Final Destination 3 (2006) - Horror, Thriller

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A student's premonition of a deadly rollercoaster ride saves her life and a lucky few, but not from Death itself, which seeks out those who escaped their fate.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: James Wong
Stars: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 105 out of 578 found boring (18.16%)

One-line Reviews (428)

The pace of the movie is fast with very few dull moments.

The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time, and you will jump at least once.

Disgusting, and completely worth watching this film for.

For the duration of this film, I was mostly sighing in boredom and biting my tongue as more useless dialog washed over the audience during scene after scene of the wind blowing ominously.

The pile-up in the second film was, quite frankly, dull.

We start to lose our identification with the two main characters, Wendy just doesn't seem to have much of a personality, she just seems kinda dull.

Overall this film is good, exciting, thrilling, intense, amazing and entertaining.

In this film (FD3), scenes were predictable, too long, unoriginal and sometimes confusing.

It doesn't thrill, it doesn't scare, it's also not funny, very boring.

So i have just finished watching it on DVD and i am still full of adrenaline.

Big waste of money .

Still, the movie is entertaining as it once again plays that "Final Destination" formula for everything that it's worth.

A highly entertaining splatter-fest ensues.

It'll make you cringe, it'll make you turn your head in disgust, but at least it's original and creative enough to make you feel something other than absolute boredom like some other so-called horror movies out there COUGHwhenastrangercallsHACK.

I thought the movie was too predictable.

that movie had no climax, no thrill, no story, no plot...

Entertaining Horror flick dedicated for teenagers and/Or fans of the new wave of Horror.

Not bad, as these sort of things go, in fact some of it is pretty gripping.

Entertaining 2nd-run fodder .

The second tried too hard to connect to the first film and ended up creating confusion and plot holes as a result.

There is one Death Scene that is so Reminiscent of a similar Scene in the Second Movie that it comes off as Horribly Ho-Hum.

Basically,only this let's-find-the-clue-through-the-photos thing makes the movie exciting.

And it was entertaining, I had a pretty good time.

All I can say is that this movie was a waste of money and I was surprised how bad it was...

To boring I nearly fell asleep while watching this because it is just BORING!

The dialogue is poorly written and the performances range from humorous to bland.

The acting is bad, corny and bland dialog, nor is the directing.

But, for the typical modern teenager just graduating from high school, this is unexpected.

This film seems to go back to the first one, it ignores the advances made in the second film and seems a bit pointless.

It was predictable, it was badly shot and it certainly wasn't clever.

Watch it alone and you'll probably be as bored as I was.

It was a bit confusing and the people are just seen falling from the roller-coaster.

I saw the waste of good money, which should have been used on something totally different thing.

This is another perfect example of a mediocre American movie with a crappy plot that only a retard wouldn't find totally predictable.

It is really gory, scary, fun, creepy, thrilling, mind bending and gory.

There was hardly any entertaining parts in it and if there was,they were boring!!

And the way the characters die in this movie is so much more intense!

I'm not usually like this, i'm just really bored and angry at this movie.

Sitting in a roller coaster waiting for the ride to begin, she has an intense vision of disaster, causing her to panic.

This movie was much more entertaining than I originally remembered, in fact I enjoyed the 2nd one, and disliked this one, funny how it's the other way around now.

However, it's still an entertaining twist that lends itself well to multiple viewings.

the sign- totally fake but still entertaining.

This is an exciting sort of horror film that explores the capacity for death to appear in the urban environment.

As i said before the death scenes were what made the film worth watching, i know i liked it.

The main character was pretty irritating but the brilliantly entertaining deaths offset any weaknesses.

Way too repetitive .

By the half-way mark, the spooky scenes of infinitesimal happenings and chain reactions of inanimate objects resulting in roastings and decapitations has pretty much lost whatever it was that made it interesting and it wouldn't surprise me if most of the audience walked out thinking they liked this idea a lot better six years and two sequels ago.

Otherwise, we're left with a pretty bland cast, who either overact or give relatively lifeless performances.

The formula has gotten too formulaic.

" From the clunky and embarrassing dialogue to the massive plot holes, Final Destination was just one big train wreak and the ironic thing was, the film actually ends with one –a stupid and contrived one at that, much like the whole films death scenes.

Tired Cliché's,Awful DIalouge,So so deathscenes, Movie SUcks!!.

"The Dead Teenager genre is probably the most hyper-active and repetitive of all horror movie genres.

It was no more gory, just more unpredictable as far as what the cause of death was going to be.

Movies like FD depend on breathtaking opening sequence and twist ending.

With that being said, the storyline is once again predictable.

But no, that's what the moviegoers want, more pointless violence.

Thankfully the only thing that happened is that we saw a great film, and both got to sit next to two stunning girls.

