul created by Shirley Walker was brilliant, it adds tensions when it comes to serious and unexpected situations.

There are some extremely memorable moments throughout, and the movie was enjoyable for the most part.

alright but this movie was so boring that I'm getting bored reviewing so I'll speak plainly...

The dialogue seems to make this movie a little cheesy, but it is still surprisingly entertaining.

From the dialog, to the lack of continuity between and even during scenes, to the pathetic death sequences this is one long ride to boredom.

Cook, Michael Landes, and Ali Larter (from FD1) are engaging, with Larter's presence tying things together nicely between FD1 and FD2.

I just found that really fascinating.

The characters are lame and empty; nonetheless the actors, specially the state trooper...

I watched it and enjoyed it.

No characters, no plot (other than a rehash of the last film), nothing new, no spark, no flair, no good performances, few real scares and basically a real lazy and unnecessary sequel.

The pace of the movie runs very smoothly and quick, keeping us on the edge of our seats.

This is compounded by the tendency here to showcase the warning signs rather well here as the suspenseful nature of these supposed encounters is some incredible foreshadowing on what's going to happen, and the fact that there's some rather creepy moments from these issues makes this quite fun.

It's a very enjoyable hour and a half and is a very good sequel to it's predecessor.

The death scenarios were all pretty entertaining, and if you weren't tired of the formula after the first movie, you'll probably enjoy the escalated efforts of this second installment.

This time, it's much more predictable than the original one and much more surreal.

The opening sequence of the car crashes is one of the most mind blowing, well crafted, orchestrated pile up crash I have seen in a movie.

The opening car disaster is great--exciting, violent and bloody.

The hospital room blowing up was just plain boring, what was so special?

The deaths are boring, predictable and ridiculous.

Like I said - I found this gory film to be offensive, dull and quite unpleasant to watch.

I found it to be that Final Destination 2 was more exciting, more gory, and more suspenseful than the original.

Excessively gory film with a truly sickening ending is otherwise an entertaining and worthy sequel, although it is just a bloodier version of the original film.


enjoyable to watch...

Ellis I thought Final Destination 2 was a throughly entertaining film & a worthy sequel.

Lots of people survive near death experiences every year and most of them aren't brutally killed afterwards in ridiculous, contrived manners.

* Crap * * Below Par * * * Worth Watching * * * * Good * * * * * Excellent WARNING *POSSIBLE SPOILERS* Having just viewed a preview screening of Final Destination 2 I have to say I was quite pleasently surprised.

However, like the first film this one here has a very intriguing story dealing with cheating death that at least makes it watchable throughout.

This film however is too worried about being hip to a younger crowd that it's virtually pointless.

Entertaining Sequel, best watched on DVD .

as I already said it: predictable and surreal.

It was all pretty predictable and if you didn't see the twist ending happening a mile away - you probably need to go back to school.

Anyway, the crash scene has to be one of the most harrowing and action packed scenes of the film, and it was a great idea to have it at the beginning.

Although I thought the whole "death is coming for us again" was dumb, it was still entertaining and scary.

We get a lot of mumbo-jumbo about "death's design" and "list of death", but those of us who saw the first FD will yawn and think about something else.

This one was an immensely enjoyable sequel that really rivals the original.

The result, aided by an ingenious script, was a highly entertaining film - sometimes funny, sometimes scary, sometimes just good.

First of all, most of the acting (with the exception of Ali Larter) is way overdone, except for a few parts, the entire movie is thoughrally predictable and incredibly fake, and a lot of the scenes are just bad versions of ones from the first movie with different characters.

There were only two deaths that were genuinely scary or at least weren't so gory as to be psychotic and those were: when the women has a pipe driven through her seat and it misses her but minutes later the airbag activates and slams her head onto the spike (makes you wonder why we have those), and the beginning scene with the pileup is truly breathtaking.

Regardless, a sequel that's at least worth watching.

Great Action, no plot.

There where parts in this movie that really kind of disturbed me but thats what made it so exciting and so suspenseful cause you new it was gonna happen just didn't know when.

