Final Destination (2000) - Horror, Thriller

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After a teenager has a terrifying vision of him and his friends dying in a plane crash, he prevents the accident only to have Death hunt them down, one by one.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: James Wong
Stars: Devon Sawa, Ali Larter
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 120 out of 689 found boring (17.41%)

One-line Reviews (485)

Okay I wasn't sold on the idea at first, as I'm old fashioned and prefer a straight up standard slasher, but when I saw this movie, I really enjoyed it.

It may sound crazy, but 'Final Destination' is actually a really entertaining thriller packed with suspense and some very interesting moments.

Although some questions where left unanswered, the film still kept me on the edge of my seat.

There really wasn't that many parts I found to be particularly suspenseful or scary, though they will keep you from slipping off into boredom.

It becomes tiresome and even quite ridiculous as it draws to a close.

Everything about this movie is intense and well paced.

Final Destination is a pretty good movie, it's entertaining enough, and the characters are likable.

This was a total waste of my time.

The scenes in the airport at the beginning of the film are particularly gripping.

That said, this movie is about as enjoyable as a root canal.

Plotless and gruesome...

Great acting and really exciting to watch.

Somewhere buried deep in the film's premise lies the kernel of an intriguing idea - and that's Final Destination's lone good point.

Final Destination was an exciting movie that kept me interested throughout the whole movie.

Among the numerous qualities here is the fact that there's a ton of high-quality suspense here which runs throughout this one since there's a lot of focus here in making the scenes suspenseful.

Seemed like death was punishing them unexpected, only when their ego showed off.

The death scenes were also pretty intense, although I think they could have been done better.

One of the more enjoyable things in this movie is working out exactly how the various scenarios are going to converge to achieve death's design.

There are the normal death scenes and scare moments but there done in such a way that your on the edge of your seat most of the film.

It was all just kind of dull.

There's also an unjustifiably snotty jibe at the much more entertaining and likeable "Stuart Little".

Only one thing makes a movie like this enjoyable...

Good Premise- Entertaining Film .

Director James Wong's creepy "Final Destination" qualifies as an improbable but entertaining dead teenager movie with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until fade-out.

Final Destination is a film to go and see on an empty stomach.

But rules are kind of constraining and predictable, even to teenagers, so the movie sets up a false ending that's not really the ending because there's one more act to the game before it's over.

It's definitely worth the watch, especially if you have seen the others, because for one you will understand the others a lot more.

If you're bored, you might get a kick out of watching it for the shear stupidity.

Final Destination has many thrilling moments that make sure you won't get bored.

What was suspenseful and scary about it?

', etc, the fact that Alex had visions and took notice of hints that death gave him were extremely entertaining.

That is why the movie is fun and fast paced as well it should be.

On the positive side there are some dramatic scenes that are exciting and original that leave you somewhat satisfied after the fact.

"this film kept me, on the edge of my seat" .

The deaths that follow throughout the film are quick, sometimes unexpected, and genuinely shocking.

While I'm on it, I must say that the film was not too thrilling, meaning you don't sit on the edge of your seat the whole time, but it was still entertaining enough.

What then follows is a series of over the top death scenes intertwined with a boring 'investigation'.

The only negative is that the ending is totally predictable, it quite easy to spot the characters making the mistake in there judgement.

This movie was ceaselessly entertaining and creative.

Oddly enough, Final Destination is different, although, for the most part, it still remains as predictable.

This simple yet ingenious concept allows director James Wong to deliver a series of intricately designed and wonderfully imaginative death set-pieces that make this film one of the most genuinely entertaining and original horrors of the decade; not since The Omen films has violent death been so imaginatively planned and so much fun to watch unfold.

Even though there are some flaws in the film (you can clearly see a "dead" body's eyes moving) some of the explanations get confusing (at least they did to me) and some of the lines are corny, it's a wonderfully terrifying film that, on more that one occasion, made me jump out of my seat more that any film has in a LONG LONG time.

Dumb, clichéd and predictable.

I fell asleep while I was watching Final Destination.

The film is as tense as it is entertaining, lending itself to be a film that will be watched and re-watched throughout future generations.

The death scenes in this movie are unique, intriguing and frightening.

This movie has the honour of being the only one I have ever walked out of half way through.

Some friends made me watch this, promising me that it was something like "The future of slasher" films, but what I saw was a crummy, boring and flat film, full of clichés and incredibly predictable plot "twists".

INTENSE, and genuinely scary .

Save your money.

Most of the bodycounts happen in an unexpected manner and you never know when to hold your breath or to let go, cause things just keep happening (referring to the scene where the dude gets stuck in his car and Alex runs over to save him, after that, its full of surprises).

The performances are bad ,the script is clichéd and unfunny, the ending it's exactly as you could expect(with the "big twist " at the end that is completely predictable)This movie sucks .

That said, the shocks come quick and fast and some are extremely well-done and entirely unexpected.

The strength of FINAL DESTINATION lies in its ability to keep audiences on (to use a cliche) the edge of their seats.

All though the movie is pretty predictable, it was still mildly entertaining.

With just the right amount of intense inventive deaths, an interesting premise, solid acting for the most part, suspense, and some thrills Final Destination is an entertaining horror movie to watch.

The characters are dull, bland and forgettable, and the antagonist(I won't spoil it) doesn't appear for the entirety of the movie.

A unique and absolutely entertaining thrill ride.