The film makers have also made the film suspenseful especially when death is creeping up upon the teens.

Oh yea, once the first death starts the others come really fast and waste no time.

Definitely one of the gorier films that I have seen in quite some time, but very well put together and quite suspenseful.

The inferior, but also highly entertaining sequel brought more of the same.

that whole Final Destination conceit is to me just a wonderfully cool, suspenseful, frightening, *dreadful* and very very fatal ...

Of course if you love deaths that end in 'splat' and sheer gruesomeness you may like this but to me it just seems a pointless edition to the other respectable Final Destinations.

It was something new back then and I will admit I enjoyed it immensely.

What to describe it as hmmm, disturbing, brutal, pointless, stupid, badly written, or maybe just bad.

Overall, if you are fan of the previous Final Destinations you will love this film, it has more suspenseful bits and build ups than usual and they are really well done.

Again to me it was just a waste of my money.

I got to see a sneak preview of this movie with a lively crowd, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

For what it's worth, James Wong tries, but still, the sub-plot about the Pictures which Tell the Future and the Search for the Two Unknown Ride Attendees does not add anything new to the table, and instead, turns out to be very predictable and foreseeable.

The predictability made the movie kind of boring.

Pointless and Repetitive .

But anyway, this movie is pretty entertaining and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Thrilling musical score fitting to action and suspense by Shirley Walker .

I know these movies are seemingly pointless and gory.

It's short and worth watching.

There's so many ways that this movie can go that you cannot get bored of the theme like you do with movies such as "Friday the 13th.

No one in the movies escapes Death, and that makes it boring, at least to me, since there is no tension, no competition.

I was too busy being bored and waiting for the next gore-ific scene to take place.

However in this sequel the story was unoriginal, predictable and the deaths were just lame.

This movie started off well but then geared away into something straightforward and by the numbers and predictable.

The performances and production values are universally bland, and the script offers nothing in the way of character development, drama, or logic.

Worth Watching .

Franchise peters out in this one, rather lame and predictable.

The climax of the introduction is also surprisingly exciting.

I'm tired of the «booh» scene or typical horror recipe : Nice and Exciting sound effects and «crying chicks» or guy acting stupid and a little bit of plastic barbie girl nudity.

But number 3 was slow and lack luster.

better kills,more intense and yes,even horrifying at times(best of the series) .

Disc 2 offers an fascinating 88 minute documentary "Kill Shot:The Making of Final Destination 3", three fascinating featurettes, extended scene and more.

The rest of them are just there to be knocked off one after the other in some of the most gruesome (albeit highly improbable but still very entertaining) ways, if any film in the series deserved an 18 rating it's this one, how it passed with a 15 is anybody's guess.

Save your money.

Sure, the story is more of the same and formulaic.

There is no plot here and the characters are even thinner than a paper.

Unfortunately, the third installment just turned into another corny horror movie that turned completely predictable and the lead actress annoyed me, that's not a good thing.

Bland, recycled sequel takes place six years after a doomed flight to Paris and three years after a horrific interstate accident.

" (Just like FD2) The girl predicting the events, a man helping the main girl, if you came here for the blood,then, enjoy the fide cause you will find a lot of it, the deaths are cool tho, the whole amusement park theme was really good, the 180 flight throwback mention was really good, but it would have been much better if one of the films complement to the last one (not just the 1st film) but anyway I can't complain that much about this film, even though i hate how repetitive these films get i still gonna watch the rest of the movies lol If you're a fan of FD you will enjoy this film as much as i did, and it's a pretty awesome film to watch with your friends

NOWas this movie entertaining?

But this time the unhappily events are built up really carefully, much more intense than in part 1.

It could be more compelling if it actually explained things.

I'm sorry but what a crap ass way to end a series, this one stunk as bad as Saw III, the only reason why people say these films are good are because they are all gore obsessed no storyline/plot needed.

The scenes here are poorly photographed, and sometimes hard to follow.

Starting with the big action sequence that takes place in the roller-coaster which I must say was pretty cool, action packed and exciting.

Part 3, on the other hand, is a delightful return to the intelligence and suspense of the original and had me once again on the edge of my seat.

Fun, suspenseful, makes you paranoid.

Luckily here the death scenes were more suspenseful and didn't cause an overabundance of laugher throughout the theater.

Most suspenseful horror franchise out there.

In any case, it wasn't supposed to be good, just entertaining… So, did Final Destination 3, the third in a line of movies whose premise was: "someone (who is young and attractive) gets a premonition that they, and others (who are mostly young and attractive), would die in a freaky violent accident; they freak out and this saves them… until they all die in freaky violent accidents at a later date anyways" entertain me?