But the first 15 - 20 minutes where we lead up to and then witness the initial car pile up is IMHO one of the most entertaining pieces of film ever.

They had to totally drag out a decapitation.

Rating 7.8/10, check this film out as its very entertaining.

Then it unfolded into a predictable movie.

The death scenes are very intense/gory and unexpected giving it a massive fear factor.

Absolutely impossibly stupid but entertaining .

This was a very solid sequel, really entertaining and fun to watch.

FD4 was pure parody and juvenile, but still oddly entertaining in it's awfulness!

A Very Enjoyable Horror Flick .

It's fun, it's surprisingly gory and it's very entertaining.

I went through other comments, and all that, and most of the "pro" comments seem to call it watchable, scary, gory, suspenseful...

The deaths here are mostly more impressive, less subtle, as some of the original deaths were slow and seemingly could have been easily avoided.

AJ Cook portrays what turns out to be a very compelling leading character.

Some might think the movie will be too predictable, but its amazing at how unpredictable it turned out to be.

The next best thing is the cliché ratio, which is a lot higher than just about anything else I have ever seen.

And after watching FD2 I noticed the similarities in appearance between the gorgeous Ali Larter and the stunning Deborah Unger.

The story of the movie is very gripping and holds audience's interest right till the end.

Every line was cliche'.

However, the makers of Final Destination 2 clearly recognise this, and rather than trying to make a superior film, they try to out-do the first in shock value and death scenes, and at times succeed, as well as making the story involving and entertaining too.

The Formula shows signs of boring Repetitiveness in the Dialog about Death and its Plan.

In fact, the opening highway accident is incredibly well shot and set up and the actually violence and trauma of the collisions are breathtaking.

again the acting wasn't anything amazing, Ali Larter wasn't very convincing, AJ Cook i thought lead the cast better then Devon Sawa in the first, Michael Landes was really monotone, Tony Todd did really good again though, and the rest of the cast i thought were actually more convincing then the leads.

It's boring, I might say.

Maybe because it contains more "shocking" elements even while a lot of scenes are predictable.

Final Destination 2 is a very entertaining sequel and while the story is weaker then the first, the deaths are better.

Even though most deaths were predictable, they were still fun to watch.

And I have to complain the fact that Brazilian DVD has this subtitles very slow and out of time...

WHAT FOLLOWS IS THE REVIEW I WROTE FOR THE FIRST MOVIE:"The strength of FINAL DESTINATION lies in its ability to keep audiences on (to use a cliche) the edge of their seats.

And there is still great tension, as it often is unpredictable where the movie will go.

He also directed the fast paced and exciting Cellular.

The couple of survivors at the end of the film were the most boring characters (I was so disappointed they didn't get decapitated or something!

Unlike the first which I found to be more of a suspenseful horror movie, this one was more of a dark comedy.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

Who cares about plot holes or editing when you've got a film like this that keeps you on the edge your seat almost the whole way throughout?

Entertaining, funny, suspenseful...

I think Devon Sawa was a better protagonist that Kimberly and the signs they had in part one was more suspenseful than the premonitions in part two.

Then two minutes later the movie got exciting with the best scene in the movie and from that scene on I was hooked.

Final Destination is one of those films that most people will love, because, let's face it, no one goes expecting to see tremendous acting, scripts, storylines or anything really, just original and entertaining gory deaths.

Rather boringly bright and that dragged the movie a little down in the ratings for me.

Terrible Movie with Pointless Violence .

An easily digestable, predictable, teeny-bopperish horror movie with lots of gore, special effects and mediocre acting.

Faster plot and more intense .

No characters, no plot (other than a rehash of the last film), nothing new, no spark, no flair, no good performances, few real scares and basically a real lazy and unnecessary sequel.

It was funny, scary, and suspenseful!

That said, I still enjoyed it.

So rent it on video or DVD so you can fast-forward to the "good parts" and skip the dull interludes.

I enjoyed it a lot.

They have to make up for the lack of story from the predecessor, so they just whip out the 'ol ultra violence.