The main lead, character actor Devon Sawa - but why do I keep confusing him with Johnny Lee Miller and Joshua Jackson?

The plane crash sequence was pretty intense for me, it almost had me scared of going another plane ride.

Devon Sawa is quite boring as our teen hero.

The worst movie ever made.

I guess dull and stupid movies have their place; after all, it makes good movies look that much better.

After a long series of slasher films the genre seems to be running dry and the killer with the *insert weapon here* idea is getting boring.

Any imaginable alternative will be plain, bland, predictable, and will significantly increase the likelihood of future heart failure.

The movie seems to bee unrealistic AT ALL, Every death was so predictable.

A good premise is squandered by stupid teen cliché's .

This Is A Great Suspenseful Thriller.

When you 1st watch it it's really unpredictable on who will live, and who will die.

Enjoyable .

- the character is killed in a most unexpected way.

Now here´s to awful and empty movies.

You could also say that certain sequences are predictable while some are on the verge of unlikely.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It's not wholly original - a little known movie titled "Sole Survivor" predates it by about 17 years, and its succession of elaborate murder set pieces calls to mind the "Omen" series - but it's slick and entertaining.

Because the cast is excellent and we could've gotten an intelligent creepy movie like SIXTH SENSE but instead we get a banal episode of the X-FILES.

There's the 'popular jock', the 'mysterious gothic hot girl', the 'comic relief' and the 'pointless characters only in it to be killed off'.

I'm 53, and go to see teen movies out of curiousity and to try to stay tuned to a quickly evolving, often intriguing culture.

There were too many flaws to count in this film, and the fact that so many enjoyed it really says something about the next generation of movie watchers.

Waste of time and money.

The final confrontation with death is intense but fun-- the teacher's death was comical and uninteresting.

A good idea sucked dry by a predictable plot.

It starts off a little slow with small hints that something bad is going to happen and it just gets better from there.

From then on the movie is suspenseful and eerie.

CONCLUSION: This flick is well worth watching!

It was very exciting, a great suspence!

On the edge of your seat terror.

One of the most enjoyable chillers I've seen in some time.

the sfx are fantastic, the editing and directing are good and the ending is unexpected and amazing and deserved a sequel.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

It was so scary and entertaining, and the acting was really good.

Hope as I might, the burst into flames as quickly as the plane that sets up this cliche ridden, badly written, and horribly acted film.

Wow, this was pointless and dumb .

The point of view shots disorient and clarify simultaneously, and the camera movement is quite slow compared to other contemporary horror films.

Overall this is an enjoyable trashy film that has gore and suspense and is enjoyable to watch.

The movie is thrilling and totally great.

It has plenty of action and plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Is this really as original and entertaining as the explosion scene at the beginning of the film?

Final Destination: I saw this movie once at the cinema, and when I walked out I thought I have to buy this when it comes out.

James Hong's direction is intense and scary when it really needs to be.

We went as a group of three bored guys wanting to watch a cool movie.

Effective and engaging thriller .

Despite some less than great CGI, the plane crash is awesome, and the bus death scene is truly shocking and unexpected.

I do think that most people would love this film, because even though it is slow the acting is good, it's tense, very unpredictable and a lot scarier than the third.

Well, as you see the story isn't lame at all, it's quite good, and really entertaining, at least as far as I'm concerned.

I really enjoyed it.

The concept of this movie looks stupid but who cares when there is tight gripping screenplay with lot of thrills to enjoy.

If you ignore the facts that the acting is a little wooden and the plot slightly contrived then this is a good enough way to spend a couple of hours, if only for the chance to see the characters getting picked off one by one in increasingly brutal ways.

Intense film by former minions of the X-Files .

A MOVIE is something that I first hear of through word of mouth, first see a glimpse of via previews of another MOVIE, and, after seeing it, leave the theater flashing back through great scenes and lines for the next few hours saying to myself "that was great!

This type of problem might have crippled most horror movies, but Final Destination cleverly eludes the chance of a weak and long-overdue ending by cashing in on the repetitive "tag-you're-dead" quality of the plot.

Unfortunately for this viewer at least, as soon as the characters are delineated and plot development clearly laid out, any serious intent is drowned out by an over-clever reliance on the formulaic filmmaking which has become the norm with this genre.

This is just too contrived, and predictable.

It then slows down only to pick up the pace in the second half, becoming both exciting and thrilling.

It's fascinating that we are all 'born to die'.

As much as I criticize the death scenes,they are somewhat suspenseful.

There are a few moments that are pretty scary but they are mainly cliche moments that rely on the audio.

However, it's all spoilt by the boring characters and silly dialogue (imagine 'death' is after you; would you really 'challenge' it with harsh language?

Most of the plot seemed contrived.

There are varying levels of relief, curiosity, and fear exuded by all the characters after this incident and it is the fact that the plot went in this direction that makes FINAL DESTINATION a rather fascinating film.

Certain parts of the film were also heavily predictable.

It's entertaining, and for the first half hour, it goes straight horror....

Aside from being largely predictable, double so for not having seen anything of it before aside from the previews when it was first in theaters.

What I liked about it was that, while it was predictable, it was just as unpredictable.

Great Sequences, but really predictable .

Although slightly sometimes Final Destination can be slightly overrated, I highly recommend it for an audience who want to have a scarily funny good time.

Enjoyable and tense horror/thriller .

g Seann Scott Williams is excellent in providing light comic relief in a tense storyline) But some of the lines just sounded so predictable -very much movie-style language.