Regardless, the film hits the targets its supposed to, and that adds up to a good, enjoyable thriller perfect for movie night.

Worth watching .

From the opening to the end, I was on the edge of my seat, and found myself in awe of this great film.

Despite my low expectations, it proved to be scary, unpredictable and darkly humorous; and it inevitably started a franchise.

We keep paying our hard earned pennies for this guff but all New Line are really doing is changing the poster and reserving the bore they did before.

The film actually bored me because of this and I hope now they will finally put this idea to rest.

Predictable but entertaining.

The begging with the roller Coaster was truly exciting.

The third film had no plot whatsoever.

the script is boring, the acting is ordinary, and the once amusing deaths are becoming stale.

Entertaining, loads of fun...

While in part one the story was still new and very thrilling as we learned what was going on, part two found a great way to tie in the story of the first one and even came up with a satisfying solution at the end.

The movie injects you with the adrenaline that Mondays suck out of you.

Even More Intense then the last 2!.

They find out that Wendy's sister Julie (Amanda Crew) and a missing person were on the ride as well, Kevin is at the fair where they are working security, and they save her from being dragged by a horse and impaled by a harrow.

Next time, don't waste my time and just cut to the money shots.

While it was not a great or perfect film (particularly in the dialogue, ending and some of the acting), the first 'Final Destination' was entertaining and effective (especially with its terrific opening plane sequence and the creative deaths) with a fascinating idea done well.

The deaths, which this series lives by, were uninspiring in comparison to the previous instalments.

In the part of the film where the coaster crashed i thought it was pretty darn good and exciting.

Confusing death scenes .

" (which we did)The biggest problems with the movie are the blindingly unbearable foreshadowing and revealing of character traits.

Stand up and leave the theater.

Very Entertaining......

The deaths were somewhat predictable.

The movie kills the suspense by showing how the next person is going die and add boredom towards every death scene.

Nothing new or original, but still an entertaining sequel .

" Have you ever been told to stay away from dark alley's and to shop in groups so nothing happens to you?

After two exciting films, I was expecting the same thrill ride for Final Destination 3.

It's a step down from its predecessor, dull, with an unambitious plot.

The acting is just average and the plot is the same as in the first two, with a lot of very unfunny jokes, the screenplay is poor and predictable, the editing is very low, and the score is almost bad.

I enjoyed the main characters more in the first one, but some of the other characters in this movie, like Erin, Ian and Lewis were enjoyable to watch.

It is boring, poorly acted, and highly predictable from minute 1 to the end.

However,the death scenes are at their most brutal( & enjoyable for a gore-hound like me)as these teens are wiped off the face of Earth in mostly brutal deaths, that had me hollering out Brutal!

Whereas the setups for each death in the first two films seemed more subtle, these seem more pedantic and predictable.

The best part of part three is that it does seem to be somewhat unpredictable.

The sequence of events that lead up to it are clever and the slow blackening of the skin and horror at their predicament was vintage horror.

The standard Final Destination "shocks" are fairly predictable - if somewhat off-putting rather than scary.

What this achieves is boredom, contemplation over how bored the filmmakers could have been doing it if you're this bored watching it, contemplation over how much work it must have taken to pull off these sequences, and how that's remotely possible when it's this dull, then no surprise when the character gets it, then astonishment at how simple and unspectacular the death turned out to be.

Worser than the first two but still enjoyable enough to watch.

The movie was a huge hit with teens and adults alike thanks to it's scary plot and unexpected and gory death scenes.

For me, what makes these movies kinda dull is the fact that it's impossible to cheat Death.

It really is suspenseful from start to finish, so much so that I think I left the theater with a stomach ache I had so much anxiety over the movie, it really messes with your head.

The plot was my number one problem with this flick, number two being the pacing, which was just a little slow at times.

If you need a good laugh, wait till it comes out on video; don't waste your money.

I was never bored watching number three because it kept you on the edge of your seat.

The deaths are always so creative and unpredictable.

The actors and actresses are all appropriately charming as they are offed in entertaining fashion.

This film was fun and pretty entertaining to watch.

The original had me on the edge of my seat...

boring .

Getting tedious .

This is definitely to drug out and I just hope that they don't waste the money on a fourth.

In the end, I liked this entertaining movie.

This idea of film trilogy is getting very repetitive now.

CHARACTERS: This entry has the most boring characters of the trilogy and personally, I was just waiting for them to buy it.

I gave this a 9 star rating because I felt they could have focused a little more on the premonition side of the story, (it was made so important in the first two), and I almost expected to see our two survivors from the 2nd movie in this one, **I think that would have been a great addition**, on the other hand, I was extremely pleased and say it is definitely a must see for any Final Destination fan, or anyone who enjoys a great trilogy that keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what might happen next!!