Final Destination was unique, it had something that no film had ever had before, but Final Destination 2 was simply a copy of this structure which was why it ended up so predictable.

The director did a good job making each death happen in an (nearly) unexpected way.

She connects to the first one a little bit but not a lot happens with the plot they just keep picking them off, one at a time and most of it repetitive.


But the movie is very enjoyable and I recommend it to anyone who likes funny gory movies.

This was the worst movie experience I've had this side of Freddie Got Fingered.

There were so many times in this movie that I found myself on the edge of my seat, mouth hanging open, completely blown away.

Which is one of the most shocking, gruesome, action packed, explosive and edge of your seat.

The movie is worth seeing just for the intro alone because it was pretty intense.

How could they make a film worse than Final Destination in regards to hideous dialogue, bad acting and general plot banality?

Save your money and rent something else.

It was just as bloody, gory, and exciting as the original, plus a nice little twist.

***END SPOILER*** All and all it was a very entertaining movie and when I left the theatre I felt a sense of satistfaction that I had not felt in a long time after seeing a movie.

I enjoyed the first movie because I felt the premise felt fresh, and though it had flaws it was pretty enjoyable.

I remember experiencing heart palpitations in the theater because it was so intense.

I have to say that this was one of the most entertaining movies I've ever seen.

It has all of the elements of the FD1, but more suspenseful, more gory, and generally much better.

2 and 3 are admittedly fun to watch, but they just contain way too many implausibilities and confusion and absence of logic in many cases.

Structurally, the story is a re-tread basically except with cars rather than a plane but has enough freshness to stop it from being repetitive and the novelty from wearing off.

The Good: The Death Scenes were quite exciting and fun to watch.

You will find yourself on the edge of your seat throughout the film.

The acting was good (Cook, Landes and Larter particularly) also, and I only have a few gripes about FD2: Tony Todd's cameo was even more pointless than the original, Michael Landes' character seemed to be a cop merelyfor convenience purposes and the baby plot thread, while being the driving force of the second half, was a bit stupid.

FD2 packs more ferocious,spooky atmosphere into an exciting rollercoaster ride that is pure Horror-thriller entertainment.

Just knowing that alone made this for a very entertaining film.

But the story and the special effects and the gore and, certainly, the suspense, made this film worth watching and peaked my interest in the prequel and the sequel, although not having seen the first one does not take anything away from this one.

With it's dark atmosphere and suspenseful tone, you will be on the edge of your seat throughout.

There are some clever references to the original, the character's are good & pretty likable & as a whole I thought it was a throughly entertaining & watchable film that moves along at a great pace.

Not Unlike Porn: No Logic, No Story, Just Money Shots .

This one was graphically stunning (as a film quality) with great DVD Dolby sound, and without offering any spoilers literally, had the most bottom-line surprise shockers of any movie I've seen in a long time!

Things end with a contrived finale in which the final 'twist' scene is so obvious and overdone, the film as a whole is flawed.

Ellis is just a bland director.

So I give FD2 a 2/4, for being a flawed yet kind of entertaining horror flick.

To put this out in the open, I have seen the first Final Destination and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The death scenes were thrilling to watch, and they were very gory.

This movie is only good at curing insomnia.

) and there were some very intense moments.

Apart from an over-the-top cameo performance from Tony "Candyman" Todd, the actors do a great job presenting a complex and entertaining look at death and uncertainty.

Overall a highly enjoyable film, and best of all was how largely it linked back to the first, mentioning all the past characters names and having pictures of them everywhere, I really liked that effect.

A most entertaining 90 minutes of gore, mayhem and thrills.

a fairly entertaining sequel .

Except to my surprise i found it much more enjoyable especially with Michael Landes.

Ali Larter very talented actress enjoyable to watch and very sexy on screen.

While the crash/collision scenes are magnificently intense and very realistic, 'Final Destination 2' does not get off to the strongest start and the first half of the movie feels like more of a remake or rehash of the original, except with even more inventive and elaborate deaths.