Maxine and I both agreed that some of the incidents that were supposed to be the work of some unseen force that pre-ordains the time and method of everyone's death, were so contrived as to be "laughing-out-loud-hilarious"!

Along with the fine gore-packed kills, these here make this more enjoyable enough to hold out over the film's one flaw.

It made you jump at the most expected and unexpected moments.

Poor acting was a problem, as was being predictable.

A fresh and entertaining approach to horror .

Exciting, suspenseful, surprising and eerie.

Overall, patchy but entertaining.

this movie is very intense and the action is VERY different from other action/thrillers that i`ve seen in the past.

But even beyond the unbelievability is the horribly contrived dialogue.

Fresh and Compelling Horror Flick .

Though I didn't scream, or get that tingling feeling, I found myself on the edge of my seat at times, clutching the arm rests.

'Final Destination' gets off to an absolutely excellent beginning, one of the best in recent memory, and goes slowly downhill from there.

Predictable, predictable, predictable.

Acting was fairly shaky, especially on the female end, but the beauty of this kind of movie is that it can be absolutely enjoyable without being technically great, or even that good.

But director James Wong (in a surprisingly relaxed debut) makes each frightening scene long-lasting and breathtaking.

"Destination" shows us death the way it really is- unpredictable, inevitable, sudden, meaningless.

I then hired it on video when it was released and enjoyed it just as much.

If your really looking for a thrilling movie turn to something like "The Exorcist".

Original and exciting .

I agree with almost everyone else that this movie is not in the same league as Scream, however there are definitely more shocks throughout- whereas in most horror movies there's just one killer chasing a victim, in this film you're continually preparing yourself for the next shock, because you've no idea where and when it will come- or, in some cases, the shocks are completely unexpected (the bus scene???

Still, I'll leave the nit picking to the monkeys because I just thought it was a highly entertaining & pretty original teen horror flick with a good story & decent gore.

Final destination is quite slow paced as well.

I'll give it a 2, because it was too predictable with its unpredictability...

In Hollywood only the bland die young.

It's a real, believable evil and the original concept is used very effectively, even if I found some of the plot developments a bit predictable.

I really enjoyed it, because it's well-acted, well-plotted, not excessively gory, unpredictable, and even more superlative adjectives that I just can't think of at this moment.

The deaths we see are pretty funny too, as director James Wong alternates between the classic horror-movie drawn-out death scenes and sudden, shocking demises after which you're surprised to find you're not covered in blood.

Still, it's an intriguing premise.

Every once in a while a film gets made that is really bad – but that is, for some reason, enjoyable at the same time.

A great, entertaining film.

There are worst movies to spend your money on.

Add the horrible dialogue that my 6 year old niece could have written better (full of BAD cliche's)and it made for potential camp.

From start to end of this movie you will be on the edge of your seat, some of deaths in this are gory, there is one death you never see coming and will you you JUMP!

James Wong, director of the hit television series "X-Files", steps inside the teen-horror genre with this intriguing disaster-thriller.

Unlike Sixth Sense I found Final Destination most enjoyable on it's first viewing.

I would go as far as to say that what should have brought excitement to the screen made the film a bit boring and predictable.

I found this dull and uninspired.

This is where the film falls apart as the characters themselves become silly and cliche, as well as the script where the dialogue is used to explain the plot-points.

The most mundane of household objects, most of which we would never think of as lethal, are used together in bizarre, sometimes silly, chain reactions of events that lead to the kill.

The other big plus here comes from the film's ingenious plotline where it continually manages to feature some great twists featuring the way Death is presented here as a physical, thinking entity that plans out life in advance without anything being done, working through this concept here in knocking off the survivors in a special order which is a truly original and unique idea that gets played out in a rather enjoyable manner.

Final Destination was a mostly enjoyable journey – it tells the tale of a group of students who are thrown off a plane – because one of them has physic premonitions about the plane blowing up.

The first being that it was the introduction of a fascinating and clever premise that is pretty unique for a supernatural horror.

A good suspenseful flick, with lots of dark humor for those us who have a rather depraved sense of humor!

I actually felt sorry for the characters, even if they weren't developed enough, because their dilemma is engaging.

The story altogether is original and compelling, showing a teenager which an obvious fear of flights getting a premonition of his plain bursting into flames.

Check out the sequels (Except the dreadful fourth) for more gripping, ghoulish giggles.

This may sound dumb at first, but the concept of the movie, along with the idea one can actually "cheat death" is fascinating, IMO.

Unpredictable and breathtakingly sharp, the modes of death made you want to hide in your room for a long time.

He makes an enourmously entertaining movie out of a tiny budget.

) those were the things that you thought about when you left the theater, that these things can really happen at any time and place.

It's not like most other movies where it gradually builds up to the action, this movie just has short sharp adrenaline pumping blasts of it, and it's great.

Waste of time.

Unique, bizarre and strangely entertaining .

They were so contrived it was like watching a thousand dominoes falling to achieve a ridiculous end.

" only to have nothing happen.

It was predictable, i'm glad they re-shot the ending.

Short, sharp, intense, clever and bloody .

This is very suspenseful and it scares you in different way than just a guy with a knife just popping up everywhere.

Badly written, Bad acting..what is Kerr Smith meant to be playing..Production values so low you expect to see the sets move..Flat boring lighting the film looks like a cheap made for TV film..DONT BOTHER WATCHING...