Entertaining splatter-fest .

While the 1st part was refreshing and suspenseful, the following one was repetitive and went over the top.

boring and unimaginative .

I think this films story line of 'cheating death' will be used over and over with sequels, prequels and carbon copy's until we get bored of it, unless you already are.

Personally, I morbidly enjoyed it.

The Deaths are great but the Characters are very dull.

This is a strange sensation as each of the 'murders' is drawn out in an ultimately annoying fashion.

also in my personal opinion the end was a bit dragged.

Final Destination 3 (2006) is a very entertaining movie, the 3rd in the series, this time it's based on a girl who has a premonition of a roller-coaster accident, her feeling is so strong she aborts the ride just in time, along with some of her friends, unfortunately her boyfriend cant get off the ride in time!!!

Otherwise, this film makes a fair source of entertaining gore-fest.

Although the story has not shifted much, and in fact has been equally intense, my third experience of watching somehow same storyline of final destination have been deteoriated.

The circumstances in which the characters die are more than absurd and boring.

Overall this was quite an enjoyable and wholly entertaining part of the series.

However, if you haven't seen the first, this movie may be hard to understand exactly what's going on, but it's still worth watching if you don't care or even if you do.

no plot to speak of, no connection to nearly every character, they act stupid and make you not like them, (little sister) then they croak.

This movie was awfully predictable, first off we all know what happened in the prequels and if you didn't actually see them you probably had a friend that did.

This movie was only good because the deaths were so funny, as everyone in the cinema agreed and i've seen both 1 and 2 and when they came out they were very original but now it's just getting boring(for me that is everyone has their own opinion).

Besides, the script is rather superficial and repetitive.

Final destination 3 is the third instalment to the highly original and thoroughly entertaining movie trilogy.

I'm talking about the scene in the tanning salon with the girls/actresses that have no respect for themselves ,i mean come on guys the whole boob thing has been done it's boring it's repetitive it's lame and dear god didn't that scene dragged on!

The gym scene was confusing and hence a real fizzer.

its a great suspenseful movie!

The plot the same as always, only this time a completely new cast and this time featuring a roller-coaster accident gone wrong, which I loved and kept me thrilled and on the edge of my seat for the entire ride.

I would recommend this movie to anybody; it's well worth watching.

I highly recommend it.

Still Exciting .

The Tanning scene, for example, was predictable from the very beginning!

Several of them are severely intense and disturbing.

Some of the deaths in the second movie are over-the-top and somewhat cheesy, but still entertaining.

final destination 2 was very confusing.

It is a horror/thriller/action movie guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie, I say if you want a non stop bloody thriller, then this is the one.

and that what this movie is,a horror movie that is also thrilling,and gory enough for all the gore hounds out there.

I have got another name for this film 'PREDICTABLE!

That's the beauty of this series - it's all set-ups for suspenseful and violent kill-scenes.

Great start but quickly turned predictable .

The idea has gotten old now and this even makes the killing technique a little dull and the supposed "twists" incredibly predictable.

Entertaining .

Final Destination 3 is a good film and an entertaining sequel.

Extremely engaging film making.

I suppose I'll never tire of these films, and I suspect we'll see a Final Destination 27 many years from now, but perhaps it's time to have death push the envelope a bit, expand its agenda, or mix up its MO, which by now has become way too predictable.

To really sum it all up the 3rd film just seems to be a lot of killing with a dull story thats been used twice before in a better display of Sci-Fi mixed with horror.

While the first one left us in utter confusion, and the 2nd one tried hard to be tricky, this one really gives us a fun task: Trying to guess HOW the person will die based on the picture.

Although the series is declining, this instalment is still enjoyable.

Final Destination 3: Better than being kicked in the head or watching paint dry.

This film is very gory and i would highly recommend it for horror fans and gore fans.

The special effects are gripping and this time around the deaths are more creative and keep you guessing.

Silly, but ultimately entertaining .

Just because it was shocking or thrilling doesn't automatically make this some great movie.

The only downside, to me, is the main female, who is just plain boring.

overall its quite a dragged and another disappointing addition to finalize a trilogy.

Two thumbs up, extremely enjoyable, tense horror.

Its surprisingly more intense then last two movies, and the deaths have become much more creative.

But, as usual, they are complete idiots and don't listen and soon enough their brain matters have painted the ceilings, walls and floors after some overly-contrived death set-up.

The intense speed as you were glued to the seat.

The first one was very slow and dragged out.

All in all fast paced loud and exciting, but predictable and generic at the same time and the first downfall in a promising series.

-The unexpected ending-The use of the pictures as clues was a really good idea.