I must say that it was one of the most suspenseful as well as disturbing movies I have seen.

Cook is a little bland and over acts in several scenes adding to the campy feel of the film.

Anyways, i did not enjoy this movie, like I said, unlike in the first Final Destination, this one was very predictable, it went by way too fast, the acting sucked and it was just silly and not exciting at all.

Everyone dies his own stupid way but these ways are always unexpected.

FD2 was all that I expected, gory, intense and creative in the deaths of the characters.

i saw the sequel as pointless and often frustrating...

The movie pretty much keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire experience.

I would have liked to have seen more of Tony Todd (he only had one scene), and the last death was overly cheesy, but this is an entertaining movie.

In the end, it's all confusing and plot twists and crap with an interesting ender.

But since the build up and the set up of what is going on has been done before in the previous film, it makes this movie more predictable.

This is a predictable sequel that clearly decided to pawn off all the great elements that the first film had for us and polish the scenarios up tightly to create a film that is bloodier, cheesier and flat.

the first Final Destination I found a bit boring and slow, and very predictable.

Okay, so we have Clear, but this time around she just thinks shes ace and it's all a little tiresome.

) Boring at times.

They are so bland and fit into such generalities that every actor will remind you of a friend or neighbor.

This movie is stupid and so predictable.

Sat down with my younger sister on July 22, because morbid curiosity got the better of me and we were bored.

But the execution, unlike the first one, leaves us with another bland horror film.

This movie was very suspenseful.

Don't begin this movie expecting anything but a 90 minutes of blood, gore and shocks which is strangely enjoyable.

Overall though it's well worth seeing- the premonition of the car crash at the start was intense, the death scenes are all great (the guy cut in 3 by the barbed wire was excellent!

the movie is better paced,much more intense and suspenseful than the first one.

Although I watched the sequel before the original, I still found myself hanging on the edge of my seat, to the point where I actually fell off a couple of times.

Anyway, don't watch it for the directing, acting, script, anything but the deaths, they're pretty entertaining.

Final Destination 2 Is just the most pointless sequel to a movie ever!

I think it was more entertaining than the original.

There's some bogus subplot about how only new life can defeat death, but it's very cheesy and uninteresting, just like the movie.

While it was not a great or perfect film (particularly in the dialogue, ending and some of the acting), the first 'Final Destination' was entertaining and effective (especially with its terrific opening plane sequence and the creative deaths) with a fascinating idea done well.

The special effects in the first car crash are spectacular, and seem to go on forever, like a boring ballet show except the dancers are bouncing wrecks of burning metal and it is too noisy to fall asleep.

It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

All in all i Enjoyed it though.

So while the film isn't groundbreaking, it is an entertaining watch with a mostly likable cast, good pace and some inventive death scenes.

But if you love gore and want a really entertaining and generally enjoyable movie you MUST see this movie.

Boy, was it the most miserable experience I've had with watching each character die in the most longest drawn out car crash in the opening.

Performances are adequate at best (the heroine is pretty sympathetic though), the plot is almost non-existent and, worst, the film is pretty tedious when there are no deaths.

But it is a pretty fun ride from beginning to end, and worth the watch.

The opening freeway pile-up is hugely intense.

Luckily there's a large cast and the inbetween time is quite enjoyable.

I'm not sure, but it's easily as entertaining as the original.

The film is never dull and much of it is fun, suspenseful and creepy.

3) also final destination was very predictable from beginning to end if I'm very honest unlike final destination 1 you know whats coming round the corner and you know who deaths after next.

This lacked the creepy factor the original had but the deaths and direction of it all was slightly more entertaining in my opinion.

Formulaic horror sequel .

As in the first movie, of course, those who cheated death begin to die in creative, unexpected and gruesome ways.

life is precious..dont waste any of your time on this piece of trash.

Highly entertaining sequel!

Clearly, I'm over-analyzing what is supposed to be an enjoyable horror flick.

Overall: Save your money and take a nap or something.