It is so predictable it is untrue.

Credibility is strained with some of the characters and their reactions, and this is a serious flaw in what otherwise is an intriguing story.

Personally I enjoyed it very much.

Still overall, I really enjoyed the movie and would highly recommend it :)

The first scene is completely exciting and the last is surprising (as in every new horror movie).

The acting was good, and It was very suspenseful.

Finally a horror movie that's worth watching more than once.

This movie will have you on the edge of your seat, and the effects will amaze you!

Final Destination sure had some, but also the music and the general movie itself was thrilling.

Stunning beginning .

While similar to Thom Eberhardt's 'Sole Survivor', this latter film is still blessed with a fairly original premise and there are several intense moments to be had as the teens try to avoid Death coming for them after two of the surviving friends die in mysterious circumstances.

A very enjoyable horror flick - well worth the price of admission.

The others are saddled with one-dimensional and flatly written roles and are a mix of bland (Kristen Cloke) and irritating (Kerr Smith), also found myself not being able to take Seann William Scott seriously.

But the rest of the movie is as predictable, obvious and boring as any other post-SCREAM teen horror flick.

These are suspenseful setups that take the concept of his visions and really bring a thrilling underlining to the scene.

The ending scene was WAY too long and made the film look a bit "stupid" and funny.

Not that those films are bad, I really enjoyed Scream and all the "Summer" movies, but the formula was getting very predictable instead of appealing.

The first one with the water was nice and very original, but the rest of the movie was just cliché after cliché.

I liked this one better then the other 2 which is just a lot of gore and repetitive.

Every "exhillerating" moment in this movie is so predictable!!

This is a movie that raises a very intriguing "what if" and then unfortunately squanders it away.

FD is not so much a film as a spooky, deliriously enjoyable and gleefully silly fun fair ghost train attraction, and it speeds through its eerie visuals, tense disaster sequences and Gothic thrills with admirable enthusiasm.

Everything from this film is dumb, clichéd and predictable (From the beginning you know who will die and who will survive) Like if it were a episode of "Happy Tree Friends" the big deal of this movie it's see how the characters die.

And even these death scenes get tiresome after a while, because they get increasingly outlandish and over the top.

Director James Wong and His "X-Files" Buddy Glen Morgan cut Their Paranormal Teeth on that influential TV Show (one of the best TV Series ever) and They Delivered one of the most Original and Exciting Movies in the First Year of the New Millennium, they also worked on the Chris Carter TV Series "Millennium", also a Fine if Dark Series.

It wasn't scary except the plane scene which seemed convincingly real, but was extremely suspenseful which threw many questions at me while i was watching.

I'd give "Final Destination" a higher grade because I love the concept, but this one curiously gets dull in the final act (despite all the 'exciting' things going on) and they coulda done more with the women.

It is soooooooooooooooooooo suspenseful.

Another flaw with the deaths is how generic and boring they are.

'Final Destination' has essentially a pretty trite scenario that is not unlike the recent wave of '90's 'Scream' inspired horror movies, most of them very dismissable (like the dismal 'Valentine'): teens get stalked by psycho-killer.

For a great hour and a half of stunning entertainment, pay the money and see FINAL DESTINATION.

After all, these victims aren't doing things we would never do and creating their demises by irresponsible actions; they are in situations that could actually happen to us, and the brilliantly slow and suspenseful set-ups that accompany each death force us to question: would WE notice the dripping water that eventually leads to our death?

Filmmaking by numbers - but entertaining .

" If the movie had been longer like this I surely would have walked out of the theater.

worth watching ...

I have to admit that the beginning of this movie is thrilling, but after this the movie becomes slow and has no point at all.

It's spooky,creepy, and entertaining!

7/10 well worth watching.

This is workable junk food cinema from a genre that is usually as bland as a junk food wrapper.

I said we're supposed to believe the characters are real – ‘supposed' because they are badly realised, & mostly caricatures: either shallow & nasty, stupid or plain dull.

After a relatively decent start, the movie descends into a routine, cliché ridden, teen horror movie with not an interesting character nor a frightening scenario in sight.

Thrilling with a creepy atmosphere.

The slow build up is excellent, dealing with the deaths of those on the plane and the death scenes of those before they know it's coming.

Each death (or potential death) is shocking or tense or exciting, there is little of the obscene cruelty that exists within the sequel.

And he and others are dragged out the plane.

This movie is predictable, gory and boring .

Worst movie I have ever seen .

Everyone was basically tired of the Freddy and Jason movies as the became very predictable.

I also look on this movie fondly as it gave me a serious adrenaline rush of fear.

Complex and compelling, this film makes Death an intangible, unpredictable entity.

What people forget about FD is that despite not being scary (Then again, neither is Carrie or The Wicker Man but they're still fantastic) it is menacing, suspenseful, eerie and well directed.

It's a little uneven, but still pretty entertaining.

Every minute I was on the edge of my seat, just waiting for disaster to strike, and while the final shot did not leave me lost for words, none of them are printable!

and BOY was it intense!

It is original, chilling, and extremely entertaining.

So you find yourself in a really fascinating scenario: The guy had just had a premonition about a terrible disaster and then watched it actually happen.

That's exactly what 'Final Destination' is - someones imagination let loose, with the end result a highly flawed, but highly entertaining film.

This was an entertaining film and a terrific story concept.

The Worst Movie Ever .