Due to the nudity and animal cruelty content in this film i feel that going to see this movie was a complete waste of my time and money and if there is anyone else out there that feels the same way i do which i'm sure there is don't go to see this movie save your time and your money it's rubbish.

The editing and direction was also completely uninspired and plainly dull, showing none of the flair that was present in the first two films.

I'm partial to the Goths, and her death was sad, extremely unexpected, and, well.....

Predictable .

The ending is totally predictable and you won't see the actors nominated for their performance any time soon.

Since when do dull wooden spikes that don't even look sharp, Pierce the skin?

Non-existent character development, a predictable plot and a series of absolute convenient accidents that are timed so precisely that you just have to admire the creativity involved.

It's an intriguing high concept horror movie.

From the very beginning to the end, I was on the edge of my seat.

It had a lot of gore like there should be in horror and you were always on the edge of your seat.

Please save your money, go see something else.

I watched the first movie of the series and enjoyed it a lot.

The mysteriousness of the intro is obvious and it became intense when a dead corpse flies out of the screen then random blood splatters the broken glass.

Other than that, this movie is a waste of money.

Though the plot is familiar and is quite predictable, there is still enough suspense and thrill to make "Final Destination 3" worth watching.

Which was fast and entertaining and also with what little time it had you saw how each character, whether or not they were close, cared for the welfare of the others.

) but it was also full of suspense, grit and emotion, that had me on the edge of my seat throughout!

I personally preferred the roller-coaster crash out of the three the sequence is a lot longer than usual and exciting.

everyone was sat on the edge of their seats, not knowing whether to scream with amazement or fright.

thus making it all a little pointless, as the film is basically just a collection of sequences that see people die in gory and stupid ways.

The 'Big Sequence' of the Roller Coaster ride was fairly uneventful, in truth.

The film gets off to a somewhat slow start.

Better than the cliché 'Good guy beats the bad guy' - who in this case is death.

I'd strongly advise to watch it, is very jumpy and unexpected things happen........

The acting in these things is never going to win any awards, but kudos to Winstead and her male co-lead Ryan Merriman for creating two reasonably likeable and engaging leads.

Its too repetitive too redundant.

The first was definitely enjoyable when it was released in the middle of Craven craze during the late 90's and early 2000's.

In this movie the deaths lack the element of surprise that I enjoyed in the first 2..the deaths in this one are predictable, don't have anything "out of the ordinary" and somewhat "simple"On a small note: while I do not give too much importance to the script when in comes to this kind of movies it did bothered me a little (no where near as much as Van Helsing's :))

It's a fast paced movie with lots of excitement, gory deaths and suspense and i highly recommend it to fans of the series and fans of horror movies, 8/10 for this effort.

While no great piece of film making, Final Destination 3 is just as entertaining as the first two.

In my opinion it was repeated and boring movie .

Don't waste your money on FD3.

There's also the grand finale at the celebration which features some thrilling scenes, a rather exciting horse-chase sequence through the grounds and really gets a great resolution to this one.

the rest of the movie was pretty boring...

For instance, the rollercoaster accident is thrilling and rings true in light of real-life mishaps at amusement parks.

This film relies heavily on the gore to keep the audience engrossed with the deaths being a lot more bloody than the previous 2, but sadly, as gory as they are (several people left the cinema because of it), they are highly predictable.

Anyway, you can complain all you want about the lack of originality and tension, the "Final Destination" films nevertheless remain entertaining, as they always guarantee loads of spectacle and bloody nasty killings!

The set up with the roller coaster isn't quite as jaw-dropping as the plane and car crashes that launched Parts 1 and 2, respectively, but the catalyst for the death-stalking here is played out in a believable and still quite horrible way, which maintains the intense realism that has driven the franchise.

Final Destination started losing gas in the second film, and now the tank is nearly empty with this pretty awful sequel, Final Destination 3.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

I was a little apprehensive, considering the second movie, although it was good, i felt was lacking something that the original made so exciting.

Once you've made it through this third chapter of the Final Destination series and found it to be just as enjoyable as the first two, considering the FD films to be perhaps the most consistently good horror franchise ever isn't such a leap.

The whole originality of it, the unknown and the always guessing made it irresistibly enjoyable.

probably the most intense entree in the series .

It was original, it was thrilling and all in all it seemed pretty realistic and made me scared of death.

of pixelated moments but I still enjoyed it and got myself into the movie thoroughly!

the film is just a formulaic, paint-by-numbers lead up to kills.

the subsequent deaths are shocking too ( they have a lot of gore ), but unfortunately it has a very predictable end .

The idea of a character plotting to murder one of the survivors after them in the cycle to upset the flow of Death's design is a fascinating one, and its about time one of the franchise's players got around to thinking about it.