(Maybe try a PG movie, but if you must see an R movie:(assuming it is now in 2004-05) go see the original Passion of the Christ, it is nowhere near as grotesquely violent as this and it has a point to the violence) But if you are looking for an extremely violent and pointless movie and think impalement and decapitation are cool, you might be pleasantly surprised by how much this will fulfill your needs.

An entertaining thriller with some predictable scenes and filled with gore, just like the first one was.

So while it is entertaining, FD2 is definitely not a must-see movie.

Still, its entertaining enough and has some cool effects and gore scenes so that the less discriminating horror fans should enjoy it.

Worth watching for the opening scene .

- the character is killed in a most unexpected way.

It is somehow more cohesive, more gripping and generally more thrilling then the first.

But Final Destination 2 had a cool story with many more awesome deaths and scary suspenseful scenes.

But, the intro scene, though very gory and over-the-top, is very entertaining and leaves you saying "...

Keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Overall, enjoyable if imperfect.

But in Final Destination 2, and similar movies that emphasize blood and guts over plot and atmosphere, there is no message to be taught.

I recently watched this movie expecting the worst and i was right, dont waste your time or money on this trash.

) Relatively predictable scenes.

It was very cool and very intense.

Trust me to let you know that if this was a movie that would waste your sweet time, I would not put my name on it.

**** If i'd been to the cinema to see this film i would have walked out.

I walked out of the theater about 10 minutes through the movie.

Ever heard the expression that a sequel fails every time - and while that unfortunately is true in 99.5% of all cases, this one is no exception..It's tacky, nothing new - it has a great scene of a huge carcrash in the beginning, though - very well carried out, kept me on the edge of my seat...

The characters are a bit more diverse in this sequel but some of them feel dull and unreal more of you can tell that these people are actors.

It wasn't as much a horror movie as it was a good, suspenseful thriller.

It's a Thriller, full of a lot of unpredictable turns and surprises, and with great action.

I saw this one with a few friends at a party and I enjoyed it thoroghly.

The disaster at the opening is awesome and memorable, much more intense than the plane crash in the first.

The story has enough twists and turns and false scares to provide a decent ride, though understanding all the hookum about death and how to trick him is rather mind boggling, the ending is as silly as can be.

As a horror movie I thought this was much more enjoyable.

Some of the scenes were so intense I foudn myself just staring at the corner of the screen because I couldn't handle it anymore.

One thing that made this movie even more enjoyable was the crowd's reaction to the death scenes.

The first FD movie was smart, suspenseful, and clever.

Hands down WORST movie of the year .

Fun film, worth watching.

She manages to add a little more intrigue to the film, and is one of the main reasons the film is worth watching at all.

However, the end result is a mildly entertaining, but overall empty movie.

Otherwise it's horribly acted with boring dialogue and characters and situations that get more and more unlikely.

If you like bad movies, there are plenty out there that are way more entertaining than this one, without all the senseless gore.

Whenever I review a movie a set out to answer the one sole question that plagues all of our minds before we set out to go watch a new "major motion picture", IS THE MOVIE ENTERTAINING?

The first "Final Destination" movie took an intriguing concept, assembled an attractive cast to realize it, and forged ahead with gusto and its tongue planted firmly in its cheek.

But the amount gore got boring very quickly.

Mackye Gruber, they made it look like the real thing", and i enjoyed it allot.

Very entertaining.

After that it seemed to slow down a bit though, until we got to Evan Lewis' death.

Waste of Time .

This movie is anything but predictable.

That was kinda unexpected.

The first "Final Destination" film was entertaining and creative as a group of students tried to outwit death...

It is Stunning.

On video, the whole point is to watch the gruesome grisly horrible scenes, and skip/avoid the nonsense talk about death's plan that the characters discuss exhaustingly throughout the movie, which is just plain silly and dull.

Capable, sure, but bland.

Great Effects, and some good acting made this worth watching, although i think seeing it on the big screen made it ten times more scary.

Final Destination 2 was a great sequel and I would highly recommend it for any horror fans.