The film had an intriguing idea that was a beautiful back-drop for throwing teeny-boppers in the mix and scare the hell out of an audience.

However, challenging the acting for the statuette of 'pointless endeavour' is the writing.

It is the usual problem in horror movies with supernatural forces: the supernatural world behaves so utterly banal and childish that it stops being scary.

The downside to this movie was the confusing explanation of how the pattern of 'Death' was explained.

This "horror film" tries a bit too hard, but is fairly entertaining at the same time.

It is a must-see for horror fans, but still enjoyable for a broader audience.

The murders become more and more unconvincingly contrived (the bus-accident is a very well handled shock, though) and characters, grown-ups as well as adolescents, behave increasingly silly.

Don't waste your time.

The acting was mediocre and the death scenes were not only overly gory, but completely predictable and unoriginal.

The Final Destination films have an interesting Rube Goldberg way of unfolding events, that is simple minded and amusing amidst the faux-philosophical conversations the otherwise clueless teens are engaging in.

I found #2 very confusing to see first, especially the reintroduction of Bangs and the explanation of how the other survivor of the first film died (I still have no idea what the heck they were talking about).

All in all, it is well worth the watch.

Completely unexpected...

While I sat in the Theatre about 10 people walked out in fear.

Even though it was somewhat predictable, it still kept me on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen next.

Director James Wong has fashioned a genuinely entertaining and superbly scary horror film which pays a genre-literate, affectionate tribute to classic horror directors (Keep an eye and ear out for the character names) and delivers more than enough 'Jump-out-of-your-seat' moments, to thrill on the most visceral levels that horror films live or die by.

They were annoying, pointless characters that just get in the way of an otherwise great horror movie.

Totally predictable deaths more like.

The absence of quick cuts and fast-moving camera sweeps is partly why this film is a treat to watch: all the benefits of modern technology without the migrane-inducing MTV style that seems so popular nowadays.

`Final Destination' is a fairly creepy, moderately entertaining little horror film dedicated to the proposition that, although one may not be able to exactly `cheat' death, one may be able to beat it on its own terms fair and square – provided one can figure out the rules that is.

This is one confusing movie!

Entertaining flick with a good amount of suspense, some seriously scary scenes, original death scenes, and a wicked sense of humor.

And yet, I found it to be pretty boring and flat.

This movie didn't scare me, it didn't make me think really hard, but it did have me sitting on the edge of my chair waiting to see what would happen next.

If you like watching good movies, save your money.

All in all, it was really entertaining; definitely worth seeing in the theaters.

, this movie really is entertaining!

The buildup to before the plane crashes is long, drawn out, and overdone.

It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Minutes after getting kicked off, and Alex is calm, the unexpected happens, the plane actually does explode.

(And uninspiring as well) No wonder why that horrible "Dragonball" film was a flop, if it was directed by the same guy who was behind this drivel.

again we are pestered with the boring and irritating Sean William Scott..what can i say other that ENOUGH.

From that point on the dialogue was awful, the supposed 'make you jump' moments may as well have had an on-screen countdown they were so obvious, and the film became overwhelmed in sheer banality.

For clever, shocking, exciting teen horror movies, there are very few better than this.

This movie is not for critical thinkers, but the concept is great and highly entertaining.

I suppose that the director wanted to thrill us with the intricate nature of the subsequent deaths of the survivors, but I found it annoying, predictable and incredibly contrived.

The cast is strong, the deaths scenes are shocking and usually unexpected, even if they are a little over-elaborate at times, and the direction is pretty smart and very tight.

The first twenty-or-so minutes actually had me "hangin' on the edge of my seat", the plot was interesting, the acting was ok, the effects were very good...

Exciting Thriller .

And it didn't stop there, like I was hoping against hope - the emotions were trite and the scares false throughout the movie's short run time.

A boring horror thriller.

An intriguing teen horror-thriller .

i enjoyed it a lot and highly recommend it to anyone who likes the thriller genre of movies.

" His girlfriend Terry(Amanda Detmer) met her end to a bus, and everyone else die in a certain fashion that is unusually predictable to death that is.

The movie opens admirably, despite several predictable moments (Alex's father saying "Live it up, you've got the rest of your life ahead of you", when thunder suddenly booms in the background and ominous notes take over.

The build up is a bit slow but the foreshadowing is well done and gets more intriguing as the plot progresses.

But the early multi-car/truck crash in #2 was riveting and I got sucked into the story, even if it was hard to pickup without even knowing I was watching a sequel (it was on TV for an hour before I looked up the title).

I've heard through recent reviews that the 5th installment was actually the best, all ignorance to the 4th chapter, which was said to be the dullest out of the series, agreeably amongst all fans and critics.

6.5/10, acting wasn't good, ending was boring and a little cheesy.

Despite the bad acting and teen cliches, "Final Destination" does please, with fun eye candy and suspenseful action sequences.

Ali Larter (I think that's her name) is bland as the semi-believer, neglected daughter, slash love interest.

I found it rather suspenseful and I enjoyed the death scenes in the movie.

Most suspenseful movie in God knows how long (spoilers!!!

Original and Entertaining, but sometimes dull...

As a rewatch 12/09/18', the film is as good and enjoyable as remembered.

A gripping and scary "Destination" .

Good, exciting .

I was lying in my room bored out of my mind.

Pretty entertaining.

I don't know, but for me it was just dull.