Sure, it's annoying that the characters are as flat and clichéd as can be and that the few moments of drama in between are the most boring thing you saw on screen in a long time.

I thought this is gonna be more cliché.

Inferior to its predecessors but still highly entertaining .

Pros:If you know what to expect, this movie is truly entertaining.

The death sequences that follow afterwards do not disappoint, they keep you on the edge of your seat and when they finally come they leave you screaming for more.

this movie its the best movie i've seen lately if u like the last 2 this on you will enjoy deeply as scary and thrilling as the other ones and lots of surprises i recommend it!!

Dawn of the Dead (2004) was action packed and resident tough ass Ving Rhames did the graphic ass kicking.

It's the build-up to these deaths, and the various twists that keep things exciting, offering plenty of shocks and surprises with each character's denounement.

The tension present in the first two films is nowhere to be found here, and it's attempts at humor are pretty dull.


This film follows relatively the same formula as the previous two, with an opening disaster sequence, and the main characters' mission to save the lives of those who survived from dying in unexpected and gruesome accidents.

All the deaths are lame and uninteresting.

In this instance, the deaths are both predictable and obvious.

The first film was very entertaining, suspenseful and unpredictable.

It was the most creative, unpredictable and skillful.

I found Final Destination Three to be a wonderfully entertaining movie.

What I liked most about this movie is that it gives you this great dark atmosphere all throughout and never lets you get a breath of fresh air, this is a very dark movie which is one of the reasons I enjoyed it and never stopped me from watching it.

But it seemed kind of obvious that Kevin was going to show up on the subway after Wendy's sister did, and then when the train crashed and Wendy saw the other train coming at her, it was predictable that it was going to be a dream sequence again.

Sure it was fun, you'll jump a few times, but when I left the theater I was like, "...

The deaths were more unexpected.

" These films make a conscious effort to buck the system, and appear totally fresh and entertaining.

In this movie, According to me they could'nt keep the spirit alive and it was very much predictable unlike the other two.

The whole plot was extremely predictable when they were walking up to the roller coaster ride and the girl got worried and so on.

I decided to check out this movie today, Thursday afternoon, just to kill some boredom and because I'm a fan of the first two, and let me tell you, for the kind of movie I knew I was walking into, I was not disappointed and this movie really delivers.

highly entertaining movie .

It's action packed, brimmed to bowl with blood and guts, clever death scenes, and an awesome roller coaster crash that takes minutes to finish.

Honestly it's overall a dull film.

I think that the nudity was un-needed and I found it very predictable (which I think was the point).

So basically the build up is an huge empty one, until finally the action occurs.

Getting on the very entertaining ride of Final Destination 3.

don't waste your money on borrowing this film!

It was still enjoyable, though, and probably one of the most unexpected deaths in the film.

Pointless .

From burning, to crushing, to being dragged to your death-post by a fast-running horse, this movie really keeps you grossed out, scared, and waiting to see what happens next all at the same time.

This movie has various special effects that will keep you on the edge of your seat and you will want to see it over and over again.

Very entertaining .

Watching teens die in horrible and unexpected ways at the hand of 'death' has more humor in it then one might originally think.

First of all; this is the worst movie ever.

) about her ever-so-inconvenient situation which dragged on and did absolutely nothing for her character.

We have seen similar scenarios before in FD1&2, but it's still exciting.

The face of death is unpredictable, inevitable, and final.

This movie I must say has to be the best out of the trilogy, even though the 1st and 2nd were both thrilling and came to my expectations.

The special and sound effects look unrealistic, make me neither scared nor thrilled, but an empty space in my stomach, that pulsates from disgust.

It is a really gripping and Poignant film.

" The movie provides nothing new to the series, and for the most part, it was predictable, despite somewhat of a twist ending.

The movie is still entertaining to watch, also thinks to its highly imaginative and creative deaths, although they unfortunately are not as good as in the previous two movies.

The film is quite entertaining and well ....

Save your money and rent it on DVD.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead displays little of the presence she showed in DIE HARD 4.0 and is a bland leading lady, while her friends and other teenagers are plain annoying – especially the token black guy, who they make the dumbest in the movie.

This movie is creative and heart-pounding which makes movies like this worth watching, and everyone likes a good scare here and there.

The opening sequence could probably have been done a little better and the dramatic winding sound on the slow ascent of the roller coaster shouldn't have been interrupted with music - It's easily the best part of a roller coaster ride and builds tension automatically.

The ending I thought was completely predictable, because, well, they all HAVE to die, so...

Especially if you have low expectations for the film - you might just come out having enjoyed it.

it was a waste of time.

And that made it even more exciting.

Lastly, I had a few moments of confusion when the lead characters were with the goth kids (who were cleaning and closing up a large hardware store for the night) - how did they NOT hear the things crashing to the floor and the walkie-stacker still moving?

sorry you will fall asleep before the end like I did.