The car pile up at the start is bone crunchingly violent, with buckets of blood being splattered everywhere - and its very entertaining stuff.

It is deadly timebombs like those that make the deaths all the more exciting to see.

The actors who portray these poorly developed characters are faces you will forget as soon as you leave the theater.

The inevitable sequel to this unexpected little horror-hit has little ambition and practically re-tells the exact same story with different characters (duh!

What made it a little more riveting was that the characters here experience that feeling that nothing is worse than having to know you have to die, and then waiting for it to happen.


It attempts to tie up loose ends from the first film, but I feelpity for anyone who found watching the disgusting gross outdeaths entertaining and even humorous let alone anyone trying tomake any sense of the plot which is the same nonsensicalstoryline from the first film.

Still pretty intense and very gripping, although of course not as fun as the first one.

As far as movies go this one was pretty entertaining, and as far as sequels go it was on par with the first.

One of the franchise's strong suits is its ability to have extremely entertaining deaths.

However, the film was still somewhat entertaining to watch, so it wasn't a total loss.

FD2 is entertaining.....

but I found this movie to be quite annoying and uninteresting.

The first Final Destination was very impressive to me as it did keep me on the edge of my seat so I expected the second to be the same way.

It has amazing depth which makes it exciting.

But, it's a safe bet that anyone seeing this film for the first time will have fresh insight about the banality of barbed wire and car safety features when the film is finished.

And when I saw it I was like "wtf worst movie ever!

" An entertaining movie?

A thoroughly entertaining piece of OTT popcorn horror, Final Destination 2 gets a very respectable 7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.

Everyone has been complaining that it has no story to it, and it's not original like the first one.

Entertaining sequel and again with horrifying killings .

For example, the dude who was impaled in the eye (Can't remember names, sorry) could have lived in the top apartment and could have fell all the way from the roof after tripping on something (a brick, maybe) and landed on the edge of a dumpster, whacking off his head.

I quite enjoyed it too, it wasn't too involved, nor very jumpy or scary.

The highway crash scene was extremely intense.

It's hard to tell who is going to make it to the end of this thriller, and compelling to see how each person deals with the events in their own way.

With a new plan, brand new characters (except Ali Larter) and new and exciting ways to kill people, Final Destination 2 stands as one of the most stable horror/thriller sequels that I have seen in a long time.

The ending is contrived and illogical.

Totally unexpected.

It's great to watch and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The deaths, though quite gruesome, have an "Omen" kind of style, and it's actually intriguing to watch the series of innocuous events that cleverly culminate in the death of each person.

), there is really no plot - who needs it anyway?

It had you sitting on the edge of your seat and the deaths were hilariously gruesome.

Death, you've become predictable in your old age .

IT is absolutely amazing and becomes very intense.

Ludicrously entertaining (spoilers) .

Another Predictable Horror .

However, while the best elements are improved to dramatic effect, the returning presence of the wretchedly-named Clear Rivers brings some un-needed hokum to an otherwise feverish and thrilling dance with death.

Finally A Horror Movie Worth Watching.

Well the makers of Final Destination 2 choose to use the basic same formula of the hugely enjoyable first film, only adding more black humour into the crazy death design broth.

Very entertaining and better than the original .

This was one entertaining film from start to finish.

This is a supremely enjoyable movie.

"Final Destination 2" doesn't merely rehash the idea from the first film, it adds intriguing new ideas to it.

Original idea, pretty suspenseful directing, and some death scenes that while inventive, were creepy to boot.

I wouldn't say it's the best movie ever made or the worst movie ever made.

Clever And Entertaining Sequel .

The only entertaining element was the sheer idiocy of the entire movie.

The clues that foreshadow each death are now more elaborate and I love the score in here, which is even more brooding and suspenseful than the one in the original that this film is even more thrilling.

3/10-waste of my time

If you're willing to just kick back and have a good time, this is one enjoyable movie.

worst movie i've ever seen .

I can only say that this film is a total waste of time and an insult to the Horror Genre.

The deaths are overly creative and drawn out to great legths in some cases, all given for shock value.