" or "that gas has been on for far too long for her to light it, this is it for her!

intense is a word that some people may not be able to associate with the current trend of teen slasher flicks.

This was, to me, the perfect horror-suspense flick, with an original plot, exciting pace, shocking deaths and believable performances from Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Sean William Scott and Kerr Smith.

The acting was functional for a teen horror, although Sawa and Larter were standouts with their underdeveloped pairing, and the Goldberg effect on some of the deaths were fascinating to watch unravel.

As this film opened, I spent the first 10-15 minutes enthralled in a very well cut, suspenseful scene.

He and a multitude of students leave the plane before the catastrophic event takes place and now Death is curing his boredom by finding inventive ways to kill these fools.

Idiotic sick jokes fall flat, mindless murders grow tedious, and embarassingly bad lines pervade this film.

It is full of suspense, frightening, and very entertaining.

Only rent this film if you are extremely bored or hung over.

The final 15 minutes or so was also rather dull.

Like I said the acting is nothing special, and the story does have a couple of flaws in it, but overall its fairly enjoyable.

all in all an above average horror flick which is worth watching, and well acted from the leads.

There are a few heart stopping moments, including one death scene that is totally unexpected.

Every single "shocking" think was totally predictable.

But if you raise an intriguing premise, hire a good, solid cast that is clearly capable of acting - the final results are disappointing.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat at the show boy let me tell you.

This must be one of the most enjoyable cinematic experiences I've ever had, and certainly one of the most memorable.

Overall, this film this lacked story and characters to sustain itself, but the elaborate death sequences were interesting and suspenseful enough to hold my interest and make the film worth watching.

One of the deaths is gracious is completely unexpected and violent and also so great as the very last one in the movie.

Despite its questionable premise, it tackles it in a fantastic, and enjoyable manor.

The beginning is beyond intriguing--the entire plane sequence and vision is handled with such great direction and timing by James Wong, it's easy to imagine how it could have been made by a lesser director without nearly the same gut-wrenching effect.

That had to be one of the most bizarre and pointless cameos ever.

Thought the story is a little contrived and a bit predictable(though that is part of the story) the effect is still the same.

Alex has a premonition that the flight will crash and in the ensuing melee and confusion, Alex, Miss Lewton, Clear, Carter, Tod, Terry, and Billy all end up off the plane and have to take a later flight.

Then, of course, the ending, following a very weak plot twist (if it can even qualify as one) and being as predictable as one could imagine, and far too comical.

There's plenty of suspenseful times elsewhere here, as the opening buildup on the plane before the takeoff which reveals itself as a startlingly realistic dream which sets up the remaining storyline about the clues and the possible manners of stopping the events from continuing, the save at the garage and the encounter out in the woods all come off just as good as the actual kill scenes in here which manage plenty of thrilling scenes all throughout here.

In fact, some of the events are downright unexpected, particularly the ...

Though not necessarily a "scary" movie, the film was intense and leaves you walking out of the theatre stunned.

I just dont understand whats supposed to be scary about a totally predictable film where you can work outcome the end of every single scene within the first few seconds of seeing it.

There's a sense of enthusiasm about this movie, not only in Morgan's fun script, but in James `X-Files' Wong's direction which is able to actually create some tension, excitement and scares – something which is to be commended in these days of formulaic horror.

The acting is pretty good from a recognisable & good looking teenage cast, horror regular Tony Todd makes a small & somewhat pointless cameo.

Now, the acid test for a genuinely good horror flick is whether the storyline is strong enough to maintain momentum during the expository lulls between the scary scenes.

Story is intriguing, the suspense flows well throughout, and there are enough violent deaths to satisfy the target audience.

The very concept of the flick is so interesting that it laminates all the duller moments.

The movie nerver runs slow and there are lots of cool death scenes.

But some of the others caught me completely off-guard, they were so abrupt and unexpected that I was nearly speechless.

Don't waste your time .

Other than all that, the film proves exciting through the end (you will NOT be bored), because as we all know, Death is relentless.

The story is so boring and the action, too!

Imaginative death scenes are great in a movie such as a 'Friday the 13th' sequel, but here it just seems pointless if we assume that Death really wants the characters dead.

Great comedy, Boring Thriller .

The plot of this movie was very refreshing n intriguing.

Some of the death setups were too contrived to be scary, though.

But then there are the parts that - if they weren't so gruesome - could have come straight from a breakfast time cartoon show, the way they're so contrived.

It's a little predictable and I thought it was a little to explaining at times.

As he is dragged off in a panic, six of his fellow students and a teacher follow him or are thrown off for being disorderly.

The plane-crash premonition was intense, and since I'm terrified of flying anyway, it made me pretty uneasy.

The opening 25 minutes, right up to the planes explosion, are adrenaline packed and succeed in drawing you into the spiders web that is the story.

The script contains quite possibly the most poorly thought-out, contrived plot imaginable.

Even features a decapitation, easily the least scary cliche in the genre.

The death scenes are extremely graphic and were usually unexpected.

Yes, at times the acting may be questionable, but all in all, entertaining.

The way the people died was so unreal and boring.

The beginning with the plane was very exciting.

*** SPOILERS ***This was a bloody enjoyable movie.

It's very suspenseful despite several elements that just about anyone would find predictable or contrived.


A view of the demises are quite 'nice', others are boring, and guest actor Tony Todd's bull***t monologue and the avoidance of the name `God' because-we-want-to-keep-the-tone-of-the-film -'light'-and-don't-want-to-offend-religious-folks, brings this already mediocre movie down even more.