And it's (what Roger Ebert titles "Dead Teen Movies") formulaic.

Nice job of this movie to push those right on the edge of kidnapping, raping and killing a young girl because of this and other examples of teenage girls (uh...

Finally, the Ending is very very Unworthy of the Franchise cleverness and leaves the Movie with a Credit Roll from an Ending that was Decidedly Dull.

***END SPOILERS***The movie boasts an interesting plot, exciting deaths, and is seldom boring.

It was all very "ho hum" and we were sad :( Also a lot of the actors, who were supposed to be high schoolers looked about 27 or had boob jobs (not enough boobs were shown to make the movie worth seeing).

Still, I was quite pleased (especially because I expected the movie to be stupid) that Final Destination 3 was enjoyable for those who were not familiar with the original story.

All the characters were cliché Slasher movie types.

The audience gets lulled into a false sense of relief several times in the movie, before the nasty deaths occur, and each time they did a collective jump.

Decent, but now formulaic entry in this 'Dead Teenager' series .

I love how Hollywood keeps finding new ways to kill folks and keeps the auditoriums packed and people on the edge of there seats.

Like watching most Arnold Schwarzenegger hits, FD3 provides fantastic escape from the mundane boringness that everyday life can cause.

Buffs can hardly fail to notice that, once again, characters are named after vintage genre figures: (Karl) Freund, (Victor) Halperin, (Carl Theodor) Dreyer, (Robert) Wise, etc.Overall, pretty entertaining in a truly visceral way, and one of the better sequels in this franchise.

Though the strict reliance on these mazes of death toys does get a bit repetitive by the end, each set-piece pays off in a big way, and this installment is certainly the goriest of the series.

Overall the movie has it scares, it gruesome deaths and is very entertaining.

'Final Destination 3' has the best ending perhaps of the series, to me it's the least contrived and more logical than the one in particularly the second film.

There's no plot,just violence.

Uninspiring, unoriginal, and poorly acted, yet compelling .

It is a little bit predictable, but it was still entertaining nonetheless.

Tedious .

Highly recommend it!!.

Even when you know something is coming, the anticipation of what is about to happen to our lovable teens is equally unpleasantly enjoyable.

This film, I had went into not seeing Final Destination 1 or 2 and this film was amazing, intense, and entertaining.

however it can get confusing with half these films,so you have to try to remember whats going on.

I have to say that the Final Destination movies, even if they are teen type movies, are good enjoyable fun.

Final Destination 3 is more entertaining than it has any right to be.

If you love gore or suspenseful thrills, buy this without hesitation.

This was certainly one of the most entertaining movies, i have seen in ages and continues the saga beautifully!

I highly recommend it as well as any other final destination movie.

Bolstered by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, it does manage to create some amount of energy, allowing it to escape boredom.

It gets dull after the third time.

So you can imagine my surprise to find that final destination 3 is a entertaining , funny and shocking thriller that proves that horror sequels can be pretty darn good if handled properly .


There are some unexpected twists and shocks near the end.

As soon as the roller coaster crash occurs its intense all the way to the end.

this movie is poor written and plainly entertaining keep your attention from the beginning to the end of the films.

This movie however was somewhat entertaining, the poor rating is a reflection of how well the desired reaction was achieved.

The good news is that the film somehow manages to overcome its ridiculous start and is ultimately entertaining in a rather generic, teen horror kind of fashion.

complete waste of time .

The third, while intense at times, rarely made me go "Oh my God!!!

it's been three hours since i walked out of the theater and i'm still not sure if this is parody or not.

It gets really intense towards the end, and the ending is very memorable (both the original and the alternate).

I was sitting on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie.

Meanwhile, there is too much dull downtime between deaths where dialogue and exposition can be clumsy at times.

Overall, though, I would have to say that this is a great suspenseful movie and I would recommend that everyone should see it.

The deaths prove to be little more than quick blood splatters, or drawn out burning.

This complaint is as pointless as saying that one does not like the Bond series simply because there are beautiful women, flashy cars/gadgets and an opening segment that involves a hellacious stunt.

All of the deaths were so predictable, anyone who has been to see this and was "surprised" by any of them should shoot themselves in the head right now The reason that i did'nt give it a lower mark is for the sole reason that it's so funny the way people die.

I expected it to be worse, but it turned out to be so well done and so decent, that I was totally immersed in it.

The deaths were all entertaining (especially the two girls in the tanning salon.

first of, the first two were rather entertaining.

And the roller coaster sequence was *bleeping* intense.

but death goes after the people who left early.

VERY intense .

The first film had the long, drawn out death of the teacher.