Don't waste your money!.

Despite these faults, Final Destination is creepy, creative, and suspenseful.

Thrilling - a great scare .

The way each individual piece of these machinations relates to something most of us would consider mundane (a leaky water line, a crack in a glass) heightens the powerful horror that permeates the film.

The gore and death scenes are really intense.

Of course, like always, horrified is probably the last thing I feel watching horror films, but Final Destination is genuinely entertaining, it includes one or two original thoughts (which rarely happens in this genre), and I actually jumped once so I guess it's a good film.

***SPOILERS AHEAD***This is the worst movie that I have ever seen.

So, to them I say: go cut yourselves and stop funneling money into banal sequels like this is bound to be.

So if your looking for suspenseful thrills and inventive deaths, Final Destination is the ticket for you!!!

But aside from that it was really scary and exciting.

After three years of lame and predictable slasher movies (with the exception of the well done Scream movies), Final Destination gives us a totally new look on death.

From Glen Morgan and James Wong, alumni of TV's "The X-Files" and "Space: Above And Beyond," we, the audience, get an entertaining flick that comes as close to a thrill ride as Hollywood can offer as of late.

Screenplay was breathtaking.

I use fascinating in the sense that a simple turn of events, the smallest detail, sets off a chain reaction that leads to a very bizarre ending for the unlucky survivors.

Thrilling cutaway shots throughout lead to suspense by hanging clues in front of us.

From the moment the plane explosion happened, you're on the edge of your chair.

The opening 15 minutes have to be among the most tense and exciting 15 minutes in movie history, confirming all those with a fear of flying to stay firmly on the ground.

As well, there's plenty of action here with this one that are just as much fun as the suspenseful ones which keeps this one moving along so well as each of these scenes plays out as truly fun action scenes that take the suspenseful setups into quite enjoyable levels as there's a great bit about actually getting the death scene going which goes all the way to the finale where that comes off really well.

Final Destination is definetly worth watching for a real taste of horror.

Uniquely entertaining .

The unpredictable suspense was amazing, it wasn't all just "run away from the killer" kinds of movies.

I found that waiting to see who was going to die next, and in what fashion, was the most entertaining thing about this film.

A very entertaining movie every time with great acting, interesting and likeable characters.

Mix in a cliffhanger ending and we find a thrilling and satisfying movie.

Not as good the idea, but entertaining .

This is the most predictable piece of crap I've seen since just about every Sci-Fi channel movie ever!

Uninteresting .

but, get your head around that,and you have a thrilling,intense movie.

) There were always so many things that could happen to the people but the things that happened were totally unexpected.

As I watched I continued to get bogged down in the really awful, long and drawn out deaths, which had me almost cringing in embarrassment, the laughable dialog and acting in places (Tony Todd's 'creepy' undertaker was unbelievably poor), and the sheer predictability of the film as a whole.

The dialogue is self-indulgent and immature and the level of characterization is poor, with no attempts at development or even a full depiction of the static characters which are presented here.

the plot line is one of the most clever dilemmas seen in recent movies and will leave you on the edge of your seat the entire film from beginning to end.

there is some cheesiness and some random signs that seem irrelevant but still enjoyable.

Tell me about BORING!

Even the first fifteen minutes are exciting!

Definitely worth the watch.

Final Destination succeeds where other horror movies have failed because it takes time to make characters interesting, makes their discussions about death and control over one's destiny intriguing, and their deaths are more than just predictable cliches.

This film is straight up horror, sure we have Billy as the comedy relief, but for the most part this film is just a dreary dark horror film.

The death scenes were so unexpected, which made them all the better.

Also the whole time I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out how the next person was going to die.

When I first heard about Final Destination, I found the premise intriguing.

This film is one of the best in the admittedly tiresome 'Teen horror' sub-genre.

While opening credits roll, we see cliche spooky things: a wind blowing; a curtain moving; a door slamming...

But the death scenes are actually pretty cool, they may not be overly complex, but they are just over the top enough to be entertaining.

Having originaly seen Final Destination several years ago (around 2012), much have been lost and forgotten about this film, though several small details have been remembered,Final Destination is quite a thrilling and suspenseful film, although at times has some cheesy teen humor (which may be expected given its target audience).

I thought the acting was good and the whole premise was very intriguing.

The more drawn out they are, the less believable it is.


It just had an extremely lousy and predictable execution.

This one ended up being quite an impressive and enjoyable effort.

the screenplay was really poor and steady line, without up and down, the cliché base story of predicting things and rounds one by one, mix of horror and comedy and the balance turns to comedy aspects.

Worst movie I've seen in a long time.

I should probably have known better than to get dragged along to see this awful, awful film.

Final Destination really was one of the most exciting films of 2000.

The others are kind of predictable but that is what makes it more intense,because you know what is going to happen but you watch the character go painfully slow through the events leading up to it.


There are some brilliant scenes in "Final Destination" based on this uncertainty and each one finishes with highly creative and often unexpected death scenes.

Not only that, but each death becomes more and more predictable as the film progresses, and by the time Billy was randomly decapitated by a piece of metal sent flying by a train, I was just laughing.

This type of problem might have crippled most horror movies, but Final Destination cleverly eludes the chance of a weak and long-overdue ending by cashing in on the repetitive "tag-you're-dead" quality of the plot.