At the narrative's core, it becomes predictably boring.

The escape was the exciting part and much more compelling.

This should not be your favorite movie, nor will it affect you in any great way, but, if you can get past the cliché, this can be a fun movie watching experience.

very exciting adrenaline rush.

It starts off very suspenseful, and ends with a cliché sort of.

It certainly zips along and was much more entertaining than many of the high brow current releases.

Kinda slow in the beginning, the deaths starts a little bit late though.

Despite my thoughts, I found the accident scene to be much more exciting than earlier expectation.

This one, you were on the edge of your seat the whole time; waiting for something unexpected to happen!!

Exciting Roller-coaster of a ride!!!.

YES, because we're not watching the actresses' life stories, we are watching and immersed in the lives of high school kids!

and oh..yeah tell me this , what the hell is a high school senior class doing at a Disney type theme park (ahem ahem) , but still back to point , they were much more ideas than a measly roller coaster , i mean ships,trains or stuff like that.. and compared to two and one , third didn't have the awesomeness in the deaths , like yeah they are gory , but they have to be unexpected as well unlike the "Tanning" Spa scene , just had to put in boobies to increase the ratings huh !...

Everything is strongly predictable and seems pointless, also the using 9/11 to cover the holes of its story line.

That's just pointless gore.

If it's a movie you want to go see, by all means I think it was fun and enjoyable.

The score by Shirley Walker (Final Destination 1&2, Batman: The Animated series) is also fantastic and keeps you on the edge.

Pointless, Gratuitous Death .

Nothing special,but still very enjoyable.

Final Destination 3 will have you on the edge of your seats, and will keep you wondering who will live, and who will die...

Final Destination 3 removes any of this fun in exchange for a convoluted plot that's desperately trying to be clever and relevant but ends up being trite and bland.

The music made it much more enjoyable to watch them burn to death) and the ending pretty much had all the resolution I needed.

The deaths are more innovative, which makes sense, considering they've already done some more cliche deaths in the first two.

the plot is, like in the other two movies easily explained: one of the teenagers (played by 25somethings) has a flash-forward showing her that they are all gonna die blah blah blah.. this is stupid and since part two it's old and boring either.

The ending goes down a predictable route then does a sudden twist.

She taken pictures from the unexpected day with other seniors.

But the film is so much more than the boring old 'monsters come, monsters kill, brave teenagers kill monsters' - cos in this film, there are no monsters - no killers.

Am I the only one who finds the FD kills too tedious?

Chilling and thrilling sequel with emphasis on increasing the luridness of the set pieces death scenes .

There's also the start of the film's best part here with its spectacular action scenes really carrying this one along with spectacular scenes that just overwhelm with the spectacle and the ingenuity to pull off the scenes here in the absolutely thrilling crash scene that occurs here.

Entertaining follow-up and again with horrifying killings .

Gore may of been a factor in the first two Final Destinations; but this one had NO STORY at all and focused more on ways to just kill these kids off, I prove my point with the Interactive Menu selection on how you want to "Save" or kill these kids while watching this film on DVD.

I love the Final Destiny film series but it gets too repetitive, a girl as the main protagonist, the girl saying "Why me?

I mean seriously, as I mentioned above, all Winstead did in this film was cry and moan (once in the rain.. lovely cliché flavoured rain!

The Cliché is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Plain predictable but still equally intense.

I think a movie can be more entertaining if the trailer hadn't been watched.

I found it more intense than most of the highly-rated suspense films *cough*High Tension*cough*.

They are also, contrary to standard practice in teen horror, the best acted and take part in the most entertaining scene in the film, which, of course, takes place in a tanning salon.

While not a thriller nor a gruesome tail like Saw or Hostel, FD3 manages to keep the story moving, the plot complex (enough), and the gore shocking enough to keep the movie enjoyable.

Entertaining and a visual treat.

overall not that great a movie, yet still just as entertaining .

Final Destination 3, despite being mindless entertaining with some creative deaths, is disappointingly basic and a little lifeless.

Then there are the slow build deaths.

To sum up, this flick is worth watching especially with your mates.

In the latest installment, the trendily abbreviated FD3, near-graduate Wendy Christensen (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and her near-graduating class take a year-book photo trip to the local carnival (effectively portrayed by Wong and cinematographer Robert McLachlan as the Festivities of Satan), where she has a horrible, graphic and suspenseful premonition that the Roller Coaster of Attraction will malfunction and derail.

the movie is quite entertaining, and achieves the objective of keep you nervous about what is going to happen, and how will die the next one.

So yes, this is still exciting and this may be the last in the series because the train car number in the last few scenes is 180.

But the movie is simply treading water, and quickly becomes boring.

Worst movie ever, so unrealistic .