Enjoyable film.

" That's exactly what I was thinking when I walked out of the cinema.

For some dumb reason, (PLOT SPOILER:) everyone survives the car that blew up and nothing happens for some months, until they go to Paris BY PLANE (40 of their friends died in an air crash and they just survived it, and a few months later they travel by plane?

Through out the whole film, the movie is suspenseful and unpredictable.

Another thing about this film that is good, is that it's unpredictable.

All in All a little uneven, but still pretty scary and pretty entertaining.

This is one movie that's worth watching more than once...

If your idea of horror is bland American 'teens' dressed in Gap clothing (is their any other type?

The acting was good and the film itself was pretty suspenseful.

Yes, this may sound somewhat laughable, but this film does a good job making this suspenseful and intense.

Clunky dialogue, predictable turns (particularly the 'twist' ending) and a story that (despite other reviewers - probably much younger than myself - claiming otherwise)is hardly original in concept leaves us with a finished product which whilst not being 'bad' simply does not rise above the dross that makes up the vast majority of this genre.

I would especially recommended this film to people who like contrived accident 'sketches' such as those in 'The Plank' and 'The Money Pit'.

For me, what makes these movies kinda dull is the fact that it's impossible to cheat Death.

The first time I saw this film many years ago, I enjoyed it enough to buy the DVD, and it has remained something of a guilty pleasure all this time.

It has a uniqueness about it which sets it above the rest and it's thoroughly enjoyable too - what more can be said?

The Final Destination franchise has been an enjoyable one.

Some of the ways the people are dispatched are pretty unbelievable, but then again, this is a film, and tumours or heart attacks wouldn't be particularly entertaining to watch.

The cliche-ridden, boring and predictable elements of this film make it one to miss.

For a movie that's now almost 18 years old, I must say, Final Destination is still worth watching.

Don't waste your money.

Really thrilling and unexpected.

And despite all the coincidences, who by the way make the movie very unrealistic, the movie stays a little predictable.

"Final Destination" thrives on melodramatic shocks and surprises as well as several elaborately staged Rube Goldberg death traps to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

In some cases that works really well, but it's growing very tiresome lately (Urban Legends 2, anyone?

Boring, poor story, questionably bad performances, there is nothing that could possibly allow me to recommend Final Destination.

The ending is one big cliche.

Entertaining to sucks.

The story as follows, Alex browning(Devon Sawa) is getting ready to leave on a class trip to France.

An enjoyable enough yarn, it made a pleasant change not to have an indestructible lunatic coming back for more, post shooting, burning etc...

Some of the deaths are anticipated, you know it's going to happen, which is quite suspenseful.

It's more scary in the way that when you leave the theater, you really feel your mortality.

Death just makes sure some people die frequently, it's not like it's gonna make a complex, tedious chain reaction to kill you, and specifically you.

I'm looking forward to watch the next movie in the series, because this one was so entertaining to watch.

Well worth watching.

As it is, what is a very novel and good idea is turned into a shake 'n' bake teen horror popcorn flick, good for a 14" screen on a slow Saturday night.

The end, which some people seem to have found confusing, actually makes a lot of sense and cleared up a nagging feeling of being cheated that I had during the last ten minutes or so, expecting a typical happy end.

Dreary stuff.

Warning, very intense and definitely not for young children.

This is at the core of what makes the horror genre so entertaining- it allows us to examine the subject of our own death, something we're all curious about, without having to stare it right in the face.

In an exciting finalé, Alex attempts to end the terror by trying to cheat death once again, only to realise that he has got the order all wrong, and it is pretty social outcast Clear (the lovely Ali Larter from Heroes) who is next up for the chop...

The first 15 minutes of this movie are very promising and worth watching.

James Wong's Final Destination is a weird yet immensly entertaining horror film that has plenty of scares and a cool twist- the killer isn't some guy in a mask or a guy in a dress.

I first watched this when i was eleven, so I think you'll be fine if you have watched extremely intense and thrilling movies before.

Smart, Gory, Suspenseful and full of Horror Movie Fun.

Directed by James Wong (Final Destination 3, The One) made an intriguing horror/fantasy/thriller that has an amusing dark sense of humour and a game cast.

Interesting but the dialogue is terrible (the scene in the funeral home with Tony (Candyman) Todd is particularly bad), the acting is lousy and basically I was bored silly.

An Original and Entertaining Film.

The very concept of the flick is so interesting that it laminates all the duller moments.

This is an excellent movie, and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

This movie keeps you on the edge of our seat (which is what a thriller is suppose to do), it hints to things like any good thriller and lets you try to pick up on the hints that it gives you.

Good script, breathtaking SFX especially the Plane crash!!!

The concept sounded very intriguing, so I decided to give it a watch.

Not only is it geniusly scary, but extremely well acted and suspenseful.

Plenty of other comment posts here will tell you entire story and their angst but my comments will focus on how boring this quickly became.

"FINAL DESTINATION" was a poorly written film and an uninteresting movie...

But, the scares for this movie are different because they are unexpected.

A gripping, physically wracking horror-thriller that really succeeds in generating tension.

My Review: FINAL DESTINATION is the kind of movie that is so unbelievably suspenseful and intense, that it's hard NOT to shake in your seat.

Final Destination began out as rather thrilling Scream clone in the late 90s.

I would say that is even a bland film, despite all the violence.


this is one of the worst movies i have seen.